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Crime / Re: A Friend Transferred Money Into My Account, About To Put Me In Trouble! by ashjay001(m): 10:51am On Nov 30

I hope they will listen to me..

I’m talking this guy that collect my Acct to let us go there he’s trying to dodge that

Sha try finish your exams firstly, before trying to apply any solution. Nigerian police no dey hear come o

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Is Extremely Stingy. Should I Be Worried? by ashjay001(m): 8:22pm On Nov 25
Why don't I think I owe her no responsibility too since I'm not yet married to her? Does it mean I'm being foolish?

But remember her younger brother told me she's that way when I whined him

Just move on, sharperly. She probably lacks emphaty.
Any good character, she's displaying, is just to hook you into marriage. Once married, it's default settings
Family / Re: What My Wife Does Whenever We Have A Disagreement by ashjay001(m): 12:05am On Nov 15
We got married in 2012 and ever since then we have been blessed with 3kids (3,boys).
I have a monthly upkeep of 130k for my wife as she only comes to our factory and goes home without doing much for the day aside taking care of kids and cooking.

I noticed that each time we have a misunderstanding, we both keep straight faces for days and she behaves as though she is less concerned to make up. It doesn't affect her chores or cooking as for me I hardly reject food served.

Now, after a couple of days, she would come for sex without wanting us to discuss and resolve the disagreement first.

Even when I feel rudely insulted, this happens. She feels whatever she does doesnt matter as long as Las Las na sex go end am. But I feel it's wrong and issues should be kept straight and fun time separate.

So we had same issues last week and we have been keeping straight faces yet I've been eating her food. Sometimes she joins me for mng prayers, sometimes she does her privately ( we do together before any misunderstanding)
So this mng she appeared stark nude to my room and demanded for sex after almost 15 days. I told her it would be unfair if we sweep the pass e events under the duvet. She got up and told me she wasn't ready to discuss any past misunderstanding that she came to f*uck. I told her I wasn't ready till issues are ironed out.

She taught it was business as usually as my John Thomas always disappoint me each time I see her nude but today I was ready to turn her down.

I Want to know if it's proper to always treat ur spouse the way you like knowing fully well that sex is their weak point for reconciliation?

Mature minds pls

Your misunderstanding, shouldn't come between your sexual relations.

Shows you're being petty sha.

After the sex, then bring up the ish. Everything, should have their own compartment. Separate from each other. Don't spoil d good thing you have
Celebrities / Re: Kechi Okwuchi Shows Her Bikini/Swimsuit Body by ashjay001(m): 5:41pm On Nov 09
Dats how we roll baby...just doing things.no self pity,no regrets,no suicidal thoughts,no blaming of anybody....continue growing in strength.

They're all actually there. Just that, she has decided not to dwell on them and try to live her live as best as she can.

A strong Lady. We will continue to pray that she continues winning

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Education / Re: IPPIS: Nigerian Lecturers Do Not Hold Multiple Full Time Lecturing Jobs by ashjay001(m): 7:33am On Oct 29

You're wrong, because the content of this write up is the truth. The person that wrote is a good person that wants the readers to understand that ASUU has a genuine reason to reject the untoward policy. Did you even click on the links below to discover the corruption in IPPIS? When you see facts, you should reason with it. Those links show what people that have enrolled in IPPIS are suffering and that is part of why ASUU is rejecting it. We should face facts and not insinuations. Besides, IPPIS is designed for core civil servants and University workers are not in that category.


Is ASUU not joining IPPIS because it's against the law or because IPPIS is not working or because they're not core civil servants?

Cele tan e

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Politics / Re: Mompha: EFCC Arrests Hamza Koudeih Over Suspected Laundering Of 33 Billion by ashjay001(m): 7:23am On Oct 29
Lebanese on fleek

I thought people say jazz isn't real? I am starting to think otherwise.

All these results, never do you? Abi, if he dey work confirm, EFCC no suppose remember their side kiss

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Sports / Re: Israel Adesanya Knocks Out Robert Whittaker Now UFC Middleweight Champ (Photos) by ashjay001(m): 11:44am On Oct 06
Now they Can all shut up. Whittaker has been dealt with, but he should remove every thought of fighting Jon Jones from his mind. That motherfuker was brought on earth to fight.

Vastly different weight level undecided
Politics / Re: Osasu Igbinedion Reacts As Dr Olusesan Accuses Her Family Of Corruption by ashjay001(m): 5:40am On Oct 05
This is one defamation case I would love to see our courts hear to the end.

It sure will make for good precedence for defamation cases.

I'm very certain though that her claims will be on the accusation to her reputation.

The fear of the Dr's archives of receipts, against her Dad and family, no go let her near court! You need to read his follow up threats on that thread!

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Politics / Re: Sunday Dare Relocates To MKO Abiola Stadium, Abuja by ashjay001(m): 11:00am On Oct 04
Buhari's regime since 2015 entrenched a situation where our leaders are showing zeal to perform. Amechi showed it in transport ministry, Kemi Adesun in finance ministry, Ogbonnaya Onu in science and technology ministry, Fashola in works ministry, malami in justice ministry, Audu Ogbe in Agric ministry, this present minister of sports and many others.

As a fan of this APC govt, I would genuinely like to know, why you stated that Malami was effective? I've tried to gauge his impact but nothing really to hold on too
Health / Re: Please Help, Insomnia Is Killing Me by ashjay001(m): 6:52am On Oct 04

It’s a new job and everybody at work have noticed something is wrong but I’m just keeping strong. Could it be the high blood pressure because the doctor has refused to say anything about it?

What do you do over the weekend? For the foreseeable future, cancel all your weekend outings and try chill during the weekends. Not necessary you sleep, you can just ly around all day and night

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Politics / Re: As Vice President You Can’t Waive Your Immunity, Lawyer Tells Osinbajo by ashjay001(m): 1:12am On Sep 27
The Prof. Should have known of this based on the case stated as precedence. I'm sure he was the then AG of Lagos State.

Exactly! Probably, plans to step aside or claim a superior argument. He's a SAN and seems to know his onions
Politics / Re: PDP, APC Ward Leaders Brutally Murdered In Rivers by ashjay001(m): 6:14am On Sep 22
What a memory to leave behind for those innocent children on how they lost their dad. Some pple's conscience has been used to wrap akara gosh. May God console his family

The trauma, will last a lifetime.

A cycle of dysfunctional humans. Quite sad.

When you have unconscionable humans, in positions of power cry


Family / Re: Children Of "Deadbeat" Fathers. Time To Think. by ashjay001(m): 8:17am On Sep 08
You know this can be helpful to families(especially children) in resolving a lot of things and undue hatred towards their fathers. grin grin grin

A deadbeat dad, is a deadbeat dad!

Just that, time softens most pple. By the time the kid grows, the father might have left his old ways and be claiming innocenty!

This goes both ways

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Family / Re: Please Help My Husband Does This Weird Stuff by ashjay001(m): 6:00am On Aug 14

You need likes for sure, his actions paints me as a bad cook but the truth is i cook good, so if my colleagues eat what i make because its free, he's got never ending family members that come around and I'll serve them and they'll ask for second helpings?

Plus shut the Bleep up i have Female colleagues your gf might be shagiing her male colleagues its not my problem

Well, earlier in my marriage, I developed a carving for soft drinks while eating. I just didn't like the food. Yet friends and family couldn't get enough.
Until she opened a restaurant and started bringing the food home, before I didn't need soft drinks again.
But, by then, it was too late. The marriage is presently over.

Not to scare you, but you might need to change your game. Insisting on maintaining your way of cooking, shows you might find compromise difficult. You didn't marry those other niggas o! lipsrsealed
Politics / Re: Ihedioha Begins Removal Of Okorocha’s Overhead Iron Bars And Trees In Owerri by ashjay001(m): 11:38am On Jul 23
I just hope that this Ihedioha doesn't turn out to be worse than Okorocha. Let him get down to business and let all these petty fights slide.

Same way, Ambode started. Petty pple, never leave good memories cry
Romance / Re: Man Blocks Girlfriend On All Platforms After She Got Piercing Against His Wish by ashjay001(m): 9:44am On Jul 19
It is your right to do whatever you like with your body and his right to block whoever he want from a phone bought with his hard-earned money

I tire o!

She's insisting her friend has the right to pierce, but angry with the nigga, cos he activated his right to block Werey!

Bloody hypocrite


Family / Re: My Wife Abandoned Her Matrimonial Home by ashjay001(m): 10:40pm On Jul 18
Your whining, lack of balls and enough mouth to banter with your wife is the reason why she and her mother have got zero respect for you, my brother.

If you could, just ignore them and forget the so-called wife with her mom.

Na dem go begin beg you say Eleru, wa gberu re o


Step up your hustle but, you're looking for a wife who doesn't want to stay?


Family / Re: I Caught My Housemaid Sexually Assaulting My Son by ashjay001(m): 12:06pm On Jul 16
I'm very disturbed now cry

This might be long

I don't know if he's the one assaulting her or she's the one doing so.. I don't even know what is going on

I got back from work, went to the bathroom and when I came out, I saw my son entering a room. He was calling her name and entered. I've been suspecting something like this so I used the opportunity to peep. I saw my son sitting close to her, putting his hand across her neck, this time she was giving a faint smile while putting her palms on her face. Later the boy went to her back and started squeezing her breast from behind. Mehn.. I'm sad, shocked, bad.. Everything. I called him and I pretended not to see anything, why? I know if I react, I'll severely deal with him and that won't change anything because he's been poisoned already. I feel like I've failed as a father already.

He's 7 turning to 8,the girl is 14. I seriously don't know what to do about my son, in fact I can't eat to think well. I'll be sending away the girl though but I'm sure that won't stop my son from doing things. Especially in his school. I'm afraid of anything that may happen.

First time I noticed a strange relationship between them, i called him, talked to him about not showing his pen.is to anyone, to keep himself covered and all sort, asked him questions about anyone touching him in any manner and he said no. I asked him about his friends in school.. He named 8 of dem and 2 of them are girls.

I've failed as a father. My wife is not yet back but when I tell her, she will beat the boy and that won't change anything. I don't know where I went wrong. The maid bathes the boy, dresses for him too. Maybe that's where the issue lies. My wife just gave birth and that's why we employed a maid to help her and take care of the house till the baby is old enough.

I don't know where he got it from, I've stopped my wife from watching movies on dstv anytime he's with her.. She only watches redeemed channel and maybe news then when he's asleep, she face her movies. She asked why and i said there was a day I came back from work, and the way he greeted me was very strange... Normally, I relate with him as if we are age mates.. I can say my guy, how u dey na and he replies with daddy, I just gentle... Just normal guyman things but this one is totally different and no one needs to tell me he got it from the movies.. No one.

Maybe I have to take charge of bathing him

He's a very smart boy.. Very very smart and that's my fear.. And for him to be exposed to this has duely affected me.

Please help me.. Abuse me, curse me.. I don't have a choice.. Just help me cry cry cry

Pardon my English pls.. Just help

A very smart 8yrs old, not allowed to bath himself shocked

This one don happen already, make ur corrections with his siblings.

I've got two of them myself. By five, they were bathing themselves. Though, I or their mom gives them a wash at least 2wice a month.

Seems it's very hard for a young boy, living with a teen girl/unmarried lady not to be sexually assaulted.


Health / Re: Kennedy Onoriode Ovabore Dies After A Brief Illness (Photos) by ashjay001(m): 11:59am On May 24

You shoot straight from the hip! Do please get a copy of the Bible and read right through! Regards!


I've kind of read it, several times.
It ain't saying anything different!

But, are u saying the earth is less than 4billion years?

Have u come across; a day before God, being like a thousand years to man?

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Health / Re: Kennedy Onoriode Ovabore Dies After A Brief Illness (Photos) by ashjay001(m): 8:03am On May 24
He died a Hero Because he died fighting For True Democracy. He died defending Christianity all the world. Any body defending USA is defending Peace all over the world.

What Pissful people will do to Christians if power leaves USA is Better imagined than experienced

Christianity, is just over 2000yrs old.

Humans have been around for over 50000yrs.(fifty thousan)

The earth has been around for over 3billion years.

Life will go on, religion or no religion!
Politics / Re: President Buhari Orders Immediate Clearing Of Apapa Gridlock by ashjay001(m): 1:26pm On May 22

I don't need read between d lines cos if I have read between d lines, it means d directive isn't explicit. D question I asked is this, do they need presidential directive b4 they no that they will clear d gridlock? Are u sure we are having d same discussion? I said d same gridlock that they are giving presidential directive 4 was cleared in February when buhari came 4 campaign & u are talking about osinbajo flying helicopter. What's d correlation?

You can't read btw d lines then.

Apapa road is a federal road. The military(naval) and paramilitary(customs), have probably taken over jurisdiction. Thereby, denying the lastma and the traffic police access or control over traffic activities.

No one, apart from PMB can give them d directive, to shift their attentions, elsewhere.

PMB's visit, is a state visit, and mountains are moved, to make it hitchfree. So much so, movements in d entire Lagos is affected! Not just apapa. Such restrictions, can't be placed on movement during the VP's visit.

The military and paramilitary, probably think it's their duty to create those roadblocks and moving for d presidential visit, was just a temporary thing.

If u don't still get it, after all these, don't bother. Let's just both move on, and continue on our path to a better life kiss
Politics / Re: President Buhari Orders Immediate Clearing Of Apapa Gridlock by ashjay001(m): 1:08pm On May 22

Do they need approval from buhari b4 they clear gridlock? Who gave them approval b4 they cleared d gridlock in February because of buharis campaign in Lagos?

If you read btw d lines in d article, you would see where military formations where given the order to dismantle all road blocks and clear out all their security apparatus from the vicinity!

Who else can give such orders to a military organization? Have u seen the apapa gridlock cleared for an Osinbajo visit? I remember Osinbajo, flying a chopper on his last visit. Whereas, the presidential security team, can get it cleared effortlessly for the visit of the President.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Orders Immediate Clearing Of Apapa Gridlock by ashjay001(m): 12:54pm On May 22
I hope they obey this instruction.
But the headline is misleading.
Buhari didnt give the directive but Osinbajo. So I pray it dtand.

Osinbajo, chairs the task force, that reports to the President.

It's probably Osinbajo's brain child, yet it would have been useless, if PMB didnt buy into it or grant approval. undecided

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Politics / Re: NASS Leadership: Why APC Accord May Crumble by ashjay001(m): 11:50am On May 06
Henceforth I won't read any article on Legislative leaderships war written by any wailer.

See the thrash being written fa

Legislative members from d ruling/majority party, are supposedly angry that the executive of the ruling party, want their members to be solely elected into ranking posts in the committees

And, some supposedly sensible, educated, intelligent, civilised individuals believe such
Sports / Re: Lionel Messi With His Wife And Sons In Cute Family Photos by ashjay001(m): 12:06am On May 06

Source: https://mandynews.com/lionel-messi-shares-cute-family-photo-with-his-wife-and-sons/

He's first son is handsome n will be well known.

I have this feeling, every time I see him. I hope it's in a good way

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Celebrities / Re: Francis Odega Speaks On Beating His Wife And Kicking Her Out by ashjay001(m): 4:26pm On May 05
from the comments I read here I can only understand why we have no jury system... The masses are humanoids devoid of common sense and pragmatic thinking hence they dwell in hypocritical illusion of being the holiest.. I'm Ara here!!!!

Abeg, park! Na d same stupidity, full everywhere! If u read d list of pple let off d jury, in those so called saner climes, u go keep ur common sense to urself.

The world is just full of stupid pple, we'll have to negotiate carefully n pray, we don't fall victim or av to join dem!
Romance / Re: Man Gives Lady N2k To Help Him Prepare Egusi Soup, She Did This by ashjay001(m): 4:18pm On May 05
You are just being a typical guy on Nairaland. So, you don't see anything wrong in him inspecting the foodstuffs? And what do you mean by "Is she his wife?" na wa for una.

Walahi, u get time for that guy!

Me that was amazed, a young marriageable man, no get gas

Come dey inspect join? See guys dey defend amshocked

Ityaff finish! Even if u feel cheated, no be to shut up n no invite her next time? Werey ni gbogbo won(all of them mad angry), no shame!


Family / Re: My Younger Sister Is Lesbian, Should I Tell My Parents? by ashjay001(m): 7:42am On May 02
She needs a good dvck, hook her up with an handsome guy, let her love up...make sure the guy is crazy in bed too..eat her up..bang her well....u know dos kain tinz naaa....that's d only way u can reconfigure her back to default settings.....of course u must tell ur parent....

So, will the guy marry her or have to break her heart?
Business / Re: Picture Of Dangote With Bottle Water That Got People Talking by ashjay001(m): 7:49am On May 01
Aliko Dangote is humble to the core

You hardly see him spraying at occasion

Poor people claiming to be rich

If you actually sweat for your money you hardly spend it recklessly

But, seriously, no side table for VIPs
Crime / Re: Zainab Aliyu Has Been Released To Nigerian Mission In Saudi Arabia by ashjay001(m): 3:29pm On Apr 30
They should extend the same to my brothers, who went on DEVELOPMENT MISSION in Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia but were WRONGLY charged for drug offenses.

Na agbaya u be cheesy
Crime / Re: Man Who Killed Father Of Chikelu Iloanyusi Arrested After 5 Years . Photo by ashjay001(m): 5:58am On Apr 28
The police has arrested the suspected murderer of father of former Super Eagles player, Chikelu Iloanyusi. According to reports, the suspect was apprehended on Saturday in Anaku, Anyamelum local government area of Anambra State.

Police spokesperson in the state, Haruna Mohammed, who disclosed this in a statement in Awka, said the suspect, Ikechukwu Emilie, was arrested in his hideout at Anaku following intelligence report.

The statement read, “It would be recalled that sometime in 2014, one Pa Iloanyusi aged 85 years and father of Ex-Super Eagles player Chikelu Iloanyusi was kidnapped and murdered by one Ikechukwu Emilie, a notorious kidnapper terrorizing Anaku and Otoucha axis in Anambra State.

“Suspect was rounded up at Phix motel Abagana where he jumped down from a three storey building with handcuff and escaped in 2014.

“Since then he became elusive and all efforts to get him rearrested was furtile.

“However, on the 27/4/2019, at about 1:30pm, following credible intelligence, Police detectives attached to the Command Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) arrested the suspect Ikechukwu Emilie ‘m’ aged 30 years in his hideout at Anaku in Anyamelum LGA of Anambra State.”

See more; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2019/04/suspected-murderer-of-ex-super-eagles-players-father-nabbed-in-anambra.html

See am, already looking sober. If u jam am, ordinarily for street, e go dey form don angry
Family / Re: My Grandmum Was An Idol Worshiper, Now This Is Happening To Me, Please Help! by ashjay001(m): 5:53am On Apr 28
Emma, im short of words at your situation. Im not religious so im blind to whatever religious undertones(if any) in your write up.

What about the investment you made with part of the loan? Ypu were not a novice in car hire/driving business so im truly surprised you invested part of that loan into town service.

You seem to be too trusting. . .and have very little business acumen. Can you take a break from all business and just look for a job, work,collect your salary, flex and save. No be all of us go be CEO or business man.

You could even look for an established church that will employ you. I assume Pastors are paid monthly undecided

Edit: Why do you need a pastor or fellow man to help you pray/conduct deliverance etc ,if at all theres any spiritual undertone to your wahala?
MFM pastors are human too . . Just like you.
You made bad choices and decisions,C'est finis. I see nothing spiritual with your problems. Who works and saves his salary with his boss? cheesy
Pray, bind and cast all you want, if you dont wisen up as a man and face the street headstrong, nothing will change.

He needs a mentor or a strong woman/wife in his life.

With all he's said abt d village, he probably can't do without traveling home for events/celebrations.

He already has a good savings culture, save to wealth. Invest in properties. Surest form of investments.

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