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Business / Re: Innocent Chukwuma: "GT Bank Is Using EFCC To Intimidate, Fight Me" by mastro: 7:45am On Dec 20, 2017

Read and understand I will not reply again


So long story short the cases are still in court.
Crime / Re: Amber Karaoke & Lounge Nightclub Calabar Owner Accused Of Burying 2 Children by mastro: 8:07am On Dec 18, 2017
_Fucking Bloggers and lies! The only thing they were able to exhume from the dug-out was two dirty looking sacks. Any other thing you read in the news were added spice by never do well bloggers.

I read on one blog that a human skull was dug out, from another site they said a full human being body was buried. Now on nairaland it is 2 kids and two piglets.

Our people are uniquely stupid, they will believe anything that is written by anyone, "my uncles sister-in-laws second cousins friend said that her father-in-law was there and saw the 5 corpses being dug up.

So with the pretense of "no smoke without fire" thy want to wreck the mans business and hype their juju man "aka Pastor" It's OK
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze & Eldee React To Pastor Adeboye's Death Prayer This Morning by mastro: 7:32am On Dec 10, 2017
Daddy Freeze is talking because he is not using his degree to push wheelbarrow. If that was the case, he would say amen to that prayer even before Adeboye finished.

The problem here is very simple, the modern African "pastor" is simply a witch doctor, once that fact is understood, them raining curses rather than prayers becomes clear.

Ditto their tithing scam, the witch doctor lives off the wealth of the village promising to protect them from supernatural enemies, taking credit for every good thing while blaming bad things on them not being devote enough.

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Car Talk / Re: Tesla Roadster Vs Bugatti Chiron: Which Will You Buy? (photos) by mastro: 8:58am On Nov 25, 2017
Is the obvious answer

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Politics / Re: A by mastro: 4:53pm On Nov 12, 2017
then when China start to repatriate 85% of the profit we will begin to shout and Senate will begin to investigate.

Rough math $5.6billion x 10 % yield, $560 million x 85% $476million every year Or do we think China are a charity
Politics / Re: Sacked Teachers Destroy Kaduna House Of Assembly Complex (Photos) by mastro: 10:06am On Nov 09, 2017
Not in support of this but How can one state government sack 22,000 teachers at a go? Even if you have to do that, why not in stages?

Because no right thinking person wants their child taught by an illiterate teacher
Properties / Re: Will A Tenant Pay During His 3 Or 6 Months Quit Notice? by mastro: 10:04am On Nov 09, 2017
I guess I'm lucky not to have members of Nairaland as tenants, so una want de live for person house for free abi, better go read your tenancy agreement.

Small time they will be calling Evans criminal.

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Politics / Re: Court Orders El-Rufai, Police To Pay Choc City Boss, Maikori N40m by mastro: 6:27am On Oct 28, 2017

This is not the issue you failed to see the bigger picture . The police failed to follow due process . In the west do you know unlawful arrest is a massive issue ?
The police have no right to come from KD to arrest and fly him frm Lag to KD without registering the said warrant in Lagos . But like a certain sombory said 9ja nah zoo so they can do as dem like

LOL by that logic every arrest warrant must be registered separately in every state otherwise criminals could change state to avoid arrest, its a nonsense judgement and further brings the judiciary into disrepute.

Guess this one too should sue for N40m

One of the armed robbers that attacked the Skye Bank branch at Ifon in Ose Local Government Area of Ondo state has been nabbed, Sahara Reporters has learned.

The bandit was caught and handed over to detectives at a local village known as Uzebba in Owan West Local Government Area of Edo state on Friday afternoon
Politics / Re: Court Orders El-Rufai, Police To Pay Choc City Boss, Maikori N40m by mastro: 6:21am On Oct 28, 2017
Am so sure with the kind of impunity going on in this government, El Rufai and Police will disobey this court order.

what part of "The police subsequently obtained an order of arrest from a Magistrates’ court in Kaduna" doesn't constitute lawful arrest, at times it seems that the courts don't understand the basics of law, or more likely they are just mischief makers, by this "logic" the judgement in Abuja isn't valid in Kaduna State either.

For those who are actually interested in the law"
Family / Re: Mother In Law Wants My 2.5 Year Old To Sleepover by mastro: 6:13am On Oct 28, 2017

I put out this thread yesterday when I was not too sure bout my decision yet but started to reply today when I became certain of what I wanted.

Well, we decided the child can spend the night but with my wife there with her as well. So compromise.

Thank you all for your responses and apologies to those I started to get a lil harsh/rude with. Its all good n life goes on

That to me is the worst of both worlds, kids visiting grandparents is alone time for you and your wife.


Religion / Re: Bishop Miracle Williams Gifted Range Rover Jeep After His Hummer Jeep Got Burnt by mastro: 8:31am On Aug 11, 2017
That Range don't look brand new to mee tongue
Brand new Tokunbo grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: What Measure Do You Think We Can Use To Generate 24/7 Electricity? by mastro: 7:12am On Aug 08, 2017
For those claiming solar is too expensive:

It's cheaper than diesel & petrol generators & which are the reality for most of us in Nigeria who need 24/7 power.

Also better than staying in darkness which is the the reality for most of our population.
Politics / Re: What Measure Do You Think We Can Use To Generate 24/7 Electricity? by mastro: 7:07am On Aug 08, 2017
If only Nairalanders put 10% as much energy into discussing topics like this as they devote to online tribal wars that do nothing to better their lives in any way! Anyway, my own 2 kobo:

1. Lift the existing restrictions on how large min-grids can be, from the current 1MW to something like 50MW.
2. Allow new operators into the distribution and transmission business, and give them the freedom to sign up customers who are willing to pay whatever price they demand for 99.9% reliable power, even if it means paying for new transmission cables.
3. Give these new operators the leeway to target only business and industrial users if they wish, as well as the freedom to renegotiate their contracts whenever and to whatever they and their customers agree to.
4. Allow retail customers to buy their own meters if need be, and allow a neutral 3rd party to verify that the meters are functioning correctly. Force the DISCOs to write off the cost of any customer-purchased meters against outstanding charges, to incentivize the DISCOs to be more proactive in providing such equipment.
5. To ease the financial difficulties of the DISCOs, allow them to sign price-discriminatory agreements with customers; the most price-sensitive customers can keep the current tariffs, with the understanding that this means they might only get current levels of erratic power supply, while customers willing to pay more will in turn be guaranteed a certain minimum supply per day/week/month (e.g. pay 2x more for 20 hours/day guaranteed, pay 3x more for 23 hours/day, etc.)
6. As others have already mentioned, give permission to retail and business customers to sell back to their DISCOs any excess energy they generate from solar power or other such renewable sources.
7. Incentivize property developers to also build out transmission infrastructure by giving them write-offs for doing so, especially when they lay the cables underground, and allowing them to rent/sell capacity in any underground fiber-optic cables they lay alongside transmission wires. They should even be allowed to get into the cable and high-speed internet business if they desire.

The general idea motivating all my suggestions is simple: above all else, even generating capacity, what Nigeria needs is heavy capital investment in transmission, and that will only happen if the economics are right, which means giving operators freedom to charge what the market will bear, while allowing the threat of competition to drive their prices downwards.

This, the main advantage in our society of Microgrids is that the capital investment is relatively small, rather than a single N100billion power generation project financed by Govt, that will take years to come onliine, is reliant on National Grid and Discos to get to the end user and finally might even fail, surely it makes more sense to have 100 N1billon end-to-end projects sponsored by a variety of Govt, commercial and NGO's, yes it means that initially projects will be aimed at the "rich" but over time power generation will become like mobile phones and benefit everyone.

There is profit in supplying power sometimes all govt need do is recognise a fact and leave it to the market.
Politics / Re: IPOB Releases List Of Its Delegates To Visit White House On July 21 To See Trump by mastro: 11:03am On Jul 12, 2017
Wait, are they taking donations?

Can I donate in Biafrian Pounds? grin grin grin grin grin

Any Mumu that falls for this deserves to be scammed

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Car Talk / Re: Where Is The Worst Place Your Car Has Ever Broken Down? by mastro: 9:53am On Jul 05, 2017
[quote author=obafemee80 post=58124768]3rd mainland bridge..
It was a scary experience grin[/quote#
Been there, done that, at about 11pm back in the 90s, fastest tyre change ever grin

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Car Talk / Re: See The Ultimate Garages For Exotic Cars by mastro: 10:22am On Jul 03, 2017
Almost there.

This thread https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=23&t=573190&i=4160 has loads of ideas on how to finish/equip your garage,
Politics / Re: learn how to hatch catfish in this short video by mastro: 1:01pm On Mar 18, 2017
thought I would give the author the benefit of the doubt, mistake, there is a reason it only has 48 views. I want that 7 mins of my life back
Religion / Re: It's Only God And Apostle Suleman's Wife That Can Condemn Him by mastro: 7:09pm On Mar 12, 2017
When allegations first surface they start with Only God can judge me, only he knows the truth

Then when evidence emerges It was the devil that pushed me, he is trying to divide my house

All the while their worshipers are shouting Touch not my anointed

When will we get to understand that these aren't men of God but thieving immoral motivational speakers.


Religion / Re: Biodun Fatoyinbo Poses With A Bike (Photo) by mastro: 7:27am On Feb 24, 2017
Nairaland has truly become a hub for false news and an avenue to tarnish people's image. This story was fabricated by the OP or whoever started the fake story

Fake story or no fake story ...... we're still waiting for his "Robust response" to Ese Walter's accusations
Politics / Re: Tinubu Allegedly Refutes Claim Of Seeing Buhari- Report by mastro: 8:22pm On Feb 13, 2017
How is this Photoshop?

help me ask them O,
Car Talk / Re: Can A Car Still Move When It's Has Finish It Mileage? by mastro: 10:49am On Jan 13, 2017
DON'T laugh at me, i just got a Golf iv variant, so is shaking me, lol.

When the cars mileage finishes that's the end of the car, all functions will shut down, however if you keep feeding it petrol and you are lucky it may have a baby.

First time this was recorded in Nigeria was when a 230E gave birth to a 190E, hence the name baby benz,


Politics / Re: My Predecessors Left With 22 Police Vehicles –arase by mastro: 8:01am On Dec 27, 2016
The immediate past Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Solomon Arase, has advised his successor, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, to avoid engaging in acts that could bring any past occupant of that office to public ridicule.

In a letter dated December 1, 2016, which he wrote to Idris, Arase pointed out that it was for this reason that while he was in office, he ensured that Force Order 295 was put in place to protect ex-IGs from being demeaned.

Arase, who retired as police IG in June, said it was in the spirit of this order that he desisted from ridiculing the last two IGs before him even though he knew that they each went away with 13 and nine police vehicles respectively when leaving office. The former IGs, which Arase referred to, are Mohammed Abubakar, who retired in 2014 and Suleiman Abba, who was sacked in April last year by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Arase said this in his reply to the allegations by Idris that he (Arase) took away 24 police vehicles while leaving office in June as the IG.

The former IG had earlier dismissed his successors allegations that he left with two dozens of vehicles while leaving office, wondering what he would do with such number of vehicles.

“Rather, it is on record that I went the extra mile to source for funds and initiated actions towards purchasing a brand new bulletproof jeep for my immediate predecessor, even after his retirement from service. This was done notwithstanding the fact that I inherited and had to manage a huge debt profile of about N28bn, which limited the financial base of the force at the time.”

Among the 13 vehicles, which Arase said Abubakar took away were a BMW (7 series) bulletproof car; and two Toyota Land Cruiser V8 bulletproof jeeps.

According to him, Abba also took away a Toyota Land Cruiser bulletproof jeep and a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado jeep along with seven other vehicles.

Arase said God had blessed him so much and he was contended to the point that he would willingly surrender “all my vehicular entitlements even as contained in the Revised Force Order 295 in the overriding interest of the force and in the sustenance of the legacy of comradeship between an incumbent IGP and his predecessor.”

He said he decided to delay in returning the vehicles, which Idris alleged he took away, as a form of protest against the “unfair, untidy and demeaning approach the matter was handled until now.”



My predecessors stole govt property, therefore it is only fair that I am allowed be a thief, how dare you call me a thief.....
Nigeria we hail thee.............

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Properties / Re: Architects: What Is Wrong With This Preliminary Draft by mastro: 7:25am On Nov 25, 2016
First Draft
The Dining and Kitchen are much too small, forget grid ref, just compare to size of bathrooms.
Guest toilet arrangement is flawed, your guest will have to come into living room to take a shower.
I'm assuming that you asked for a separate entrance, for the Suite on the left?
Only master Bed has wardrobe space and it's much too small.
Corridor is much too long, I see that he is trying to get light in, but design is fundamentally flawed.

Second Draft
Is better but that longggggggggggggggg corridor suggests to me a lack of understanding of basics, when no be face-me-I-face-you

Honestly I suggest you engage another "ARCHITECT" to give you a draft.

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Car Talk / Re: Can I Replace My Car Engine Oil With A Road Side Measurement Oil? by mastro: 8:56am On Nov 02, 2016
grin grin grin

Una wicked O.

OP, what they are all saying is that using oil of unknown grade and source in your car has a high probability of causing you very expensive problems,
look at it like this, if someone offers you a glass of water, and you don't know where it came from (Eva water, local gutter, pure water) would you drink it?


Car Talk / Re: Odometer Reading Roll Back - Advice Please by mastro: 7:09am On Oct 31, 2016

My Oga no vex o,
VIN report :177k
Actual on dashboard: 28k
08' Camry

Personally I would walk away, if the seller is ready to lie so blatantly about the mileage, what else is he lying about? Probably everything regarding the car, so no service history, so you can't see how well the car was maintained.
Politics / Re: EFCC Arrests Precious Chikwendu, Femi Fani-Kayode's Wife In Ekiti (Pic) by mastro: 7:27am On Oct 18, 2016
Wilson Uwujaren said Monday night
Giving the commission’s side of the story, Uwujaren said “Contrary to the media spin about the purported arrest of mother and child, a certain Chikwendu Sonia today attempted to withdraw money from an Access Bank account that had been placed on 'Post No Debit' Category, following the discovery of illicit cash flows into the account.

Is the relevant perspective from the EFCC

I really fail to understand why people jump to defend accused thieves just because they are public figures, , after all when in Oshodi market and they are chasing a guy shouting Ole Ole, these same people will join the mob without asking questions.
Politics / Re: Nigerians Warned To Stay Off MMM 'scam' by mastro: 9:52am On Oct 11, 2016
To show how popular this stuff is, I know a guy who makes daily over 500k in commissions paid into his account by MMM.

Or in other words,
I am a lying scamming bastard looking to capitalise on peoples misery by stealing the small they have


Politics / Re: Western Powers Blocking Nigeria’s Power Solution – Adeosun by mastro: 9:07am On Oct 06, 2016

Renewable energy is not without its drawbacks. I work in the energy industry so I am telling u from a position of authority. Renewable energy hasn't gotten to a point that will meet our industrialisation needs yet. Go and do ur research
U can't pay the 28 naira u are being charged per kWh gotten from gas now, is it when we introduce a larger bill with more expensive source of power like wind and solar that u guys can afford it?
If China toed every command laid down by the West do u think they will get to where they are today? Even India refused to sign the Paris pact for the same reason. Are u smarter than them?
Guy dey reason before u attack. Think critically before voicing ur opinion on issues.

Every technology has its drawbacks however I think the most viable way forward for Nigeria is a mix of Gas fired and renewables specifically Solar.

Gas fiired is proven technology with minimal downside we currently flare (waste) enough gas to power the whole of the country, hence Gas plants should be a no brainer.

Solar due to a combination of ability to produce and consume locally combined with rapidly falling prices of photovoltaics cell and batteries is the future. The same way we bypassed the expansion of landline provision going straight to Mobile phones for the majority of the population is the same way we should be managing power expansion. Solar installations in every home bypassing the grid for residential and small scale industrial use.


Business / Re: Forex: Erisco Foods Threatens To Fire 1,500 Workers, Leave Nigeria by mastro: 8:45am On Oct 06, 2016

well it's not as easy as you pointed out, erisco products are slightly higher than most of the imported tomato brands we have, he is even managing to stay afloat with a higher price margin, if he decides to obtain forex exchange from the banks at a higher rate, it will further dampen his woes he has already accumulated.

I'm confused:

Since the factory is already up and running his ForEx needs should be minimal.

He claims to have N6billion worth of stock, if his "competitors" are importing stock at N500 to the $ then surely his product gets cheaper in real terms.

As a local manufacturer the current state of the Naira should boost his business.
Car Talk / Re: 3 Diys, 1 Service Manual And 1 Car. Toyota Sienna 1998-2003 by mastro: 9:22am On Sep 19, 2016
engine is better hot, when draining oil.

Warm ideally IMO,I generally run my engine for a min or 2, so hot enough for improved viscosity (easy flowing) but not hot enough to burn.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should Application Letter Be Handwritten Or Typed? by mastro: 9:06am On Sep 14, 2016

It's 2016. Put yourself in the position of an employer. With that done, assume ure reviewing several applications, many handwritten ones in many styles and standard typewritten ones. Which ones would you rather read first?

Exactly, an application for employment is a formal communication, just like your CV. It should be typed out, it's the first contact a potential employer will have with you and should create the very best impression possible.

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