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Music/Radio / Re: Olamide & Asake Stole My Songs - Blackface by Afolashade00(f): 5:36pm On Oct 24
This guy has become so ridiculous that nobody takes him seriously again.

Besides, of what value is your art if nobody draws inspiration from it?

I remember when I'd listen to Ed Sheeran's perfect, I knew there was a song it reminded me of, but I just could not place it, until he and Beyonce performed a fusion of Beyonce's ave Maria and Ed's perfect, then it hit me.

Wow, I just used the word ridiculous while laughing at the headline little did I know you already expressed everything I wanted to voice out.
T for thanks .


Romance / Re: Fashionable Black South African Granny Goes Viral With Crop-top Tracksuit (PICS) by Afolashade00(f): 9:23am On Oct 22
Expired Kukunase grin every woman expires @ 35 undecided the rest nah wash that is why most married men cheat but men become more active as they age gracefully cool

I don’t come here to post but reading your comment makes me realize how bitter a lot of people are, I think I have to give a piece of my mind. I don’t know if you just post for fun or you just don’t think at all.
Please can you state how you derive ladies/women expiration @35, who proved it, you
Fine you might be a guy, I’m sure you have sisters, aunts, cousins, nieces and you may probably birth female children soon.
If there is a next life, I wish you could be a female so you would have first hand experience of what life is like for females.
Be calming down and embrace positivity, no one expires at 35. I don’t know the world you live in tho. Be safe, T for thanks
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Bukele Of El Salvador Has Deployed 4000 Soldiers To Three Communities by Afolashade00(f): 8:59pm On Oct 13
The end is near

While all of you are focused on Ukraine, Israel, etc

America is about to burn

Yes, your America.

Can you please explain how and why?
I have been seeing your comment everywhere but I don’t understand .
Kindly explain so people like me who don’t understand can gain one or two, thanks .
Travel / Re: Updates On The New Nigeria Police Clearance Certificate by Afolashade00(f): 7:16pm On Sep 16
[quote author=Goldenski post=119957250]

Do I need to wait for any email after online registration and payment been made before I will go for biometric
Is there any appointment email for capturing or I can just go

Hello, I went for capturing at Alagbon.
I paid 20k for biometrics.
I wasn’t given any document, I was told it would be sent to my email.
How true is that ? Is the only document I have is the one that was issued online after making payment which is 30k
Family / Re: I Made My Ex-girlfriend(who Is Now A Single Mother) A Deal, Would You Take It ? by Afolashade00(f): 6:18pm On Aug 29
I am in my mid 30s, very comfortable and a dual citizen of Nigeria and a first world country.
I decided to relocate back to Nigeria because of starting a family and having my own children.
Since arriving the country and based on my experiences so far, my plans have changed.

I decided to first focus on having children as I found out that the Nigerian society has become almost worse than the west in terms of sexual debauchery.
People have sex for indomine, girls commit abortion without remorse, the worst thing is that no one here uses protection and by the time your average Nigerian girl reaches 30 years old, she has aborted 4 times, slept with almost 100 men and contacted several stds in the process.

What this means is that disciplined men like me are left with these category of girls, worst still is that they come very entitled and empty and can even ruin you with their lifestyle as they are usually impossible to reform.

I had to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluated my plan, I have an ex-girlfriend (29 years old) whom I am very close with. She fits the bill in terms of who I want as a life partner but she is a single mother.
So I gave her a choice.

Have 2 children for me, those 2 children will automatically become dual citizens and I might consider marrying you and adopting your child but even if I don't marry you, your 2 children that you have by me will be taken care of and being dual citizens of a developed country they can turn to a blessing for you and your whole family in future.

Now, let me explain, I still love this lady and my decision was premised on how uncertain I am of what my choice will be in the future as such I wanted to be very open from the beginning, but even at this point, I can not guarantee I will marry her but I could depending on what happens in future.

She's going to give me a feedback later and I am quite positive she will take the offer.

If it were you faced with this option, what would you do ?

Hmmm, I understand the angle you’re coming from. You have opened up to her, the ball is in her court.
Sometimes, I wonder why men on this platform feels good girls don’t exist or are hard to fine. The truth is there a lot of good girls here in this country or maybe I’m living in another country called Nigeria lol, it is well.


Sports / Re: Lionel Messi And Inter Miami Lift First Trophy In Club’s History by Afolashade00(f): 3:14pm On Aug 20
You dey mind the hypocrite, he even book space on the thread’s first page, I intentionally ignored him cos if I type wetin dey mind Mod fit ban me, Better to ignore him

I understand you jare .
The fear of Mod is the beginning of wisdom 😂

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Sports / Re: Lionel Messi And Inter Miami Lift First Trophy In Club’s History by Afolashade00(f): 8:19am On Aug 20
Congratulations to Inter Miami.. they have done very well.

Messi and Ronaldo as been a great to our generation, am blessed to witness it. Imagine 38yrs player play just 26 games and score 20 fantastic goals and stil delivered the league biggest trophy with golden boot, No wonder he was rated greatest of all time, he show up when he needed most.

Messi on his side went to America and prove himself to show the world that he's still as same level as cristiano and co, he delivered them and win trophy with Just.

Believe me, I love this two guys... God as bless them already... No need to pray for them again.

I love Rolando and Messi

The bolded statement speaks volume of who you like.
Just pick side and move on .


Sports / Re: Lionel Messi And Inter Miami Lift First Trophy In Club’s History by Afolashade00(f): 8:18am On Aug 20
Messi played 7 games in the World Cup and won. He came to Inter Miami, played just 7 games and has won a trophy. Ronaldo wears number 7.

Credit : X

Family / Re: The Word “Marriage Is Just For Once” Is A Scam Don't Fall For It? by Afolashade00(f): 11:25am On Aug 19
My wedding will be parlor type and strictly by invitation.
Na naming ceremony I plan to spend on lavishly cause na big cow my parent kill for my naming

Lol, can’t stop laughing.
I can relate with the big cow thing, Inshort you can kill two, you can do better 😂
Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-Olu Unveils Optimus Bank by Afolashade00(f): 10:05am On Aug 19
May this new bank favor me and my family

Investment / Re: Billion Dollar Startups Founded By Nigerians by Afolashade00(f): 9:57am On Aug 19
We no dey chest beat at all,only empty barrel make noise .
Wait and see how one emeka from a backward dungeon in abakalike come to compare them with nwewis audio billionaires

Omo, you got me laughing so hard While working.
Ain’t in support of the tribalism and all but I can’t help but laugh at your comment 😂


Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Gets Engaged To His Caucasian Man (video) by Afolashade00(f): 7:29pm On May 09
Damnnn niggar
Na wa
Anyway every one got a right to decide his or her sexual orientation

But wetin dey wonder me be say me nor go fit leave the snail like succulent, wet, moist, slipery, soft, juicy, foamin, creamy and slimy pussy of woman for a man ass
The sweet moaning sound a woman makes
alone self whenever you insert your fertile rod into them can't be compared...
Never I will never leave vagina
A vagina feels like a moist, wet, warm satin or silk sliding over my penis. It feels absolutely awesome
Like hot wet magic. I love when the clit swells and especially when I feel her center of gravity enlarging as I massage it.
Warm wet paradise especially if it has fat lips it swallows it so nicely.
Warm smooth with ridges wet and slippery. It gets wetter and wetter.

Slawomir don resume with him so so description 😂😂😂

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Family / Re: My Dad Insists That My Fiancée Must Take Fertility Test Before Marriage by Afolashade00(f): 8:57pm On May 04
I am a 38 year old Nigerian American citizen dating a 26 year old Nigeria girl.
I grew up in Nigeria but travelled out to the USA when I was 25 years old, I am a citizen now and doing really well for myself.
I met a beautiful and godly Nigerian girl on facebook and we have been dating for some months now we are now thinking of marriage, she is in Nigeria while I am in the USA.

Some weeks ago my dad asked me to do some tests and send to him, (He is a medical doctor), I did them, turns out to be fertility tests and all was perfect.
I just told him about my fiance and my plans to get married in some months time and he said she has to do fertility test before he can agree to the marriage.

This was very shocking for me as he insisted that it is his position, I haven't told my fiance cos I dont know how to and my fiance is scheduled to pay my parents a visit for the first time in Port Harcourt in 2 weeks time.
My fiance is from Delta but lives in Portharcout as my parents while we are from Port harcourt.

My dad has said if I cannot tell her that he will, what do you guys think ?

Honest advise please and admin kindly push to front page for wider advise.


I’m a girl and I don’t see anything wrong with your dad’s request . I don’t see anything wrong in taking the test except she has something to hide


Crime / Re: 3 Nigerian Men To Be Extradicted To US For Sexual Extortion Of A 17-Year-Old Boy by Afolashade00(f): 8:49pm On May 04

Nigerians are very wicked people. I repeat, Nigerians are very wicked people.

This was how loan sharks extorted a friend's cousin, till he committed suicide, after paying them over 400% of what he borrowed in less than one month.

This is exactly how they sounded on the extract of the chat the police obtained from his phone.

How can you conveniently tell someone to go and commit suicide?

In 2021, I borrowed one contractor 30 million to complete a project he was executing for the federal government.

Till date, the man is yet to finish paying up. He has executed contracts worth over 1 billion for the FG since I gave him that money, but baba has refused to pay me back my money. Last year alone, he received over 500m as payments for contracts he executed for the government.

Funny part is that, I am not the only one he is owing. He would keep face as if he wants to die, when he wants to borrow from you, once money hits his account, he turn to tiger. This is someone that rolls with the presidency ooooo. He has senators, top government officials as friends.

He blocked me, refused me entry into his office. Reported the case to the police, he went and bribed them, anywhere I take the case to, this man would rather churn out 5 to 10m to settle the authorities than pay me back my money.

I have lost over 2m while trying to recover this money. Everybody that hears my story, will just want to also eat his own part of the cake. 50k, 100k, 200k etc lawyers, so called human rights, police, etc.

When I say Nigerians are wicked, I know exactly what I'm saying.

Nigerians are wicked!


I’m so sorry you had to go through all that .
Crime / Re: 3 Nigerian Men To Be Extradicted To US For Sexual Extortion Of A 17-Year-Old Boy by Afolashade00(f): 8:47pm On May 04
I was a victim of this type of fraud
The only thing that saved me is that I wasn't extorted.

A white milf from Armenia sent me friend request.
Her page looked geniune and legit
She posted pictures of her little son and her family having fun.

Na so I chat with this woman for almost 1 full month. This fine milf was telling me how handsome I am and how she has crush on me.
Like play like play we started sending each other nudes.
God!!! I mumu no be small
I sent many pictures of me naked with standing gbola in different camera angles with my face showing cry
If I send she go send photo of her huge breast photo of her wet kpomo

Na when she insist that I should do video of me moaning and stroking my cock
Na when I begin suspect fowl play
I began digging online to see if her account is actually real.

Later found out it was scammers
They scammed an Armenian single mother made her fall in love and she sent her nudes to them
They used her profile photos to create new profile and act like it's her original page. So they sent me her nudes which made me send my own nudes to them thinking i was sending it to the Armenia milf.

May God save me ooohhhh
Group of hackers are somewhere with upto 13 of my nudes. I keep praying to God to strike whoever it is
Make my nudes no come go viral online one day.

Laughing so hard after a stressful day. Although, I’m supposed to laugh but it’s very funny 😆

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Politics / Re: Oyebanji At Iftar, Hails Religious Harmony In Ekiti by Afolashade00(f): 8:37am On Apr 19
In Yorubaland, you are a Yoruba person first before religion.
An average Yoruba person have both Christian and Muslim believers in their family house.
Only in Yorubaland, you will see husband Muslim dropping his Christian wife to church or other way around.
Governorship elections in SW doesn’t matter if the candidate is a Christian or Muslim.
It’s only in Yoruba land you will see Yoruba Muslims in churches when the churches are doing church anniversaries as VIPs and same about Christians going to Mosques during Muslims celebrations.

Only in Yorubaland cool

Yeah, you’re right. I can testify to this, lol. My family is one perfect of all you stated there.


Family / Re: Frustrated With My Wife by Afolashade00(f): 8:23pm On Apr 10
She's not married to her dream husband, she tolerates the one she is married to. Just my thoughts.

You still young, live your life, indulge in new activities, in fact, delegate all but one of your expectations to the maid, close your eyes to responsibilities from her so much that she envies your new happiness, however you this, put yourself first and be happy.

This is assuming you didn't induce her new found personality.

I repeat she is not married to the one she loves, she got married to you because you were available . A woman who loves you will do some of those things you mentioned willingly . No woman is perfect, I repeat a woman who loves you will do some of the things you mentioned without stressing you

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Travel / Re: PGD In Canada Or Masters In The UK by Afolashade00(f): 9:01am On Mar 29
Just stay naija. Make we gather dey alright

Lol, abeg ooooo🙏🏽
Travel / Re: PGD In Canada Or Masters In The UK by Afolashade00(f): 7:56am On Mar 29
Who school EPP cool
Just say you wanna use style to japa grin

Yes ooo, which country you prefer?

Canada or UK?

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Romance / Re: Why Is It So Hard To Find My Wife/soul Mate? by Afolashade00(f): 8:22am On Feb 25
I have been seriously searching for my soul mate and wife but this has been a herculean task so far.

I have met in the past some very suitable and wonderful ladies who we were deeply into each other but I was either too naive at the time or wasn't ready for marriage so they had to move on.

Now that I am ready and able, no show!!!
I don't want to just get married anyhow to anyone, I want someone who's God fearing,my soul mate, someone who I'm attracted, loving, peaceful and so on.

I'm so confused!! Is true love this hard to find??!

True love is hard to find for someone that doesn’t want to marry just anybody aside their soul mate. I thought I was the only one going through the stress. Anyway, I wish you the best.


Business / Re: Am I Wrong To Do This To My Brother? by Afolashade00(f): 7:46pm On Jan 17
I got a huge contract through my brother's company.

The contract is securely in my possession now and I've been fully paid. Initially, the plan was for my bro to supply me the materials

But the issue now is the quotation he's giving me is way higher than what I'm getting elsewhere.

I've asked him to beat down his price but he's adamant. I plan on sidelining him if he doesn't do the needful.

Guys any thoughts on this?

Hmmm, person open door for you, you say him market too cost. What if your brother gave another person the contract? Please let always think deeply, buy from your brother and see this like you’re paying him for his kindness. Just open up to him to give you some discounts, stop showing him quotations here and there. He is your brother after all, if he can show you the way without hiding the project from you, he can also give you discount as a reasonable person. Do the needful and stop seeking for advise when you know the right thing to do. I’m sure if you involve your mum or dad, this is exactly what they will tell you .
Politics / Re: Atiku In Katsina Pledges To Address Security, Economy, Donates 50 Million by Afolashade00(f): 8:02pm On Dec 20, 2022
Damnnn niggar

I laugh tinubu

And he think he can wrestle north from this man
He doesn't know what he has put his hand into

As we dey throw way for am for South

Northerners go dey give am deadly upper cut blow for north

Thank you for always putting my thoughts in written form���

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Romance / Re: Can I Get Married To Her Now Or It’s Too Early? by Afolashade00(f): 2:47pm On Nov 13, 2022
I met this lovely lady (30 yo) online 2 months ago. She is in Nigeria and I’m in the Uk. We have been actively chatting, phoning and having lots of facetime. She’s got all they qualities I need in a wife. She has also gone to see my peeps once and they said nice things about her.

I’m planning on wedding her this Christmas and she can join me immediately (UK can be very lonely without a partner) on a dependent visa.

But sometimes I pause and ask myself, I hope I’m not rushing this whole thing? I hope she is not pretending to be nice? I hope she truly loves me? I hope she is not seeing me as a means to japa? A lot of questions going through my mind. This is marriage and I don’t wanna make mistakes.

Advice me please.

I read alot of comments already. Let me tell you something not all ladies are bad . Alot of guys here have condemned Nigeria ladies.

I know what you're going through and I'm in such situation. I only FaceTime with this person just like what you do with your gf and also talked to his peeps too and I can tell you for free I'm not tangled with any guy here. I don't know her status tho but I'm just trying to be positive here, the world is just too negative. There are sane ladies out there, nurturers, good girls who will cherish what they have, keep their bodies and legs closed to focus on the right guy.
Everyone finds love in different places, not everyone will date or marry people around, some of us will definitely do distance relationships and by God's grace I hope it works. So don't let anyone tell you what to do, figure things out yourself , come home, see her , trust your instincts, talk to God, listen to her, engage her in different conversations and you can do your research low-key in you want.


Business / Re: The US Will Not Reject Old Dollar Notes From January 2023 by Afolashade00(f): 4:39am On Nov 13, 2022


So because of your selfish reasons you want other Nigerians to suffer?

This is exactly why it's hard for the country to progress with this kind of selfish mindset.

Mind you, I have been earning for the past decade in USD while living here. In fact never collected Naira in my entire career.

But I know how hard it is for the majority. The more the poor people out there, the less sleep for the affluent.

God bless you, God bless your wisdom.
So we that earn in Naira should not breathe or live properly because the so called greedy man earn in Dolz
Sports / Re: Unbelievable Lionel Messi Record - ESPN by Afolashade00(f): 8:29pm On Oct 22, 2022
So what's stopping Messi from Scoring as much Goals as Haaland this season / This year

You mean The most complete Dwarf

Someone that can't score Penalty

Someone that can't use right foot

Someone that can't score with head

How is that one complete

Dwarf as in dwarf?
How tall are you?
Are you ambidextrous?
Can you score a free kick? Moreover, I need to know where you work, your role and your contributions so I can tackle you properly.

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Romance / Re: Should I Forget About My Standard And Take The Risk? by Afolashade00(f): 1:23pm On Oct 09, 2022
I will bet my fresh pot of egusi soup that the lady is not a virgin,believe that you can believe anything,after secondary school 70% of girls are no longer virgins,after higher institution the figure is 95.5%,infact any girl that still remains a virgin after 5-6 years in Nigeria university has factory fault in her pussy.

Hey, I always read and pass because I try to avoid drama at all cost. Moreover, I'm a very busy person but I'm here to debunk your statement which is totally untrue.
How did you come to a conclusion that those that finished university over 5years ago can no longer be virgin and if they are they have factory fault in her p*****.
Stop generalizing, it doesn't work that way. They are alot decent ladies out there who are still virgins even after the years you mentioned and there is nothing wrong with them.
I finished university four years ago and I choose to keep myself and there's actually nothing wrong with me. I'm not marketing myself neither will I stoop so low to do something like that. I got standards too, so pick what works for you ,get your facts and figures right before you generalize. If I tell you all men are scum or all men are rapist, how will you feel? Words build, words Mar, please use them carefully . Thank you.

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Family / Re: Married Women Caught With Other Men In Their Husbands' Houses (Video) by Afolashade00(f): 8:15pm On Sep 15, 2022
Marry a virgin and prevent infidelity.
Marry a virgin and have true children.
Marry a virgin and have peace.
Do otherwise and train children who aren't yours.

Do not start a serious relationship with a woman above 23 else, you will be marrying a woman with many sperm in her system.

A woman who has slept with more than one man is a curse to her children; born and unborn.

I really don't want to comment but something got my attention "do not start a serious relationship with a woman above 23" that is a false alarm. Do you mean there are no decent women or virgins above 23?
Your perception is wrong some of us are above 23 and we still maintain a decent lifestyle. your perception does not apply to me neither does it apply to girls maintaining their dignity.
Some that are not even up to 23 have become something else.
Never generalize statements , people differs.
Thank you.


Family / Re: Happy Children's Day To All Nairaland's Children by Afolashade00(f): 11:35pm On Sep 04, 2022
Happy Children day. Make sure your parents also take you out and buy you Bobo. Take care

Lol, what is happening here?
Celebrities / Re: Gospel Singer, Dunsin Oyekan Survives Ghastly Car Crash (Photo & Video) by Afolashade00(f): 12:41pm On Sep 04, 2022
I don't know about you lots but I am confident and believe in a supernatural being I chose to call God.

Even in my unbeliefs and sinful ways, he has always shown himself true and direct to me in several ways and under varying circumstances just to register in my consciousness that he is indeed ever-present.

This is a miracle and yes, miracles do happen....

The first time I got conscious to take note of God and his doings was while I was on my trip through the Sahara desert in search of Europe.

A lot had already happened on the way to qualify for a miracle but as human,,,, it was easy to assume it was just a happenstance.

It was when I had gotten separated from my group and found me all alone by myself wandering with no direction that I knew that indeed, I had no powers or knowledge on my own.

While I was wondering directionless with only the name of the city (Nador) bordering (Melilla) Spain in my head because that was where our guide was taking us so we could breach the high-powered security fences separating Morocco from Spain, I had gone on my one-man solitary walk asking any Moroccan I saw on my way on what path to continue on towards Nador.

I waka sotey my legs feel like say dem don dey enter my body small small.

Dejected, tired, in tears, I kept asking myself (who send me, why I even rest small come fall asleep wey my mates waka leave me).

While still in this state of confusion and lamentation like the average mentally unstable man walking the streets of Nigeria because that was exactly how I (we) looked, a motorcycle stopped right in front of me from no where, it actually felt like I was in a trance until the rider without any exchange of pleasantries urged me on to seat for a ride.

Oga, where you dey carry me go and where you come from? Language barrier wahala...he simply become on me to seat on the bike and was insistent despite my suspicions and subtle refusal.

Me na, I don kukuma tire. If na Police station sef oya make we dey go at least, police go give me hot tea, blanket, and where to sleep.

That was how I mounted the bike oh....zooooommmm...oga stopped asked me to disengage, pointed at a massive mountain overlooking us and told my in a mix of French and Arabic to climb the mountain on to the other side and I'll be close to Nador.

My people, I no get watch or even know wetin time dey talk again but from my reckoning, this would have been something 8pmish....

That was how I embarked on the solo adventure of climbing this humongous mountain.

I climb mountain sotey, I dey see my papa, my mama, my siblings, and everybody wey no even know where I dey for my head inside pitch darkness oooh

I had already gotten so beat down by things I had witnessed and gone through in the course of the journey that I had become dead and numb to feelings and fear sotey I don even dey suspect say na my ghost dey waka....kai

On my way up the mountain, I decided to take a short rest on a rock I saw before me because I was parched, thirsty, hungry, and gasping for breath.

Na so I siddon on top rock dey reason my life and in the process of my loss in thought I felt a part of the rock was hollow and decided to dip my hand in it. On a good and normal day this would have been a very very dangerous play to attempt because I could have been sending my hand straight into a snake's mouth or a scorpion but wetin dangerous pass to run leave house say you want use leg waka go Europe.

Na so I chook hand inside rock oh for pitch darkness na chilled liquid my hand touch ohhh

Amazing God...me wey thirst wan quench for desert?

When I scoop water put for mouth in fact, Rangolis and Eva water combined dey learn work for freshness and refreshingness.

Na so I drink to my fill oh but unfortunately no can to collect extra.

I gather energy and strength continue my blind waka until I got to the peak of the mountain after what seemed like eternity and could look into Melilla Spain.

To descend mountain turn another wahala because the sole of my feet don sore with blisters and my toes all looking out from my battered sneakers. Sneakers wey I spend big money buy from forestry road Benin city to oppress people for Europe oh.

When I manage reach the foot of the mountain for the other side, na so heavy open mouth oh say make I collect better rain....under cold....gosh...

With no where to hide, I continue my waka as the rain even dey give me more energy until I find myself for cemetery.

I refused to push myself any further for that night and decided to make one of the graves my bed for the night.

In fact, tori too long jare

I can never and will never stop in my gratitude to God until he calls me back to him.

I am testimony personified....

So much to thank him for even as I type right now...

By a roadway in the wilderness, God led me, and he caused rivers to flow for me to drink from in the desert...this is my sing-song....

I remember when one shepherd wipe me him stick for head because I dey drag position with him goats to drink water from the same messed up water trough..I had just survived the long tortuous trip through the fiery Sahara desert where I had mastered the art of recycling and consuming my own urine and those who were more dehydrated to pass any would beg with whatever Dollars they had for a sip of your urine to keep them alive and going...hmm

God is a present help in times of trouble . He will always prove himself over and over again until you accept him. Your story is so deep, thanks for sharing


Celebrities / Re: A Man Doesn't Care If You Love Him Or Not, He Just Wants To Make Money - Rudeboy by Afolashade00(f): 12:49pm On Aug 06, 2022

Unfortunately for you, your mother's enemies have pushed you into the hands of Okoyibo. Go and ask your ancestors about me. I eat species like you as snacks.

Out of the top 5 richest Nigerians, Yorubas are 3 Fulanis are 2 Igbos are 0.

The 3rd richest Yoruba is Modupe Alakija. She is richer than all Igbos living and dead.

No Igbo man dead or alive has ever made the Forbes richest list in Africa. In fact, as at today, there is no Igbo man in Nigeria who is worth up to 1 Billion dollars.

Arthur Eze is the richest Igbo man. Adenuga will buy half a dozen Arthur Eze and put them in Shoprite nylon and still collect change.

My brother, Yorubas no be your papa mate. Even your deities in Igboland are hawking in Lagos. Amadioha is selling keke parts in Ladipo.

This vawulence no be here oooo
Celebrities / Re: Rita Dominic & Her Husband Fidelis Anosike Got Dramatic On Her 47th Birthday.... by Afolashade00(f): 10:20pm On Jul 20, 2022
Very fresh and beautiful at 47.
Her freshness de make me reason like say my wife used football age. How can she be 31, but look older than Rita Dominic that's is 47.

Happy birthday forever Young

You're wicked, you got me laughing grin
Food / Re: Over 8k Spent In A Lagos Market by Afolashade00(f): 6:13pm On Jul 15, 2022
Hmmm refill my 12.5kg cylinder today for #900 per kg thus #11,250 to fill up shocked was counting the money with anger in my mind and I still another 10kg cylinder I will fill probably next week that's another 9k if the price still remains #900 next week...

It is N1,000 per kg here angry

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