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Webmasters / The 'reddit Revolt' That Led To Ellen Pao's Resignation Is Bad For The Internet by VoodooDoll(m): 3:40pm On Jul 11, 2015
Interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao stepped down today, following a week that saw the online community's users call for her head on a pike after the controversial firing of a well-liked employee.

It's been called the "Reddit Revolt," and it bodes poorly for the future of the Internet.

But the Reddit Revolt is a whole different animal, and speaks to a whole mess of problems that are only going to get worse and worse as the Internet encroaches on the real world.

Since the birth of the Internet, the promise has always been simple: Use whatever name you want, even if it's not your own (I've been using "gamoid," my current Twitter handle, as my online handle since I was thirteen years old), because it's the quality of your ideas and thoughts that matters.

But this has always been tempered by the fact that the Internet — like any other community — can be a very unfriendly place. And now that more and more people are getting online, they're finding this fact out for themselves.

We're just talking about these issues honestly for the first time. And it's an important conversation, as cyberbullying, doxxing, SWATting, online harassment, and all kinds of other bad behavior becomes just a fact of life in the digital age. But it's just not a conversation that a lot of people want to have, as evidenced by the massive backlashes on Reddit.

Reddit itself isn't the point: As we've already seen, many of the worst of the worst are moving to sites like Voat, where they find a more permissive experience. Nothing about Reddit's site or technology is special; it's the community that gives it life, and communities can move elsewhere at will.

Digg, a site that used to be the Coke to Reddit's Pepsi, experienced this for itself years back, after it deleted posts containing a code necessary to get around copyright protections on DVD. The Digg Exodus, as it was called, was a significant factor in Reddit's growth.

The thing is that Voat, and most any other site like it, will eventually run into the same problems as Reddit. If they grow big enough, they'll face pressure to temper the worst excesses of members — pressure from investors, pressure from advertisers, or if those two things aren't present, pressure from would-be new members who are turned off by the extreme views of the people already on the site. If they don't respond, growth will slow or stop, and people will move on to the next big thing.

In the meanwhile, we're going to keep having the debates that led to the Reddit Revolt in the first place: What constitutes harassment? What are the limits of free speech? At what point do you deserve to have your voice silenced?

The team at Reddit has been thinking about these problems for a long time, and has a smart team in place whose job it is to literally think about these things. And they, hopefully, know better than anybody else that their platform is transient.

In short, if Reddit can't figure out the right balance between freedom of speech and good manners, between freedom of speech and freedom to be heard, here and now, there's little hope that anybody can. The fact that Reddit users were successful in getting Pao to step down doesn't bode well for their willingness to take a stand.

I want to believe that the Internet is the place I always thought it was, growing up. But if Reddit can't make it work, it's very bad news for the digital era.

Source: http://uk.businessinsider.com/ellen-pao-resignation-reddit-bad-news-2015-7#ixzz3fask5bBP
Business / Re: 11 Year Expired Products, Maggots Etc. The SHOCKING Tale Of Chocolat Royal Shut by VoodooDoll(m): 9:11pm On May 27, 2015
Is there anything that work in this country...

Hopefully the case doesn't just die anyhow.
Business / 11 Year Expired Products, Maggots Etc. The SHOCKING Tale Of Chocolat Royal Shut by VoodooDoll(m): 8:44am On May 27, 2015
Chocolat Royal on Etim Inyang Crescent in VI, Lagos is a well known and loved bakery, ice cream shop and cafe.

Many who frequent the shop/building, that also houses sister companies 96.9 Cool FM and 95.1 WAZOBIA FM, amongst others, and were shocked to find out it was shut down by NAFDAC last week. According to City Reporters, several facts emerged:

- All food products/source material had expired – the oldest since 2004 and the newest in 2013. There were maggots found in some.
- 90% of the products were not labelled in English, and therefore were not registered by NAFDAC.
- Illegal cold rooms were found in the building and in the MD – Amin Moussalli‘s house.
- The contaminated food products were stored in cold rooms on top of sewage (‘suck away’ pit) and in front of toilets.

Investigations revealed that Moussalli, the Chairman of AIM Consultants, with chains of media houses including Cool FM, Nigeria Info, Wazobia FM stations, as well as WEE television stations, who is now at large, travels abroad to source for companies whose food products have few months to expire.

NAFDAC officials said the Lebanese business mogul receives these products mostly for free or at a reduced price and also gets paid by the companies to evacuate the products, which ordinarily would have cost them colossal amount of money to dispose.
He then ships them in large quantities to Nigeria, which as alleged by NAFDAC has become his dumping ground for food toxic for close to two decades.

These products are then cleared at the wharf and off-loaded inside the two cold rooms at his Karimu Kotun residence, Victoria Island, Lagos from where they are then transferred to Chocolat Royal headquarters and then used to prepare ice creams, chocolates, beverages and pastries for members of the public.

Source: http://www.bellanaija.com/2015/05/26/11-year-expired-products-maggots-etc-the-tale-of-chocolat-royale-shut-down-by-nafdac/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook

Source : http://enquirermag..co.uk/2015/05/how-lebanese-billionaires-plan-to.html
Politics / Re: All APC Nairaland Supporters, AKA progressives, Fall In. by VoodooDoll(m): 4:22pm On Apr 11, 2015
Looking forward to APC clearing the slate today!!!

Bye bye PDP, rubbish people!!!
Politics / Re: If Gej's Six Years Rule Were A Movie, What Title Would You Give It? by VoodooDoll(m): 12:57pm On Apr 03, 2015
1. A tale of goats and yams
2. Sleepless in Aso Rock
3. The Hobbitt
4. Drunken Master
5. DiarisGod oh
6. Stealing is not corruption
7. Dashed hopes
8. The wrong man in the right place
9. For his today he tried to steal our tomorrows

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Politics / Re: Don’t Panic, Presidency Tells Jonathan’s Supporters: Abati by VoodooDoll(m): 6:46am On Mar 30, 2015
Bye bye to Otueke. Wretched man and his useless advisers.
TV/Movies / Re: THE WALKING DEAD - Fan Page by VoodooDoll(m): 9:44pm On Mar 24, 2015
The latest episode was good....
Forum Games / Re: Believe Me, This Is Going To Make You Sweat!.the Best Of Puzzles. by VoodooDoll(m): 1:17am On Jul 13, 2014
Either two marbles or zero marbles if this is a trick question.

Two marbles to get a bw mixture in each box or zero marbles if a trick question that just involves relabelling the boxes.
Forum Games / Re: Believe Me, This Is Going To Make You Sweat!.the Best Of Puzzles. by VoodooDoll(m): 8:56pm On Jul 12, 2014
Two marbles to ensure all boxes contain a mixture.

Bb | ww | bw

Pick one white and one black from the |bb| and |ww| boxes to give you:

Bw| bw | bw

So irrespective of label, you know each box contains a bw combination and have definitely determined the contents.
Politics / Re: No Administration Has Done Better Than Mine- Jonathan by VoodooDoll(m): 9:29pm On Jan 09, 2014
What a person!!
Politics / Re: Lagosians Finally Experience 24 Hrs Power Supply. by VoodooDoll(m): 6:50am On Jan 07, 2014
Na lie, no 24 hr power supply for ikeja GRA, Surulere, ikoyi, VI or Gbagada.


TV/Movies / Re: "The Walking Dead" - Season 4 by VoodooDoll(m): 10:23am On Nov 30, 2013
Governor will unleash a tank at the prison...
Politics / Re: Lagos Home To New Innovation Hub As Venia Business Hub Launches by VoodooDoll(m): 6:38pm On Oct 14, 2013
obowunmi: His useless company doesn't even make any money.... ahaha! do tell, what were your "sales" last year? THEIF!!

So is that why he's a fraud in your opinion.

Are you a shareholder or he owes you money or what?
Politics / Re: Lagos Home To New Innovation Hub As Venia Business Hub Launches by VoodooDoll(m): 9:44pm On Oct 13, 2013
obowunmi: Kola Oyeneyin is a FRAUD.

That's a rather harsh and potentially libellous statement to make. Can you back it up with evidence etc and is Kola Oyeniyin a public figure and therefore is his profile open to disparaging statements like this?

Disclosure: I know the guy but have not seen any actions or comments that would make me think him a fraud.
Education / Re: Patience Jonathan Honoured With Doctorate Degree In South Korea by VoodooDoll(m): 8:32pm On Oct 12, 2013
That University is run by a dodgy man... Birds of the same feather.. Thieves honouring thieves...


In March, 2011, Cho again became a subject of controversy when he reportedly made comments suggesting that the 2011 Tōhoku tsunami "could be a warning from God to Japan, which has become an increasingly materialistic, secular and idol-worshiping country.

In April, 2011, Cho was accused of nepotism by assigning his relatives to key church positions after his retirement.

In September 2011, Korean prosecutors began an investigation of Cho's alleged embezzlement of 23 billion ($20 million USD) from the Yoido Full Gospel Church's funds, after 29 church elders filed complaints.

A national broadcaster, MBC, released a documentary that claimed the money had been used to buy properties in the United States.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hansei_University, and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Yonggi_Cho#Controversies


Politics / Re: Jonathan Administration Orders 53 Gold-plated Iphones Worth 662 Million Naira by VoodooDoll(m): 10:16pm On Sep 11, 2013
This story is suspect and sounds like trash. Any other source apart from Premium Times?
Politics / Re: Ex-N'Delta Militants Declare Atiku Persona-Non-Grata by VoodooDoll(m): 12:12am On Sep 09, 2013
Day 1 of 7.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Oil Output At 4 Year Low - Financial Times by VoodooDoll(m): 7:08am On Aug 28, 2013
Gbawe: We should learn to call a spade a spade in Nigeria. Heck, they do so in all other Countries while we prefer acting like fraudsters talking around the obvious truth. The Presidency is behind this or complicit in it same as GEJ and Allison-Madueke were behind the fuel subsidy scam. No two ways about it. How can oil theft now be worse or at the same level as when militancy and violence was at its highest level? Under GEJ, there is no discipline at all and crooks and opportunists are just stealing Nigeria blind in every sector.

In sane nations, this President will be stopped before Nigeria is bankrupt. Yet we have a likely brain-damaged man angling to 'return' as Governor, as an example of the 'madness' of Nigeria, so I guess "suffering and smiling" will continue in our nation where anything goes.

Suffering, shuffling and smiling to continual penury.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Oil Output At 4 Year Low - Financial Times by VoodooDoll(m): 12:23am On Aug 28, 2013
What's happening with the PIB?
Politics / Nigeria Oil Output At 4 Year Low - Financial Times by VoodooDoll(m): 10:57pm On Aug 27, 2013
Theft and disruptions knock Nigeria oil output to four-year low

Nigeria is suffering the worst oil production disruptions in four years, with output falling to levels last seen before the government’s amnesty programme ended the militancy in the Niger delta.

Industrial scale oil theft, sabotage and technical problems have caused crude output to drop to less than 1.9m barrels a day this summer, the lowest since mid-2009, when production briefly dipped to a 20-year low of 1.5m b/d. Any further fall would allow Angola to assume Nigeria’s position as the continent’s largest crude producer.

“Output has been less than 2m barrels a day for several months,” said Rolake Akinkugbe, head of energy research at Ecobank. “It’s a reflection of the headwinds facing oil companies in Nigeria.” The country’s production difficulties have helped push global crude prices to a five-month high of $111 a barrel. They have also damaged the financial outlook in Africa’s second-biggest economy, where oil and gas account for nearly 80 per cent of fiscal revenues.

Nigeria budgeted for oil sales of 2.5m b/d in 2013, which combined with the high petroleum prices should have allowed for substantial savings in the Excess Crude Account, the government’s rainy-day fund. But instead of increasing, the fund has been run down from $9bn in December to $5.1bn in July.

Razia Khan, head of Africa research at Standard Chartered Bank, said falling oil revenues should be a worry for the Nigerian government, especially with a presidential election scheduled for early 2015. Previous polls have been preceded by a sharp increase in spending and leakages in revenue collection as politicians try to buy their way to power.

“Nigeria still has a comfortable current account surplus, but it is declining, as is the Excess Crude Account,” said Mrs Khan. “Unless we see a turnaround in oil revenues, investors are going to start to get concerned.”

Nigeria drastically reduced the number of oil worker kidnappings and pipeline bomb attacks in 2009 by persuading more than 26,000 militants to disarm in exchange for monthly cash payments, which are ongoing. While the violence has not returned, the theft of oil has grown into a vast and lucrative enterprise involving well-connected officials and security personnel.

More than 150,000 barrels of oil are reportedly stolen every day, with some feeding illegal refineries in the Niger delta and the bulk shipped to destinations as far away as Asia. The Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative said in July that the country had lost $10.9bn in potential oil revenues to theft and sabotage from 2009 to 2011 – before the problem reached its current scale. By last year, losses had increased to $1bn a month, according to the government.

Oil majors have at times had to stop pumping from onshore oilfields because of thieves tapping into their pipelines, with Shell and Eni declaring force majeure this year. Inadequate maintenance procedures and ageing infrastructure, especially the 6,000km pipeline network, has added to the companies’ production woes.

The disruptions caused oil output to slip below 2m b/d in April, reaching a floor of 1.88m b/d in June, before increasing slightly to 1.92m b/d in July, according to the International Energy Agency. In 2011 and 2012, the country’s average production was 2.2m b/d and 2.1m b/d respectively. Angola, which briefly overtook Nigeria as the continent’s biggest producer in 2009, exports about 1.8m b/d, and hopes to hit 2m b/d by 2015.

Besides the domestic factors, shifting international dynamics are also working against Nigeria. The US has long been the biggest buyer of its crude, but the growth of the American shale industry is changing that. In February, US imports from Nigeria dropped to 194,000 b/d, an 18-year low, forcing Nigeria to find new buyers. Meanwhile, new oil and gas discoveries elsewhere in Africa – from Ghana to Mozambique – mean that petroleum companies have much greater choice than a few years ago over where to invest.

With 37.2bn barrels of provable oil reserves – more than three times that of Angola – Nigeria has much scope to increase oil production, and the government has talked for years about output of 4m b/d. But uncertainly over the petroleum industry bill, which is meant to transform the domestic industry – and increase the government’s fiscal take – has caused oil majors to delay approving new projects.

The mounting security problems and costs onshore have caused the likes of Shell and Chevron to sell off some assets to local players, and concentrate more on deepwater blocks.

Source: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/fdd74c5e-0f09-11e3-8e58-00144feabdc0.html?siteedition=uk#axzz2dD0y5cvO
Politics / Re: Ogun Poised To Overtake Lagos In Development! by VoodooDoll(m): 3:50am On Aug 16, 2013
Excellent. We need more....

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Politics / Re: Igbo And The Governance Of Lagos by VoodooDoll(m): 2:26pm On Aug 11, 2013
Good write up, well balanced.
Foreign Affairs / Re: 12-yr-old Boy With Growth Tail Hailed As god In India by VoodooDoll(m): 11:54pm On Aug 03, 2013
Huffington Post has picked up this story from Nairaland!

Politics / Re: A Niger-Delta Village In The 1960s (before Oil) by VoodooDoll(m): 7:39pm On Jul 13, 2013
It's a pity that their leaders are mostly too corrupt, incompetent and too bethroned to GEJ and PDP (and similar wasted politicians) to reverse the current tragedy.


Politics / Re: Soyinka Is An Embarrassment To His Admirers – Patience Jonathan by VoodooDoll(m): 7:36pm On Jul 13, 2013
PEJ is a mere domestic appendage to a wasted presidency.
Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Rivers Of Shame. by VoodooDoll(m): 9:55am On Jul 13, 2013
GEJ's days have been counted and numbered.

Time to sweep this clown and his troupe of insolent midgets out!
Politics / Re: All Progressive Congress (APC) Nairaland Chapter by VoodooDoll(m): 7:21pm On Jul 10, 2013
Time to sweeeep Pee Dee Pee out!
Politics / Re: If Nigeria Breaks Up What Will You Miss? by VoodooDoll(m): 9:53pm On Jul 08, 2013
Lagos traffic..... (Would finally be able to go from Island to Mainland in no time!)
Politics / Re: Bamidele May Dump ACN To Contest Against Fayemi by VoodooDoll(m): 8:43pm On Jul 08, 2013
Bye bye Bamidele.

Competition is a good thing but I don't think he stands a chance...

What are his credentials?
- an ex-Tinubu boy feeling too big for his shoes...
Politics / Re: Let's Have Your Complaints, Suggestions & Enquiries Here by VoodooDoll(m): 3:52pm On Jul 06, 2013
Can this please be moved to Ethnic, tribal etc section:


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