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Travel / Re: Which State Has The Worst Capital In Nigeria? by rman: 7:00am On Sep 16
If the state capital is not in close proximity to Lagos or Abuja and there are no local flights going there daily, then it may not be as developed as you assume.

Any state capital local airlines find worthy of flying into daily gives you and indication the level of development and Comercial activities there.
Career / Re: My 9 Months Experience As A Non-Tech Remote Worker In Nigeria by rman: 2:21pm On Aug 08
A breath of fresh air!

Kudos to the OP.
Phones / Re: NCC Issues Licenses To MTN, Mafab Comms, As 5G Services Roll Out In August by rman: 8:36pm On May 04
All the people claiming this is misplace priorities, are you people normal?

The more options in the market, the better for you. Why are some Nigerians actively trying to hold this country back?

5G is even long overdue sef.

Everyone now thinks criticizing everything about Nigeria makes them woke. It’s like a fad now
Phones / Re: Nigerians To Pay More As GSM Operators Plan 40% Tariff Hike by rman: 8:27am On May 04
Increase will see a sharp decline of activities on their respective network

SMS is no more relevant today. I wonder why they want to increase the fee.

-Bank Alerts
-Messages from your products or service providers you patronize on your birthday or to inform you of modifications etc
-Bulk notifications etc

Are still very much relevant


Politics / Re: Angry Vipers Threaten Obi Cubana Over Abba Kyari (Photos) by rman: 9:00am On Nov 12, 2021
Criminal minded individuals coming together to form groups, all in the name of liberation.

God bless you!
Politics / Re: October 31 Deadline Is Not Feasible As 140 Million Nigerians Yet To Get NIN by rman: 8:38am On Oct 02, 2021
Reading the comments, there seems to be a lot of grumbling and anger over the government's decision....to have a national database.

The funny thing is that if we didn't have a database, these same people would be still grumbling and complaining that Nigeria is not among the advanced nations of the world....

And the funny thing is that back in the day a lot of people were backing the NIN thing because it would somehow show 'the true population of the country.

There is nothing wrong with having a NIN. People should go out and get a NIN if we don't have one. The government should extend the deadline and provide more opportunities for people to register...and maybe make it possible to register kids at birth....

Saying this does not mean I support or like Buhari. But we have had this NIN issue on our head for over 40 years....and several failures. Time we made sure this current effort...ongoing since 2013, works.

At last someone that gets it.

Complaining and lamenting now seems to be the new cool.

NIN is very important if we get it right.

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Celebrities / Re: Fashion Designer, Tom Ford Loses His Husband, Richard Buckley To Death At 72 by rman: 8:04pm On Sep 21, 2021

By your logic, being straight isn't natural either, because straight men deliberately target little girls too.

Being straight and gay should never be up for debate. They are not the same because there is a reason for differentiation of the male and female anatomy.

Since we are the woke generation where everything can be questioned, then I agree with you.

If a male child molestation by a male and female child molestation by a male are exactly the same , then no issue.

I think the people in USA are right to say no one should impose a sex on a baby anymore until they are old enough to decide.

How am I sure I am male sef ?

I am agreeing with you .. you are right , I am wrong . Bye

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Celebrities / Re: Fashion Designer, Tom Ford Loses His Husband, Richard Buckley To Death At 72 by rman: 7:48pm On Sep 21, 2021
you don't have the stats because you are a lying homophobic idiot, most pedophile are heterosexual like R Kelly who abuse boys because of the power he gives them.

You see, some of think you are intelligent but you are not.

Did I call you names in any of my post ?

If you have an iota of sense in holding intelligent discuss, you will not results to insults

I do not believe anyone is naturally born gay, if you have a superior argument, your responsibility is to state your superior argument not result to name calling.

I am 100% sure if this were to be a real life convo, I will not be talking to an unrefined fellow like you..

You won’t even have the opportunity… but we are online so anything goes ..

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Celebrities / Re: Fashion Designer, Tom Ford Loses His Husband, Richard Buckley To Death At 72 by rman: 4:39pm On Sep 21, 2021

You may not have stats to back something up - yet you just made the claim anyway. How many gay people have you met and how many of them who you have met "target young boys"?

if you are not gay, there is no need to engage you further.

I will only respond to gay people going forward.
Celebrities / Re: Fashion Designer, Tom Ford Loses His Husband, Richard Buckley To Death At 72 by rman: 4:38pm On Sep 21, 2021

I see.

Please, read the question in bold once more and decide for yourself if the logic is really error proof. You're saying that some gay people targeting underage boys implies that being gay ain't natural? Do you know how many straight men abuse underage girls in a day? Let's use NL as a sample; do you have any idea how many front page threads are about men abusing kids every now and then? How many of them are gay? Does that also imply that being straight is not natural? No, it doesn't. We simply sat they're sick. We don't tie it to their sexuality cause we are also straight.

The point here is that the premise of your logic does not support your conclusion. It's easy for us to call out a whole group just because of the actions of a few when we aren't members who the said group.

* When some does something in Kenya, people say "Kenyans and awkward news!" but we cry out when the western world stereotype Nigerians as criminals.

* When an a woman does something silly, we say "fear women!" or call her ashawo when she's dressed in a certain way, but we cry out when SARS officers profile us by our dressing cause not all guys on dreads are criminals.

* When an Hausa man misbehaves, we call out Northerners, but when Igbos are in the news cause of the crimes of Obi Invictus, they cry out.

* We demonise gay people cause there are some pedophiles amongst them, but will quickly forget about sexuality when the culprit is straight.

This herd mentality fuels discrimination cause it makes us not to be empathetic enough to put ourselves on other people's shoes.

You missed my point. Molestation of either young boys or girls is bad. If being gay is natural, why can't gay people wait until the boys are grown up. Why target them at a young age?


Celebrities / Re: Fashion Designer, Tom Ford Loses His Husband, Richard Buckley To Death At 72 by rman: 4:36pm On Sep 21, 2021

So straight men don't molest little girls??

Can you listen to yourself?

I am not talking about molestation of little girls but trying to punch hole into the claim of being gay as being natural.

And please next time, if you cannot respond without subtle insults, you are free to ignore the post.
Celebrities / Re: Fashion Designer, Tom Ford Loses His Husband, Richard Buckley To Death At 72 by rman: 2:33pm On Sep 21, 2021

You got it wrong from the first line, sir. These men didn't just decide thier orientation cause they have the right to, except you're telling me you were the one that chose to be straight at some point. Even in Nigeria where people don't have the "right" to decide thier orientation, we still have gay people. Regardless of how Africans or Asians try to suppress it, gay people will always be born everywhere. And they also wonder how you'd see a cute muscular guy and leave that for a woman.

My issue with being is gay is they deliberately target young boys, who are still at an age they can be manipulated.

If gay is natural, why are some of them targeting young boys? Because some of these boys will now be messed up for later life.

I may not have stats to back it up but there is an issue of molestation, at a very early age, not noticed by the parents of most gay people.


Politics / Re: Internally Generated Revenue Compared To Federal Allocation Of States 2020 by rman: 4:06pm On Sep 08, 2021
The worse thing that has happened to Nigeria is that all the different tribes have not realized that they have all failed.

God bless you!

This has always been my perspective. Everyone failed. Those pointing fingers are failures as well.
Celebrities / Re: Divorce: Paul Okoye’s Wife, Anita, Demands N7.8m Monthly Support by rman: 5:38pm On Aug 21, 2021
At the end, it is all about money. And the reasons some people or others provide to make them entitled to money or a part of a wealth not built by them.

So every time, Anita, her lawyers wake up until this is settled, they are basically scheming to get their hands Paul’s on money.

It is as simple as that.
Celebrities / Re: Top 10 Popular People From Kwara State by rman: 2:40pm On Aug 08, 2021
What about the Belgore’s ?


Sports / Re: Tokyo2020 Male Basketball: Nigeria Loses To Germany 92 - 99 by rman: 3:37am On Jul 28, 2021
Game over …

Our lack of a natural point guard hurt the team.

Our game management is not too notch.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Basketball Thread - 2022 FIBA Women’s World Cup! by rman: 12:28am On Jul 13, 2021


These 3 haven't impressed me for now.

I suspect Oni will make it while Gabe Vincent will be dropped . Okoye and Moneke can’t make this team. But they will be at the nations cup that comes up almost immediately after the Olympics
Crime / Re: Chidinma Ojukwu: 'Ataga Usifo Was Not In A Happy Marriage' (Video) by rman: 5:32pm On Jul 12, 2021
In some ways you are right.

But her offence is clear, she was caught in the act. She can't deny the fact that she killed the man.

These interviews are to help her, cause now she's claiming she did that to defend herself from been killed by her Sugar Zaddy.

She's claiming self defence, and ignorance of the situation of not going to the police to report the crime.

She's also been remorseful of the act. These interviews might have been arranged by her lawyers to seek public support.

Even the judge might have to reduce her sentence with these interviews.

She has changed her story in the interview granted. She met the man dead in the room after coming from running some errands. She panicked and took some of his valuables including his ATM card and left because she was afraid..STORY HAS CHNAGED
Travel / Re: 424,460 Passengers Traveled Via Rail In Q1 2021 – NBS by rman: 9:18pm On Jun 24, 2021
I wonder why the decrease.

Corona Lockdowns from Q2 2020

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Crime / Re: Michael Usifo Ataga Is Dead, Super TV CEO Murdered by rman: 6:02pm On Jun 19, 2021
Why blame the man for the greed of a runs girl ?

A very smart runs girl will use the opportunity to be his close friend and will surely reap more benefit from such a relationship than looking for quick short term gains.

I noticed majority responded because they believe the world is an ideal place. No it is not. We seek the ideal marriage but majority of marriages that last have some of these flaws.

It is sad the man lost his life. Majority of men of do a little of this kind of coded runs
Politics / Re: Photos From Scene Of Ahmed Gulak's Assassination (Graphic) by rman: 1:52pm On May 30, 2021
Who stands to benefit from his assassination?

If you can’t answer this question but already called it a political assassination, then you are not different from the Nigerian police you constantly criticize.
Politics / Re: Toyin & Bukola Saraki Celebrate Ola & Ayo, Twin Daughters' 21st Birthday (Pix) by rman: 8:14pm On May 12, 2021
See are them look young.Some old mama Nollywood actresses will be claiming 20years.

cheesy cheesy cheesy
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Leave My Bank Job For A Chinese Owned Multinational Telecoms Company? by rman: 4:39pm On Apr 14, 2021
A lot of people are responding based on false experience.

The only Chinese Multinational companies that are popular in Nigeria are Huawei and ZTE.

If those two are employing you as their direct permanent staff, TAKE IT!!

A lot of people with bad experience are not direct employees of these companies and they know it. If your are a permanent staff of Huawei, it is a very good company to work with.



Business / Re: USSD: Banks Deny Owing MTN Nigeria, Other Telcos by rman: 2:25pm On Apr 10, 2021
Who is lying then

The banks for sure

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Phones / Re: MTN Wants To Drive Nigerian Smes Out Of Airtime, Data Business SPONSORED POST by rman: 7:42pm On Apr 02, 2021
Bias report

It is basically putting the power of purchasing recharges in the hands of customers.

When u use the different channels available, there is no need to patronize the outlets who collect commission for selling recharge cards for commission.

This is not MTNs issue but the future.

Before you blame MTN
How many of you still go to cafe to browse or use typists anymore?

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Celebrities / Re: Kunle Afolayan Remembers His Late Father, Adeyemi Josiah Akano (Throwback Video) by rman: 5:19pm On Mar 24, 2021

This is the guy 'yemi my lover' was trying to be like and ended up with all those rubbish he delivered.
His attires to his acting was totally goofy, just check out adelove's swag, see even the fine girl he arranged, yemi go go dey carry some wall gecko follow act
Adelove is fondly remembered

cheesy cheesy cheesy@ Your comments on Yemi my lover
Politics / Re: DISCOs Now Selling FG’s Free Meters, Consumers Allege by rman: 3:44pm On Mar 21, 2021

Referral please. Especially if Eko Electric. I have a pending application since last year

Politics / Re: DISCOs Now Selling FG’s Free Meters, Consumers Allege by rman: 7:23am On Mar 21, 2021
So what else is new? I doubt if there are people who received this metres free of charge.

I received mine free of charge three weeks ago
Phones / Re: MTN Nigeria Ends 2020 With 76.5M Subscribers; Data Revenue Rises To ₦332.37B by rman: 2:59pm On Mar 01, 2021
Can I get that of 5 million? I would also love to buy their shares..

I don’t sell shares. Talk to an investor or stockbroker.

Open an account and tell them specifically you want mtn shares. When there is an opportunity, they will notify you
Phones / Re: MTN Nigeria Ends 2020 With 76.5M Subscribers; Data Revenue Rises To ₦332.37B by rman: 12:44pm On Mar 01, 2021
MTN Nigeria has been on the Nigerian stock exchange for more than a year.

You can invest in MTN Nigeria if you are impressed by their financial results. This you can do by buying their shares.

It is no longer a South African but Nigerian company. Whose new CEO is also a Nigerian.

Do not just be lamenting. Their results are out again, what are you going to do to key into their success story.

FYI, I bought a couple of shares and have not regrets yet
Crime / Re: "This Is Right Inside My Compound" - Plateau Man Cries Out by rman: 7:32am On Feb 24, 2021
Close the small gate. Problem solved.
Phones / Re: Do You Own A Blackberry Passport? Tell Us Why You Love It! by rman: 6:14pm On Feb 06, 2021

Lol how time flies. Back then when you made this comment, Samsung Galaxy s4 was your definition of high end device.

Technology evolved rapidly in mobile devices space.

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