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Romance / Re: Anita & Jide: Man Who Earns ₦15m Asks His Fiancee Who Earns ₦42m To Quit Her Job by clemmonce(m): 5:23pm On May 19, 2020
Just look at ur backward comment. So if a lower class man marries a rich lady, he should downgrade her status to fit his ego huh?
No.... no no no..... Whether you accept it or not, the truth will always be - A woman should not have the full financial say in a family. Women subconsciously see the man as the provider anything short of that leads to disrespect. If the man can transfer to Lagos without losing his job fine, but that he should resign and feed on the wife's salary till he gets a job is trouble...... I am not against a woman being independent i am just against her being the sole provider of the house.


Romance / Re: Anita & Jide: Man Who Earns ₦15m Asks His Fiancee Who Earns ₦42m To Quit Her Job by clemmonce(m): 5:15pm On May 19, 2020
grin grin

In marriage, or in this case proposed marriage, compromise is key.
Couples need to start seeing themselves as team players, treating the relationship and marriage as a business.
Whichever decision is the best for the team, in the long run, should be the best decision .

Ask yourself, if you were running a business and you have an option of getting an investor of 42 or 15m, which would you take ?

Its not like he is losing his job, he is just getting transferred, all he has to do is "measure up" in other areas of the marriage.

Jide, move to Lagos and be with your wife, as long as you know and you are sure, at least, sure enough, that she isn't a proud person.

Men should stop feeling intimidated by women.

In the long run, what matters in marriage is that you have more wins than loses.
A woman should never have the financial power in a family. The ship will wreck.
Family / Re: My Husband's Family Is Sucking Him Dry by clemmonce(m): 3:21pm On May 19, 2020


Do you want to solve the problem permanently and live in love, harmony and planning together


Do you want to solve the problem with a temporary equally damaging measure and live with bitterness in your heart like a 'Nigerian wife?'

Does buying the land change the fact that his family is capitalizing on his sense of 'duty' to suck him dry and leaving you to pick up the bills you are currently complaining about?

The choice is yours ma'am.
Wise words and very explanatory
Family / Re: My Husband's Family Is Sucking Him Dry by clemmonce(m): 3:05pm On May 19, 2020
I have saved enough to buy a land and I am not planning to include his name in the property. I don't know what to deal with, his family entitlement mentality or the way he neglects the kids and I and treat us like outsiders.

I am really pissed off and tired.

Sorry for the long post.[/quote] Dont do this ooo, it will destroy own home. I tell you. Look for other means to handle the situation not this one. If you do that how will you explain it. Make sure you tell him about it as well.... My little advice though.
Career / Re: IPPIS: Joe Abah On "How Ghost Workers Exist In Public Institutions" by clemmonce(m): 2:29pm On May 19, 2020

Shut up. I did not ask you anything and was not referring to you. So get out of my mentions. Fool!
You see your life... mumu man. Who gave you mention.....

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Career / Re: IPPIS: Joe Abah On "How Ghost Workers Exist In Public Institutions" by clemmonce(m): 1:43pm On May 19, 2020

Please can you provide specific examples of these research grants, specific names of lecturers who you know have misused any of such grants, and examples with pay slips to back it up, of "multi-scale" salaries?

I intend to follow up on your comments to see if they are factual or not.
Are you a learner ? Go to EFCC office and ask them for prove.


Family / Re: My Brother On Hard Drugs: 18 Years Of Pains And Sorrow. I Need Help! by clemmonce(m): 2:59am On May 19, 2020
God is not mocked. What a man/ woman sow, that they will reap. Ask ur mum and dad what they did wrong. There must be something evil they had done that is affecting ur 42 yr brother. The bible said, train up a child in d way that he should grow and when he is old he will not depart from it. They where sparing the rod on him and now spoilt
You are fool for bringing God into flimsy discussion like this. You are are one of the reason people blasphame against God.
Romance / Re: My Wife Is Too Stiff, Gives Me Timetable For Sex by clemmonce(m): 10:12pm On May 18, 2020
Her attitude is because you're obviously broke.

Go out and hustle.
Stop asking your pregnant wife for money.

Be her provider and she'll become FLEXIBLE.
Everything is not always money. So rich couples dont have problems ?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel's Alexander River Turns Red With Blood ‘like Biblical Plague Of Egypt’ by clemmonce(m): 9:40pm On May 18, 2020
This shows you how far people can go to secure a spot. Just joking, everybody does it at times.


Politics / Re: Governor Ganduje Slashes Political Appointees' Salaries By 50% by clemmonce(m): 4:04pm On May 18, 2020
Salary is nothing, the main money is allowances. Dont be deceived by word Salary. But it is a good step in the right direction.


Romance / Re: I Never Wanted To Have Sex With Her On The First Visit by clemmonce(m): 2:58pm On May 18, 2020
I met her when she came for her IT at my place of work. One day I collected her number but I didn't call her till she finished her IT and went back to school.

One day I called to inform her that I will like us to go into a relationship which she accepted. I told her that l'm not looking for a girlfriend but a wife. I asked her if she has a boyfriend but she said yes but she will never marry the guy because there are some things she will consider in terms of marriage.

I called her to visit me but she was doing promise and fail. I told her that I'm not inviting her for sex that sex is nothing for me. She said okay, that I should send transport money, I tried using my phone to transfer 2k for her but it was not going, so I told her that it was not going she said I should go and use ATM but I told her that I don't have that time that she should borrow from her roommate and come or she should forget about coming until when I will be able to use my phone to do the transfer. So that evening she called that she will come the next day being Sunday that she borrowed money from her roommate.

When she came on Sunday I put movie for her and kept my self busy with my laptop, she started feeling sleepy which I told her to go and sleep on the bed which she went, after I was through with my laptop I asked her if I can join her she said yes, I now joined her in the bed before we knew it we started kissing and romancing each other and we had sex.

After the sex she said that but you told me you don't like sex I told her I like sex but I don't take it serious. She said okay I understand. I now took her out spent like 3k, the following morning I gave her 4k for her transport and she was happy.

After one week she called that I should send her airtime I told her that am not sending she said okay without being angry, when she visited for the second time she asked why did I refuse to send her card I told her that I don't like sending card to people she said okay. So am seeing her as people, i told her don't worry any time I feel like I will send to her, but she said if i send it that she will send it back to me.

I asked her about her boyfriend she said that she has ended the friendship but my mind is telling she is lying, she cleaned my house and cooked for me before going back to school that she doesn't want me to be eating outside, she asked me to give her money to do hair which I gave her 3k for both her transport and the hair, she said the money is small but she Will add her own so she collected it without any issue.

Am not the type that use to call every day but she asked me to be calling her every day to make our relationship grow stronger, she was telling me the other day that she will visit me one day without telling me to see if I have another girl.

Please is this girl really serious with this relationship or she just wants to use me?
She might be serious. But dont take her asking you for money too personal, school girls need money, so they will ask.
Well from what i read, she might be serious.... just thread carefully and ask her very well if she has ended the relationship with the other guy. To me she seem like a good person. Call her but dont over call, take her out to nice places, not just your house everytime, and lastly stop pre- marital sex.


Romance / Re: I Never Wanted To Have Sex With Her On The First Visit by clemmonce(m): 2:54pm On May 18, 2020
In any relationship no one knows who is actually using who untill the relationship ends! It is like a game, but this one is a mind game, you will only know the winner (user) when the game ends.
Wise word. It seems you read my mind.
Politics / Re: FAAC: FG, States, LGs Share ₦606 Billion For April by clemmonce(m): 4:59am On May 16, 2020
Nigeria situation reminds me of Aladdin and the 40 thieves.


Crime / Re: Stephen Akinkunmi, Ogboni Leader Killed In Ondo by clemmonce(m): 5:52pm On May 15, 2020
I thought ogboni is a cult that had supernatural powers? well if otherwise its adherents should desist and follow the leader,JESUS
True talk.

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Pets / Re: My Pet Snake by clemmonce(m): 8:30pm On May 14, 2020
Na express you dey go o egungun
Hahahaha.... you are funny.

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Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by clemmonce(m): 5:31pm On May 14, 2020

Who put that subconscious mind of woman there? Is it not society?
Why don't women in Western world have the same subconsciousness?
In the olden days, your great great grand mother and your great ground mother (both paternal and maternal) worked entirely for their husbands.
African/Nigerian Christianity and socialization with Western world has polluted the culture. And even to make the matter worse, most of self-acclaimed men of God are mis-orienting thier people in the church as regarding the functions of couple in marriage against the Bible standard
Brother women in the western world also have this mentality but not to the extreme as our African women. I dont understand the bolded...

Just a pointer. If we as men call ourselves the head of the family. Then we should be the head in all areas. Men want to be head when it favours them....thats not fair.

Men are to lead and rest of the family follow..


Politics / Re: Uzodinma Gifts Imo Judges 20 SUVs (Photos) by clemmonce(m): 2:47pm On May 14, 2020

Yes! I know.. that was what i said too

but I was talking about the guy who was saying they dont at all.
Ohhhh Okay....... i understand you
Politics / Re: Uzodinma Gifts Imo Judges 20 SUVs (Photos) by clemmonce(m): 2:29pm On May 14, 2020

But hey man, govt buys his cars a lot in the east na! I understand that more can be done but saying they dont buy is completely false. They do a lot and we have read and seen here and in real life.

Yes... they buy definitely... but we all know it s not really enough..
Politics / Re: Uzodinma Gifts Imo Judges 20 SUVs (Photos) by clemmonce(m): 1:54pm On May 14, 2020
So Innosons cars are not good enough for the judges. Igbo people get angry come with hatred when South West governors buy other brands but keep quiet when their people that should be using Innoson cars are not buying their cars.
You have a valid point. It has nothing to do with the Igbo or Yoruba even Hausa... Here is what the Innoson man does not know. Make Innoson motor go public they should sell some of their shares. Allow other people to have vested interest in the company then the contract will come in... Do you know why Dangote will always have monopoly in Nigeria in some areas, is because alot of rich and high placed people have interest in the company. They know when they persuade their friend to give Dangote contract it will affect the value of their shares... Simple. But looking at Innoson, it is a one man business. Whats in it for anybody, nothing. It all goes to Innoson.... It does not work like that.... Learn from Amazon, Apple., Tesla... they enjoy government patronage because of a lot of high placed people have shares in those company. Simple

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Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by clemmonce(m): 1:32pm On May 14, 2020

must you tell your family everything in the first place? as a man you must have the mental capacity to handle some emotions yourself

I just pity men that forgive a promiscuous girlfriend/wife. this is a weird act, forgiven won't take away from her, rather she would cover any loophole that will make you to get her again

if you're good for her, she won't feel for any men outside.
Her own was not cheating ooo... She had a child she lied about it until i found out the was born while she was very very young. Cheating is no no for me. I dont tolerate women that cheat, I will delete instantly. Never experienced it hope not to.
Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by clemmonce(m): 1:19pm On May 14, 2020
My story is quite long, please run through with patience.

I married my wife about 11 years ago. By the way I am 46 years old. Before I married my wife, I was not doing well neither was my wife. She was working with a multinational company, earning an equivalent of N40,000. I had a small graphic design business after trying many times to find a good job. I looked for jobs and contracts without any respite. But At this this time, my wife's support was good and I did appreciate every bit of it. At lest we survived on the low...

As time went on, I got a job in one international corporate training company as a Statistics and Business Analysis Instructor, was earning about 90,000 naira. During the times before I got my job, we had accumulated debt and my new job provided us an opportunity to pay them up.

We decided we were going to save part of her salary every month for servicing the debt and save the rest for a rainy day. I was supposed to pay the rent and all other domestic bills, light, kids school fees etc.. Some time she helped with food/groceries. After sometime, she advised we move to a bigger apartment. We still had a daughter by then. I obliged and we did.

To cut the story short, after four years of working, the company folded up because of government policies and we were all laid off. This meant we had to prepare for the hard life ahead. It was hectic and devastating. Me being me, I took it with all sense of grace and hope things will be fine. But the more I thought about this the worse things got. One day out of curiosity I asked my wife if it would be nice to have another child and she advised it was not the best time. I understood and agreed. I then advised my wife if we could start a business and with some savings we had, maybe I could use it to enhance my former business, maybe things might be better this time. She did not show any interest. This time I discovered changes in my wife.

One day she asked me if she could use part of them money to do a course, honestly I was shocked but asked why she did not oblige to my own request. She said "its my money I can use it for whatever I want". My wife however did the course.

To cut the story short, 3 years down the line, my wife stopped having sex with me and this continued for a long time. I became like "shit in her eyes". I lost a bit of confidence though. she would wake me with insults and barrage of dirty words. Because of our child, I agreed to stay a home and try to work online and seek clients and jobs from old client. It was not bad but not promising.

Fortunately for us, my wife got a promotion and her salary was increased to about 170,000. This actually brought out the worst in my wife. Her calmness disappeared and all decorum was buried. We would quarrel everyday and not talk for weeks. She became really mean and controlled everything at home. Please note, she is not a bad woman but can't explain the reasons up till date. I was with no option but to query her sincerity as a wife and that continued for a long time. Our sex life became zero, she would tell me having sex would make her pregnant and was not ready for a second child. Her stories kept on changing and became even worse, rather than coming home she would pass by her mom and be there till late in the night before coming home.

After about 3 years of trying to get something to do, I finally got a place on the island sometime in February 2018, where I would be paid a stipend of 50,000. In addition, I would use my free time to design, print and sell business cards to small companies. The overall income was small but enough for some immediate obligations at home. But to be fair, that was the best I could get since I have not had money in a long time. Unfortunately my wages were not consistent due to challenges the company was facing. But I used the Business card printing to augment wherever possible.

Later in 2018 around September, I discovered that my wife had been having an illicit engagement. She had a male fried and I finally got to know about it and confronted her. She did not deny it, she begged and I forgave her. Anyway, I had made up my mind to forgive because of the kid and I never told anyone till date. Moreover, since we were not making love that was of course enough reason for the drastic measure, I told myself. To be sincere I had lost feeling for my wife and sex was difficult. We finally started having sex but I had little to offer her. I would pretend and even have to watch Indecency to be able to have sex with her. I was dead inside. At least my wife was still with me. That was my solace. I guess trust was broken. She however continued with her escapades. The quarrels increased and got worse. There and then name calling became our breakfast and dinner. She advised that since I would never look at her the same and bringing little or nothing to the table that I was free to go. The quarrels went on for quite some time, my wife will go very violent on me some of the times. I am marshal artist with black belt and I have great restraint - for me, fighting and going violent on her was never on the table. One day I thought there was a need to move out and I did indicated to her that I was not comfortable living with her anymore.. That wherever I am, I will see how I can take care of the kids.

She did not care and things became difficult for me. I felt maybe I could stay for sometime, It might be a difficult condition but still not impossible. This became my Achilles heels. There and then I knew my relationship had broken and irreparable. I accepted there was nothing I could, but to be patient and tried to convince myself about our situations and believed our situation was bad, but God’s willing we would overcome. The fight even got worse and became very violent and physical, I would normally just take the beating or hold her hands to avoid any injuries.

The quarrels was beginning to be in the glare of my Kids and since it was not abating, there was little I could do to change the situation. I finally made up my mind on the 19th of May 2019 to move out, but actually moved out on the 30th of May, 2019. Before then on the 26th of May, 2019, I discovered my wife was again engaging in the illicit affair. She would claim she was going to church only to be found at a different location. Honestly I can’t blame her, I blame myself and the situation that caused the demise of our once cherished marriage. At this point in time I realised I had lost and had no fight in me anymore. My kids are still very young. Everyday quarrels, lack of sincere engagement, denials upon denials and her fear of facing her “DEMON” with little chance of her understanding the consequence of her actions - I was left with no choice but to stop FIGHTING. I had no fight left in me. The ultimate decision was to leave. I did not inform her parent about the issue because I had indicated to her I did not want them to look at her differently.

God so good, I got a 500,000 Naira job through a friend in an oil company with a 3bedroon in Lekki fully paid up for 3years by the company. By the way, I am Data Analyst but never practiced for a long time. I studied Computer engineering but for a long time grace did not smile on me. I take care of my kid and I really don't hate her and I am at peace with everything. She still has her job and doing well.

Please note that she did not tell me to leave, I left on my own volition. I could not share the same bed with my wife anymore she apparently could not muster enough strength to stop all iniquities for a conversation that will help see things through. Rather she is turning to blame it on me. We have however resolved to part on a friendly note for the sake of our child.

My reason for posting this is because most us sit behind the desk and computers and do not understood the demons everyone is battling. On a bad day, the best husbands are MONSTER, while the best wives are DEVILS. When we make judgment as males or female. We should not forget about our female child/children, same goes for the male child. I don't know what my wife tells people about what happened but I really don't care and I have made up my mind never to defend myself.

Thanks for reading.

You sound like a good person.

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Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by clemmonce(m): 1:16pm On May 14, 2020
I am beginning to build a theory. I am still thinking on it though....
When women provide for the family it brings the worse in them, because in the subconscious mind of a woman a man should be the provider. while they support or just take care of things at home. so if a man fall short of that responsibility they see the man as not man enough. Remember everybody has an Angel and Devil in them.
My plan is to tell my wife on marriage that , i dont care how much you earn your money is your money.... we live by the means i can afford. Your money is your money. i dont care about that. I take care of the family according to my means. I will still ask some elders though if it makes sense. Because all this women wahala i dont like it........ it destroys a happy marriage.


Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Ibrahim Agboola Gambari As New Chief of Staff by clemmonce(m): 5:56pm On May 12, 2020

There is actually something we can do about that.
History is replete with incidences of subjugated people who later changed status quo. It will happen again!
Yes, you are correct. Maybe when we all decide enough is enough. Till then we all should just hope for the best in life.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Ibrahim Agboola Gambari As New Chief of Staff by clemmonce(m): 5:13pm On May 12, 2020

Protecting their future by exploiting and cheating every other region especially those laying the golden egg. Right?
That is the way it is. Do you know how many people China is reaping off, how many people the Arabs are reaping off....... Do you know how Europe is reaping Africa off... Humans are selfish by nature is only (I am Christian though so i will say it my own way) if God comes in to dwell in men that is when you can become selfless.
I dont support him in any way. But that is just the way it is. There is nothing we can do about that.
Romance / Re: What Are Your Top 3 Criteria When Looking For A Potential Life Partner? by clemmonce(m): 4:30pm On May 12, 2020
The question is straight forward.

Of course I understand we all have more than three criteria in choosing our potential life partner, but for the purpose of this thread, just your three topmost criteria.

For those who are married,what were the three topmost criteria that made you marry your spouse.

For me my 3 criteria are:

1. Must have a Great heart

2. Must be intelligent (very neccessary)

3.Must be himself and have few good friends.
You dont want dull kids abi......... Lol
Romance / Re: What Are Your Top 3 Criteria When Looking For A Potential Life Partner? by clemmonce(m): 4:21pm On May 12, 2020
Must be God Fearing (meaning having an active conscience, not a dead conscience)

Must have good morals

Must have goals in life..... (this is necessary because a woman who does not have goals will be a bad role model for my kids.)


Politics / Re: Nigerian Politicians Before And After Pictures (Throwback And Recent Photos) by clemmonce(m): 4:09pm On May 12, 2020
The way Ifeanyi Okowa’s head changed from being round to oblong is what I don’t understand.
Dont ever doubt what money can do..... Hahaha.... you are very funny.
Politics / Re: Shekau Weeps In New Audio, Seeks Protection Against Nigerian Soldiers' Firepower by clemmonce(m): 4:06pm On May 12, 2020
Audio cry.....not video cry.

Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Ibrahim Agboola Gambari As New Chief of Staff by clemmonce(m): 3:52pm On May 12, 2020

Read what you put up again..

You are contradicting Yourself
No....... i have a feeling you are saying about the Tribalistic word i used. Brother we scholars call it that, but it is called being Selfish. It is in every human nature. It is a problem. I dont by any means support it...... But we must face reality we are not united in Nigeria. It is the bitter truth. Everybody is more concerned about his or her tribe than Nigeria as a whole. We see ourselves from a Tribe Point of View than as Nigerians. It is a big problem.
Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Ibrahim Agboola Gambari As New Chief of Staff by clemmonce(m): 2:58pm On May 12, 2020

You made some valid points ooooo. And to think Buhari will pick someone from Saraki's axis and make his the highest ranking political appointee baffles my imaginations. Politics is sweeter than mortal combat. grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Ibrahim Agboola Gambari As New Chief of Staff by clemmonce(m): 2:57pm On May 12, 2020

You made some valid points ooooo. And to think Buhari will pick someone from Saraki's axis and make his the highest ranking political appointee baffles my imaginations. Politics is sweeter than mortal combat. grin grin grin

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