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Career / Re: What Investment Advice Would You Give A 21-year-old today? by Winneygirl(f): 2:14pm On Sep 12
Hello nairaland.

So I'll make this post short and straight to the point.

I'm a 21 year-old undergraduate affected by the ASUU strike and thanks to God I have been able to start making some cool money in tech. I want to ask you all what financial advices or investment tips you would give any one in their early twenties so they don't wreck themselves

Take 21-30 as your 1st 10 years as an adult. Start saving money.
Give yourself a reasonable target every year, spread it monthly and save. Once the money is up to maybe 500k-1M, put it in fixed deposit or Treasury bills for one year to yield some interest. The goal is not to get rich from Fixed deposit or Treasury Bills, but to not leave it within easy reach for you to spend.
Every year, you add what you have saved for the year to your previous savings, and roll it back into Treasury Bills.
Do this till you are 30. By then, you will have set up goals for the next 10 years of your life, and you will have funds to fund the goals.

Between 30-40, you will essentially be building a business/firm/corporation for yourself. You will make a few mistakes, you will experiment with different ideas, but you will grow strong.

From 40-50, you should have solidified your investment. Your business should be yielding profit and you will know what works. Dig in, and make sure your foundation is strong and you make your business as big as you can make it.

From 50-60, employ a lot of young, vibrant and innovative people. They will take your business to the next level, and they will be in tune with the times. You will oversee the business, and take a supervisory approach to things. You will be the voice of reason, but you will embrace change.

I don't know what comes next, but we will figure it out.


Crime / Re: Two Pupils Die, Others Pass Out Inside Their School Bus In Lagos by Winneygirl(f): 6:21am On Jul 10
How crowded was the bus that kids suffocated? Plus I'm sure all the windows were up.
For this to happen, the kids had to have been sandwiched in the bus with no ventilation. Wasn't there supposed to be another staff riding with the bus to keep an eye on the kids??


Family / Re: How Much Feeding Allowance Is Sufficient For A Family Of Five by Winneygirl(f): 9:56am On Jun 10

I have setup two businesses for her which she mismanaged, but am trying to push her into importation again to see what she will be able to make out of it. I have lost several millions in setting up busineses for her without success, most time I even try marketing for her.
Maybe you are setting up what you want, not what she can do.
Not everyone will understand the nitty-gritty of importation and a lot of times, you are importing goods for a specific target market.
Sometimes, you make more money from the easy, everyday buy and sell.
You can set up a retail or wholesale shop where she sells everyday items. Drinks, packaged foods, food spices, sugar, laundry agents, hygiene products etc.
Do your market research. She can buy from distributors and warehouses located close to/within the markets and sell as a wholesaler. She will just need to be in a good location with foot traffic. Everyday, simple items.
Forget all these online talk of importation. If you can do without the pressure of forex, please do without it.


Family / Re: My 17yrs Old Son Is Getting Out Of Hand by Winneygirl(f): 7:58am On Jun 10
I'm a single mother of two teenage sons, lost my husband 10 years ago and have been struggling to cater for them singlehandedly. My first son is 19 and the last 17 years but I'm getting fed up with the disrespect and regret not taking them to the village so I could remarry.

You need to separate them from their current environment.
Do you have a relative or someone in a different state where they can go to "learn a trade"?
Preferably, two different places for them to go. They will calm down in the new location, they will be engaged and will have no choice than to respect their host.
Family / Re: How Much Feeding Allowance Is Sufficient For A Family Of Five by Winneygirl(f): 1:16pm On Jun 09
Not only is she mismanaging the money, she is also apparently jobless.

This is what happens when you marry a fool who has no job.

Do you know why she is jobless? Or are you unaware that some men make their wives quit their jobs/businesses after marriage?
There are many reasons why she is not bringing any money to the table.

@Headbanger, why doesn't your wife earn any money?
Family / Re: How Much Feeding Allowance Is Sufficient For A Family Of Five by Winneygirl(f): 1:26pm On Jun 08
She is not mismanaging the money.
Feeding 5 mouths 3 times daily for 30 days is no joke.
Also, the money will go to other things such as laundry, cleaning, buying books for kids, sorting out small small health concerns for the kids and I believe small repairs around the house.

You might want to give her 50k bi-weekly. So she can decide to buy some things in bulk.
Veg. oil, yam, rice, semo and meat, laundry detergents etc
But know that what you could get for 100k in april, you will need about 115k now in june to get the same quantity.
Inflation is alarming...


Literature / Re: Trish Lorenz Book 'Soro Soke' Sparks Outrage Over Appropriation by Winneygirl(f): 12:37pm On May 31
We need to learn to write our history ourselves.
And encourage our authors.
Family / Re: My Family Is At The Verge Of Destruction by Winneygirl(f): 10:27am On May 31
They must not be friends.
Reconcile with your brother.
Go for counselling with your wife.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is A Nigerian Salary Earner Of 500k Per Month Considered Rich? by Winneygirl(f): 8:47am On May 28
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is A Nigerian Salary Earner Of 500k Per Month Considered Rich? by Winneygirl(f): 12:56pm On May 26
So I was arguing with a friend who stays in the states and he keeps saying I am a rich guy.

Current salary is about 512k per month (take home), and has an annual increment of 15% of your take home. This is aside perks of perdiem anytime I travel outside work base (15k per night).

Cc: seun mynd44 pls help us for more audience and opinions

Your pay is fair, and I will consider you middle class. You can live in a clean accessible apartment with water, fuel your car conveniently and have some savings to plan for your future. You can afford to hang out with your friends weekly if you choose and you will not cry. You can afford to buy a piece of land that is cheap and you will not feel it much in your pocket.
But you are middle class.
To maintain this lifestyle, you have to continually earn that annual 15% increment which I will hope that you save monthly since your lifestyle shouldn't change because of small increment.
If marriage is in your plans, marry someone who works and earns well. At least 50% of what you earn.
This way, you can still afford your current lifestyle while raising a family.
But if you prefer a SAHM for a wife, your 512k will bring you down to lower class. You will cancel hang out with your friends. That your piece of land you bought, you will not build anything on it. You will cry when you realise how much you have to spend on diapers and baby formula and daily running of the house.
Then anger will set in. You will forget love. Anxiety and resentment will set in and you will spend everyday complaining about how this country is bad.


Education / Re: FG To Spend N999m Per Day To Feed 10 Million Pupils by Winneygirl(f): 9:08am On May 26
It is the parents jobs to cook food and feed their children, not the government.
Such money ought to be channeled towards ensuring that people are paid fair wages for the work they do.
Road rehabilitation creates jobs.
Upgrading our healthcare system creates jobs.
Upgrading and rehabilitating our schools creates jobs.
Ensuring proper waste recycling and disposal creates jobs.
Provision of central water supply systems for households creates jobs.

But our governments priority is to engage people to be cooking indomie and rice for school pupils daily.
What kind of scam is this government running? All on borrowed funds!!

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Health / Re: My Wound Is Taking Forever To Heal (Graphic) by Winneygirl(f): 8:04am On May 26
Mature aloe vera.
Autos / Re: Is This Car Worth Sending To Nigeria? (Pictured) by Winneygirl(f): 10:54am On May 20
I will not pay 2M for this.

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Family / Re: Five-year-old Pupil Drowns During Swimming Lesson In Lagos by Winneygirl(f): 2:24pm On May 19
1 caregiver to 15 students??
Celebrities / Re: Helen Paul's Post About Generator & NEPA Bill In Nigeria Goes Viral by Winneygirl(f): 2:01pm On May 18
Me I'm jejely enjoying my solar although buying it was more expensive! Every frozen food I sell are like they brought them from the December snow in Tallinn! Solar all the way! Fyck NEPA!

Congrats o. The peace of mind you will have now is soo worth it.
Celebrities / Re: Helen Paul's Post About Generator & NEPA Bill In Nigeria Goes Viral by Winneygirl(f): 1:59pm On May 18
I tell people who want to start a business to run away from any business that depends on electricity to run.
Frozen foods, fast foods, ice cream places....

Secondly, if you can afford solar installation especially for businesses, please do it o.
They will soon increase electricity tariff again.
Even in your homes, you can start small.
You can set up solar security lights around your house. Such that even if there is no PHCN supply, you wont be in darkness.
If it's a family house, you can do a set up that can carry refrigerator/freezer, light, sockets for TV and fans and charging phones. Once you get these down, you are set for a long time.
TV/Movies / Re: Drop A Famous Line From A Popular Movie & Someone Will Guess The Movie Name! by Winneygirl(f): 2:41pm On May 13
Aso funfun ni sukun aro, ipinle oro ni sukun ekeji tantan
Saworo ide.

Mad oooo...

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Education / Re: Lifting The Ban On No Mobile Phones In High School. YES OR NO??? by Winneygirl(f): 3:08pm On May 12
What value will cell phones add to the students?
We had no cell phones and we turned out alright.
Emphasis should be on extra curricula activities that boost their intellect. There's enough distractions already.

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Health / Re: What Is Your Genotype??? by Winneygirl(f): 2:07pm On Apr 23
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage by Winneygirl(f): 3:23pm On Apr 22

Na so e bad reach @ Beta people no pass 2 again for this Nigeria.
Na only 2 o.
1. Me
2. ........fill in the gap.
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage by Winneygirl(f): 2:37pm On Apr 22

He has no other issue apart from this. He has never beaten me or anything but I am tired. Overall he is a good husband to be fair and honest but I can no longer deal with this.I prefer to be single and free than deal with this rubbish.

I feel like pouring out my heart.

This is your main issue.
You married too young. Probably at 18. You had not lived life, and now you think that if your eyes were more open when you got married, you probably would not have chosen him as a husband.
You want to do in your 30s what you should have done in your 20s.
You sound like Your life revolves around your children and husband. You want to break free.
I will advise that you and your husband see a family therapist. A counselor to help you navigate your marriage(not a pastor or religious figure oo).
Then set aside a day or two monthly when you can have alone time. Take some space, go to a beach, go relax and just see the world.
Your husband needs the same thing.
Then set aside a day or two to go somewhere with your hubby alone. Spend time together away from your kids and rekindle your love.
Also learn to have your kids spend some time with inlaws etc so you can have a quiet house.
Let me warn you...The "freedom" you are looking for outside your marriage is not worth the trouble. Beta people no pass 2 again for this Nigeria.
Family / Re: I Just Broke My Second Piggy Bank Of A Week. by Winneygirl(f): 7:44am On Apr 21

I thought I no longer understood the meaning of piggy bank anymore when i saw she needed to restock her store from her piggy bank. I was like... What of the capital? Because the piggy bank is meant for saving extra made from sales.

Some of us still need lecture about finances generally.

I agree. If you have to break your piggy bank every week, then maybe you should be depositing your money in the bank and be running your business with the money.

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Health / Re: My Tooth Is Killing Me, Help!!! by Winneygirl(f): 9:25pm On Apr 16
Good day , good people of this forum, i am going to go straight to my worrisome oral health condition, : is cue.

Clove essential oil for applying directly. Just a few drops as needed.
Family / Re: My Parents Are Really Annoying Me by Winneygirl(f): 3:17pm On Apr 06
The people your parents go to everytime are their "support system".
You kids will grow up and leave them.
They need to be engaged in activities in order to keep loneliness away and stay strong.
Please stop discouraging them from going out and attending events. It makes them happy. It keeps them active. And they will have people they can turn to if they have issues in life.
Crime / Re: My Girlfriend Was RAPED I Don’t Know What To Do by Winneygirl(f): 12:02pm On Apr 05
The only part that irks me is that the "rapist" gave her pills the next day....and she took them.
Who collects drugs from an attacker and takes them??
Politics / Re: Two Million People Will Start Receiving ₦20bn Monthly From June - FG by Winneygirl(f): 9:59am On Apr 04
I am tired of policies that are not for the greater good of the people.

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Religion / Re: Have You Ever Fallen Under Anointing? by Winneygirl(f): 9:26am On Apr 03
I have tried to fall, e no work.


Career / Re: I Am In A Dilemma, Please Help! by Winneygirl(f): 2:29pm On Mar 31
Don't underestimate the skills you will learn from your uncle.
With 35k, you cannot save anything and you will most likely be unable to start any business with it.
But you see that skill set your uncle is offering you, put your head down and go and learn.
That is the way to set yourself up for the future.


Family / Re: I Denied My Wife Food This Night, Are My Right Or Wrong. by Winneygirl(f): 8:37am On Mar 31
If both of you are too exhausted to cook, there's fast food places.
Just buy already cooked food and both of you should eat.
Sometimes, tiredness prevents you from doing things even when you know you ought to do them.
Sometimes, you watch movies to relax instead of cooking to eat.
Always have things like noodles, bread and easy to cook meals at home for days when life's frustrations want to lead to petty petty fights like this.


Foreign Affairs / Re: At Least 3 Dead In Snowy Pileup Of Dozens Of Vehicles In Pennsylvania, Usa(Pics) by Winneygirl(f): 8:48am On Mar 30
I saw this video and i wonder why the motorists were still speeding in those harsh weather conditions. Risky stuff. RIP to the dead

The ice makes the vehicles skid off so even if they apply brakes suddenly, the vehicles wouldn't just come to a stop.
Plus very poor visibility. It is clear that many of the drivers couldn't see beyond a few feet at a time.
Family / Re: Sneaky Husband by Winneygirl(f): 9:35am On Mar 24
What do you need us to do for you?
Whatever you want to do, do it quick because you know what it is.
Travel / Re: Should I Build A House Or Relocate With 7m Naira? by Winneygirl(f): 4:05pm On Mar 22

You are just so stupid to have made a comment like this

You are just so smart to have made a comment like this.

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