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Autos / Re: EVERYTHING CAR AC PARTS by Montaque(m): 5:16pm On Feb 14
Hello bros. How much is the Compressor for a Corolla 2006 model?

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Business / Re: Can't Send Dollars To Nigeria Any More by Montaque(m): 2:07pm On Feb 09

Thanks for your observations.

I'm just in support of any Policy that would save Nigeria from turning to Venezuela.

1. We need to produce locally. Tackle security so that farmers can go to farm. Role out credit for farmers and introduce policies that encourage everyone to farm. OBJ did it when civil servants were forced to own a garden or farm cooperatives.

2. Stabilise electric supply, especially to industries. We need to ramp up our production lines to the point of sufficiency. Introduce new industries (till now, we don't have companies that produce computers, phones, electronics). Let us produce in mass.

3. Those things that we produce locally, lets us ban their importation. As of today, we should stop importation of footwear and already-made-clothes because we produce them here. I was surprised that okirika sellers are also looking for $ to buy bale of clothes, whereas we can make them locally.

These are my thoughts. What the CBN is doing now is treating symptoms, instead of the disease. Because if they succeed, the three items above will still drag people to be looking for $ to buy goods from abroad, instead of locally producing it.

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Business / Re: Can't Send Dollars To Nigeria Any More by Montaque(m): 1:47pm On Feb 09
this policy won’t stop the inflow of dollar into the economy in all sense of it. It will only deal a big blow to the fix black market .
There has never been a time the CBN fulfilled all its Form M obligations. Do you know that the BDCs (before Emefiele banned them) used to give $ to federal government agencies to settle their fx obligations? Check most paid apps on your phone and laptops, you need a $ card to pay for them. Then foreign education, holidays and medicare; you cant do these without $. There is always a demand for $ in Nigeria, to pay for a lot of things ranging from the legal and illegal matters. Even government offices in Nigeria charge their fee in $, example Nimasa and NPA. Nigerians will not stop looking for $ and CBN can never meet all local demands for $. Moreso, this Policy can be sidestepped by Nigerians opening a fx account in say Ghana and receiving IMTO payments through it.

So, to counter your position, the inflow of $ into the economy will reduce, whereas the local $ demand remains constant or even increase. The black market cannot disappear. No this and know peace. Not that I have anything to gain from their existence, but a lot of Nigerians are global individual, they will always need $ for their day to day business. Its like saying you will phase out POS operators in your street because we have Bank ATM everywhere. I just hope CBN knows what they are doing here. They should sha test the waters and recant if it will hurt the economy further.


Sports / Re: AFCON Q/finals: "Bring Them" - Angola Dares Super Eagles by Montaque(m): 12:23pm On Jan 29
This match is going to be TOUGH

you need to go and review Angola last two matches and see how fast and deadly those boys are. Our defenders will be tested by fire on Friday but I hope we win.

Honestly, we are facing a tough opponent there. Angola plays fast paced football. All their goals are surprised touches, and fast too. Our defenders need to tame their point man - Gelson Dala. There is this other one on dreads - Mogolunlu. Our defenders need to mark them properly. Thankfully, Angola defence no too strong. They conceded two easy goals in the qualifiers. I hope SE wins this one. I will be rest assured after beating them
Family / Re: Please How Do I Handle This With My Wife And Her Brother. by Montaque(m): 3:29pm On Jan 11

married man indeed. olopoloo jooba.

Hehehe. We will wait for when you mature to discuss the topic
Family / Re: Please How Do I Handle This With My Wife And Her Brother. by Montaque(m): 3:28pm On Jan 11


You won't understand
Family / Re: Please How Do I Handle This With My Wife And Her Brother. by Montaque(m): 3:28pm On Jan 11

This is not wisdom at all. This is slavery.
If you need freedom, why marry?

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Family / Re: Please How Do I Handle This With My Wife And Her Brother. by Montaque(m): 5:40pm On Jan 10
Instead of thinking how to save more and work towards financial freedom, this fool wants to buy a car for his family. Chai! I pity you and your poverty driven wife. This nonsense ll only make her happy for a week, after one week, both of you r back to your poverty.

As a leader, are you not suppose to lead your family in d right direction. Car should d least of your worry for now if you have got brains

Can you define "financial freedom" here?
Its like you don't know how importance a car is to a budding family. People talking like their motivational teachers. Go outside and see reality
Family / Re: Please How Do I Handle This With My Wife And Her Brother. by Montaque(m): 5:36pm On Jan 10
I will speak for the future of this matter. I am married and I have seen things like this happen. Do not hinder the gift (car) coming to your wife through your brother in law. Release the money and face your front. If you don't, the brother will still buy the car (he already has 3.5m) without you and you will be the enemy. Not just to your in-laws, but to the woman living with you. That is a dangerous trend. Assuming if the brother fails to buy the car (after you refused to release the money), your wife will never forget that you blocked her gift from manifesting (her brother will never be guilty in her eyes). You don't want to be seen as a blessing-blocker. Apply wisdom here.

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Car Talk / Re: Problem: My Reverse Gear Gives A Scary Jerk With A Sound. by Montaque(m): 7:15pm On Dec 25, 2023

Don't rush. Take your time to study the issue properly.

It maybe the shaft as earlier said but replace with original brand new or very good toks that is clean especially the part entering the gear so it won't contaminate and destroy it

Some uses fuel to wash that part to be free from dirt before inserting into the gear

Top of the gear oil to gauge after replacing the shaft

Again it may just be the bearings inside the cup that is bad. This one is an easy fix. You don't need to remove the shaft from the gear in this case

Just seen your comment. I don't know what to say but lets just thank God. I visited the mechanic on 22nd December. He changed the cup and the driver side bearing at the same time. He changed them with tokunbo ones. I noticed that he came with two sets of bearing, tested both and selected one of it as fitting for the cup. Then installed them. After that, the car drove well. On 23rd, I left for Onitsha. On the way after Ore, the vibration started again, and this time it was very noticable. I drove it on low speed till I reached onitsha. Still in the east. I have called the mechanic to complain. He has nothing helpful. I will look for another mechanic here And see what can be done. It's even worse than it was before the repairs. Only thing is that it doesn't sound "gbi" when you change gear. That happens smoothly. Just that if your accelerate, the car vibrates like if the propeller is irregular (not circular).
Car Talk / Re: Problem: My Reverse Gear Gives A Scary Jerk With A Sound. by Montaque(m): 3:42pm On Dec 21, 2023

lols. is your car vibrating when moving ?
if you want to change your shaft be smart else they will contaminate your gear. try check the cost of your car before embarking on this journey

When i accelerate initially, the car vibrates. When i am on speed, the vibration is almost absent. Your comment now is making me to doubt whether I should do the repairs now or postpone it. I dont want anything that will be an issue at this xmas period
Car Talk / Re: Problem: My Reverse Gear Gives A Scary Jerk With A Sound. by Montaque(m): 9:32am On Dec 21, 2023
I had this issue on my Corolla 2007. Also, when i engage any gear from park position, it will make the sound - "gbi". The mechanic said its the shaft cups. That i need to change the bearings on both driver and passengers' side. I plan to do the work when i get money.
Car Talk / Re: Road Trip Experience On Major Highways This Period by Montaque(m): 5:31pm On Dec 18, 2023
Who has traveled Lagos to Onitsha this December 2023? Will be hoping for a heads up on road conditions and security tips

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Music/Radio / Re: Share Your Music Player History For 2023 by Montaque(m): 8:08am On Dec 16, 2023
My 2023 on deezer

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Technology Market / Re: Smart TV Advice by Montaque(m): 2:31pm On Dec 15, 2023

So after being paired with android stick, Amazon fire stick, Roku tv, he will still be bored?

Smart Tv are conventional Tvs that have android Os features built it, other Os which are also built in to Tvs are Amazon Os, Firefox Os, Roku Os and Lg web Os,
Don't let marketers fool you with hdri10, clear sound and all highlighted features

Think of it that the smart Os and features the conventional Tvs don't have is what they put in the box, you are required to plug it in and enjoy smart features on your tv.

The only thing you should always consider is the build quality of your conventional Tv so as to ensure it supports the Os you want to pair it with

Wouldn't you want to buy a tv that is inbuilt with the features (you admit to like). Why the extra expenses to buying android stick? Just buy a smart tv and rest
Technology Market / Re: Smart TV Advice by Montaque(m): 12:49pm On Dec 15, 2023
Dont compromise content for size. Go for Smart Tv. Your tv should be able to offer you more content. A bulky 75 inches that cant do much for you will soon bore you. Think long term, the world has moved on, move on with it

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Business / Re: CBN Suspends Processing Fees On Large Cash Deposits by Montaque(m): 3:16pm On Dec 11, 2023
This goes to confirm the rumour of an incoming Naira scarcity.
Politics / Re: FG Raises Exchange Rate For Cargo Clearance To N951/$ by Montaque(m): 4:14pm On Dec 07, 2023

You support past governments that looked away when our refineries rot away but here you are being unpatrotic to a government making frantic efforts at resusitating the refineries.

Osim "frantic effort" grin grin
Tinubu's medicine is strong, Chai
Car Talk / Re: Who Has Experienced This by Montaque(m): 12:03pm On Dec 07, 2023

There was a day I left my daughter and wife inside car, on getting back, baby have gone to twist the knob you mentioned. That was how I drove the car that night without seeing what's going on in my dashboard but on getting home I recollected it's the knob. I twisted it and all the lights came on

Happened to me too. The person that washed the car turned it down. I took the car to the mechanic workshop. It was there that they told me its not a fault.
Car Talk / Re: Who Has Experienced This by Montaque(m): 4:36pm On Dec 05, 2023
There is a knob on the left side of the steering. That turns on the lights on the dashboard. Maybe someone turned it off unknowingly

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Car Talk / Re: Tell Us Your Car Fault Lets Assess And Fix Them by Montaque(m): 2:00pm On Dec 04, 2023

Your LFT should be in the negative regions if you have high fuel consumption. Regardless of the numbers, kindly scan the car and replace your throttle body if there's code related to it for peace of mind.

Thank you bros. I hope to meet up with the mechanic this weekend to scan the car again. The throttle body seems clean the last time we opened it. Save for few carbon build up at the back of it, it looks stainless clean from the outside.
Car Talk / Re: Tell Us Your Car Fault Lets Assess And Fix Them by Montaque(m): 12:40pm On Dec 04, 2023
I drive a 2006 Corolla.

The car shows no engine light. However, I noticed that on cold startup, the rpm goes high to 2000 and above, and when I drive out on the street, i will have to keep an rpm of over 1000 in the streets. Then 2000 to +3000 on the highway. Then, there was also rough idling. My friend noticed that and told me that the fuel consumption will be high due to the high rpm. I called my mechanic, he scanned it and told me that the Long term fuel trim is +15% whereas it is supposed to be not less than 10%. He advised i should service the nozzle and clean the throttle body. I have done these things. There is no more rough idling. But the rpm is still high, sometimes i have to reve it to 2500-3000 to achieve good speed in the street, not to talk of highway. I told my mechanic, he said I should check the fuel delivery - fuel pump and filter. Are we on the right track on this?

I also noticed that when i turn the key to start the vehicle, i hear a click but the car wont crank on the first try. But then, it will start on the second try. This started after I cleaned the throttle body. Its a new battery just bought in October. I also changed kick in January this year. The Alternator was serviced in October too. No battery light is showing, so I dont know what this is.
Family / Re: I Love Her But At Almost 40 Years Old, I Cannot Ignore Her Fertility Issues. by Montaque(m): 5:07pm On Nov 28, 2023
I understand your fear. I have been there and its not easy. We dated from University, graduated together and started work at the same time. Two years into that, marriage discussions came up. I feared the same thing you feared now. I have seen couples look for the fruit of the womb and I know what they went through. Some don't even see the end of it.

We had a discussion and I told her my fear - I doubt if she will conceive. We had no solution to it. Its either we go ahead with the marriage like that or we call it off. Our families know themselves and she already is at peace with my parents. I prayed a lot about this issue. One day, I had a dream that we were married, and still living in one room. She had a child in that dream. The house was leaking and rain was falling inside. The child was crying. Our living condition in that dream showed poverty.

I woke up and smiled. I knew our problem in the marriage won't be child bearing. The problem will be poverty and that has a solution - work hard and smart. I prayed some more. After like two months, I had a similar dream. We were still in the one room, she was carrying a child. This time, the room was well lit, no leaking roof and I was playing with my baby on the bed. Everyone was happy. I woke up and knew we are good to go. I asked her parents for her bridal list. We are married now with a son. Infact, she took in after about 4 months. During the 4 months, she was worried about pregnancy, but I wasn't. I already knew it wont be a problem. I knew what will be the problem and I am working very motivated to make more money for our comfort. We have moved to a bigger house, bought a car, sponsored her siblings, done deals together. If I had not married her, I would have missed out on a gem. No one could do the things she do for me now.

So my brother, get closer to God and ask him to show you what you don't know. You can't know tomorrow, no matter how you try. Leave things for God to handle. He will open your eyes to see what you need to know about your marriage. Peace.

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Career / Re: House, I Am Confused by Montaque(m): 6:09pm On Oct 12, 2023
As an only child, you need to settle down so that your parents can heave a sigh. You owe them that. It is not easy being the only child in this country.

To settle down, you need a flat, at least a one/two bedroom flat. You can get a a good one in Ebute Metta (the closest mainland area to the Island) for between 500k to 1m. You need that first above every other thing (a man's house is his castle). You will see that ones you sort this out, other problems in your life take shape for you to tackle easily.

To be frank with you, you have your whole lifetime to build a house in the village. So its not priority now. Get a good place to lay your head (January to November) before thinking of where you will lay your head two weeks in December.
Car Talk / Re: My Experience As UBER Driver For One Day by Montaque(m): 4:43pm On Oct 09, 2023

Funny enough,this is where FG could help people. How about if the Ministry of Technology commissioned some tech guys to develop a Nigerian version of Uber that is owned by the government for which drivers pay 5%. The technology is already available. This is how the FG could help Nigerian youth. Besides it helps keep the money in country. Why would Uber take 35%of our local money for what?

I have been waiting for this comment. Our government lacks initiative. The only thing they know is to ban things, not to create a replacement. Since Lagos State Government banned Gokada despite employing lots of youths in the State, I am always afraid.


Politics / Re: Suffering Knows No Bounds: Ogun Roads Collapse Amidst Abiodun’s Indifference by Montaque(m): 4:31pm On Oct 09, 2023
Ogun State has the worst roads that I have seen. And the sad thing about it is that the roads are the only thing remaining for that State to develop like Lagos. Fix the roads and you will even have more economic development because most people are tired of the Lagos busy life.

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Romance / Re: She Is A Lovable Person But Her Past Keeps Popping Up In My Head by Montaque(m): 5:26pm On Sep 07, 2023
The "ex dilemma". Tell the truth about an ex or lie about it? If a girl is real with you, I think you should be real with her too. She is not judging your past, you shouldn't too. If you can't deal, let her be so she can pick her life up. I personally don't think her true qualities are diminished by her past. You just described her care and concern for you and your mum (even when she had no benefit to get from it. You could have still loved her anyway). That is rare this days, even from virgins. So decide what you want

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Politics / Re: Bola A. Thubv: Farooq A. Kperogi, & Body Filling Of Rusted Image By Barth by Montaque(m): 10:40am On Sep 05, 2023
I think what remain for Atiku and his lawyer now is to come back from US and search for when the president stole meat from him mama pot of soup when he was young, and who know it might be a game changer in this their election wahala.

Which mother? Who is Tinubu's bilogical parents?
Politics / Re: Bola A. Thubv: Farooq A. Kperogi, & Body Filling Of Rusted Image By Barth by Montaque(m): 10:38am On Sep 05, 2023
if I tell u my story,u will know that anybody can make error.

Tell your story na. I just know it can't be more than Tinubu's own. At least you have a mother and a father, and siblings from a known Local Government in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Bola A. Thubv: Farooq A. Kperogi, & Body Filling Of Rusted Image By Barth by Montaque(m): 10:36am On Sep 05, 2023
The same people that believed Buhari was jibril elsudan are the ones with this malicious claim of president Tinubu not having certificate even with the evidence everywhere

What evidence?
Education / Re: Federal University Gusau (FUGUS) Expels Students For Protesting Insecurity by Montaque(m): 9:17am On Sep 05, 2023

The VC and the Chairman of the Governing council need to protect their positions by staying away from the issues beyond them.
Oga, the school can not allow their student to loud the issues of insurgence within the University community while they fold their hands.

Issues that the Executive Governor of the state him self can not solve, so is better they take their school ID Card away from those protesting student and let them go instead of exposing the VC to problem.

He need to save his job first, Politics no be joke!

I can see where you are coming from. You and the VC are unscrupulous individuals.

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Family / Re: My Fiancee Doesn't Want To Court Marriage (registry) by Montaque(m): 5:26pm On Sep 04, 2023

I’m in Europe. I moved here with my family.
You don’t need a court marriage as proof. A Nikkah/Church wedding certificate works.

Dey play. The certificate which the Church gave you during wedding was actually gotten from the Local Government Council of the area where the church is located. The church did the wedding and gave you the certificate on the Local Government's behalf. This is because a house of worship is recognised in law as a place to celebrate marriage, and they can help you do the registration before or after they wed you.

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