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Romance / Re: It Became A Thing Of "Happy Ever After" To The Latest Nalraland Couple In Town! by BluntTheApostle: 6:18pm On Jun 13
Hopefully, it lasts.
Forum Games / Re: Among These People, Who Would You Save And Your Reason(s)? by BluntTheApostle: 4:12pm On Jun 13
For those who find the question senseless, you need to understand that questions like this help provide insight into how humans would solve the problems of difficult choices. Do not be surprised if you find questions like this being asked by recruiters to test your ability to make difficult choices in life. Obviously, life is sometimes about making difficult choices.

My father made the difficult choice to leave us in the care of our mother when he was transferred to Kaduna while we were in Lagos. He had to choose between his family and his job.

Perhaps this example is not as difficult as the one in the OP, but there are even more difficult choices, and that one is the only one I have experienced.

In many homes, men are confronted with the difficult choice of picking wife over mother, and vice versa.
Forum Games / Re: Among These People, Who Would You Save And Your Reason(s)? by BluntTheApostle: 3:51pm On Jun 13
At the end, what this will teach us is that Men are easily disposable. Most people will save their Mother and will endure their father perish.
Most spouse/husband that will be saved will be spouse who have something to offer. While most men will save their wife..most wife wont save their husband if he has nothing to offer...Some wife will even allow their husband to perish just to inherit his properties, after mourning for a week.
You can see how men are so disposable and dispensable. If you truly understands this reality about life, marriage and love won't shack you as a young guy. Invest in yourself and your passion as a man, enjoy life. Put your self first cos most people will dispose of you if u are not useful to them, including your wife.
That's the Bitter truth

So much wisdom.
Religion / Re: I'm Seriously Sick & I'm Fasting. If I Use Drug, Is The Fasting Still Relevant? by BluntTheApostle: 9:54am On Jun 13
Good morning Nairalanders.

Please I need advice on this. I was given fasting and praying which is supposed to end today but yesterday night i was not feeling alright then I visited a doctor who gave me some medications and placed me on drug, I'm suppose to use some this morning but I'm afraid I might spoil my fasting.


Una happy sunday

God gave us a brain for a reason.

It didn't say we should throw away our brains before we can be right with Him.

If your health is failing, it is common sense to eat, and eat well.

You need to stay hydrated, and you need to boost your immune system to fight the infection.

Otherwise, you will DIE.

So, you need to eat well to stay hydrated, and to nourish your body so that it can heal itself.

Don't tempt the Lord thy God.

Suspend the fasting, and take care of your health.

I remembered when I was an active pastor of a church, a woman breastfeeding was doing dry fasting. The day I got to know, I almost gave her a slap. How can you be fasting when breastfeeding when you know that you have to eat well to produce enough milk for your baby to consume?

How can someone be so stupid? Being religious does not mean you have to throw away your brains. It is the reason why atheists think religious people (especially, Christians and Muslims) are stupid.

The Bible says wisdom is profitable to direct. Faith is good, but faith without wisdom will lead you to your grave.

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Sports / Re: Christen Eriksen Alive, In Stable Condition - UEFA by BluntTheApostle: 8:40am On Jun 13
Amir Angwi,, Sam Okwaraji, Marc Vivian Foé..
Could all have been here if the medics were as good as these ones...

It is not just about the medics.

When it is your time, it is your time.

There are players who have saved fellow players from dying on the pitch.

Togolese striker Francis Kone was not a medic when he saved the life of Bohemians goalkeeper Martin Berkovec. Berkovec had fainted after colliding with a teammate. Kone noticed on time, and rather than wait for the medics, Kone quickly prevented Berkovec from swallowing his tongue.
Politics / Re: Twitter: We’re Ready To Negotiate With The Nigerian Government by BluntTheApostle: 3:27pm On Jun 12

OMG !! you don't even know censor/gag and ban don't mean the same , your mumuness deserve as an award, you don't know censorship of twitter is synonymous to scrambling our freedom of expression.
No country has censored or gagged twitter, the only thing that can happen is ban, it quiet preposterous that buhari supporters now cite russsia, france buh there tryanny master is alway calling on Uk& US for support & loans. buh when is comes to doing the right thing we remember we are a sovereign nation.
Twitter is only luring naija govt, to expose the dictator we call a leader ... twitter its a global world, they can't change there rules becos of one developing nation.

Censorship of Twitter refers to Internet censorship by governments that block access to Twitter
Politics / Re: Twitter: We’re Ready To Negotiate With The Nigerian Government by BluntTheApostle: 7:56pm On Jun 11

I am not surprise buh i thot shame would keep you away, ....
when we all sign up to twitter we agreed to terms & condition, which means twitter have the right to regulate our actions how they deem fit. Did twitter act within its right, fvcking yes.
Recently a young man slapped marcon france president, guess what court decided the case not macron and the guy was sentenced to four month in prison. what is a deleted tweet compared to a slap on live tv ... if it were to be buhari that guy would av been dead by now or 1km to hell's gate.
My point is buhari has no constitutional right to ban twitter regardless of how he feels or how you feel. ... if buhari could go on foreign tv to insult nigerians nd feel he is only expressing himself why should nigerians feel insulted a foreign media insulted there president. just yesteday on arisetv he said the reason for high unemployment is because the youths are misbehaving. is that a compliment.
You said something that i like about pastor chris, he did not like twitter action he simply left, why did he not command is members to deactivate from twitter or threaten to lay curse on any member stil using twitter, doesnt make sense, trump also moved to creat is own platform. Buhari can borrow money for africa buh he can't just borrow sense to rule nigeria. if twitter is nof registered or paying tax in US why would it wana do so in nigeria.

Any government has the right to censor Twitter, or any social media platforms for that matter.

Nigeria will not be the first to ban Twitter. Russia threatened to ban Twitter some time back, and Twitter deleted the contents causing the fracas.

They must comply with all our directives. We are not a small country.

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Politics / Re: Twitter: We’re Ready To Negotiate With The Nigerian Government by BluntTheApostle: 7:15pm On Jun 11
You just have to give it to all these retired generals. They know how to put insolent people in their place.

Thumbs up to my beloved president!!

Twitter not only insulted our president, they insulted all Nigerians.

We Nigerians need to begin to understand our worth as Africa's largest market for many prominent foreign goods and investments.

The foreigners make it seem like we need them far more than they need us. But the reality is different. We all need one another. So, no one is really the ultimate boss. But these arrogant foreigners don't want to acknowledge that fact that we are all the same, and need one another.


Politics / Re: 73% Of Women In Kaduna LG Say It’s Okay For Men To Beat Them’ – Governor’s Chief by BluntTheApostle: 4:39pm On Jun 11
I have heard that some women enjoy getting beaten.

Like a lady I once dated. There was a day she practically begged me to hit her.

First of all, to hit someone, there has to be some level of anger. But we were both in a good mood that day.

That was the last time I saw her because I did not want to be involved with someone with such a fetish.

I am not a violent person. I cannot pretend to be.

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Religion / Re: Fani-Kayode: What TB Joshua Told Me + Why Some Nigerian Pastors Hated Him by BluntTheApostle: 11:39am On Jun 10
This man likes attention too much. He is now trying to make the best of TB Joshua's death to his own gain. He is always close friends with every famous person.


Imagine trying to use TB Joshua to exonerate himself of allegations of corruption. He should have said this when TB Joshua was alive.
Foreign Affairs / Re: French President Macron Slapped During Crowd Walkabout (Video) by BluntTheApostle: 6:16pm On Jun 08
If buhari walk freely like this in the streets of southeast of Nigeria now, he will be stabbed to death

You think Macron was walking freely. When presidents do crowd walkabout, there are always security personnel everywhere, even in the crowd.

And even if Buhari walks in the Southeast, no one will dare to stab him. Ordinary soldier gets killed and you will see reprisals from his colleagues. Now imagine stabbing a whole president, that will be the end of that region. Not even the UN will be able to save the Southeast.

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Car Talk / Re: Racing A 2014 Highlander With A mercedes Cls550. Toyotas Need To Know Their Mate by BluntTheApostle: 12:01pm On Jun 08
The OP is too rude.

I am sure he is a Yahoo boy. Feeling arrogant on top other people's sweat.

Just be careful with your recklessness because when it happens now, an innocent person may be among the casualties.


Education / Re: What Happened When I Told My Class Mates That I'm On A 2:1 Not A 1:1 by BluntTheApostle: 10:05am On Jun 08
This is our final semester here in school. Today, I was in a deep conversation with a group of my course mates, and we were talking about our performance and grades so far in school. Being their best student they were shocked to hear me tell them that I'm actually on a 2:1 and not a 1:1 and specifically within the range of 4.25 to 4.3 cgpa. Their Shock also shocked me lols grin. Like what were they thinking? And somehow they were disappointed too.

As for me I don't care about their thoughts or opinion about the subject matter, I'm not from a rich home perse, so most at times I spend my time on things that will put money in my pocket rather than books to survive here in school. I even barely read my books, but I'm a very fast learner when I grab a book.

They couldn't fathom why I couldn't make a first class even when they considered me a genius. Anyways, that doesn't matter, maybe some other time in the nearest future things like this won't matter any more. I simply wish myself the very best in life. Graduating top of my class is not an easy feat and I thank God for that. If any of those 1:1 students embark on 10% of
the thingss I do in campus to survy, they will find it difficult making a 2:1 not to talk of a 1:1.
So I'm really proud of myself. Glory be to God. Amen!

One thing you need to learn is how to stop making excuses for yourself when you come short of expectations in life.

There are people who went through hell in school, and still finished with a first class degree.

I finished with a first class degree, but I was not the best graduating student. The best graduating student of my set was over 30 years old. He was the one sponsoring his own education. He would teach WAEC lessons, go to Moniya to do okada, depending on his shift as a security guard. He also had younger ones whom he was sponsoring. They all became orphans very early in life and he has been a provider since he was a teenager.

So, stop making excuses for yourself. Rather, accept your fate.

First class degree is good. It gives one bragging rights. But it doesn't give information on who is a genius or not. It doesn't say that someone has more potential than another.

A person with a third class degree may have better problem-solving skill than someone with a first class degree. This means that some people with third class degrees are more employable than some people with first class degrees.


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by BluntTheApostle: 9:52am On Jun 08

Kwa kwakwa

But that is not Nengi.


Entertainment / Re: MC Freedom Beaten In Ibadan As Prank Goes Wrong (Video) by BluntTheApostle: 9:30am On Jun 08
That is a part of the job of pranking people.

Every prankster, even in developed countries, get this sort of beating at least once in their career.

There are always hostile places where such pranks are always perceived wrongly.

It is all good that he came out alive.

Next time, he should think up safer ideas for his pranks. Some ideas will get him lynched.


Politics / Re: ISWAP Confirms Shekau’s Death, Says Its Fighters Were Following ISIS Orders by BluntTheApostle: 5:08pm On Jun 05

Don't be deceived, two persons you should never fight against once they mean business are
1. God
2. Government of any nation.

Forget all these politics that's been played with Boko Haram, it's because the government have something to benefit, if not...Boko Haram will not take more than 7hours for Nigeria military to send them packing. You saw how it took Buhari less than 48hours to ban Twitter because the government meant business, so that's how it is with fighting terrorism.

It is actually not easy to defeat Islamic terrorist groups.

In fact, it is almost impossible.

Look at how much the United States has spent on her war against terrorism since the aftermath of the September 11 suicide attacks, and yet Al-Queda is still in existence.

Islamic terrorist groups are the most difficult to defeat because they always make their terrorism look like a jihad, so they are never short of fighters.

Another thing is that when there is a gap in governance, terrorism will thrive.

ISWAP poses more threat than Boko Haram because ISWAP is closing gaps and offering services that government should be doing. ISWAP is digging wells, providing food, and even protecting herdsmen against cattle rustlers. The government failed to do this that is why the locals will trust ISWAP more than the FG.

Tell me, how can the FG attack ISWAP without hitting civilians?

There is hardly a military in the world that is trained in non-conventional warfare. That is the major reason why Islamic terrorist groups like Al-Queda, ISIL, and the others are still in existence despite the huge amount spent on antiterrorism every year.
Politics / Re: ISWAP Confirms Shekau’s Death, Says Its Fighters Were Following ISIS Orders by BluntTheApostle: 5:00pm On Jun 05
ISWAP faction started in 2016 after election of APC in 2015, I think the people that set up Boko haram against Jonathan wanted to end it after Jonathan was defeated but Shakau refused then they called this disobedience then actually set up a parallel Islamic group to end Boko haram. Why not 2012,13 or 14 during Jonathan's administration. grin grin Jonathan said it , that they were in his Government.

Nothing of the sort.

Boko Haram aligned with ISIL, and became ISWAP.

The leader of ISIL did not like how Shekau was killing Muslims, so he removed Shekau as leader of ISWAP, and appointed Mohammed Yusuf's son as the new leader of ISWAP.

Shekau did not like this, so he broke his relationship with ISIL, and went to form JAS.

Some of his loyalists followed him, but many others stayed in ISWAP.
Science/Technology / Re: Can You Buy This Electronic Toilet WC For #350,000 ? by BluntTheApostle: 4:17pm On Jun 04
What will I do with an electronic toilet?

Is a toilet not for shitting while pressing phone?
Crime / Re: Loan App Wants To Ruin My Career by BluntTheApostle: 4:10pm On Jun 04
I borrowed money from LCASH recently. I defaulted and they started threatening me of sending messages to my contacts.

I was scared, but came up with a solution.

I went to Google contact and deleted over 1000 names from my online Google account. As I did this, I deleted almost all my whatsapp contact. And as I did, I kept syncing to make sure all the contacts they want to send the messages to are eliminated from my android contacts.

As I speak, I have less than 30 names in my contact and even less on whatsapp. So, even that I. Owe some of them, they can't send SMS to contacts that don't exist in your phone contacts.

Once you delete from Google contacts and from whatsapp, just sync and all the contacts will vanish even from their own system.

I quietly did this and they have stopped threatening me about sending messages to my contact becuase it is pointless doing so when there are jest 22 names in my contact list. All the people that know me, I have deleted their numbers to avoid that kind of embarrassment.

So, lf you can get a new Sim, move your contacts to it or write them out in a diary. Get any app that can store your contact and wipe off your contact list from Google contact and then from whatsapp.

I have fixed them as far as threatening me with text messages are concerned.
I don't have any important contact I can't get from around.

It is because of people like you that these lenders threaten defaulters.

Don't you care that by refusing to repay your loan, you are denying someone else an opportunity to borrow money.

You are also making the lenders run at a loss. These lenders have employees who have to be paid. Imagine that many borrowers are like you, won't you run the lending company to the ground?
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by BluntTheApostle: 11:53am On Jun 04

And that was why I ignored you grin grin
Avoid me o

Impossible!!! grin
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by BluntTheApostle: 9:17am On Jun 04

Photopains!!!!... grin grin

I was pulling Onyi's leg grin
Sports / Re: Moment Sergio Aguero Gifted His N29m Range Rover EVQ To Man City's Kitman (Vid) by BluntTheApostle: 7:30pm On Jun 03
If there's one thing I've noticed, it's that footballers are very generous people.

More generous than even your so called politicians.

I still remember Paulinho handing over his house and Mercedes worth millions of dollars to his driver, before he left China.

Politicians earn alot, why aren't they generous?

Even your so called billionaires would rather steal more from the masses than give, why?

As per basic salaries, politicians don't earn that much. That is why many of them dabble into shady deals.

And there are politicians who are or were generous. For example, MKO Abiola.


Sports / Re: Moment Sergio Aguero Gifted His N29m Range Rover EVQ To Man City's Kitman (Vid) by BluntTheApostle: 7:25pm On Jun 03
When you earn 250000 pounds per week, you can afford to be as generous as Kun.

But honestly, these footballers make so much money, it is like blood money.

How can someone be earning 250,000 pounds weekly?

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by BluntTheApostle: 7:16pm On Jun 03
Chai cry cry
See love na
Ozo you are blessed

NYSC / Re: Corpers Can Be Mobilised For War - Shuaibu Ibrahim (NYSC DG) by BluntTheApostle: 6:51pm On Jun 03
He is right.
Food / Re: Yoruba Girl Eats Igbo Food (abacha) For The First Time (pics, Video) by BluntTheApostle: 3:11pm On Jun 03

The spaghetti or noodle like part of it is actually the abacha.

Try it and do your own video.

Thank you, bro.

I will definitely try it out. It looks attractive.
Travel / Re: Airplane Runs Into Ditch During Takeoff In Lagos by BluntTheApostle: 3:01pm On Jun 03
Pilot obviously had a fight with his wife before coming to work.

He was lost in thoughts.
Food / Re: Yoruba Girl Eats Igbo Food (abacha) For The First Time (pics, Video) by BluntTheApostle: 2:57pm On Jun 03
My name is Tolu and I'm a Yoruba and there's this Igbo delicacy that i've been wanting to try. It's called Abacha or African Salad and I decided to film myself having it for the first time.

Have you ever eaten it? Did you like it?


Is the spaghetti part of the Abacha?

And did you like it?

Perhaps, I might try it myself.

And hope it does not draw, because I can't stand draw foods.
Politics / Re: Check Out Biafra Soldiers In Europe by BluntTheApostle: 9:58am On May 31
Nna mehnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

These people are so serious with their quest, you can't convince them to remain Nigerians by using force on them, it's better to jaw jaw than to war war.

Biafra soldiers volunteers celebrating Biafra heroes day.

They look so awkward; the Nigerian Boy Scout Association will give them a run for their money in a conventional war.
Crime / Re: Passengers Were Marched Out Of Vehicles By Military In Imo Today (Photos) by BluntTheApostle: 9:42am On May 31
The civilians are so disrespected in Nigeria.

Anything in uniform immediately feels that they are better than a civilian.

This is not the case in civilized countries.

Military era has long gone. Our military, especially, need to be reorientated on their roles and responsibilities to the populace in a democratic setting.
Sports / Re: Asisat Oshoala Wins Treble With Barcelona (Pictures) by BluntTheApostle: 8:26am On May 31
She needs to put in more heart when playing for Nigeria.

She plays extremely well for Barcelona, and is a prolific scorer there.

But in the jersey of Nigeria, she becomes barely prolific, especially at the last world cup and the African Women Cup of Nations.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Wins 2021 All-Africa Award For Performance by BluntTheApostle: 6:57am On May 30
Buhari is very underappreciated.

Anyway, even Christ was underappreciated in his hometown of Nazareth.

May God continue to bless our president.


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