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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread by iyaegin: 8:30pm On Jul 25
Foolish boys, let’s see how they will put an end to this useless prank .

Absolutely silly prank it's already making things dull...


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread by iyaegin: 8:18pm On Jul 25
grin grin grin grin Even the girls are helping to perpetuate the prank without knowing it’s a prank..

Wahala dey!

The Prank no make any sense abeg absolutely senseless

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Autos / Re: Foreign Used 2013 Toyota Camry Xle For Sale by iyaegin: 8:52am On Jun 12
6.5m for 2013 camry, na yoke......
Politics / Re: Lagos Commissions Aerial Fire Fighting Vehicle by iyaegin: 6:45am On Mar 19
Any need of commissioning fire fighters vehicle

Just imagine the nonsense, all the fanfare to commission one fire fighting truck.It is such a shame...
Autos / Re: SOLD OUT Camry XLE In Ibadan 09027804148 WhatsApp alone by iyaegin: 9:59pm On Mar 17
Politics / Re: Shitta-Oke Ode Bridge Reconstructed By Desmond Elliot (Picture) by iyaegin: 4:14am On Mar 07
He was on clubhouse today to clarify. A bridge is not supposed to be there as its a canal. Someone died crossing it and he decided to help the community to rebuild the makeshift bridge there. The community was going to build it anyway and he dropped 100k. You guys should grow up. He said he also followed up with government agencies they said they cant do anything about it. Grow up

He dropped 100k and yet he proudly allowed them put up sign board that he constructed the bridge, that is even more stupid...
Autos / Re: A Very Clean Registered 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe sold sold sold by iyaegin: 7:13am On Mar 03
Best Price for the Car?
Internal Pictures showing the dashboard odometer reading
Where is the car and when can the car be inspected?
Sent you a wattsapp message

Valid questions i am interested in as well as what exactly is wrong with the vehicle i.e any faults to take note of...
Autos / Re: Tokunbo 2008 Toyota Rav4 Limited Full Option by iyaegin: 6:54am On Mar 03
The link for more pictures did not go thru..kindly provide more pictures and VIN.
Autos / Re: Toks 2014 Toyota Camry Se @ 4.6m sold! Sold!! Sold!!! by iyaegin: 10:15pm On Feb 11
Hello, is this still available??
Autos / Re: Toks Toyota Corolla 2009 For Sale by iyaegin: 6:08am On Feb 04
More pics
Autos / Re: Tocks Toyota Corolla 2014 by iyaegin: 8:50am On Jan 31
How much..

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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 6:16am On Jan 24

cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

I got a request today. Rider called, gave code for the gate, I got to her house, slid on "Arriving Now", called her to let her know I was there and she said she was coming out. Shey to come out no suppose pass like one minute na?

Two minutes of WAIT TIME went, she was not out. Wait time over, PAID WAITING don start, she didn't come out. I tried calling and her phone mysteriously didn't go through. 3mins of PAID WAITING and she sent a message "I'm on my way out now." I was about cancelling at about 5mins when I didn't see her, but then I was like "Na WINTER we dey o", just be patient. So in my mind, I was like, HIGHEST 10mins, if she was not out, I'll cancel. 10mins gone, this girl never show. 11mins, 12mins, I was like mehn f*ck it! I slowly crawled out of the street looking at my rear view mirror, hoping to catch a glimpse of her coming out of her gate, then I reverse, start trip at least I'll get "waiting money".

I didn't see her, and I cancelled the trip. 30seconds later, I got another trip and she was the was one calling. Blablabla, I tried calling you, I forgot the remote of the gate so I had to go back, I couldn't find it, I'm so sorry blablabla... I sha turned back, I no fit use vex miss both ways. But waiting money no follow.

You should have waited once you had confirmation she would embark on the trip cos PW go compensate your waiting...if after you cancel you come go back na you lose out be dat..once am sure rider will do the trip I go wait cos if PW..
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 2:10am On Jan 06

Henceforth me will be avoiding all this rubbish stops, Na so i carry two girls from hard rock in landmark beach, immediately den enter dey said they will have a stop at opposite oniru private beach to greet a fwend.

Please i can’t wait more than 5 minutes i said and they promised me 2 minutes is Enough for them, dey didn’t show up in 25 minutes i was so angry cos dat 25 minuts means so much na so i End the trip den send my account to them to pay my 700 naira.

Na you do yourself now,what were you doing waiting for 25 mins for a trip you should have known would be less than 1k meanwhile from where you picked dem to where they kept you waiting tops N400 that apparently you did not want to leave behind, no waiting for me except PW or waiting on a good surge and the trip na longy...


Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 2:05am On Dec 21, 2020
I didn't visit this thread for two days, came online and saw more than 10pages.
Mehnnn, I use hand cover face in shame for some people.
Some people go below the belt to prove a point, wait o, una no get conscience? Bringing one's family into an issue thats uncalled for, how intelligent does that sound?

Well, not everyone can maintain sanity when exposed to certain vices.

I dont come here as often again cos am more active on Telegram but it's quite disturbing to see everytime I come here it is always about meaningless arguments not even related to ehailing.some people should just be banned from here cos they really have no business here probably cos this thread has remained active for quite some time and they need some form of relevance I guess but the mods should do better abeg and wake up.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Orders Removal Of Unapproved Street Gates To Ease Traffic by iyaegin: 5:52pm On Dec 06, 2020
This is just for show...abegi Jare....
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 1:28pm On Nov 22, 2020
Import duty on cars reduced.

Corolla to be selling for 900k tokumbo

Be sure of your facts sir.import duty on new cars to be reduced.that of tokunbo cars might still be maintained or not reduced as much as brand new cars.
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 9:43pm On Oct 26, 2020
Wanted to go out and net 5k on Indriver. Had one long trip on it. Got a 2nd rider on it and was just dropping off the rider when I got this message from Indriver support. That I have been blocked for one hour for late pickup.

I didn't know anything like that exists. I just set destination on my Bolt app straight to my home. I just got a message from them now that I can go online. You never start you don dey block people for late pickup.

Next time just swipe on arrived even if you are still far away from the rider

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Autos / Re: Newly Cleared 2013 Camry From US For Sale by iyaegin: 9:45am On Aug 01, 2020
pictures? mileage?
Autos / Re: Tokunbo 2013 Toyota Corolla LE Available At 3.6m by iyaegin: 6:17pm On Jul 30, 2020
Autos / Re: SOLD 2012 Tokunbo Camry LE by iyaegin: 5:57pm On Jul 30, 2020
Whats the mileage and can it go for N3.2m...serious enquiry.
Business / Re: Access Bank To Refund Stamp Duty Deductions by iyaegin: 9:39pm On Jun 28, 2020
Lol....what you guys don't realize knowing Access Bank for what they are is that someone will bear the cost of those refunds.some people would either get sacked or suspended with loss of pay..e too sure...

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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 8:24pm On May 23, 2020

You haven't done anything wrong.

As long as your riders agreed to going offline with you,it's your car, your time, your energy,your fuel and even your health.

You owe taxify no apologies.

Ehen....becos you think they too came to sell pepper n tomato..you dont realize their algorithm knows where their passenger is headed and since you cancelled both trips but somehow you magically are in the same destination of both their riders to request new trips..my Broda be very careful in continuing this...


Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 4:30pm On Feb 16, 2020
Still on this hackney permit and LASDRI issue.

First, we need to understand that it is Lagos State government's duty to tax citizens living and earning in the state; as well as businesses in the state.

Second, no ride-sharing platform has an operational license from Lagos State yet. Yes, they are incorporated entities, but they still need a "permit" in the form of a license to do what they do in Lagos.

Third, ride-sharing companies are being economical with the truth when they claim to be technology companies and not transportation companies. It's a stupid argument I don't even need to stress myself to beat down. Just look at what has happened to Uber in London.

Four, Lagos State government wants Uber and Bolt and their likes to obtain an operational license. It is Lagos State government's right; after all, the government provides the roads, the security, LASTMA (to clear traffic on the roads) and the "enabling" or "thriving" or "commercial" environment to make e-hailing happen.

Five, Lagos State government wants every car on e-hailing to also have an operational license as well as Hackney permit. It is the state government's right, after all, it arms the Police that secures lives and properties on the streets and at home when we sleep.

Six, e-hailing companies operational licenses and that of individual cars on the platforms are two different kinds of licenses.

Seven, no matter how long we keep running from these hard facts, they are the truth; and will continue to stare us in our faces.

Eight, so what do we do?
Car owners - get the operational license for your vehicle. It's only #110,000=00 for life! For a vehicle that will bring you rentals of about #1.25 million every year, it is chicken change.

Driver's - get the Hackney permit for the vehicles you drive. It's only #3,000 every year. And while you are at it, get your LASDRI card too; it's only #2,000 every year.

This is the right thing to do to make everywhere "soft" for both car owner and driver.

A few words are enough for the wise.

Totally Disagree with you that drivers should get an operational license of N110k even if it is a one off it is way too expensive and what exactly does operational license mean then you should charge everybody else the same operational license they should just ditch that idea and leave it at LASDRI and Hackney alone.the operational license bullshit is just a way to make money off ehailing drivers and companies it cannot stand IMO.


Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 2:53pm On Feb 16, 2020
For drivers on rentals,

If (I used IF) and IF the Hackney permit rumours are becoming true, kindly tell your partners to get it.

It won't be easy looking all over your shoulders for 300 days.

LASDRI is #2000 for a year. Think about it, brethren

PS: I said IF oh

Bros there is no IF here I can rest assure you that LASDRI and Hackney would be made compulsory, don't get carried away with talk that Uber has not yet sanctioned it that in itself is shallow because is it Uber that will determine what document is acceptable or the Government whose road you are plying.like I said I have the recording and the officer said the only requirement that is being reviewed for now is the operator license, the LASDRI and Hackney are standard and here to stay.For emphasis he clearly stated that you require a Hackney permit once you carry humans for commercial purposes which is what ehailing is all about.so if you have to get documents worth 2k and 5k for one year why not do so for peace of mind rather than paying stupid VIO fine of 20k or more for non compliance.

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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 8:30am On Feb 16, 2020

Sorry for that bro.

Has uber or bolt asked you to get hackney or Lasdri?

Would you also go ahead and pay the 110k operational licence they are asking?

Been an Age I was here been driving a lot less for some time due to a regular offline I had for almost 5 months.
I have an audio recording of the Head of VIO as at last week who was on a radio station and he confirmed that LASDRI and Hackney are mandatory going forward at least and trust me Uber/Bolt would not be able to challenge that even based on how he explained it on radio he was very enlightened so am sure he knew his stuff.about operational licence he confirmed that is still in discussion with operators and it's obvious that would not be required of drivers but the other two will be for sure so in your own best interest go and get LASDRI and Hackney permit.i have had LASDRI since last July and now would just get Hackney for peace of mind.
About the person that wants to do 150k monthly he will just sign his hospital warrant, if you cannot get HP of 100k monthly just stick to rentals.i have been on this since 2017, a driver on rental after struggling to meet up his rental how much is left for him to buy fuel and also take care of himself so he had better push for a better HP deal.
About the Abuja guy who saved up money you don't need to be told maybe additional side hustle dey involved definitely not from Uber alone.we know how Abuja drivers dey always relate den experiences but offline waka dey pay dem the most.

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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 11:44pm On Sep 08, 2019

Happens when someone request a ride for another and probably on motion i guess.

Only happened d day d the person that requested me was in another car moving in our front, actual riders where in my car and called him for the code.

Since den people still request for themselves and no code prompt yet.

Lol on the contrary the code is requested for when you pick up a rider at a different pick up point from indicated and you then try to start the trip.it is supposed to be a validation from the rider that trip is truly okay to start e.g if you start trip from Eko hotel and rider is at Oniru waiting for pickup and na JJC e.g 5.0 rated riders ..Uber don cast una however if maybe it's rider fault and rider picks wrong pickup and you are close there then no code is requested e.g Rider is at IMAX and wants to go home at Yaba and lazily picks Lekki phase 1 as pickup ( e dey happen wella) uber will route the request to a driver on admiralty since that is where it recognizes as Lekki 1 now driver gets to the stated pickup on Admiralty and waits 5mins then calls rider only to hear rider is at IMAX he then drives down to IMAX cos he does not want to cancel and get his 300 or 388 if 3% is activated he gets to IMAX, picks rider and starts trip ,uber being so kind will maybe assume he forgot to start at admiralty where rider was supposed to be and then allow him still earn his trip from admiralty to IMAX before then starting the actual trip.my story too long..now it's bedtime..make una go sleep

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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 2:46pm On Aug 12, 2019


Very insightful thanks but that means normal extra tyre in the boot will take up more space cos it cannot fit inside that space and one gets to budget rim toobutif na to avoid FRSC wahala cos they know most ehail go fall short. It's the typical last card they will pull when you think you are on point with DL, documents and extinguisher all na to job u last....

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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 10:27am On Aug 10, 2019
Guys be careful as u drive around. Around 9pm on 3MB bridge yesterday I was robbed. About twenty of us were stopped. I was coming from d island inward oworo. I notice some traffic while climbing d bridge but I thought its d usual traffic. This guys get mind, they were not in a hurry, I have a decoy phone on board but I quickly tot that its too dangerous, this guys were not in a hurry, they were checking everything one after another for more than 20 mins. Windscreen were shattered but I was jus lucky. Immediately I notice they were breaking windscreen, I jus jejely open up. They were moving from car to car to bus. About 12 cars were broken, they even remove some brainbox right there. I wanted to give them a bad phone but the risk is too MUCH! I gave them my phone, I was still posing with did phone on this thread in my last post. At the end, they still went away with two cars, a venza and a corolla. Guys, let's be careful, prayerful and don't RISK too much. Looking forward to get a phone did morning, so that did weekend won't pass me buy, I was prepared for it. The tin pain me sha. I got d phone recently but I thank God.

Sorry to hear about this but you don't seem to be clear on where exactly you got robbed was it at adeniji or where exactly. but I suspect Adeniji cos there is some Police presence at oworo itself they are just before and after the bus-stop but they no longer stay at adeniji under the bridget these days...God help us


Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 10:14am On Aug 10, 2019
Good evening brethren.

We requested a ride on Uber this morning but the driver's profile did not have his car license plate details. We cancelled immediately.

Although we tried to contact Uber, there wasn't an option to click to report such an incident.

This evening, we have been able to get the 400 naira cancellation fee reversed.

I don't understand how a driver can operate on Uber without license plate details on his profile. Especially when riders can report when the plate number of the car that arrives is different from the one on the driver's profile.

Can anyone explain what happened this morning? I think it is an issue of rider security.

I have experienced this twice recently it definitely an app related issue but what I also observed in both instances because the riders also expressed their concern that my plate number was not showing there was a surge and many requests were trying to come in seemingly rider also confirmed they both had difficulty in getting a ride before mine came through so they just had to confirm it was truly me first before we started the trip.
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 9:58am On Aug 10, 2019

My license is still expired on their platform.

I still find it hard to believe Bolt started from Europe. They have all the qualities of a typical Nigerian low budget startup company

Taxify Nigeria is a franchise most decisions and action start and end here in naija that is why you pick their staff and misbehave they can block you next minute.
Uber Nigeria is their Nigeria office all decisions and actions still come from HQ...so even Uber staff that you mess up with your case has to be very very bad before anything can happen to you at best Dem go rate you down I.e 1 star things
They just cannot be compared to each other at all....


Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 9:57am On Aug 10, 2019
My papers expired yesterday. Uber sent me msg. Ive uploaded the new on for them and they have approved it but taxify/bolt has not sent me any msg and has not blocked me. Does it mean taxify are porous? They don’t know when ur document expires.

Why are you wasting my data asking and comparing Uber to taxify na bros....u dey compare brand new to naija use....

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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by iyaegin: 4:51pm On Aug 05, 2019
How do you report when a rider pays less on uber platform? Trip ended at 2,068 rider paid 1,400 from costain to close to maryland mall.

Your GPS was dancing skelewu or you are doing saka from your screenshot set it shows that ...costain to Maryland cannot be 2k.
Try to change your phone soon otherwise no allow uber sanction you

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