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Family / Re: Surrogate mother needed for N10 Million. by Sotland: 10:14pm On Jun 11
10M is too small for one to take the risk of being a surrogate mother. Imagine carrying the pregnancy for 9months and then release the child to an unknown person with the clause of not coming in contact with the child.
Abeg reason it well. Is 10m enough. It becomes worst when the child grows and becomes a notable figure. Imagine the torture

Yours is just to incumbat the egg placed in you. The child won't even look like you. The child will resemble either of the parents... So there is no torture there.. No be your egg dem go use
Travel / Re: Train Carries 40-Foot Containers From Lagos To Kano (Video & Photos) by Sotland: 8:46am On Jun 11
I wonder how they differentiate the container that are supposedly going to east or south. If I intend to move my container to Benin, I will go clear it in Kano and then transport it back to benin, right?

I'm just floating in this and don't understand if this modality is to create double expenses for the shippers..
Properties / Re: Between Landlord And Tenant Who Should Repair A Faulty Pumping Machine? by Sotland: 7:39pm On May 21
Do they even knw what that means

Instead na to de beg to drop the price down

Nd still expect the landlord to kill himself

Naso one call me say her toilet Don block 2 years living in the house and u de call me for blocked toilet say maka come repair am

The way I use vex tel her make she park at expiration ehn

Imagine the audacity.. So you will come fix minor repair for her.. When she packed in, was the toilet blocked? She will soon call you to come fix her door lock..

Wow! Many of these people are so pathetic..

As long as she didn't pay for any service charge. My bro you can even arrest and sue her for damages..

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Properties / Re: Between Landlord And Tenant Who Should Repair A Faulty Pumping Machine? by Sotland: 7:35pm On May 21

What is this one saying ? So is the tenants that will empty septic tank right? Am sure You are joking

Just imagine? Lordlord will empty septic tank for tenant. On what ground exactly?

It can only happen where you are billed for service charge.

No, you should ask the landlord to pay your electrical bills too.. Infact don't even pay rent...
Properties / Re: Between Landlord And Tenant Who Should Repair A Faulty Pumping Machine? by Sotland: 11:23am On May 21

If tenants paid for service charge then its the landlord's responsibility. Rent is not for food but divest or re-investment.

That's if they pay for service charge. You are correct but most people here don't pay for it...
Properties / Re: Between Landlord And Tenant Who Should Repair A Faulty Pumping Machine? by Sotland: 11:21am On May 21

It is no longer the business of the landlord at that point. The landlord is responsible for structural issues. You are responsible for what has been provided for your daily use. Why not ask your landlord to change the bulbs when they are damaged?

Thanks .. It baffles me how many of these people think. There is how they run away from responsibilities

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Properties / Re: Between Landlord And Tenant Who Should Repair A Faulty Pumping Machine? by Sotland: 11:19am On May 21
I wonder how many of you reasons.. So if the spetic tank full, the land should pack it for you right??

When it comes to property, landlords take care of the capital repairs for instance, roof repair, fence repair, etc, while tenants take care of minor repairs. In this case, the beneficiaries of the pumping machine will fix it..


Career / Re: Please Advise: What Should Be My Reply To My Boss by Sotland: 10:02pm On Mar 28

I think you should allow the man to decide whether or not he wants to bring his friends along ...

If you must, then do it stylishly

You are partly right.. However, I'd put it in a way that will be pleasing to his ears.
Career / Re: Please Advise: What Should Be My Reply To My Boss by Sotland: 11:57am On Mar 28
I'm really honoured sir that you would care so much, as to want to play an integral part in my wedding. Sincerely, I am grateful...

We actually do have everything covered for the wedding, so just gracing with your presence will add color to my special day...

This is exactly what I would say to him...
I won't present him with any list...
I won't make any request...
I won't throw any gimmicks to get cash from him...

I'll just want him to come around and make sure to honor him very well if he comes...

Nice one. In this case, i would ask not just his presence but that of his friends and business associates to grace my day...
Celebrities / Re: I Am Not Married To Judy Austin, We Are skitmakers - Yul Edochie Tells Court by Sotland: 6:46am On Mar 12
Give the devil tintili small chance and he will make you a worldwide Mockery.

Give No place to the devil. Live on God's term and principles.

Less i forget, yesterday i came a topic and clip here on Nairaland where the Pastor of Christ Embassy made an assertion that a Man should not send away His sin Partner aka 2nd, 3rd and so on women even if hebecomes Born again.

That is Unbiblical teaching from the pit of Hell.
In order words restitution is wrong.

GOD'S Word is the Standard not what Pst Chris or anybody thinks or says.

GOD'S Standard in the Bible is One Man one woman.
You cannot help GOD by your human brain.
We are to Obey GOD'S Word not Man's word.

We are in the last days where deception and deceits comes in different shades and fashion.

Do yourself good to be as the Berean Christians who took time to search and study thw word of God to ensure that what they were taught tallies with GOD'S word, the Holy Bible.

If Heaven Matters to you, you will live and Stick to GOD'S Word the Bible and not human feelings or Human sense.

Please educate me. Show me where God clearly said that polygamy is a SIN or wherw God said He HATES polygamy. Please give me the bible quote
Politics / Re: The Truth Is: No Light For Aba!!! by Sotland: 12:17pm On Mar 06
you go explain tire.

Funny how yall can preach patience for Geometric power but no patience for Tinubu.

Please take your bad energy else where.. I am not part of your cohort that rant on this platform.. I refused to be dragged into unnecessary arguement.. EOD

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Politics / Re: The Truth Is: No Light For Aba!!! by Sotland: 11:04am On Mar 06
The no light issue will turn to 24/7 light soon.. It is the issue of transmission and administrative transfers..

If the new company decides to work with another power disco, they will have to issue new meters as well as the transmission lines that will supply power from their station to the disco company will be fixed too.

If the company is quite different from the company that is distribution light. There will be transmission time. One thing is sure.. The project is real, completed and waiting to be utilized.

So you just have to be patient...

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Properties / Well-built 3 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale by Sotland: 7:26am On Mar 06
Well-built bungalow

3 bedroom
2 bathroom and toilet 🚻
1 parlour and dinning.
Well tiled

Land mass- Enough space for boy's quarter

Behind Iba housing estate

#20m slightly negotiable

Whatsapp: 0 eight 1 eight 33 zero 3 four 1 four
Sports / Re: Confirmation Of Payout by Sotland: 7:38am On Feb 07
If a game is postponed. Usually, it takes 24hrs before your winning can be confirmed....
Politics / Re: NNPC Delegates Meet Anambra State Government Over Natural Gas In The State (pics by Sotland: 6:27pm On Dec 15, 2023

NNPC meeting Zamfara State government on the gold reserve in the State. Haba, you need help, how is gold related to NNPC?

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Gaming / Re: Brand New PS5 With Extra Controller, FC24 And Mortal Kombat 1 by Sotland: 9:20am On Dec 15, 2023
You never ready sell.. People are asking you how much, you want them to call first. Why should they when you can save them the stress... Act of an unserious seller


Politics / Re: An Apology To The Igbo People Of Nigeria by Sotland: 10:24am On Mar 23, 2023
Stop promoting HATE and TRIBALISM. We all kick when it is Racism but Tribalism is Worst because it happening in a place you call Home.

Our political elites have succeeded in creating this ugly monster which has eaten deep into the bone marrow of majority.

I am not here to pamper mediocrity or be on the sides of the wailing lots. I've come to realize that there are lots of negative minded people on this platform, so I am not so disappointed in majority of the comments I have read so far. Many of you are so quick to play the tribal cards. If tribal segregation is all that you see then you have a big problem that needs redemption.

Funnily, our political elites cohabitat not minding tribes but they sold the seed of enmity among common us..Your are biggest fool if you fall for the this narrative.

These are questions i want you to ask yourselves.

Is hunger or food inflation a respecter of any tribes ?

Did endsars choose a particular tribe in it occurrence?

The agbero at mile 2, do they collect less from the Yoruba(s)?

I am not surprised that this evil narrative works because a lot of you people are so gullible...

Election has come and gone. Our political elite has used their weapon of hunger and tribalism on us again and many fall to it.

Ask yourselves further

Now that election is over, would you stop doing business with the igbos?

If an igbo man is your biggest client, would you remain friends and business partners ? Vice versa

Fortunately, I bet the answer is a big NO and we shall all return to our normal suffering and smiling life.

May I also remind you that the last elections wasn't any tribe, it was about Nigeria redemption.

Let this write-up be a wake up call, a new dawn for us. We must start thinking differently and positively. Each tribe is interdependent of the other.

Just you may know

Let me briefly school you about first military coup in Nigeria.

A coup staged by group of young military personnel with Kaduna Nzeogwu the lead person.. Do you bother to check the background of Kaduna Nzeogwu? Born and grew up in the North and as a matter of fact his is not a core igbo. SE as we have it today.

Now interestingly, A SW Major Adewale Ademoyega was one of the five revolutionary Nigerian Army Majors who led the 1966 coup.

Unfortunately, the entire blame was upon the SE leaving aside other who were part of the conspiracy that lead to civil war.

You don't know history and I will school you properly if need be.


You're scared of them? In case all you do is coding and doesnt have time for reading. Go and read the history of the Igbos. How they orchestrate trouble and later come back to play the victim card. It's your platform but AM NOT A COWARD who will run away when a people refuse to think of the consequences before they start trouble. Remember, they started the FIRST MILITARY COUP but when there was a reprisal, they started shouting hate and Ojukwu decided to start the Biafra war, HE ENDED UP GETTING SO MANY KILLED. What made Ghanaian government to close their shops, what made South Africans to start xenophobia against. They find it EASY to form a pack and go against constituted authorities. SEUN, let's be bold enough to tell them the truth to their face otherwise you'll just end up being one of the people massaging their ego to get them into further trouble. Germans will not let foreigners take over Germany, Britons will not let foreigners take over Britain, China as well. Lets not go the southeast yet,go to the markets where they sell in Lagos, they want their own heads TO BE SUPERIOR to the market heads chosen by the government WHO RENTED OUT THE SHOPS TO THEM. Let them go and do that in China and Saudi, whatever they will not allow in their region, they should not try it in ANOTHER PERSON'S REGION. When things go bad, they have their region (OR HOME) to run to, this place belongs to us, we dont have any other place to call ours. We only gave them freedom to do business and PROSPER, if what we did is bad, we will definitely correct it.
Politics / Re: Ask Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour (GRV) Any Question About His Lagos Governorship Bid by Sotland: 10:01pm On Mar 08, 2023
How will you tackle the issue of Agbero in lagos state?
Politics / NUC Direct All Universities To Close For 3 Weeks by Sotland: 6:28pm On Feb 09, 2023
Universities are to go on compulsory break. If your polling unit is within your school surrounding; don't go. Stay and vote, after voting; you can leave.

Stay Obidient.....

A new nigeria is possible!!!

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Travel / Re: Agbero Madness On The Road at night by Sotland: 2:30am On Jan 22, 2023
Those guys irritates me.... They are Jafo guys.

What is the benefit of agbero to the state, the people and tthe country? Why do we have many agbero unit instead of our security forces.
Our truck was coming from Ogun state, park on getting to iyana isashi The drive did not stop because none of the unfortunate agbero stoped him, lo and behold one cursed agbero came from no where and smash the side mirror with a pipe, the driver had to reverse back to ask he had to smash the side mirror broken when nobody ask him to stop, then about five of them started confronting the Old man and assaulting him physically with the pipe in the their hand. and saying they have juju to avert curses, while the assault was going on I was inside the truck, because if I had came down and support baba, his beating would have been child play mine. Eventually I came down to beg them, talk to the driver and we moved on in pain and anger, but nothing's to be done our side mirror was broken, the driver and old man was beating and I feel helple

Igbo elerin, isashi and igando are there base, and anybody benefiting from agbero cursed money shall know no peace..
Politics / Re: 2023: Tinubu/Shettima-NAIRAXI Transit Card Opens Portal, Commence Registration by Sotland: 6:37am On Oct 06, 2022
Great guy. You were able to hold conversation without insults.. You are emotional stable guy..


your emotional outburst hasnt answered the following questions:

1. if you say Jonathan failed, has buhari succeeded? how has buhari done better than jonathan?

2. how is following the footprints of awolowo now an achievement?

3. Pls where in the constitution do we have "defacto commissioner"? how is accountant general the same thing as commissioner of finance? was it Tinubu that taught Ambode how to be accountant general?

4. How does identifying talent mean that Tinubu has a brain for governance? What is the relationship between identifying talent and governance?

5. At what time in the history of Lagos was ambode commissioner of finance?

6. So in 8years as AG of Lagos, what were osinbajos achievements? When did FG deprive Lagos state its allocation?

7. Was osinbajo the only commissioner appointed by Tinubu between 1999 and 2007? What happened to the other commissioners?

8. According to you "All these were a team headed by Tinubu and assembled by Tinubu"

9. Which "these"? Who are the "these" in your write up? How can the 3 names you mentioned be a team when they served Lagos state in different dispensations?

10. How is Sanwo-Olu Tinubus protege? Pls explain.

11. The income of Lagos you say Tinubu increased, pls how did he increase it? Did he increase it from his pocket? Kindly shed some light on alpha beta.

12. You say Tinubu provided "free education, free health care and subsidised health care for young and the aged". Is he the first governor in the histtory of Lagos and nigeria to do such? Can Tinubu patronize any Lagos state hospital for medi care?

13. If you say "There are many commissioned projects that bear his name till today", pls what are those many projects?

14. According to you: "So when you said what has Tinubu done in Lagos"

Can you show me where I said that?

15. can you show me the rants you are referring to?

16. what are tinubus political connections that can withstand northern oligarchs?
Travel / Re: Second Niger Bridge Now 95% Complete, To Be Opened December 2022 (video) by Sotland: 7:32am On Sep 19, 2022
Jonathan awarded this second niger bridge contract and paid mobilization fee. JB has started working before Buharia came and cancel the contract. Because a substantial amount was given to JB, he had no choice than to re award the contract to JB again.

So why should anyone give credit to buhari for second niger bridge which was the blueprint and making of Jonathan in the first place?

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Family / Re: Wife Catches Her Husband Cheating, Throws Out His Belongings by Sotland: 6:59am On Sep 19, 2022
Rather na cheat,marry a second wife. It is not a crime and the Bible never condemned it..
Career / Cryptocurrency Writer by Sotland: 10:32pm On Sep 15, 2022

If you an avid writer with strong knowledge of cryptocurrency. Stand a chance to join my team..

Perform this simple task..

Make 2 weeks content plan for a cryptocurrency brokerage blog post session

Post will be taken down in the next 24hours

Politics / Re: FFK: Message "Exposed" By Obi Did Not Originate From A Tinubu Supporter by Sotland: 8:17am On Sep 13, 2022
Most of you guys saying obi has cast, he made a blunder blah blah blah.. Did you read that post carefully? At the bottom of the post what did you see? BATSHETTIMA, a clear indication that the post is from APC supporter. Hence, from Apc camp. You can be apc support and be in pdp camp.

I expect most of you to be meticulous about details and not be carried away by your emotions but this tribal thing is so hating you all up.

Would you drink poison because it is serve with your tribal cup?

We can afford to have a sick president again
We can afford to have someone who runs a state like its family business
We can afford to have someone with sense of entitlement.. President office is not inheritance.

How did we the youth forget so soon the lekki tollgate massacre?

Wise UP Nigeria Youth.


Family / Re: Relocation Clearance Sales by Sotland: 7:58am On Aug 31, 2022
200k for blender, This is a KILLER SALE not a CLEARANCE SALE


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Family / Re: Poison That Kills Men by Sotland: 8:39am On Aug 22, 2022

Once upon a time a beautiful girl got tired of her marriage life and wanted to murder her spouse.

One morning she ran to her mother and say to her " mother, I am tired of my husband I can no longer support his nonsense. I want to kill him but I am afraid Law of the land will hold me responsible, can you please help me mother?"

The mother answered:

- Yes my daughter I can help you, but, there is a little task attached.

The daughter asked "what task? I am willing and ready to assume any task attached in order to get him out"

OK, said the mother,

1..You will have to make peace with him, so that no one will suspect you when he is dead.

2.. You will have to beautify yourself in order to look young and attractive to him

3.. You have to take good care of him and be very nice and appreciative to him

4.. You have to be patient, loving and less jealous, have more listening ears, be more respectful and obedient

5. Spend your money on him and don’t get angry even when he refuses to give you money for whatever

6. Don’t raise your voice against him but encourage Peace and love so that you will never be suspected when he must have died.

Can you do all of that?
Asked the mother.
Yes i can. She replied
OK, said the mother.

Take this powder and pour a bit in his every day meal, it will slowly kill him.

After 30 days the lady came back to her mother and said.

Mother, I have no intention of killing my husband again. As of now I have grown to love him because he has completely changed, he is now a very sweet husband than I ever imagined.

What can i do to stop the poison from killing him?

Please help me mother.

She pleaded in a sorrowful tone.

The mother answered;
Do not worry my daughter. What I gave you the other day was just Tumeric Powder. It will never kill him.

In reality, you were the poison that was slowly killing your husband with tension and dispassion.

It was when you started loving, honouring and cherishing him that you saw him change to a nice and sweet husband.

Men are not really wicked, but you ladies way of relating with them determines their responses and feelings towards u.

Women if you can only show respect, dedication, love, care and commitment to your husband he will 100% be there for you.

I hope there is little advice in this my post ?

Thanks and stay bless .

Nice piece.. Thanks for this short story buddy

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Romance / Re: Her First Child Belongs To My Friend! Should I Tell Her Husband? by Sotland: 8:03am On Aug 14, 2022

And as long as the child is yours, you have a right to your child whether you married the mother or not, stop reasoning like a village palm wine tapper sad[/color]

Who gives you such right over the child? You must be a joke.. Perhaps you kept trying such nonsense with a poor family that doesn't know their stand.. Come try such with family who knows their stand and you will wish you were never born..

This is how irresponsible guys goes about making irresponsible families. A lot of abortions, unwanted child and increasing the ratio of baby mamas.

I repeat try such with a family that knows their stand and you will wish you were never born.


Romance / Re: Her First Child Belongs To My Friend! Should I Tell Her Husband? by Sotland: 4:03am On Aug 14, 2022

Don't worry, you will be a victim of paternity fraud and if the truth wants to be revealed, this same advice would be given to the person that would reveal the truth to you, no be curse undecided

A child who has grown to know you as father and indeed calls you father, becomes your child automatically. Whether you are the biological father or not.

Do you think you can go about and impregnate someone's daughter without marrying her and later you come back to claim a child you never played a father figure part in her life?

For even impregnating a girl out of marriage, it's a crime..


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