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Romance / Re: A Case For Men Who Don’t Want To Date Single Mothers by samsy5460(m): 10:35am On Sep 10, 2021
Yet, if you tell both male and female to stop fornicating, they will come for you.

Many are having premarital sex and children are one of the consequences of premarital sex.

You people frown at people doing abortions but won't marry a single mum or won't abstain from sex.

If your partner gets pregnant for you, na una go first say make she abort am, yet, some of you won't marry a woman who has done abortion before.

Una no see say this premarital sex thing no worth am las las?


Women, from the response my comment is getting, it's safe to say you're on the receiving end.

These guys won't marry you with a child, they won't marry you if they know you've had an abortion or abortions, they won't marry you if post pills mess with your fertility.

Is it not best to close your legs till you get married?

The posts about dating or marrying single mothers should be a deterrent, cause them plenty for Romance section. They will quote Okafor's law for you as a reason to not marry a single mother.

Ladies, close leg o.
Whoa! Never thought I'll one day get to read a post like this, so true, I want to bookmark � it all over again...
I don't want to care whether you are near perfect or not..but man you did a great job with this. 'if you can't take it, don't give it'. Lots and lots of Hippocrates talking badadashes.
Politics / Re: APC's MamaTee Posts A Road In Pakistan Crediting It To El-Rufai In Kaduna by samsy5460(m): 6:47pm On Aug 14, 2021
Someone aught to publish her phone number here na, make we hail am.
Education / Re: UNN Best Graduating Students To Share N1.5k, N1k Cash Prizes - Pictures by samsy5460(m): 2:09pm On Jun 16, 2021
It must be an error.
Such action is a demonic act.

Ofcourse not. Did you notice anything about the names? Quota comes to mind here. Don't you think �?
Religion / Re: Should I Be Worried About This Black Cat? by samsy5460(m): 10:22am On Dec 06, 2020
Yes ooo.... Everything black is very evil. Please don't forget the birds too. The lizard, chickens, goats. grin shocked. And, oh! Don't forget your black kids too. By the way are you black? Hop out the window too. The best effect can be achieved at a very reasonable height say, the 5ft floor of
a high rise. You'll be highly rewarded as hero who helped erradicate blackness.
Please there's this black cat that use to disturb, crying at the fence close to my window at night.

It stopped disturbing for some months, but is back now.

what should I do?

the cat is big fa.

if I go out to chase it, it will run away but later return

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Religion / Re: Must A Rich Man Give All He Has If He Wants To Follow Christ? by samsy5460(m): 9:43am On Sep 20, 2020
[quote author=jesusjnr2020 post=94029617]Yes he must if he just doesn't want to be saved to enter into the kingdom of God in heaven, but also that which is on Earth.

It doesn't necessarily mean a rich man literally forsaking all his riches, but to forsake it mentally.

To illustrate, Abraham didn't need to literally sacrifice Isaac to God, but he would have done it had God not stopped him to show that he'd already sacrificed him mentally, so doing it literally would just be a mere formality. Hence God rewarded him for obeying His voice despite the fact that he didn't literally sacrifice his son as God had instructed him to do.

Right there is your all in all answer.
When you become born again, you automatically seize to be a worshipper of your material wealth. Which most certainly can hinder your growth with the things of the Spirit. Simply put, when you confess Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life it includes all that you are and owned.
Romance / Re: Do I Tell My American Patient He's Being Scammed By A Nigerian Romance Scammer? by samsy5460(m): 8:09am On Aug 14, 2020
embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassedRight now my brother, I don't even know if you are a bro or a sis, cos I don't really care, cos I'm very angry. I don't care what other people's comments have led you to decide, but pls you have to at least help that guy out, Now. You've got to convince him with these facts you've got. This has nothing to do with who's perping this evil right now, it's about you being who you are.
This Nation's reputation can't and will never be fixed by others but we the citizens of our nation, Nigeria. Start with you bro. Thanks.
Politics / Re: FFK: If The Allegation That MURIC Is Funded By ISWAP Is True, FG Should Do This by samsy5460(m): 1:20pm On Aug 11, 2020
Read my lips; dss sss, nnpc, dpc, apc, pdp, the law breakers turned law makers, cbn the media the army the useless police et al, and oh! The presidency, they're all in on it.
[quote author=Officialgarripost=92697219]

It will make a good report if the Muric man is invited by DSS
Crime / Re: Kaduna Killings: Fulani Militia Suspects Arrested (Photos) by samsy5460(m): 2:22pm On Aug 10, 2020
Scapegoating if anyone ask me. I don't believe any of this shit.

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Family / Re: Disclaimer: Elohor Okudu Clarifies Herself On The N580k Bride Price Story by samsy5460(m): 3:24pm On Jun 16, 2020
Just claim your prize jare. You are not fooling anyone here.
Next time look before you leap.
Health / Something's Obviously Fishy About All These... by samsy5460(m): 8:16am On Apr 01, 2020

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Dr. Raoult Calls On Africans Not To Take Bill Gates’ Covid – 19 Vaccine

Dr. Didier Rault and Bill Gates

According to Dr. Didier Raoult, the best treatment for the coronavirus or Covid-19 remains chloroquine and already the medicine is being administered in France, which has been a good remedy to cure coronavirus which has shaken the whole world.

However, there are some people who find it clever to want to put chloroquine aside because of personal interests and gain. It appears that one such person is Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.

Dr. Didier Raoult calls on Africans not to take Bill Gates’ Covid-19 vaccine. On his Facebook page, Didier Raoul declares: I call on Africans not to take the vaccine that will soon be on sale against the coronavirus.

This vaccine contains poison and the Westerners want to destroy Africa on the pretext that it is the coronavirus which destroyed Africa.

Dr. Raoult wants to know why they do not start their vaccine in Italy, Spain, and France, where there are many cases?

Why do they want to start in Africa where there are fewer cases? I call on African leaders to be careful, the only vaccine and antidote to fight the coronavirus is chloroquine.

To find out that Bill Gates’ vaccine has no drawbacks, let them start from Europe the countries affected by the coronavirus because Africans no longer want to be guinea pigs for Westerners.

The responsibility of African heads of state is eagerly awaited if it turns out that Bill Gates wants to test and market his vaccine starting with Africa.

This is not the first time scientists and doctors have criticized the clandestine activities of Bill Gates when it comes to administering vaccines in third world countries.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Bill Gates said last year that there is going to be a pandemic that will kill over 30 million people.

This is enough for any intelligent person to acknowledge the fact that the coronavirus or Covid 19 is a biological weapon.

on March 31, 2020
Education / Re: 7 Coronavirus Grammar Lessons You Should Know by samsy5460(m): 4:34pm On Mar 31, 2020
The only thing that's funny here is our rubber stamp Senate president that said a woman killed her husband to death.

The result of quota system obviously. They ain't seen nothing yet.
Dem go hear hwin!
Health / Re: Lagos Discharges Five More Coronavirus Patients by samsy5460(m): 4:19pm On Mar 30, 2020

All I can say is "Thank you dear Lord Jesus for perfecting their healings. And of course those numerous medical officials, you know yourselves and the whole world also know you now. God bless you. You are so so magnanimous. We appreciate.
Romance / Re: Jennifer Oseh: Security Man Falls In Love With Working Class Lady, She Reacts by samsy5460(m): 8:51am On Nov 28, 2019
The Security Man No Get Eye
Thought they said love was blind? Just saying.
Politics / Anyone Know This Guy??? by samsy5460(m): 11:49am On Nov 08, 2019
My Dear Brother Pastor Yemi, l greet you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, my saviour. By the Grace of God, l am 56 years, a widower and a responsible father. A member of the great denomination, RCCG for more than 24yrs. Up till last year, l was probably the oldest usher in my region, Glory be to God Almighty. Currently l am in charge of my Parish CSR Committee. l deliberately rejected to be ordained as a Deacon or Pastor because I have reservations for some of believes of the great mission.

Brother Yemi, l was opportuned to collect your offering more than five times either at the Camp or Apapa family of RCCG during special programmes.

When you were the Attorney General & Commissioner of Justice, l opened the case of your principal's undeclared assets from the United States. l wrote the then sitting President, five letters and all the ruling party governors why the LION must be brought to justice. Please, google Olufemi Aduwo and B.T). At last, the President summoned courage and directed the AG & Minister of Justice to arraign only the lion who does not reside in the jungle. The CCT, office of AG & Minister of Justice bungled the case, before the lion was put inside cage. l was contacted for settlement by three people and l told them, it was not targeted at personal enrichment.

My Dear Brother in Christ, many Christians believe probably you are the only Christian in government who is a saint. l told them you are not. Brother Yemi between 1988- 92 you served as a Specia Adviser to the Attorney General , Prince Ajibola during IBB regime, a good number of people opined that you drafted all the draconian decrees then.

For 8 years, you served another game master as AG & Commissioner for Justice. You assisted BAT in preparing the laws which allow him to be paid after leaving office until he will enter grave. Such humongous amount, probably more than what the sitting governors receive.
Behold other former governors join in what l call OFFICIAL STEALING. Recently under Buhari government, some courageous Judges have declared such payment not only illegal but direct stealing. Till this morning, your boss collects the payment.

Brother Yemi, Christ the hope of glory, the author and finisher of our faith should be our mentor in whatever we do as Christians either in market place or public space.

ln the year 2010, l lost my wife due to the carelessness of doctors and in less than two months, l got an invitation from DSS H/Q annex, Ruwane road lkoyi, to report. l did not know why l was invited but as an activist, l did not know if l had offended any Nigeria kingmakers. When l got there, a three man panel put questions across to me for six hours, some l answered and some l told them, such acts belong to the past.

l was asked to report back the second days with my certificates which l did. l was put inside a dark room and they took my pictures, front, back and both sides. It was after all these, they told me the purpose of the 24hrs assignment. I wept, to them, the DSS operatives, it was tear of joy. l told them why l would not accept such appointment, my children were then 2, 4 & 7 years. How to care for them was my utmost concern. l pleaded with them to put in there report that l was not interested.

Less than a month later, l told Governors Segun Oni, Imoke and Chief (Uncle Ebino) about the appointment, which they were happy about but l did not tell them what l told the DSS, they contacted the Chief of Staff to the President, individually to find out when l would resume, they could not believe what they were told, that l rejected the appointment. They asked me why and l told them my reasons, they tried to convince me to picking up the appointment but l stood my ground and above all, l am not even a member of PDP, in fact till date, l do not belong to any political party. All the money in my bank account as at when I was rejecting a federal appointment was less than N100,000.

Brother Yemi, God has been so good to you, on a platter of gold through the power of lion who resides in human house you became a Vice President. Brother Yemi nothing separate you from other politicians of either APC or PDP. Many believe by virtue of your acedemic achievement and being a pastor, you would be an exceptionally leader, very sad, you failed.

Judas was an apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, he performed wonders and miracles, but he was a thief. Sir, regardless of your aides' defence, we know that you are not needed anymore as a Vice President by the same power that brought you in. I will advice you as a brother to please resign and ask for restitution from God for any shortcomings and move on.

As Christians, we are called to be the “salt” and “light” of the world (Matt 5:13-15), and this certainly includes our workplace. Politics often lead to undesirable consequences such as workplace injustice, hostilities, discriminations, hurts and stress, etc. As salt has healing properties, we have the responsibility to bring healing to our workplace, to help undo the wounds caused by the politics in our organizations. We are also called to help transform the culture of our workplace for the better where possible. In the Old Testament, God placed servants like Nehemiah at the right place, at the right time to fulfill His purpose. In our modern times, God continues to place some of us in positions to be able to transform our workplace for the better. Sometimes this may be achieved by shedding light on dark politics in the office. But in a situation where it is becoming impossible to make meaningful changes, then, it is honourable to bow out.

Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 4:8,
" Dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise"

Brother Yemi, l wish you all the best and l look forward to see you at December 2019 RCCG Holy Congress.

Yours in Christ, Brother Olufemi Aduwo ,Permanent Representative of CCDI to United Nations
Nairaland / General / To Those Who Have A Very Bias Mindset About Men Of God...the Godly Truth... by samsy5460(m): 12:12pm On Nov 07, 2019

*Not All Pastors Are Fake!*
*Not All Pastors Depend On Tithes & Offerings To Survive!*
*Not All Pastors Place Price Tags On Counselling!*
*Not All Men Of GOD Are Into Ministry For Money!*
*Not All Men Of God Take Advantage Of Gullible People!*
*Not All Men Of God Stage Miracles!*
*Not All Men Of GOD Sexually Molest Women!*
*Not All Men Of GOD Are Proud!*
*Not All Prophets Seek Powers From The Devil!*
*Not All Shepherds Lack The Fear Of GOD!*
*Not All Apostles Are Repackaged Herbalists!*
*Not All Pastors Are Denominational Marketers!*
*Not All Pastors Seek Fame By All Means!*

*_GOD called those HE called. Those He called are aware He called them. Those HE did not call are equally aware GOD did not call them_ !!!*

*Stop criticizing All Pastors & Prophets by calling them all manners of derogatory names!*

*There are FAKE Pastors no doubt, just as there are FAKE Engineers, Quack Doctors, Quack Nurses, Quack Lecturers, Teachers, Mechanics, Bankers Lawyers and so on...even fake witchdoctors*

*And There Are FAKE Church Members Too o!*

*Whatever is AUTHENTIC will always have it's COUNTERFEIT! YES... Even Spiritual Assignments Are Not Exempted!*

If you have been a victim of one of those misrepresenting Spiritual Offices, all I can say to you is *SORRY* . *GOD* will fight for you!
But please don't spread your anger, animosity or personal perception about Pastors around.

*Don't let the INNOCENT ONES pay for the sins of your OFFENDERS!*

Pick your *BIBLE,* read, study and depend on the *HOLY SPIRIT* for direction.

Ask *GOD* for answers to your *PRAYERS* if you feel you can't *TRUST* any *Man of GOD* anymore, instead of recruiting people to your school of acrimony due to your experience.

*In your field of endeavor, there are FAKE practitioners too. How would you feel if you are numbered among the PLASTIC ones*

*If you don't want to go to Church, don't!*
*If you don't want to tithe, don't!*
*If you don't want to seek counsel, don't!*
*If you don't believe in MIRACLES, fine* one thing is certain, if you don't work with or for God you will surely work with or for Satan.. Heaven is REAL and Hell is REAL. NO ONE CAN MISS THE TWO.
Politics / Re: Error By Hon. Ibrahim Umar In Yobe State by samsy5460(m): 10:24am On Nov 05, 2019
I mean why all these fuss about all these glips? We all know these people's backwardness, et al, (not just the politicians) about 97%, from head to feet, of them is alarmingly repulsive. Yucky!
They are robed and crowned in medieval mentality hence they are against anything that beautifies living. YUCKY!

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Politics / Re: Police Station Flooded After Rainfall: Nigerians React by samsy5460(m): 12:07pm On Oct 17, 2019
with the pics the news is old.
old or not, doesn't seem to be any diff between then and now. Is there?
But ehh...make una sofly yab dem sha!
Kai! Even the flags self don tire. grin angry

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Crime / Re: One Chance Operators & Their Cars Set On Fire In Abuja (Photos, Video) by samsy5460(m): 2:00pm On Sep 30, 2019
Nigerians and jungle justice aka JJ.
What happens to been tried in a law court for crying out loud?
Which 'law court' ? Those toothless bulldogs?
Not saying JJ is a better way out tho.
Politics / Re: Ike Ekweremadu Eats Local Yam In Enugu (Photos) by samsy5460(m): 1:42pm On Sep 30, 2019
Abeg, we're I fit get international Yam buy? grin
Family / Re: ”My Husband Wants To Use Me For Money Ritual" - Policewoman Alleges by samsy5460(m): 9:55am On Sep 27, 2019
[i][/i]Stupid yeye man...for crumpled dirty 50 naira notes.
Religion / Re: Football: "Game Of Antichrist" By A.F Funmilayo by samsy5460(m): 3:19pm On Sep 24, 2019
Wetin we no go hear for this naija. Even 'boko (books-getting education) is haram'. Who do us this one? Chei!
Religion / Re: Speaking In Tongues: 5 Things You Should Know by samsy5460(m): 11:14am On Sep 22, 2019
Peter proclaimed in Acts 2:39 that the gift of tongues is for everyone who is called by God: "The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call." Paul wrote in 1 Cor. 13:8-9 that when that which is perfect comes, tongues will cease. That is a reference to the Second Coming of Christ. The Bible teaches that no one is perfect except Jesus. When Christ returns, we will not need to speak in tongues to communicate with God because we will be with Him. But until then, the gift of tongues is available to any believer who desires it.

Thank you so much my dear brother...for this well researched insight. You have done so well. May our heavenly Father reward you bountifully.
Nairaland / General / Sometimes You Just Know It's Time by samsy5460(m): 10:43am On Sep 18, 2019
grin grin cool tongue shocked

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Travel / Re: Guy Insults Canada, Girl Defends With Posts That Got Over 1M Likes And Retweets by samsy5460(m): 9:06am On Sep 18, 2019
Na wa where we naija fit put head

Try shithole grin
Crime / Re: Man Who Beats His Mother Everyday Meets His Waterloo As Neighbors Descend On Him by samsy5460(m): 10:54pm On Sep 14, 2019
grin grin grin grin wow...check out this kind slap wey dey spark fire. I bet his luck tripped out of town the day this happened. Imagine the look on his face, like "una no go ask me how things take scalate reach this level...dieris god o" grin grin grin grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Guy Beats Up His Stepdad For Beating Up His Mother And Sister (pics) by samsy5460(m): 12:53pm On Sep 14, 2019

Properties / Exciting Offers For Fantastic Properties In Benin City Proper...gra, City Center by samsy5460(m): 12:43pm On Sep 11, 2019
1) A seven bedroom duplex, study, sitting rooms spacious store rooms, furnished with modern equipments including a 100+kva silent power gen-set. twin 2rooms bqs also attached. Located less than a km from Benin airport.

2) A six bedrooms duplex, furnished with modern equipments, including a 100+ kva genset. Located in GRA Benin city.

3) A block of four 3 bedroom flats on a 50ft /100ft plot. Premises tiled, marbled. Not furnished. Located at the city center of Benin.

For enquiries: call 08022960319, 07037831279.

Travel / Re: Xenophobic Attacks : Air Peace Offers To Evacuate Stranded Nigerians In SA by samsy5460(m): 11:45pm On Sep 04, 2019
:oNah...that's made for the first class citizens (cows)
why not Nigerian air? why Air peace sad
Travel / Re: Xenophobic Attacks : Air Peace Offers To Evacuate Stranded Nigerians In SA by samsy5460(m): 11:41pm On Sep 04, 2019
Its not as if the home front's safer. Very kind gesture tho....thanks.
Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye Speaks On Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa by samsy5460(m): 11:39pm On Sep 04, 2019
Thank you sire
Politics / Re: Oby Ezekwesili Reacts As Nigerians Attack Her For Attending World Economic Forum by samsy5460(m): 11:37pm On Sep 04, 2019
At least someone is doing something. I commend her effort.


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