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Politics / Re: Tinubu: Nigerians Have Seen Ancestors Dressing As Youths Before - Adeyanju by bass7: 7:51am On Feb 08, 2022
Sentiments everywhere....

Abeg, the man or woman that will lead Nigeria to our Canaan land is all I need...

I am tired of the embarrassments, rejections I get and face because of the Nation I come from....

We need a messiah... Una never tire?

No more tribal, religious and what have you not sentiments...

We need a messiah... I repeat... We need a messiah...

One love

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Politics / Re: Tinubu: Nigerians Have Seen Ancestors Dressing As Youths Before - Adeyanju by bass7: 7:39am On Feb 08, 2022
The shrinking thief is now even wearing plenty clothes just to appear bigger

Abeg no ladfing emoticon for this space, cos I really need to LAFF...
hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha..kikikikikikikikikiki..

It is very unfortunate... 9jaa pple, make una step aside and think for once nah
Crime / Re: Adegoke Timothy, Dead OAU MBA Student: Update From His Brother by bass7: 9:29am On Nov 19, 2021

So you feel that everyone must think the same way you think, and anyone with contrary opinion must be insulted and called names?

Look, I am not responsible for your backwardness in life. If there is anything bothering you, go and look for a solution instead of jumping online to discharge your frustration on everyone.

Somebody's son, father and husband has just been wasted by useless mofos and all you do is attack whoever expresses their displeasures over the issue..... Are you alright?

Na these tribalism make the country scatter so...

Crime / Re: Fraud Alert - Bamise Ajetunmobi [investment Fraud] by bass7: 9:44am On Oct 18, 2021

The business wasn't solid.

A cursory look through their site alone shows that they aren't crunching the data that shows any credibility. They came across as boastful and naive. Any company that is worth its salt would not be boasting of eradicating poverty in Africa, East Europe, south America single handedly by lending to the poor as its mission statement. That's enough bullshit for me to run with my money. Even Lapo and Accion with multiple decades of experience would not even talk about eradicating poverty in Mushin Local government let alone Africa.

Also website looks alot shoddy. They were full of boasting. They are in 350 markets across Africa. Listed Lagos, Ibadan , Jumped to Benin Republic a country before jumping back to Akure or something. Yeah the CEO doesn't verify such info but such are basic things any company worth its salt won't be committing errors at. Lastly, most people that carry religion on their forehead most times are just masking it to move forward in life especially when it comes to money. Once you start calling God or stating your Godliness in a business deal, i am already on the edge.

I hope and pray investors are able to regain their funds back.

Exactly oooo.... Once anyone starts displaying Godliness in a business deal.... I quickly turnaround.....


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by bass7: 1:21pm On Oct 11, 2021

www.ustraveldocs.com (For scheduling interview date)

www.ceac.state.gov ( filling application form ds160)

Thank you
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by bass7: 10:53am On Oct 11, 2021
Good day friends..

Please can someone help me with the website for USvisa application.

Thank you
Crime / Re: Follow Up: Nigerian Locked Up for the Case of Rape —The Walk, The End. by bass7: 7:39pm On Oct 10, 2021
uote author=temblor1 post=106623092]
You're quite observant.
Good question.[/quote]

Op.... I can't say whether you are guilty or not.... I no be lawyer..

But with the evidences and all you've posted here.... I feel there's a conspiracy raging somewhere.....
Aside trying to prove your innocence here and anywhere else.... I would advice you equally talk to GOD... He alone can vindicate you....

I sincerely pray you are innocent....


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Are There Any Remote Jobs In Nigeria! by bass7: 4:28pm On Oct 10, 2021
some tutors use their laptops speakers, also I have tried using regular earpiece, but I always use my Logitech headset

Hello.... can a mobile phone be used for these cambly remote job stuff?
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by bass7: 5:46pm On Sep 24, 2021
Hello..Tbh! To avoid getting refused it’s important to ensure that what you’ve filled in the DS-160 aligns with the questions asked and when you start to get the jitters when they ask questions, It’s very easy to get refused.

From experienced, I had been refused twice in 2019- July and Nov.Note that I had my baby in the US and when I got refused in July 2019 just as they were scrapping Dropbox (they sent my passport back with a letter requesting for childbirth cost details. When I now reapplied again even with all the zero balance, I got refused.

Decided to try my luck again in 2021.. got a date in sept ( This time I applied with my partner)

The entire convo
VO: Morning, Please can I have your passports
Us: Sure
VO: where in the US are you visiting
Us: Texas
VO: what do you both do
Us: we told her our occupation and explained our roles
VO: when last were you in the US
Us: we told her the months and dates
VO: It shows here that you were in the US for 5months
Me: Yes ( I mentioned the year) and stated that it was the year I had my baby in the US
VO: How much did you pay and What hospital
Us: we told her the amount and the hospital
(Note that VO was typing on the computer while asking all the details)
VO: Do you plan to have any more kids?
Me: I would but not at the moment
VO: Okay
( me praying in my head, make this VO no give me blue paper �)
VO : Asks us both something related to the sector we workin
Us: we answered the question
( VO continues typing on the computer and then hands us the white paper � and that we would receive an email on passport collection)

the only thing the VO asked for was our passport, did not ask for any documents and we also noticed while we were on the queue, Other VO’s didn’t ask as well, not sure if it’s because they are trying to reduce as much contact because of COVID.

Wonderful..... I have been denied twice ( first was for a vacation, Second was for my mentor's son's wedding)... I pray I get the white paper these time around by God's grace....

I work with a bank and I have a son as a single mom.....
Got engaged and I want to get my wedding stuff from US.... I pray I get favoured


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by bass7: 7:05pm On Sep 17, 2021
Goodevening guys....

I am seriously thinking wheather I should go ahead and pay for a US visa fee ... With the number of months/years one has to wait for in order to get a date for an interview is not friendly atall...

What's your advise please... Thank you
Family / Re: 6 Bedroom Flats For Rent @ Asaba Delta State. Call Us On:08160274884. by bass7: 1:52pm On Sep 15, 2021
6 bedroom flats for rent @ Asaba Delta . call us on:08160274884.

Good one....

CA I get a bedsitter in a decent environment around okpanam road and its environs...

I don't need any from okpanam town...
Thank you
Crime / Re: My Brother Is About To Kill My Mother: His Life Is Becoming Messed by bass7: 5:06pm On Sep 02, 2021
When did it all start? Has he always being like that from childhood?

Many people are moving around with curses they know or know nothing about.....

And my candid opinion is ,he should be guided with prays .... Nothing pass God..

God is merciful.....
Properties / Re: Post Vacant Apartment In Your Area Here And Help Someone Bypass Agent Fee by bass7: 1:45pm On Sep 02, 2021
I need a bedsitter apartment in Asaba, Delta state.....

Areas liked are......
Okpanam road
Across the express
DLA etc

No agents pls

Thank you

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by bass7: 10:29am On Sep 02, 2021
You sabi! We call it Odudu in my place (Isuikwuato) and my grandma used to make it a lot. You cook it like regular beans and then add Ji apu (my dialect for akpu mmiri) and Ugba to it. Very tasty.

I can relate my sis.... Odudu agworoagwo na ji Apu mmiri with enough crayfish, sungu fish and ahara .......
Business / Re: Simple Secret Of Buying Stuff At Idumota Market Lagos by bass7: 4:21pm On Aug 14, 2021
Good evening guys....

PLease who can help me with where I can get these male slippers at balogun market... At wholesale price cos I sell them...

Thank you

Business / Re: Simple Secret Of Buying Stuff At Idumota Market Lagos by bass7: 11:10am On Aug 08, 2021
Goodmorning @ajekpako...

Please where in balogun market can I find these kind of male slippers (original)...
Thank you

Crime / Re: Abba Kyari Deletes Facebook Post Mocking Police Probe Of FBI Charges by bass7: 5:09pm On Jul 31, 2021
Fake news by IPOB, the Benin People slaves.

E pain you...

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Crime / Re: Breakdown Of FBI Investigation On Hushpuppi And Abba Kyari. by bass7: 10:15am On Jul 31, 2021
FBI is not like Nigerian police or Army , before they call you for query !!!! Forget it they have evidences that you're yet to see... Abba Kyari is done for... Ask why Escoba decided to die than to go and answer FBI

Exactly 2hat I told someone yesterday...FBI already have enough evidences to nail each and everyone involved in the fraud...
E never start o

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Business / Re: Simple Secret Of Buying Stuff At Idumota Market Lagos by bass7: 3:09pm On Jul 30, 2021
@ ajekpako.... Good afternoon
Please where in Balogun market can I get these male slippers..
Thank you

Celebrities / Re: Photos From Funmi Iyanda's 50th Birthday Dinner by bass7: 11:40am On Jul 30, 2021
Old cargo
Pray to reach 50
Family / Re: Boy Found Wandering In Enugu. Do You Know Him? (Photo) by bass7: 11:38am On Jul 30, 2021
He was abandoned on purpose.The Child Welfare Services Department should take care of him till he finds his feet.He looks to be spastic.

I kind of agree with....the child looks abandoned to me
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: As A Female, What Skills Do I Need To Acquire Before Going Abroad? by bass7: 10:11pm On Jul 07, 2021
Why do Nigerians think that getting married is an achievement

The thing tire me ooo.... Black man sha
Politics / Re: Ogoni Leaders Cry For Help As Armed-bearing Fulani Herdsmen Occupy Farms by bass7: 12:03pm On Jun 29, 2021
Stop crying....
Defend yaselves, nobody will do it for you.....
Sports / Re: ‘I Promised Chioma Ajunwa Land, Not House’ - Olagunsoye Oyinlola by bass7: 8:41am On Jun 26, 2021
So many two-faced people on this platform...
If you say orange is green, they will agree and when you say the same orange is red, the same people will quickly agree too... Wetin dey happen....

Naija people sef.....
Politics / Re: 'Any Army Sent To South-East Will Die' - Nnamdi Kanu by bass7: 3:58pm On Jun 02, 2021
Make una dey here dey hate each other....
When kasala burst, e go reach everybody for this country, whether Yoruba, Igbo,hausa, Fulani, edo, Delta.... I mean everyone....
Religion / Re: Prophet Iginla Weeps Over Nigeria, Prays Against Happenings In May, June, July by bass7: 4:49am On May 01, 2021
I can bet my last kobo it will happen. just get prepared. mark my word

And the ibos will fold their hands and watch abi...

I just hope you won't be disappointed
Religion / Re: Prophet Iginla Weeps Over Nigeria, Prays Against Happenings In May, June, July by bass7: 4:46am On May 01, 2021
fulani will unleash their terror against the igbos.

is that all7
Politics / Re: Katsina Deploys Trained Dogs To Schools As Security Measure (Photos) by bass7: 5:14pm On Apr 28, 2021

Well, at least the dogs will bark on time so that every one including the barking bingoes fit japa on time. grin

Crime / Re: Greenfield University: Families Open Gofundme Account To Raise Ransom by bass7: 8:46am On Apr 27, 2021
una see wetin negotiating with terrorists dey cause..... They keep asking for more while they commit more evil.

I fear for my kwantry
Politics / Re: Bauchi Government To Renovate Government House With ₦6.1 Billion by bass7: 11:03pm On Dec 09, 2020
Make it N66.6 Billion......
I weep for 9jiria
TV/Movies / Re: Dr. Chinyere Ohiri: Willie Willie 1980s Horror Film Actor by bass7: 7:41am On Sep 19, 2020
Willie Willie don die,na who kill am? na nchelem kill am,.. clap for nchelem,clap for nchelem tikpa tikpa ti tikpa tikpa kpaa wink

That year for P-H.....
The drama no easy....Fear nearly kiiii person
Business / Re: Why You Should Do Business In Onitsha by bass7: 11:14am On Sep 13, 2020

bed sheets fulll for main,market. there re ones they buy d materials and,sow and package. there re places in d market dt u can see assorted types.also things like curtains too. discovered them when i needed stuffs to furnish a new house

Good morning Antivirus..

Biko. your WhatsApp number is really needed...

Dalu Shi nne

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