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TV/Movies / Re: 2021: Nigerian Idol Season 6 (Live Updates) by mrde(m): 5:10pm On Apr 20
chai, Frank Idoho, this guy made me laugh a lot in that mtn show, forgotten the name
How can you forget papa ajasco show ���
Politics / Re: Does Bayelsa Have The Best Federal Roads? What I Saw (Pictures, Video) by mrde(m): 4:50pm On Apr 18

Especially Jos to Adamawa mehnn it takes one with the fear of God not to speed the whole 220km/hr
You are very funny ����
Food / Re: The Pouched Rat My Dogs Caught This Morning (Photos) by mrde(m): 3:19pm On Apr 03

ok , me na gafia we dey call am for local langua

Mallam this is Burgu Gafiya is porcupine
Romance / Re: Men Please Stop Deceiving Yourselves, You Will Choose Beauty Over Brain by mrde(m): 6:04am On Apr 03
Men are very good at saying a particular thing but act the exact opposite, you will see men all over social media saying they will go for brains over beauty but in reality you will see these same men ignoring the brain and going extra length to attract a beautiful lady and eventually marry them.

I have a friend (a first class product) who is bitterly complaining of not attracting men and that if she had options she will choose beauty first and a moderate brain.

Men why do you guys act this way but in reality you do the opposite?

Men are visual beings dear. We are attracted by what we see and will prefer beauty and brains at the same time. If your friend is not very attractive, then maybe she's focused on a particular type of guys. Am sure there's someone who is dying for her affection but she's busy looking for handsomeness too. Las Las life no balance
Romance / Re: Why Do Ladies Always Block Me After Seeing Me On Video Call? by mrde(m): 6:34pm On Mar 07
I do that a lot,infact I will never relate well with someone I haven't seen their pics and immediately I see someone via their pics I will be able to tell the kind of person they are and that determines if I should cut off or continue, major reasons I don't attend much to my DM,I can't relate with a faceless person. So maybe the way you look portrays a lot of negative things about you hence your experience

I like your bluntness hahahaha

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Romance / Re: I Said No To My Girlfriend For The First Time And She Feels Like Dying by mrde(m): 6:58pm On Mar 02
I will try to make this story very short.

So I've always loved my babe, buy her stuffs, gives her money, takes her out, etc. So tomorrow is her birthday, and she has a very bad hair. We where talking over on phone yesterday, and she asked me to send her money to make her hair, plus she also said she doesn't have money to do her bday, and wants me to help her on it. Well, I wanted to help her do her bday shaa, just to make her happy, but I can't carry all the responsibilities alone, so I said no to her getting money to do her hair. I told her to make her hair by herself or wear a wig, since I will be ,

Paying for hotel
Buying the cakes
Buying the drinks
Buying the meat
Calling DJ to play song for her and her friends
Plus giving her a gift..

She started acting all up, that she will do the bday with her friends that she doesn't need me in it anymore, that her friend will make her hair for free blah blah, and she will sleep over at her friends place. Etc

So guys the question, is this lady really a wife material? Or someone who is just there to eat money and go?

Did I over react?

She's a wife material o infact she's the best wife material you'll ever get. Hold her well well o, her type is very scarce

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Education / Re: NASU, SSANU End Strike, Universities To Fully Resume On Monday by mrde(m): 1:11pm On Feb 27
Academic activities dey go on since na abi my sister Dey lie for me ni since
She don comot house since January na
Make i go call her
She's not bro, we've been holding lectures and am almost done with my lectures seff. Free her mbok
Celebrities / Re: D’banj Buys A Range Rover For His Wife, Lineo For Valentine by mrde(m): 8:24pm On Feb 14
Dbanj hmm,how can you still keep your marriage till now,I didn't expect his marriage to last at all
Wow. Simply wow


Celebrities / Re: D’banj Buys A Range Rover For His Wife, Lineo For Valentine by mrde(m): 8:22pm On Feb 14
Your Boyfriend is not less than Dbanj because he did not buy you a Ferrari. Dbanj is a billionaire. The cost of This car is less than 1% of his net worth.

If your Boyfriend spent 5% of his net worth buying you a gift, then your boyfriend did more than Dbanj. Remember the account of the widow’s mite?

Don’t just look at the amount. Rather, look at the sacrifice. $1 million is chicken change to a billionaire.

$10,000 is a sacrifice to a working man. Go home and appreciate your Boyfriend. He did what Dbanj has not done!
This is the most sensible comments av read coming from a lady in recent times. God bless you richly dear
Travel / Re: Woman Hijacks Commercial Bus From Lagos Driver (Video, Photo) by mrde(m): 12:02pm On Jan 18
That’s in Lagos but the woman has went too far. If the driver change it for mama now; people will be yelling. They will soon slap sense into her brain if she doesn’t respect herself when those goons come over there.
Celebrities / Re: Family Photo Of Agbani Darego With Her In-Laws, The Danjumas by mrde(m): 1:26pm On Jan 14
She doesn't look happily married here o grin

Dem just go carry did girl Pu for for thiefy thiefy family

Wetin I know sef
Shey Dem for give you make u take hustling kilam ni hahahahahaha

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Family / Re: HELP: My 3 Year Old Son Can't Do Without Cartoons, Stays Awake Till Morning by mrde(m): 3:45pm On Jan 13
Really don't know the section to post this.

My 3 year old son loves cartoon especially PJ Mask so much to the extend he could watch it from 7pm to 3a.m in the morning shocked

If you take him to the bed room he won't sleep, he cries and if not this cartoon no body watches any other program anymore.

He use to be very very intelligent before now, its seem this PJ Mask has entered his head.

Please help me, how can I stop him or distract him from this??

I have a 3 year old too. You need to enforce rules and stand your ground, he'll adjust
Family / Re: My Fiance Visited My Mother Empty-Handed & Now Our Relationship Is Threatened by mrde(m): 7:55pm On Jan 08
I Need Your Opinion On This Issue That's Threatening My Relationship

My fiance wanted to come to the house to see my mum but I told him I won't be around because I'm about heading out to somewhere, so he asked me if my mum would be around, then I said yes and he said he would still go to see her and it doesn't matter if I'm not around.

When I later got home that night, my mum complained that he came empty handed. He didn't bring anything for her and she was the one who offered him her drink.

Although initially, I didn't see anything wrong with that but when my mum expressed her displeasure, I later called him to ask why he came to the house empty handed then I let him know I wasn't happy with him, that it would have been better if he didn't come. He tried arguing with me but I hung up.

Since then, we haven't spoken to each other nor visited each other. Was I wrong?

We are Africans and I think common courtesy demands we come bearing gifts especially in such visits. It just shows respect.

But he may not be acustomed to this and I guess he got defensive when being confronted. We men don't like our egos hurt��. I think you should call him and make peace because it also is not mandatory for him to bring those gifts as there are merely custom and he may not have had the means to.

I'll advise you call him because it's good enough an effort to go visit in itself


Politics / Re: Shehu Sani: "Leave Kukah In Sokoto; Fight Bandits In Your Shokoto" by mrde(m): 5:10pm On Dec 29, 2020
Nobody is after kuka... We are only calling out his hate and bigotry!

Bishop Kukah resides in Sokoto with his entire Family, none of them have been forced or coerced into Islam, none of them have been attacked or mistreated in Sokoto, yet his hatred towards Muslims North makes him restless.

Even the Hausafulan Christians had rejected and disowned him!

Hausafulani Christians have wisen up...

They no longer fall for religious business men!

They now know their real enemies.

The only people celebrating the animal are the ipobs, PDP and some brainless bigots.

The only thing that matters to Arewas right now is development and peace!!

Days of religious intolerance among Arewa Christians and Muslims is gone.

When Arewa Christians or Muslims get killed in any village in the north.
Same people applauding kuka would come online to celebrate.

The Hausa and Fulani Christians can never unite with the enemies of the north just because of religion.

The north reject kuka!!

Northern Christians had already made it clear that kuka is on his own!!

Let him continue entertaining his ipob and PDP audience.

Hausa Christians and Fulani Christians are not Fools.

They stand by their region and their tribes not religion...
I don't think kukah said anything new. Can you honestly say if these things happened during Jonathan the north will be this tolerant?? I remembered the fuel increment during GEJ, the whole country went Gaga. Mu rika gaya wa kanmu gaskiya mana

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Religion / Re: What Is The Role Of Santa Claus In Christianity And Christmas? by mrde(m): 3:18pm On Dec 20, 2020

Nothing the same way Jesus isn't born on Dec 25,it's a pagan practice that was revisioned.
Christianity is built on lies
What ever makes you sleep well at night bro�

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Celebrities / Re: Sonia Morales: Why I Can’t Date A Broke Man by mrde(m): 3:12pm On Dec 20, 2020

I don't need to watch the video before saying the truth, many as you're are known for one profession.

Name it dating, side chick or diamond digger I don't care all I knew is that you're a professional hoe.

No man in his right sense took your type in for marriage, when all you can provide in the marriage is your body and showing off with his money, stealing some to equip your lazy family while trying to stop him from assist his own family, whoes stand there when your type' then can't even look at him.

Ladies should stop crying when successful men bleep and drop them because there a lady in his heart somewhere, the lady that is with him the day you rejects to date him because his broke.

After he makes money He will just come back to you after rejecting him, to see that worthless irresponsible meat in between your legs that makes you think your better than other responsible ladies that accept him while his broken. After using you as he wish, he pushes you away and go back to her lady for marriage and happy home.

Haven't you hear that behind every successful man there's woman. the questions here is which type of woman? The one that assist him and wish to see him succeed or the one that rejects him and wish he will never get up.

Know it today that in mind of every successful man there's two ladies, the one he vow to bleep at all cost because of the way she matreat him when he has nothing, and the one he vow to marry because she's responsible to him when he has nothing.

Olosho think money but everything for women
Na wao!���
Politics / Re: Burial Of Seyi Makinde's Mother, Abigail Makinde (Photos, Video) by mrde(m): 10:11am On Dec 07, 2020
cry Tears of Joy.. and crocodile tears...

Thread seen..

This is very stupid and insensitive. Learn to know when not to say anything please
Politics / Re: Fayemi: Service Chiefs Want To Retire But Buhari Hasn’t Give Them Directives by mrde(m): 8:45am On Dec 07, 2020
Temidayo Akinsuyi, Lagos


We should try and find out who are the next in line should these guys retire. If you know you know ����
Education / Re: No Resumption Until FG Pays Withheld Salaries – ASUU by mrde(m): 8:30am On Dec 07, 2020

Sorry to say, but this Union has been the cause of many wasted years for undergrads and postgraduate students..

Demonic cool

This same union is the sole reason you still have public universities.

Am sure you are unaware of the fact that ASUU rejected and stopped the plan of the government to increase tuition fees from N45k to N250 and N300k for Arts and Sciences respectively so as to increase staff salaries. Sometimes try to reason before making a judgement.


Education / Re: No Resumption Until FG Pays Withheld Salaries – ASUU by mrde(m): 8:23am On Dec 07, 2020
No work, no pay.
Let there be a precedence.
Sir, ASUU members were working when salaries got stopped.


Education / Re: No Resumption Until FG Pays Withheld Salaries – ASUU by mrde(m): 8:20am On Dec 07, 2020
tomorrow ASUU will come to tell us they're after the betterment of the Nigerian students.

All they're after is the money the never worked for...

The day our docile Nigeria student remember them,that day will be the end of this their yearly money making venture.
I can't believe.......never mind ���

Education / Re: My 3-Year-Old Son Can't Read Or Write Letters, Please Help by mrde(m): 3:08pm On Oct 24, 2020
Good afternoon everyone,

please I need advice from all parents and Educators and parents on Nairanland. today I just realized my 3years old son cant even read Letters A to F talk less of A to Z but can read Figure 1 to 10, I am seriously worried.

I don't stay at home except for weekends as I am working outside my state, but due to the curfew I find my way back home yesterday so I was able to discover this problem in the early hours of today.

I know the mother is trying cos I have seen different live videos where she was teaching him and working on his assignment, most times I pity the boy so much because of the beating from his mum alone makes me sick but I can't really complain since I know is for his own good and I know how stressful it is for a mother with 2 kids to manage her time and all that....

I called his teacher immediately and she told me my son will be going to Nursery class when the present term is over due to his age, sadly she didn't say things I expect to hear from her so I told her I will visit the school once the curfew is over, I need explanation, is private school that bad these days ? my son can't even write 2 and 3

I have bought Video CD, bought many play book materials containing letters and figures displayed boldly, I bought counting and so on when he was 2 years so i expect a better result by now.

pls sir and ma, I need help on how to guide this boy to learn better, what should I do and how should I go about it.

Note: any time I am home, I always go through his books, assignments and read his school rhymes for him.

pls Help

concerned Daddy
My son is 3 years too and it's totally normal. He'll pick up.
Sports / Re: Israel Adesanya Brags In Yoruba To Celebrate His Win Against Paulo Costa by mrde(m): 1:51pm On Sep 27, 2020
You can take this to the bank - Nigeria is blessed; blessed all-round. Blessed in natural and human resources.

This part of Sub-Saharan Africa called Nigeria is highly saturated and ionized with great talents and minds.
Even more, our diversity is what made us more beautiful. Diverse tribes, climate, landscapes and cultures.
The north often seen from a derogatory perspective is blessed too, with beauty, talents and great minds. No tribe is useless in Nigeria, religion blindness and illiteracy is the problem.
Nigeria is a perfect country that unfortunately fell into the wrong hands.

Our diversity isn't the problem, rather, diversity and varieties are the spice of life. The diversity we have free of charge is what America keeps seeking, accepting people from all over the world. Diversity is a blessing and not a curse, for those who have enough sense to understand, but Africans are too shallow dark-minded to know the advantages of some things they're freely blessed with.
Religion fanaticism, illiteracy, discrimination, division, tribalism and bad leaders are the problems of this great country.
It's so sad, a country blessed so much continues to waste away and all what gullible people can do is to allow sentiment and dumb blindness in siding with their wicked leaders.
Just like Martin Luther hoped for freedom and it came, I also wish freedom will come one day.
Finally someone with brain in his/her skull


Romance / Re: Jesse Jagz And Tolu Wedding Pictures by mrde(m): 8:37am On Sep 06, 2020
That is not Jesse Jagz...
It's not. It's you! Mtcheeew

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Romance / Re: Problems With Handsome Guys by mrde(m): 11:03am On Aug 29, 2020
are you even handsome to start with,what is so special about a man being handsome?All a man need is money and discipline.Stop letting it intoxicate you
Have mercy naa lolz
Travel / Re: Oyinbo Danfo Bus Conductor In Lagos (Skit) by mrde(m): 12:22pm On Aug 16, 2020
hey bro,i know you are talking abt me,been a while thou grin
Video proof or I donbilivit
Politics / Re: Magashi Appointed Unqualified Isa Garba As Provost Of NDA Academy by mrde(m): 11:33am On Aug 16, 2020
So sad this kind of situation has been happening in all our tertiary institutions, where a man who didn’t participate in the screening exercises would just emerge as the eventual appointee just because he is an associate of one political office holder.

Don’t be surprised that this professor will complete his tenure and nothing will happen.
before nko? Am surprised that people are even surprised seff
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Physically Assaulted Me Over My Own Money !! Help!! by mrde(m): 7:25am On May 15, 2020
I have been dating a girl for about 18 months now. Very pretty but my brothers, let me tell you... Look before you leap when it comes to pretty girls.

From the minute I met this girl it has been one money request after another. If it was small sums I guess I wouldn't really mind, as I have always worked for blue chip companies and can afford it. The thing is, her requests are always very big!.....20k this, 20K that.....but my brothers, I have to tell you the one that has made me even disappointed in myself.

She lives with her parents and they are the most dysfunctional family I have ever heard of... Everyday one person is fighting the other, and this my girlfriend, as fine as she is, is the most arrogant, prideful, violent & rude person I have ever met. She hounded me everyday that I must get her an apartment of her own, so she can escape her home, and I agreed to but by saving monthly.

Would you believe, one night, when she was working at a bar as an usher for guinness, she gave her number to 2 different men just because of this apartment. My spirit kept telling me that she gave her number out, but she kept lying...only for me to catch her texting one of the men when we were at church of all places.......

She even went as far as going to meet this rich man at a hotel, but the man ran away when she made that request, and I as a fool decided to finally do it for her. (I suspect she cheated on me that night and I always tell it to her face because she has cheated on me twice before)

I live on the Island and tried to get her to rent here as well, as I really want to keep an eye on her..... She has too many guys around her who live in that area and she is this kind of person who cheats out of revenge, even over small things.....this girl refused and threatened to break things off!....bro, as a mumu I sent the money to her to rent the place and for other things, about 400K.....

Ever since that money left my account, it's like my eyes cleared!!! I couldn't believe that instead of saving my hard earned money, I went and sent it to a girl that has cheated on me twice (or even more), lied to me, slapped me and done so many things.....but I just decided to leave everything for God, seeing as she was desperate.

The problem now is that the demands for that apartment is now becoming too much!!! The expenses just to get the place finished are such a burden on my financial and mental state...

The worst happened about two days ago, she wanted me to pay 20k. Infact I just got so tired of bills that I kinda was stalling on it, but what happened next truly shocked me. Would you believe this girl started punching me, slapping me and even tore my shirt cos of 20k. She even threatened to break my office laptop (working from home) until I sent the money, after that she left........

Now she is trying to apologize so that I will pay for bed and gas and the remaining things....my brothers, I know u will say am a fool!...I accept...I am a handsome guy, studied abroad, I just don't know why loneliness made me fall in love with such a sadistic user... My only problem is, do I pay for the bed and just finish what I started or just free the whole thing and the nearly 500K I have already spent...

Please help!
Even though you've said it yourself, I'll still say it again. You are a fool. Keep giving her all she ask for.

I advise you open a joined account so she can draw at will. Dakiki
Politics / Re: Teniola And Teniayo Saraki 20th Birthday: Toyin Celebrates Her Twin Daughters by mrde(m): 9:32am On May 13, 2020
please call a spade a spade.

The twins are not just pretty. Even with all the money spent on them.

Romance / Re: My 30-Year-Old Brother Wants To Marry A 43-Year-Old Woman & I'm Not Endorsing It by mrde(m): 1:06am On May 10, 2020
My 30 year old brother is going to marry a 43 year old woman. The woman is never married before and has no kids but been in 7 different past relationships.

I am not endorsing this, what do you advise?

Health / Re: Anambra Discovers Unused 4 Ventilators In Medical Store by mrde(m): 7:13am On Apr 30, 2020

Kai Mallam, may ne damuwa nka de Mai Girma Peter Okwute Obi ..?
Achikin duk mutanai arewa da yamma babu wande ya kai chi kiriki...

Ya Allah, ka sarka michi da Alheri...
Ka gafarta michi duk zunuban chi...
Ka ba chi nasara a duk abubuwa da ye ke nema a rayuwa nan.. Amin...

Ka yi kokari da hausan ka. Amma barin Maka yan gyara ko dan gaba...
.....duk "mutanen".....
.....a "rayuwan"...
...Ya Allah ka "saka" "masa"....
.....gafarta "masa".....
......a duk "abubuwan"..... etc

Kayi kokari sosai amma. Allah ci gaba da kare mu daga wannan bala'in. Shalom

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