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Romance / Re: Careers Of Men That Turn You Off As A Lady? by Winneygirl(f): 11:48am On Sep 15
Not so keen on show biz...But people need to earn a living.
As long as it is not fraudulent in nature, I'm game.


Romance / Re: Could She Be Carrying My Child? by Winneygirl(f): 2:40pm On Sep 13
Immature girl.
Immature guy.
Immature child.

You will make a great family.
I will leave you with this poem.

There was a mad man,
And he had a mad wife,
And they lived all in a mad lane!
They had three children all at a birth,
And they too were mad every one.
The father was mad,
The mother was mad,
The children all mad beside;
And upon a mad horse they all of them got,
And madly away did ride.
Politics / Re: Which Is The Best HMO In Nigeria? by Winneygirl(f): 6:21pm On Sep 09
Axa Mansard.
Liberty Blue.
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by Winneygirl(f): 9:18am On Sep 03
The cost of baby diapers have gone up how many times in the last 2-3 months.
Mamas please help me recommend cheaper options than molfix and Bebem.
I'm almost going crazy.
Family / Re: Molfix And Huggies Diapers' Which Is Better? by Winneygirl(f): 2:51pm On Sep 02
Try kisskids.
That's a lot better than molfix now.

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Business / Re: FIRS Appoints Banks To Recover N1.8trn Taxes From DSTV by Winneygirl(f): 2:25pm On Jul 08
Anyone who believes this does not know what FIRS does to businesses.
Firstly, they are only now trying to digitize the process.
There is no reason why they should not have an online portal where companies can file their tax returns. It is largely manual.
You need to go to their office monthly to file tax returns.
Even after filing for years, because they do too much paper work, they'll wake up one day and claim that your business has not paid any tax since inception. It will now be on you to start providing proof of payment from inception.
They will fine you for any period you are unable to show filing for.
This FIRS position is just bogus! They want to milk DSTV/Multichoice dry.

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Family / Re: I'm Going Through A Terrible Breakup. Please Advise. by Winneygirl(f): 6:25pm On Jun 27
When I was going through a heartbreak, I couldn't understand why we weren't on the same page. I stumbled on the song
'If the world was ending': JP Saxe & Julia Michaels.
It really helped me put things in perspective.
It's important to have someone looking out for you, and I couldn't count on him to do that. It put things in perspective for me and I moved on.
Family / Re: Women; What Do You Think? by Winneygirl(f): 4:19pm On Jun 27
For me
Winking, cutting eye, whistling is disrespectful. If you have nothing to offer, try this.
Staring unnecessarily, pervy. If you're pervy, try this.

Starting a conversation, introducing yourself and finding a common ground is mature.
If you want a meaningful engagement, try this.


Business / Re: Mobil Filling Station, ₦10,000 & POS Wahala: How Can I Resolve This Issue? by Winneygirl(f): 9:22am On Jun 24
Your complaint should be to your bank.
How many times were you debited.
Print your statement for it and be clear that the amount was not reversed.
Your bank can re-open the complaint if you insist that you were debited for a failed POS purchase with evidence.
You can also apply for a funds recall from the account that you transferred to.
All those advising you to go and engage EFCC, to go and fight at the station don't know how to resolve anything.
Also note that the manager of the filling station might not be in charge of accounts, so he may not have access to check the stations bank account.


Crime / Re: Michael Usifo Ataga Is Dead, Super TV CEO Murdered by Winneygirl(f): 4:30pm On Jun 19
Hmm. , the signs are always there but sometimes we ignore the warnings to stop those actions that will bring disgrace to us and our families or even death to us. The man died in disgrace.Some women know their husbands have this weakness but still carelessly leave their husbands to walk into dangerous relationships that can kill him or both of them even through STI like HIV. A 2-week camping with a strange woman can never escape detection of a wife 100% involved in the daily life of her husband. It's so sad he died such a violent death and I pray he gets justice in death. Imagine his children and their friends hearing the way their adulterous dad died in the hands of a strange live-in-lover woman who is not their mother.visit www.FreeStuffsNG.com for latest freestuffs in Nigeria.

So you are blaming the wife for the actions of a fully grown 50 year old man?
When will men stop acting like women are responsible for them? Can't you all just be responsible for your own lives??


Family / Re: Which Of These Is Advisable To Go For In Marriage? by Winneygirl(f): 8:46am On Jun 14

wait woah that was never my intention

Well, that was what you stated.
Family / Re: Which Of These Is Advisable To Go For In Marriage? by Winneygirl(f): 2:31pm On Jun 13

true, I've come to know that marriage chemistry has to have a chemistry Union between both your feelings and peace of mind

I'm the type that loves to build my woman to my taste as far as she's willing to go the extra mile for me (that is if she loves me)

the first one looks ok, but do she love you or think of you as someone homely too

before embarking on such journey as marriage you bed to cover and secure all the roads successfully so that you're sure to live a happy life forever

The first mistake you are making is to think that you will 'build a woman to your taste'.
You want to change her from what she is to something you have in your mind as your ideal woman. There can never be true happiness in that union.
Instead of you to look for a lady that matches your 'taste', you want to take someone and 'mold' them into what you want. What about what she wants? You're not even considering that.
You just sound like an oppressor. You are already planning all the work she will have to do by "going the extra mile" for you.
Just say you're looking for a slave.


Family / Re: Which Of These Is Advisable To Go For In Marriage? by Winneygirl(f): 1:50pm On Jun 13
Do you even know their opinion about your own character, or this is based off of you thinking that your 'character ' is just fine?


Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by Winneygirl(f): 12:36am On Jun 09

Which part of Abuja axis?

Sorounding states(towns) or inside the FCT?
Surrounding town please
Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by Winneygirl(f): 1:20pm On Jun 08
Please I'd like to value a property around abuja axis.
Can anyone here guide me?
Education / Re: I Am Working With A Psycho Please Help by Winneygirl(f): 3:47pm On Jun 03
I am a 400l student of a technology university, Doing my internship in a supermarket as the IT OFFICER in that supermarket. but the sales girl is a completely RUDE GIRL. she's pretty with bad leg(structure), but she's really rude. She want to be forming i met her there whereas I'm her superior due to the position hold. it has been really hard looking away, please HELP, what can I do to enjoy the rest of my stay.

Don't talk too much.
Keep things civil and work-related.
Family / Re: My Ongoing Experience Recovering From My Wife's Infidelity by Winneygirl(f): 12:18pm On May 30

...there is nothing salvageable in the marriage...if the lady could sleep with someone, boldly declare that she did it and ask for a divorce, then they have had all the communication necessary and the marriage is already terminated...the man needs to let her go, dedicate sufficient time to healing, join functional social groups that would be a good buffer for him and move on!

Well... that is the man's decision, not ours.
Family / Re: What A Man Did To His Wife Of 20years! by Winneygirl(f): 1:12pm On May 28
The one who died is the real wife.
You are just the "side wife", you just dont know it.


Family / Re: My Ongoing Experience Recovering From My Wife's Infidelity by Winneygirl(f): 8:55am On May 28

Heart to heart talk with a prostitute that has been sleeping around?
Will you prefer a Leg-to-Leg talk?

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Winneygirl(f): 7:41pm On May 26
9.7 for a year isn't bad at the moment. To think it went lower to 3% some months back. Even when we were romanticizing it. All we got then was 18%. I guess we are making progress. It's coming up gradually.

It went down to 9.65%.
It went downnn.... cry cry cry

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Winneygirl(f): 7:28pm On May 26


Na wa o. This thing no gel.
Family / Re: My Ongoing Experience Recovering From My Wife's Infidelity by Winneygirl(f): 1:12pm On May 26
This is not the place. Read Matthew 19:9, “I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness ... ". The bolded is legal ground to divorce a woman who is caught in the act of adultery

So Prophet, you are selecting the part of the Bible that you like....Weldone Sir.

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Family / Re: My Ongoing Experience Recovering From My Wife's Infidelity by Winneygirl(f): 12:39pm On May 26
The woman was caught in adultery and you are still looking at salvaging? Aunty, please read your bible and see what Jesus said about married women caught in the act of adultery

Prophet Hashabiah,
Since you have brought Jesus into the matter, let me quote the bible here between Jesus and the woman caught in adultery. John 8: 7-11

"7 They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”
8 Then he stooped down again and wrote in the dust.
9 When the accusers heard this, they slipped away one by one, beginning with the oldest, until only Jesus was left in the middle of the crowd with the woman.
10 Then Jesus stood up again and said to the woman, “Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?”
11 “No, Lord,” she said.

And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.”


Family / Re: My Ongoing Experience Recovering From My Wife's Infidelity by Winneygirl(f): 11:41am On May 26
Take some time.
Have a heart to heart talk with her. So you ask the questions that are burning in your heart.
So you can know if your marriage is salvageable...
That is the first step.

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Family / Re: Family Problems About Remarrying by Winneygirl(f): 11:45am On May 14

You have made a lot of sense, you have made me even more weak. More like she has refused to leave, I have discussed it amicably, she has pleaded that she will change, I should give her more time. Her apt is till there but she doesn't want to go back claiming she's in love with me and she can't stay away from me. I think I am in trouble, I don't feel right about this anymore

You are still speaking grammar... until she harms your kids.
You don't know how to put your foot down?

Take your kids to a family members house for a week. Give her 3 days to move back to her apartment. Do not eat anything she cooks and if possible, do not sleep in the same house.
By the 3rd day if she is still there, call a friend, maybe 2(male and female) to standby while she moves ALL her belongings. Collect your keys, change the locks same day and block her.
You don't know what you are neck deep in.

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Family / Re: Help, My Guy Needs A Good Advice by Winneygirl(f): 11:22am On May 14
Leave married people and their matters alone o. If the woman wants to leave, let her leave. If the man wants to run, let him run.
Eventually, everyone will make their choices and it will have nothing to do with you.


Romance / Re: When A Couple Truly Love Each Other by Winneygirl(f): 11:08am On May 14
Family / Re: Family Problems About Remarrying by Winneygirl(f): 6:53pm On May 13
Firstly, were they homeless before?
Why was it so easy to move into your home?
Seperate this family matter quickly. Let them return to where they came from sharply!!

Secondly, I will not take any disrespect of a deceased loved one. She is not emotionally sensitive to your needs. Let her go.

Thirdly, she will take over your home, take over your life and destroy everything you hold dear.

Send her away TODAY!!!!!


Family / Re: Please, I Need Advice! by Winneygirl(f): 2:41am On May 12
Make your own money.
E get why...
Family / Re: Should I Give Him Another Chance by Winneygirl(f): 2:37am On May 12
Firstly, what has Pastor got to do with anything?

Secondly, if he cannot fend for himself and his kids and is always looking for handouts, he has no business being in a relationship with a woman who has as much responsibilities as he does.

Lastly, he cannot claim to love you, but hate your kids.

In conclusion, RUN!
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Winneygirl(f): 6:56pm On May 10
How does the declared public holiday impact Wednesdays auction? Any news on that?
Health / Re: Help! My Younger Brother Is Going Mad by Winneygirl(f): 5:53pm On May 08
I am from a family of three. I have two brothers. One older and the other younger than me so I'm the only girl in my family.

Can someone suggest a place I can take my two brothers to so they can be cured, please.

This looks like it is genetic/hereditary.
I dont think it started with your Mum.
Look through your mothers family history for siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts who had same condition.
This is not spiritual. The earlier you find medical help for your siblings, the better.
Also look into getting a caregiver. Someone qualified who will administer their medications and take care of them.
Please don't go running around spiritual houses. They will confuse you, they will drain your pockets and you will get no results.

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