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Politics / Re: The Phrase " Mesu Jamba" In Reality by OkunrinMeta: 7:47pm On Jul 07, 2021
I know many of us may not really know about this phrase, but some of my Yoruba brothers and friends know about it or the full meaning.
This phrase "mesu Jamba" is coined in the Yoruba pallance to refer to Unreliable, untrusted, independeble , unsure or a mischief person. In that case is not out place to call an untrusted person or people by these phrase, mesu Jamba.
For example most Yorubas fought tooth and neck to make sure Goodluck Jonathan did not return as president, they called him different names, reprinted and reposted pictures and news of Boko Haram activities just to get Good luck out. Today they want the SS to see them as partners. Well time will tell and Karma will judge.
My fellow yourths is better to be a known as a bad person than to be a mesu Jamba. While deceive people when you don't want to help them. May God help us all. Amen

Bsstard paid propagandist. The Yoruba also voted for Jonathan in 2011 before they voted him out in 2015. We are a dynamic people and we stand by what we believe. Sometimes it means voting for a Northerner(2015), at other times it means voting for a southerner (2011). No bigotry here


Romance / Re: She Wants To Get Pregnant For Me And Am Not Even Working Yet Pls Advice.... by OkunrinMeta: 4:43pm On Apr 09, 2021

God forbid and I forbid it too.

Are you sure she's not already pregnant the pregnant and looking for a father for the baby. You think that kind girl has sense to see down the road the stress of what she is suggesting. You better break up with her if you don't want to see crazy. Just tell her you need to focus on yourself and break up. Some girls get bad luck. Maybe na why you never see job self

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Health / Re: Is This Pregnancy For Me? by OkunrinMeta: 11:41am On Feb 25, 2021
This guy na learner. 6 days belle. You be mumu, she knows you're mumu. I know you're mumu, even you yourself know you're mumulizing. Stop it and deny something. Lol.

Olobe, you don't know you're suppose to deny any and all pregnancy that's not from your wife abi? grin grin grin

Just kidding
Celebrities / Re: Ned Nwoko: I Married Regina Daniels In 3 Weeks. She Knows I'll Marry Again by OkunrinMeta: 1:18pm On Dec 02, 2020
This man does not know that 4*4=16. Not 24
Politics / Re: Lekki Shootings: CCTV Reveals Soldiers Arrived In Seven Trucks by OkunrinMeta: 4:17pm On Nov 21, 2020
Nobody is disputing the presence of military that day, 7 trucks or 15 trucks?

The shooting at the protesters, the acclaimed massacre is what we are disputing.

How many people were shot at? How many were wounded?

If the soldiers shot at protesters? Do you know how many casualties that will be recorded if that's the case.

You’re either a mad person or DSS to say this
Politics / Re: Ibrahim Sharada Called Out For Sharing ₦200 To Children In Kano by OkunrinMeta: 3:11pm On Nov 20, 2020
That's the balance payment.
Their parents had collected advance payment during the elections.

Have you not heard of underage voters? Those are the people who voted him in and will vote him in again. Lazy politics, that’s there idea of good governance. No need to increase school capacity, just give them money. Smh

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Politics / Re: Ahmed Taiwo At Lekki Panel: 'I Wish I Brought A Rifle To Try It On You' - Jokes by OkunrinMeta: 2:35pm On Nov 15, 2020
DJ Switch should be arrested and thoroughly investigated. I believe she is working with the opposition or the albino coward to destabilise this country.

The gullible ones will say families of killed Protesters are afraid to speak up. Laughable! E be like say Una never lose a loved one before..and I don't pray you experience it in ya lives. A woman that loses a child isnt scared of anything else in this world..and I can tell you with all I have that she would speak up in this circumstance!

The truth, DJ Switch and all those behind the just concluded drama called endSARS must be thoroughly investigated and those found culpable should be ruthlessly dealt with

We know you’re a DSS disinformation agent. But there will be Kama for all of you
Career / Re: I Earn Over 300K Monthly... But I Don't Love My Job by OkunrinMeta: 6:41pm On Jul 28, 2020
it's stressful, exhausting...not what I really love/want to be doing

My boss dosent like me...I can perceive my colleague see me as incompetent hence I don't have their respect

But then it pay this bills...that's the only motivation for me

I feel it shouldn't be that way...it should be more than money

I want to resign...

Just thinking out loud

I was in your shoes a year ago. I was earning over 300k and I didn’t love my job. A particular event made a difficult job so much worse and my boss didn’t like me either. So I understand how you feel.

What did I do, I resigned. But not before I carefully analysed the risk. I completed my professional exams first then I resigned without any other job lined up. My former employer usually require 3 months notice and I got another job that paid better before that 3 months period expired.

My new job pays more than twice what I used to earn. But am I happy? No, I’m still not happy. So think about that, the real reason you’re not happy may not be your job.

So my advise is to strategise carefully. For you to earn that much, you are a smart person. You can analyse and strategise better than the average Nairalander. The right decision might be to leave immediately or to wait to get some things in place first like I waited to get my professional exams completed.

You are smarter that most people who will come advising here. Most of them can’t imagine that life is more than money because many of them are still poor and desperate. I am not trying to insult anybody but when you haven’t made enough money to feed yourself for the foreseeable future, you seem to think money is the only thing that matters. Those people can take any manner of insult from their boss until they meet that basic need. I used to be like that.

But most importantly, don’t be a martyr. Don’t let them set you up. Your boss is probably looking for the perfect way to get rid of you permanently. Plan your exit carefully. Success is the best revenge. Cheers


Health / Re: 58 Nigerian Doctors Stopped At Lagos Airport, Were Promised Millions By UK Firm by OkunrinMeta: 3:17pm On Jul 12, 2020

hahahahahahahaha you be bad guy you know no say God bless poor people with pikin pass the rich the poor fuckkk anyhow cos they are always around their wife who sit down at home tying wrapper round their waist all day long, the guy na twitter begger!

Yes oo. I dey para. Like the thing dey vex me when people dey use pikin beg. Na me no Sabi Bleep abi? Lol. I dey here dey wrap my gbola with condom everytime and my mate wey dey Bleep anyhow dey born like factory go wan com beg the money wey I save by planning my life. Rubbish people.

Me I pay your child's school fees so when you're no longer worried about that, you can go impregnate your wife again.
Health / Re: 58 Nigerian Doctors Stopped At Lagos Airport, Were Promised Millions By UK Firm by OkunrinMeta: 4:16am On Jul 12, 2020


Consider my plight please. May you be blessed and your sources replenished as you share your little with me in these challenging times. I really need any help you can offer me and my family especially for my kids. It will go a long way in providing for us. Thanks.

Unfortunately, this is coming from a private school teacher turned beggar. God understands better. Thank you again as you help.

5 8 6 30 09 402 - Ecobank
Thomas O.

This may sound harsh but..

Why do poor people have children?

I understand having 1 child. But why would you have more than one and be coming online to beg for sustenance? We no Sabi have children abi? Abi na only you like to Bleep?

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Family / Re: I Was Chosen As King: Should I Damn The Consequence Or Forget About It Entirely? by OkunrinMeta: 12:52am On Jul 01, 2020
Hundreds of men in your lineage, your ancestors, are watching you waiting to see whether you, like millions of men in your generation, would disgrace them by throwing away your culture and traditions in service of a western culture that dictates to you how a marriage must be.
Family / Re: How Can I Get My Baby Back? Pls Help Me Guys by OkunrinMeta: 12:18am On Jul 01, 2020
, let's your family go to her family to beg

Beg for what?
Politics / Re: 2023: If Tinubu Does Not Get Control Of APC, That Will Mark The End Of The Party by OkunrinMeta: 5:50pm On Jun 24, 2020

If you think North has any plans of supporting any one from south west ...then you must be politically dumb

People like roachas , onu , kalu stands far better chance than tinubu

If he tries rubbish Lagos would be taken from him , fulanis are not obj and Jonathan that have limits when they fight you ...they go all out and make sure u never recover

Give example
Crime / Re: Woman Kills Her Ex-Lover’s Baby In Umuahia After She Had Abortions For Him by OkunrinMeta: 10:00am On May 29, 2020

She won't feel it now that she's got her revenge

Only people who haven't been to prison talk like that. Lol
Car Talk / Re: "The Car Is Worth 100m, The Cloth Is 15k A Yard", Young Northerner Brags by OkunrinMeta: 11:47pm On May 27, 2020
Chai!! If only the clueless GEJ had work on ways to restructure this country, free oil money would have stop flowing to northern Nigeria.

As for me, GEJ should have made restructuring Nigeria a do or die affair.

Learn from history
Family / Re: Why Do Men Lose Interest In Their Wives After Few Years In Marriage? by OkunrinMeta: 9:44pm On May 23, 2020
The only and main reason why marriages dont last is notin but childishness; lack of self decipline and ignorance.

Marriage is a union of two MATTURED adults. Every other little reason you think causes faild marriages; like cheating, money, sex all fall under not being matured enough.


O shey Metuselah. El Mature

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Family / Re: My Fellow Married Women And Mothers, How Do You Deal With A Husband Like Mine? by OkunrinMeta: 4:54am On May 12, 2020
Why did she have 4 children without savings?
Career / Re: I Feel Cheated By This Company. Please Advise by OkunrinMeta: 12:11am On May 06, 2020
I don't really get this sacking of a thing. Why don't they suspend the staff? When things return to normal, the reabsorb them. Or are they saying they will start afresh to recruit and train staff when things get back to normal?

If you don't sack the staff, you're probably still legally liable to pay salaries. And trying to get them to sign an updated contract is stressful and may backfire.
Family / Re: Time To Divorce My Wife? by OkunrinMeta: 10:05pm On May 05, 2020

Love yourself.

Stop complaining. Move out.

You love your wife and children so you treat them well. But now you need to love yourself and treat yourself well. You want those you love to be happy and healthy right? So love yourself. You're already 42, life expectancy in Nigeria is less than 60. Don't die unhappy.

Separation is not divorce and it is not a sin.

Rent a mini flat somewhere and live single for a bit. So you can pay attention to your health, have some peace and think about what you really want for your life.

Women almost always outlive men and if you go on like this, you'll either die even quicker or develop a health condition that might keep you bedriden which would make her treat you worse when you're helpless.

If any family asks, say you're taking some time off away from the stress to pay attention to your health.

Don't move back in unless you really want to AND unless she reaches out to you with sincerity. Also and most importantly don't move back in until you've attended some counselling or therapy together and you see her show some genuine commitment to improve. And if she doesn't commit to improving, then you'll be more at peace with what you have to do.
Health / Re: No N160,000 Demand From Nigerians In UK For COVID-19 Test - FG by OkunrinMeta: 1:58pm On Apr 14, 2020
What they are really saying is that the returnees must spend money but it is for medical test which the Nigerian Government does not want to pay for the returnees.

Obviously some official would have directed them to a friendly clinic where they may get rebates on the test fees.
Politics / Re: 5G: Dino Melaye Says They Are Threatening Him by OkunrinMeta: 9:26pm On Apr 05, 2020
Am I the only one who thinks this 5G sh!t may induce WW3 if not maneuvered properly

Nothing can cause world war 3
Music/Radio / Re: Mafa Mafa: Davido & His Crew Release Legwork Dance Steps For His New Song by OkunrinMeta: 9:36am On Mar 24, 2020
Nonsense and Jakujaku

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Crime / Re: Woman Kills Her Ex-Lover’s Baby In Umuahia After She Had Abortions For Him by OkunrinMeta: 5:57pm On Mar 18, 2020

She won't feel it now that she's got her revenge

Have you been to prison before?
Crime / Re: Woman Kills Her Ex-Lover’s Baby In Umuahia After She Had Abortions For Him by OkunrinMeta: 11:57am On Mar 18, 2020

Can you marry a woman like that? So many abortions with the possibility that she can't give birth again, can you marry her? What low self-esteem guy did that bastard live her for? While he enjoys his family? The man who marries her will be going from church to mosque hoping for even a single child.

If abortion is illegal in the country, then she should be prosecuited for agreeing to do it, together with her ex.

But she'll probably get a higher sentence than the man unless youre saying he drugged or kidnap her.

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Crime / Re: Woman Kills Her Ex-Lover’s Baby In Umuahia After She Had Abortions For Him by OkunrinMeta: 11:53am On Mar 18, 2020

I could do worse if I was a woman

There should be a strong punishment under the law for people like you who say it's ok to kill, no matter the circumstances.


Crime / Re: Woman Kills Her Ex-Lover’s Baby In Umuahia After She Had Abortions For Him by OkunrinMeta: 11:49am On Mar 18, 2020
The man should been killed not the baby

You should be prosecuited for saying soneone should be killed.

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Crime / Re: Woman Kills Her Ex-Lover’s Baby In Umuahia After She Had Abortions For Him by OkunrinMeta: 11:48am On Mar 18, 2020

Understand that she wanted him to feel same pain she felt while killing her children or doing abortion.

Plus the man will feel the pain more if it happens to someone he loves.

So the man is solely responsible for tge decision to abort?


Crime / Re: Woman Kills Her Ex-Lover’s Baby In Umuahia After She Had Abortions For Him by OkunrinMeta: 11:46am On Mar 18, 2020

Bro even I a man understand her pain, no one, not even a bad woman deserves to be used and dumped like that, after all that abortion can the guy allow even his own brother marry her? She deserved her own pound of flesh.

Sometimes the only way to make people understand the pain they make you go through is to attack the one they love

Peope like you is why they want to make laws against hate speech


Crime / Re: Woman Kills Her Ex-Lover’s Baby In Umuahia After She Had Abortions For Him by OkunrinMeta: 11:40am On Mar 18, 2020
Fear men.

The man made her commit several abortions but he wants his own with another woman to stay alive?

What a twisted and evil world we live in.

Na dem be this
Politics / Re: Anti-amotekun Protest Rocks Ekiti by OkunrinMeta: 7:14pm On Mar 17, 2020

I thought yorubas are the most united tribe west of sahara.

Well Amotekun is dead and buried

Meanwhile If Amotekun should bee really formed then sharia laws and courts should be established in all yorubaland to accommodate the yoruba Muslims counterpart.

Tribalist Oloriburuku.

The same strategy that was used to divide Awolowo and Akintola, Abiola and Awolowo, Abiola and Falae, Falae and Obasanjo, Obasanjo and Tinubu, and other great historical leaders of Yoruba land is what idiots like you are still trying to use again.

You are calling some of us Yoruba Muslim and others Yoruba Christians as if we are racist, tribalist is, religious fanatics like you and your fathers. No we are not and any stupid propaganda you pull up will fail. There is only one Yoruba race and it cannot be pruned, it will only get bigger and bigger, because we are the most accommodating tribe in this fucking country. We defend our own and we don’t cause trouble so it’s easy for others to want to join us and they will! In fact, the Yoruba race is bigger than the southwest. Once we’ve succeeded with amotekun, some other states would join so we can build a solid regional system that functions based purely on merit. This is the biggest fear of our detractors. But it will happen because we will use diplomacy and brains to get it, legally, and not through bullets, bombs or war. That’s the spirit of the Yoruba man, we get our progress without violence or crime.

Yoruba nation has tens of millions on indigenes. Buying a few thousand of disenting views does not change popular opinion on amotekun. And we won’t organise counter protests because that’s exactly what the idiots sponsoring this want. We won’t legitimise their bought protests by responding to it. We know you want to be able to say there are major disagreements or fights amongst us so you can use that pretense to cancel amotekun just like Abiola’s election was cancelled. The plan is painfully obvious.

My post is more for me those who have NOT been blinded by tribalism and hate. So I wouldn’t expect you to understand or respond with your brain. Therefor I will not reply to you any further.
Romance / Re: If Sex Before Marriage Is Sine, What Is Sex After Marriage? by OkunrinMeta: 12:16am On Mar 16, 2020
guys what do you think?

just checked twitter and saw it trending, so op brought it here!!!

happy Sunday!!

If sex before marriage is “sine” then sex after marriage is “cosine”

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