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Culture / Re: Common Yoruba Words Borrowed From Arabic by DuduNegro: 5:31am On Dec 16, 2019
Quite interesting and thought provoking . cool

Thanks sir!

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Politics / Re: Fulani Are Digging Their Own Grave For Every Ethnic Group by DuduNegro: 5:22am On Dec 16, 2019
You do not need to head any of them, just start it cause division between them.

As the case of Deji Adeyanju and Omoyele Sowore has proven to me, mere catch phrase and media support is insufficient to reverse the political and psychological damages done to the Southerners by years of imbalance in Nigerian Citizenship. Likewise, propaganda and bragging in the style of Nnamdi Kanu is ineffective to deal with the North. I do not occupy a position that allows me accessibility to resources and intelligentsia needed to deploy reconnaissance and surveillance and exploit their ongoing weakness. I know exactly what to do, I just don't have the manpower under me to do it. It requires a very discreet and stealth physical presence on the ground, in their midst, not on social media or on radio.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians React After The Nation Newspaper Shares Article Tackling President Buh by DuduNegro: 5:01am On Dec 16, 2019
Southerners amaze me, truly!

Name an administration, military or civilian, under a Muslim Northerner, that served 4yrs or more and was not as disastrous and pro-North as this administration under Buhari is. There is none!

Tafawa Balewa - 1960 to 1966.
Formed alliance with Ibos and then sidelined and kicked them out of govt.

Shehu Shagari - 1979 to 1983.
Illiterates enjoying endorsements given by Northern Emirates were made heads in strategically powerful positions.

Ibrahim Babangida - 1985 to 1993.
Submitted Nigeria into OIC membership and ruled in line with dictates of Kaduna mafia. He hated the MiddleBeltans, even though his Niger State is also in Middle belt, he preferred identity with the Northerners. Subdued Nigeria to Fulani.

Abacha - 1993 to 1998.
The IBB tenure ended but the agenda to subdue South & Middle Belt to North continued.
Created new pro-Northern Constitution

Muhammadu Buhari - 2015 to date.
Everything already done by those preceeding him are multiplied and more added under Buhari admin.

If we look at Southerners that have occupied Head of Government position for 4 or more years, we see the same pattern that these Southerners also lead by default and submit their people under rulership of the North. I find that they do not marginalize North as would be expected. Instead they become saviour, want to play fair and be viewed as good servant in the North, so they end up marginalizing their fellow Southerners.

Obasanjo - 1976 to 1979.
Supported North in rigging Awo out of political victory.
He took Land Use from family ownership and nationalized it under Land Use Decree.
Instead of returning the country to its 1963 Constitution and Parliament structure of government, he introduced American Democracy
He took Lagos Stock Exchange and nationalized it and renamed Nigerian Stock Exchange.
He took Lagos Ports Authority and nationalized it and renamed Nigerian Ports Authority.
He took the only University at the time that was home grown, University of Ife, nationalized it under Nigerian Universities Commission.

Obasanjo - 1999 to 2007.
Gave North Sharia
Attacked Middle Belt
Attacked South
Suspended Lagos from receiving FCA allocations.
Refused to implement a balanced Constitution

Jonathan Goodluck - 2010 to 2015
Marginalized Yoruba from cabinet
Refused to implement CONFAB
Deployed force to Ekiti to force political victory
Deployed force to Lagos on pretense of declaring State of Emergency
Treated Northern opposition voice with kid gloves in their condemnation of his approach to bokoharam.

So in summary, Southerners when in power treat Northerners as untouchables but send troops to kill and maim fellow Southerners.
Northerners on the other hand treat Muslim Northerners as untouchables and prosecute and deal everybody else a heavy hand and marginalization.

Northerners believe they own exclusively all assets in North and it is their right to head them, in addition they also believe all assets in South and Middle Belt are jointly owned between North and South and they must head it as a show of balance.

1. When has a Yoruba or Ibo or Ijaw headed FCT?
2. National Security Adviser, headed mostly by North. As if they are the only ones that can protect Nigerian security.
3. Defense Chiefs, has never been constituted without two or more Northerners as members. But has had absence of other major ethnics.
4. Ports Authority, why are people with no history of sea or maritime commerce the ones heading our maritime sector in every administration?
5. CBN, what is the key performance indicators for trade, commerce and economy in North, when compared with South?
6. When are Southern Presidents going to build modern military infrastructures in the South?
7. Why can't Southerners start boycotting Muslim Northerners when it is turn of North to produce President? Are there no Christians there?

There are many questions to ask, but South must realize North has a playbook, and it is patriotic to Fulani ethnic all over Africa that want to come and settle in Nigeria and help grow their numbers and make them a super majority. South must have a counter message and a counter action to that NOW! We have a morbid fear of North. There is this natural apprehension in Southerners that when a Northerner is angered he will bring out dagger and stab. Since we know and admit this, then what stops a Southerner from carrying his own machette or axe with him everywhere he goes and in an encounter with a Northerner you axe him. Teach them to also see a Southerner as a danger to life and not a person to be angered. If they carry ak47, there are places underground you can also go and buy ak47. If you cannot get it legally drug a mobile policeman and steal the one in his possession. Arm yourself. Last time I had conversation with my God he reminded me "fear no one but ME". He is yet to tell me Fulani is now my god to be feared. grin

I would appreciate if people not respond with "we warned you, but you did not listen to us".

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Politics / Re: Fulani Are Digging Their Own Grave For Every Ethnic Group by DuduNegro: 3:32am On Dec 16, 2019
It started with capturing Hausa Seven States.
They move to One North to capture Middle Belt.
Now declared Nigeria open from Northernn borders for Fulani RUGA.
They want Sharia in the Constitution.

As long as they have traditional Ally in the South since Independence, it will work for a while.

Unfortunately, any region now has access in the world market to arms.

Northerners need some wise men to stop digging their own graves. Boko Haram that started against the South has backfired badly in the North.

A word is enough for the wise

I am still very surprised that Southern socio-cultural groups have not responded to the conflicts and inter-tribal wars in NW. If I headed OPC or MASSOB or MEND I would have found way to exploit the problem and implode the Emirates long ago. Cause an escalation in their confusion and hatred and fund an uprising of the Hausas against their rulers.
Politics / Re: Why Can't Igbo,yoruba,hausa,etc Share Presidency by DuduNegro: 3:26am On Dec 16, 2019
According to our constitution there is a president and a useless Vice President.
Because only one person can be president,this causes do-or-die politics and zoning.

Why can't we rewrite the constitution to expand the presidency to say 5 or even 12 people?
And get rid of the useless Vice President position.

That way everybody can participate in the presidency,no matter where they are from! cool

Your proposal to expand Presidency is fine, it's creative but everyone in response that supports the idea are d0mmies.

What do you hope to achieve by expanding titles? You want to pacify those who feel left out, correct? Just return the country to where it was in 1957 or even 1963, and everyone will be ok.
Politics / Re: Let My People Go by DuduNegro: 3:20am On Dec 16, 2019
You raised good questions but given where we are now, what are your proposals for correction? Give credible and sensible options.
Politics / Re: Zainab Ahmed: Dangote Refinery Will Save Nigeria $10bn by DuduNegro: 3:01am On Dec 16, 2019
Her position and statement is pro-privatisation. What happens after the successful operation of Dangote Refinery, would it be asked to help save NNPC? Her statement has the hints.
Politics / Re: Zainab Ahmed: Dangote Refinery Will Save Nigeria $10bn by DuduNegro: 2:54am On Dec 16, 2019
The question remain why Dangote? Why can't the federal government make our refineries work? Or is Dangote now bigger than the federal government?

A very intelligent response.

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Politics / Re: See What Nation Newspaper Just Tweeted About Buhari's Northern Agenda by DuduNegro: 2:46am On Dec 16, 2019
This is the screenshot of what The Nations Newspaper owned by APC National Leader, Tinubu just posted on their Twitter account

As seen from the tweet, the media house seems to be 'wailing' on how Major General Buhari (borrowing the title Punch Newspaper have given our dear President) has cornered all the juicy ministries and appointments to the Northern politicians

They even did an editorial asking Buhari as regard what's going on in term of appointment the president Seem to have made


Is this am indication that all is not well among the APC leaders in term of how 'northern agenda' seem to be obvious in term of pattern of political appointments?

The Nations Newspaper is like Sun Newspaper, an LLC, separate from its owner and independent in its Editorial views.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Gunmen Opened Fire On Crown King Salman Khan Of Saudi Arabia At Function by DuduNegro: 2:36am On Dec 16, 2019
Over 10 rounds fired and not a single person hit. There is more to this story. grin grin
Politics / Re: Let's Have Your Complaints, Suggestions & Enquiries Here by DuduNegro: 5:24am On Nov 07, 2013
I will see you all in 2016, Insha Allah. grin

Negro_Ntns will be back full force, along with Dudu and Ogbuefi.

Sexkillz, you got anything to say....? angry

Yeye boy! grin
Crime / Re: . by DuduNegro: 4:18am On Nov 07, 2013
babe_online: Nlanders please contribute.

I am greatly surprised at the hate tribes from different part of Nigeria have for each other.

Why would some people decide to kill and/or inflict serious injuries on others based on their tribe in their own state/region?

This level of hate is really high and surprising and to think the reason why some people inflict serious injury on others is because of a war that happened decades ago, is really shocking to say the least.

Please can we put a stop to this hate and remember that the actions of one man/few people cannot be used to judge and harm millions of people?

cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry

If i share my thoughts on this subject i will be banned until after madam255 has finished serving sentence in Alagbon. grin
Crime / Re: . by DuduNegro: 4:03am On Nov 07, 2013
grin grin


I love this topic.
Politics / Re: Oduah’s Airport Upgrade And Rehabilitation Is A Scam by DuduNegro: 11:53pm On Nov 06, 2013
Is madam255 in Alagbon yet? grin

Diezani is next.....
Warn all Ibos in positions of power to watch their back.....Uzoma, Ihejirika and Oduah has opened the stinky cans of corruption in public and we have to fumigate the landscape....get rid of bad ministers and directors and generals.

Yeye dey stink! shyyt!! angry sad angry
Politics / Re: Sen. Francis Arthur Nzeribe Declares That "APGA Will Win Anambra Guber Poll" by DuduNegro: 11:42pm On Nov 06, 2013
If APC should fail to win....

Hold on, .......how many more days now, 9 days??

I will shut up...see all you APGA on 17th.

No joke, yeye people! angry
Politics / Re: Anambra Poll: MASSOB Roots For APGA For Sake Of Ojukwu by DuduNegro: 8:30pm On Nov 06, 2013

Bros, the existence of Nigeria is already in contention~!

When a nation is dissolved, the dissolution takes another 10yrs or so to complete, whether violently or peacefully.

Look at Czhekoslovakia, Sudan, Burma.

So if national dialogue ends in dissolution, which I doubt it will....considering your Ibo brothers have sworn not to separate from their properties in Abuja, Lagos and Kano......, it will be another two Presidential terms before the dissolution completes. Then what are you going to do....

You guys dont know that your enemy are your brothers in other regions, thy have sworn never to depart from their invested properties in Hausaland and Yorubaland. Forgt your dream for Biafra....its dead!!!

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Politics / Re: World Bank To Adopt Anambra’s Education Module. by DuduNegro: 4:32pm On Nov 06, 2013
.....adopt it for who

Schools in America or in England. grin
Politics / Re: Anambra Poll: MASSOB Roots For APGA For Sake Of Ojukwu by DuduNegro: 4:25pm On Nov 06, 2013
Eze Promoe:
You talk as if you don't know Nigerian politics.
If Ngige wins this election and his influence grow amongst Anambrans, he would instigate the mind of many against voting for Jonathan, all in favour for his masters, Buhari and Tinubu, and it is this same Yoruba Ngige supporters, who allegedly want the good of Anambra state, that will come and tell you how their party was able to conquer our own party in our base, Anambra and Imo. They will still be the ones to call you names sad

NGIGE should decamp or he would still be crying from court to court when others are celebrating the Yuletide.

Hahahahahaha.......in the decision whether or not GEJ wins the election, Alaigbo's vote behind Gej will be like dropping a bottle of ink in the Atlantic and waiting to see color in the ocean.....a futile attempt!

Alaigbo will not count in what direction the country goes in 2015....but you can change that and you do it on Nov 16th 2013 in Anambra, well ahead of 2015.

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Politics / Re: Anambra Poll: MASSOB Roots For APGA For Sake Of Ojukwu by DuduNegro: 4:16pm On Nov 06, 2013

Nigeria has no future!
Biafra is our furture

Dont vote with your mouth, Nov 16th is around the corner, vote Biafra with your ballot...simple!
Politics / Re: Oduah’s Airport Upgrade And Rehabilitation Is A Scam by DuduNegro: 4:12pm On Nov 06, 2013
How can any yoruba have the guts to say babalakin is being persecuted? Is he?
Yes, u guys do shout about being persecuted,
Dont u read papers? Or are u always waiting for Gbawe's analysis on NL to know what is happening.
Yorubas have leveled all sorts of allegations on stella ranging from how the tribe is being persecuted in FAAN appointments (rubbish ppl); how the woman is doing an Igbo agenda in the ministry ( insane ppl), now this!
Y just one tribe? Even hausas that are what they are have not plunged into this issue the way yorubas are going about it.
Have u asked yourself how this same allegation keeps changing face on a daily basis?
SR can't even trash one case to the end before entering another one .

The fact still remains Oduah is a thief and belongs in Kirikiri. Dont you see what Maduka did....he took off quick quick and will not return until he is sure things cool off a little bit. grin
Politics / Re: Oduah’s Airport Upgrade And Rehabilitation Is A Scam by DuduNegro: 4:09pm On Nov 06, 2013
Boi go watch Tv then you can now come back and talk, with all the banks, coscharis, and all the due process of procurement followed yet you can not fathom that its a bloody propaganda then you r the one who is wretched in thinking. Did she just steal money and run away like fanny FFK

Which money did FFK steal? please give us update.
Politics / Re: Oduah’s Airport Upgrade And Rehabilitation Is A Scam by DuduNegro: 4:08pm On Nov 06, 2013

u named jst 1 so hw cn cameroon hotel b hotels angry oga name d hotels o jare abi u tynk say na only u sabi ife ni

U r bluffing crap! You dont know anywhere in Ife but just yapping with your ego.

Regardless, this topic is on madam255, not Ife. Focus!
Politics / Re: Oduah’s Airport Upgrade And Rehabilitation Is A Scam by DuduNegro: 3:28pm On Nov 06, 2013

Its better u guys start discussing Ife and its diabolic makeup because stella is not going anywhere.
With the way only ur ppl and SR discuss Stella, one would think the FG is currently flogging stella.
Before she became a minister, she was worth billions.
What do u say about Tinubu, OBJ, Etteh, all your ministers that entered the political scene with leaky pockets but leaving with heavy bags without impacting anything to Nigeria.

Sooso ndi ori ndi ori ka unu were.

...but Kano people are upset too. Kwankwaso has told her if she wants to sleep well to reverse all those BASA she negotiated to choke traffic in Kano for the benefit of forcing foreign airlines to Enugu. Did you forget Kwankwaso's threat to her?

Let me updaye you that two airliners taken away have since been rescheduled to Kano.

I love Kwankwaso. Ibos understand him when he talks. You all dont understand Fashola's language.....but we have someone replacing Fashola whose tongue you all will understand.


Politics / Re: ‘north Should Decline Participation In National Dialogue’ - Ahmed Daku by DuduNegro: 3:20pm On Nov 06, 2013

I am sorry sir, we are more civilized than these.
We cant start because just because we are Nigerians,.

It pained my heart when there was reprisal killings in Biafra lands, it is not in our character to kill visitors.

We need to stay apart from Nigeria,
No nation who has all these can grow.

Who is talking of killing

Is that all there is to your comprehension of ethnic democracy, killing?

Did you understand what Daku is saying when he said the North is weak? He is not talking about Presidency belonging to South.
Politics / Re: Anambra Poll: MASSOB Roots For APGA For Sake Of Ojukwu by DuduNegro: 3:15pm On Nov 06, 2013
APC is the future of Nigeria, not PDP anddefinitely not APGA.

If by omission or commission APC fails to get Anambra, Iboland will sideline its future and be reduced to play minority role in the affairs of national policy.

Its your future, not Yoruba future and not Hausa future......Ibo future!

You are currently a minority in the party that will own Nigeria 2015 forward.

On Nov 16th, decide in Anambra if you want more footing in APC or not.

Yeye dey smell for Alaigbo! angry


Politics / Re: Oduah’s Airport Upgrade And Rehabilitation Is A Scam by DuduNegro: 2:59pm On Nov 06, 2013
Orlando Owoh:
It does matter, however I will give you just one, Cameroon Hotel, by your left when driving from OAU gate to Urban Day.

Dont let him turn this to Ife issue. We are discussing madam 255 here.

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