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Properties / Re: For Sale!for Sale! A Completed Property At Oko AFO Up For Grab by ayinba1(f): 2:47am On May 13
Hey, did you sell the house?
Politics / Re: House Of Representatives’ Provocative Hijab Bill - Punch Editorial Board by ayinba1(f): 2:37pm On Mar 31


It is exhausting to listen to Nigerians complain about girls wearing hijab. How exactly does a head covering worn by a muslim girl impact your own life?

Punch is definitely using its reach for something that benefits no one.
Agriculture / Re: 4000 Bird Capacity Poultry For Sale - IBADAN by ayinba1(f): 10:16pm On Feb 27

is there any poultry property available for rent?

Poultry is already leased out
Politics / Re: Gay Status: My Son Going Through A Major Spiritual Challenge - Doyin Okupe by ayinba1(f): 2:05am On Jan 23
I hate to say this :Muslims Asians don't tolerate this nonsense, and could waste him for honour killing as they can't bear such ridiculous status.

You shouldn't have said it. It benefits no one and you spread hate about muslims. This has nothing to do with Mr. Okupe and his son
Politics / Re: Gay Status: My Son Going Through A Major Spiritual Challenge - Doyin Okupe by ayinba1(f): 2:00am On Jan 23
The saddest part is the father throwing his own son under the bus while ignorantly hiding behind religion and running away from perceived societal shame when in fact this is the moment to rise up as a parent to love, cherish and protect your child.

He's claiming to be saved and a Christian while at the same time doing the most unchristian and evil thing just to absolve himself from his responsibility as a parent.

Where is the sense and wisdom in throwing your own son to cruel and insensitive evil people to be mocked, ridiculed and despised as an unworthy human being.?

Your own children comes first, your job is to love, cherish and protect them no matter what, you don't thrown them out to the cruel, hateful and bitter world just to please the immoral, intolerant, ungodly and hateful society.

What a terrible and horrible parent.

Am I missing something? You have judged this parent a bit too harshly.

Does he lose his own self to align with his son's choices? Note that the son did not lose himself in order to align with his father's beliefs.

Again, your statements are confusing as he has not denied loving or caring for his son, who is an adult.
Politics / Re: CNN Confirms That #EndSARS Lekki Massacre Happened by ayinba1(f): 5:56pm On Nov 18, 2020
The CNN investigation have laid to rest every contentious issue about the massacre of #ENDSARS protesters at Lekki. Anybody who tries to drive a narrative that our heroes weren't shot dead by the leprous govt. We must never forget

How? CNN never lies? Right
Took them this long and they had videos? Or videospatial evidence?

Yeah right.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by ayinba1(f): 3:20pm On Nov 09, 2020
Salaam Alaikum sister,

Four years later, what do you think about Trump?. Compare his foreign policy with Obama, who was better?. See how peaceful his regime was?.

And that is very human and again, Allah knows best.

I stated what I felt, I have no knowledge of the future. Whomever Allah places in office, my prayer is that they do not oppress the ummah. Trump is not a pleasant individual. Period. My sister said he speaks like "ki eniyan tu kelebe"
Family / Re: Before I Take This Sniper... by ayinba1(f): 4:55pm On Nov 04, 2020
"Anyone who takes a life,whether his own or another's,will suffer eternal damnation".This statement threw me off balance,and I've been researching google for a topic or people that will prove the speaker wrong.So after suffering in life for many years,I'll still suffer in death?For eternity? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki.WHAT A JOKE!

It is true. Don't do it
Politics / Re: Femi Adesina: Buhari Goes Rail-Wire by ayinba1(f): 2:18pm On Oct 02, 2020

Jonathan started reviving the industry, Amaechi even gave him credit☺️, Jonathan was just ousted, lied upon, betrayed, used Boko haram against him, Yardua would have done a lot better I wish he never died, he would have united that nation. Buhari is never a man to lead a phone boot business, talkless of a nation, how can you compare Saudi Arabia to Nigeria ?

What did I just read?? We've got some really weird folks on nairaland.

Jonathan was voted out.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Airspace Reopening: Share Your Travel Experience Post-lockdown by ayinba1(f): 7:52am On Sep 20, 2020
Confirmed landing at Lagos and Abuja airports.


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Travel / Re: Nigerian Airspace Reopening: Share Your Travel Experience Post-lockdown by ayinba1(f): 7:51am On Sep 20, 2020
Can we start a list of airlines that have actually landed in Lagos or Abuja since the lockdown was lifted. This will be helpful for people purchasing tickets. Everyone is selling flights to Lagos including airlines that have not been approved so I think this will be helpful.

I will post another message after this. You can quote it and add the airline you used in your recent international trip ( location from is also helpful)


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Autos / 2013 Ford Explorer Xlt Located In Michigan, USA by ayinba1(f): 7:22pm On Aug 07, 2020
2013 Ford Explorer for sale. Will provide VIN, one owner, no tobacco or pets.

Price is $13,000

I do not ship or clear but can connect you to a shipper who also clears. If you have someone in Michigan who can test drive it for you, that is fine by me.

125000 miles. Few paint chips and slight bumper dent from one minor accident. Recent strut replacement, regular maintenance, tires and battery less than 2 yrs old.

Leather heated seats, moonroof, bucket seats, spare tire and jack in trunk.

Serious buyer only please

I will post pics once I figure out how to make the size smaller.

Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by ayinba1(f): 9:40am On Aug 02, 2020

Not really am just an enthusiast, it's not what I do for a living.

That's really kind of you. Maybe I can get your professional input when it's time
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by ayinba1(f): 6:15pm On Aug 01, 2020
The job is in Ibadan. Not sure what the distance is. I plan to buy some of the needed components that may need to be imported. So, if you and your electrician will take a job in Ibadan, add transport and lodging - email me so we can talk more.


Ado-Ekiti is certainly a long distance from Ibadan, it's better to get installer in Lagos than in Ado. However @ayinba1 if you need an installer in Ado you can reach me. I have an electrician who I have worked with over time for solar set-ups; I talk the theory most times while he does the practical and now does set-ups independently.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by ayinba1(f): 2:43am On Aug 01, 2020
Updated- Thanks to all responders to the post for an installer in Ibadan. We are all set.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by ayinba1(f): 4:48pm On Jul 27, 2020
Do you have Micro inverters?


Tubular batteries:
Genus invomax 200a 12v ....120k
Genus invomax 220a 12v ....125k

Genus Heiwa inverter series:
950va 12v LED ........50k
1625va 12v LED.......85k
1675va 24v LED ......80k
2050va 24v LED ......80k

Genus inverters:
0.9va 12v ........... 60k
875va 12v LCD ...45k
1.5va 12v LED......73k
1.65va 24v ........ ..80k
2kva 24v LCD .......90k
3.5kva 48v ...........230k
5kva 48v ..............450k
5kva 96v .............490k
7.5kva 120v. .......700k
10kva 120v..........800k
10kva 180v...........760k
15kva 240v ..........1.3m
20kva 360v ...........1.5m

All brand new items with standard one year warranty

Smartcell global services
CALL:: 081-350-31951
WHATSAPP::: https:///2348170385620
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by ayinba1(f): 4:40pm On Jul 27, 2020
Please let us invite this man into the beautiful deen of Islam with kind words.
He needs peace and it's sad that he has carried a grudge for so long.

May Allah have mercy on him/her/numerous banned user ID and grant guidance to the individual, ameen.

Remember that your good deeds are multiplied in the days leading to Arafat. May Allah heal our lands and grant us the best in this life and the next, ameen.

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Asked Me To Tell My Mum To Remarry & I Have Lost Confidence In Her by ayinba1(f): 4:09am On Jul 05, 2020
I Lost Confidence In My Girlfriend The Moment She Asked Me To Marry For My Mother.

I had a girlfriend some few months back before the covid 19 outbreak, that was after we went home from school due to the strike and the pandemic, we both are in the same school which is IBB university lapai, in our final.

So at home this faithful day, I put a call through! We both were talking, laughing on phone, so she ask about my mum, I said she was fine and she now ask abt her loneliness because no one at home, I told her but I'm still here with her, she ask what if school resume and what if we should go for our service next year, she now told me to marry another man for my mum.... lol... telling me who knows" that my mum might like the idea if I should table it with her. Gosh! I actually laughed about it then on phone with her but inside me, it wasn't funny at all.

The next day, what she told me was still bordering me, so many things were just running on my mind...so even if by mistake I wife her in future and the Lord decide to take me when we have a grown up child like me, who is planning on becoming a graduate this year and have even spent 30 years in marriage already....she won't even mourn me for long before accepting another man's proposal or bleeping with another man or probably her one time ex.

I decided to ask my mum with play, mum be sincere to me, you and my dad have been married since far back 1986... U both were in marriage for about 30 yrs before he past away few years ago, may his soul rest in peace..this is 5yrs now are you considering on marrying any one or having any kind of body movement or even can stand the presence of another man in your life?

Guess what her reply was....
Mum said my dad was the only man she know in her life and that's how it going to remain by God grace, period! and I shouldn't ask her such again with cry/smiles on her face because she has me and I will give her groundchil........

Seriously I don't know why I brought this here but pls tell me, any girl that can ask a 52 Year old woman to re_marry even after she has a child, isn't it clear that she can't stay without having sex to anyone as long as her husband is on a peace keeping mission or even travel abroad?

Thanks everyone.

I feel that she means well for your mom. Women do get lonely and it is better for her to have a marriage than an affair.

If she chooses not to, then okay but your girl actually cares more about your mom than you realize

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Travel / Re: Most Nigerians Abroad Stranded Due To Passport Renewal Problems. by ayinba1(f): 1:55am On Jun 21, 2020
There is a report that most Nigerians are stranded abroad due to the closure of many Nigerian Embassies abroad. Many Nigerians have been arrested due to overstaying as they can put visa in an expired passport,

Please this is an awareness to let the Nigerian Government to with immediate effect instruct Ambassadors to reopen embassies to solve the problems of Nigerians living abroad.

Other foreign embassies are open 24 hours attending to the needs of their citizens, I wonder why Nigerian Embassy should be closed thereby causing untold hardship to Nigerians abroad.

To be a Nigerian, is it a blessing or a curse?

Let this information reach to the relevant authorities.

My first inkling was to type "Rubbish"

Stop spreading false information.
You can travel to Nigeria with expired Nigerian passport. People are stranded now primarily because COVID 19 means a lot of airports are closed and you need an open airport to land a plane.

Love your country or at least say something nice or true or nothing at all.
People are not penalized over overstaying visa because of COVID 19, there are very few or no flights unless the government provides an evacuation flight.

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Travel / Re: How VIPs are violating flight restriction by ayinba1(f): 1:38am On Jun 21, 2020
This is absurdly lazy journalism. A lot of the so called educated posters here did not even question why there is no single picture of a flight leaving, arriving or people coming off a plane.

Anyone can put a story together but if you were not at the airport, don't claim that you were there and saw the flights.
Politics / Re: Amotekun: MURIC Sends Message To Southwest Governors by ayinba1(f): 10:45pm On Jan 27, 2020

You answer the question yourself

That link you provided is what exactly?
Link to a blog of Amotekun website?
Is that website associated with or owned by any of the SW governments?

Why don't you post the requirements to join Amotekun?

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Politics / Re: Amotekun: Juniad Mohammed Warns Of Imminent Civil War by ayinba1(f): 1:42pm On Jan 23, 2020
Let the war begins

Very sad. You want war?people in war zines are hoping and praying that it ends
Politics / Re: Amotekun: Juniad Mohammed Warns Of Imminent Civil War by ayinba1(f): 1:39pm On Jan 23, 2020
Juniad should shut up

The north can play politics with Boko Haram and billions of Naira is taken from us to develop your lands right? Why we Southwest can’t set up a community policing to wade off criminals?

Go and warn your people that the Southwest won’t tolerate any notoriety either from the Fulani herdsmen, IPOBS or any of our neighbors taking our hospitality for granted!!

Bring a logical counterpoint. This man is very sensible in his answers.

You, hmmmm not so sure. Did you read his responses?
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by ayinba1(f): 3:43am On Jan 20, 2020
my signature?. My sign. is about Sura Al-Iman Ayah 103.

Let me guess from your post, it looks like you were trying to say some Sunnis are happy about killing of Sulaimani and want Shiism eradicated. Is that what it was?.

Almost. I think I have attached what I was referring to this time

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by ayinba1(f): 10:05pm On Jan 19, 2020
This is with regard to the recent iran-us fracas right?

Yes, however what I tried quote was actually something in your signature titled Nigeria civil something
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by ayinba1(f): 5:45am On Jan 19, 2020
Sorry that I had to quote the whole thing. I am specifically interested in the segment that talked about defeating Shiaism.

Why on earth do we waste our energy and resources on something so useless? Our so called Sunni countries are falling one by one like a pack of cards while the one sunni country that appears to be powerful provides funding and manpower to fell muslim countries. What muslim nation has Iran attacked, please?

We are wasting time as muslims. There is a force that is hell bent on eradicating Islam as a way of life. They will not succeed because Allah has said so. We however have work to do as muslims, we are not doing so hot right now

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Education / Re: Thomas Goodness Shekwobyalo: JAMB Orders ABU To Offer Girl Medicine by ayinba1(f): 4:57pm On Jan 09, 2020
Don't mind them, all lies! If u go to the Medicine Dept and Law na so so Hausa and Fulani full there. You go hassle hard to see any Christian in that dept even if you see at all nah southern Kaduna

So the Southern Kaduna are not Christian enough? And when you go to UNN, na so so Hausa/Fulani also full dia?


Education / Re: Thomas Goodness Shekwobyalo: JAMB Orders ABU To Offer Girl Medicine by ayinba1(f): 4:53pm On Jan 09, 2020
[quote author=ThankYouGod post=85646065]Hope they will not frustrate her when she's admitted.[/quotep]

Sadly, she is already frustrated by whomever suggested to her to claim religious bias. She is young and it is sad that her guardians already partly ruined her. She can continue to play the victim and apply to US for admission claiming religious discrimination because there are no Christian graduates from ABU Medicine, right? Just sad

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by ayinba1(f): 5:59am On Oct 27, 2019
long time.. How are you doing sister?. You still live in Detroit?

No sir. Never did. Hope you are doing well too
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by ayinba1(f): 1:50am On Oct 27, 2019
Alhamdulillah Erdogan don get sense


I don't understand. Could you explain how Erdogan got sense?
Politics / Re: Governor Makinde Visits Mosque To Inform Worshippers Of Demolition Plans (Photo) by ayinba1(f): 8:14pm On Oct 19, 2019
I am a Muslim. If the Muslim is hindering development please demolish and even Allah will reward you in the process. You don’t even need to tell anyone anything about it because in Islam intention supersedes actions

No you are not. Islam preaches dialogue and reasoning. The governor did a human thing, a lot are animals in human skin. Which kain muslim you be ?

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TV/Movies / Re: NTA Cartoons and programmes Of The 70s, 80s And 90s by ayinba1(f): 4:03am On Apr 27, 2019
Dog Wonder and the Falcon

Animal Kingdom (local NTA 10 children show) I attended some of them and also Children's Party... Free soft drinks with biscuits and pop corn and we also have opportunity to win prizes... I won some times.

If your picked the number 10, you were a lucky winner, no questions asked. You got a gift...

Animal games with Uncle Wale!

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