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Politics / Re: St Paul's College President Denies Speaking To SaharaReporters by Italiano1: 11:17pm On Jan 09, 2014
[quote author=manny4life]

1. Where did the information emanate from? Very good question. This is why I said "where is SSS when you need them"? These are causes for serious investigation, breach of information and poor internal control. No one knows where it came from but what I do know webmasters are responsible for adding, removing and updating information on websites. Having a forensic audit on their computers will give us an idea who did what. I mean there are logs of edits, this should answer our questions.

This a classic example of obfuscation my friend!! Webmasters or whatever you call them can only input details that they have been provided with! The bolded above is just laughable to be frank, what do you mean by breach of information and poor internal control in relation to this issue? Who breached what? What internal control was comprised? Please do not waffle here and think you are making a point.

2. How can you say that's her page? If there's anything I know, I know wiki is editable by you and I, anyone can write anything. Wiki doesn't create personal pages for anyone, but anyone can create a page to write about someone. Nothing has tied her to that page. I'm sure if we look further into who, when and how that page was created, anything is possible with SR.

You obviously lack attention to detail.

In addition to Wikipedia, I mentioned her personal website- http://www.stellaoduah.com/

and also her portal on the Ministry of Aviation- http://aviation.gov.ng/index.php/component/content/article?layout=edit&id=145

These two websites have edited her MBA/Masters degree from the University where she supposedly gained her qualification from. This occurred after the reportage from Sahara. Do they all have the same webmasters?

Her CV indicates that she has a honorary PhD, where did she get that from? Premium Times has alluded to the fact this could be another bogus claim from Dr. Princess Oduah.

3. Are you serious about the Obama scandal? I'm seriously thinking that you're joking at this point. Up till last month when the polled Republicans, 33% still believe that Obama wasn't born in the U.S., so if his place of birth wasn't contentious, why then did they go all extreme to see his birth records? Whether some elements championed a conspiracy theory or not, the common denominator is that Obama's birth record was questioned. He willingly "not through court orders" gave it up.

This is another indication that you are not only sloppy but you might also have an inability to comprehend and analyze simple information,

This is what you said:

Heck the Republicans in the U.S. did it when they asked for Obama's birth records and complete biographic information. Didn't they see his bio on Whitehouse.gov

I admonished you to cease the misinformation you are disseminating on the thread! The Republican party as an organization has never questioned the authenticity of Obama's country of birth. I further explained that the conspiratorial allegations was made by "right wing" commentators and 'elements' of the GOP.

It does matter to understand the folks making the allegation my friend. Anyone in the USA (and in most developed countries) has the liberty to question the validity of documentary evidence presented to them. However, your disingenuous attempt to insinuate that it was done by the Republican party is uncalled for and indeed belittles your argument.

4. Whether elected or appointed, doesn't that support the theory that she's not answerable to Nigerians as much as an elected "by the people" are? Therefore you would agree with me sloppy or not, she's responsible to the President "HER BOSS" and not the people, she's at will not to release her information to the public. Also, if at all, the people who voted the SENATE should do their jobs, investigate and release their findings. . Let the people hold their elected reps, senators and president responsible, so far, according to the senate, it doesn't look like she lied to them about her CV. Nonetheless, I'd like for more investigation to be carried out.

The Nigerian Nation did not elect Dr Princess Oduah! She was appointed to her position. There is an allegation that she has falsified her educational qualifications, her duty is to provide evidence to disabuse that "theory".

Her first point of call should be the President's office that appointed her, and communications in that effect should have been made public.

One of the two has been carried out, reason why the Senate acknowledged though they are in recess, but they had time to minimize the escalation by releasing her CV submitted. I'm hopeful that GEJ and DOJ will look into this more. There's certainly more to this, and I will be glad to see how things unfold.

Sorry, I am not following! Where and how did the Senate release her submitted CV? Can you kindly share this official release with us? Is it on their website or was it a press release? I am only asking because you have said that "One of the two has been carried out"


Politics / Re: St Paul's College President Denies Speaking To SaharaReporters by Italiano1: 9:47pm On Jan 09, 2014

This dude is seriously DELUDED... Must an authenticated/authoritative resource be on the "website"? This dude has gone bonkers... Like seriously

I told you, websites are informational purpose ONLY, there's no authoritative website out there with competent and reliable information. If you're interested anyhow, write in and ask for it. Yet, your pay masters can subpoena for it. Heck the Republicans in the U.S. did it when they asked for Obama's birth records and complete biographic information. Didn't they see his bio on Whitehouse.gov? Yet, they hired attorneys to ask the court to compel Obama to do so. So again, if you feel aggrieved, yet if feel otherwise, DO THE NEEDFUL.

No!!! Manny what you are doing is disingenuous.

1. While I agree that the profile of individuals on websites are basically for informational and expository purposes, the key question is where the information emanated from?

2. The claim that she graduated with a MBA/ Masters degree was not only printed on her Wikipedia page but also on her own personal website and her portal on the Ministry of Aviation website.

3. Please can you refrain from deliberately misinforming posters about the example of Obama's case; the Republican party as an institution never questioned the authenticity of Obama's place of birth. The conspiracy theory was championed by right wing political commentators and few elements from the Republican party- there is a massive difference!!

4. Using the illustration of the Obama case is not only sloppy but it is like comparing apples and oranges! Obama was democratically elected by the American electorate while Dr. Princess Oduah was appointed to oversee a Ministerial organ of government. If she has misrepresented her educational qualifications, there are 2 options:

a] She should be at least honorable enough to acknowledge the distortion and in the case that the allegations are untrue, she should provide the evidence she indeed has a Masters degree as claimed.

b] The office of the Presidency should further investigate the issues surrounding the allegations and take the necessary actions depending on the conclusions.

In a sane society, those 2 would have been completed by now.


Politics / Re: NEW: St Paul's College Confirms Stella Oduah Earned Bachelors Degree,But Not MBA by Italiano1: 9:08pm On Jan 09, 2014
Everything in Nigeria is handled unprofessionally, no wonder we are yet to achieve our potential as a nation. In a sane clime, when an allegation of this magnitude is made against a public official, it becomes imperative that the accused comes forward to provide explanations regardless of the source. So far, we have not heard anything from the office of Stella Oduah apart from a press release that they would not be commenting on the issue.

This is not only an affront to the sensibilities of Nigerians but it goes to show the level of moral decadence that has enveloped the nation, especially when you consider that some illiterates on this forum are still justifying what is an obvious case of falsification of educational qualifications.


Politics / Re: St Paul's College President Denies Speaking To SaharaReporters by Italiano1: 9:06pm On Jan 09, 2014
rudedough: We need to find agbameta's vulcanizing workshop in Lagos, grab him and make him study Stella Oduah's CV thoroughly... After which we will set an exam he must write and pass to ascertain that he understands the content of the honourable minister's CV.

We need to start the education revolution in Nigeria, and it won't be a bad idea if we start with the known thugs and public nuisance.

Can you stop making noise my friend!

Before you remove the speck in your brother's eye, please ensure you dislodge the log in yours. You are not particularly bright yourself, in fact your posts have been overwhelmingly incoherent and pathetically turgid.

For a man that claims to have graduated from Nottingham and does not know the difference undergraduate and graduate studies, you should keep shut and stop your rhetorical frippery.

@ topic

Everything in Nigeria is handled unprofessionally, no wonder we are yet to achieve our potential as a nation. In a sane clime, when an allegation of this magnitude is made against a public official, it becomes imperative that the accused comes forward to provide explanations regardless of the source. So far, we have not heard anything from the office of Stella Oduah apart from a press release that they would not be commenting on the issue.

This is not only an affront to the sensibilities of Nigerians but it goes to show the level of moral decadence that has enveloped the nation, especially when you consider that some illiterates on this forum are still justifying what is an obvious case of falsification of educational qualifications.


Politics / Re: My Advice To Stella Oduah And Her Aides by Italiano1: 9:41am On Jan 08, 2014
Sincere 9gerian:

The minister of aviation, Stella Oduah, has come under attack once again. Few weeks ago, the controversy was about the purchase of 2 armoured vehicles. When it seems the minister has emerged from that controversy unscathed, a new controversy is brewing. This time the allegation is that she lied about her educational qualification.

Let me state clearly that if (A VERY BIG IF) indeed Stella Oduah lied about acquiring MBA degree in the US, then she has disappointed me personally. I must also add that she acted stupiidly. The earlier this society places less emphasis on paper qualifications and more emphasis on peoples abilities/skills, the better for our country.

However, my advice to Stella Oduah and her aides in the face of the latest controversies is to activate the IGNORE button.

It must be stated that most of those asking for the head of Stella Oduah in the last few months are not doing so for the love of country or because they'r interested interested in good governance, progress and development. It is all politics, politics, politics and more politics. Nothing more.

For me, and I think for most Nigerians, politics takes the back seat. All we want now is PROGRESS, GOOD GOVERNANCE AND DEVELOPMENT. These are the things most Nigerians demand of Stella Oduah and others in govt, and not MBA degree or professorship.

In this regard, Stella Oduah, as minister of aviation, has shown in the last few years, that she can deliver where others have failed. She has shown herself to be focused and hardworking. The various projects going on in the aviation sector at the moment shows that there is JUDICIOUS use of resources in that sector.

Yes if this controversy had happened in advanced countries and if it is proven to be true, Stella Oduah would have to resign. But Nigeria is not an advanced country. If we apply the standard of those advanced countries across board, then all the leading politicians in Nigeria today should be rotting in JAIL FOR LIFE. In the same vein, for goodness sake, should a person or group of people who overthrew a democratically elected govt 3 decades ago still be relevant politically today in any sane or advanced country? I dont think so. But here we are, a Buhari is still parading himself as one of the leaders of APC and a potential presidential candidate, and he is being cheered on by his supporters.

So bottomline, I think I and many Nigerians are justified in holding on TENACIOUSLY to one-eyed politicians/political leaders in a country of very blind politicians. More so when those trying to push out these one-eyed politicians/political leaders are doing so for political reasons.

So in conclusion, I advise Stella Oduah and her aides to keep mute on this latest onslaught. Any response to the allegations will further exacerbate the controversy because if she starts responding, then she should expect more questions. She should learn from how the CBN governor, Sanusi, managed the scandal concerning him and his mistress. Stella Oduah should stay focused, keep her eyes on the ball and sustain the very good works she is already doing in the aviation sector.

You should be ashamed of yourself!

What you have written is a true reflection of your personality and philosophy in life; you are comfortable with dishonesty and criminality. What a pathetic post! Instead of you to advocate for the rule of law to take its course, you are pathetically justifying a potential act of criminality. Like I have always said to you, you are an exemplification of the problems facing the Nigerian Nation.

What manner of man would say that because Nigeria is not an "advanced nation" , then it is permissible for openly corrupt politicians to continue in their role even when they are caught red handed. What sort of values are you inculcating in your children? Your post is another way of saying to them that it is OK to cheat your way through life and when you get caught-make up excuses and justify them.

You are getting yourself deeper in mud and you are destroying what is left of your tarnished image on Nairaland. What a shame!!

Sincere 9gerian:
Those without sin should cast the first stone.
In country of blind political leaders, we cannot afford to keep forcing the one-eyed ones out of govt. Let the one-eyed ones stay put until those with both eyes intact are able to penetrate the system.
And tribalism has no place here because if someone like Akinwumi Adeshina was the person involved, I wouldn't mind joining the protest urging him to stay put.
#Stella Oduah stays

Please can you stop this nonsense!! Of course, we all know the main reason why you are supporting Madam Oduah.

Do not put Akinwunmi in the same sentence as illiterates! Dr Akinwunmi's PhD thesis is widely available online as well as his publications and research papers.


Politics / Re: Stella Oduah Lied About Her MBA Degree - Sahara Reporters by Italiano1: 9:15am On Jan 08, 2014

You need to start using this detective work to expose some of this multiple and fake Id members on here.

Kudos sha.

You mean Chima Agbalajob aka Chima Adeoye aka Chima12? You dont know her? She is one of the most fraudulent posters on here, she was bursted a few months ago

How come we have not got a reply to this:

Chima_Adeoye: I loved a Yoruba man and even married him against protests from my parents! Really big mistake!
Not because my man didn't love me, but it was practically impossible for his Yoruba family and community to accept his Igbo wife. For the sake of the sufferings and humiliations our marriage caused my hubby, I wouldn't advise my worst enemy to attempt it.

ok, can you match your post with this other one:


suffice to say that I'm originally from Ekiti,and married to an Anambra man from Ichi town, Ekwusigo LGA to be precise grin grin grin.


Chima Adeole:

1. Are you Yoruba?

2. Are you Igbo?

3. Are you half Igbo?

You are a fraud and you have no moral right to discuss anything to do with acts of criminality.


Politics / Re: Stella Oduah Lied About Her MBA Degree - Sahara Reporters by Italiano1: 1:26am On Jan 08, 2014
brushesz: I'm sure she's not the only one at the top with a fake MSc or PhD degree. What stopped the senate from verifying her credentials?

She's made her millions if not billions already jare!

But she has possibly lost every iota of respect!

It can never be the same.

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Politics / Re: My Take On The Attack Of Gov Kwankwanso's Father by Italiano1: 1:21am On Jan 08, 2014
The present administration is becoming desperate and out for blood!

Nigerians must resolutely reject this violent approach by the blood thirsty government who has no plan for the development of the country.


Politics / Re: Stella Oduah Lied About Her MBA Degree - Sahara Reporters by Italiano1: 12:35am On Jan 08, 2014
pazienza: scenario1: GEJ sacks stella! This scenario will be a perfect scenario for the yoriibas, as stella would nolonger trouble them and even if stella gets replaced with another Igbo person by GEJ, that new Igbo person having seen the ordeal stella went through for stepping on yoriba interest in the ministry, will not be keen to repeat such, he would succumb to yorriba's pressure easily, if only to save he/herself and continue feeding fat on the country, without challenging yorubas. This is a perfect scenario for yoriibas as they would have made an example of stella.

Scenario2: GEJ calls off their bluff and retains stella, they would still win, as they would have deceived gullible Nigerians that Stella is corrupt, and that GEJ is even more corrupt for retaining her, they will use it againdt GEJ come 2015. It's a win-win situation for them.

But if i were to be in GEJ's shoe, i will retain Odua for strategic reasons, the benefit of retaining her outweights that of sacking her. GEJ stands for equity and justice, he should not waiver.


Scenario 3: The rule of law is observed and an investigation set up to establish the facts! The outcome will then determine the actions to be taken, if Stella Oduah intentionally falsified her Masters degree or any other qualification then she should be used as an example and disgraced out of office with ignominy! If not? Sahara Reporters would loose face and most people will not take them seriously anymore.

Those 2 scenarios you have highlighted in your post shows lack of decency and morality! You need to think before you post in future.

Thank you!


Politics / Re: My Stand On Who APC Should Field For The Presidency/VP - Femi Fani-kayode by Italiano1: 12:11am On Jan 07, 2014
patriotic007: APC will be extremely lucky to get a runoff,....you guys under estimate the power of incubency,....Not just an incubent but an incubent that has a large fan base and has an assurance of block votes from 3 geopolitical zones(MB,SE,SS) out of 6 in the country,....keep dreaming,....then wake up later to say elections where rigged

The power of incumbency is without a doubt important, however, I think that word is being used very loosely on NL- or more appropriately it is being misrepresented.

The incumbent party- PDP is in disarray! It has lost control of the lower house and there are signs that it will be the same for the Senate very soon. It has less governors than APC- that is tellingly significant

This is a new territory in Nigerian Politics!


Politics / Re: My Stand On Who APC Should Field For The Presidency/VP - Femi Fani-kayode by Italiano1: 10:30pm On Jan 06, 2014
emiye: Buhari / Fashola , if APC needs to avoid a muslim-muslim situation, then Buhari / Pat utomi.

I love Pat Utomi but such an arrangement can only work if he is given a defined responsibility. There is a difference between Politics and Economics, especially in Nigeria.

Utomi is a good economist but does he have the aptitude for dirty politics in Nigeria? I dont think so.


Politics / Re: My Stand On Who APC Should Field For The Presidency/VP - Femi Fani-kayode by Italiano1: 10:25pm On Jan 06, 2014
Like I said, the Middle-Belt will be the battle ground zone. Don't forget that it's not just a majority of votes that is needed to win, a party also has to score 25% in at least 24 states.If the APC candidate only scores 25% or more in the 19 states that make up the NW, NE and SW, and gets less than 25 in the other states and the FCT, there will be a run-off election.

At the run-off election, only a simple majority of the votes is required to win, according to Section 143 of the 1999 constitution (as amended). So I guess, I meant to say that there might be a runoff election.

All you have said is largely academic, however elements of it make sense.

If the elections result in a run-off, then it looks like APC will win - barring any major electoral fraud.

Having said that, given the appetite for change within the vast majority of the polity, I envisage a shift from a PDP run government.


Politics / Re: Kwankwaso Vs Tambuwal by Italiano1: 10:09pm On Jan 06, 2014
cashkid18: Gej till naija divides,anybody who does nt lik it shud relocate to somali cool cool

Coming from an illiterate like you who cannot spell correctly to save his life.

Go and concentrate on your Biafra dream and let Nigerians discuss their future!


Politics / Re: My Stand On Who APC Should Field For The Presidency/VP - Femi Fani-kayode by Italiano1: 9:20pm On Jan 06, 2014
ogologodimkpa: He can't fight corruption because he is Corruption Personified. grin

Please can you explain why Alamaisegha is a free man today?


Politics / Re: My Stand On Who APC Should Field For The Presidency/VP - Femi Fani-kayode by Italiano1: 9:18pm On Jan 06, 2014
CFCfan: If the APC presents a NW/SW ticket, these are the possible results:
* the APC would sweep the entire SW and North-west and North-east.

* the party would not get up to 25% of the valid votes in the entire SE and SW (except in Edo and Rivers).

*The PDP, with Jonathan as their candidate, will sweep the SE and SS. PDP is good enough to garner 25% of the votes in each of the SW states, but will garner less than 25% of the vote in the NW and NE.

This scenario leaves the North-central as the battle ground zone for next year's election. I reckon that the APC can get more than 30% of the vote in each of the NC states. That would mean that the APC candidate would effectively be the President-elect; having gained a majority of the votes, and 25% in at least 24 states.

Jonathan will only win if PDP garners about 80% of the votes in each of the NC states.

Either way, the 2015 election is poised to be the closest Presidential contest since 1979.

I am struggling to see how close the contest will be based on your permutations; especially considering the population of the regions you have allocated to each party.

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Politics / Re: My Stand On Who APC Should Field For The Presidency/VP - Femi Fani-kayode by Italiano1: 7:28pm On Jan 06, 2014
nku5: Only in the Nigerian cesspit of today can a deranged drug addict on trial for billion naira corruption be applauded for ethnic jingoism.

I sure as hell do not want to be part of a country where the likes of that rodent called ffk has a voice. National conference don dey reach let everybody answer his papa's name

Quit the ad hominem attacks! Why don't you critique the contents of his submission rather than the name calling! This is becoming a common theme among PDP PPP agents on NL.

@ Topic

FFK is making a lot of sense here but I think there is still case for a Presidential or VP candidate from the SS .

Additionally, APC also has to take into cognizance the concerns of some Nigerians on the religious composition of the presidential and VP candidates.

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Politics / Re: The Truth About 'Lagos' Sunburn Yacht Hotel by Italiano1: 3:37pm On Jan 05, 2014
Am I surprised?

Not really!

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Politics / Re: 2015: Gej Should Drop Sambo For Chime by Italiano1: 3:24pm On Jan 05, 2014
KIRIJI: what you are saying is the truth o. Okay what can i give you? I promise you 7 rounds of bianca ojukwu Totocheesy

Insult upon injury!

Do you want me to be enjoying the property of our Great warrior Gburugburu Ojukwu. Dont you have respect? Do you think i am that small boy FFK that doesnt know how to respect his elders?

These Yoruba men and their love of toto. Mstewww. Do you think toto is everything?


Politics / Re: 2015: Gej Should Drop Sambo For Chime by Italiano1: 3:07pm On Jan 05, 2014
KIRIJI: keep quiet. You are an EFULEFU, we are not the japan of africa we are the japan of the whole world. Infact we are the ones that created the heavens and the earth. We are industrious


Meshuni Gi there! Who are you? We are both the Japan of Africa and also the Jews of Africa, one is commercially motivated and the other is our birthright and the foundation of our culture and history! So when we introduce ourselves to the world, we say- We are the Jews of Africa!. Enwe

Look at this small boy- I am suspecting this is Ngige's account on Nairaland! Awolowo boy!

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Politics / Re: 2015: Gej Should Drop Sambo For Chime by Italiano1: 2:59pm On Jan 05, 2014

What a useless question!!

let us forget that he gave amnesty to our hero Alaimesegha, or that our beautiful damsel Stella was accused of buying two cars twice the market price to protect herself from disgruntled elements- GEJ is performing wonderfully well!

Also forget that useless Mallam called sanusi who brought the vile corruption at NNPC to our notice, or the magnificent hotel Mama Piss is constructing in bayelsa.

GEJ is the best president Nigeria has ever had. He is a very honest man, he will declare his assets when he wants to not when Nigerians ask. He is the Mandela of our time!


Politics / Re: 2015: Gej Should Drop Sambo For Chime by Italiano1: 2:52pm On Jan 05, 2014
KIRIJI: stop lieing. Gej has finished building the 2nd Niger bridge, he has also built the 3rd Niger bridge which was built by we the IGBOS, we are industrious, we are the japan of africa cheesycheesy

Point of correction- Jews of Africa.

Please Nnwanem, dont make that mistake next time for your own safety!


Politics / Re: 2015: Gej Should Drop Sambo For Chime by Italiano1: 2:48pm On Jan 05, 2014
Mightymanna: i dont understand you do you mean thesame way that man deal with you guys in 1966?i dont want mention the name becouse i dont want you to shit in your pant anyway i will spell it for you G.O.W.ON

Why are you maliciously distorting history? Like Arthur Eze succinctly pointed out, it was Awolowo the child killer that caused it all , aided by his fellow wicked men Adekunle, Akinrinade and others!

The army has changed! GEJ has changed it all! Ikherija is full control!
Politics / Re: 2015: Gej Should Drop Sambo For Chime by Italiano1: 2:32pm On Jan 05, 2014

It is very clear now that NL is very pro APC. Over 2001 views and the topic is still not on the front page.

If you dont know by now that Nairaland is just another Media arm of APC then you are on a long thing.

Tinubu has infiltrated Sahara reporters, Premium Times, AIT, Channels, CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, Punch not to talk of the useless Yoruba Osundefender.


Politics / Re: 2015: Gej Should Drop Sambo For Chime by Italiano1: 2:21pm On Jan 05, 2014
Ever wondered why Awo who is worshipped in yorubaland committed suicide just because he was frustrated out of presidency? you now have the answers. Frustration is dangerous. grin grin

Don't mind them, they are just jealous people! They are uneducated people!

Lagos? Na we get am! Israel? We get am! SA? na we get am!

Their frustration will reach a crescendo when Orji Kalu wins the Gubernatorial election in Lagos in 2015. We will rename Lagos, we will claim our possession!


Politics / Re: 2015: Gej Should Drop Sambo For Chime by Italiano1: 2:16pm On Jan 05, 2014
We have light for 27hrs in day in enugu, thank God theifnubu and Buhari can't vandalise our pipeline.

That is another important point you have raised there.

My good friend Emeka said that their electricity supply is 28 hours in a day in Awka, how come yours is only a mere 27 hours?? I am sure Tinubu is vandalising installations in your state!

My friend Chinedu also told me it is now possible to get from Nsukka to Lagos in 1 and a half hours courtesy of Fresh Air things! He left home at about 7.30am and before his family finished reciting the timestable - he was already in Lagos!

GEJ for life if possible! Fresh Air- Haters go and hug transformer!!


Politics / Re: 2015: Gej Should Drop Sambo For Chime by Italiano1: 2:05pm On Jan 05, 2014
Haters can hate- progress will continue unabated!

See how GEJ and Mama Piss have transformed Nigeria to the land of glory. Fresh Air radiating everywhere

24 hours electricity supply? Done!

Students in full time education without disruptions? Done!

High Speed trains all over the country; Nigeria has almost full employment and a single digit inflation rate.

Sure-P has delivered progress to Nigerians, we are the envy of the world. By the time Dr. Jonathan is done with Nigeria, the Nobel committee will set up a prize for developmental creativity uncommon to the human race, and Dr Ebele will be the first winner!

APC goons can go and die!


Politics / Re: 2015: Gej Should Drop Sambo For Chime by Italiano1: 1:54pm On Jan 05, 2014
Obiagelli: Going by achievement and overwhelming love for Gej across the country, the pdp should pick enugu state governor as vice presidential candidate for 2015.

Chime has performed excellently well and this would also make easy the actualisation of an igbo president in 2019.

We should do without the Northern born to rule mentality.

Another reason is that the pdp is purging itself of corrupt northern elements.

This is exceptional and remarkable strategic political thinking!

I applaud the geniuses that have formulated this formula for victory in 2015.

Fresh Air till 2040! cool cool


Career / Re: Help!!!! Globacom Is Being Messed Up... by Italiano1: 1:03am On Jan 05, 2014
[quote author=beecroftNaija]

Before it will be too late... Globacom ( I know Dr. Adenuga will be blocked from reading this..)
It is with great concern and a terribly bleeding heart that i write this mail.
It is born out of serious concern, love and respect i have for the ownership of this company, Globacom....

As usual, some lazy Nigerians reading from the book of Lamentations. Prophet Job will give you a Nobel Prize for your diatribe! It is always one complaint after another!

As a christian, it is unGodly to keep quiet and not report any unGodly treatment of fellow humans and grand plan to mess up and relegate to history the hardwork of a man whose vision is to contribute positively to his nation's advancement.
A lot of us are dying internally with dwindling financial stand to take care of our loved ones.... virtually begging to feed. After years of working at Globacom, nothing to show for it... I mean it, it is really very tough, horrible and terrible for most staff.
No excitement working at Globacom,, staff are ill-motivated, disgruntled and looking unto the lord and singing " show us the way oh.. lord..(except for the tiny few Ogas at the uppermost top earning what they dont deserve or opportuned to be a deceptive rat cornering some cool cash somewhere)
The Xmas and New year season is around the corner with no new excitements, rather an increasing heart-breaks full of terrible regrets.
Above all, most staff now look unto Almighty God to show them the way out of the company for a better one..(even on lower pay..)

A lot of generalizations as always! Can you please give us the statistics or the outcome of the survey you commissioned or participated in other to come to such conclusions above?

Your post exemplifies the problem with most Nigerian youths; can you provide any proof to substantiate all your rantings and assumptions? Are you been paid for the job you do? Are you owed any salary? Or is it a case that you feel that you are entitled to more?

It is the worst of the GSM-Mobile operator to work for.... Being run in a manner similar to the way our dear country is being run.. (think Globacom.. think Nigeria)
No respect for professionalism, back-stabbing, man-know-man, severe lawlessness, lack of standard-business ethics, deceit of ownership,near NO Training?--in a prison like enviroment, etc.

The management is taking advantage of the corrupt/ lawlessness in Nigeria to short-changed and damage the career of young Nigerians.
Those seeing the company from outside will never understand the gravity of the industrial wrong-doings going on within the company.Promised Medical---419 and a disgrace, Promised Mortgage-419 , Promised Salary Review/ Bumper-- Mother of all wickedness, evil and crime against Nigerians.
In one of the threads on Linda Ikeji blog earlier in the year, where i read with utmost shock that "If the witches of your family wants to get at you, they will make you to get a job at Globacom" or something like that....It seems that the statement is now becoming a reality...
Working at Globacom now seems to be a course rather than a blessing.

Please expand on all these "promises" that you are referring to! The company promised to pay your mortgage? grin grin

Did they also promise to pay for your cosmetic surgery when you start having wrinkles?

Do you understand the concept of a salary review? Do you realize that it is performance related?

While you are expending your energy in complaints, do you know how many Nigerian youths would love to be in your shoes? Do you know how many people have gone through Globacom and have used it as a springboard to higher achievements?

A lot of people have been deceiving you on this thread but I am here to tell you that you need a wake up call.

Most recently, we were all aware of the dwindling revenue from Sales which has been a topic of discuss in recent months.

I wonder why the company have not taken a more strategic approach to stop the trend, rather the ownership adopted the most ridiculous, inhumane and wicked approach of 70-30 salary bastardisation to only a few staff(most recently in a unit with worst representation)

Though the issue of targets, rewards and penalties are not strange in the corporate world, but the way it is done in Globacom shows the company lacks standard corporate ethics and also shows the kind of people running the company. What do you expect when the headships are full of people that lacks innovations with unintelligent and archaic ideas, and pros in deceiving the owner with evil and corrupt ideas and recommendations.

Take for example in sales: Have they ever wondered why revenue is dropping..? Several factors to the best of my knowledge can be the cause: viz: lack of strategic product pricing by Marketting, ridiculously bad promos (Marketting not affected by 70-30), No product visibilities by Marcoms (Marcoms not affected by 70-30),, poor network by Technical mainly due to Power issue caused by companies owned by some Known Ogas at the top (the Technical Ogas are not affected by 70-30.. with their fat salaries... They tactically exclude themselves when they are the major problem the unit is facing), failure of Legal to effect prompt processing of rent renewal,
, and the de-motivations caused by the 70-30 itself, employment of some incompetent so-called expartriates that slows things down, .. and many many more....
Why is it that the company decided to adopt that for us at Sales department, when the overall control never lies in our hands alone... Even if you decide to tie us to the stake and point a double barrel
gun at them, no way any magic can be done...

I like the fact that you have rightly opined that their methodology of sales target is not a misnomer, it is a widely used strategy utilized by corporations. Unless you are myopic, you should have been aware of these practices before you applied for and got the job at Globacom.

What you have outlined above is just a classic case of an aggrieved worker who has decided to be insubordinate and engage in a thoughtless episode of ranting.

I am actually shocked that you got a job in sales with the level of your English. I am not insulting you, I just observed that you are incoherent. You are not alone, it is a common trait amongst some Nigerian employees and job seekers. You all need to internalize your deficiencies and strive for improvement.

You have worked for Globacom! For how long? Can you please tell us how you will do things differently?

If you feel so hurt, why are you hiding behind the anonymity on Nairaland? What is your name and what Globacom office do you work at? Why have you not resigned? Why dont you take Globacom to court? There is a labour court where you can take cases like this to for adjudication instead of the self pity rant.

Like I said to you before, millions of Nigerian youths are ready to take your place! Go and start your own business and see how you get on!
Politics / Re: Lagos Deserves Better Than APC - Obanikoro by Italiano1: 11:23pm On Jan 04, 2014

...If your family permits...

That's good condition although what you said earlier is that you will relocate (without any condition).

Also see what you've written in the past:

You said you went to PH in 2013 but the elections of the Reps which you referred to in the above post definitely took place long before 2013.

See another one:

And this is the reason (political) you're relocating to Lagos:

You said earlier that if your family permits your relocation. But didn't you think of your family when you were trying to woo Berem here:

From all these, your conclusions are as good as mine.

Another PPP agent caught red handed !! grin grin

Shame? These folks do not have


Politics / Re: Poor Power Supply In Lagos Area Is Due To Vandalism Of The Gas Pipeline In Lagos by Italiano1: 4:56pm On Jan 04, 2014
[quote author=Sincere 9gerian]
What is the eternally daft Tinubu slave spewing?

Anyway, I'm not surprised that you do not see any connection between your master Tinubu and gas pipeline vandalism. If you did, it would have been a pleasant surprise not only my doctors because it would imply that my badly damaged brain cells are beginning to heal.

Another imbecilic retort from the hungry PPP agent of a failed government. As others have rightly diagnosed, you are sinking everyday and it is affecting your mental state. I will continue to contribute to your hypertension and your eventual extinction. Thank you for enlightening us about your medical condition- brain cancer? No wonder you think from your behind and make no sense!

Now this is the connection. When a crime is committed, the pool of preliminary suspects will be drawn from direct and indirect beneficiaries of that crime. Now the question is, who will benefit from vandalism of gas pipelines and disruption of public power supply in the country? Is it GEJ, Peter Obi, Orji Kalu, or APC leaders (Tinubu or Buhari)? I dont know about daft people like you, but for me the answer is simple- APC leaders (Tinubu or Buhari). Of the two, Tinubu is the prime suspect because he has a history of destructive and brutal politics. He was a suspect in the brutal killing of late Funsho Williams because he was also a direct beneficiary. But whether Buhari or Tinubu is immaterial because they'r both leaders of APC.

As always, this developmentally challenged illiterate will continue to misconstrue hearsay and baseless rumors and present them as facts. You should be utterly ashamed of yourself and keep shut when you have nothing sensible to say. Why cant the PDP or APGA politicians be responsible for the vandalism of gas pipelines in Lagos? The headquarters of vandalism and sabotage in Nigeria is in a PDP controlled state; the headquarters of kidnapping in Nigeria is in a PDP controlled state! How are you sure that miscreants from these states have not invaded Lagos to vandalize these infrastructures.

You are sinking deep and have no option but to start engaging in false allegations and making up spurious stories. You are a charlatan and a fraudulent person; if you have information on the murder of Funso Williams and the culpability of Tinubu, why have you not brought this to the notice of the Police?

You are loosing the plot and showing worrying signs of hallucination and psychosis. You better go and ask for help before your family finds you roaming the streets of Awka naked!

If we take the debate further, you can also see the connection between pipeline vandalism, disruption of public power supply and APC press releases. Here is the statement made by Lai Muhammed on the 31st of December 2013.

Another irrefutable sign that you are clueless, pathologically obtuse and disingenuous.

Pray, what is the correlation between the statement made by Lai and the daft accusations you have meretriciously made up? You obviously have the IQ of a cockroach to make such a redundant interpolation; you Sir are a blockhead!


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