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Events / Re: Your Questions On Wedding Planning Answered! by jesusjewel1(f): 1:08pm On Nov 26, 2019
Please i need help. Wedding planning is almost getting me nuts. Kindly share garden venues appropriate for vow and reception if you know any in Lagos. Thank You.

Ps. Asides Jhalobia, pearl gardens and Bics

Kindly visit ogavenue.com.ng

- Welcome centre outdoor garden
- The Pearl event place
- Euphoria event place garden
-Rose Mead Park
- House party event centre garden
- Estaport schools garden
Religion / Re: Are You Addicted To Masturbation? Read This by jesusjewel1(f): 12:53pm On Mar 05, 2019

Please do not let anyone deceive you. While masturbating you are basically having sex with demons and donating sperm to the satanic kingdom. Be warned

Pls tell him.

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Events / Re: Event Planners, Pls Update Your Contacts. by jesusjewel1(f): 12:51pm On Mar 05, 2019
Souvenir extraordinaré are available.
Make your event memorable with any of our Souvenir items.
We have discount for our bundles.
Very affordable prices; awards-winning items suiting both gender.
We assist in branding of items.
Delivery charges apply.

We are a call away:

Events / Re: Event Planners, Pls Update Your Contacts. by jesusjewel1(f): 5:12am On Mar 01, 2019
At Cadre Eventz, our goal is to make your event memorable.
Our services include:
✔ Event Planning & Coordination
✔ Souvenirs Purchase / Branding (Corporate and Ceremonial).
✔ Cocktail and Mocktail
✔ Hampers

You can check us out on any of these platforms:
�08076022501, 09099816227
IG: @cadre_eventz

We will be very delighted to serve you.

Health / Re: Fibroid Removed From A Woman In Imo During Free Medical Outreach (Photos) by jesusjewel1(f): 10:38am On Nov 25, 2016

Taaah gbafuo!!!

Health / Re: New Photos Of Man Who Had Tumor On His Neck & Was Treated Abroad by jesusjewel1(f): 2:21am On Nov 24, 2016

all thanks to a good medical service..some of you are mentioning God here..you will tell me what God have to do with this..una too carry religion for head..that why this country aint moving forward..imagine if he was dump in LUTH or one yeye church

God has everything to do with this.
The reason why we are thanking God is because He placed it in the hearts of some Nigerians to assist in everyway possible.
If there were no God, there won't have been wisdom or assistance nor medical help.
Come to think of it, if he had passed away while the surgical procedures went on, even in the good medical service you are hyping, would you be saying this??

Lord God, thank you for Paul Arisa.
Thank you for putting smiles on his face again.
Politics / Re: Linda Ayade Drives Her Husband In A Convertible In Calabar .PICS by jesusjewel1(f): 1:55am On Nov 24, 2016
money and love; the perfect drugs for a happy relationship

Romance / Re: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend At The Airport (photos) by jesusjewel1(f): 1:53am On Nov 24, 2016
Dear future husband,
Please only propose to me after you must've met my parents!

Romance / Re: Ladies: Have You Played Hard To Get And Later Regretted It? by jesusjewel1(f): 8:00pm On Nov 20, 2016
I've never been the type to play hard to get. If I like you, I let you know immediately. No time for beating about the bush. If i play hard to get for so long then it means i don't want us together. #NoRegrets.

Family / Re: They Both Died Because Of His Casanova Lifestyle. by jesusjewel1(f): 10:37am On Nov 12, 2016
Marriage is not a life sentence

Divorce is always an option

But God has not asked us to divorce.
Even if one does, there's a don't to it( not getting married else he/she commits adultery which is a sin).
Life hasn't just been fair us.
NYSC / Re: Youth Corper Declared Missing In Zamfara (photo) by jesusjewel1(f): 5:26pm On Oct 04, 2016
My knees are on the ground and my face to the sky please lord intervene.

This is what you are supposed to say!
Be positive!!!!!!!
Family / Re: Help! I Am Going Back To Nigeria To Find A Wife! by jesusjewel1(f): 5:20pm On Oct 04, 2016
My brother, my only candid advice is to find someone to pop out kids for you. what I Am saying in essence is, don't think of getting married to true loving Nigerian lady or any woman who is gonna be a 100% with such period of check and see… cos our women only dance to the tune of Dallas and Nairas. The economy is hard and the HUSTLE IS REAL YOU are warned.

AJA (girls) Gberaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheesycheesycheesycheesy

This is mean....
Are ladies baby-bags that you deep in and get what you want?
Or are we that evil?

Fashion / Re: A Nairalander's 5 Weeks Workout Results by jesusjewel1(f): 4:29pm On Aug 22, 2016
The 1st pix, u looked like Fish bone..
The second pix, u re still fish bone but that of Cat fish..

That's mean cry

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Celebrities / Re: "Destiny Kids" Then And Now (Photos) by jesusjewel1(f): 9:37pm On Aug 21, 2016
I thought they were chibok girls & boys that escaped cos they are now matured.

cry embarassed shocked sad angry
Romance / Re: Last Two Years She Was My Passenger. Today She Is My Wife by jesusjewel1(f): 10:30am On Aug 20, 2016
yes oo. I dey ask him out nii grin

Funny you grin kiss
Family / Re: Why Do Most Wives Deny Their Husbands Sex? They Need To CHANGE! by jesusjewel1(f): 10:23am On Aug 20, 2016
This institution called marriage is getting scary everyday, negative stories here and there. God help us.

Me too...
I'm very scared...
The person whom you think you know just puts on a new behavior...
Things just change anyhow...
Close family members become timekeepers and burdens...
Combining work schedule with home duties...
Even things you laughed at when dating/courting will become a serious issue when married...
No one is perfect yet parents and family members will be talking about tribal issues, customs and traditions....
That's just the least of my problem; the character of this individual should be more important...

The list goes on and on...

I am scared to be sincere...
God na you I hand over myself and fears too...
Marriage, one institution that you get the certificate before practising and tolerates no failures...

It is well, Jesus'Jewel smiley

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Romance / Re: Last Two Years She Was My Passenger. Today She Is My Wife by jesusjewel1(f): 9:48am On Aug 20, 2016
help me tell him oo cheesy.
I want to help him bring babies to this world, he's doing shakara undecided

Are you indirectly asking Oga Seun out ni....
Abi which one are you after grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Naked Donald Trump Statues Erected In New York (Photos) by jesusjewel1(f): 6:25pm On Aug 19, 2016

i think it has been removed by Local police

Foreign Affairs / Re: Naked Donald Trump Statues Erected In New York (Photos) by jesusjewel1(f): 6:23pm On Aug 19, 2016

There is what is called Human rights in America.
Even the police can not arrest whoever placed the statue

Human rights You say
Placing unclad statue of an individual??
And I should think the individual has some dignity and sone rights I suppose??
That's not it, my dear.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Naked Donald Trump Statues Erected In New York (Photos) by jesusjewel1(f): 6:22pm On Aug 19, 2016

There is what is called Human rights in America.
Even the police can not arrest whoever placed the statue

Human rights You say
Placing unclad statue of an individual??
And I should think the individual has some digni
Foreign Affairs / Re: Naked Donald Trump Statues Erected In New York (Photos) by jesusjewel1(f): 5:34pm On Aug 19, 2016
They did this man dirty.
Donald Trump is evil, he attacks the Muslims, Hates the Mexicans, he hates everyone and he also has low mentality.
The man is very stupid that he talks about people's dick at the rally or presidential debate
He is hated by everyone including New Yorkers, even though he's from New York.


This is cruel....
At what time of the day was statue placed and no one was caught...
This ain't cool at all...
Celebrities / Re: Photos From Angela Okorie's Birthday Bash by jesusjewel1(f): 7:44pm On Aug 18, 2016

I forbid this on behalf of Seun....
Wetin na...
Religion / Re: Pls Help! I'm In A Religious Dilemma (I Don't Know Where I Stand Religious Wise) by jesusjewel1(f): 4:53pm On Aug 17, 2016

"Only fools say in their hearts, "There is no God." They are corrupt, and their actions are evil; not one of them does good!"-Psalm 14:1


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Romance / Re: How I Lost 6,000 Naira To A 19 Year-old Girl Yesterday by jesusjewel1(f): 8:40am On Aug 15, 2016
Nigerian girls are not smiling o, even in this harsh economic situation angry

Yesterday being Saturday, i decided to hang out a while. I was sipping my cold goldberg peacefully at one of the joints in town when my phone rang, saw it was a flash and decided to call back to knw who flashed me since I didn't save d number. I got to knw it was a girl I met a week ago, Jennifer, a student of Uniben as she claimed (because I've strong doubt now). She asked me where I was and i told her the place, giving her description. In less than 40 mins she appeared on a keke. I paid for her fare and asked her what she wuld like to have. She requested for the biggest size of the peppered fish that was available, with cabbage and other spicy stuffs (3, 500 naira). She also asked for 2 bottles of Snap drinks (500 naira) i come look am with one kain bad eye,when she talk that one. I don vex by that time.

Nonetheless, I didn't bother much because I thought both of us wuld still be the ones to enjoy the delicious fish. I started realizing the scam when she insisted that she want to take the fish home so that her friends culd share with her, saying they're "friends for life" angry E come be like say na film i dey watch. My eyes come dey turn me up and down because Naija economy no get joy now.

What was on my mind now was to make her pay for her greed in the bedroom because the waitress clearly stated that there were other cheaper ones but she displayed greed by going for the pocket-wrecker package!

I was now thinking of how to convince her to sleep over at my house since it's weekend. i gathered courage and made the request. To my greatest surprise, she didn't object but said she wuld get to her house first and drop the fish for her friends. My adrenaline was high! I stopped the nearest keke after footing the bills. She was directing the keke rider. we got to a street and she asked the keke rider to stop in front of a house, she requested that I give her 2k to sort out some things with her friends. I didn't hesitate since she wuld be sleeping at my place. She went into the building and that was the end! I waited for long, by then, the keke man was getting worried. I went into the building and discovered that the fence at the back of the compound had fallen. I met a young man washing clothes who told me she saw the girl entering the next street through the building. When I told him that she's the one I've bin waiting for, he told me that people normally pass through the compound to the next street, that it's a short-cut road!

Each time I call her line and the other line she flashed me with, different girls keep picking the calls, telling me that is it because of my small money that I'm disturbing their lines! I now feel she belongs to a cartel of runs girls who will stop at nothing to milk any hustling guy dry. I've made a resolution that any day I see her anywhere as far as we are both in this country, I'll make sure she vomits my 6k in cash or kind! No be 4 dis harsh economy o!

Sorry dear...
I can imagine...
Just entered voicemail like that....
See it as a positive investment...
But you sef have your own...
Why were you having the intention of bleeping her??
Waheffa.... the deed is done...
Celebrities / Re: Adaeze Yobo & Her Kids With Caroline Danjuma (photos) by jesusjewel1(f): 8:31pm On Aug 09, 2016
We can then logically come to the conclusion that the beauty of a woman and the wealth of a man do not guarantee a happy home!

Politics / Re: Abubakar Bello To Marry Atiku's Daughter - Photos by jesusjewel1(f): 1:35pm On Aug 04, 2016

How dare u call me a young man at 43 years U think I'm your mate angry
Are you old
Ok sorry sir...
Old man...
I should think it's better now...
Health / Re: ‘I Tried To Jump Into Lagoon To End 36-year Illness’ (pic) by jesusjewel1(f): 1:33pm On Aug 04, 2016
: sad
i prayed you got wells soon, this life was not a easy placed to living in.

Again shockedshockedshockedshocked
Politics / Re: Abubakar Bello To Marry Atiku's Daughter - Photos by jesusjewel1(f): 6:05pm On Aug 03, 2016

He may be a god to u and his followers, to me he is just a normal human being privileged to feed on the gullibility of Nigerians who failed to use their brain. If people can abuse buhari here on a daily basis, who the hell is Adeboye? sad

Young man, calm down.
Give honor to whom it's due...
Buhari and Adeboye are both old enough to be our fathers or called grandfather.
But in measurements of grace,it ain't same...
In anointing, it's never same.
If he's quotes ain't favorable to you, remain on your lane and ask God to guide you accordingly.
Pls, I beg of you, don't insult or call clerics names.
Take care.

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Celebrities / Re: Basketmouth Meets Dangote At Lenox Mall by jesusjewel1(f): 11:48am On Jul 31, 2016
I bumped into Mike Adenuga too last week at Yankura market when he came to get some foodstuffs.
I would have upload the pix but it happened in my dream.

Dream big....
May your expectations never be cut short...
Jokes Etc / Re: Funny Sign Boards You'll See Only In Nigeria by jesusjewel1(f): 7:14pm On Jul 30, 2016
Refuse Dumping
I bet they "court" whoever wrote this sign and "prosicuted" them


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