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Health / Re: 5 Available Options For Your Decaying Teeth by ireneidiva(f): 5:04pm On May 09

Monitoring spirit.
You are welcome dear. English is hard, I know.
Celebrities / Re: Man's Reaction As His Fiancee Poses With Her Backside In Pre-Wedding Photos by ireneidiva(f): 8:18am On May 08

They need to work on their weight.
Some women are just bad cook. The cause of their husband poty belly.

The can fry for africa.
Women have suffered. A grown up man has pot belly and you blame his wife. Even these ones that are not yet married.
Celebrities / Re: Man's Reaction As His Fiancee Poses With Her Backside In Pre-Wedding Photos by ireneidiva(f): 6:00pm On May 07
Please stop posting this on nairaland or I'll leave this platform for good. It's not useful to people don't know them.
Who cares if you leave this platform?

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Family / Re: Why Some Women Become Bitter After A Failed Marriage by ireneidiva(f): 6:43am On May 07
My title says it all but I still need your contribution. Looking at the recent celebrity story about a failed marriage I have decided to take a thought about failed marriages.
Before we go further I am a woman and have been Married for 7 years. I think I know little about marriage.
Firstly, speaking as an experienced person in marriage counseling (I head a big school where 30 Percent of my parents are either divorced or separated) each time I have issues with a child (moral or academic default) I invite the parent mostly mom. At the end of the day we find ourselves discussing the father. Blames upon blames on how irresponsible the father is or how the child is taking after the father. I end up asking the mom if she knows she couldn't raise the kids without the father why did she divorce him
Note: most times it's the woman that was at fault i.e.lack of patience
I have a friend too who is separated from the husband to the extent that she has refused to tell the man she put to bed till date. When she was about to put to bed she called that I follow her but I told her I couldn't because it wasn't my duty. Then she started ranting about how the man has been useless and all that. I later volunteer my sister. After the birth it was a normal birth I called my sister to come home. She said she wanted to bury the placenta that there was no one to do it. Then I asked her to return it and tell the lady to call her husband who lives just 50# can from the hospital. In summary she didn't take the placenta from the hospital. She asked a nurse to bury it and didn't bother to know if she did or not. Then I told her it was dangerous. She went back to her to her usual story of 'he is not a serious man'
Just to make peace reign I called the man to find out only to find out that my friend was a cheat, the man found out and she opted for divorce. He is not ready for it but my friend asked him to leave ( they lived in a rented apartment)
Same as been the story of most of my divorce parents, they cheated.
When the marriage failed they find it hard to forgive themselves and they resort to ranting.
Women who weren't cheating or weren't at fault are usually calm after the divorce because they know they did their best.
To avoid becoming a sadist.....be transparent in marriage
My opinion tho .....( Don't mind my typo and writing)

If you head a school, you should be more conscious of your written English and typographical errors. Take time to edit your writeup instead of asking us not to mind it. If you can't, I wonder what you teach those kids.


Romance / Re: Braless Lady Blasted For Dancing With Her Chest by ireneidiva(f): 7:05am On May 03
MEN should always endeavor to treat LADIES the way they present themselves.

As for this type, treat her RAW like a THRASH and watch her cherish you
Health / Re: 5 Available Options For Your Decaying Teeth by ireneidiva(f): 1:44pm On May 02

Hell is an understatement, had my extraction on Wednesday and after the anesthetic wears out damn it was like my vains were being cut off, it was that painful.
Education / Re: Difference Between "AM" And "I'M" by ireneidiva(f): 6:56am On Apr 30
Too many make this error , initially I thought pple were doing it as abbrevatn while typing bt I'v come to realise that as not the case, is it the foundation teachers or who is to be blamed. It's common among those born in d late 90s and after
Your write up is even worse.
Health / Re: 5 Available Options For Your Decaying Teeth by ireneidiva(f): 3:19pm On Apr 29
Am going with a friend to remove a teeth

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Celebrities / Re: Singer Teni Replies Follower Who Said She’s Too Fat by ireneidiva(f): 4:57am On Apr 22
that was actually a smart reply in all fairness.
Really? If that is smart, I worry for your level of intelligence.
Celebrities / Re: Singer Teni Replies Follower Who Said She’s Too Fat by ireneidiva(f): 2:02pm On Apr 21

Who took the right away from us ?
Dumb reply. Stop body shaming. You don't know her story.
Celebrities / Re: Singer Teni Replies Follower Who Said She’s Too Fat by ireneidiva(f): 1:59pm On Apr 21
Honestly, if she’s short, flat chested or has no butts, it ain’t her fault. But it’s her fault that she’s fat. Fat is something than can be controlled. If you fail to control it and people come for you, you have yourself to blame.
Who gave you and 'people' the right to tell someone how to look?
Family / Re: My Husband And I - The Small Small Issues by ireneidiva(f): 12:12pm On Apr 16
I actually told him I'll create a thread and he agreed because we need other people's view on an issue or even issues.

We have some small small issues that causes arguement regularly. I will describe my daily routine and his.

Me: I am a mother of two active kids (twins), I only have someone who assist me for two hours. Her duties are to; sweep, mop, wash dishes, and clean the house, she doesn't bath the kids becuase I do not want accident. She doesnt cook or go to market for me. She lives my place from 10am; immediately she's done with cleaning she lives.

I'm a freelancer, so I work from home. I have long term clients I work for so am as good as fully employed. Infact, I currently have two jobs, one is full time ie 40 hours a week, and the other is partime but still a daily work. Because of the work load, I had to get someone to assist after training her to do the job. She work for about 4 hours daily while I resolved bigger issues she can't for 4 hours. Atimes she is out pf power and I do the work all day. (She work from her home in a different state).

After getting my kids ready for school, I immediately sit to start work and I work till they return from school, I take like 30mins break to attend to them (food, UnCloth and dress them up), don't forget this time my help has gone. Once am done, zoom to work. I close atimes, 5pm, if it's a morning duty I finish 2:30pm and the other job I do it randomly till 8pm. Between these work hours, I will cook, wash, sweep again (with the presence of kids one must sweep always - personally, I hate seeing my house look untidy or see crumbs of food on the floor, lil ones will always eat and scatter stuffs)

Hubby: He goes to work from past 7am and return 9pm or 10pm. He goes to work weekends atimes and most times he is fully around weekends.

The issues:

The doesnt assist in any way at home. If I ask for help, he will shout at me and ask where is my help? He even said the girl should be leaving 10pm, she is married and assist her mother in law in the market.

2. We have a washing machine, my husband doesnt know how to operate it, I have taught him several times, I wash his cloths before getting the machine, when I newly got it, I load it with his clothes without issues, cos I don't have kids then. Now, I have kids, I wash daily. All I ask him to do is to load the machine with his clothes, he said loading it is not a task and that I should always do it. I have two laundry baskets, you can never find his dirty clothes in them! He hangs them. I always remove from hangers whenever I want to wash, i have complained alot of times but na lie.

He is not grateful for helping him wash his clothes, all he will say is it's not a task and that he sees me as a jobless woman, that he goes to work and I should wash and iron his clothes. If it's no task, why can't he do it himself? Am complaining because, I hadly sleep due to work, am stressed, do your own laundry yourself! He believes am at home so I have all the time to do his laundry, but no, I work too. Weekends, he spend his time with either his phone, or with the estate people. Why cant he use this time to do his laundry? I work weekends and he sees the way I take my laptop go kitchen atimes. He sees the way I lock myself in the room to attend to tasks. It doesnt mean the kids or him will stay hungry! I balance my home by all means.

3:Any dirty cloth not hanged is left in the living room. Infact, 99.9% are left in the leaving until I complain about it. I pick them up most times.

4. No matter how much there is heat, he will never take his bath at night. Weekends is worst, he can remain smelling till monday morning.

5. He is abusive, I grow up in an abusive home, it doesn't mean I still love abuse. I still haven't gotten use to abuse. Listen, my husband has told me before that my certificate is useless (i started work before marriage, well as a contract staff not earning well then but it was still over 100k), fine not where I wanted to be but I shouldn't get that from him. Your father wasted money on you, you can't be part of a board meeting, you are a mat, you will be laid, when i used to work in an office on shift, he hate seeing me at home relaxing while he go to work and return, I will hear the unmentionable that day.

It got to a point I told him, look if am at home on week days, see it as my weekend cos you are at home during the weekends and I go to work.

He doesnt believe me, he believes what outsiders say, I dont lie to him and never had trust issue with him so I see no reason why he wont believe me. This one really is not my pain cos I see it's a background thing.

What what what more can I say? 'I married you to work for me so you must work', I hear strange things from him and I am baffled if this is how men talk rudely and discouteously to their wives. During kids exams last term, I was so busy and asked he help revise with the kids, he said never what is the work of the teachers? He believes kids in private schools shouldnt read or have extra classes or have their parent revise/teach them at home because he pays much fees and should automatically pass to the next class no matter the grade. This made us argued like street spouses. His school of thought is awkward, we don't agree in so many ways. He doesnt stay in one church, he likes being a first timer every sunday. Now we have kids!!!!!, how can we move from church to church every sunday? Alot of issues, am tired!!!!

Ask of I don't talk back at him? Yes, when I discovered he is the abusive type, I don't spare him again, I madly shout back and return his insults most of the time now. We have just fought again, my baby is having cold, and while am trying to apply first aid he started shouting at me, meanwhile when I brought her in he was pretenting to be sleeping. That a child is down is stress for the mother, why adding shout?

Atimes i sit and weep, if I remember the pain of the past and his wahala, if not that I am a total believer in God, I would have lost it. I did my msc in finance and all I got daily from him was ' you went to read finance because your friend so so did msc finance' , it was until I told him with proof that the friend never did msc in finance he stopped.

He always believe he is right, you are the fool.

The only good thing that has kept us is forgiveness and he apologize always, I forgive him whenever he apologize, but the next minute, he will do and say the worst.

No insults, please matured adults, married and experienced adults, kindly advise us. We have no one we can relate this issues with in our families. We do not want family interference. He will be reading your comments so please no insults.

You didn't marry your best friend. Find a way around it. Do the one you can do and leave the one you cant.


Celebrities / Re: E-money Received His Doctorate Degree From The European-american University by ireneidiva(f): 9:25pm On Apr 13
Oga check the past tense
You were suppose to write in the present tense.
Celebrities / Re: E-money Received His Doctorate Degree From The European-american University by ireneidiva(f): 9:43pm On Apr 11
where is the university located in Nigeria,?
the school will still come out and debunked it again,and this time,they might sued him if its false,where is the university located inside uni lag or they send the certificate for him from Europe
Debunk, sue. Don't kill English please.
Family / Re: My 18-Year-Old Maid And Her Boyfriends by ireneidiva(f): 5:29am On Apr 08
I did. I shouldn't have but I did.
Family / Re: My 18-Year-Old Maid And Her Boyfriends by ireneidiva(f): 9:18am On Apr 06

Idiot did she say she floged her?
Kindly read the story again.
Family / Re: My 18-Year-Old Maid And Her Boyfriends by ireneidiva(f): 9:17am On Apr 06

Who told u beating someone with love is an act of wickedness. Even your own children need beating once in a while .
Discipline her with other ways. You don't flog someone's child.
Family / Re: My 18-Year-Old Maid And Her Boyfriends by ireneidiva(f): 9:16am On Apr 06

Emmmm, injure her and get a pat on the back?
Family / Re: My 18-Year-Old Maid And Her Boyfriends by ireneidiva(f): 1:40am On Apr 06
. Even my biological child, I flog. She doesn't see herself as an outsider and we have such a good relationship. If we didn't, she wouldn't have stayed 6 years and refusing to go. Mind you, she travels home.once in a while and comes back on her own accord. She understands the reason why she is being flogged and this morning, I sat her down and was talking to her again even though I was tired of talking.
Once again, do not flog anybody's child. You can even strangle your child if you want. If she is too much to handle, send her back.
Family / Re: My 18-Year-Old Maid And Her Boyfriends by ireneidiva(f): 6:47am On Apr 05
okay. Been doing that. This evening hubby came back late and sent her and Hubby's nephew staying with us to buy something. She branched to her friend's place and when Hubby's nephew was telling her that they should hurry back, she was reluctant and he just came home my himself. The effrontery!
Stop flogging someone's child. If you can no longer handle her, send her back to her parents. Beating her is just wicked. Injure her and it becomes a police case.

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Romance / Re: I Unknowingly Infected My Girlfriend With Gonorrhea. Advice needed by ireneidiva(f): 4:22am On Mar 20
Baby has accepted the proposal too smiley
Relieved... Just pray it ends here, and well. I'll never CHEAT again. An eye opener.
Thanks all
This is petty and inhumane. Don't take dirty advice. Come out plain and tell her everything. The truth hurts but so do lies. If she ends the relationship, move on and learn the lesson.

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Family / Re: At What Age Should A Child Leave His/Her Parents And Start An Independent Life? by ireneidiva(f): 4:51am On Mar 17
All these leaving home stories & tales should not be a template to gauge success. Some left early & it paid while the majority ended like the proverbial prodigal son. Other than job location, an unmarried young lady should continue living with parents or family house. Some young girls here in the GRA pays yearly rent of 500k when they have no meaningful job other than selling their ToTo & these are the kind of people you want to imitate right? For the boys it is freedom to fornicate & engage in ill gotten money online. This is what I know & I got them plenty here in my neighborhood.
I currently have a 22 to 24 year old girl living alone but she comes home from 10pm everyday in the guise of a hair stylist / apprentice but okpo work & different boyfriends is the source of her house rent. People are too ashamed now living with parents in Benin/C & funny enough many houses will be empty & start to rot once parents dies.
Some folks I know have two houses but still living in father's house because father is dead & nobody care about maintenance. Everybody don dey their own. The vanity of life..
You need to change your neighbourhood. Where I live, the girls that live alone are not prostitutes.
Celebrities / Re: 'I Will Not Cook': Princes Shyngle Blasts Boyfriend After Buying A Car For Her by ireneidiva(f): 6:08am On Mar 09
This one never ready to settle down

Make una leave am alone

By the time she will be ready, she might end up dating herself
So where you come from. the requirement for marriage is cooking for a mans friend whenever he calls you? Madam, desperation is a bad thing.
Health / Re: Baby Born With Four Legs In Bauchi State (Photos) by ireneidiva(f): 11:25am On Mar 04

If you weren't so blind you would have Seen the question mark at the end of my statement. Please don't mention me again Biko.. Go and find work
Labour can be induced and babies can be operated on.. So when you have gotten your medical license come back and tag me
Auntie, use your brain. What is the point of inducing labour? To operate on the baby and return it back to the womb? Why not just wait for the labour and operate when the baby is born? Can you even see how dumb your own point of view is? No need to reply me and sound more silly. Professor.
Health / Re: Baby Born With Four Legs In Bauchi State (Photos) by ireneidiva(f): 5:32am On Mar 04

Professional conclusion jumper..
I never mentioned abortion..
Doctors could have induced labour and operated
And if that wasn't possible. She could have still been better prepared knowing what to avoid and what to take during pregnancy either way it still boils down to lack of education
There is nothing she could have done. She could one only wait and do surgery after they are born. That is the only preparation. And finally, you do not actually know if she did a scan. So stop talking about lack of education here.
Health / Re: Baby Born With Four Legs In Bauchi State (Photos) by ireneidiva(f): 5:35am On Mar 03
Lack of education.. She didn't do a scan before now?
Professor, if she had done a scan, was she supposed to abort it?
Celebrities / Re: Neither Sex Nor Money - Nadia Buari Reveals What Can Keep A Man by ireneidiva(f): 5:24am On Mar 03
Good character/attitude will keep him. Whatever might keep Man A will not keep Man B. Find your jam.
You've not seen women with good character get cheated on? My dear a man can only stay if he wants to stay.
Events / Re: Bride Warns Her Friend Not To Outshine Her: "Don't Dance More Than Me" by ireneidiva(f): 10:11am On Feb 25

Do you know, whether the girl want to use dance and find her own husband, But the bride just kill her moral
Your grammar is terrible. Please, work on it.
Family / Re: "I Can't Suck Catarrh Out Of My Child's Nose". Lady Gets Epic Reply by ireneidiva(f): 6:49am On Feb 23

Are you minding all these ones?

Using mouth to suck on your babies nose is now a show of motherhood? Primitive bunch!
Very disgusting thing.

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Family / Re: Backing Baby Vs Baby Carrier by ireneidiva(f): 7:43am On Feb 22

All your responses shows you’re a rude lady..
no one is forcing their opinion on you, be civilized enough to know what words to use in replying people. I repeat, you sound like a troublesome woman. Na your type dey follow nurses and doctors fight.
Family / Re: Backing Baby Vs Baby Carrier by ireneidiva(f): 7:42am On Feb 22

My sister it's not about old way. It's about what's best for the child. Nobody should make a woman who backs her child to be shamed. I know how I feel when my mum tells me she backed me. It humbles me even it now. Don't wonder too much why some kids these days don't have have that telepathic connection with their parents. It's because of things like this which people commonize. But in the real sense, they matter.
My conclusion is that if you want to use carrier, go ahead but do not shame those who back their babies.
If you back your baby, you are more of a mother than those who don't! You can take that to the bank!
Nobody is shaming anybody.
Family / Re: Backing Baby Vs Baby Carrier by ireneidiva(f): 3:53am On Feb 22

My sister, it's not about law or bashing. It's about perception. I respect your opinion so please respect mine. You can take it or leave it. My advice is that we should be careful what modern ideas we imbibe so easily because they look stylish or trendy. Take a moment to reflect. Be observant before deciding. I will always advice women close to me to back their babies even if they are the only ones doing it. Do what works for you my sister. Peace!
Yes.I also believe we should drop the old ways when better ones come out. You can monitor your baby more in front. I cant see why you would advice women to carry thier babies at the back for no useful reason asides the fact that it is the old way. So like you said, leave people to do what suits them.

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