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Politics / Re: FG Will Replace Fuel Subsidy With ₦5,000 Transport Grant For 40m Nigerians by egopersonified(f): 4:52pm On Nov 23
If not for corruption, every country in the world subsidizes some sectors of their economy. Even almighty US wey Nigerians dey see as heaven on earth subsidizes their farm produce.

That said, 2021 inflation will be child's play compared to 2022.
Business / Re: Ebele Iyiegbu Launches Handbag Collection In Abuja Amidst Fanfare (Pictures) by egopersonified(f): 4:42pm On Nov 23
1) Alexreports, hope say no be price you dey price those two bags wey you hol so.

2) Why do we like to hold parties around a pool which no one will be swimming in?


Celebrities / Re: N50 Sent To Davido’s Account To Pledge Allegiance by egopersonified(f): 6:08pm On Nov 17
He tried na. I was thinking of sending one naira to acknowledge him for all the times his 'the best' song with mayokun inspired me to not give up on my hustle. Infact, make I go play that song on repeat.

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Celebrities / Re: Zlatan, Chike, E-money, Adekunle Gold & Other Celebrities Who Gifted Davido N1m by egopersonified(f): 5:47pm On Nov 17
Please help me type out the account number here, I can't see it clearly.

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Travel / Re: Extortion By Airport Officials During International Travel by egopersonified(f): 6:04pm On Nov 03
Please this begi begi nature is everywhere. One aboki summed it up for me as, 'God don do am for you, make you still do for us'.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 8 Things You Can Buy And Hold As Investment In Nigeria by egopersonified(f): 4:56pm On Oct 26
For those of us in the food business, we invest in these products every October and November and cash out in December and January. Na normal things.
Celebrities / Re: "My Wife In Labor, She Still Get Mind Dey Chop Corn" - Junior Pope Records Wife by egopersonified(f): 5:07am On Oct 22
She was just trying to take her mind off the labour by doing something else.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: Arroma Junction Awka Deserted On Sit-At-Home Order (Video, Photos) by egopersonified(f): 4:12am On Oct 22
This sit at home will be felt better if only igbos all over the country shut their businesses. To me, this south east sit at home is only hurting the igbos. Even if I am an Igbo man, I can't invest in the east or I will start diversifying from the east when I know my business will be shut at least 4 working days every month.
Family / Re: Men Please Try And Reduce Your Stress And Live.. Real Life Lesson by egopersonified(f): 4:51am On Oct 13

Most of what you write, are from the handbooks of feminists as if these are the reasons men are stressed in our society today.

There are many married women employed in our society today, who will never bring out their money to spend on their family. They want their husband to spend all what he has on them while they keep theirs.

I really don't know how to argue. You are the only mention I am replying to. Even if you don't agree with me, try to understand where I am coming from.

Just think about it. Where did women get this 'my money is mine, his money is ours' mentality from. It is from the same ideology that the man is the provider and bread winner, so even if she has more money, the man should pay for everything.

What if we start teaching our girls that no matter how rich her husband is, she has to contribute a major part of her earnings to the family upkeep, instead of saving it up for herself.

I also had this my money mentality for years, till I realized if I don't start spending majority of my salary, then they will start driving my kids out of class for not paying school fees. We had to sit down and make a plan around my salary since it was a steady income while his was irregular.

Read what another nairalander (jumpandpas) wrote below

One thing I have achieved is making sure all my children chose me ahead of their mum. I started by feeding them, bathing them and buying them good things whenever I am Coming home everyday. I created an irresistible friendship environment with them and it paid off. Today all my children don't even care if their mum is around.

Do you know that after marriage I realized why my father always tell me DON'T EVER BEAT YOUR WIFE".

Your kids don't know who brings the money, all they know is mummy spent 2 hours sweating in the kitchen, she took me to school every day and bought me biscuits. She helps me with homework. She treats my injuries. She prays for me in the middle of the night. They don't see what their father does. Most of us even knowing fully well our mothers were not earning a Kobo or earning very little never had personal experiences with our fathers. All we know about him was he goes to work, then comes home to shout at us and eat his food. I had friends that were brothers that used to tell each other your father is calling you.

No one is saying our boys should be softies. But we need to teach both genders same responsibilities as much as is possible.
Family / Re: Men Please Try And Reduce Your Stress And Live.. Real Life Lesson by egopersonified(f): 7:39am On Oct 10
This is the effect of generations of family life. When we start solving this problem from the cause, there will never be answers.

We encourage our girls to focus on being wife materials and mothers. We teach them how to cook and take care of the home while the brothers are outside playing ball, making connections and going places. He is taught that a man's place is outside the home. To bring home the bacon. To take care of his family and be the bread winner. Till we start to teach our kids differently, we will still get this same results till eternity.

We teach our boys to not cry, don't show emotion and he bottles it up till he has a heart attack while a woman will cry from morning till night, shout out all her frustrations and be relieved from that burden.

We tell our men to take care of this girlfriend so another man doesn't snatch her. So he does two jobs and a side hustle just to 'maintain' her.

Why can't we teach our kids that both parties should be equal contributors to the family purse? Why can't the first person home make dinner? Why can't the man take the kids to the hospital while the woman goes to sell her tomatoes? Why do we have men coming on nairaland to tell us 'I take care of all the responsibilities in the home and all she does is to fill gas and she is complaining when I boil ordinary water to bath'?

Till we begin to train ourselves as one and the same unit, men will keep dieing young and women will keep enjoying the fruits of both their labours.

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Romance / Re: Uber And Bolt Drivers Are Harassing My Girlfriend by egopersonified(f): 6:03am On Oct 09
So in the whole state only Uber and bolt guys are disturbing your girl, what about other guys? If you have the money, maybe she wants you to give her your car or buy her one.
Celebrities / Re: Yinka Ayelefe Establishes 4th Radio Station In Osogbo (Pics) by egopersonified(f): 7:59pm On Oct 04

No, e no dey come Benin bcoz Edo no be Oshogbo.

Be contented with whatever Obaseki dish out to you.

LoL, we no even want again. Edo no be Nigeria.
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Cried And Begged For A Relationship As A Man? by egopersonified(f): 7:52pm On Oct 04
Happened to me, wish I could share my story, it ended happily Sha.
Celebrities / Re: Yinka Ayelefe Establishes 4th Radio Station In Osogbo (Pics) by egopersonified(f): 7:10am On Oct 02
When is he coming to Benin oooo. I don Taya for pidgin English radio stations, I miss the Yoruba language

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Sports / Re: Ronaldo's Driver Waits 7 Hours At Petrol Station To Fill Up His New Bentley by egopersonified(f): 6:35am On Oct 02
So with all your cars and 1000sqm of land, you no fit install underground fuel tank for your house. Ordinary big joe motors get for their park.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Second In The World in Romance Scams, Third on Money List by egopersonified(f): 5:13pm On Sep 07
Sooooo who else is thinking Ghana figures should be added to Nigeria?
Crime / Re: Man Who Picks Condemned Iron In Awka, Caught With Stolen Goat, Chickens & Rice by egopersonified(f): 8:09pm On Sep 01
Please don't say "man" say "Hausa man" or "Northerner"

Even in Port Harcourt, they have stolen all the iron man-way covers along Peter Odili road, Slaughter, Eneka Road, and the newly built Artillery flyover. Wike is too merciful. If I can be able to see Wike, I have a little solution to this problem.

China has a death penalty for this crime. Seems it happens everywhere.

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Travel / Re: Flooding In My Area In Asaba And Government’s Negligence by egopersonified(f): 7:52pm On Sep 01
When you throw trash into the drainage system,what do you expect?

I don't know why the first thing people say is trash blocked our drainages. Please look at the pictures properly, if it was trash, some will be floating in the water. There is simply no drainage here. Sometimes it is sand that fills these drainages. Boundary road, Benin drainage is currently being dug. They have being moving truck loads of sand from there since morning. I didn't see a single piece of trash when I passed there. Some drainages all over the world also overflow during or after heavy rainfalls, those flood subside within hours or days.

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Politics / Re: PHOTOS: Edo Road Washed Off Two Months After Completion by egopersonified(f): 5:44pm On Aug 24
A friend said obaseki uses black paint to paint roads instead of using tar. Ekenwa road that they have now finished already have pot holes. Oshiomoles roads are still intact. Oshimole, the best governor edo state has ever had.

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Sports / Re: Afghan Women Footballers Evacuated By Australian Government After Plea by egopersonified(f): 5:08pm On Aug 24
The whole world is sharing afghan citizens, when will nigeria go and lift their own share. Afghan IDP in Lagos go make sense.
Education / Re: Meet One Of The Tallest Students In Ghana - Picture by egopersonified(f): 6:43pm On Aug 16
If anybody mention basketball for this thread eh

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Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley And Other Celebrities Who Graduated With First-class From Universit by egopersonified(f): 9:07pm On Aug 11
Oya , someone should run to Twitter to ask naira and give us his answer here.
Education / Re: My Son Is Not Interested In His Secondary Education But Taught Himself Coding by egopersonified(f): 6:35pm On Aug 07
My 14 year old son is presently learning to code with his tablet and my laptop. He even found a tech hub close to us he says he wants to go to. He has being learning how to draw and paint for two years now and his boss sells his paintings now for 5k. I am at a cross road on what he should do this holiday. The painting was just a means to do something during the holidays because I hate holiday lessons, but he chose the coding himself. Any advice?
Politics / Re: FG To End ₦30 Billion Monthly Electricity Subsidy Next Year — Osinbajo by egopersonified(f): 10:34pm On Jul 27
Subsidy is not our problem. Almighy America subsidizes ordinary milk.
Romance / Re: What's Your Thought On Tall Girls Getting Married To Tall Guys? by egopersonified(f): 7:06am On Jun 19
My 12 year old son is 6 feet in JS2.

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Celebrities / Re: Man Kept Social Media Talking After Sharing What He Orders Online Vs What He Get by egopersonified(f): 9:28am On Jun 05
Naijas tailors finally made me have sense. I only ask you to replicate what you have already done before. I never bring you a new design. So no more heart breaks.


Romance / Re: What’s The Biggest Insult You’ve Received Because You Don't Have Money? by egopersonified(f): 8:42pm On Jun 03
We planned getting married. She was living with me. I lost my job. Things became tough. Became broke. She couldn't cope. She started getting frustrated and abusive. She aborted our baby, packed her things and went back to her mom. Couldn't pay my rent, went back to my mom's.

Mom's neighbor disturbing her with Gen set and the fumes. Kept the Gen at Mom's window.
Confronted her and she refused to remove and resorted to verbal abuse. She called me "An old jobless fool, who lives with his mom at his age"

I am happy. I wait on God. If he likes it this way, so be it!

This made me cry. I am so so sorry about the words your neighbour used. This will turn around to a testimony for you. Waiting for your good news. Keep your hope alive.


Celebrities / Re: Lil Uzi Vert Removes $24 Million Pink Diamond From His Forehead by egopersonified(f): 7:37pm On Jun 03
Hope you all read where it said he paid it in four years? Hope you see yeyebrities don't necessarily have the money they fluent? Keep imitating people una hear?

US rapper, Lil Uzi Vert has decided to ditch the pink diamond encrusted on his forehead.

The Philadelphia rapper made headlines when he implanted the 11-carat $24 million gem on his forehead, but it appears that he’s removed it.

In recent photos and video the rapper has been seen without the $24 million rock.

In one Instagram Story posted by Uzi’s girlfriend JT, the couple is seen dancing and kissing, but the diamond is nowhere in view.

Uzi also shared photos of himself in a City Girls “Twerkulator” T-shirt and again his forehead diamond is missing.

Back in February, Lil Uzi Vert made headlines when he implanted the gem in the middle of his forehead, boasting about its magical powers. “I can’t believe I got this Stone either moving super different now,” he tweeted.

But the stone engraving came with its share of pain when he revealed the bloody injury he suffered as a result of trying to affix it to his skull.

“If I don’t get it took out the right way I could die,” said Uzi.

He purchased the diamond from jewelry designer Elliot Eliantte.

It was so expensive that it took four years to pay off. According to Uzi, it cost more than his home and all his cars combined including his Bugatti.

“I’ve been paying for a natural pink diamond from Elliot for years now,” he tweeted.

“This one Stone cost so much I’ve been paying for it since 2017. That was the first time I saw a real natural pink diamond. A lot of M’s in my face.”

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Family / Re: I Don't Feel Comfortable Asking For Favours, What Could Be The Cause!! by egopersonified(f): 8:40pm On May 16
Hi Folks, felt i should share this on this wonderful Sunday morning, I am really struggling to accept a part of my demeanor/outlook. "asking for favours.

Profile: i am in my mid 30's, two kids and leaving quite a comfy life. I have a young and very interesting family, and most times people want to do things for me in appreciation for work done /or just a mere act of kindness and i outrightly will say No, The other day, my neighbor brought baby's food for my daughter, i thanked him, politely asked him not to that again, I eventually gave the food out. Trust me no disrespect/nor any evil thought. His feelings towards me lately is kind of subdued

This happens at work too, I will never call in sick, unless i am on a dying bed, whatever management wants I accept, i make my inputs, but will never ask for any favour.

I have struggled to search through any experience in the cause of my growing up that could have shaped my perception/thought pattern, couldn't find any either.
i recall vividly when i lost my job in 2016, I was sleeping under the lagos bridge until I found another job, yet I had people I could call while in Lagos. I am so afraid to ak for favours, rather I grind it out.

I have been surfing the internet checking for folks with similar traits, do you think this behaviour is normal. I live a very happy and normal life nonetheless, with my wife/brothers and kids my best friends.

Is this behaviour normal or should i attempt to change...

You are afraid of rejection
Family / Re: Am I A Failure? Please Rate Me. by egopersonified(f): 8:11pm On May 06
After checking your mates that are married, have kids and jobs, hope you also checked out your mates in the graves, hospital, psychiatric homes, under Bridges and on the streets. If you didn't, go back and check them out so you can make a fair judgement.


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