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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool FC Fan Zone: Champions of England by illusion2: 3:42pm On Aug 20, 2011
Arsenal 0 : 2 Liverpool

Congrats guys. . . .lets hope this is the beginning of a serious title challenge .

You'll Never Walk Alone cheesy
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Liverpool (0 - 2) On Saturday August 20th by illusion2: 3:40pm On Aug 20, 2011
Nice one boys. Lets show them this season's going to be different.
Politics / Re: What Does Arabic Writing Means On Our Nigeria Currency by illusion2: 6:20pm On Aug 12, 2011

The Arabic writings are called Ajami in Hausa, they are used in place of these Alphabets "ABCD, XYZ" to aid those who doesn't understand the latin alphabets but only the Arabic letters "Alif, Ba, Ta, Tha, Jim, , "

on 100 Naira notes, it reads "Naira Dari" which means 100 Naira in Hausa
on 200 Naira notes, it reads "Naira Dari Biyu" which means 200 Naira in Hausa
on 500 Naira notes, it reads "Naira Dari Biyar" which means 500 Naira in Hausa
on 1000 Naira notes, it reads "Naira Dubu" which means 1000 Naira in Hausa

There are about 20 million "NIGERIANS" who cannot read and understand the latin alphabets but can read and understand the Arabic alphabets, and they are "NIGERIANS" just as any other NIGERIAN. Not limited to a single geographic location, but nationwide*,
An illogical excuse if you ask me.

20 million undecided Where did you get this figure from ?

How old are these people?

We have over 200 languages in Nigeria,why must we pander to every one? Even in arab countries,the have stopped using 'ajami' on their number plates,so as to keep up with modernisation.

Please lets stop all this pandering to silly sentiments. People can easily identify money without Ajami scripts.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool FC Fan Zone: Champions of England by illusion2: 6:14pm On Aug 12, 2011
We de kampe.

Just being on the road recently.

how u guys.

[size=28pt][center]YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE wink[/center][/size]
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool FC Fan Zone: Champions of England by illusion2: 6:14am On Jun 13, 2011
Good for Ngog. he was never up to Liverpool's level.

I wish him well smiley
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool FC Fan Zone: Champions of England by illusion2: 5:17pm On Jun 12, 2011
I watched the Henderson guy in an England U 21 friendly against Norway last week.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

I hope Kenny knows what he's doing. . . angry

No average players again o cheesy
Education / Re: He Got 2.2 In Sch And His Dad Became Hostile To Him. by illusion2: 4:27pm On Jun 12, 2011

Its on a scale of six as follows: 1st class; 2nd class upper(2.1); 2nd class lower(2.2); 3rd class; pass n fail. According to him, he said that 2.1 n 1st class is very very difficult to get in his school except if you are actually out to sort d lecturers (paying 4 gud results). He sch in Esut(enugu state university).
See correct olodo cry cry cry

No wonder people no longer take Nigeria's education system seriously again.

Can you imagine 'scale of six'.

Na wa o !
Career / Re: Hr Training & Pay For Performance Policies: Can Anyone Forward Me One by illusion2: 4:24pm On Jun 12, 2011
You need to pay for this my dear. , no free lunch tongue
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool FC Fan Zone: Champions of England by illusion2: 8:26pm On Jun 10, 2011

IN: Alexander Doni (Roma) and Jordan Henderson (Sunderland)
Expecting a £5m deal for Gael Clichy.

Jst thought of bringing our thread back to the top grin grin

Thanks mate.

We all took a break. I'm yet to see the Henderson guy in action. But all the hype around him must count for something.

I think we lost Ashley Young to MAN U ?
Politics / Re: The Truth Behind Bankole's Detention! by illusion2: 3:09pm On Jun 09, 2011

And now, due to Bankole's refusal to endorse the PDP's candidate for Speaker of the House, he has been arrested and detained by EFCC headed by the corrupt Farida Waziri without proper investigation against him and efforts are now being made to convict him by all means necessary with the aid of the corrupt Festus Keyamo to give the impression that the current government is sincere about the anti-corruption war.  We need to ask the questions:
Bankole has no say in the PDP or House speakership  duh !

He lost his election to the house.

He's as irrelevant as George Bush is to the Libyan conflict  undecided
Politics / Re: Nigeria Wastes A Bundle By Paying For 'religious' Pilgrimages by illusion2: 3:07pm On Jun 09, 2011

Religious Pilgrimage, NYSC, Bi-Camera national assembly, Presidential System, Security Votes, Immunity for Governors, Governor's Forum, 36 States Structure, ALL FACTORS THAT STUNT NIGERIA'S DEVELOPMENT
Smart guy ! I agree 101%
Politics / Re: The Truth Behind Bankole's Detention! by illusion2: 3:03pm On Jun 09, 2011
Bankole is a bas.tard for starting this propaganda.

The arse.hole inflated contracts & he's blaming late Yar'Adua and otehr ambiguous people.

Muthafucker, we all had hopes in this beast of no nation & he stole his future away !

What more do you need with over $60 million allowances ,security votes & estacodes ?

I do hope he gets hanged for this, oloshi !

Ques : What do you call 2 bank thieves in Yoruba

ANS : 'Meji Bank ole  cheesy
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam hates Women? by illusion2: 9:28pm On May 02, 2011

^^^^^ There is nothing called Islamist.

the idealogy of each one of us is the idealogy of Muhammad [as].

no one here among the muslims say Osama bin Laden [ra] is his/her master/oga.

Very correct,nothing like Islamist (sic).

Its actually Mohammedanism as confirmed by Sweetnecta cheesy
Politics / Re: North-south Dialogue. What Southerners Misunderstand by illusion2: 12:07am On Apr 27, 2011
I really hoped Buhari would win ,due to the horrible record of the PDP,however reading the posts of gadogado & his ilk has left me thanking God he did not get there.

The typical Nigerian mentality is that 'I must win or else it was rigged' angry

Why would you submit yourself to a process & then condemn the process w/out due recourse to the law?

The fact that Buhari took so long in condeming the dastardly act of his supporters left me wondering what kind of person he really is.

No election or position is worth the blood of any Nigerian talk less of innocent NYSC members.

Even if more northerners were killed according to gado,does that justify killing them.

I know gadogado is in the US,I do hope the FBI are reviewing his posts & creating a psychological profile of a terrorist in the making.
Its difficult to reason with people like this all they know is bloodshed & the best answer is to give them back in their own coin.

The best question someone has asked is that why were people not killed when Yar'Adua was rigged into power in 2007?

Why burn churches? Why kill NYSC members?

Why the talk about ba kafir (no to unbelievers).

We will overcome these evil satanic blood suckers in Jesus name.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool FC Fan Zone: Champions of England by illusion2: 4:33pm On Apr 18, 2011

We were lucky.
Well you need luck sometimes.
They(Arsenal) were really lucky in the 1st game of the season at Anfield.

The fluke own goal by eina is one to be forgotten,had we won that game the season would probably have been different.

Well done to the boys for the resilience tho'
Literature / Re: The Cyber Lover by illusion2: 4:35pm On Apr 13, 2011
Repld IM
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool FC Fan Zone: Champions of England by illusion2: 1:46pm On Apr 13, 2011
Somehow ,I'm still hopeful for 4th place.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Pakistani Suicide Bombing School - Really Sad Read ! by illusion2: 9:04pm On Apr 12, 2011

Im just seeing this thread now and wish I saw it weeks back.

Now we are advocating for prayers rather than our usual fight back status ? haha.

@Topic,Sad.I agree with Illusion.Lets fight back with : Education,Preaching and encouraging true Islam,Not condoning any form of evil,prayers(the most efficient of all).
True talk.

By fight back I mean education & enlightenment.

One of the reasons behind such radicalization is lack of exposure of the adherents to such theology !


neutralize the wahhabi sickness.only the shia pill can do that.
Shiism isn't necessary the solution,all religions ,if not taken with the proper pill of moderation have a narcissistic tendency.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool FC Fan Zone: Champions of England by illusion2: 8:58pm On Apr 12, 2011
[size=18pt][center]You'll never Walk Alone ![/center][/size]
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: When Will Torres Score His First Chelsea Goal? by illusion2: 8:56pm On Apr 12, 2011
Carroll scored twice.

Dear Fernando just endured another 45 minutes without a goal !!!


please in your whole heart and life, who among u, torres, urself and roman(chelsea owner) needs God's help more?
the highest investment u have as a human being is this bad mouth of urs yet u are praying for God to help made men like torres roman. at times like this, i think of normal mad men in our midst.
u sound more worried than the ppl directly involved.
When did internet get to 'yaba left' ? undecided
Politics / Suffer Dey Naija ? Try Phillipines ! by illusion2: 3:00pm On Apr 10, 2011
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool FC Fan Zone: Champions of England by illusion2: 2:02pm On Apr 10, 2011

Na wa for liverpool fans oh. There is a Bolton fan thread with only 2 or 3 fans that has gone on to far more pages than this thread. Smh
This is our second thread,we clocked 100 pages sometime ago .

The Bolton thread has only one fan with 3 IDs cheesy

Anyway like all liverpool fans we're all going through some emotional down time now.

Hoping for the best.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: When Will Torres Score His First Chelsea Goal? by illusion2: 1:58pm On Apr 10, 2011

When he starts playing for the reserves
Lol ! cheesy


I'd take him back for 5 million. he still better than that Caroll we have right now.
You have somethng against dem English people , eh ?
Islam for Muslims / Re: Pakistani Suicide Bombing School - Really Sad Read ! by illusion2: 10:36pm On Apr 09, 2011

Each of these evils s borne out of ignorance and deviance away from True Islam.
'True Islam' needs to fight back !
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: When Will Torres Score His First Chelsea Goal? by illusion2: 7:57pm On Apr 09, 2011

Torres will definately score today. . . . . I dreamt of him scoring today. . . .If he does not then . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . my car
Sorry o. . . . another 30 mins w/out a goal.

probably the flop buy of the season.

May God help him,cos I really appreciate what he did for us .
Islam for Muslims / Pakistani Suicide Bombing School - Really Sad Read ! by illusion2: 1:52pm On Apr 09, 2011

[center]Boy in Pakistan tells police of suicide bombing school[/center]

[center]An injured suicide bomber whose explosive vest partially detonated lying on the ground April 3 at the shrine of 13th century Sufi Saint Ahmed Sultan in Pakistan.[/center]

Umar Fidai says, "I did a wrong thing". He tells police 300 children are being trained at a strike .
A militant dangles a tantalizing reward for the boy: Heaven

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- A sorrowful Pakistani teen suspected of collaborating in this week's deadly suicide bombing at a Sufi shrine is claiming to police that scores of his young peers at a camp in the nation's perilous tribal region are being trained to stage attacks.

"I did a wrong thing," Umar Fidai said from his hospital bed aired on national TV Friday. "Please forgive me."

Fidai was arrested alive after the suicide bombing at a Sufi shine on Sunday killed at least 41 people and wounded more than 100. The blast occurred in Dera Ghazi Khan in Punjab province.

The boy hails from a village in the Pakistani tribal district of North Waziristan, an area that neighbors war-torn Afghanistan. The Taliban and al Qaeda have had a strong presence in the region, and Sunni Muslim militants based in Pakistan have staged attacks in Afghanistan.

Fidai said in TV interviews he got suicide bombing lessons for six months, including training to use pistols, grenades and a suicide jacket. He said an Afghan Taliban leader named Mullah Sangeen was in charge of the training camp.

He said he had been recruited one day as he was coming home from school, when a Taliban leader named Qari Zafar met him and persuaded him he would go to heaven if he carried out a suicide attack.

"The moment you will press the button of your suicide jacket, you will immediately go to heaven," Fidai said Zafar told him.

"I was only keener to go to heaven. I never thought about my family members during the training," said Fidai, whose father is dead and whose two younger sisters live in Esa Khel, his home village.

Fidai gave the interview in police custody. It is unclear how representative they are of his own opinions or experiences.

Ahmed Mubarak, the police chief of the Dera Ghazi Khan district, said the teen told police that more than 300 boys between ages 12 and 17 are being trained in North Waziristan's Mir Ali area to stage suicide bombings.

The boy also told police that Uzbeks and Tajiks are among the militants in that region of Pakistan, indicating the presence of foreigners there.

In his televised comments, Fidai advised the boys in training that the strikes are un-Islamic and that they should refuse to stage them.

In the bombing Sunday, a man blew himself up when he was stopped at the entrance of the Sakhi Sarkar shrine, and a second would-be suicide bomber wearing an explosives-laden jacket was arrested, Mubarak said.

The shrine is on the outskirts of the district capital, more than 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) south of Peshawar.

Dera Ghazi Khan is no stranger to violent bombings. Dozens of people were killed in a December 2009 bombing that ripped through a market near the home of a provincial official.

Another blast earlier that year struck a crowd of Shiite Muslims as they took part in a procession toward a mosque, killing scores of people.

Pakistan is largely Sunni Muslim, and militants there have targeted religious minorities, like Shiites, Sufis and Christians.

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / When Will Torres Score His First Chelsea Goal? by illusion2: 10:33am On Apr 09, 2011
I don't want to gloat,but boy, how can we ever thank Liverpool's new owners ?

Proper businessmen if u ask me (not money miss road Abrahamovich).

Our dear ex-player(Fernando Torres) is still waiting for his first goal after over 9 hours of play. . .sad,sad.

I feel sorry for him & do wish him well.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Manchester City [3 - 0] On Monday April 11th 2011 by illusion2: 10:26am On Apr 09, 2011
Dear Muki,
As always thanks for setting this up.

I really do hope we can triumph in this game after last week's disappointing loss to WBA.

You'll Never Walk Alone wink kiss
Islam for Muslims / Re: Shia Justice And The Sunni Predicament On The Popular Middle East Revolutions by illusion2: 7:00pm On Mar 24, 2011

let me tell you this:
i refrained from posting figures here because first of all each side in bahrain would have its own figures.the opposition has its figures to show that the government is naturalizing foreigners based on sectarianism and based on a politically motivated agenda.while the government also invents its figures to deceive you that it is not doing so,while in reality and on the ground they are.
you got over 300,000 people out of about 600,000 original bahrainis protesting in a square.among their demands was stopping the politically motivated naturalizations and the discrimination against the majority shia population.and here you are accusing me of hearsay.its either you have decided to be deaf or blind.

Inasmuch as I try to avoid arguments that have no end , you have shown yourself to be less of the cerebral human being I initially thought you were, but actually an intellectual paperweight or maybe you’re studying to be an Ayatollah- I advise you should steer clear of politics.

I make bold to say ,you have never being to Bahrain before, all your information is gleaned from Shia websites ,which by themselves have an agenda.You come to a ‘neutral’ site like NL & spew absolute nonsense !

If you are arguing the merits of Shia over Sunni Islam or the role of Imam Hussain in Islamic jurisprudence, I certainly can’t argue with you, but we are talking POLITICS here ! FUNDAMENTAL ,BASIC & DIRTY POLITICS . I’m sorry your religious point of view is not relevant !
What percentage of Sunnis are struggling ? Are they (Sunnis) also concerned with the way things are?
What percentage of Shia support the recent protests? Do you know??
How many Shias hold senior positions in private & public organisations??
How many Shias are in the Bahraini Upper House (Shura council)
Where did you come up with your 300,000 out of 600,000 figure ??

Because I gave you some facts & figures ,you decided to come up with your voodoo maths .


now you're trying hard to be dumb with no offense intended.
you cannot tell me that 70% of bahrainis who are shia live on the same area in size as 30% or less who are sunnis.what are you saying?
You are a bigoted rascal no offense intended . cheesy

If you weren’t a scoundrel(no offense intended) , you would have referred to the Bahraini map as advised and seen that large swathes of the south are UNINHABITED !
There are Shias not only in the Northern Gvernorates but in all, its just that the North is almost exclusively Shia while the ssouthern is almost exclusively Sunni. There are 3 other Governorates – Capital ,Muharraq & Central – facts - not religious ideology ! Are there more Shia in bahrain-absolutely , are they proportionally represented no ! Is there a need for reform certainly .



and even if i am to accept your deception again,i must ask:in democracy,is it the rule of the majority or the rule of the size of the land?
what stops the majority of people in changing their electoral law if it exists as you're claiming?

If you weren’t so blinded by your religion ,you would have read that I said –IT IS WRONG FOR THE GOVT TO CREATE VOTING DISTRICTS LIKE THAT !!! I went further to give another unfair example in Nigeria which MUST be corrected ,but the question is should we kill Hausa people like you have asked the Bahraini Shias to kill PAKISTANIS & INDIANS because we do not agree with the political situation ??


you dont need to ask the moderators.you can ask me and i will give you not my IP address but my location and name and everything you need to know about me.you can even send me yours and i will come to you.
you need to be charged because you have lied thrice.first you're denying the rights of a majority telling about north and south as if you're talking about nigeria where no clear majority is present.democracy is about numbers and not land space.and even your assertion is wrong.the government is sunni,so its natural that most of the empty land in bahrain were turned into real estates and developed by sunnis who got all the cash.that does not mean their numbers can actually occupy those areas and fill them up.and since when did bahrain become shia north and sunni south?another orchestrated plan by the tyrant and you here to deceive us with that.your second lie is accusing me of inciting people to kill.your third lie is denying the reality that something is wrong in bahrain and the majority and discriminated against and their rights stolen and pretending as if bahrainis are not already killing themselves.was i the one that told them to fight?or was i the one that adviced the king to kill protesters?
the above is the most ridiculous.bahraini men married iranian women and got bahraini citizenship.and you want to impress us with that?in the arab world when men marry foreigners the women get the citizenship of their husbands.but when arab women marry foreign men,they cannot give the citizenship to their husbands or even children from a foreign man.

you're talking as if it was the bahraini govt. that went to give iranian women to bahraini men because the govt. so loves giving iranians bahraini citizenship.

Complete & utter nonsense – everything you have asked has been answered in previous posts. I cannot continue in never ending diatribe, I’m sorry I have work to do.

No offense but you seem to be a rascal & I can’t continue exchanging words with rascals especially genocidal & religiously blinded ones.
Case dismissed !!
Islam for Muslims / Re: Shia Justice And The Sunni Predicament On The Popular Middle East Revolutions by illusion2: 6:31am On Mar 24, 2011

the population still remains 70:30 in favor of shia when you disregard the foreigners and the illegal settlers.if you add the numbers,you will get the figures the monarchy use to justify having a higher percentage of sunni representation in the bahrain parliament.they will shamelessly tell you the population is 50:50.the parliament has 40 members and only 18 are shia!

as for the exact figures,i do not have the exact statistics at the moment.but the reality remains that sectarian discrimination is present in bahrain and politically motivated naturalizations have taken place and are the pace setters.do you want to deny that?
This just conforms what I have been saying. You have absolutely no idea of what you are saying.

You just come on NL & post hearsay on NL. Confirming you have no figures to back up your claim ,just shows how obtuse your reasoning is.

The Shia : Sunni ratio has remained constant for over 30 years (if not increased in favour of Shia),the gerrymandering of voting districts by the govt is wrong , but is based on geography & not population ! We have the not so similar unfair & mind boggling system in Nigeria ,where the House of Reps members from OLD KANO STATE are more than all the House of Reps members from the entire South-South. Should we start killing hausa people. 

A review of the Bahraini map will confirm this. Shias are concentrated in mainly in the Northern Governorates,while the Southern (the largest geographically is Sunni) the others are shared,so your asking people to be killed on a false premise is based on rumours and I will ask the moderators for your IP so you can be traced and charged for inciting racial hatred & genocide in Kingdom of Bahrain.

On migration, official statistics show that more than 90% of recently naturalised(IN LAST 30 YEARS) are Shia - mainly women from Iran married to Iranian  Bahrainis.

I'll get back to you with a police charge sheet for your crimes against humanity,
Islam for Muslims / Re: Shia Justice And The Sunni Predicament On The Popular Middle East Revolutions by illusion2: 6:13am On Mar 23, 2011
Simple questions for LagosShia :

What percentage of naturalised citizens in Bahrain in the past 20 years are Shia & what percentage are Sunni ?

Why is that with the 'illegal' granting of Sunnis citizenship,the population is still approximately 70:30 in favour of Shia ?

I will appreciate your answers to this,to back up all your wild allegations.

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