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Romance / Re: Women, Why Do You Cheat On Your Partners? by Kelamma(m): 12:05pm On Aug 26
To be fair to the ladies, it was mostly the attitude of the male folks that brought out that side of them. Now all man don tear eye and it has become a game of who fit cheat pass. Maybe we all need to come back to the table and negotiate.

There are still some good girls that have not allowed the street to change them.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-power: The Reality About The N-EXIT Package by Kelamma(m): 9:47am On Aug 13
angry come OP, it's like you are an unfortunate human being o. Repeating the same thing in rearranged manner. You dey whine us ni? This your Npower propaganda is nauseating to say the least.

My friend stopeet and find better work. Don't sell your soul to the devil.

I know this your propaganda is even annoying you, but you 've got to earn your pay right? Anywhere belle face!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Replacement In The Civil Service by Kelamma(m): 5:13pm On Jul 17
Nna eh! Is that what 'replacement' in civil service is ? I thought replacement was an unofficial recruitment to beef up staff due to little spaces created by retirements and deaths.

Well, what do I know. This is Nigeria after all.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Kelamma(m): 6:30am On Jul 06
Politics / Re: Photos Of Agba Jalingo Before His Arrest At Revolution Now Protest by Kelamma(m): 5:36pm On Aug 05, 2020
I salute all the youths that came out for the protest irrespective of the risk involved. I would have come out but as I check am finish, I said let me still dey do my own online. I swear liver cut me. That's why I doff my hat for all the protesters.

Soon we all will get the courage to damn all consequences and challenge these thieves at the helm of affairs in this country. One day, just one day, enough will indeed be enough.

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Politics / Re: Garba Shehu: Buhari Won’t Resign by Kelamma(m): 4:07am On Jul 25, 2020
Will you keep quiet! It took your master five years to look into the activities of his boy Magu and you are proudly opening your mouth waaaaaaaa! My friend, the truth is that Nigerians jumped from frying pan to fire where Buhari is concerned. What an expected disappointment the modern Pharaoh is.


Religion / Re: I Have Made Up My Mind To Leave Religion, It's Not Worth It. by Kelamma(m): 6:25pm On Jun 19, 2020
[/quote][quote author=Righteousness89 post=90841089]

You been Deceived bro!

That's why the Doctrine of once Saved forever Saved is false!

Until you consciously surrender to JESUS. You are not saved.

If in the Course of your walk with GOD, you fall, you need to ask for Forgiveness..

Don't live with that thought that you can't stop sin! It's a devilish principle from the pit of Hell!
Bro, even being a nuisance on nairaland is a sin. You sound so hypocritical and ridiculous. I wish you a nice evening.


Religion / Re: I Have Made Up My Mind To Leave Religion, It's Not Worth It. by Kelamma(m): 1:55pm On Jun 19, 2020
[/quote][quote author=Righteousness89 post=90840680]
You confuse yourself more and more!

What Makes you a Christian ?

You think being born by a pastor makes u a Christian?

Or being born by born-again parents makes u a Christian?

That's false!

You are not a Christian until you confess your sins and Accept JESUS. That is what makes you a Christian.

Stop Confusing yourself
No bro. You are the confused one here. We aspire to be pure but we ain't pure because we are HUMANS and we have our flaws and hubris that work against our purity. My problem with you is saying that a Christian does not sin. You are parading yourself as all holy like the Pharisees and sadducees. Pipe down bro. You can't be more christian than Peter who later denied christ during his tribulations.
Religion / Re: I Have Made Up My Mind To Leave Religion, It's Not Worth It. by Kelamma(m): 1:39pm On Jun 19, 2020
[/quote][quote author=Righteousness89 post=90810246]

I don't get u bro!

We need to a have a Relationship with JESUS CHRIST.

Christianity is not a Religion as people say!
Being a Christian is having a Relationship with JESUS. In a lay man's word it is Having JESUS in you.

A Sinner man /woman does not have JESUS irrespective of Whatever you claim you are.

A Christian is not a Sinner and a Sinner is Not a Christian..

Having a Relationship with JESUS is the key!

You do that By Acknowledging you are a Sinner
You Confess your sins to JESUS
You Ask JESUS to come into you. See the Prayer of Salvation on our Signature.

If you do that and you mean it, you are automatically saved! You are born again!

You need to begin a solid Foundation with JESUS.

You have The Holy Bible to guide you
You could also get a Bible Believing Church were you will be taught to know more about JESUS.

Don't fail to repent whenever you go astray!

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. None is righteous before God. So no christian is without sin biko. It is simple. We are mere mortals and we sin even without knowing it. God's ways are not our ways.


Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy: Nobody Paved Way For Me by Kelamma(m): 6:33am On Feb 13, 2020
Stfu You fela wannabe. Nobody did it alone. Oyibos are listening to your song and you forgot that it came as a result of other people's hard work, pain and resilience. The trials and errors of your predecessors are what got you where you are. Pay homage boy, don't be a brat.

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Crime / Re: Woman Sells Her Brother’s N18m Property While He Was In Prison Abroad by Kelamma(m): 7:35am On Jan 19, 2020
What an evil sibling! She was actually praying for him not to return! shocked. The devil is indeed not far from us because he is within us. I pity the brother that will start from the scratch.

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Celebrities / Re: Seyi Awolowo Flaunts Adeshola, His Dublin-Based Girlfriend, Calls Her His WCW by Kelamma(m): 5:38pm On Oct 30, 2019
Sheyi, your mates are busy signing endorsement deals, you, you are busy walking upandan with your fugly girlfriend. Please stay one place undecided

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Crime / Re: Man Assaults Hooker He Slept With Without Paying Her In Lagos (Video) by Kelamma(m): 5:27pm On Oct 30, 2019
Who no get money, no suppose chop kpekus.
"onye na ejighi ego ,ana eri ofe owerri?"
Instead of this mòron to dedicate his time and energy to hustling to make money, he went after p^ssy. Not even free one, but one with price tag.


Celebrities / Re: Meet Emeka Ike's Mother (Photos) by Kelamma(m): 5:20pm On Oct 30, 2019
A lot of bitter people on this thread. If you no get mama again na Emeka Ike kill am? Abeg shift, make we appreciate our mama.

Mummy,I love you to the moon and back. You are my strength. Thank you for being selfless and loving. I gat you big time.

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Crime / Re: Man Beats His Wife After He Was Caught Cheating On Their Anniversary . by Kelamma(m): 4:30pm On Oct 30, 2019
Andrew's village people are gladly working over time.

His village people are like "how can Andrew remain in the abroad" "Impossicant"!


Politics / Re: Who Will Fund Aisha’s Office? – PDP by Kelamma(m): 3:06am On Oct 18, 2019
undecided PDP are beginning to sound so cliche.You people are losing bite as an opposition. You can do better than this.

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Politics / Re: New Minimum Wage: FG Reaches Agreement With Labour Over Implementation by Kelamma(m): 3:02am On Oct 18, 2019
undecided Labour union that cannot stand their ground;that one na union. Just a group of jokers.

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Travel / Re: Bullion Van Collides With Tanker In Ghana, Money Scattered (Photos + Video) by Kelamma(m): 2:25pm On Oct 05, 2019
Why are they using gun to protect the 'mana' ? angry I know if they were moses, they would have used gun too to protect the mana. Who sent them? How else do they expect 'mana' to fall for people?

I just hate stingy people. This is a waste of gun usage if you ask me.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-power Beneficiaries, Corpers Could Be Recruited As Community Policemen — FG by Kelamma(m): 8:51am On Aug 24, 2019
Five years in university with dreams of working in shell and nnpc,then they hand you cutlass to be scouting forest for Fulani herdsmen and kidnappers with AK47.[quote]
This is so hilarious grin. I couldn't stop laughing.......but check am guy, at all at all na em bad pass. Half bread is better than puff puff for person wey wan drink tea.
Celebrities / Re: Ubi Franklin And Sandra Iheuwa Leaked Chat by Kelamma(m): 11:24am On Aug 07, 2019
Gone are the days when decency and morals are celebrated. Today, indecency, nudity, immorals, fornication and baby mamas are the order of the day.

God,please protect, guide and guard my children from all these decays.


Education / Re: UNICAL Staff Flog Post-UTME Candidates In A Rowdy Session by Kelamma(m): 11:17am On Aug 07, 2019
Where exactly will we start from in fixing this country? In short, o nwero mekwata. Ala dalu ada, adago. ......Unless the whole citizenry will be wiped out and then new people will emerge and even at that, the new people must be ruled by oyibo for things to be well. If not,put a black man as the ruler,and watch things go haywire again.


Politics / Re: Sowore’s 'Revolution Now' Protest: Femi Falana Speaks, Blasts FG (Video) by Kelamma(m): 7:39am On Aug 05, 2019
Buhari, who happens to be Idi Amin's long lost brother will not hear this now. His pursuance to stifle the voices of oppositions,will definitely be his undoing.

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Politics / Re: Simon Achuba To Sue Yahaya Bello Over N819m Unpaid Salary, Allowances by Kelamma(m): 2:58pm On Jul 24, 2019
Yahaya Bello! What a waste of 'youthful' opportunity


Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley's Wikipedia Page To Be Deleted by Kelamma(m): 9:14am On Jun 01, 2019
undecided EFCC just dey flex their under developed muscles with this boy matter.They dey find publicity. Make Baba dey hear their name come think say them dey work ; Make he for no count them join with police wey he say don fail Nigeria D. Atleast, they are going international....Twitter!! Wikipedia!! Chai! Food don land for them.

Naira Marley when next you come to this world,ehn,guard your tongue.....makana ndi Igbo si na onwu ga egbu nwa nkita,anaghi ekwe ya añu isisi nsi (the death that will kill a dog does not allow it to perceive the stench of faeces)

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Celebrities / Re: Shola Ogudu: Why I Called Wizkid Out On Social Media by Kelamma(m): 3:26pm On May 15, 2019
Mgbe I na emepe ukwu, I gwalu m? Abi you follow give me? Gerrarahia mehn!

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Crime / Re: Zlatan: Cultists Issue Warning To OAU Students! by Kelamma(m): 5:10pm On May 06, 2019
Shebi na mama born all these ones? cry

A waste of nine months and labour sufferings indeed! cry

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Celebrities / Re: Ruggedman With Kolade Johnson’s Family And Lawyer At Magistrate Court (Photos) by Kelamma(m): 4:58pm On May 06, 2019
Rugged baba, you na action man. I salute you. You put money where your mouth is. Unlike that one that wanted to organise rally but small breeze,he ran away.

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Politics / Re: Taiwo: Obasanjo Has Hired Assassins To Kill Me For Supporting Buhari by Kelamma(m): 4:55pm On May 06, 2019
I had rather read Tonto's news than this. undecided

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Celebrities / Re: Femi Adebayo Rants As He Was Mobbed By Fans While On Top Of A Bike In Lagos by Kelamma(m): 8:19pm On Jan 12, 2019

And you showed your stupidity in public. Femi Adebayo is a PDP political office holder in Kwara State! He’s the SA for Culture & Tourism to Kwara Governor. [quote]
Run along fool. Ain't gat no time for shenanigans.
Celebrities / Re: Femi Adebayo Rants As He Was Mobbed By Fans While On Top Of A Bike In Lagos by Kelamma(m): 10:20am On Jan 12, 2019

[b]He is actually holding a political office[quote]
Now I get the mobbing part.
Celebrities / Re: Femi Adebayo Rants As He Was Mobbed By Fans While On Top Of A Bike In Lagos by Kelamma(m): 6:59am On Jan 12, 2019
Oga are you a political somebody that they are mobbing you? Are you sharing money? Are you an APC agent buying PVC?

Abeg undecided

Didn't know you are a political appointee.I won't blame the people mobbing you then.They probably thought you were in their vicinity to buy PVC. Na APC way na. Pele sir.


Politics / Re: Ooni Of Ife, Adeyeye, Others Visits Tinubu In Abuja - Photos by Kelamma(m): 6:58am On Jan 12, 2019
Hungry kings undecided

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