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Health / Re: COVID-19 In Nigeria, Have Peaked And Already Declining? (I Hope So - See Pic) by doofanc: 1:05pm On Apr 07, 2020
That's prayers and hope of everybody

Yes ooo. I don tire to stay home. This covid should go away so we can resume our activities. angry
Health / Re: COVID-19 In Nigeria, Have Peaked And Already Declining? (I Hope So - See Pic) by doofanc: 1:04pm On Apr 07, 2020
Nothing like decline.. We will see daily cases because we don't have enough testing locations. South Africa has a mobile testing lab. How many people are being tested daily in Nigeria? That is the real indices to measure our success

Well were currently testing 1500 daily according to NCDC. Clearly this figure needs to increase.

But my point is if we were getting 35 cases daily and its now fallen to 6 cases, with the same level of testing, then it means some progress is being made.

However like I said, I agree we need to increase testing significantly.


Politics / Re: The Official Peugeot 504 Of Olusegun Obasanjo In 1979 As Head Of State (Photo) by doofanc: 12:23pm On Apr 07, 2020

Thanks for sharing the knowledge to a sister

You're most welcome! smiley
Politics / Re: Coronavirus: Presidency’s Epic Reply To Wike After Allegation Against FG by doofanc: 5:13am On Apr 07, 2020
Still looking for the epic ooo.

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Politics / Re: The Official Peugeot 504 Of Olusegun Obasanjo In 1979 As Head Of State (Photo) by doofanc: 5:09am On Apr 07, 2020
That was like having an s550 Mercedes in the 70’s , could remember down to 1999 some governors had it as their official car.

I don't think so. The Mercedes has always been a high status car and mid 70s was no exception. The move to Peugeot, seen as a middle class car, was actually a directive from OBJ

In fact it was the profligacy that characterized much the Gowon years where public officials were using exotic high end cars (like the benz) that made OBJ make the directive.

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Health / Re: COVID-19 In Nigeria, Have Peaked And Already Declining? (I Hope So - See Pic) by doofanc: 5:02am On Apr 07, 2020
Audio Virus

Go to US / UK and see the real definition of coro..

Which one be real definition again?
Health / Re: COVID-19 In Nigeria, Have Peaked And Already Declining? (I Hope So - See Pic) by doofanc: 5:01am On Apr 07, 2020
Too early to call. I pray it continue like this and all infected discharged
I want you to be right.

Amen amen amen, Virus better decline, decline and fade away, decline forever decline away, decline now!!!!!!!!

Amen oooo!!
Health / Re: COVID-19 In Nigeria, Have Peaked And Already Declining? (I Hope So - See Pic) by doofanc: 5:00am On Apr 07, 2020
Make una dey copy and paste anything wey una see for CNN.

The latest English now, na flatten the curve.

I didn't copy anything, Oga. This is my personal observation

By the way, 'flatten the curve' is not new. Has been the mantra since the very early days
Foreign Affairs / Re: Coronavirus: Boris Johnson Moved To Intensive Care by doofanc: 3:41am On Apr 07, 2020
Oh dear! I pray he gets better
Health / COVID-19 In Nigeria, Have Peaked And Already Declining? (I Hope So - See Pic) by doofanc: 3:35am On Apr 07, 2020
The figures from NCDC situation report and worldometers seem to suggest we have peaked and already on decline. It may still be too early, but it does appear after the peak on April 1st, new cases per day are reducing. Yesterday we had just 6 new cases.

I know many will say testing testing. But I recall the NCDC head saying that testing is being scaled up to over 1500/day.

I believe our prayers are working. God Bless Nigeria!!

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Religion / Re: Why Do I Wake Up With Mysterious Marks On My Body? by doofanc: 11:35am On Jan 26, 2020

Hello, I also experience the same thing. However, I have come to discover that these are actually made by wall geckos. Since I started killing them with BNC insecticide, I have stopped seeing these body marks.

I thought insecticides don't work on them. Is this one very effective and where did u get it
Religion / Re: Why Do I Wake Up With Mysterious Marks On My Body? by doofanc: 11:32am On Jan 26, 2020
How do get rid of well gecko?
Crime / Re: New Look Of Farmer Whose Head Was Butchered By Fulani Herdsmen. Photos by doofanc: 11:26am On Jun 14, 2018
Politics / Re: A Letter To The Sophisticated "Morons" And "Subservient Slaves" by doofanc: 7:52pm On Jun 11, 2018

Bros you are number one culprit, you created this platform for your people to be attacking igbos

I dont know why I find this sooo hilarious.
Health / Re: How Many Johesu Members Apart From Nurses Are Needed In Europe by doofanc: 7:32pm On Jun 11, 2018
This clown is at it again. . . grin grin grin

So other Johesu members are not needed in Europe, pray, WHAT THE BLITHERING **** HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH ANYTHING? shocked shocked shocked shocked GEEEZ!

Its pointless really, but let me just give it a try: Oga Dokinta OP, opening multiple, hopelessly idiotic, embarrassingly inane and achingly IQ-bereft threads will not cure your protracted ED. What is needed is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor type 5, sildenafil and the likes.

Rather than concentrate how your ilk have rubbished the health system, making it one of the worst in the world (WHO report 2000), at par with war torn countries like Rawanda and the rest, you've busied yourself with how PharmD, the business of a totally different autonomous professional is not needed in Europe. Chei!!

Honestly, if that does not eloquently fit the definition of uselessness, I really dont know what does.

A poster actually questioned if he's really a doctor. I totally agree. For what its worth, there are a number of respectable, refined clinicians especially those in the NGO (HIV) sector where I work, who have mutual respect for other professionals, not these stethoscope clinging agberos in the public sector, the type OP and his like typify.

Well I given my advise. Vega, Viagra etc will do just fine grin


Health / Re: NMA Threatens To Embark On Strike If FG Yield To The Demands Of JOHESU by doofanc: 8:44am On May 20, 2018

boss, pls contact them, they should have taken them to a pharmD pharmaceutical shop, these guys can do it better, I learnt they now correct doctors o..

I don't want to laugh but, I wonder the face after recovery that the same doctor they hated saved them..

Stop being silly.

Like I said at the other thread, I'm not aware of any Johesu member denying the place of the doctor in the health care system. On the contrary, which group is constantly seeking the complete subjugation of other health care professionals simply because they dont have an MBBS?

All they are saying is LIVE AND LET LIVE. Stop being such greedy ****.

So nobody hates you or your like, sir.


Health / Re: Doctors Treat Striking JOHESU Members Involved In An Accident by doofanc: 8:36am On May 20, 2018
#Yawn. We've seen these theatric before, nothing new here.

So NMA attended to sick patients, what really the big deal? HAve the Johesu members not been doing same during doctors strike? I can clearly recall during the last NMA strike how these heartless creatures vowed to deal decisively to any nurse who went ahead to prescribe for the ARV patients in the period of the strike, knowing full well the impact such interruption would have on patients. Of course the nurses called thier bluff and went ahead.

By the way I'm struggling to understand something: Has there been any Johesu member who denys the place of the doctor in the health care system? No! On the contrary which professional group seeks the annihilation of any healthcare worker not bearing the MBBS after his/her name? Your guess is as good as mine.

All they're simply saying is live and let live. Doctors should quit being such incorrigibly greedy and selfish creatures.

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Religion / Christians Please Enough Of This Tithing ISSUE!! by doofanc: 11:46pm On Dec 01, 2017
You believe in tithing, then go ahead.

You don't, then desist from forcing others to stop paying tithes. I really dont know what you stand to gain from it.

This idea of going about screaming at those who tithe and even using derogatory language on pastors simply because they preach tithe is unacceptable. It is wrong. It is sinful. You are doing no good to the body of Christ with such attacks.

Pls before you label me as one of those benefiting from let it, me quickly state that strictly personal, I find it unusual how one can justify the 10% using the Bible. Yes, that's me.

HOWEVER, I am sure no true believer is under any illusion that the Gospel requires money to be propagated. As a true Christian you must GIVE for the Gospel to move.

Tithe, offering, pledges, whatever you choose to call it should not really be an issue.

Nothing wrong in giving to orphanages, widows and needy, but think about it, if everyone does that, who then will support the Gospel? Are you aware that the message you heard on TV, tract and/or free Bible you received that made you receive Christ was paid for by someone else?

NB 1: Pls this is addressed to Christians. Non Christians free to troll but will be largely ignored.
NB 2: This is not an attempt to provoke another ling drawn Bible-quoting match on the - there are more than enough threads on that. Its simply an appeal for us to avoid the distractions this end time and focus of what is needful: Worshiping God in Spirit and Truth, avoiding all appearance of sin, winning souls for the Kingdom and of course, ultimately, making heaven.



Religion / Re: Pastor Chris & Pastor Benny Hinn With Sinach Arrives Isreal For A Tour(photo) by doofanc: 11:17pm On Dec 01, 2017
And you guys just had to feed the troll.

I just believe there are times we should learn to ignore, seriously.
Romance / Re: 10 Pictures Sex Starved Guys Can Relate To by doofanc: 11:09pm On Dec 01, 2017

I guessed the thread had to do with the glorification of fornication/immorality - as usual. sad

. . .and was right, unfortunately.
Politics / Re: How Does Sahara Reporters Get Its Sources, Info And Evidence? by doofanc: 6:40pm On Jun 29, 2016

Don't forget that he just retired some senior army officers who may be privy to sensitive information.

Precisely. The Burutai case was almost certainly divulged by disgruntled but formally close confidant, most likely the recently retired officers.

I won't be surprised if that is how SR gets most of it stories, and that could explain the haphazard nature. It's not as if they start investigating one politician after the other. That would cost a lot of money. I strongly believe they rely on insiders.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: British Voters Have Been Googling What EU Stands For Today by doofanc: 5:21am On Jun 25, 2016
It's just a brief knee jerk reaction.
the media is just exaggerating the impact.


Business / Re: Banks Move To Limit Over-the-counter Withdrawals To N10,000 by doofanc: 7:45am On Jun 13, 2016
Everyone is assuming it would cost less to deploy full electronic channels in our current economic climate. But have they done an economic analysis? A cost benefit analysis?

Don't be surprised that employing tellers may actually be more cost-effective than going full electronic.
Celebrities / Re: Oge Okoye's Camel Toe In The Gym On Display by doofanc: 1:02pm On Jun 08, 2016
Arrant rubbish! Irritating to say the least.
Food / Re: Amala Joint In Abuja by doofanc: 11:01am On Jun 08, 2016
can you locate Glo office in wuse 2? Or rather there is dis open University centre there in wuse 2. Amala oyo is just opposite the road leading you to d University.

I see. Many thanks. Cheers
Food / Re: Amala Joint In Abuja by doofanc: 4:20am On Jun 06, 2016
there is one near camerello in Utako, its in a garden.
when you enter the garden just and, they have two good Amaka joints there.

That should be Eden garden right? I try to locate it.

Many thanks.
Food / Re: Amala Joint In Abuja by doofanc: 4:18am On Jun 06, 2016
Try locate iya oyo in Wuye or amala oyo in wuse 2. What part of town are you?

Thanks Lagata

Am in Area 11, but wouldn't mind going to wuse 2 for d joint. Pls where in wuse 2 is it?
Food / Amala Joint In Abuja by doofanc: 6:34am On Jun 05, 2016
It's been a while I visited Abuja and used to relish Iya Oyo @ Utako. Went back only to find an empty space *sob*

Abeg anyone, I need location of solid amala joint. Plssssss

Thanks in advance

Romance / Re: Policeman Dies In Lagos Hotel While Having Fun With His Girlfriend by doofanc: 9:45pm On Mar 30, 2016
Car Talk / Re: Cow Takes A Ride In Honda Accord 2007 by doofanc: 10:27am On Mar 26, 2016
Autos / Re: Do You Know Your Tyre Has An Expiry Date? by doofanc: 8:52pm On Mar 18, 2016
But I've never really understood the need for codes. Why not write it in the simple language everyone can understand? ie the usual ddmmyyyy format

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Autos / Re: Do You Know Your Tyre Has An Expiry Date? by doofanc: 8:49pm On Mar 18, 2016
Very useful, thanks

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