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Programming / Re: Python Couldn't Install On My Laptop by valzey(m): 5:08pm On Sep 17
Avoid downloading DLLs from the internet.
Try installing all the VC++ redist you find here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads-2647da03-1eea-4433-9aff-95f26a218cc0

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Programming / Re: What's Your PC Specification? by valzey(m): 3:59am On Aug 29
How much you got it?

I needed it urgently so I got it and paid by installment for 3 months. 500k each.

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Programming / Re: What's Your PC Specification? by valzey(m): 1:33am On Aug 22
16' 2019 MacBook pro
6‑core 9th gen Intel Core i7 CPU
500 GB SSD


Programming / Re: Macbook Pro Is Overrated. by valzey(m): 7:40am On Aug 02
I also got a new 2019 MacBook pro. But I got it because I needed a Unix compatible machine that worked out of the box as WSL had successfully frustrated the hell out of me and I didn't want to dabble again in the world of Linux distros.

The heaviest thing I do with the Mac is running docker and kubernetes related stuff and it does not hang on me.
Programming / Re: :) by valzey(m): 9:17am On Jul 28
I kinda agree with what he says. There's nothing stopping anyone from becoming who they want to become in our current world. The world is freer now than several decades ago.

It's reasonable to attribute the absence of certain demographics in a particular domain to less compatibility of that demographic with that domain. We don't need to jump on the racist bandwagon. If you have something to offer, people will reach out to you regardless of colour or gender.

Blaming other races is petty and childish in my view. After all, it's not their fault that our schools and government are useless. It's just similar to the lack of talent on the part of whites in the music industry and no one is stopping them from progressing, we just don't like their music.

Just keep at the back of your mind that you can do anything you set your mind to do. Blaming is simply weakness.
Programming / Re: Can Someone With Access To My Cpanel Make Changes To My Admin Dashboard? by valzey(m): 6:34am On Jul 24
1, 3, 4 are possible. 5 is also possible.
Cpanel gives more power than admin dashboard because you have direct access to the database and code files.

If you use a shared hosting and perhaps other low cost hosting, then 2 is also possible.

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Programming / Re: As A Programmer How Do You Learn/understand A New Language by valzey(m): 5:41am On Jul 18
I never cram code and yes, I forget syntax very well. I often mix operations in C#, JavaScript, PHP, python and would often have to browse to remember. I even do this during interviews lol because I know too many languages. But make no mistake, I'm very good in all and it's more like an experience thing to me. You don't need to study a new language concepts from start to know that you should not try to index an array beyond its length or use an uninitialised variable. Most concepts are reusable across languages.

About my learning process, It depends on the reason for learning the language. If I'm learning it for the feel I just complete at least one large project that uses all the basic concepts in the language and jump off. But if I want to switch my core stack like I did with golang and the React framework, I'll try to grab the concepts as deeply as I can.

Now golang is a special case because it's behaviour is unlike any other language even it's closest sibling C so you really have to grab it's concepts and style but most other languages are similar to each other and so I don't go that far for them unless perhaps to understand how multi-threading works in that language and many few other stuff.

Even React is also unique as you'll need to learn it's hooks and when to use them to be really good and it's concepts are different from other frameworks.

Usually my search history will be like: check if string is in array JavaScript/C#/PHP...etc and I don't have the energy to look at a previous project unless to reuse blocks of code


Programming / Re: Gurus In The House: Macbook Or Windows, Which Is Best For Programming ? by valzey(m): 6:38am On Jul 10
MacBook obviously, the Unix shell is great to have and MacBooks are so boring that they'll keep you focused.


Programming / Re: Guys Help!! by valzey(m): 11:21am On Jun 02
I don't think they can mature in a group class within any time frame. They need personal practice and take home assignments.

So having some laptops is not enough. The students should have laptops and do their assignments at home if you really want to have the impact you're looking at.

I'm not being pessimistic, just bringing this up so you can shape your idea better.

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Programming / Re: What Is The Best Way To Market Your App by valzey(m): 11:14am On Jun 02
You mentioned marketing without even posting the link, you are your first marketer man.
Programming / Re: Thinking Of Dropping Out Of College To Focus On Programming by valzey(m): 9:26am On May 27
If this was stackoverflow, this post/question would be marked as duplicate....LOl

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Programming / Re: .. by valzey(m): 9:24am On May 27
alright sir. Do you have any idea

Web development is always a good way to start. That way, you'll also have a feel of databases.
The knowledge you gain there will be useful even when you want to switch to the others as you would have learnt JavaScript, MySQL/MongoDB and at least one backend language.


Programming / Re: A Website Programmer Needed by valzey(m): 7:13am On May 25

Please how much
08099469289 WhatsApp

How much for what?
Programming / Re: .. by valzey(m): 7:09am On May 25
I am searching for a place or someone that can teach me programming around lugbe or wuse.
I'm particular interested in datascience / database management and website development.

I don't think datascience / database management and website development are particular. Each is an entire path with sub paths. You should pick one for now.

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Programming / Re: Pls Help!!...my Hours Of Programming Is Going To Waste by valzey(m): 7:04am On May 25
Tell him the truth like other profession programming is not for you ,

How do you know that?
Programming / Re: I Need A Website And Web App For My Startup by valzey(m): 6:33pm On May 16
Calm down guys let's just agree on one thing.

Nigeria is hard.

With that in mind, you should never talk down on people trying to make their way in a honest manner. If you don't want the job, leave it for others.

Even if you're more successful, check well and you'll see that a good portion of your success came as a result of luck and favourable circumstance, things you can't pin down on your skill and hard work.

Be kind.
Programming / Re: How Do I Master React? by valzey(m): 6:24pm On May 16

Thanks boss. The syntax I am not understanding is the fetch() syntax. I studied basic JavaScript with W3schools. Is there any material you can recommend for me on that aspect of fetch() and response. They sound strange to me

Fetch makes use of promises. You can read up on that.

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Programming / Re: See My Countries Web App With React Js by valzey(m): 6:17pm On May 16
You can share your repo and I'll add my comments.
Programming / Re: I Need Help... by valzey(m): 12:58am On May 03
Without JavaScript you can't be a full stack developer.

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Programming / Re: Help With Visual Studio Code... by valzey(m): 12:56am On May 03
Google, google, google.... That's what you should do.
How to use xyz programming language with vscode
Programming / Re: Pls Review My App With React And Node Express by valzey(m): 11:28am On May 02
Looks good man.
Programming / Re: Are Men Better Programmers Than Women? by valzey(m): 6:28am On May 02
Men are simply more interested in software engineering than women just like in every other engineering disciplines.

So if you evaluate fairly like what percentage of male developers are good vs what percentage of female developers are good, you'll find that women have higher numbers. I'm referring to developers not computer science students or graduates.

This is not necessarily because women are better but because any woman you find in that field really wanted to be there and would inevitably be good as opposed to some guys who enter for other reasons.

Also, women are generally more interested in people while men are generally more interested in things.
Programming / Re: Becareful When Working For A "One Man Business" As A Programmer / Web Developer by valzey(m): 6:14am On May 02
Good to know I wasn't the only one that passed through this.

Any questions you answer yes to becomes part of your job and they'll start giving expectations based on that.
They don't understand software development processes and think you can build something here and now that will scale. They're not even willing to pay for infrastructure they'll use, expect you to figure out a cheaper more stressful alternative.
They tried to force me to do digital marketing and I told them NO, tried to force me to design banner, said NO. Mind you, I was already fixing laptops and doing training.
When I finally left, I never looked back.
The only benefit was that I was able to add my first 2 years working experience to my resume.

Advice: don't carry the company on your head, look out for yourself first and limit your work to what's in your letter and be eager to say you can't do X or Y. Let them pay someone else to do it, it's not as if they'll give you the money if you did it.

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Programming / Re: Turing.com Live Coding Interview Preparation by valzey(m): 7:10am On Apr 30
These guys that asked for reviews refused to give theirs? Nawa oo.
Programming / Re: Question For The Professionals In Programming by valzey(m): 6:59am On Apr 30
Java is still relevant in android development (at least to maintain legacy codebases) and also as web backend.
Programming / Re: For Developers Especially Beginners And Junior Developers. by valzey(m): 5:36pm On Apr 17
There are two types of programmers.

1) The ones who learn frameworks just enough to whip up an application. These ones are standing on the shoulders of the actual engineers because they rely on libraries, APIs and frameworks built by the engineers.

2) The actual software engineers who have a deep grasp of the concepts of algorithms, data structures, system design, architecture, design patterns etc. These ones are the programmer's programmer cool

Any self-taught programmer ambitious and curious enough, can always go from being the former to attaining the level of the later.

A CS graduate is expected to be an engineer already. He can easily learn frameworks if needed.

Just have a roadmap that shows where you're going and follow through with it. You can be the first guy and start earning some bucks but never ever stop there. Go deeper. Tech is fast changing and what's trending today might be outdated tomorrow. But the core fundamentals never change.

I like this


Programming / Re: For Developers Especially Beginners And Junior Developers. by valzey(m): 3:06pm On Apr 17

True there's this guy I follow on Twitter levelsio. He has never worked as a Dev. He learnt to code and just started making projects. One of his side projects brings one million USD a year in revenue. Many of this kind of stories exists on indie hacker. There's nothing that can't be done with determination. At the end of it all, everything boils down to the individual.

You can show us the project if you have the link.
Programming / Re: For Developers Especially Beginners And Junior Developers. by valzey(m): 3:03pm On Apr 17

Well, I wouldn't say every new programmer should start coding the next facebook or Google. But if you've studied computer science and graduated, or knows your stuffs with coding, then building the next FB or Google, shouldn't be a fuss. Design patterns yeah, they can be fundamental in designing a product, but in the end, they are not the product, just a blueprint on how you'd go about developing your software. Even if you don't know any of those patterns, and you create a working product, you sure must have used one of them, even though it's unknown to you.

I don't think you understand the importance of system design and architecture. It's fine trying to build a social media app as a personal project, but always keep your mind open for what you don't know. There's difference between an app that 100 persons use and what 100,000 people use. You can't get that knowledge on your own.

I've seen people on this platform saying they can build Facebook. I see that as a sign of ignorance because the person clearly doesn't understand the difference between creating an app on localhost for himself and creating for the world to use.

There are lots of self-taught programmers with high end products, and most just went from learning to building their groundbreaking software. So boss, I'll disagree with that part though.

Can you show any
Programming / For Developers Especially Beginners And Junior Developers. by valzey(m): 7:35am On Apr 17
There's this trend I've noticed with new developers where

They learn to code, build a few sites and suddenly want to be an entrepreneur. I see that as crazy. You don't have any experience about design systems and architecture and haven't worked on a real job to at least gain a tiny bit of experience so you don't make obvious mistakes.

They build a few sites, I'll admit that some are beautiful and post the links here for us to admire and encourage them. That's ok but what's more important at that level is code reviews, your site may be fine but your code would be poorly written with bad support for maintenance.

They learn about backend, follow a few tutorials though some may do it on their own but suddenly they want to make Facebook. All I can say here is LOL.

They learn to code but do not care about unit testing. The solution is obvious.

They discover optimisation techniques and overuse them. Just as there's premature ejaculation, there's also premature optimisation.

They do a few projects on their laptops and not care about source control. You must learn to use git PERIOD.

They think that getting jobs is easy, no my friends it isn't, sometimes you have to work with a messed up startup that's just as bad as a slave owner just to add years of experience in your resume.

They do not develop their problem solving skills, it's not easy but you can check out hackerrank and try their beginner problems to get acquainted.

They learn their stack superficially, I understand that it's not easy to go deeply in any stack but it's important. There's this interview I had regarding react, they asked questions in a non react way but expect you to respond in a react way. Some answers included Context API, Refs and design patterns.

They just stop at writing code. You should always try to be better than yesterday. Check out the SOLID principles and try to apply them to your projects, it'll make life easier for you especially during interviews and code maintenance.

The summary is know your level, develop a plan to improve and implement the plan. Never ever think you have arrived.

My advice is that try not to do these things.

Senior Devs in the community can contribute and I can update the list.


Programming / Re: Can I Use Mike42 Php Library For M813 Which Is Not Found On The Library by valzey(m): 12:21pm On Apr 02
I suggest you try it out first on the printer.
Programming / Re: Review My React Js Bookmark Website by valzey(m): 2:04am On Mar 30
It does have a neat UI, however looking neat isn't everything, once in a while, try to get experienced Devs to give you a code review. That way, you'll also improve on your design patterns by writing easily extensible and maintainable code.

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