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Family / Re: How To Live With a contentious woman by Smile4mee01: 6:33pm On Mar 27, 2016
Never be with a contentious woman. If u somehow find yourself with one, exit the relationship.

Shikena. U should enjoy life not endure it.
Agriculture / Is GIT INSURANCE Necessary For Supply Of Agro Supplies ? by Smile4mee01: 10:53pm On Mar 20, 2016
I got my first LPO to supply maize to a feedmill in lagos. It's my first ever business aND am trying to manage all the risk inherent in this transaction

I am moving 30 tonnes of maize from katsina to lagos. I wld be glad to hav an idea of the cost of transportation too.

Thank you.
Agriculture / Re: Trucks(10,15,30 Tons Available) Warehouse In Kaduna & Lagos by Smile4mee01: 4:31pm On Mar 19, 2016
I am considering moving 30 tonnes of farm produce fromkatsina to lagos? How much wld that cost

Any idea?
Romance / At 31, Not In A Serious Relationship: Should I Be Worried? by Smile4mee01: 7:46am On Oct 31, 2015
I am a little depressed now. i came here to seek counsel. i am 31 yr old male, works in a bank. have my own apartment and car, Quite comfortable. i am not and never have been in a very serious relationship. the few ones i tried never just works out. most times the ladies dont measure up, the few ones that did measure up were so much in a hurry to marry (maybe because they were older than i was sha)

my friends too wonder, they say with my status ladies should be all over me. they say i dont take them serious. i am not gay and wil never be.

i agree my job leaves me little room to go out because i work almost every day. in fact in a whole month i have just 2 free weekends. 2 days out of which i still go to work.

is there something i can do to be in a healthy relationship. i desire to have a balance.

Thanks in anticipation

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Celebrities / Re: Beautiful AIT Presenter Kome Osalor – Definite Eye Candy by Smile4mee01: 3:21pm On Oct 29, 2015
HmnN.... Na only me notice am. Face light, laps go down dark. Or do I need Glasses?
Agriculture / How Viable Is Local Supply Of Agro/food Stuff In Nigeria? by Smile4mee01: 10:36pm On Oct 19, 2015
Hello Peeps,

I have intrests in supply of food stuffs from the north to the south west Nigeria. I hear non perishables like maize is a good way to start though capital intensive.

What supply of food stuffs from the north to lagos/Ibadan would you recommend and how viable is it?

Looking forward to your input.

Car Talk / What 1st Car Would You Recommend? by Smile4mee01: 10:30pm On Sep 28, 2015
Hi Nairalanders... I am saving up to buy my 1st car january next year. i am looking @ something around 1.3m.

Which amongst a Toyota big for nothing and a toyota corrola LE would do?

Would like to know you think and why?
Car Talk / Re: Is Toyota Yaris A Good First Car? by Smile4mee01: 6:41pm On Mar 22, 2015

Mechanical or electrical abuse by a known culprit.......(Kazeem).

You must be new on cartalk.

Broda, I admit. I am a learner @ 30 yrs Young. I can't even drive sef #covers face#

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Car Talk / Re: Is Toyota Yaris A Good First Car? by Smile4mee01: 7:14am On Mar 22, 2015
Actually, the Yaris is an ideal car for a first timer; easy to drive, easy to maintain and frugal on gas (if it's not kazeem-enhanced).

But then, there is the stereotype; Yarises ( or yarisi) are for women; or so everyone says.

Please what does kazeem-enhanced mean?

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Car Talk / Is Toyota Yaris A Good First Car? by Smile4mee01: 10:19pm On Mar 21, 2015
Hi Nairaland,

I am seeking advice from experienced people.

I have been saving to by my first car just b4 my 30th birthday. I hear toyota cars are generally ok, but would you recommend a Yaris , maybe a 2007 - 2009 model.

Toyota corolla and camry just seem to common hence my preference for Yaris.

Looking forward to your advice.
Nairaland / General / 2014:who Is Your Man/woman Of The Year? by Smile4mee01: 9:42am On Dec 27, 2014
With a Few days to the End of 2014. Who has been your Man and Woman of the Year.

Woman Of the Year > Mrs Patience Jonath Herself a.k.a Mama Peace. This women often makes headliners. She can"t helping it cause it's in her DNA. Lol. I might just vote GEJ, just to see her more often.

Man of the Year > Patrick Obhiagbon. This guy continuosly, intentionally and purposelly seek not to demysify english.
He is simply a dululabe, and extranged jalutension . No be small thing.

Who is yours?
Food / Re: Is There A Spiritual Punishment For Wasting Cooked Food? by Smile4mee01: 8:47pm On Dec 23, 2014
Here is my view about this.

Does food actually get wasted? I don't think so. Have u ever wondered what animals, rodents, depend one. Are they not also created by God.

My idea is don't waste food intentionally, don't make it a habit to waste food. But when there is left over food dispose it. The animals wld thank you for it.

Agriculture / Recommended Agro- Export Consultant? by Smile4mee01: 12:23am On Dec 06, 2014
Hello Nairalanders,

I have huge interest in the export of agro allied commodities abroad. For years now i have been finding it hard to get a suitable mentor and export consultant who can put me through the business. i have attended many seminars, all the do it talk and tell you to buy thier books and CD. it appears most of them dont do the business, they just teach it and sell thier materials.

Is there any Agro -export consultant you can recommend?

Thanks in anticipation.


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Agriculture / Agro-export Contract Sourcing by Smile4mee01: 12:11am On Dec 06, 2014
Hello People,

Our Company is sourcing for export contracts of charcoal, sesame seeds or palm kernel to USA or europe.

Payment Option : irrevocable LC.

Any individual of company in lagos you know that can help with sourcing export contracts would be good.

We look forward to a response.

Thank you.
Business / Re: What Sort Of Business Can I Run With 400k? by Smile4mee01: 9:37pm On Aug 19, 2014
MztrChukwu: Bros! Go arrange keke napemake u for dey collect daily deliver.

Bros tell me more about this keke napep business. i hear it's viable. like how much do they deliver , what's the ROI like?

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Investment / Kabu-kabu Business: How Viable Is It? by Smile4mee01: 12:08am On Aug 09, 2014
I currently work and have been considering diversifying investments. I have about 300k - 400k and i have been considering investing in kabu kabu business for hire purchase. like i buy a car for 400k and sell it for 700k or 800k to be paid instrumentally weekly. with the growing population in lagos i blelive strongly it is worth considering. i know the most challenging part is having a reliable driver to agree to the deal, but what else are the pros and cons. and can a decent car for transportaion be gotten in cotonou ?

Investment / Re: Setting Up My Business In Nigeria - My Story (questions Welcomed) by Smile4mee01: 11:33pm On Jun 29, 2014
Thanx for sharing your story.

I am also in corporate nigeria but my heart has always being in export business. I have attended seminars and bought e-books. I am curious to know how best to begin export of agro-allied commodities, hw much is needed and how viable is the business?

Thanks in anticipation.

God bless Nigeria.
Family / Does Being Married Hinder Some Dreams? by Smile4mee01: 11:55pm On Jun 28, 2014
Does being married hinder some dreams? It's funny how one talks about what he or she would like to achieve but once they get married they seem to struggle or even abadone it totally.

Hav a few friends who have given up on education, business , travels and other stuff now that they are married. Could this also be y some brothers aint married yet?


Family / Study Abroad, Business Or Working? by Smile4mee01: 11:01pm On Jun 28, 2014
Hi Nairalanders.

Good to have nairaland back.
I am a 30yr old banker, unmarried and not in any serious relationship. i have had a lot bugging my mind for a while now and i thought an advice from here would do. i am thinking should i pursue studying in canada, not like i have all the money, i am virtually on my own. i would have to save for about a yr to have enuf to go and study in canada. or should i continue with the unhappiness i feel at work as a banker and just keep smiling but deep down not very happy. or do i take being an entrepreneur more seriously. i already have my company registered and i am just saving up funds to start. a few people look at me and tell me i cant do business, probably because i look gentle and all but i have grown to believe i can do anyhting, absolutely anything with God on my side. somethings pushes me to prove them wrong, sometimes i just want to run away from family issues and experince life elsewhere.

As we all know nothing is guranteed in life. just thinking deep on what path to take knowing well that my decision would change the entire course of my life.

looking forward to your advice. thank you.

Business / Ex-bankers: How Is Life Outside Banking? by Smile4mee01: 9:43pm On Nov 03, 2013
I am currently a banker and have worked as a banker for about 4 yrs. I often dream of life outside banking, to be sincere i don’t love what i do, but that is what pays my bills. I recently moved to one of the top banks in Nigeria, but over here it is still the same sh*t. Even worse here is that I work 24/7, trust me, every day of the week. And it is beginning to hurt. I have no time for the things i love, i go to church sparingly, i am not growing, my life just seem to be all about work. It’s not funny anymore. I don taya.

Some collegues seem to have reached their comfort zone, I desire to be a business man/Investor, but this job is not even giving me time to try other things.
So to my ex-bankers, How is life outside banking? Did you wish you left earlier, or do u have regrets for leaving? There should be more to life than Banking.


Family / Disconnecting From Friends Because You Are Now Married by Smile4mee01: 8:38pm On Nov 02, 2013
It’s funny how things change for many people (especially females) after marriage. I have made many good friends so far, and a few have got me wondering if it was worth it. I ask, Is it really worth it being a friend to someone who after he/she gets married, they are throwing you inside the recycle bin.
It’s worse with women who give this attitude of. You call them up just to check up on them and just before u say anything they are like Sorry let’s speak later, i need to see my hubby or kids. I have been hurt a couple of times especially for friends i have helped and they have helped me too. However, i have come to the realization that some friends are for a reason , season, and a lifetime.
Now, as a rule of thumb. I always leave before i am left. Once i see a friend is engaged, i begin to disconnect, not like i want to , but once bitten twice shy.
I just don’t think because i am married, i would throw my good past away, the friends, experiences, family has made me the man i am. I even think keeping some of your good friends make your marriage experience richer.
To my former friends. I wish you an amazing life but Should your marriage face challenges like every marriage does, Please don’t come looking for me where you left me to encourage or advice you. I have moved on and I am doing fine without you in my life. But if we are truly related we would meet again.

#just saying#


Family / Re: Why Women Should Be Financially Independent. by Smile4mee01: 8:00pm On Oct 16, 2013
I totally support Women being financially independent. Ever since my dad passed on, i have been saddled with the responsibility of doing everything for my family, had my mum been financially independent, Life would have been somewhat easier... it hurts me sometimes to have worked for abt 4 yrs and i have nothing to show for my self.

Please if u are a woman reading this... If u are married please live life as though your husband is no more. if u are single, turst me it does add to your credentials of being marriageable. haven experienced it myself, i would not make the mistake my dad made. As a rule of thumb i dont even date gurls that are not working or business savvy


Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Fun N Hot Bbm Group;drop Ur Pins Here To Become A Member by Smile4mee01: 6:37pm On Aug 08, 2013
Add moi 265CCEE2
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 4 by Smile4mee01: 9:07pm On Jul 02, 2013
Abeg make una help me info...I need info abt a few things.I need details abt applying for a family visa to canada from nigeria. I wld appreciate details abt the cost and duration. Additional info wld be appreciated. Thanks.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 4 by Smile4mee01: 6:25am On Jul 02, 2013
Amazing thread...

Pls I need info abt a few things.I need details abt applying for a family visa to canada from nigeria. I wld appreciate details abt the cost and duration. Additional info wld be appreciated. Thanks.
Family / Are Parties(aso-ebi) Being Abused? by Smile4mee01: 9:46pm On May 04, 2013
I wonder why alot of people prefer to spend the money they often don’t have on parties that last only a few hours. In my family, i have been termed the black sheep, because i do not subscribe to a few things they often do.
It upsets me to see poor extended family member who are barely getting by with life spend on aso-ebi and the things to buy as gift. I do not consider these the primary reason why parties should be held. I believe the aso-ebi thing has been abused. I hear it’s a smart way of raising money for a party, and food. Do the maths, u would see u have just taken time to entertain your self, with a new cloth, travel and food eaten.
It is important to note that the money spent on these parties are sometimes enough to prosper them in a venture.
Away from that , another thing that upsets me is the parties end up stressing the celebrant and family , as they are often involved in the cooking, carring of chairs , arrainging the venue, packing up and all that which i feel is not worth it. Why hold a party u don’t get to enjoy? I don’t see why i should spend time,, money and energy into a party just to entertain others. I believe this is why we have partyplanners, to help with all the tiny details and organization.
For these reasons and more. When my time comes to marry or have a cause to celebrate. Itis going to be strictly low key. I have set a goal for myself to be the 1st member of the family who would have a party without aso-ebi, and also have a party planner.

Family would say i am weird, but if i am too scared to be different then i would make no difference.
What’s your take? Are parties not being abused?
Family / Re: Why Is It So Hard To Do Right And So Easy To Do Wrong? by Smile4mee01: 10:04pm On Apr 20, 2013
Thank u very Much. Your post has been helpful. i need to work on me, my mind and faith.Bless u.
Family / Re: Why Is It So Hard To Do Right And So Easy To Do Wrong? by Smile4mee01: 10:01pm On Apr 20, 2013
greatgod2012: You are the only one who can answer for yourself, but i think these points can help you to discover the reason/s.

-bad company, remember, bad company corrupts good manners, check out the type of friends you keep.

-worldiliness, remember worldiliness is an enmity against God. If you are worldy, it wont be easy to be godly.

-direction of your thinking habit, remember, as a man think, so, is he.

-preferences, remember it is whatever you prefer to do is what you will eventually do, inasmuch as that is your preference.

Thank u very Much. Your post has been helpful. i need to work on me, my mind and faith.Bless u.

-spiritual forces, remember, we do not wage war against blood and flesh, but against heavenly principalities and powers, they might be responsible, how ready are you to wage war against them?

-double mindedness, remember, you cant serve two masters, its either you serve God or you serve the devil, and the one you serve is the one that will direct your life and living.

-wisdom, are you able to discern between good and evil, if yes, do you choose to do good or not?

-desire, remember, we desire from within, and it is what we desire we consciousl and unconsciously do, how desirious of God and good are you?

-the church you attend, remember, the church you attend have a long way to go, if holiness and righteousness are constantly preached in yur church, it will enable you to constantly evaluate yourself, you might need to change your church.

No one is perfect, but we can subject ourselves to checks and balances, (examine yourselves, whether you are still in faith, says the word of God)it will help in being better than being worse.
May God help us all.

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