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Travel / Re: Nigerian Girl In Russia Talks About Life In Russia, Racism And What Life Is Like by obstead200(m): 2:43am On May 26
Nigerian student Florence talks about her life as a black girl living in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I stopped watching when I heard she was studying political science.......like WTF!!!!!! How can one travel all the way down there to study something u can easily study very well here in Naija? Total waste of money IMO


Autos / Re: Registered 2013 Hyundai Ix35 For Sale (1.3m) by obstead200(m): 6:33am On May 25
Price is now 1.2m
1m. But the problem is this lockdown. I am in the east and wud like to see it one on one
Education / Re: Seye Oduyale Bags Medical Degree In U.S. After Applying For 8 Schools by obstead200(m): 10:55am On May 22
A Nigerian man who schooled in the United States is currently in a celebratory mood as he recently bagged a medical degree.

The achievement is quite special because he applied a record number of eight times to get into school.

The man identified as Oduyale, appreciated his mom for believing in him and is looking forward to the next great chapter in his life.

Sharing the good news with photos of himself in a graduation gown, he wrote;

truly worthy of celebration abeg.

300,000 dollars no be beans.

Now when I say my pikin go school for abroad, Na this type I want ooo.

No be to go Yankee go study business administration or sociology. Waste of money
Investment / Re: Investors Rush To Nigeria - Bloomberg by obstead200(m): 4:08pm On May 21

But when they aren't attracted, its because government doesn't know what it's doing.

This is what your face is like hearing this news:
oga, what we need to actually grow our economy is FDIs and not FPIs. FDI is designed to remain, to be sustained. It will create jobs and all. FPI is so volatile and so unstable. The investors can pull out any time and cause u serious economic drain.

Am sure ur politics clogged brains won't enable u to understand the difference nor the implications. No be me go teach u. Just go to school
Crime / Re: Ese Oruru: Yunusa Dahiru Sentenced To 26 Years In Jail By Court by obstead200(m): 3:23pm On May 21
Remember Ese Oruru, the 14-year-old girl resident with her parents in Bayelsa, who was abducted, taken to Kano and impregnated by Yinusa Dahiru aka Yellow in 2015.




Yunusa who has been in prison, named his daughter Fatima. He has however be sentenced today.

I tot a prison sentence starts counting from date of remand in prison custody. So it means the dude will be out by 2023
Investment / Re: Investors Rush To Nigeria - Bloomberg by obstead200(m): 2:34pm On May 21
Dem dey come.

Just wait.

useless portfolio investors. The vultures are always ready to move in for the kill
Family / Re: Marriage And Its Challenges; My wife is pushing me to the extremes by obstead200(m): 3:18am On May 21

Fine, apologize to her for raising up your hands on her explaining to her that it wasn't intentional that it was out of provocation and calmly tell her that you can't do more than you're already doing presently, so you advise her to spend her money the way she deem fit, afterall, it's her money.
I don't know why people over react to issues. Except the OP has other issues he is not telling us. If not, the solution is simple. Just apologize for hitting her. Then give her the marching orders: if u can't live within the means I have provided for u, there are 2 choices. Either u provide the rest urself or u get the f*CK outta my house- without Ur daughter ooo. If I catch u cheating just to meet up, u will still get the f*CK outta my house.
Sense will just come to her Naturally. Despite all those stupid friends of hers, she can never be deceived about the need to remain married to a good man and have a stable family life. She won't be foolish enough to be a divorcee over something she can avoid. If she decides to leave and marry another man, then know she was never meant for u initially.


Travel / Re: Nigerians Returning From Bangkok To Pay N297,600 For Hotel, Isolation by obstead200(m): 5:47am On May 16
I deal with fact and not hear say. The same letter was sent to us in Vietnam too and no one cares to listen to them. How can one run from frying pan to fire. Vietnam has 200+ cases of Covid 19 and no death reported and almost all are treated and discharged without paying a kobo to the vietnam hospital. They were all fed by the vietnam government and most milliary baracks were used for Qurantine. Nigeria, which way?
oga stay in Vietnam. It is not by force to return. But if u chose to return, bear your own cost


Travel / Re: Nigerians Returning From Bangkok To Pay N297,600 For Hotel, Isolation by obstead200(m): 5:45am On May 16
Siooooor, something they ought to have introduced in February

Why shud the government pay in the first place? Was it not voluntary? Did they force anyone to return?


Crime / Re: Why I Sold My Baby For N130,000 — Orphan by obstead200(m): 7:37am On May 13

See justification. You mean you can sell your own baby ( 9 months pregnancy stress ) for N130,000?

is it better to let the baby die of hunger and sickness? Let's be realistic at times. Stop all this hypocrisy
Crime / Re: Why I Sold My Baby For N130,000 — Orphan by obstead200(m): 7:35am On May 13

She said could not feed her own mouth talkless of feeding the baby. But she still went ahead to make the baby where CD of N100 could have saved the day. Sister, call a spade a spade , there is no single justification for her actions. She's purely a greedy fellow influenced by making quick money from the sale of the baby.
If she has not been caught, definitely she will make another baby ,so she can continue to make quick cash. Simple
at the bolded, that assumption of yours was far fetched and simply stupid.

Frankly, I think the girl did the right thing, in the circumstances.
She made the mistake of getting pregnant. The deed was already done. She has 2 choices, either to abort it or to keep it. If she keeps it, she can't cater for it. So she made the only fair choice, give it out to someone to cater for it. It is illegal to collect money for doing so. But let's be pragmatic here. That is the best decision in her circumstances
Family / Re: Husband And Wife Fight Over $300 In Front Of Their Young Children by obstead200(m): 6:01am On May 12
A video has captured a couple from Abiriba, Abia state, fighting over $300 in the presence of their little children, including a newborn.

The woman recently had a child via ceserean section and mentioned it as she dared her husband to beat her after he threatened to.

The fight turned physical at some point and the children observed it all, with the toddler crying as her parents fought.

Watch video below


definitely UK, US or Canada.
I notice that most migrant families in these countries have their relationships stressed a lot. The pent up frustration is just too much. I probably has to of with the economic difficulties they face in everyday life, the problem of adjusting to a new way of life and the feeling of being caged in.

May God help them
Health / Re: FCT Confirms 3 More COVID-19 Deaths, Discharges 39 & Records 7 new cases by obstead200(m): 11:44am On May 10
Nigerians must learn to live with this virus, lockdown is not working and it can't work.

Am sorry to say, this covid is not going anytime soon, the better we think of another way outside lockdown, the better for us.

To those of you shouting lockdown. Consider this:

1. We just finish a month lockdown, and with this, so many people have lost their job, many business has fold up etc. Those business that are struggling to come back now, what wil happen to them, if we go back to lockdown.

2. Do u really think the Lockdown can be effective with no palliatives? Thier is no way u can keep people at home without food, most people survive with daily hustle, u can't feed them, yet u tie them.

3. One million boys, awawa boys etc wil come back with full force, then everyone will start keeping vigils, no food, no sleep, when will death we are running away from,won't eventually come?

4. I am sure the number of cases won't decrease with lockdown, this I am sure of, we will lose the economy, and increase number of confirm cases, double loss.

Everybody should protect themselves, wear face mast, use sanitizer/wash your hands, avoided crowded area and take other precautionary measures. Learn to live with the virus.

This shit ain't going anytime soon.
flesh and blood did not reveal this to u.

U had divine revelation
Agriculture / Re: Groundnut Farming At Abeokuta by obstead200(m): 1:42am On May 09
You should learn some manners of approach.
It's ethical

And by the way you sound like a frustrated farmer

Aunty, I know ur antecedents on nairaland so I won't oblige u.

Please note that my statement was not meant to be an insult. If everyone decides to buy and resell agricultural produce, then who will do the farming of what they are to buy?

Do not discourage would be farmers with such comments, even though I must admit that u are partially right. sometimes (unfortunately too) it is true that middlemen make much more than the farmer.
Agriculture / Re: Groundnut Farming At Abeokuta by obstead200(m): 1:36am On May 09

I like your comments.
Are you also a farmer?
yes I am a poultry farmer
Politics / Re: Wike Orders Auction Of Adamawa Trucks, Cattle For Breach Of PHC Lockdown by obstead200(m): 6:36pm On May 08
Hmmmmmmmmm, they may have broken the law no doubt but to auction their trailer and cows, that one na another story, most of these cows belong to VIPs. Them go still settle themselves.
wait oooo!!! Which kind of lockdown will prohibit movement of food items? Is that not plain crazy?

Finally, Wike is a fool, playing to the gallery
Romance / Re: How My Ex Left Me After She Discovered My Salary Was 45k, I Now Earn This by obstead200(m): 5:04pm On May 07
First and foremost most girls don't realize that most men spend more than they earn. All in a bid to enhance affection towards them.

I dated her for two years until that faithful day she found my salary voucher on my bed. Tho I do other side hustlE that enabled me pay her bills.

I've always known that when she discovers the amount I earn in my company, she will be scared of the future between us. I remember the days in shoprite that I was only able to afford bread. Oh my God, I don suffer. Anyway I had plans for us despite my 45k salary of an MSC holder. There is no financial hole I did not help her block. Infact I did what guys who earn more than me couldn't do.

She started misbehaving towards me ever since she saw that pay cheque. What she didn't know was that I did not use my other professional qualification in the company and when she left me.

I decided to forward other qualification to our management. Like play like play my salary rose to 75k after 3months 100k after 6 months 120k, now I am a site manager and I earn 360k. I believe the whole graduates in her family don't earn what I now earn combined. I am not proud or beefing anyone. Am just reminiscing. By the special grace of God I will even go higher...

PS. Now I am spending my money on my mum and family. I thank God for another chance. Bless
Reminds me of my babe that left me the very week I lost my bank Job.
Tried to make a comeback when I landed and FG job few months later. I chop am clean mouth.

She ended up marrying a guy who treats her like shit.
Agriculture / Re: Groundnut Farming At Abeokuta by obstead200(m): 2:47pm On May 05

Agree. Farmers work extremely hard, but the reward is rarely commensurate. If you do well this and next year, all those gains can be wiped out in year 3. Farmers are the least rewarded in the agricultural chain.

The market is very unfair to farmers. Middlemen & women and retailers make all the money.

problem is, without the farmer, the middle men are out of business. Don't discourage farmers.

Smart farmers will gradually learn to bypass the middle men and make more money

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Agriculture / Re: Groundnut Farming At Abeokuta by obstead200(m): 2:44pm On May 05
No,I humbly disagree.
Manufacturers all around the world buy products from farmers all the time,you know what you lack? lipsrsealed
Wanna know?
Ok I'll tell you.
It's simply capacity.
Let's say you have more money and resources,let me start pointing out where you'll get the breathing space you so desire;
1)purchasing power;
Let's say you have enough money to buy 100,000tons at a go,do you think you'll still buy 1ton for 180k? undecided
Hell no,you can have the audacity to tell the farmer that it's either 90k per ton or he go bleeps his mama while you humbly go and import from outside.
It cost you 10-16k/ton to transport because you buy small small.
If you buy good quantity like I stipulated,you'll get to need bigger vessels or truck for haulage which when you fill to the brim and press calculator,you'll find out that it will cost like 3-5k/ton to transport because you now load more product per unit area.
If you have money and capacity,you'll be able to build silos to store grains so that at time of scarcity,you'll have grains you had stored that will last you through the scarcity period.
You'll get to make money from hiking selling price due to scarcity even though you bought raw material at normal price,thereby maximising profit. cheesy
4)output capacity;
Imagine you have bigger machines that can handle more volume and push out more output per unit time,that is the same time and almost the same resources you use now to produce small small quantity will be used to bring out bigger output,that is you now get more jugs or kegs of oil on almost the same resource used to produce those small small ones you use to produce.
That further drives production cost down and gives you more room for profit or for you to be more competitive.
Imagine that...
Imagine you have capacity to buy 100,000 empty jugs at a go.
Will you still patronise iya big nyarsh that sell close to you with the small son at her shop with catarrh on his nose all the time?
Remember she always have small quantity available sef and by so her price will be very high.
You'll now buy from the company direct at a very good price and they'll handle the logistics for you sef to your doorstep. undecided
Also,imagine what will happen to your sales?
It will skyrocket,because you are competitive with good product and can give you the ability to drop price more and still be profitable because your sales is very high,even if you make 200 naira per jug,you multiply by your quantity or output or selling power and you smile.
Ownership of logistics;
Imagine you no longer hire transport but own them?
You know what that means?it now cost you less to haul product from point A to B.
That is still driving production cost down and giving room for profit or competitiveness.
Imagine you get enough capital to buy modern automated machines?
It means you'll higher less labour,spend less per unit time or output,that is you get to save money on labour hire while machine handles all what those expendable humans use to do?
You make more money and remain very competitive.
In fact they are so plenty I can't list all.
There is no such thing as bad business,you just don't have enough money to run it optimally or enough strategy for it to be profitable.
Finish! angry
grin grin
oya now that you are done with all the big grammar, what is the solution?

Since he does not have capacity like u said, can u give him the capacity?

He is talking about how to approach his expansion plans from another perspective (vertical integration) and u are here talking big money that he does not have and which u cannot give.

What sense does it make?

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Agriculture / Re: Groundnut Farming At Abeokuta by obstead200(m): 2:39pm On May 05

Buying and selling of agricultural produce is quite profitable than farming.

Writing as a practising farmer with some years of experience

who will be the fool that will now suffer to farm the ones u are to buy?

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Agriculture / Re: Starting A Poultry Farm (a Blog) by obstead200(m): 2:34pm On May 05
This thread has outlived it's usefulness. I think it should be closed.

I just visited again after over 6 months. All recent post are full of useless adverts. Business plans, poultry training, egg purchase and all other nonsense.

Am out
Health / Re: COVID-19: Hospitals In Kano Rejecting Sick Patients - Boss Mustapha by obstead200(m): 1:52pm On May 05
What about the Chinese Doctors they imported from China. where are they.?.
Boss Mustapha should send them to Kano state now. Haba.!!
if u think those Chinese were imported to treat you and me, then u need to think again. The doctors are reserved to treat Buhari and his cabal in case they catch the virus
Career / Re: Dangote Group Converts Lockdown Break To Staffers' Annual Leave (Photo) by obstead200(m): 6:55pm On May 01
inhumanity. does the lock down feel like a break or imprisonment?

those asking me questions, I guess you guys spend your work breaks collapsed in your chairs all through. if this feels like a break to you, then I can only SMH at your lifestyle grin grin grin

some others make plans, you know, like travel. ever heard of that?
Na because u get money to travel Na.
Ever heard of millions of Nigerians who work so hard but can't afford a trip to Thier village?

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Properties / Re: Owerri Collapsed Building: Before And After Photos by obstead200(m): 5:01pm On May 01

I doubt both reasons

1. The structural engineer would have checked for that during design .

2. 15-20 Mpa Sumire than sufficient which is 1:5:7 by pan weight which this site engineer would know very well.

My suspicion would be

1. Poor rebar craftsmanship but I doubt ; a seasoned engineer will know to check rebar works over considerably before casting

2. Most likely soil settlement; hence causing redistribution of forces
I am not an engineer. But I suspect the soil too. It could not bear the weight of the blocks being added to the already completed skeleton
Properties / Re: Owerri Collapsed Building: Before And After Photos by obstead200(m): 5:00pm On May 01
If I'm not mistaken, that structure is more than fifteen years old. It was abandoned for a long time.
u are mistaken.
It was started about 4 years ago
Health / Re: Kano Deaths: ‘41% Showed COVID-19 Symptom’ — New Survey Sheds Light by obstead200(m): 4:18pm On Apr 30
Does the state at least have a record of how many people have actually died within the month in that state? How many deaths are in question here? And why not exume the bodies( assuming no cremations) and autopsy them to confirm?

The year is 2020 but in Nigeria, still sounds like, it is still the mid 1900s.
I think it is against Islamic teachings. Same reason why they opted for verbal autopsy, because they can't wait for a proper autopsy before burial
Politics / Re: John Nnanyerem Aguiyi Is Dead: General Aguiyi Ironsi's Son Dies by obstead200(m): 11:06am On Apr 29
As expected of every Igbo, who told you Buhari was ever involved in any coup ? Did you not read from your history book Babagida Danjuma orchestrated the coup n only handed power to him as the most senior officer just like you described for the bastard that truncated Nigeria democracy but out of bigotry you'd rather believe that of Aguiyi Ironsi but not that of Buhari.

I hail you bigots.
A shameless on at that.

Oga, even military records, prepared by the northerners, submit that JTU Aguiyi Ironsi was not part of the coup. I however admit that he survived the coup for same reason ZIK and Nwafor Orizu survived (because he was Igbo).
But the actual planning and execution of the coup had nothing to do with him.
I will also point out that his actions after the coup and his handling of the arrested coup plotters was what made him look complicit.

Go do Ur research before disgracing urself online
Phones / Re: Iphone SE 2020 ($399): Should Anyone Buy This? by obstead200(m): 12:17pm On Apr 19
although it's cheap for an iPhone but won't buy cos of the screen size, will find it difficult typing with the keys.
gbam. The screen size is a big turn off
Politics / Re: Did Melinda Gates Claim To See Dead Bodies All Over Africa? (Fact Check) by obstead200(m): 7:26am On Apr 14

Nigeria is cursed with dumb populace. It explains why we are in poverty in the midst of plenty. Nigerians are the only people that will curse you if you give an honest advice, but is negative. If you advice a Nigerian to take a certain action to prevent failure, poverty or death, he will curse you and your father, and end it with God forbid and "I reject it in God's name", but when tragedy happens, he looks for someone else to blame.

If a woman advice his husband to write a while, take a life insurance policy or prepare for any eventuality, they would brand her a witch that is planning to kill her husband.

If you tell your your friend who is living large today to save for tomorrow, because the source of money might dwindle or stop tomorrow, he will hate you and say you wish him evil.

This is the terrible nature of the Nigerian, the inability to think and plan tomorrow.

A woman, who had done tremendous work in Africa. A woman who along with her husband is responsible for eliminating polio from Africa, and a woman has shown concern for Africa is giving advice to Africa, based on what she saw in Ecuador.
Instead of us to disagree with her politely, we are supporting a known drug addict and a serial womaniser, who had never done any charitable thing in his life to demonise her.

She has a point. The fatality rate in Nigeria so far is about 3%. Out of about 300 people confirmed infested with the virus, 10 are dead. Imagine the number of death if up to a million people are infected. That would be 300,000 thousand.

Even the the Trump administration is using a projected figure of between 100,000 to 200,000 deaths as a best case scenario. West case scenario is between 1 million to 1.2 million deaths.
at the bolded, Ur mathematics is wrong. If we have a million infections, we will expect 30,000 deaths, not 300,000

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Politics / Re: Did Melinda Gates Claim To See Dead Bodies All Over Africa? (Fact Check) by obstead200(m): 7:22am On Apr 14
Nigerians can be ignorant sha, people speaking from a religious perspective,what she said is factual based on the quality of our healthcare,and the level of development and corruption,your problem is not Melinda gate but your corrupt govt.Nigerians after almost 60years of slavery and oppression still do not know the source of their problem
God bless u for this common sense. And FFK was part of the government that brought us into this mess. I hate his hypocrisy. I can strangle him and folks like OBJ with my bare hands
Politics / Re: Did Melinda Gates Claim To See Dead Bodies All Over Africa? (Fact Check) by obstead200(m): 7:21am On Apr 14
Am not a Femi Fani Kayode fan,but going through your thread on what Mrs Melinda Gates said, there is no differences between what she said in reference to o Ecuador and African and what FFK said.
When she said I see in Africa, what I saw in Ecuador, what was that supposed to be? What did she see in Ecuador, was it not death?
FFK quoted her out of context, to get the desired effect.

Look at the 2 statement. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

Damn!!! I hate FFK

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