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Politics / Re: Passed PIB Satanic, Unjust, Embarrassing - Edwin Clark by ibedun: 3:47pm On Jul 05, 2021


Wetin carry the foolish man go Kenya?

Abeg let him enjoy his watery beans in his FENDI attire grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Edo Indigene Decries Poor-Quality Federal Constituency Project (Photos, Video) by ibedun: 2:48pm On Jul 05, 2021

Eat breakfast first

Come and collect your FENDI bag Oga!

I dey Kenya cool grin grin
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: Nnamdi Kanu Showed Extreme Carelessness By Going To Kenya by ibedun: 6:44pm On Jul 04, 2021

An award not funds.

An award? That’s even WORSE!!!!


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's Arrest Leaves IPOB In Disarray - BBC by ibedun: 6:33pm On Jul 04, 2021
When oyibo people write, it's sweet in the eyes Sha grin



Religion / Re: Seven Important Ways To Seek The Kingdom Of Heaven by ibedun: 8:22am On Jul 04, 2021
Other countries dey advance, people dey here dey think of imaginary kingdom wey dey sky.
What will you do there? Play herps and eat grapes? grin

Nigerians are over religious IDIOTS!!!


Politics / Re: David Matsanga: I Didn't Lure Nnamdi Kanu To Kenya To Be Abducted by ibedun: 12:25am On Jul 03, 2021
I think Kanu was sedated before he was brought to Nigeria.

Those pictures of him in Fendi shows that he wasn't fully conscious.

Shut up! That’s SHOCK!
He was in shock knowing that his enjoyment life and freedom is gone for a long time or for good.
Politics / Re: External Reserves Slip By $905.5 Million In June – CBN by ibedun: 2:24pm On Jul 02, 2021
Naira value is becoming like Somalia currency in valuelessness.
This administration brought disaster to Nigeria.

You don’t like made in Nigeria! That’s the problem not Buhari. Stop this stupidity abeg.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Tests S-400 Missiles In Crimea Amid Tensions With Ukraine by ibedun: 10:09pm On Jun 30, 2021

Internet professor grin please educate me.
All those things you listed was supposed to affect Russia but not China abi?
I don't want to make ignorant statements like you said, please educate me grin

You made a comment about Canada having a larger economy than Russia and I was attempting to let you know why. On the other hand though, that statement is pure propaganda.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Was Arrested In Kenya - Brother, Emmanuel Kanu by ibedun: 6:08pm On Jun 30, 2021
As much I love and respect him ,he shouldn't be roaming about ,after leaving Israel he should have stayed put in Britain or one of the EU countries directing affairs from there, it is better for Julius Assange to die in the embassy than to be repatriated, may be arrogance, greed or false pretense lured him into his enemies den

Greed! And some measure of stupidity.

He was receiving a lot of money so he felt compelled to flex!
Education / Re: Courses That Should Be Avoided By Nigerians From Poor Families. by ibedun: 3:32pm On Jun 30, 2021
OP is very correct especially if you look at it from the aspect of fleeing the country after your graduation (which I advise young and ambitious Nigerian youths to do). Except you are very intelligent, young (max 19 years prior to enrolment) and can take advantage of scholarships, you do not have to study certain courses. Nigeria is getting poorer by the day and will become more poor in the next decade and two. As an instance, economic growth of 2010 is what the country is "enjoying" meanwhile, the population has ballooned, resources are more scarce, the major foreign earner now has more sellers and less buyers. Nigeria is not what it was when OP and I were teens, so it is pointless to study certain courses esp if you are from a poor family.

One thing is: do not study five year programs because there would be more strike actions (internal crises too: See Unical and her Engineering and Pharmacy students) than ever before as the country becomes poorer and nears insolvency. So, why spend so much time studying Civil/Mech Engineering when there is Physics? Why do Marine Engineering when you can opt for Mathematics? Some of these courses have restrictions for foreigners when you have japa'd and you will spend a lot trying to regularise. Meanwhile, your school mate who did Math has gotten a job with a tech firm but you are trying to get into the maritime industry in the US. Regarding Law, Nigeria is the last place to study same as the country is lawless. Again, unless you are very intelligent and opt for a federal university, you are better off doing Psychology or English or Chinese Mandarin.

Remember, you are trying to escape poverty not perpetuate it.

As bad as Nigeria is, it will be better than the Nigeria of 2031. Things will get far worse than today. Ten years ago, people could travel across the country with relative ease, today? They dare not. In ten years time, it will be difficult to move around your city easily.

Awful negative mind!!!!

You will commit suicide las las. Werey!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Tests S-400 Missiles In Crimea Amid Tensions With Ukraine by ibedun: 9:05pm On Jun 29, 2021
Always testing weapons that are never used. What is the essence of all these brouhaha?

Russia needs a smart 21st century leader that would harness their technological prowess into economic products like China because that is where the power is not weapons. Very soon they would start playing second fiddle to China as China is becoming a bigger power than them.

Imagine Russia with all this technological brain is no where near being in the top 10 economy. I find it ridiculous that Canada of 37m people has a bigger economy than Almighty Russia because they have a leader for the past 20 years whose only idea of power is to produce weapons upon weapons that won't ever be used.

They should emulate China

Before you expose your Ignorance and your limited knowledge of the world’s economic structure and system, go and learn how the world works.
First stop, learn about WTO, Breton woods agreement, the IMF, World Bank, trade agreements and trading blocs, the mighty US dollar system, and Petro dollar etc etc.
Stop making ignorant statements all over the internet.

Second, ask yourself why west African countries produce nearly 100% of the world’s cocoa bean but we do not produce a single kilo of chocolate.....?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Tests S-400 Missiles In Crimea Amid Tensions With Ukraine by ibedun: 7:54pm On Jun 29, 2021
Dudes are exited about the things that are going on with people who know themselves and what they want be it good or bad. Our country does 'not know what it wants' or the direction to achieve what it 'does not know it wants' or ' what it wants'
Cannot even produce what those countries manufactured in 1950 and it calls itself 'giant'

Because Nigeria is full of stupid ignorant people including you. If I ask you to use Nigerian made products you will say NO! Not realising that we are killing ourselves and our future children slowly!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Tests S-400 Missiles In Crimea Amid Tensions With Ukraine by ibedun: 7:53pm On Jun 29, 2021

If NATO really wants to admit Ukraine, they'll do it. Whatever the fvck Russia says won't be listened to.
Ukraine hasn't met certain requirements that's why they're yet to be admitted not because of Russia.

Naive rubbish.


Politics / Re: "The Language Is Now Clear For Everyone To Understand" - Bashir Ahmad by ibedun: 6:45pm On Jun 29, 2021

Nigeria is no zoo

It is a country where people think that because we have enough resources, we should share the money equitably from the resources we make.

Well, that's not how countries work.

You use your resources to develop products that can benefit the world...which is how many developed countries, and even high ranking 'developing' countries like China work.

The resources we have in Nigeria cannot earn us enough money to sustain us at our population. All the crisis we are seeing, secession included is because everyone thinks the other one has more money than they do. (And that includes the Hausas...one common argument I hear from there is that Southerners dominate the civil service and the business world...so they should be leaders for 'balance')..and also because what we earn is not enough for everyone.

So, either we all become more productive, and stop stfiling production by all this subsidy nonsense in power and the oil sector that prevents real growth in that sector...or we face more crisis.

Nigeria must give up its addiction to oil and resources, and must industrialize...otherwise even when splitting occurs there would be a big war for resources that will never end.

You did not mention the obsession with sex and the resulting babies, babies, more babies; all by bunch of wretched people!!!

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Sports / Re: Riyad Mahrez Proposes To Taylor Ward With £400k Ring by ibedun: 5:57pm On Jun 29, 2021
Politics / Re: Bidemi Rufai In More Trouble For Deceiving US Court In Desperate Bid To Get Bail by ibedun: 6:20pm On Jun 28, 2021
A country with working institutions..

A country with patriotic, hardworking and mostly honest people!!!! That’s the difference. Look in the mirror sir.
Sports / Re: Kelvin Odinaka Shot Dead By UK Police by ibedun: 6:04pm On Jun 28, 2021
the US and UK in Mars or the one we live in? That's how you ppl talk nonsense. How about the black on black crime gping on in the east. Nigerian police rounding up youth and executing them.. abeg u ppl shIuld remove the log from your eye before removing the spec from the white man's eyes.

Shut up!!!

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Sports / Re: Kelvin Odinaka Shot Dead By UK Police by ibedun: 6:03pm On Jun 28, 2021
many nigeria vibrant youth are just b wasted like chicken at home and in the diaspora


Reason: Stupid poor people keep having more children than they can look after. Creating generational poverty, and leaving zero legacy/inheritance for their wretched children.

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Politics / Re: Delta Lawmaker, Kenneth Ogba Is Dead by ibedun: 5:55pm On Jun 28, 2021
You are obviously the illiterate one. The economy of a country is on the hands of a president's through his good or bad policies.

Olodo rapata!!!

The Federal Executive Council that Buhari chairs is fully responsible for all policy approvals upon the advise of civil servants, the finance ministry and the economic team.

Once they have approved a policy they have done their job. It is now up to the responsible minister and the top civil servants in the finance ministry and the central bank (and the Customs, IFRS etc) to IMPLEMENT AND POLICE the policies. It is also important for the NIGERIAN PEOPLE to obey and follow the policy patriotically.

But foolish, half educated semi-illiterates who don’t know how anything works continue to shout Buhari! Buhari!!! Buhari!!!

Politics / Re: Delta Lawmaker, Kenneth Ogba Is Dead by ibedun: 8:17am On Jun 28, 2021
embarassed embarassed RIP to him, Jubrin's worsening economy gave him high blood pressure, it will never be well with that useless vegetable

Illiterate - the economy of a country is not and can never be in the hands of one man. Ode!

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Family / Re: Challenges Of Being A Man In Our 'modern' Society by ibedun: 2:32pm On Jun 27, 2021

They may, but the bottom line is that they deeply understand what they called better half that is why they keep trying to succeed maritally

Meanwhile talk like God that, they will fail again makes ur reason myopic a d childish.

Happy to wager $10k personally with you via Betwise (London), over 5 - 10 years. Game?
Family / Re: Challenges Of Being A Man In Our 'modern' Society by ibedun: 4:26am On Jun 27, 2021
Finally, a page dedicated to cry babies.

The backlash is coming!

Men will adjust to the new realities and will learn to put women in their place. Once men get over that “ownership” mentality and allow every woman to belong to the community, you will wake up from your fantasies.

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Family / Re: Challenges Of Being A Man In Our 'modern' Society by ibedun: 4:14am On Jun 27, 2021

The challenges of being a man in a modern world is the aftermath of precautionary measures the west and other civilized communities has put in place to reduce the brutal roles men played in women's lives in time past. Women have always been at the receiving end of men's egotistical excesses.

" Na woman she be leave am", may also be a reverse psychological to restrain men who on a normal day would never fight their fellow men standing on the street. I have seen men argue at moto parks, swear and curse each other, flex muscles as to what damage they are likely cause to each other, only for them to settle their disputes, go home and beat up their wives, sisters for issues as little as not putting enough meat on their meals.

Funny thing is many Nigeria men will always defend any brutality that will affect their mothers and sisters from their gender, but will want to exercise same thing to other people's female gender. If the thing dey vex you if them beat your mother like thief, why you come won beat another person pikin like thief. Talk about hypocrisy.
Una just won hustle, _4ck, let the woman born, If she no born push am comot carry another, beat them if them talk pass their mouth like the old days?! Na this modern times has really set a good precedence, and in no distant times I see pro women laws sweeping over the entire black continent. That time to do anyhow because say Una get _preek Don pass. These Era olosho dey slaughter billionaires like chicken...that fear e be like say e don dey comot for this generation of women body. After all Agbaya wey expose him big hairy white blockus for small girl hand gats no complain if she set the 'bush' on fire when the _preek 'spit' for her body.

I'm not here to advocate for women who throw the first punch, it's insane to want to fight that kind of battle, but we all know that men usually, more often throw the first punches. You all want a woman who don't nag, who swallow your _bullshiit just so the avoid those punches, you know you just want to get away with being a bully, messing up and expecting the emotional hurt to be swallowed like it's nothing BUT, you can't take half of what you dish if the roles are changed.

Guess what? That time is long gone.
Now women get to _4ck and cheat even better than you do. And you now get to wail and gnash your teeth all over the media. Now you get to open threads lamenting on how we sleep around and why you're gonna opt for being a baby papa as if you still gats to get away with it. Boy, you go Stull hustle bring money for your children and your baby mama go still squeeze some from the money to look good enough to _4ck another man. And if you tlak too much or won get strong head, at your old age when your bones are frail and your _preek looks like the hopeless remains of an overgrilled hotdog, we may get to decide if your children visits you or not.

You guys should stop crying foul, women have been through hell and still trying to manage their lives amidst societal expectations. From being called olosho even if their hustle legit, to being called old hag, then Evening newspapers even to the good ones who's dedicated their lives to their careers, to all manner of demeaning names, yet e no do Una. Make Una rest abeg.

Next complainant please!

And you can survive a war with men? It is surely coming. Here in the West the backlash is starting to brew. Check the marital rate and the sheer number of miserable women in society. It’ll scare you!


Family / Re: Challenges Of Being A Man In Our 'modern' Society by ibedun: 4:06am On Jun 27, 2021

Neither I'm here to argue with you, I know you are talking base of ur age, ur gragra strength will fade away one day and it fades?

If ffk and dino keep trying to get woman after successful failure in marriage, how much less you.

Shut up jare! Go and ffking marry and be happy! Leave others alone to do what they freaking wish! Is that too hard for you?


Family / Re: Challenges Of Being A Man In Our 'modern' Society by ibedun: 4:01am On Jun 27, 2021

And when you get to age 60, you become "baba n dagbe"(dad that leaves aloof) baba at 70 who sweeps, cooks and watches his clothes.

By then to remarry will be tedious and hand of clock won't be able to turn back.

Ask ur self why the popular saying goes.....responsible man. The phrase is loaded with meanings.

Again go and read about Dino melaye recent post about remarry, I biliv you know he is multi millionaire

What about FFK, he keep trying to have woman at home


In the west a huge population of men and women are living peacefully on their own. It is already happening in Nigeria.
Dino and FFK will fail again- some men cannot handle the madness of modern women.


Family / Re: Challenges Of Being A Man In Our 'modern' Society by ibedun: 3:57am On Jun 27, 2021
You shouldn't have these problems in Nigeria, there's no direct western influence to allow gynocentric views to grow.

However , the Nigerian man takes order's from the white man even though the closest European country about 3k miles away.

So whatever happens in the west must happen in Nigeria.

This is just the beginning and i can guarantee you that the women are going to throw you guy's under the bus .

Bookmark this comment and check in a few years.

It will never work as there is no social security or government money to help the women. Most can’t survive without a husband.
Even in the west they are slowly feeling the pinch as marriage rate continues to plummet. There are just too many unmarried women everywhere.
It is turning into a bloodbath.

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Family / Re: Challenges Of Being A Man In Our 'modern' Society by ibedun: 3:48am On Jun 27, 2021
For a young man to settle down, buying neccesity which will make wife comfortable is a problem

I pity young lads who are planning to settle down.

Why are the idiots “settling down”?

Settling down to do what?

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Romance / Re: Why Do Men Lose Interest In Women After Sleeping With Them? by ibedun: 11:07pm On Jun 26, 2021

Because they were possessed by demon of lust, and not the beautiful and pure Spirit of Love. Love don't die and don't engage in unrighteous acts like Adultery and fornication.


Love is mental illness.
Romance / Re: Why Do Men Lose Interest In Women After Sleeping With Them? by ibedun: 11:02pm On Jun 26, 2021
The ony thing that will keep me in love with a woman is if she keeps on making money for us.


AGREE 100%

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Crime / Re: Video: Usifo Ataga Corpse! Dead Body Of Super TV CEO Emerges Online (Graphic) by ibedun: 10:48pm On Jun 26, 2021
God please when i marry a woman i love and cheerish, may i never indulged in the following with a strange woman except with my biological Sister/Mother
* Allowing a strange woman who's not my wife to cook for me
* Accepting a glass of water/ drink from a strange woman who's not my wife
* Hanging out with a strange woman
* Sleeping over with a strange woman in the same room
* Revealing my personal secrets to a strange woman because of sex
* Giving strange women a lift unnecessarily which could result to something intimate
* Accepting gifts from strange women

This i ask in Jesus Name

Small pickin, keep dreaming..........

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Jokes Etc / Re: When You Pick The Wrong Lady For Marriage (meme) by ibedun: 11:20pm On Jun 25, 2021
Many men who make the marriage mistake knows this. That is why we look for side-chics for happiness outside. May we never meet a Chidinma Ojukwu.

What about divorce?

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