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Religion / Re: Are You In A Cult ? - Characteristics Associated With Cultic Groups - Revised by Jenwitemi(m): 11:14am On Oct 02, 2012
Because the subject interests me. Now why did you appear yourself?

why is it when they talk about cult and secret society and the likes is mentioned you appears?
Religion / Re: Are You In A Cult ? - Characteristics Associated With Cultic Groups - Revised by Jenwitemi(m): 5:53pm On Oct 01, 2012
That the 3 world religions, christianity, judaism and islam, are all cults because they all tick the boxes. That, my friend, is the point.
ondo_boi: ... your point is?
Religion / Re: God Comes Into This World Through Human Form by Jenwitemi(m): 5:41pm On Oct 01, 2012
We are all tiny bits and pieces of the Creator with each and every one of those parts self aware. The Creator is having interactive experience with itself using every creation in the universe as it's means. 1000 humans in one place means the Creator interacting with itself via a thousand bits of itself at that particular time. Yes, i agree partly with what you have stated with the exception of the satguru thing. Not very sure about that.
Religion / Re: Do We Sin Every Day? by Jenwitemi(m): 10:51am On Oct 01, 2012
Okay. You are talking about thought crimes, then. Can you elucidate on those crimes for us. What are they? What is it that pis.ses god off? Mind you, do not use aqny quote from the bible or koran because i am a hindu today, meaning that your quotes from those book s will be meaningless and unacceptable to me. So, i want examples that are neutral, lacks religious taints and acceptable to all peoples of all religions and no religions too. God is supposed to be neutral, right.

sin , to me, is any offence against God either by our thoughts, words, deeds and omision against the wil of God.
Religion / Re: Do We Sin Every Day? by Jenwitemi(m): 10:14pm On Sep 30, 2012
What is sin, then? Start us of with a definition(yours, of course), first.
tobechi20: Do we sin every day? Is it posible to stay a day witout sin?
Religion / Re: What If Everything You Know Is A Lie? by Jenwitemi(m): 11:50am On Sep 30, 2012
Trapped just like you already are? No, i don't think i will be.
every puzzle meant to be resolved is timed. i hope you dont get trapped in this 4 time is goin.
@image123, the basis of anything should be logic. applying reasoning will help separate truth from falsehood then faith will make sense. remember that what makes a fool is faith without reasoning.
Religion / Re: Is The Devil Misunderstood? by Jenwitemi(m): 11:46am On Sep 30, 2012
Eshu is not the same as satan, pastor ignorant. Get your facts right before mouthing out your ignorance.

You didn't add "Èsù and Ekwensu"
Religion / Re: Is It Possible For Someone To Be Truly Ethical Without Being Religious? by Jenwitemi(m): 11:40am On Sep 30, 2012
Well, Nigerians have and still do manage to be religious without being ethical. If you need proof of this, just look at the Nigerian situation. So therefore, the other way around has to be also a real possibility.
djeezy: Can there be an ethics without Religion? Is it possible for someone to be truly ethical without being religious? If it is not possible, then a further question would be: since different religions sometimes practice conflicting ethics, which religion would be used as the real foundation for ethics? Mature contributions needed, no tantrums and derailing please. Happy Sunday to y'all.
Religion / Re: Did God Really Die For You? by Jenwitemi(m): 8:34pm On Sep 29, 2012
How can you ever be a member of any lib movement for that matter since you and your mind is already in chains? S.t.u.p.i.d. Besides, you don't even know where i live, do you? Enjoy your mind slavery because i know you love and enjoy it. Now run back to ancient Judea and stay there.

dumb. I'm not a member of the black lib movement so what has where i live to do with anything besides your craven attempt at false moral equivalence?

If you hate whites and the religion you claim they brought to you then why do you live among them? Please leave, they wouldnt miss you.
If the OP thinks her forefathers where better off without the white man's religion then why is she not living in the land of her forefathers?
Religion / Re: What If Everything You Know Is A Lie? by Jenwitemi(m): 8:01am On Sep 29, 2012
How to resolve the puzzle? Who says i care about resolving that puzzle? There are much more important puzzles to resolve in this every day life than that.
So how do you plan to resolve the puzzle of who this "inteligent mind" is or what it looks like, Im sure you will like to ask what is the Motive of the BEAUTIFUL WORK. and i hope it is evident enough that this "inteligent mind" is much wiser/Smarter than science - else we are just discovering what has been billions of years
Religion / Re: Please I Need An Urgent Answer,.. by Jenwitemi(m): 7:56am On Sep 29, 2012
Human beings are different. They have different constitution. Just because one man fell for one thing does not mean that another man would for the same thing. Some fall, others don't. Btw, are you a 5 year old?
conserved: Hi peeps,pls I nid an urgent answer to dis question.--Samson was tempted by a woman(delilah) and he fell,Joseph was also tempted by a woman(Potiphars wife)but he didn't fall.d question is dis,why didn't Joseph fall,what kept him,what differentiated him?please I nid help on this and please d answers shud also b bible based or take its source from d bible.thanks people ,lookin forward to anwers.
Religion / Re: Did God Forgive Those That Crucified Jesus? by Jenwitemi(m): 7:50am On Sep 29, 2012
The bible god does not do forgiveness, bro.
plaetton: According to the gospels, shortly before his death on the cross, Jesus asked god to forgive those that crucified him because they did not know what they were doing.

In typical fashion,christians are always quick to make reference to this act of forgiveness.
But when I think about this, I am puzzled by its broader implications.

So, do you really think that god forgave those that crucified Jesus?
Religion / Re: Do Animals Pray? by Jenwitemi(m): 7:48am On Sep 29, 2012
How do you reckon? Did the animal kingdom holy ghost told you that?
saintvc: Jenwitemi, animals pray to d same deity that human beings pray to.

Animals pray for the samd reason human pray for
Religion / Re: Did God Really Die For You? by Jenwitemi(m): 12:36pm On Sep 28, 2012
And where are you? Let me guess... in ancient Judea enjoying being slave to their custom and religion. You don't even live in the present real world. Disgusting.

and pray what liberation are you hypocrites crying for? You sit ensconced in the very nations of those you bleat enslave you then come around preaching about the dangers of slavery? Why arent you all back in your own homelands? Disgusting.
Religion / Re: Do Animals Pray? by Jenwitemi(m): 12:19pm On Sep 28, 2012
Who is the deity animals pray to, then? What is the name? Which part of the globe is he from? In which scripture does he live. Is their god even a HE or a SHE? Maybe folks who own dogs or cats can quiz their pets to get some answers from the horses mouth. Ooops! There is another animal that prays.
Religion / Re: Forgiveness Is The Life Style Of God. by Jenwitemi(m): 12:13pm On Sep 28, 2012
But your god failed woefully himself in the forgiveness department, didn't he? Hardly an inspiration in the act of forgiveness.

Whosoever you refuse to forgive, no matter the offense does you more harm than good.Whether you are justified,unforgiveness is not a solution.To lock someone in your heart is to lock up your life in a box.Who have you not yet forgiven completely?Whether the person is living or dead you must forgive.It is so important to know that God will not fight for you until you forgive.Now many people don't forgive because they don't know that unforgiveness hinders blessings.Even God cannot hear your prayer with unforgiveness in your heart.Forgiveness does not mean going back for the person to hurt you again,forgiveness simply means you no more feel the previous hurt anymore in your heart.

Before you avoid that person,forgive the person.Don't avoid the person because you are hurt,avoid because you do not want a repetition of the event.But you must have forgiven the person.

The proof that you have truly completely forgiven that person is when you no more feel the hurt within,rather you see it as a lesson.God forgives you how dare you lock up someone in your heart for so long.Forgive him,forgive her,forgive them.And God will rise up on your behalf,He will comfort you,He will compensate you and restore you.Receive grace to forgive people even before they hurt you in Jesus Precious name.Matthew chapter 5:7,23-24.BB PIN IS 21322745.
Religion / Re: What If Everything You Know Is A Lie? by Jenwitemi(m): 11:57am On Sep 28, 2012
Not to religionists aka christians it isn't. They have automatically arrived at the conclusion that Mr Yahweh Jehovah, the demented barbarian on the pages of the OT bible, is the first cause. Blasphemy. Personally, i have no problem accepting that there is an intelligent mind behind the creation. But common sense told me a long time ago that that intelligent mind could never ever have been the bible OT m.o.r.o.n god.

Thats another Level. Thats what we are here to establish, thats why we have to keep an open mind, thats why we have to search for knowledge to the farthest place. BUT to start with, we need to Establish the High Probability of a beginning being initiated by Something (and maybe for a purpose cos it looks too organised to be without reason)
Religion / Re: How ‘religious Defamation’ Laws Would Ban Islam by Jenwitemi(m): 11:29am On Sep 28, 2012
Shortsighted as usual. That is what makes them the religious that they are. They only see what will favour them immediately.
Paris_Love: As the Islamic world, in the guise of the 57-member state Organization of Islamic Cooperation, continues to push for the enforcement of “religious defamation” laws in the international arena—theoretically developed to protect all religions from insult, but in reality made for Islam—one great irony is lost, especially on Muslims: if such laws would ban movies and cartoons that defame Islam, they would also, by logical extension, have to ban the religion of Islam itself—the only religion whose core texts actively defame other religions.

Religion / Re: What If Everything You Know Is A Lie? by Jenwitemi(m): 11:26am On Sep 28, 2012
What if that "first cause" isn't the bible god? What then?
what if God really is the "First Cause" responsible for "singularity", What is there actually is a Supernatural Master Architect, what if there actually is One responsible for the begining of the Universe. What if all the above is very true and our knowledge is just not enough to comprehend it all? What if there is truely just 1 life that will end in Hell or Heaven, .........
Religion / Re: What Does The "Image" Of God Mean? by Jenwitemi(m): 11:24am On Sep 28, 2012
In which creation tale is that? The first one or the second?.
truthislight: OU
you need more info

GENESIS said he created them(Adam) male and female.
Religion / Re: Did God Really Die For You? by Jenwitemi(m): 6:25pm On Sep 27, 2012
Yeah, we know. You don't want black liberation because you are already in chains yourself, anyway.
davidylan: A another deluded member of the black liberation movement simply using religion as a smokescreen


Religion / Re: Does 'Jesus' Believe In Human Equality? by Jenwitemi(m): 9:57am On Sep 27, 2012
Can Jesus be referred to as a SLAVE? Show it to us here where he was referred to as one. Is a person called A SLAVE equal to another person referred to as a SLAVE MASTER?
Religion / Re: Will Jesus Really See Faith When He Returns? by Jenwitemi(m): 6:08pm On Sep 26, 2012
Will Jesus really see Nigerians when he returns?
Religion / Re: Will Jesus Really See Faith When He Returns? by Jenwitemi(m): 6:03pm On Sep 26, 2012
E no concern me at all because i know for sure he ain't coming back. I am only humoring you poor sods because you guys seem to take his return too seriously.

You de wait? Wait for wetin? How Jesus coming take concern you?
Religion / Re: What Does The "Image" Of God Mean? by Jenwitemi(m): 5:57pm On Sep 26, 2012
I have crashed in your fantasy? I am no bible reader, bro, that is supposed to be your domain. What did the creation story in the genesis say to you that happened between building Adam from clay and making Eve from Adam's rib cage? I am sure you have read that part before. Tell me when you have refreshed your memory or reread the holy book.

Hehehehehe... grin grin grin I left my answer hanging on purpose because i knew you were gonna jump, and jump you did, Now you have crashed!!! You see ya-self nah? So, can you kindly show me in the bible where "He was reminded"? as you so eloquently put it grin. Please Entertain me..
Religion / Re: Is God A Trinity? by Jenwitemi(m): 5:39pm On Sep 26, 2012
Show you what? You want me to conduct sunday school with you?

What do I do with you now??

Ok open bible show me....
Religion / Re: Is God A Trinity? by Jenwitemi(m): 5:29pm On Sep 26, 2012
Who cares about the bible and what it says? There are a lot of people who still think outside the bible walls, you know.

definitely not base on the bible? No
Religion / Re: Is God A Trinity? by Jenwitemi(m): 5:18pm On Sep 26, 2012
Yep. Spirit, body and soul. All living things are 3 in 1.

Does ur trinity formular apply to animals too??

Because as bible says ""animals are souls""
Religion / Re: Is God A Trinity? by Jenwitemi(m): 10:09am On Sep 26, 2012
Why the long epistle and mathematical equations? It is not rocket science, bro; spirit + soul + body = LIFE. So simple.

and Adam came to be a living "soul", that is, Adam came to "life"
Note, soul = life

so, what that give life are;

body + spirit.

The body being the mold from the ground, the kickstarter that animat the mold is the spirit of God, and we have "life"(soul)

Adam came to be a living soul

body + spirit = soul

nothing like soul was put into the man but rather, the person(body and spirit) is the soul.

The bible says, when the spirit goes out he goes back to the ground.

That is, no spirit the body slums and decayed back to the ground.
From dust to dust.

The spirit being the live force from God sustain by breathing.
Eg, Consider a light bulb,

bulb + current = light(soul)

the light does not exist "independently" without the bulb.

light was not put into the bulb but the combination of the bulb and current produce the light.

So, we have two part body and spirit that make up the man.

Any part you wish tell me i will provide the scripture.
Religion / Re: What Does The "Image" Of God Mean? by Jenwitemi(m): 10:05am On Sep 26, 2012
Looks like you are the slow minded one today. So let me explain it slooowwwwly to you very briefly. If he were not reminded he wouldn't have created a female. Finito! Clear now? He had to be reminded that the man he created needs a female partner before he actually did it. According to the bible tale, of course.
Err.., okay, So he had to be "reminded". And your point is..?

Well, if god has done that, why the phuck does he still keep poking his nose in our affairs? No trust or just frigging bored with his own life?

Well, He gave man the mandate to "rule & dominate" the earth & all creation(Genesis 1:28). So who's attribute is it to "rule & dominate" all of creation if not god's? Do you know any other being that creates/invents & "searches out secrets"(science/philosophy)? [/b]Why would god give such an attribute/"glory" to a specie that is not of [b]his own kind? Does a lion pass it's genes to a goat? No sir, a lion "begats" a lion, same way god passes his "genes/glory" to a god, Thus:
Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."(Genesis 1:26)

So, by logic, God must be Man!
Religion / Re: Will Jesus Really See Faith When He Returns? by Jenwitemi(m): 9:49am On Sep 26, 2012
Let him come first, then all other things will follow. E don tey wey im dey come and no dey arrive. Let him start coming so that he can arrive, finally. We dey wait.
ikdaniels: Nigeria as a Nation is Blessed with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. But quiet lately, it looks as if the bad and the ugly side of the nation is begining to over rule the good.
The Church has been made a money money making venture and the Lord's Sheep has been led astray and confused. Scandals about so called men of God has become a normal news. As the clock of Time winds down, will Jesus meet one righteous man upon return?
Religion / Re: What Does The "Image" Of God Mean? by Jenwitemi(m): 9:20pm On Sep 25, 2012
Well, forgive my slow mind for not grasping it yet, but is that creation talking about the same one that happened in the garden of Eden or about the creation that occurred some place else? I ask this question because bible god only created Adam and had to be reminded to create Eve. Are there two creation stories in the bible. And if the man and woman are created in the image of this god, that should mean that he, god, is a MAN, right? Treat my slow mind gently, o great smart one. wink grin

Well since you assert that you are genuinely "dull of mind", I won't argue with you there. So I'll take you slowly through the scriptures. First:

for a dull mind, the bolded should not be too hard a concept to "wrap" your mind around ehh??

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