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Travel / Re: It’s Getting Harder To Move Out Of This Country Nowadays by 4dor: 3:51pm On Oct 25
It’s getting more expensive, flight tickets alone na the entire money as at last 5yrs ago.

People wey don go no know wetin God do for them.

It’s crazy !
If the ticket prices are too expensive for you. Find a way to get to Accra/Cotonou and fly from there. Just realised they have cheaper options.


Politics / Re: One Hundred Million Naira Betting On 2024 Edo Governorship Election. by 4dor: 8:02am On Oct 02
Everybody keeps talking about him without posting pictures.

Celebrities / Re: I Am Ready To Return To Nigeria If My Security Is Guaranteed — Naira Marley by 4dor: 4:54pm On Sep 28
In other words, e don see reason not to come back to Naija.


Politics / Re: One Hundred Million Naira Betting On 2024 Edo Governorship Election. by 4dor: 2:07pm On Sep 28
This style of campaign is different o.


Jobs/Vacancies / Closed by 4dor: 9:53am On Aug 26
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 3) by 4dor: 5:16am On Jun 05
A Quick Question to the Financial Gurus: A friend of mine whose father’s friends has a company in Uk have recently been sending about 10k to 20k£ monthly to his Personal Uk account (from his company’s account) which he changes via lemonade or sometimes sells to students for school fee payment/visa/IHS and then eventually send the equivalent in naira to Nigeria. He wants to know if he will be liable on tax on such money.

Your friend is a money mule. He go soon chop cifas marker. That's when the real trouble starts.

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 3) by 4dor: 5:11am On Jun 05
Good afternoon House.
please I need the best of advice/ideas to solving this problem before someone does what he no suppose.
An ex patient or service user raised a sexual complaint against her previous carer since last year August and he has been suspended from work ever since. We first thought it would be over soon that its just to do investigation and come up with findings which will either proof guilt or innocence. But loo and behold up till now the issue is still on the table. The last action that sparked outrage was during one session he was asked some questions in which he mentioned hes schooling in a university, so they now went ahead to write the Uni to inform them hes under investigation so the uni asked him to stay away until he is cleared. I cant stomach this injustice anymore. Please how does someone fight this kind of battle. It took months for the details of the so called offence that led to safeguard was even known o. the police have been invited and they couldnt find any evidence of misbehavior. Yet these people are hell bent in destroying a mans life. the only thing was that the girl was given a lift and the discussion was going intimate and he claimed he stopped it and dropped her off at the hospital and went his way. that very week wahala started and up till now na on top of the matter we still dey. No work since last year and the small consolation traing hes trying to do they blocked it without any formal conviction. this BS has to stop.

Please any great advice will be welcomed

Giving a patient a lift and having a discussion that's intimate is already sexual harassment. Stay away from women, you guys never learn.


Travel / Re: Help me to japa in advance. Amen by 4dor: 6:43pm On Mar 20, 2022
Brief intro. I have a B. A in Philosophy from one of the universities here in Nigeria.

Currently, I'm learning IOS developement (swift) as my area of interest and opportunity to leave this country. At the moment, I have no specific country of interest, any good European country would do just fine, though I may have to research on preferred country base on the feedbacks I get from here

I know It takes time to have a solid foundation of programming, I'm not rushing but then,

My questions

1. What are my chances of moving to Europe to work as an iOS developer without a CS degree?

2. Since I have a degree in Philosophy, could It be possible to apply for a degree in Computer science or other related courses? Note, I was never a science student, no physics or chemistry in my olevel.

3. How much minimum budget should I be looking at ?

I'd so much appreciate your feedbacks



I'm 100% sure you can get a job in Germany, France and The Netherlands without a CS degree one thing you'd need is experience nothing less than 3-4 years experience. I know a few Junior Developers that I've been employed in Germany so you can give it a shot.

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Programming / Re: See My Single Page Web App With React Js by 4dor: 6:55am On Jan 18, 2022
This project is from Js mastery YouTube channel. Use the idea to build your own distinct project. Recruiters will eventually find out if you claim this as your project.


Programming / Re: What's So Special About React.js by 4dor: 4:52pm On Jan 12, 2022
React developers, what can you do with react that you can't do with valina Js?

React creates a virtual dom that makes it faster than Vanilla JS.
Culture / Re: Lekan Balogun May Become The Next Olubadan by 4dor: 3:25pm On Jan 02, 2022
It may not be automatic.
Ladoja is also up for consideration.

Hopefully, the botched coronation of some chiefs as Obas by Ajimobi won't come back to hunt and hurt the chances of some people.

Fingers crossed.

Hate it when people spread fake news. It's automatic! Promotion alternates between the military and civilian lines and it's his turn. Ibadan is the only Yoruba city where nobody fights for kingship.
Sports / Re: NFF Appoints Jose Peseiro As Super Eagles New Coach by 4dor: 7:46pm On Dec 29, 2021
This guy has a very weak CV

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Programming / Re: Discover How To Be A Blockchain Developer & Blockchain Engineer by 4dor: 8:47am On Oct 28, 2021

You work for talentQL
Programming / Re: Discover How To Be A Blockchain Developer & Blockchain Engineer by 4dor: 6:34pm On Oct 27, 2021
Weldone Sir, my younger brother just finished his secondary school but unfortunate unable to make jamb cut off mark. I want him to have programming knowledge pending the time he will get admitted into university instead of wasting time (eating, sleeping) at home.

Your advice is highly welcome.

Please help a brother. Thanks
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Instead of sitting at home for a year, let him attend altschool and get a diploma in software engineering.



Programming / Re: This Is What A Recruiter Told Me About Software Developers From Nigeria by 4dor: 9:46pm On Oct 10, 2021
Low self esteem is a bad thing. If you are sure of your skills you won't accept peanuts.
Programming / Re: React -developer Help Me by 4dor: 8:53am On Oct 10, 2021
please I have a question about React ::

is learning redux necessary for a React developer even though React 16+ introduces
hooks like useReducer that works similarly to redux ?
I really really find redux very complex and confusing to learn...

Tbh it depends on what your team adopts but have an idea to be on the safer side. You can try to learn redux toolkit, it simplifies a lot of things. Search YouTube for tutorials.
Politics / Re: Babafemi Ojudu Unhappy As Femi Fani-Kayode Joins APC by 4dor: 8:57pm On Sep 16, 2021
This are plans to weaken Tinubu, if you know you know.

FFK that can't win an election in Ife is the person that will weaken Tinubu? grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Fashola Playing Devil's Advocate, Wants Igbos To Hate You- HURIWA Warns Buhari by 4dor: 10:09am On Sep 16, 2021
I'm happy many are starting to see this man's evil inclinations towards Eastern Nigeria! I have said this many times here and has been accused's of being a bigot as a result. But the truth is bitter! Fashola is Evil! Fashola has never finished a single road in the whole Eastern Nigeria for the past 6 years! Not a single road! Fashola has only commissioned one project in the whole East and that is Ziks mausoleum! A fukcin grave! Fashola so much hates the east that I wonder why most eastern politicians and leaders are not yet calling him out on it. Every sige year he has been there, the east gets the worst allocations I terms of road projects to be done, yet the east has the worst road network in Nigeria by far. Fashola, just like his brothers on this site doesn't care. The hate is deep! Dude commissions road at Ibadam and Kano and takes pictures at bridge head in Onitsha! He was the one that said the country can not be enjoyed by those who "lost the war while those who won the war are not in government" during Jonathan's regime.

Immediately after he was recruited, the first thing he did was to reach an agreement with NASS on wholesale appropriation of budgeted funds for the ministry, instead of appropriations based on particular projects. What this means is that even if the whole budgeted funds for the works ministry are released to him, Raji Fashola gets to decide which projects that are to be done and boy, has he dealt with the South East using this method? Owerri to Onitsha road! Onitsha to Enugu, Enugu to Port Harcourt road! All are in their worst conditions while Fashola comes to take pictures at second Niger bridge every few months! It didn't stay today. He was the one that first told non Yorubas to "go back to their villages" , he doubled down on that by rounding up destitutes, including many from the South South and the middle belt and dumped them at Upper Iweka in the middle of the night! That was enough to stop him from accessing any serious office at the center but he "took a bow" at the Senate! Fashola is Evil and is a bigger threat to igbos than Buhari!

Always verify stuff before you react.



Politics / Re: Fashola Playing Devil's Advocate, Wants Igbos To Hate You- HURIWA Warns Buhari by 4dor: 10:07am On Sep 16, 2021

But why did he leave out SE from maintenance?

He didn't! I don't know why people lie in this country.



Politics / Re: Fashola Playing Devil's Advocate, Wants Igbos To Hate You- HURIWA Warns Buhari by 4dor: 10:06am On Sep 16, 2021
This is a lie Na. Anambra and Imo are part of the list.
Programming / Re: Help, Javascript Problem, (pictures Attached) (fixed) by 4dor: 9:13am On Sep 12, 2021
Please Help me find out why this simple interest program is not working well,
It will work and calculate the simple interest only for it to display the answer(simple interest) for just a milliseconds or thereabout

Picture below

1. You need to change your browser to Chrome and open your developer tools.
2. You need to console.log your values to see if it's getting anything from the input.
3. Please give your id more descriptive names.
4. I think you're missing an event listener and handler.
Celebrities / Re: I Don't Make Noise Like Obi Cubana, Jim Iyke, I Make Real Money - Uche Maduagwu by 4dor: 3:28pm On Sep 10, 2021
Nobody can tell me this guy doesn't have a bit of mental illness. How can a grown man behave like this?

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Programming / Re: Who Knows How To Create This Using React Js...urgently Needed by 4dor: 9:22pm On Sep 08, 2021
Pls urgent answers

If you want to create it from scratch you'll have to learn d3.js (it's hard but very doable). Once you're done learn how to combine it with React. Feel free to Google "candlestick chart".


Programming / Re: Database Gurus. Check and critique My Design Please by 4dor: 8:40am On Sep 05, 2021
I have been coding using just NoSql mongodb databases but friends told me I won't go far as a backend if I don't understand things from relational. just started learning SQL and used August to complete a course on SQL from udemy. This is my first attempt at modelling a school database. Can anyone check and point me in the right direction, errors, what I could have done better and so on.
Note: The link between student and class it's not suppose be one to many, should be many to one instead, I made an error with the line direction.
Then there is a missing many to one illustration between student and arm too

It will nice if your tables indicate your primary key.
Programming / Re: Why Leaving Nigeria Must Be Your Utmost Priority As A Programmer by 4dor: 11:05am On Sep 04, 2021
I want to learn coding in my mid 30's i think its late to get into it now, Can anyone please mentor me , I been watching resources on Youtube. Cant wrap my head around it.

What you need is a structured plan. Google freecodecamp and you'll see everything you need.
Programming / Re: Got Another Remote Job Offer In The UK by 4dor: 10:12pm On Sep 02, 2021
Update: So i just completed the tests about 20 minutes ago. Javascript algorithm 3.5 hours. out of 5 questions, i got 4 perfectly. the last one, not really sure. Chatted with the Co-Founder right after i finished and he sent me a blushing emoji Lol! Lets see whats gonna happen.

So what i've decided is to try to run the 2 jobs together if the 2nd one comes through. they're both in the Uk and i'm looking at over 4million naira per month combined from the 2 jobs. not even sure i'm ready for that kind of money!

PS: i've got a couple of people sending me mails. Abeg no vex i wont be able to reply those mails for personal reasons.

I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes.

You're ready for that money.
Programming / Re: React Developers.. Get In Here Oo by 4dor: 9:31pm On Aug 29, 2021
The option given above is no longer maintained it has been abandoned for a while and has 95 issues still open so you might have problems while using it. However, there is a fork that's well maintained but it's written in Typescript.

Programming / Re: How Did You Land You First Job As A Self-taught Developer? by 4dor: 8:41pm On Aug 26, 2021
By applying online. As soon as I felt ready and confident to have a job I was applying to jobs everyday. I knew all the latest Dev openings on hotnigerianjobs, myjobmag, linkedin, indeed etc. Upwork was open on my computer at least 10 hours everyday so I could see new gigs. It took me two weeks to get my first job this way and I was getting as much as ten to twenty interviews every week.

I was applying to at least 10 jobs everyday. It shocks me when I see new Devs say all the jobs they have applied to is just 10. Finding a job is a job on its own.

This needs to be on a billboard!
Programming / Re: I Want To Learn Programming. Which Language Should I Start With? by 4dor: 4:26pm On Aug 21, 2021
Please how do I use images(CSS background image) on codepen.
I have tried GoogleDrive and DropBox has suggested by Karleb, but still not displaying.

I don't know if I am doing anything wrong.


Why not just download the image and link it from your local folder. Also make sure image type is correct don't name a PNG file as a JPEG.
Programming / Re: Reading Other People's Codes/github Open Repo Projects by 4dor: 11:25am On Aug 20, 2021
Will you suggest using Udemy, is it a good App to start my journey or is there other free alternative.

Udemy is good but it's not free. Freecodecamp is good because it has a structured syllabus type plan. There's even a section that prepares you for job interviews.
Programming / Re: Why Leaving Nigeria Must Be Your Utmost Priority As A Programmer by 4dor: 5:43pm On Aug 19, 2021
I studied Microbiology in my BSc. I work at an FMCG company as a Quality Assurance. I'm planning now to do a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science and thereafter I'll do MSc Computer Science at Unilag during this time I'll be learning hard-core programming, I'm 30. I hope it's a good plan.

Terrible Plan!!!! Us that PGD money to buy a decent laptop and internet connection then go to freecodecamp to learn web development for free. That's what most people do. All you need is discipline.


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