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Phones / Re: Facebook Is Down by UDUJ(m): 5:32pm On Mar 05
People still use Facebook?
Family / Re: by UDUJ(m): 11:47am On Mar 01

Boss J long time no see

Denrele longest time. Always nice to hear from you.

How have you been bro?
Family / Re: by UDUJ(m): 10:07am On Mar 01
I have always seen this man whenever I am on my way to work and always greeted him. Papa works as a wood cutter. I've only known him for the past 3 years but today, I met this man and we got talking.
No matter how stressful what he is doing is, he always stops to respond well to my greetings.

When he isn't working, he is sometimes under a shade. He told me there is alot of challenges in life, and a man will face varying stages as he grows. How man solves his problems will determine his future. It will also determine the future he has with the people around him. but many will find it hard to tell you about it.

He said he see me everyday as a younger person and I'm always in a hurry every morning. I told him it's because of the nature of my work.

He said alot about prayers too and also choosing a partner wisely to journey through life with. He said it is very important to keep alot of friends and know people in Nigeria.
I told him I took a picture of him, I was thinking he would be angry but all he did was smile and said we youth are addicted to our phones and always want to take pictures.

I feel there is more I'll ask him tomorrow when we see

Liar. A year 2019 picture from the north.

Why do you people like telling lies?

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Politics / Re: Hardship Will End Soon, FG Tells Aggrieved Nigerians by UDUJ(m): 6:55am On Mar 01

Source: https://punchng.com/Hardship-will-end-soon-FG-tells-aggrieved-Nigerians

One of the requirements before being appointed a Minister of Information in this country is that you must be a good LIAR
Politics / Re: HURIWA Slams Tinubu Over ‘Lopsided’ Appointments by UDUJ(m): 5:14pm On Sep 18, 2023
when he dey shout [b]e mi lo kan u think say he dey play.[/b]

Lol cheesy grin cheesy
Politics / Re: Chicago University Document Showing I Was Female Not My Fault, Tinubu - Gazette by UDUJ(m): 9:15am On Sep 12, 2023
Presido changing genders willy nilly cheesy grin cheesy

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Sports / Re: NFF Approves New Name For The Nigerian League by UDUJ(m): 8:00am On Sep 12, 2023
Find one intimidating name for the league joor not that boring NPFL, can't you copy Angola? Girabola league!!! I swear the first time I heard that name many years ago, I was just laughing like a kid tickled in the armpit.

The NFF should have named the league: GBOGBOTIGBO LEAGUE. I swear people would appreciate that name more cheesy
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Happened To Me When I Got A Big Pay Inventory Manager Job by UDUJ(m): 12:26pm On Sep 11, 2023

Weed was involved in those revelations you received....

Lol cheesy grin cheesy
Foreign Affairs / Re: Faruk Fatih Ozer, Brothers Sentenced To 11,196 Years Each In Turkey by UDUJ(m): 4:00pm On Sep 08, 2023
Just kuma say life imprisonment

Which one be 11 thousand years 🤣🤣🤣

In case they die and reincarnate in another life, the sentencing continues cheesy grin cheesy

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Crime / Re: Poor Living Conditions At A Nigerian Prison (Video, Photos) by UDUJ(m): 12:54pm On Sep 07, 2023
see my boss. Long time bro. How have you been?

Heineken my guy. How far na?

I am good bro. I just decided to show face on nairaland after a longtime.

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Crime / Re: Who Can Interpret This Dream by UDUJ(m): 12:44pm On Sep 06, 2023
You need Amatem soft gel and Ciprotab

Lol, the op has malaria and typhoid fever 😂

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Business / Re: How To Buy Things On Aliexpress From Nigeria - A Step-by-step Guide by UDUJ(m): 11:23am On Sep 06, 2023
This is just a Cardify ad.

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidential Election Tribunal Judgement (Live Updates) by UDUJ(m): 10:20am On Sep 06, 2023
No matter the judgement today, there will definitely be sides that will reject the judgement and become restive.

If the judgement favors Tinubu, the Obi and Atiku supporters will reject it.

If the judgement favors Atiku, the Obi and Tinubu supporters will reject it.

If the judgement favors Obi, the Tinubu and Atiku supporters will reject it.

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Family / Re: My Wife's Sudden Change After Childbirth is driving me nuts! by UDUJ(m): 7:45pm On Sep 05, 2023
My blood is burning now as I write.My wife has now completely changed for bad, a few days after our second child.

An erstwhile submissive woman that i thought i had tamed for life has now become a thorn in the flesh to me. I just parted with over 300k unplanned fund for her C.S. I thought she'd be more respectful to me now but no,she has changed completely!

She dares me to do my worst,she cries over small issues that i wonder if it's witchcraft.Or she thinks I can't quit cos she's got two boys for me? The mind boggles. Am just mad and gobsmacked at the same time as all my Red pill O.T have failed and am even considering divorce right now.

I'm at a bar drinking my sorry ass away, brainstorming the best option for me. What could be outta place?

I need candid advice,folks.

Lol at the bold faced cheesy grin cheesy

I thought it's only animals that need to be tamed? undecided

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Family / Re: Why I Killed My Wife: The Sad Story Behind The Hassan Adeyemo’s Florida Tragedy by UDUJ(m): 4:24pm On Sep 05, 2023

She locked him out in the cold so many times and threw his things out. The children were on their mother’s side because she was the provider. Hassan became very depressed, and started having suicidal thoughts. He told his friends how life is unfair, and that he would kill himself. They advised him to leave the marriage because it was obvious that his wife was no longer in love with him, but he kept on asking, “Where will I start from? I love my wife. A woman I have invested all my life in. The only woman I ever loved. What did I do to deserve this from her?”

The cops came, and the first responders rushed Sarah to the hospital, she was still breathing. She died two hours after she got to the hospital. Mr. Adeyemo is now at the Orange County Jail in Florida. He is most likely facing a death sentence or life in prison without parole.

The boldfaced, this is what every weak man says. If a marriage is not working out and it get's too toxic it's better to leave the marriage for your sanity and also to avoid commiting murder. He is a very weak man. No excuse.

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Family / Re: Should Marital Advice Be Taken From An Unmarried(single) Person by UDUJ(m): 4:06pm On Sep 05, 2023
Marriage counseling from Paul wey una stilll misconstrue? LOL... Paul has nothing to do with what you lot refer to as Christian marriage today... an idea that is not only antichrist but does not fit in well as far as healthy relationships go. lipsrsealed

Here comes the resident nairaland antichrist, smh undecided

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Crime / Re: Poor Living Conditions At A Nigerian Prison (Video, Photos) by UDUJ(m): 3:46pm On Sep 05, 2023
Even my dog can't live in such conditions. This is horrifying.

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Romance / Re: Why You Shouldn't Marry Man Who Cannot Afford The Thing You Can Do For Yourself by UDUJ(m): 1:52pm On Sep 05, 2023

She owes no one perfect English.
English isn't our native language. We too dey carry am for head lol.

She for just type in pidgin or her native tongue. This her writing can give someone migraine headache.

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Romance / Re: Why You Shouldn't Marry Man Who Cannot Afford The Thing You Can Do For Yourself by UDUJ(m): 1:49pm On Sep 05, 2023
Good morning to my beautiful ladies here and our fellow brothers though una can wail like you normally did before. This post is not for you but for ladies to share their opinion 👎👎

I saw a post on instablog where a ladies share her opinion on why you shouldn't marry a man who cannot afford the thing you can do for yourself.

Back to my own view, I think it's not about how much he earn but how much he can give, a man can be rich and be stingy at the same time while a man can be rich, give and still not care about cheating thereby disrespecting your feeling.

I met a guy this year, got to his apartment saw there are no things there when I asked he said he just moved to this state with a new job but still setting up small by small, I said that's good to me for the fact that he's going to one of the old disciplined church while also he has completed is Master unless he has no ambition that he will be definitely good to go.

Later I discovered something about him, he don't used to call unless you chat don't know how it look somehow to me because I don't like calls too but I feel somehow, if you ain't online, he will wait till you come online to chat whether two or more days, he's after sexual thing though he said he's a believer, our house is not far to his place I normally trekked that's why I don't care about tfare at all so one day, I loosed my hair, went to his place to greet him omo he doesn't even look my way but after his satisfaction and later on he began one filmsy excuse of waiting for his brother to come that I should prepare to leave now. it didn't bother me too much until I got home and call my brain to order that am I for real with this guy, I later left him but he keep begging me it's not what I think, but I told him to come and see outside for him to spend assurance while herefused to that grin

Omo ladies come and share your experience concerning this grin una guys are welcome with your bashing

A love without giving is a lust. It's not about be material or how much he can give but the willing in his heart and to love someone without caring about his materialistic is not an offence grin

Very terrible command of English language. Bombs everywhere undecided

Which school did you finish from? cheesy cheesy

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Family / Re: The World Is Terrible! Please Read Carefully. by UDUJ(m): 1:23pm On Sep 04, 2023

Oga mi, good morning sir

I went to barb and I saw a boy less than 15 years doing G. Boy into fraud and already talking abt buying iPhone 12 if client respond

I was shocked

The thing is shocking bro.
Family / Re: The World Is Terrible! Please Read Carefully. by UDUJ(m): 8:01am On Sep 04, 2023
Like Reminderz said above: our society is so evil these days that we glorify evil with trendy names.

We now call fraud: YAHOO YAHOO.

We call rituals: YAHOO PLUS

We call prostitution: HOOK UP/ RUNS/ HUZZLING

Corruption is now so ingrained in kids of these days.

I weep for the country.

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Crime / Re: Police Recover First Gas Gun In Nigeria In Lagos, Arrest 66 Criminals by UDUJ(m): 11:28am On Sep 03, 2023
Hmmmm ..... "the Police were still studying the gun to know how it got ino the country. "

Lol, na that line just tire me cheesy

These police don't have google or youtube? undecided

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Crime / Re: Police Recover First Gas Gun In Nigeria In Lagos, Arrest 66 Criminals by UDUJ(m): 10:42am On Sep 03, 2023
The Nigerian Police are a bunch of illiterates.

That's a paintball gun. Damn, illiteracy is a disease

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Politics / Re: Falana Urges BA, Virgin Atlantic Flight Suspension As UK Denies Air Peace by UDUJ(m): 5:30pm On Sep 02, 2023
This one go sit down for his house go dey dish orders.


Please be quiet and stop proving to the world how daft you are.

What Falana said is facts.

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Celebrities / Re: Bolanle Ninalowo Announces Breakup With Wife, Bunmi by UDUJ(m): 1:18pm On Sep 01, 2023
Celebrity marriages hardly stand the test of time.

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Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Is Undeserving Of Being Labelled Great - Patrick Doyle by UDUJ(m): 7:02pm On Aug 31, 2023

This sounds a bit like jealousy and I relate to it.
Burna boy is really brainwashing our women; all they do is compare us with him.
Small thing, "press my yansh like Burna".

I just hope Patrick's new wife is not obsessed with Burna.
Because the worst mistake I made this year was to hit-and-run a Burna Boy groupie.
I later got an email from her which read,

I can't believe this is real life.

I've been dying on the low, but last last, your odogwu was inside me causing collateral damage and boy it's plenty.
NwaAmaikpe is this how your Big 7 has been Killin Dem? Anybody wey taste your gbona can bank on it that it gives the high of sitting on top of the world or being inside a rollercoaster.

I know I am only 23 and it is way too big for me, but I want it all.

Na so I go gum body till I go pin you for my hand, and for me alone.

Lost in Love,

Your Taliban II.
Yaba Buluku.

NwaAmaikpe is back cheesy

Wellcome back bro cool

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Family / Re: My Daughter Is Nowhere To Be Found And My Parents Won't Tell Me The Truth by UDUJ(m): 2:20pm On Aug 30, 2023

My boss.... I'm fine.. Bless God

How is family sir and how are you gan gan?

Family is great bro. It's always good to hear from you cool
Family / Re: My Daughter Is Nowhere To Be Found And My Parents Won't Tell Me The Truth by UDUJ(m): 2:19pm On Aug 30, 2023

I heard Togo and some other African men like Nigeria women olosho and pays them better than their own indigenous women olosho

Lol cheesy grin cheesy. Very true. Our women are more experienced in that aspect cheesy
Family / Re: My Daughter Is Nowhere To Be Found And My Parents Won't Tell Me The Truth by UDUJ(m): 2:11pm On Aug 30, 2023

I guess we all knew what Nigerian ladies do there and her parents know that she is also doing such

I think that is why they took the 3 years kid away so that she won't her corrupt body to infect the kid...

Or what do you think my boss?

Good afternoon sir

Good afternoon Denrele. That is exactly why the parents took the kid away.

So how are you bro?

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