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Romance / Re: I Have 22 Babymamas And 23 Kids - Says Man (Pics/Video) by djkaneo(m): 4:31pm On May 23
Bomboclarte! Yah muan fear no Police brutuality!


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me by djkaneo(m): 6:03pm On May 21
My girlfriend always disturb me to visit her and I do avoid it because I really don't want sex for now..
She is the first I will ever have.

So today I decided to visit her,we made out mouth pleasure but I did not have sex because first she was a virgin and secondly she was on her period.

After satisfying each other ,she started crying to squashing one of her principles.
Then me on the other hand have never had sex before so I was really ashamed of what I did...

She called me on the phone and was crying in guilt that I broke her laws and principles...I took the whole blame...

She then broke up with me...
And I really love this girl.

She is beautiful,never asked me for money, smart, intelligent and brave.

I am just confused right now

This trash made FrontPage?

Which one be "mouth pleasure" again? No be kiss?

If no be kiss, na cunnilingus and fe-llatio? Shey you talk say she dey her period?

Una go just siddon for una dirty rooms dey make up stupid stories upandan. Seun and en Mods need to be flogged. Jesus Christ!!!

Seun you censor "MouthAction", but you no censor "cunnilingus". You no see say you dey intelligent by half?
Crime / Re: Eze Harrison Arinze, Fraud Suspect Duped Victims In 13 Countries – EFCC by djkaneo(m): 6:07am On May 11
Nigerian men are criminally minded undecided

Nigerian men will defraud you
Nigerian men will rape you
Nigerian men will murder you

I’ll feel very safe in the Lion’s den than to be in the midst of Nigerian men.

I hate Nigerian men so much. They make me sick!!

Nawa ooooo
Culture / Re: Different South African Tribes by djkaneo(m): 5:33pm On May 09
Honestly speaking, I don't know.. I don't pay attention to that.. smiley smiley smiley

Just checked your DP. You are very pretty.

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Health / Re: Energy Drinks: What Are The Side Effects Of This Drink? by djkaneo(m): 7:01pm On Apr 12
I am addicted to energy drinks.

I take fearless, climax, predator, monster and so on.

Anytime i am weak, i regain strength by taking some.

And i am starting to believe that it might have some effects on my body system.

Pls what are the side effects?

You see that red fearless ehn, the thing almost blow my eye comot for my head! I no go touch am again even if I have a hundred guns pointed at me!
Romance / Re: South African Lady Displays Her Certificate Of Virginity by djkaneo(m): 5:56pm On Mar 10
What is the greatest gift a man can give to his wife?

His Virginity. I am a Virgin, come and confirm.
Crime / Re: Soldiers Warn Hoodlums Planning To Steal Ballot Boxes On Election Day (Video) by djkaneo(m): 1:24pm On Feb 24
I rushed in to check if I will see a female soldier but found none.

Women are not known for wahala. It's men who snatch ballots and it's men who shoot innocent citizens.
Men are synonymous with bad things.

Point out a woman who has ever snatched a ballot box. Of course NONE.

Nne e don do. Zukwanuike! Chineke ekwela ihie ọjọọ!

I hereby urge well meaning Nigerians to troop out in their multitude and vote Ojei Princess Chichi of Allied People’s Movement (APM) for President.

Let's give women a chance to prove themselves.
seun nlfpmod lalasticlala Dominique rule two broken.

2. Don't abuse, bully, deliberately insult/provoke, fight, or wish harm to Nairaland members OR THEIR TRIBES.
Travel / Re: My Experience With Loneliness After Canada Migration by djkaneo(m): 8:25pm On Feb 17
Before I left Canada for Nigeria in 2020, I had heard severally that it was very lonely there for Nigerian immigrants. I didn't quite understand what people meant exactly when they said this. However, over time I now have a very good understanding of this particular challenge with migration. Here are some of the things I've learnt on the way. But first, a little background about me.

I'm an introvert and I like my introversion. It gives me a lot of time to think and to be in my own space which I enjoy a lot. I read, write and love to watch documentaries. Those are the three most important things to me in life. When I lived in Nigeria, I lived a mostly secluded life that didn't have a lot of people in it. Regardless, it wasn't boring to me. I went out when I wanted to and took my time for my own activities.

Since being in Canada, my observations have been that it is a lot lonelier here. The reasons are very obvious: there are not a lot of people around me from a culture I'm familiar with (Nigeria), so it's definitely a lot more difficult to interact with others. That's one key point. Another is that I don't really have to go out to purchase things (even groceries), compared to when I was in Nigeria. I can simply order everything I need while sitting in the comfort of my home. Hence, the temptation is to go this way. In addition, I don't have family around, so I'm mostly by myself. And finally, the few friends I have are often busy, so there's hardly time to get together.

That's about it. I think these are some of the challenges Nigerian immigrants face. But the real question is, do I feel lonely?

The honest answer to that is a No. I find that my life is exactly the same way I lived it in Nigeria, only a lot more convenient and comfortable. I can't trade this for anything. In addition, as an introvert who likes to be by herself anyways, it's just a lot more enjoyable.

Nevertheless, there are steps I'm planning to take to change a few things. I am now taking more opportunities to actually go out and buy things even if I don't have to, e.g groceries, clothes, etc. Secondly, I say hello first to strangers and neighbours and get to ask them a few questions. This I wouldn't have done on the first place. Finally, I downloaded a social media application called clubhouse and have been making new friends in my area using this. As a cautious person, I'm taking baby steps here and not jumping straight into friendships I may not like.

Overall, what do I think of being in Canada as an introvert? I enjoy it. My life and choices are a lot better and I find that I have the time to do much more than I was doing back in Nigeria, not hampered by lack of power or resources.

My advice to others is to gauge their expectations carefully as they come to Canada with or without family. It can be lonely here, but that's not because Canada itself is lonely. It's just because you need to dig deep and find yourself in a new country where family is absent and culture is unfamiliar.

So apart from dildos and vibrators, you never knack real dick since then.🫡
Sports / Re: Divine Oduduru Provisionally Suspended For Failed Drug Test, Faces 6-Year Ban by djkaneo(m): 10:34pm On Feb 09
Well, I never experrerit from him!
Politics / Re: Tonye Cole Meets Peter Obi (Photo) by djkaneo(m): 7:10pm On Feb 06
Nigerian men are us*less......all of them sad sad sad sad sad

E don do naaa. Bikozianu

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Health / Re: How Can I Get Rid Of Mosquitoes? by djkaneo(m): 7:53am On Jan 23
Just buy and use "Super Kill Mosquito Coil"

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Romance / Re: Will A Man Know If I Tell Him I'm A Virgin While I'm Not? by djkaneo(m): 11:25pm On Jan 03
This guy has been all about virginity and virginity since we start talking. This is a guy that might've had uncountable sex with all sort of women in America o. Now he comes and he said he love his wife a Virgin. I only ever had about two sexual experience with men angry sad. Never seen a grown man obsessed about virginity like that sad angry

Just use alum tighten your pussy naa. Wetin una sabi for this life set?
Romance / Re: Lady Saw Her Boyfriend's Wedding Photos Online After An Abortion For Him by djkaneo(m): 5:47am On Dec 22, 2022
So? She should also tell us about her numerous sugar daddies and neighbors banging her. Or about her attitude and probably dirtiness, The guy knows what's best for him and went for it. She should wait for her simp God will send him sooner or later

The guy might not even be the owner of the aborted pregnancy
grin grin grin
Family / Re: Sex Starved Wife by djkaneo(m): 5:31pm On Nov 26, 2022
Please who else is been sex starved at home. I can count how many times we've had sex since dis year. Always money money money all the time which is beginning to bother a lot more on greed. We're very comfortable. Solid investments, own the house we live in.

He don't cheat at least none that I know of and he's very free with his phone.

I'm tired of living this way... Any help guys? He's the last person you can seduce. It just don't work with him.

To think it's this same man loves sex like crazy even after our kids before this money talks, makes me wonder how people change so fast

Come make I dey epp you change your engine oil o jare.
Food / Re: See The Ripe Plantain I Bought #600 This Morning. by djkaneo(m): 5:13am On Oct 22, 2022
Wey your gun?

Abi u no snap am join

Bcuz in this Lagos that Tinubu single-handedly built for us this plantain is 3k

That’s why we all need to vote right bcuz as u go buy this plantain them no give u discount bcuz you voted APC na all of us dey suffer am

Guy I don laugh tire! grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Travel / Re: MTN To Takeover ₦202 Billion Enugu-Onitsha Road Construction by djkaneo(m): 9:17am On Oct 13, 2022
That Enugu-Onitsha express road has been a death trap for so many years. It's quite unfortunate that PDP couldn't reward South East's loyalty with that road during their administration.

Senator Ekweremadu, the famous UK organ harvester, also couldn't use his position as DSP to press the PDP government to do the road for his people. He was only after his selfish interest, and how to induce and exploit a poor boy in UK for his overfed daughter.

All the federal roads in South East are in deplorable condition. Onitsha-Owerri is currently a nightmare for commuters, especially whenever it rains.

Which Onitsha- Owerri? Stop misinforming people.
Education / Re: University Of Ibadan Lecturer Calls Security On A Student For Using A Skateboard by djkaneo(m): 10:48am On Oct 12, 2022
Why she no wipe am the board for head? Nonsense and ingredients!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US, UK Vote Against UN Resolution To Take Action Against Racism, Xenophobia by djkaneo(m): 10:42am On Oct 10, 2022
Where are the evil westerner's chearleaders and supporters? Your slave masters just voted against the stop of your continuos executioning, killings and segregation.

O ye black slaves that fell inlove with the chains.. Time to wake up.

I will keep saying it and always repeating it.

The UK, US, and other evil westerners are nothing but hypocrites. They will always deceives us, we blacks like they do care. They fvcking dont.

Every now and then, blacks are killed and racism is at the highest presently.
Just look at the golden Opportunity that presented itself for them to end it, to stop it... to make it go away. Guess what? They refused! They declined ! We blacks are their slaves afterall, why should they allow us free? grin

Everytime you blacks are killed, they act like they care.. Remember the taking of knees in the english premier league?
Remember black live matters streaming on all mainstream media?

Here is the strategy, when there is an upset or uproar, they bring up different consolidations and consolations strategies to calm us like a baby. "Our hearts and prayer are with you in this trying times....... Blah blah Nonsense'

Then 4-5 months later, little by little the fake pity-campaigns vanishes. And then boom! It happens again, another black is killed! then they starts playing by the scripts all over again. That is the strategy there my friends. These guys are hypocrites, pretenders... its all gimmicks, charade, stratagem, ruse ,artifice, gambit, cozenages,cunniness ,deceptions, fakeries, ... Any evil deceptive and manipulative words one can think of.

In a discussion of racism, there is no neutrality. It is either for or against.
And Quietness is the loudest form of injustice. Reason why we keep talking till we are heard

- A wise nairalander

The joke is on you Bl*ck Monk*ys . Lover of the slave master's chain cheesy

This is definitely the most racist comment I have seen this month.
Family / Re: Rebuttal- Complex Marital Issue Https://www.nairaland.co by djkaneo(m): 7:30pm On Oct 07, 2022
And here I dey wey plenty girls dey try tie me down make I come dey suffer these ones? Una never see anything!


Romance / Re: Ladies, What Are The Two Things That Would Make You Visit A Guy Repeatedly? by djkaneo(m): 9:54pm On Sep 19, 2022
If he is NEAT and can keep a CONVERSATION.... i mean intelligent gisting... i am a talkative...

Are you intelligent?
Travel / Re: Which State Has The Worst Capital In Nigeria? by djkaneo(m): 6:14am On Sep 16, 2022
I've been to Lokoja. Lokoja be like Paris where Umuahia dey.

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Travel / Re: Which State Has The Worst Capital In Nigeria? by djkaneo(m): 6:12am On Sep 16, 2022

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Health / Re: Meet Princess Dr. Mercy Seaphrora Uwakwe, Nigerian -american Medical Doctor by djkaneo(m): 5:29am On Sep 16, 2022
Dr. Mercy Uwakwe: A Royal Breed With A Humanity Touch ... mirroring the deeds of an African revered Princess.

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."

She is beautiful, bold and radiates happiness. She's full of smile that emanates from within and little wonder she has a knack for dispensing smile and joy anywhere she goes. She has an unparalleled passion for being a bringer of succour to souls in desolate, shoulders in need and hearts in troubled moment. She may have been spurred by the above quote from the American writer and poet, Albert Pike who believes that good deeds are ingrained in the golden slab of eternity where generation after generation reads from to draw inspiration.

Born into the family of His Royal Majesty, King Solomon Uwakwe, The King of Kings of Bende LGA, Abia State, Nigeria, and the Supreme Ruler of Amaofufe, Igbere Autonomous Communities, Princess Dr. Mercy Seaphrora Uwakwe(IV) is a Nigerian -American medical doctor, an established business tycoon, and a philanthropist of great repute.

Call her Africa’s favorite princess, you won't be wrong. She is indeed an embodiment of God's perfection in creation. Like a morning star, she glitters not only in the layers of her golden skin but in the innermost part of her, being a rallying point for light in the lives of many.

She attended America’s most prestigious, distinguished, and eminent Universities: Johns Hopkins University and the University of Texas.

Princess Dr. Mercy Uwakwe has deep passion for medicine and business, which has indeed been an oxygen in her humanitarian campaign. She relies on her self-sponsorship to embark on all of her charity campaigns. Thanks for her entrepreneurial skills which also became a backbone.

True to her humanitarian nature and unwavering love for humanity, she is an active volunteer at few of her nonprofit hospitals Passioncare Hospital and Cure Stripes Foundation.

In 2010, she founded the Mercy Wave Foundation (alias Dr. Mercy Uwakwe Foundation) a humanitarian organisation committed to improving the quality of human life, dignity and enhanced living standard. Through her foundation and other local, national and international platforms, this Africa's favourite princess has executed life-touching programmes such as free surgical, medical, and preventive services. Her love for humanity is unpretentious and devoid of political patronage or pecuniary rewards. She is driven by her unparalleled and unconditional love for humanity.

The Foundation which has soft spot for widows, orphans, teenage girls, the sick, and prisoners has as some of its specific objectives to include but not limited to providing educational, financial and economic assistance and empowerment to the less privileged, safeguarding their rights and providing for their wellbeing.

The organisation also identifies the interests of the less privileged and assists them via empowering them or by sponsoring their vocational and skills training programmes and/or based on their individual preference. The goal of the financial empowerments is to help the less privileged establish their own businesses. The foundation’s medical and prison outreaches provide financial, medical and legal aid to those in need. One of the major aims of the medical outreaches is to pay the hospital bills of the less privileged, help them purchase their medications, wheel chairs, hearing aids etc. Aside the provision of free legal services to the less privileged, one of the primary aims of Mercy Wave Foundation Prison Outreaches is to help release innocent victims in prisons.
Under the foundation’s scholarship scheme, several students in the universities have seen their dreams of becoming graduates come to reality through Mercy Wave Foundation. As at the last count, it has awarded fully-funded scholarships to over 3800 students of tertiary institutions. Its entrepreneurial cash prize awards range from two hundred and fifty thousand Naira to a whopping five million Naira. The scholarships and entrepreneurial cash prize awards are issued on a weekly basis. Winners are announced on Friday of every week.

Within the past few years, Mercy Wave Foundation has provided empowerment grants to over one hundred Nigerians from various parts of the country. The Foundation is known for the transformation of the lives of people within African region and beyond.

Her Mercy Wave Face of the week contest where participants smile home with thousands to millions of naira for their participations in scholarly and intellectual competitions has also proven to be a source to discover talents. The Foundation also organises an annual Talent Hunt show. The maiden edition which was held in Owerri in 2019 witnessed a massive turnout, and a grand prize of two hundred thousand naira and numerous consolation prizes were issued to the crowned winners.

Not long ago, the foundation organised a Hand Wave contest, where participants were rewarded with cash prizes ranging from one hundred thousand Naira to Three hundred thousand Naira for depicting the Mercy Wave sign. The turnout was very impressive.

Her Royal Highness, Princess Dr. Mercy Seaphrora Uwakwe has also carved for herself, a niche in the tech world. As a futuristic entrepreneur with visions that are clearly in line with the dynamic contemporary demands of her society, she has partnered with numerous highly-rated tech industries in Africa while acquiring a few others. She is the owner of Easy Worship, PAYEC, Fusion mobile, and Deximal Academy.

Africa’s favourite princess,” “Her majesty,” “our queen,” “Adaolisa” which means God’s favourite daughter, “beautiful soul,” has consistently put on the cloak of the destiny helper to many. In 2020 and 2021, the foundation took it upon itself to provide palliatives in order to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 which at that moment held the world to a standstill, locking people at home, putting business and commercial activities to a halt. Princess Dr. Mercy Uwakwe through her foundation provided various foodstuffs worth millions of Naira which was distributed to citizens in the 26 out of 36 States in Nigeria.

After then, several other expanded outreaches were carried out. This was a groundbreaking, unsurpassed and unmatched history in Nigeria. The distribution was done effortlessly to the excitement of the beneficiaries. Till today, these outreaches are still celebrated across Nigeria as countless Nigeria citizens continually voiced out their unreserved praise and words of blessings for Africa’s favourite Princess, Princess Dr. Mercy Uwakwe. Mercy Wave Foundation single-handedly carried out the COVID-19 palliatives in 26 states out of the 36 states in Nigeria, something the federal government failed to do.

According to Princess Dr. Mercy Uwakwe’s Spokesperson, the COVID-19 Palliative Outreaches were in line with keeping Princess Dr. Mercy Uwakwe’s self-imposed mandate to see many families lifted out of poverty and lack at all times. It’s noteworthy to mention that Princess Dr. Mercy Uwakwe’s foundation, the Mercy Wave Foundation continued her distribution of palliatives throughout the pandemic period in all 26 states in Nigeria out of the 36. Oh! What a show of kindness and love for humanity. No wonder she was crowned the Grand Matron of Abia State on the 11th of December, 2020 by the Abia State, Nigeria High Court of Justice. It is indeed a meritorious crown. Still wonder why she’s so loved by all?

Mercy Wave Foundation is also expanded to multi-dimensional services to the people. Today, Princess Dr. Mercy Uwakwe owns several health facilities some of which are nonprofit and for profit. She transcend across all sectors from Tech to education, agriculture, construction, and so on.

Mercy Wave Tech is also in the services of trailblazing approaches in Information and Communication Technology and providing E-learning platforms for most renowned universities in Nigeria and overseas.

One cannot over-emphasize her kindness. Is it her show of love to orphans, physically challenged, and destitute? More frequently, through Mercy Wave Foundation, basic human needs are provided and distributed to destitute homes, orphanages, and even prisons. The weekly cash giveaways are carried out across all Mercy Wave social media handles; putting smiles on people’s faces.

She has transcended every life sector ever known to humans. As a global leader in education, she used her formidable technological excellence to champion the primary educational challenges in Africa. This is why topnotch universities sought her partnership to enable them to overcome their ICT-related challenges. As such, she’s the CEO and founder of the University of Port Harcourt, University of Lagos, Babcock University, and the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike E-learning Platforms. It’s safe to say that the wave is quickly sweeping through the country in particular and Africa at large.

She also has a visible presence in agricultural and entertainment sectors. As the founder and CEO of Mercy Wave Conglomerate, she owns the Mercy Wave Farms and Livestocks, the Vaygo Farm, and the Mercy Wave Rice Distribution Company. Unarguably, the wave she has brought is sweeping every part of the economy and impacting positively on the lives of Nigerians.

Also in the list of the company she has founded are, Mercy Wave Oil & Gas, Mercy Wave Aviation, Deximal Academy, Merik, Easy Worship App, Mercy Wave Conglomerate, Fusion Mobile, Mercy Wave Tech, Peaceful Missionary Schools, Wave Hospitals, just to mention but a few.

Her distinct philosophy about life is to sprinkle love and kindness everywhere and anywhere. Extraordinary act of generosity has become a way of life for Dr. Mercy Uwakwe. She has embedded a footprint of philanthropy in the sand of time which cannot be erased nor forgotten. She has shown unconditional and genuine love for humanity; she has set the pace. At her young age, she has achieved a lot beyond the imagination of her contemporaries and to the amazement of all and sundry.

Little wonder she is heavenly blessed. The most instinctive lover of the poor, the adorable Princess, a rare gem, the solution giver. We hear praises and blessings showered on her by the people her wave of love reaches; most of whom she does not know.

A personification of humility, she empathizes not sympathizes with people. She is a succour giver and a restorer of hope. Making the waves of joy flow in the hearts of many is her hobby.

It is not surprising why she has bagged lots of awards and nominations from several notable organizations across the globe. She is an honourable representative and Chairperson in : Bende Congress Media, Abia State, Nigeria, Bende Healthcare Alliance, Bende Abia State, Nigeria Congress Media, World Humanity Commission, Abia North Healthcare Committee, Senior Advisor to all Bende and Abia North Monarchs and lots more.

She is addressed as a Passionate Patriotic Daughter. She speaks for the voiceless. She is an advocate for the down-trodden. A manifestation of this is her intervention in a case of an innocent lady Blessing Anyanwu who was sentenced to death by hanging. She had suffered fatal domestic violence from her husband a few months into their marriage. When her husband subsequently passed on, she was accused of having a hand in his death and therefore sentenced to death by hanging. After she had spent eight years in prison, a wave of freedom came her way when Princess Dr. Mercy Uwakwe mobilized a formidable legal team to ensure her freedom. Today, she is a free person.

She has undoubtedly raised the bar of humanitarian intervention beyond boundaries. She has caused the wave of joy to flow in the hearts of many. May God continue to bless her immeasurably and give her the wisdom and strength to do even more. With her likes, the world will become a better place.

Long live Her Royal Highness Princess Dr. Mercy Uwakwe, long live Mercy Wave Foundation, long live our most cherished and adored Africa’s Favourite Princess.

Twitter: drmercyuwakwe
Instagram: mercywaveconglomerate
Facebook: Mercy Seaphrora Uwakwe


Her Papa na una King of Kings? Mumu people!
Crime / Re: How Pretending Not To Understand Hausa Saved Me From Being Kidnapped (VIDEO) by djkaneo(m): 9:37am On Sep 02, 2022
After all the noise, she no come talk anything! Waste of data!


Politics / Re: AIG Audu Madaki Attacked By Bandits On Kaduna-Abuja Road, His Orderly Shot Dead by djkaneo(m): 12:50pm On Aug 03, 2022
Who is safe grin grin grin grin A whole AIG, just one rank below IG angry grin grin grin grin

2 ranks below IG.
Family / Re: Man weeps after discovering he’s not the biological father of his child. by djkaneo(m): 6:45am On Jul 04, 2022
Not a big deal.

Any child that calls you father is your child.

It makes no difference at all !

What's the crying for ?

This one don born plenty men children for her husband! cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Politics / Re: Ike Ekweremadu: South-East Should Not Waste Their Votes On Peter Obi (video) by djkaneo(m): 4:24pm On Jun 24, 2022
No be this man wey dey harvest Organs?
Romance / Re: My Relationship Just Crashed This Morning. by djkaneo(m): 6:34am On Jun 21, 2022
I came to this Forum to complain about how my Girlfriend always posts pictures of her ex on her Status and uses his pictures as her screensaver.

Here is the link to the thread

After her explanations which looked like Truth. We moved on and I have to make a Counter post where I nearly insulted Nairalanders who came to my help with loads of advice to dump the Girl. Here is the link to the second thread I made which also made the front page.


Please Nairalanders forgive me for not heeding to your advice, and also the way I spoke to You guys. I am really sorry about that.

This morning I woke up again and went through her Status and saw another guy she posted on her Status. Jokingly I asked her if this is the Okechukwu (not my name) she is talking about and putting Love Emorji for because she has done that several times. So I was expecting her to tell me that the guy is her Cousin or a relation and to my chagrin she told me the guy is her ex and that she just loves the picture.

I now reprimanded and scolded her that I had warned her not to post anything ex both pictures or videos on her Status. That was when this same girl told me that it is over between us that I complain a lot bla bla bla.

I am writing this to advise my fellow guys.
Guys please You have to be careful with these girls, some of them are very heartless, wicked and very manipulative.

Today I am joining the Redpill Gang full time.

Brother wey mumu
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Youths With Laptop In Nigeria Arrested, Others Give Laptops To Youths by djkaneo(m): 8:16am On Jun 18, 2022

You are right about Tinubu and Obi, both couldn’t protect youths in their various stages.
This is why we need to look at one man that can protect youths and has shown it by giving thousands of youths jobs. His name is Atiku Abubakar.

Same Atiku that couldn't stand by his tweet on Deborah's murder?
Politics / Re: Youths Walk For Yahaya Bello Across 36 States (Video) by djkaneo(m): 3:40pm On May 23, 2022


On Saturday, youths across the country made a strong statement in support of Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello's candidacy in the 2023 presidential election, causing serious tension over who becomes the next president.

It was a simultaneous gathering of massive crowds of youths in over 36 states across the federation's six geopolitical zones in a show of force dubbed the 'Nationwide Capacity Rally for Yahaya Bello.'

Participants chanted solidarity songs and carried various placards in support of Bello beginning at 9 a.m. in all locations.

The youths, who claimed to have mobilized over 16 million active Permanent Voters Cards in order to achieve a Yahaya Bello presidency in 2023, stated that the nationwide capacity rally was to demonstrate that they meant business and would go all out for their own in the upcoming elections.

Under the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Bello, a presidential aspirant, has been a frontline in the area of massive youth and women mobilization, as well as a strong media presence in the ongoing presidential race.

Abdullahi Shuaibu Damat, the National Coordinator of the groups under the umbrella of Rescue Nigeria Mission, who was present at the Federal Capital Territory rally, said the youths were already thinking beyond the primary elections of the major parties in their quest for Yahaya Bello to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

Damat, who spoke at the Unity Fountain venue of the Abuja rally, said the youths had taken control of their future through technology, a determination to avoid money politics, and a heightened determination to participate actively in the upcoming election.

“If you have your colleagues everywhere in the nation – Bauchi, Sokoto, Oyo, Kwara, Anambra, Katsina, Kano, Gombe, Southsouth and all across the country, ask them about the kind of crowd they have seen today, simultaneously, in all the states.

“It has never happened before in Nigeria. This is what we mean by the phrase ‘it is youths o’ clock’. We want to appeal to the stakeholders and leaders to choose the person that can deliver the election at this point in time. In Nigeria today, no politician comes close to the Yahaya Bello structure.”

Speaking from the rally in Awka, Anambra state, Hon. Anthony Edogbo, the national coordinator of Bello Ambassadors Network, said the rally was necessary to keep easterners' morale high in anticipation of a youthful presidency through Gov. Bello.

The meeting point in Nasarawa State was at Kaura Plaza on Jos Road.

The large crowd walked to UBA Junction and congregated at Total.

They gathered at the Three Star Hotel in Jigawa and marched through the streets from there.

The crowd in Oyo State moved from ShopRite to Challenge, among other places, while the Kwara rally began at Kwara State Stadium, Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Ilorin, and moved through the Post Office to other parts of the state.

Sokoto, Kebbi, Gombe, Cross River, Borno, Kogi, Benue, Kaduna, Taraba, Plateau, Niger, Katsina, Bauchi, and Yobe, Akwa Ibom, and Zamfara were among the other states where the capacity rally was held concurrently.

Tell your boss make en clear arrears of salary for Kogi State naaa. Why on be all these ones? Yahaya, if na you dey run this account directly, pay Kogi Civil Servants wetin dey due to them naaaa. Which kain godlessness be all these ones?
Romance / Re: Oromidayo, Ibadan Poly Student Dies After Taking Drugs To Have 11 Rounds Of Sex by djkaneo(m): 1:05pm On May 18, 2022
11 rounds? Who kept count? Abi na the guy ghost tell them say na 11 rounds dem go?
Politics / Re: Deborah Samuel: Police Fire Live Bullets At Protesters In Sokoto, Scores Injured by djkaneo(m): 7:25pm On May 14, 2022
if the idiot girl had respect other people relign this rubbish wont be happening, christains always call the shot nd will b forming victim

Did Mohammed the Pedophile tell you to type this on his behalf?

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