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Autos / Re: 2005 Nissan Pathfinder SE For Sale: Registered by TheOne2(m): 11:21am On Sep 21, 2013
Available? Where?
Family / Re: *Have You Seen 5-yr-old Oluwaseun Ogungbemile* by TheOne2(m): 2:04am On Aug 29, 2013
Osama10: Nigeria is so so insecure.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by TheOne2(m): 7:54am On Jul 13, 2013
I need knowledgeable Benz people to help with a decision. I'm considering buying a brand new Benz and deciding btw a 2014 E class ( $60,000) and a 2013 C class ($40,000) or 2014 if available. My question is whether the extra $20,000 is justified for an E class. Some people say it's not much of an upgrade on the C class. What do you think?
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa "The Chase" Official Thread by TheOne2(m): 3:20pm On Jul 12, 2013
This our Beverley sha. She was gisting housemates abt a fight she had with a girl on her street and she was like "her mother came to take me to the police station, I was sitting with my brother and his friends on my mother's jeep bla bla bla". And then she goes " she's my best friend on my street now. Her name is Tope Akinpelu. Shout out to Tope". She then spoils it by saying "we go everywhere together, parties etc. You know, she not toosh, I mean not posh at all so I piiimp her up and take her out bla bla". How can you call someone's name on continental tv and diss her like that. Wish someone can whisper into her ears to tone it down a bit.


Politics / Re: Fashola Commissions Lekki-ikoyi Link Bridge. PICS by TheOne2(m): 8:06am On Jun 02, 2013
You guys are not answering the pertinent questions concerning this bridge. The issue is not whether to toll or not because there'll always be arguments for both sides.
However, who is the "Lagos Tolling Company"? What have they done or will be doing to justify collecting 28% of the toll takings into their pockets? Did the spend money on building this bridge? Is this not a ploy for politicians to corruptly enrich themselves on a project that was built with tax payers' money?

The ACN always have a way of spoiling their potentially good initiatives with arrangements like this which is clearly a means of lining pockets illegally. This is the meat of the argument put forward by members of the state house of assembly when they complained last week. Their interests were not taken care of in the 28%. I guess the "lion of bourdillon" has cornered everything for himself.

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Politics / Re: Allison-Madueke Defends Transfer Of Oil-Blocks To Her Company by TheOne2(m): 6:43am On May 02, 2013
Assume that all of Nigeria's 30 billion barrels reserves is in those fields, at $100 per barrel that comes to $3 trillion. Where is this $15 trillion coming from?
Business / Re: Access Bank Stealing Money From Customers' Accounts by TheOne2(m): 7:46am On May 01, 2013
Access Bank is pushing the boundaries. When I saw this thread yesterday, I told my wife to check her savings account and unbelievably they removed N2000 in February and N5000 each in March and April while putting one nairaland interest per month. Na me and them tomorrow
Phones / Re: 419 By Glo by TheOne2(m): 10:05am On Aug 26, 2012
It looks like people are afraid to be wrong. Anyways, I loaded a 1000 nairaland voucher on the 24th and got 100 nairaland bonus. That translates to 10% bonus. I called their customer care line and they said the meaning of the text above is that they will give me 100% bonus on any credit I load and use between 23rd and 25th. Can someone please explain to me how that is the interpretation of the text above.? I told them I'm never going to recharge that line again and I'm reporting them to NCC.
Phones / 419 By Glo by TheOne2(m): 8:59am On Aug 26, 2012
Can someone please interprete what this text message that I got from glo means: "Loyalty bonus. Get FREE 100% bonus on any recharge denomination made between 23rd and 25th August. Recharge now and start talking." I will come and give glo's interpretation of this message after I've gotten responses from my learned people on here.
Politics / Re: I Warned Nigeria Of Dana Plane Crash Through Tribune Newspaper! - TB Joshua by TheOne2(m): 5:47am On Jun 05, 2012
Prophecy: I see motor accidents happening on Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Anybody that wants to travel on that road should read the whole of Genesis before travelling.

Does this make me a prophet? You know this will definitely come to pass right?

However, if I say "I see that on 5th June 2012, at Ogere area of the Lagos Ibadan expressway, I see an accident happening". This to me will be prophesy because it takes away ambiguity that can be derived from statistical probabilities that are being peddled as prophecies. You cannot claim that you prophesy that an African leader will die this year when fact tells us that most of them are geriatrics anyway and the statistical probability that one one them will die is very high. To make the prophesy valid, make it specific and not an ambiguous one that is open to a thousand interpretations.
Politics / Re: I Warned Nigeria Of Dana Plane Crash Through Tribune Newspaper! - TB Joshua by TheOne2(m): 11:17pm On Jun 04, 2012
Can somebody please post TB Joshua's remaining prophecies here specifically stating the place, date and who/what will be Involved here. E.g when exactly is the next crash and where. When is the next Boko haram attack and where will it happen. Who will win Euro 2012 etc. I only hear about his prophecies AFTER the events have occurred. Immediately after the plane crash on Sunday, I could be,t my life that there would be a nairaland front page story stating that he predicted it and I was not wrong. So please people, if you cannot postbth,e prophecies here, tell me where they are and I'll go and copy them and paste here. That to me is proof not some jumbo jumbo after event prophecies.
Career / Re: Total Oil And Gas Workers by TheOne2(m): 5:57pm On Jun 03, 2012
I don't know if the "excess crude allowance" story is true but I can easily imagine a situation that could warrant it. Most IOCs have yearly targets that come from the corporate HQ. this is set based on an assessment of existing capacity, anticipated new development startup, upside from infill drilling and work overs, and the effect of natural decline. This target is set on a month-by-month basis. PENGASSAN can easily putvforth an argument that any production above this target is a result of outstanding efforts by employees and they want a share of the excess for their members. Such arguments might seem ludicrous in other sectors but in the oil industry, I wouldn't be surprised if it flies.
Career / Re: Can A Doctor Work In An Oil Company by TheOne2(m): 4:07pm On Jun 03, 2012
You can work in an oil company though the chances are quite slim. Oil companies employ mostly consultants on managerial level. Lower level doctors are somtimes employed on contract to cover some gaps.
Politics / Re: Orient Petroleum Strikes Oil In Anambra by TheOne2(m): 9:22pm On Mar 28, 2012
Is it that none of you actually read that report well enough to see that "ORIENT HAS NOT ACTUALLY DISCOVERED ANY OIL IN THOSE BLOCS". They are still acquiring seismic data after which they can then drill. Your discussions and jubilations are premature in my opinion.
Politics / Re: Fashola Hands Over 90-unit Lekki Scheme Ii Lsdpc Luxury Flats. Pics by TheOne2(m): 7:39pm On Feb 23, 2012
This news is more than a year old now? I was even thinking he built something new! undecided
Politics / Re: Zenon Never Benefited From Policy Payments by TheOne2(m): 4:18pm On Jan 19, 2012
These guys are clever by half. Why didn't they invite AP MD? We all know Otedola collected subsidy through AP and not zenon.
Politics / Re: Chevron Report That An Oil Rig Caught Fire Near Niger Delta by TheOne2(m): 12:49am On Jan 17, 2012

I perfectly understand you. However, this is not the place for the in-depth discussions. I'm sure we'll all see the RCA report when the time comes and will disect everything at the appropriate fora. I have intimate knowledge of the whole issue right from even the contracting of the rig to the P&A on the first hole then to this. Let's just do this using the right channels.
Politics / Re: Chevron Report That An Oil Rig Caught Fire Near Niger Delta by TheOne2(m): 8:28pm On Jan 16, 2012
You will agree with me that "causing" something is very different from "being responsible" for it. Again, I'll say we shouldn't use words carelessly
Politics / Re: Chevron Report That An Oil Rig Caught Fire Near Niger Delta by TheOne2(m): 8:13pm On Jan 16, 2012

Though I give it to you that you just got off the rig, I dare say that unless you can mention what the operators faults were that caused the incident, then @Dermeister's submissionwhich you seem to be supporting is specious. Without a comprehensice root-cause analysis, you cannot come to that conclusion.

Let's be careful as industry professionals about throwing unsubstantiated insinuations about.
Politics / Re: My Oil Firm Got No Kobo Of Subsidy From Fg -jimoh Ibrahim by TheOne2(m): 12:00pm On Jan 12, 2012
You guys shouldn't be so dumb! What the guy is saying is that he does not import petrol. His company buys from people that import and as such subsidy does not apply to him.

So many retardeens on here!!
Politics / Re: Occupy Lekki: Lekki Toll Gate Protest-update by TheOne2(m): 10:45pm On Jan 11, 2012
Naturally we are coming back to this issue after the fuel subsidy battle must have been won. Every oppressor of the people must be confronted whether GEJ or BRF\BAT!
Politics / Re: Two-face: ACN governors and leaders secretly want subsidy removal by TheOne2(m): 7:02am On Jan 11, 2012
I find it particularly insulting when people attribute the Lekki toll gate protest to PDP. You mean I and hundreds of working class professionals who came out on that day are PDP members?

Anyways BRF\BAT should not think that issue is gone for good. They are next after this fuel subsidy issue. Good news is that people now understand how it feels to be oppressed when govt tells you you don't matter.
Politics / Re: NLC Strike Over Fuel Subsidy Removal: What's Happening In Your Area? by TheOne2(m): 5:40pm On Jan 09, 2012
of a truth, y can't the so-called 'rich people' come out and protest, y does it always have to be the 'common' man

When the "rich" came out to protest the injustice of the Lekki toll road, you were all gloating when Fashola's thugs and police tear gassed them accusing them of not supporting "development". The "rich" know the "common man" do not wish them well.
Politics / Re: Acn Governors Declare Position On Subsidy by TheOne2(m): 6:45pm On Jan 08, 2012
But they support Fashola impoverishing Eti-Osa indigenes through phantom toll gates while corruptly enriching "The Leader". Hypocrites!!
Politics / Re: Fuel Price Vs. Minimum Wage In Opec Countries Inc. Nigeria by TheOne2(m): 10:54am On Jan 06, 2012
When we brought this analogy to the Lekki toll issue, a lot of you guys shot it down. Why is it different in this case?

You expect people not to be able to buy fuel at the new rates but think that they can go to work and pay 900 naira passing through 3 toll gates and feel it is "development".

Exploitation is exploitation whether by FG or LASG.
Politics / Re: Oil Workers Divided Over Strike by TheOne2(m): 8:14am On Jan 06, 2012
Babatunde Ogun is a stooge who is being manipulated by Oil company mgt to break the unity of PENGASSAN. All the policies being introduced since he got into office are designed to provoke individual chapters into rebellion and thus break the union and play into mgt's hands. Imagine him and a couple of others sitting down and saying they increased union dues from only 0.75% of basic salary to 2% of basic salary and 5%of every other allowance. To quantify, he wants to increase yearly dues from an average of about N100,000 to N700,000 per member even when there is no reporting on how they spend the current dues. Also, he knows that such a decision can only be taken at a full delegates conference but still went ahead in his bid to break the union. Anyways, my company chapter have told him we don't agree to such nonsense and will pull out of PENGASSAN if need be.

Members will join the strike whatever Ogun says. Only thing is that I don't think production will be shut-in and that is not customary during strikes. It is a weapon of the very last resort if all else fails. There are a couple of reasons why you wouldn't want to shut-in but I won't go into that now.
Politics / Re: Youth Alliance Group Supports Fuel Subsidy Removal by TheOne2(m): 4:50pm On Jan 03, 2012
This is not a SE issue at all. Were the hired goons that displayed "we support tolling" banners on the day Fashola's police and thugs molested protesters from the SE?
Politics / Re: Fuel Subsidy Removed - Full Transcript Of Press Release From The Pppra by TheOne2(m): 9:35am On Jan 03, 2012
I will use the same posers that you used to reply to yyour post

ONE. PMS importers and marketers have imported the fuel already. Don't you want them to sell at market prices and recoup their money?

TWO. My argument is also clear. That road expansion has been funded by taxpayers seed money (6 billion naira) and the road does not cost 50 billion to expand. In essence, LCC has spent very little if any of their own money on the road to justify 3 tolls charging 150 naira each on a 23km stretch. Can you see the fraud now?

THREE.  There are alternatives. Use bicycles or trek. Or better still move to Cameroun. It is analogous to you calling those privates backroads through Oniru an alternative to an expressway.

FOUR I only require that the LASG demonstrate to me that they cannot afford to provide me a good thoroughfare through an entire region in the state even when it is the only presence they have there and are making a killing off taxes and heavy land charges in the area.

This is not about BRF vs GEJ. It is about what is just and fair in ALL circumstances.
Politics / Re: Fuel Subsidy Removed - Full Transcript Of Press Release From The Pppra by TheOne2(m): 7:54am On Jan 03, 2012

There is absolutely no difference. If the Lagos State govt cannot afford to provide a road to Lekki residents, which is a basic duty of govt, in the same token you shouldn't expect the Fed govt to subsidize fuel which is not even a fundamental obligation. Use your head, you are only making noise because fuel subsidy affects you and it's not being done by Fashola. In essence, what is good for BRF should also be for GEJ.

Note that I'm not in favor of or against fuel subsidy. I no longer care!!
Politics / Re: Fuel Subsidy Removed - Full Transcript Of Press Release From The Pppra by TheOne2(m): 2:39pm On Jan 02, 2012
Nigerians just like freebies. They want to use fuel and not pay for it. The govt does not owe you anything. Even though you provide light, water, security, road etc for yourself, you still shouldn't expect anything from govt.

GEJ, go on soun with your "development" initiatives jare. Nigeria oni baje o!
Politics / Re: Fuel Subsidy Removed - Full Transcript Of Press Release From The Pppra by TheOne2(m): 11:33am On Jan 02, 2012
Go and sit down somewhere. Subsidy removal is part of "development". At least govt has provided alternatives in bicycles and roads you can trek on. Lazy people, instead of identifying where to buy bicycle and safe trekking routes, you are here complaining. I'm sure you are all ACN- people politicizing this "development" initiative. If you cannot afford Nigeria, move to Cameroun!

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