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Jokes Etc / Re: How To Say NO When Someone Wants To Borrow Money From You by jnrprof(m): 5:04pm On May 06, 2015
You see how you have exposed yourself for blasting. what's cuz?? i believe the word is "because"






Family / Re: How Can I Surprise My Wife And Show Her More Love? by jnrprof(m): 3:31pm On Apr 30, 2015
You could order something online and have it delivered to her at work.

Likewise you may ask a friend/sibling who is available to help deliver it.

During your next visit, you can cook her lunch/dinner. Its not necessarily about how much you spend, but more about the thought behind it.

Dear Nairalanders,
I've been married now for close to a year. I reside in a different state and my wife stays in Lagos. I go home like once a week.
I've been thinking, I would like to give my wife a surprise even at my absence.

Please advice what I can do to surprise her and make her happy.

Waiting for your inputs.

I would like to surprise her in her office but I dont want to go there myself.
Please what can I do?


Romance / Re: Is Anything Wrong With Dating A Girl Without Having Sex With Her? by jnrprof(m): 3:22pm On Apr 30, 2015
I have been in a serious relationship for close to 2years now and I have not had sex with my fiancee just because she is a virgin and she said I can't have canal knowledge of her until I take her to the alter and friends keep telling me not to marry her unless I have sex with her. Please is any wrong if I don't have sex with her untill we marry?...We are in love!!!!

The fact that you are in love and your desire to have sex with are mutually exclusive and have no correlation at all.

Virgin or not, she has decided not to have sex before marriage. Don't focus on what your friends are saying (everyone seems to have friends that think with their balls, rather than with their brains). I believe she made that stance known to you from the start, so why is it an issue now after 2 years?

I think i should ask you: why are you in a relationship with her? Do you really intend to marry her?
Family / Re: In-laws Attack! by jnrprof(m): 10:55am On Apr 29, 2015
I think you are the one who fails to see the issue here!!

Read the original post again. The trip was never in the plan, until the wife brought it up out of the blues. Obviously he made plans for the fees and basic living costs before getting the car. He owes nobody an explanation as to why he bought a second car, and you can't conclude he has priority issues considering the fact that visiting the wife's mother wasn't a need at that point. Are you sure you're not one of the in-laws? Cos you failed to address the attacks from the wife's brothers and focused only on the fact that he bought a new car.


Is your brain being fried by the sun or what? The stupidity of some people on this forum is beyond me. How can one not see where the whole issue lies? Finance, it is because of finance, that's what started all of these issues, he cannot afford to take his kids to go see their grandma. He is struggling because the family has an extra car which they do not need.
With your "matured" brain, it is amazing you cannot seem to comprehend something as simply as that.
That extra car is not a necessity, there are many ways to take kids to school.


Jokes Etc / Re: My Girlfriend Dumped Me And I Am Trying To Commit Suicide by jnrprof(m): 2:09pm On Apr 27, 2015
Try coke and mentos. Thank me later wink
Religion / Re: Should I Reduce My Age So I Can Go For NYSC? by jnrprof(m): 1:52pm On Apr 24, 2015
Rather than being defensive, why not look at the bigger picture? the poster simply used that nysc as an illustration. The references he quoted speak against lying generally. Is it now wrong to preach against something wrong?

we should stop this holier than thou attitude,is there any difference btw reducing your age in order to serve and lying on the phone?lie na lie.op if u have never lied before say may God punish me if i have ever lied...i de wait

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Romance / Re: Millionaire Socialite Joro Olumofin, Shares 10 Tips On How To Get A Boyfriend by jnrprof(m): 1:29pm On Apr 24, 2015
Spot on! Here's one very intelligent lady.....i love intelligent ladies wink kiss

Charisma, sense of humour and indepth intelligence is all a girl needs to attract the princes and even kings.
Wonder why some ugly girls get married than their pretty counterpart? They are just simply loving. I do not believe all guys are that complicated, all they desire is an intelligent woman and not one opeke whose so called beauty beclouds her brain.

Girls time to work more on ourselves
Romance / Re: Am Scared! Can I Have Fun With Her by jnrprof(m): 4:09pm On Apr 23, 2015
Run from fornication.....it always has consequences.
Family / Re: Why Would A Man Insist On Not Having A Registry Wedding by jnrprof(m): 3:55pm On Apr 23, 2015
Even a church wouldn't marry you without getting registry papers.

Without the official marriage certificate, what will the woman use as the basis for her change of name? What will she use to support her marital status when applying for a visa?

I suspect the man is already married legally to another woman, hence his hesitation to do the registry wedding. She should investigate his motives properly before entering one chance.
Romance / Re: Dear Men, How Long Can An Average Man Go Without Sex? by jnrprof(m): 3:48pm On Apr 23, 2015
I've held my peace for 29 years......kini big deal? undecided

Man should control his organ, and not have his organ control him.


Family / Re: Soon To Be Mother In Law Insists On Traditional Marriage!!! by jnrprof(m): 4:27pm On Apr 16, 2015
Last time i checked, in yoruba culture its the bride's family that calls the shots for the wedding. Let your parents tell your MIL that the traditional wedding is taking place in London and that's that!

Hello Nairalanders..

I don't even know where to start from but this is how it goes.. I and my boyfriend already agreed only on white wedding here in London, but his mother said we need to have a traditional marriage.. I cant because my dad's peeps cut him off when he got married to my mum.. The only grandparents i know are my mum folks and also the only village i call my village is my maternal village.. And now his mum insists that we also do a traditional marriage?? I am losing it.. What do i do?? I have no paternal ties.. How do i go about that? I cant even tell my peeps cause they had mixed feelings initially about my fiance.. I need your help peeps.. What do i tell his mum?

Forgive any typos and incomprehension..


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Calls Me Uncle. by jnrprof(m): 10:09am On Apr 14, 2015
Its not that serious joor! tongue

When next she calls you uncle, call her aunty.

You can also tell her to call you daddy boo or uncle bae instead grin
Romance / Re: My Babe Is Pregnant And Am Unemployed; Should I Keep The Baby? by jnrprof(m): 1:24pm On Mar 17, 2015
I'm sure you heard sound advice previously about abstaining from sex, but you shunned the advice.
I'm sure you heard sound advice previously about using a condom if you couldn't abstain from sex, but you shunned that also.
Considering your previous notorious track record of shunning sound advice, why should we give you any now, and what's the guarantee that you won't do the exact opposite of what we advise?

I need some sound advice from sound minds. My girlfriend is three weeks pregnant as I am typing to you. From the depth of my heart and soul I want to keep the pregnancy but I am unemployed and really broke. And when I think of my financial status and what would be required to nurse and deliver a babe, I am tempted to think of doing the unthinkable. But I am so drawn to this pregnancy and the baby in it. The way it came to me and the time it came to me and how I can already feel its presence even when its only a three week old cluster of blood, left me in perpetual amazement. This is not the first time a girlfriend would be pregnant for me, but never at any of the times have I felt as connected with them as I feel with this particular one. In the past cases I have always done the otherwise and moved on without blinking an eye but now I can't even lift a finger against this child. But how will I weather the storm of unemployment+pregnant babe+baby on the way? Already I can't sleep no more, staying up all night and day thinking on how to get all the miles covered.

Thanks for your time!
Romance / Re: I Lose Interest After Sex With Most Girls by jnrprof(m): 2:02pm On Feb 27, 2015
You loose interest because you have objectified women as sex tools. You need to start looking beyond their physical appearance and get to know what's really on the inside. Sex clouds the mind, so learn to tame your 3rd leg and change your mindset. If you are out for a real relationship, then do away with sex and focus on other activities that would increase your bond with your woman of choice.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Can Christian Attend Job Interviews Without Lying To His Boss by jnrprof(m): 11:18am On Feb 26, 2015
I'll share my own experience.

When i was invited for a meeting for my present job, i was given the opportunity to choose the time i wanted to come. I chose to come by 8am. The company is in Victoria Island (Lagos), while the company i was in then was in Ikeja. Off course i didn't want to lie. So the next morning all i did was to send an sms to my manager that i was going to be late that morning because i had to handle something urgent. As God would have it, there were no questions raised as to what exactly i had to do. When such interviews come ones way, just pray for favour and direction, and you'll see that the whole thing goes smoothly without you having to lie at all


Family / Re: Can I Marry My Brother's Wife Junior Sister ? by jnrprof(m): 5:09pm On Feb 25, 2015
i personally don't see anything wrong...we have a few cases of twin brothers marrying twin sisters


Romance / Re: Why Are Men Too Attracted To The "Physical" by jnrprof(m): 4:24pm On Feb 25, 2015
I guess its the same for ladies who are moved by what they hear. They can fall for a haggard looking tout, or woman beater as long as he uses the mushy romantic words on them.

Men like what they see. Tho i'm moved more by her intelligence and sense of humour. But off course, na d good looks go make me discover her intelligence and humour grin
Romance / Re: Guys Can You Date And Marry A Lady 10 Years Older Than You by jnrprof(m): 4:20pm On Feb 25, 2015
Heck no! make i come dey call my wife aunty boo or sister bae? ko joor grin
Romance / Re: I'm Attracted To My Friend's Wife...what Do I Do? by jnrprof(m): 4:15pm On Feb 25, 2015
As its been said before, avoid going to their home for as long as you can, likewise any occasion where she will be. That would also mean telling your friend that you will no longer serve as his alibi to steal him out of his house.

Are you in any relationship? Maybe you just need someone to channel your affection towards.
Romance / Re: What Do Women Want From Men In A Relationship? by jnrprof(m): 2:45pm On Feb 25, 2015
Women...do they really know what they want? even when you fit into the list they have drawn, they still expect more. HIAN!!! angry
Romance / Re: Which One Do U Prefer In A relationship by jnrprof(m): 2:41pm On Feb 25, 2015
chats...bbm/whatsapp. enables me do multiple things, rather than focusing all d time on the phonecall, especially when i have many things to do. Also, we can also chat the entire day without having to end the conversation till we're about going to bed at night
Romance / Re: He Is 30 But Doesn't Have A Girlfriend by jnrprof(m): 2:33pm On Feb 25, 2015
Oh Please!!!! Is having a gf an assurance of eternal life? Is it the ticket to heaven? Or would it guarantee his name entering the forbes billionaire list? If the answers to these questions are no, then free the brother abeg! Not all guys make a fuss about chasing girls. When he is ready to settle, he will settle. At least he didn't say he has issues meeting with girls.

Na so dem harass my life untop gf matter....didnt start a serious one myself till last year at age 28.
Romance / Re: RE: What Do Boys Gain In A Relationship Without Sex? by jnrprof(m): 11:03am On Feb 12, 2015
Oh puhlease!!!! any guy that becomes a girls mugu chose to become one. The only guys that become mugus are those whose brains turn into pap because they have "fallen in love". Being in love and being stupid are two different things! There is no correlation between being in a sexless relationship (which is the original design both culturally and based on religion) and being mugu. Excluding sex from the relationship actually enables the parties involved to truely get to know each other. Sex actually clouds ones better judgement, and you're able to put more conscious effort into working on the relationship when sex is not involved.

Please lets stop making excuses for our lack of self discipline.

that "post of the year" above is just kidding right? for Naija babes?

mind you, i have been in such relationship and i must say it taught me the greatest lessons about naija women. never ever fall into that trap of no sex in relationship.

na complete mugu go be your campaign slogan. after spending everything (both emotional and financial) on her, you still either go home and masturbatte or find a hooker or side chik to cure the konji you got from kissing and smoothing her. have you not cheated? so who's fooling who? and the worst is when she's not even a virgin.

my current relationship wanted to start like that until i spark for the babe sey i no dey do again. i told her i was cheating on her and cannot be that kinf of man, that we should just end it and be friends. nobody tell her to open am yakata for me. it even made love her more and gave me more confidence in the relationship and the bond has grown stonger than before we started having sex.

my point is.. for the girl to agree to be in the relationship in the first place, she should also be aware thatvit comea with a compromise. if she's not ready, then she should just friendzone the guy instead of punishing the poor sex starved konjilized boyfrend.
Romance / Re: RE: What Do Boys Gain In A Relationship Without Sex? by jnrprof(m): 3:38pm On Feb 11, 2015
Great post! at least a few nairalanders have their brain up in their heads.

Now i await the comments from those whose brains are somewhere between their legs
Romance / Re: 5 Major Mistakes Nigerian Men Make In A Relationship by jnrprof(m): 2:46pm On Feb 10, 2015
Too many woman wrappers in this world!Na dem dey make women feel like sey na dem control the world *scoffs*. Women will always have an endless list. No matter how wonderful the man is, they will still want something extra (Oliver Twists), whereas you hardly see lists of what guys want. Guys are very simple and go with the flow, women are just too frigging complicated!

I have a problem with too many stup1d female worshipping threads in this section. . .

How many times have females created threads that extol males?

Rubbish thread.

Make a woman I'm not married to my queen? Gtfoh.


Nairaland / General / Re: Should I Pack Out Or Remain In My Father's House? by jnrprof(m): 12:22pm On Feb 06, 2015
@32, its totally your call to move out of your dad's house. As a man who's doing well financially, its not even expected that you'll still be in your father's house at this age. So if you feel moving out will give you the space you need to get certain things done, by all means, find your way out.

Btw, based on your dad's expectations from you, are you supposed to get married and brig your wife to live with you in the family house?
Religion / Re: As A Christian, Going To Church Is Not Important At All by jnrprof(m): 9:58am On Feb 04, 2015

do you see Muslims in church? no
therefore everybody are christians in church.
the thing i am trying to let you know that pastors refuses to tell church members is that, your salvation is solely depend on your religion which is Christianity, which is our faith.
the bible says the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith, that is, from religion to religion.
it was Judaism (the religion of the jews) first, and now it is Christianity.
that implies that if you were born into a Christian home you are saved automatically.
you don't need all these religious activities or church going anymore
please runaway from pastors

Bros, abeg na devil send you on errand? why try so hard to dissuade us from going to church? na by force? oya, we say we no go stop attending church because we know the value we get from it, so go knack head for wall tongue
Religion / Re: Living Faith Envious Of Redeem Church by jnrprof(m): 6:10pm On Feb 03, 2015
Common!!!! Every individual has a right to support whoever he wants to. Oyedepo is under no compulsion to support Buhari simply becos his running mate is a pastor. Heck, many RCCG members will still vote for GEJ

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Religion / Re: As A Christian, Going To Church Is Not Important At All by jnrprof(m): 6:07pm On Feb 03, 2015
OP, every true Christian understands that going to church is not for its economic value. If you don't go to church, that's fine but don't try to dissuade those of us who value its importance. I for one can't take for granted the role my church brethren played in my life during a difficult period. The words of encouragement, sermons and prayers really helped me to hold on and built up my faith. When my story changed and i shared my testimony, they rejoiced even more than me and. A friend in church even told me that my testimony had increased his own faith as he was waiting on God for his own miracle. Now that's one reason why church is important!
Religion / Re: As A Christian, Going To Church Is Not Important At All by jnrprof(m): 5:25pm On Feb 02, 2015
Read your Bible again.....its instructed that we should not neglect the fellowship of the brethren! So no matter how much you think you know, fellowshiping with other Christians is still very important.

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Romance / Re: Honestly She Is Becoming *over Posessive!! by jnrprof(m): 4:10pm On Nov 14, 2014
Omo mehn!!!! shocked shocked

This guy babe na real kolomental case o.

Lemme consult the oracle, i shall be back with the advice from the gods grin

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