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Politics / Re: Video Of Lagos Catholic Church Where Hoodlums Snatched PVC Registration Machine by mikeuz(m): 1:37am On Jul 30
Business / Re: GTB Vs Innoson: Supreme Court Rules In Favour Of GTB In N2.4bn Debt by mikeuz(m): 12:07am On Jan 17
Before the usual suspects start spinning conspiracy theories, the court is just about hearing the case after it earlier dismissed it due to an error from the court registry. The case will just about to be heard so judgement hasn't been given against innoson

Have been reading with amazement how the same people that want a better nation, fight themselves ignorantly. Ethnicity everywhere, even some blaming buhari, like executive and judiciary arms of government in Nigeria are the same thing. I weak to say the least.

Thanks for clarifying for those that failed to read, or couldn’t comprehend the details of the post.

In clear terms, GTB just got the right to appeal.
This OP God will forgive you too.

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Career / Re: Why Don't Mechanical Engineer Graduates Set Up Mechanic Shops by mikeuz(m): 2:59pm On Dec 13, 2021
This Post stings of ignorance, however I don’t blame the OP only, I blame the moderator that moved this to front page.
Career / Re: Why Don't Mechanical Engineer Graduates Set Up Mechanic Shops by mikeuz(m): 2:55pm On Dec 13, 2021
Travel / Re: COVID-19: Nigeria Bars Travellers From Brazil, S’Africa, Turkey by mikeuz(m): 6:12pm On Sep 19, 2021
UK should be added on the list. The rising case is worrisome but I doubt if our govt would do that but the UK can quarantine us for 10 days and say our vaccination would never be authorised by them, after sending us the astrazeneca vaccine which they produced themselves. Useless peeps

Calm down.

1. Now let’s state the fact. AstraZeneca vaccine isn’t from the UK.

2. You still quarantine them (people from Uk) in Nigeria for 7days.
Family / Re: Advice Needed by mikeuz(m): 6:43pm On Sep 10, 2021
I need matured inputs please.

I am a married woman, with a child.

My Marriage has been really rocky. Quarrels every now and then.

What basically causes the problems is our differences, we just don’t understand each other, it wasn’t so visible during dating.

Although we did not date for long....but being married, it has been from one issue to the other, right from a week after our wedding.

I have always contemplated leaving, but I am yet to be fully independent.

Sometime this year, I found out he has been cheating (I was not surprised, but I was heart-broken) my discovery strengthened my resolve to leave the union.

In the process of nursing my heartbreak, I reconnected with an ex, we got talking and he helped my heal. I did not tell him what I was going through at the time...I was just enjoying the attention he was showing me.

I should state that I did not tell my husband about his cheating, I held all the emotions back, it was a very difficult period for me because I am usually the outspoken type.

My ex is not based in the country where me and my husband reside, we just communicate on phone, he says he misses me and would want us to meet when he is in town.

I should also state that my ex was married but divorced.

I would not deny my having feelings for my ex, and I also do not want to believe in a fairytale ending, I am just confused.

Pack well, the only reason you are still in the marriage is because you are not fully INDEPENDENT .

You are using the man, and also writing episode.
If the marriage tire you leave ooooooo. Go and continue your independence with the Ex or anyone you chose.

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Politics / Re: Anti-open Grazing: Give Us Time To Train Our Members - Miyetti Allah Begs Lagos by mikeuz(m): 6:50pm On Sep 08, 2021
Good evening all. I'm at the verge of committing suicide. I'm a student of the University of Ilorin. I made excellent results but now I'm about to drop out as school fees payment portal closes about 5 hours from now and I don't have any hope. I'm soliciting for help from well meaning people. Please reach out to me on 07061742247 for my details so you can login to my portal to confirm. Please save a soul. This is all I have to live for


So you want to committing suicide because of school fees? Hmm, Na wa o, ordinary school fees oo. My brother, you can even talk of school, some people can’t and they haven’t died.
People don’t commit suicide because of school fees ehn. Many people went to schools they where times no food to eat, not talking of school fees, and not for ones did suicide cross their minds. This is life, don’t kill yourselves over what you can’t control.

Would have ignored as I don’t have money for you, bt you must hear this. Many successful people in the world are school dropout. I hope you see the money you need, but note not having school fees is not worth suicide. Even devil go vex.

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Crime / Re: 9 Suspected Yahoo Boys Arrested In Dorathy Bachor's Block Of Flat- EFCC by mikeuz(m): 5:14pm On Aug 23, 2021

Do the police need warrant to go and arrest fraudsters??

Do the FBI got a warrant to invade hushpupy??

Yes they need a warrant to break into someone’s home.
Crime / Re: 9 Suspected Yahoo Boys Arrested In Dorathy Bachor's Block Of Flat- EFCC by mikeuz(m): 5:12pm On Aug 23, 2021
They both told the truth.. however EFCC just admitted to acting very unprofessional, breaking into her flat without a warrant is wrong

Read the EFCC excuse again, you will see what you are missing

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Career / Re: Should Wages Be Left Only At The Discretion Of The Employer? by mikeuz(m): 1:35pm On Jul 18, 2021
There is a lot more to this things than you spelt out. So I will advice you to go research and learn more. There is also more about annual company income, these things I won’t go into.
However I disagree with the way you rubbished Nigeria labor law. The document might not be perfect, but it’s something very tangible to work with. Like every other laws in Nigeria, Execution is usually and still the Issue.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Signs Law Mandating Twitter, Facebook, Others To Open Offices In Russia by mikeuz(m): 8:47pm On Jul 01, 2021

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Orders Embassy Staff To Leave Chad As Rebels Near Capital by mikeuz(m): 1:37pm On Apr 18, 2021
They will turn almost all African country to a war zone, and the people can’t see the writing on the wall. It’s everywhere, why do we continue to let them use us. Here in Nigeria we have the Boko, ESN, militants , Oduduwa republic etc, they make you feel you are fighting for something just, but little do you know you are destroying the very iota of peace and stability we have.
None of these nation produce arms and ammunitions, but these repels or freedom agitators are fully loaded with weapons.

Wisdom they say is profitable to direct. We must not fight to bring change.

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Autos / Re: Why Your Car's Catalytic Converter Is Very Valuable by mikeuz(m): 7:21am On Mar 17, 2021
Mine was stolen in the Nigeria port. One day it was intact in the car, the next day exhaust is broken


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 10 by mikeuz(m): 9:53pm On Mar 11, 2021
[quote author=Layohrt post=99795965]

Do you have an idea how much the western union is?

And are you saying you can change back to regular card payment if you decide to make payment via card?[/quote
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 10 by mikeuz(m): 9:52pm On Mar 11, 2021
[quote author=Layohrt post=99795965]

Do you have an idea how much the western union is?

And are you saying you can change back to regular card payment if you decide to make payment via card?[/quote

If you have issues with Payment, try using flutterwave Barter card. Easy and straightforward

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Politics / Re: Gofundme Page Opened For Sunday Igboho By Yorubas Abroad by mikeuz(m): 9:47am On Feb 04, 2021
What exactly is this GoFundMe for?

This Sunday Igboho lives in a mansion, has fleet of benzes with his customized name on the plate numbers. All these wealth gotten from thuggery. What more does he want.

I can see that most Nigerians abroad are the ones that want to breakup Nigeria.

Oduduwa republic is a dead republic, they can't even provide jobs for themselves but see them sponsoring a thug and an illiterate to achieve a dead dream.

You all claim Buhari is an illiterate but you go around supporting a real illiterate and a thug to achieve a failed dream.

God bless you. You see this foolishness of Nigerians, it doesn’t leave you even when you leave the country.Gofundme for violence, they did it for IPOB, for EndSars now fulani herdsmen.
Like they are just waiting for something to spend money for, creating unrest in the Country while living in peace where they are.Gofund me that is meant for good purposes and genuine need, Nigerians will still turn it to a tool for war and agitation.

The frustrations the country gives is clear, but when you allow it frustration you, you will only do wrong.
These sayings are still true till date; “ two wrongs never make right”. War is never won through violence or counter violence, but on a table”.

There are so many things needing gofundme in the country.

Business / Re: Naira Bounces Back, Appreciates To N470/$ In Parallel Market by mikeuz(m): 5:24pm On Dec 02, 2020
This should normally be bad news as a lower dollar to naira exchange rate encourages massive importation thus encouraging consumerism.

But since we want all the borders opened and 1 dollar to one naira; let's embrace importation of everything from pencil to toothpick because no manufacturing sector can compete locally and internationally.

I wish the dollar stays high but local production be ramped up to meet national demand and some products with which we have high comparative advantage (ability to massively supply) should
be banned.

For your mind now, you think you know what you are saying. Smh


Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Imposes 24-Hour Curfew In Lagos by mikeuz(m): 12:02pm On Oct 20, 2020
Way to go

We need sanity on our roads, enough of this chaos

God bless Sanwo Only

God bless Baba Buhari

God bless Nigeria

Comot buhari from that list

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Crime / Re: EndSARS: 3 Ladies Kidnapped & Raped In Benin, Their Phones Stolen (Video) by mikeuz(m): 11:43am On Oct 20, 2020

Protesters are being attacked with d intent of creating chaos and u say u are focusing on solution. Which solution are u talking about?

Oya continue, we will see the end.
Crime / Re: EndSARS: 3 Ladies Kidnapped & Raped In Benin, Their Phones Stolen (Video) by mikeuz(m): 10:48am On Oct 20, 2020

U can't ignore & dismiss d issue of attacks on protesters and then be questioning strategy by d protesters at d same time. Even in an attempt to discredit d strategy by d protesters, u still ended up contradicting urself by saying they were organised at d airport. So u aren't actually here nor there

Am not dismissing the attacks on the protesters, am rather focusing on the solution, rather than the problem. no one will find a solution for us as we protest, definitely not this this government. Only the protesters can find solution as we progress.
Crime / Re: EndSARS: 3 Ladies Kidnapped & Raped In Benin, Their Phones Stolen (Video) by mikeuz(m): 10:36am On Oct 20, 2020

But who is attacking protesters?

Maybe Government, maybe not. Irrespective of who is attacking the Protestants, we can control it. By being strategic.
Yesterday airport blockage;
Some hoodlums tried harassing people in their vehicles parked in traffic, supporting the protesters. These hoodlums were part of the protest screaming EndSars, with drinks on their hands, some even fighting.
ThankGod the organizers of the protest in front of MMA1 was a smart person. He opened the road and allowed movement of vehicles from 5pm - 6pm. If he didn’t, it would have been a disaster.
These are the type of strategy we need to harness. We can’t have bunch of protesters and frustrated people together on the street and expect peace.
Some persons couldn’t go to market to buy food yesterday in lagos. In fact, market and supermarkets closed early, for fear of being attacked and also the need to leave inorder to get home in time.
If this trend continues, ask yourself, do you think the movement will get more people or less?

Xenophobia retaliation Protest is an example of what people can do during protest. I believe Government didn’t send them then, and many of those people that looted shops are still alive.
Crime / Re: EndSARS: 3 Ladies Kidnapped & Raped In Benin, Their Phones Stolen (Video) by mikeuz(m): 9:57am On Oct 20, 2020

Oh pleaseeeee! So the hoodlums woke up one fine morning and DECIDED amongst themselves in their headquarters to start bearing arms and knives and stabbing protesters at the EXACT SAME TIME. They decided to start burning 100s of cars of protesters a the EXACT SAME TIME. They decided to start raping girls and freeing prisoners and burning police stations at on the 12th day of the protest all coordinated simultaneously same day. No doubt that after the protest was hijacked by paid miscreants, other hoodlums who love chaos were gingered to join the anarchy but you would be a fool to think that the Government folded thier arms and had nothing to do with the hoodlums hijacking the protest since day 10 and in full force from day 11.

Let me tell you 90percent (they are in thier 100s on nairaland some having up to 50monikers at once) of those who are on nairaland trying to pin the undesirable events of the past three days on the ENDSARS protestants are also agents paid by the politicians to do the devil's work while the other 10 percent are just people with low IQ who are easily deceived by propagandist.

When people don’t share the same sentiment with you, they immediately become paid by government.

You need to start respecting people’s opinion.

Again i say it, continuous protest will only lead to anarchy. We need to start employing strategy. Protest need to be strategic. We can protest without causing pain, without suffering ourselves.

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Crime / Re: EndSARS: 3 Ladies Kidnapped & Raped In Benin, Their Phones Stolen (Video) by mikeuz(m): 9:37am On Oct 20, 2020
The police should continue to hide na. They know what they're doing. Just this morning, two people were killed in Ketu just in front of a police station. The police were at work, looking through the window.

We know their game plan. Let them continue to withdraw their services. They have families too and none is immune to death. By the time the hoodlums take down some of their families and relatives, they will receive sense.

I blame the crazy civil service system sha. If I were Buhari, no policeman will receive salary this month.

Police are also scared.They don’t know who to touch before they will be labeled attackers of protesters and their pictures everywhere on the internet.

They are also out of the roads for fear of being lynched by protesters. If you join the protest, you will see some persons that obviously you know they want trouble, but they are also screaming EndSaRs. Within the last couple of days, the people have been quick to say police shot a Protestant, and the police is immediately labeled and dragged over the Internet, nobody tries to hear the police side. Nobody even care to know if it’s a lie, they just keep sharing the faces of the police.

Police are humans too.They have families.

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Crime / Re: EndSARS: 3 Ladies Kidnapped & Raped In Benin, Their Phones Stolen (Video) by mikeuz(m): 9:22am On Oct 20, 2020
Immediately the ENDSARS protest started to diverse into EndBuhari, the APC paid strategist and propagandist came into full force to ensure that the protest come to an end immediately. Hiring thugs and anarchy merchants to disorganize the well organised peaceful protest in other to discredit the agitations of the people of Nigerians. It has become clear that a revolution is never gonna happen in this country unless the fight is keenly fought on social media. At least we know it is just the paid keypad enemies that will be the stumbling block and not violent criminals.

Those of you selling the future of your generation over few peanuts from the politicians milking us dry and refusing to allow us hold them accountable to DO BETTER, just know it shall never be well with you all.

Have you seen any protest in the world that was never hijacked?
Even if Government sit with their hands folded, some individuals will still misbehaving. Not everybody is normal out there, what do you expect a criminal or a thief to do during protest? You expect them to be sensible suddenly? They don’t need to be pushed by government before they continue what they know best. Continuous protest will always lead to unrest.
We need to get a strategy to push for our goal, as we continue to protest.

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Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo: If You Are 18-25 Protesting #EndSARS You Are Possibly A Criminal by mikeuz(m): 11:24am On Oct 09, 2020
Finally someone has the boldness to say what many people ignore because of fear of backlash from internet.
This SARs menace got to this point because of the rising yahoo yahoo boys, internet fraudsters, mostly among young people.Any young man with money is labelled a yahoo boy by SARs, because so many young men are into it.
When we tackle SARs for their recklessness(which we must), lets not forget to tackle the root cause.


Career / Re: Should I Expose Them? by mikeuz(m): 7:21pm On May 21, 2020

This will be of great help. Thank you sir. U've succeeded in convincing to mind my business

What you easily relate to, shows the kind of person you are. Instead of doing the right thing, your are inclining to this, let the woman come to harm first, her tears and pains will bring you tears and pain. Nonsense
Politics / Re: People That Will Feel The Additional 14 Days Lockdown By The President by mikeuz(m): 2:58am On Apr 14, 2020

The Chinese doctors are currently in UK, Italy and Russia that the highest expression of your intellectual capacity is rumour mongering and infantile lies should be a thing of shame to your conscience.

PS at op na so your other thread of despair and gloom failed disgracefully, one will think you will seek a more decent and positive thread to write like how the e community comprising of many billionaires on Nairaland can offer succour to the many that will suffer ABI na to dey gloat on top other people suffer be ya work? What a waste.

Finally someone sensible on Nairaland.


Politics / Re: COVID-19: Bala Mohammed Embarks On Self-Isolation After Contact With Atiku's Son by mikeuz(m): 2:56pm On Mar 23, 2020
This Atiku’s Son is irresponsible. Self Isolate yourself if/ or when you enter the country but No, he went about meeting people
Health / Re: LASG: Passengers On March 18 BA And KLM Flights Exposed To Coronavirus by mikeuz(m): 9:36am On Mar 22, 2020
So despite claiming to subjecting ppl to testing and all d talk about banning flights from UK and other risk countries, how d hell did 2 flights get into dis country and d ppl allowed in without testing?

Ignorance will not kill you

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Romance / Re: She's The Best Woman For Me But Not That Beautiful. Should I Still Marry Her? by mikeuz(m): 6:34pm On Jan 26, 2020
Hello everyone, I have something bothering my mind for a long time which I need an advice on.

I have a girlfriend who I really love so much, we were friends before I started falling for her, we've been together for long, I enjoyed her company, she's the best woman to me, she's everything you'll love a wife to be in character, caring, love and all.

Unfortunately, I have a problem, and the problem is that, she's not that beautiful to me. I'm a kind of person that doesn't like trying what my mind doesn't fully want, whenever I think of her, it's only that aspect I don't always like.

I've always fantasized of marrying someone very beautiful cos that's what I want. The problem is that this girl is so good to me. I have no problem with her, but I'm only thinking I can get fed up of her with time cos of her beauty which is not up to my expectation and I may likely cheat on her.

Please, I don't know what to do, can I still risk being with her or leave her?

Men are chronic cheats, even when they have it all at home, they still cheat. They don’t cheat because of love, neither do they cheat because they don’t love their wives, they just cheat. Don’t start your marriage with a reason to cheat.
Since you posted this, means you already have doubts about your woman.
I beg you please leave that good lady alone, don’t marry her and start giving her pain because she isn’t beautiful.
You can have beauty and brains, they are so many,so go fishing.
Someone that will love and appreciate how she is, will come along.

I also feel beauty is more important to you than character, if not you won’t be confused. it will be easier for you to tolerate a beautiful woman than a woman not too beautiful, because if you prefer character you won’t be confused and you will know money brings beauty. Anyway your subconscious has spoken, follow it.
If you like beauty, fat or thin, tall or short, please go for it, don’t start dating someone and mid way through you come up with this.

You will break her heart by leaving her but you will be better off. Karma will treat your fuckup later, if it exist.

Goodluck. Never compromise you standard. Forever is too long a time.

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Properties / Re: Meet Said Jammal, The Owner Of The Aeroplane House In Abuja by mikeuz(m): 1:06pm On Nov 12, 2019
What is this thing outsiders see about Nigeria that we don't see?

I remember a South African lady celebrating Nigerian Visa around 2014. She claimed to have been denied the visa multiple times.

Really, what could be in this country that we don't see?

Just take a trip round Africa countries, you will realize Nigeria is one of the best. One of the very reason we need to build Nigeria rather than destroy it with our mouths.


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Career / Re: Nigerian Man Quits His Bank Job For A Life By The Beach Side by mikeuz(m): 3:50pm On Oct 31, 2019
Something I will do in the nearest future

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