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Phones / Re: Unable To Do Welcome Back For My Stolen MTN Sim by jarmy: 10:52am On Jan 08
it s now connecting o.
Phones / Re: Unable To Do Welcome Back For My Stolen MTN Sim by jarmy: 9:38am On Jan 08
I am at MTN office Opebi. I have been trying to retrieve since last year.

No network from NIMC server.

please how do I port? are there issues with porting?

finally, God MUST punish the thief that stole my phone around Love busstop Atan. Except he repents and make amends.

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Pets / Re: Please What Is Wrong With My Rabbit? by jarmy: 9:06pm On Aug 25, 2020
My rabbit had the same problem. It turned out to be blockage of his intestines by an abscess (boil)

Watch my video on this:
Family / Re: My Fellow Married Women And Mothers, How Do You Deal With A Husband Like Mine? by jarmy: 8:42pm On May 12, 2020
Your home is similar to mine.

The most difficult thing for a woman to do is to submit to her husband and the most difficult thing for a man to do is to love his wife.

My dear, you need to submit to your husband. Please follow the Bible. When you met him he was close to God and now that has changed.

It is not to your credit ma. A wife is a helpmeet. You and your husband should grow in marriage

There are three areas a woman should submit

1. Emotional submission.
Do you express your feelings to your husband?
Can you show him that you are weak and need his help?
Can you be sincere with him?
Can you share your fear with him?
Can you trust his judgment?
2. Physical submission
Can you have intimacy with him at odd times?
Does it have to be when you are ready?
3. Financial submission.
Do you embark on projects without his approval or a joint agreement?
Can you give your entire salary to your husband to manage it?

These are questions what will build or mar your home. Nigeria movie has distroyed alot of home in Nigeria.

Please lets stop watching unscriptural movies.

If you must save, let it be a joint agreement.


Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: "We Employed 6,000 Employees In 2019" by jarmy: 9:22pm On Dec 30, 2019
* You employed 6000 and forced over 3000 to resign by transferring them indiscriminately

* You disengaged your staff without paying their gratuity.

You did this so that the new intake will start with entry level salary.

Bishop Oyedepo is simply a business man whose core motive is to make profit.

Every thing that goes up most come down .

Anything done outside love is vanity.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by jarmy: 4:24pm On Dec 08, 2019
Let's mention their names.
People should make due enquiry before taking appointment with some schools especially those that have different branches. They often owe to tie you down from leaving.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by jarmy: 9:26pm On Sep 22, 2019

I didn't post it. Quote the person that posted it
pardon me. I wanted to quote the poster.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by jarmy: 8:31pm On Sep 22, 2019

Do you mean only one teacher will teach all the subjects or a male teacher each for each position?
I have my doubt about this vacancy post. Please shed more light.
Romance / Re: Why Am I Getting Quick Erections? by jarmy: 5:36pm On Sep 20, 2019
We are in the same boat!
Just let me know when you spot a dry land.
You can do nothing than distract yourself.
I do that a lot. I usually bury myself in work.
Romance / Re: Why Am I Getting Quick Erections? by jarmy: 4:30pm On Sep 18, 2019

Very true.
are you a lady?
Romance / Re: Why Am I Getting Quick Erections? by jarmy: 12:39pm On Sep 16, 2019
I think that if you want to stop getting quick erection you need to start watching more porn or porn content https://eggporncomics.com/comics-tag/19/furry it can make you feel more relaxed before sex .. What do you think about this tip ? Good luck.
I think this will only worsen the situation.
Romance / Re: Why Am I Getting Quick Erections? by jarmy: 8:14am On Sep 16, 2019
You are in your 20s, by the time you get to your 30s.....you ll which this experience never leaves you
I am 37 currently. Sex is a time waster some times. having an erection all the time is not ideal.

let do some calculation. I need at least 10 minutes to get my wife ready for sex, 20 to 25 min for the actual act and then 20 min to cool off. That is almost an hour.

10 hrs after that I am hard again at the slightest stimulation.

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Romance / Re: Why Am I Getting Quick Erections? by jarmy: 9:22pm On Sep 15, 2019
is normal for your age...
Get a job...
Do you know my age?
Romance / Re: Why Am I Getting Quick Erections? by jarmy: 9:21pm On Sep 15, 2019
Is because you are Jobless lipsrsealed undecided
I am not. If it is not an issue with you, good for you. I want solutions not insults.

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Romance / Why Am I Getting Quick Erections? by jarmy: 8:39pm On Sep 15, 2019
Hi guys, is there someone experiencing the same thing?

I get erections by mere looking at a lady or seeing anything romantic. This situation is embarrassing and makes concentrating difficult.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by jarmy: 10:25am On Sep 11, 2019
Please kindly notify us of job vacancies at your location. Most schools usually don't place adverts online.

Faith Academy Lokoja needs Maths teachers and some other subject teachers. Accommodation is available.
Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 8:50pm On Sep 04, 2019
Lol... seems the poster was kidding
It isn't a joke. Things like this have separated many homes.

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Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 4:32pm On Sep 02, 2019

It takes two to tango.
With good ,honest communication, trust,mutual love and seek divine intervention coupled with fear of God, you and wife will tango very well on this matter and every other issue in your home.
She's has misgivings about this matter.
Are you reckless with money?
She has broken no law if she's not hand over her entire paycheck to you.
Every couple must mutually work out an arrangement that works for them.
You have to speak truth to each other in order to solve this issue.
Please thread with caution and wisdom.
My wife and I have discussed. Apparently, she wanted me to show concern, support and appreciation. I will personally be giving her financial support every month, no matter how little.

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Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 4:27pm On Sep 02, 2019

Na wa o. What a traditional man you are!
Note, not every tradition is bad. That is why African and Asia has the lowest divorce rate in the world.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by jarmy: 2:59pm On Sep 02, 2019

I teach in one of the known education establishments with branches all over the country. In my branch of the school, students pay as high as over 500k in a session. The population of students is over 900. Guess what? ALL members of the teaching staff earn 60k...even MSc holders. As a matter of fact, the management said that as far as the system is concerned, upgrading your educational qualifications is for yourself and is not recognised by them. We work ROUND the year and only get two-weeks' leave in August (which isn't even definite; it could be taken away at the whim of the "Ogad at the Top"wink and one week in December...for a teaching job o. Add these to the constant threat of one's job! Do you want to know how the non-teaching staff are treated? They're asked to resign at the end of every term and reapply in the new term just so they aren't paid during the holiday.
Your description of school resembles Faith Aca.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by jarmy: 10:27pm On Sep 01, 2019
A general trend with most applicants these days. They'll see an advert, apply and then back out when invited for an interview.
Inteviews should be flexible. Most recruiters only fix dates that are convenient for them. Many competent teachers may not be able to meet up with interview dates fixed for Monday through Friday. They would prefer weekends or holidays due to the process of securing permission from their current place of work.


Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 3:52pm On Aug 31, 2019
Some have advised me NOT to depend on my wife's income for anything. Well, that means she equally have not right to question how I spend my money. Is that not separation?

I think this will create gaps in our home.

The best thing is for her to tell me how much she is willing to put on the table.

We both will then discuss what we intend to do with our income for the month or year. This is very import in a home. A man should know the financial status of his wife and vice versa . Many bankers have become rich due to financial secrets in homes.

Manner of approach also matters.

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Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 3:42pm On Aug 31, 2019

Something must have triggered this attitude of hers, and it might be your attitude towards her. Honestly, with what is happening in marriages these days, most women are insecure in their homes, as most men have taken to adultery, hence women borrowing sense this days to secure themselves in case of any eventuality. I think it is your duty as the husband to take care of your family while she supports you as the helpmate but to support person no be by force; hence, you have to lovingly talk to her in the language she will grab. Hubby doesn't ask me of my salary.. yet he takes care of the feeding and the children's school fees while on my own, I take care of the children's clothing, making their hair, undies and some other little things... Just budget your salary to take care of your family in the best way you can.. don't depend on her salary... leave her to her conscience... You can give her like 35 or 40k for the feeding every month while you make do with the remaining 50k. May God perfect your home amen...
Please, kindly Ignore any words of mine that aren't ok with you.. just trying to make a common sense

Thank you.
Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 3:29pm On Aug 31, 2019

The house is indeed yours, and she can be driven out of it anytime by the time it's completed.
She completely understands the Nigerian system and that is why she keeps her money from you.
You also have a mentality that you are naturally polygamous. She is calculating in her head why she should contribute to a house where she is just a tenant, and a cowife/cotenant can be brought in to her
I taught marriage should be about trust.
Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 8:37pm On Aug 30, 2019

if they dont agree they need to back to drawing board and find a way to agree to knew thing that work for both

in this case he is saying she wants her own house, lets forget about the car because if money is there you can have cars in family one for each but for me when comes to marriage you can not say this is house my house and that one is hers

nothing wrong with having many properties aka house but having them in personal names while you are married is not a good idea

she wants her own house may be the house is in his name only thats why she feels insecure WHY? (from the few responds i see here when it comes to properties aka house when the husband dies, husband's relatives will kick the window out take over the house etc ) so her solution would be having her own house just in case

But eg if the husband puts both there name on the property she feel secure because in the even he dies before her, she will legally the owner of the house and kids would have a roof on there head

so sometimes it is us men we make our women insecure because we do not involve them in financial decision of the future, therefore they try to have secret future plans in case the worst happen

i agree that sometimes we need to sacrifice personal happiness for marriage to work but its always better to lead by example eg you as the husband lead by sacrificing first
Why should a wife be thinking of the aftermath of her husband's death. She is the next of kin to all our properties. Woman and their thinking pattern!

The way things are going many single men will prefer to remain single and have baby mamas here and there.
Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 6:48pm On Aug 30, 2019
Why did you come up with the idea of submitting her salary to you in the first place?Na you employ am? Why do you people like to start something that will backfire later?
She was doing that before.
Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 6:45pm On Aug 30, 2019

If she tells. you to prepare lunch or dinner for the family you will start preaching that a man is not supposed to do such but here you are shamelessly waiting for your wife's sweat. Look Oga, you're a man and the head of the family, start acting like one, go out there and hustle enough so that you won't be waiting for your wife's meagre salary, the only way I personally will share my salary is if I see that my husband helps me with domestic work and he's humble.

So what would you do with your income, knowing fully well that your husband's salary cannot pay all the bills?

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Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 6:39pm On Aug 30, 2019

i get you but

its you who have to make her self secure like right now you say "MY PROJECT" instead of saying OUR PROJECT

remember in most marriage ceremony they say you are now ONE meaning you no longer think and do things as an individual but as couple, couple means who people who have the same vision, goals and they sit down and agree to those visions and goals

What if they don't agree? marriages are successful because there is a will to make sacrifices.
It must be a collective effort and not a one-sided thing.
Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 6:34pm On Aug 30, 2019
From your narrative, it sounds like she’s not comfortable with how you use the family income so she’s taken it upon herself to save compulsively. You’ve mentioned how you pay bills but are you able to put aside any tangible savings after those bills? Is it possible her strategy is to save for possible emergencies that may occur?

Communication is key here. Who or what is she saving for? Do you both need to open a joint account so that there’s transparency with the family budget? Since she’s not spending her money on frequent owambes and asoebis, it does not sound like you have a major problem. You both just need to understand and plan the savings.

I’m female and I run the household income/budget with occasional input from my husband. That works for us because there’s mutual trust and frankly, it’s less headache for my husband as he doesn’t have to worry his head about planning the money. His income is double mine but no one is siphoning secret monies to do secret anything. All income goes into a joint account.
She has a personal mutual fund account and another saving scheme at her place of work.

I have worked hard to ensure that we complete our own house but she sees the house as mine and not ours
Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 6:31pm On Aug 30, 2019

From your comments, I kind of understand your personality. I am sorry to say this my brother. N95,000 monthly income for a man is barely enough for buying fuel, car repairs, feeding, NEPA bills, fuel for generator etc. My brother, just pray for God to enlarge your coast and this wahala will be a thing of the past.

Ok. Thanks
Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 6:28pm On Aug 30, 2019
Marriage is the union of two people who share everything and that includes money. Handing over her money shouldn't be used but rather contributing to the family income, we've been married for eight years with two girls and a baby boy, the formula I and my husband use is simple.
we both have paid salary jobs and side hustle, I have small company and he has his own side hustle, from our salaries we put some amount in our children's account and the rest of the money goes into what we call our capital projects such as car, land and building, now from my side hustle I buy foodstuffs like plantains, garri, yam,palm oil, dried fish and crayfish etc because I have access to local farmers who comes to sell these thing on market days, while my husband is responsible for sack of rice, beans, beverages, detergents etc.
He is responsible for school fees, House rent I assist when needed but it's not compulsory, and any of us can buy clothes and shoes for the children. it's all about financial intelligence and trust.
Most women who try to hide money from their spouse do so out of fear of the unknown, sit with your wife and discuss what's best for you, just because A is doing it doesn't mean it will work for B. Cheers.
Well said
Family / Re: Should A Wife Submit Her Salary? by jarmy: 6:20pm On Aug 30, 2019
Why should she continue "handing over" or "submitting" her salary to you? Ahnn ahnnn, what kinda thing is that? If she's no longer handing over her salary to you but saving, it's probably to protect your family [I doubt she's doing it for herself]. Open a joint account where an agreed amount from both of you goes into - towards household expenses, but demanding her whole salary isn't right. Instead of trying to use her salary as your own extra income, double your hustle and make that money yourself.
Do you know the irony of it? She may even get more from me if she agrees to submit her pay.

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