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Romance / Re: Ladies Should Have Backup Boyfriends - Joro Olumofin Reveals Why by missyadorable(f): 5:39pm On Aug 06, 2018
I had known my husband for 2 years, while still dating my then current guy.
Me and hubby(then,was a very good friend) would hang out, talk, chat and all that.
He knew my guy and I knew his babe.
His relationship ended like 3 months before mine.
I consoled him, as a good friend will.
When mine ended... It was his turn to console me.
We ended up consoling each other.
And the consolation ended in marriage 8 months after.
It was like "feem" trick to my ex.
He came around to beg.
Told him it was over. I had moved on.
3 years down the line.. We have been blessed with 3 kids... 2 sons and 1 daughter including a set of twins...

I am glad I had a side B plan... A contingency boyfriend.

Nobody is single.. Yes.
But people don't always marry the people they are currently dating.
There is a huge difference between a boyfriend and husband.
When husband comes, you suppose know say this one Na marriage.
You don't need to date for long.

As Joro rightly said.. Men know this and always have PLANS B, C, D, E etc.... And they fvck these girls...
Then when they dump you, the plan A, they quickly marry any of the other plans, leaving you so heart broken.

Relationship is not marriage.
Nobody owes anybody faithfulness.
Just play safe and smart.
Toto no dey read metre

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: JOB TIPS: Tips on How To Find The Perfect Job For You by missyadorable(f): 9:51am On Aug 01, 2018

know someone who knows someone who know an important someone in an Important place.

And you will get your perfect job.

How many likes for me?

1st to comment on a job-related post on the 1st day of a new month which also happens to be my 1st day on a new job.

Happy New Month, Nairalanders.
May all your heart desires be met. Amen.

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Romance / Re: Lady Gives Her Boyfriend's Phone Number To Her Toasters, Each Time They Ask by missyadorable(f): 1:55pm On Jul 31, 2018

Exactly, the boyfriend is feeling fly now

The boyfriend is a fooool
Health / Re: Woman With Massive Goiter For Over 18Years All Smiles After Successful Surgery by missyadorable(f): 1:01pm On Jul 27, 2018
She carried that lump for 18years....she is a strong woman. Thank God for help finally arrived. The smile says it better...

Poverty and ignorance made her carry that mass for 18 years, not strength
Celebrities / Re: The Interior Of Mercy Aigbe's House (Photos) by missyadorable(f): 2:38pm On Jul 24, 2018
So much money
Hard work
Sex and connection

Your sister is not a virgin, neither is your girlfriend /wife, if you are married.
What properties have they acquired?
Nothing but wide bore holed pvssi.

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Crime / Re: Pregnant Ghanaian Woman Jailed For 2 Years For Hitting Her Husband's Girlfriend by missyadorable(f): 11:57am On Jul 23, 2018
That serves her right. She should have channeled her anger to her husband


Politics / Re: 2019: Election Will Not Hold In 26 States – Biafra Zionists by missyadorable(f): 11:38am On Jul 23, 2018

South West is now part of Biafra?
Absolute crap!

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Battles Italian Authorities Over His 2 Surviving Children by missyadorable(f): 8:09pm On Jul 20, 2018
A woman from Benin City, Edo state must do everything possible to enter Italy.

You can't blame her.
It's in their blood
Politics / Re: Majority Of Nigerians Love Buhari, Forget Social Media Critics –femi Adesina by missyadorable(f): 12:37am On Jul 08, 2018
Majority of nigerians you say? Let wait till 2019 if dont rig. You should say most Hausa fulani

Nothing will happen.
Buhari will win with a landslide...
Nairaland / General / Re: What A Lady Did After A Man Tried Giving Her A Lift While It Was Raining by missyadorable(f): 2:56pm On Jul 05, 2018
Would you have done same for a fellow man?

Why would he?
Except he can fvck his fellow man.
Men give women lift for 3 reasons

1.To get laid..
2.To use them for rituals.
3. 1 and 2 above

Hence, men don't offer their fellow men lifts

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Nairaland / General / Re: What A Lady Did After A Man Tried Giving Her A Lift While It Was Raining by missyadorable(f): 2:50pm On Jul 05, 2018
Aunty reacted the right way.

Inside rain, cold weather..
Unknown Uncle wanted to give an Unknown Aunty a lift?
Such lift cannot be free Na.

Of course, Uncle must request/attempt to score goal and later claim offside.

That's if Aunty is lucky Uncle doesn't use her for rituals


Politics / Re: Akan Imoh, 27-Year-Old Contesting For Lagos State House Of Assembly. Pics by missyadorable(f): 3:00am On Jul 03, 2018
When will a Lagosian go and contest for office in Akwa Ibom?

It will never happen.
Akwa Ibom state is not a no man's land
Family / Re: What Would You First Go Through On Your Spouses' Phone If Given The Chance? by missyadorable(f): 10:57pm On Jun 28, 2018

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Crime / Re: Teenager Rapes Autistic Patient In Ogun, Gets Arrested (Photo) by missyadorable(f): 12:03pm On Jun 25, 2018
Who counted the number of times?


Health / Re: Lekki Doctor Slaps And Flogs Nurse, Orders Her To Kneel Down by missyadorable(f): 9:59am On Jun 22, 2018
NMA versus JOHESU brawl..
More to come
Events / Re: Leukemia: 24-Year-Old Lawyer Buried Few Months After Her Wedding (Photos) by missyadorable(f): 12:43am On Jun 21, 2018
RIP Onyi, I don't know why or how it happened but God knows all. I wonder how JuJu your husband will cope with all this. God knows best. Rest in peace my Darling

Forget about that.
Julius is a man. He is probably already chilling with another lady. Give him 1 year, he will remarry and forget all about her.
Wonder how her parents will cope.
Wetin concern man with dead wife?
Health / Re: "Nigeria Is In Big Problem!" - Doctor Olufunmilayo Harvey by missyadorable(f): 12:35am On Jun 21, 2018

Please can we chat via mail, pm, anything. I am a lawyer too and I need certain info from you.

Edit: just drop any channel I can contact you with.

Sorry, I don't contact internet men.
Nothing but bunches of f****k boys

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Health / Re: "Nigeria Is In Big Problem!" - Doctor Olufunmilayo Harvey by missyadorable(f): 11:48pm On Jun 20, 2018
So after relocating to paradise ,you are writing epistles to discourage others from joining you.
PLAB, USMLE and other foreign exams on point.

Nigeria doesn't need medical doctors.
After all nobody even appreciates them.
Patients and other health workers including cleaners are fighting them.

I implore every medical doctor to gather resources and leave this country...
God bless you.
I am a lawyer and I am on my way out already.
See you in paradise

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Romance / Re: Man Sits On The Floor For His Wife-To-Be In Pre-wedding Photoshoot by missyadorable(f): 3:35pm On Jun 19, 2018
Few months later, headline will read

Newly married man beats wife to death..

Social media display of affection is scam!


Celebrities / Re: Banky W Reacts To Chimamanda Adichie's Comment On Men Holding The Door For Women by missyadorable(f): 9:41pm On Jun 07, 2018
Why would a man hold a car door for me when I have hands and they are free?
Nigerian man and public display of care and affection is equal to trouble inside the house.


Crime / Re: Lady Pours Hot Water On Baby Daddy Because Of Domestic Violence by missyadorable(f): 7:24am On Jun 07, 2018
Cohabiting with a man for 13 years.
Have 4 children for him
Pregnant with the 5th.
No "reliable " source of income.
Yet he beats you.
And you still get pregnant for him.
Women, una well done oh.
Your foolishness is epic

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Romance / Re: My Husband Sleeps With My Maid by missyadorable(f): 11:52pm On Jun 06, 2018
Husband sleeping with maid is not a new thing.
All men f^.©k maid
Since the days of Abraham
Family / Re: ‘I Mistakenly Cheated On My Wife With Her Kid Sister’ by missyadorable(f): 9:53am On Jun 05, 2018
Your wife should have MISTAKENLY cheated on you with your brother, cousin or close friend.

Yeye man.
You want to eat your cake and have it


Romance / Re: My Girl Has Never Demand Anything From Herself.. by missyadorable(f): 9:53pm On Jun 04, 2018
Nigerian men are indeed confused.

A lady asks for stuff... Gold digger, greedy, Ashawo,and all forms of unpalatable names...

A lady doesn't ask... Ashawo ,Another man is giving her, Proud, Feminist, She will kill you, Run for your life, She is a man..


Una never chinchumchin!


Celebrities / Re: Bose Alao And Her Husband, Omotoyosi Rasaq Split After 10th Anniversary by missyadorable(f): 10:26am On Jun 04, 2018
Whenever I couples displaying their pictures and writing love stuff so frequently on social media, I know it's all fake.
They are not happy, they are suffering and only using social media as a cover up.
Religion / Re: The Basic Reason Why Nigeria Marriages Fail - Pastor Sunday Adelaja by missyadorable(f): 10:13am On Jun 04, 2018
When divorce is seen as a "No Option" marriages become prisons and the man and woman prisoners then what next? Everybody try jail break to freedom. Make your marriage an active partnership with equal stake holding and see it glow. Secondly, marriages must be built on the lifestyle and understanding of the partners not what one "Daddy" or "mummy" especially those from the "House of God" dictates to you. Fake names (baby, mummy, sweetie, Bea, sugar, etc) that are not sustainable should not even start from day one. She is baby one second and in another second you are Calling her government name becouse of a small misunderstanding. That means you have been pretending all along. A woman will definitely become suspicious of you. Just keep it real as it works for you and not as it pleases people. Finally, marriage must have a budget o! Its serious stuff that requires providing of needs. No money.. No money may affects marriage sha. Na my own few line be DAT..

God bless you.
The part that really got to me was the unnecessary pet/sweet names.
While single and dating, I never tolerated those names.
I remember a potential suitor insisting he must call me HoneyPie... And I call him SugarPie.
It sounded so fake and childish.
I shunned him.
My hubby and I address each other by our first names.
Family / Re: Man Refuses To Take Child To Hospital After Blood Flowed To Her Head.See Why.PIC by missyadorable(f): 12:07pm On Jun 01, 2018
Typical father...
I remember my father beating me till I fainted.
Neighbors and mum rushed me to the hospital while he went to his room and slept off.

Nigerian fathers.. Hmmmm
Tomorrow, they will say the mothers turned the children against them.. Just the same way my father is complaining now.. To hell with him.. His punishment just began.. Wicked Man.


Family / Re: Help !! My Wife Removes Her Ring Anytime We Have A Quarrel by missyadorable(f): 10:47pm On May 31, 2018
Your wife is childish and very funny.
What's wedding ring?
I have never liked a ring and I don't own or wear any wedding ring.
IDK don't see the essence of it.
I guess it means something precious to her though
Crime / Re: Father Brutalizes His Daughter In Oyo For Not Understanding Studies.Graphic Pic by missyadorable(f): 10:31pm On May 31, 2018
Reminds me of my childhood.
Little girl, relax.. Bear it.
One day, you will grow into an independent well to do adult and ignore that demon of a father
Health / Re: JOHESU Agrees To Suspend Strike June 1 by missyadorable(f): 2:48pm On May 30, 2018
Hunger Don kill them from house.

Una for kontunu the strike Na. Let's see.


Politics / Re: IPOB Protests Against Restructuring In Port-Harcourt (VIDEO) by missyadorable(f): 5:46pm On May 23, 2018
But restructuring is what is best for Biafra. If we can decentralize, combine SE and SS together and call the new region biafra while giving them them economic autonomy, everybody is happy and there is no bloodshed

Combine SE with which SS?

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Health / Re: Husband Abandons His Sick Wife In Port-Harcourt (Photos) by missyadorable(f): 2:33am On May 22, 2018
Just today,I met a middle aged woman hawking ground nuts . She was looking so weary and emaciated. The inquisitive part of me got working. Long story short. Her husband left Nigeria for the US and abandoned her and her two sons to their fate. The said clown is a study in deadbeat parenting. No calls,no remittances of funds. Some men do not deserve to live.

It was pretty obvious that she was eking out a living with the proceeds from the groundnut sales. I had to part ways with what I had on me. She was so thankful. The smile on her face was priceless . I went home feeling somewhat fulfilled that I could erase the vestiges of pains on someone's face.

I showed her my office and told her not to hesitate to ask of me whenever she comes around that axis to sell.

It's evil to shirk responsibilities and abandon your loved ones.

That woman deserves to suffer.
Women don't learn.
Husbands have shown how wicked, disappointing, unreliable and hard hearted they can be towards their wives.
Yet wives refuse to learn.
Many women still go into marriage without any source of livelihood.
Even in the marriage, they have no source of income.
They are just comfortable with "I love you" scam,depending on a man for everything.
Then when the man begins to act like the real man, the woman becomes a poverty stricken foool.

I am happy with myself today. I worked for 6 years after graduation from law school and got married at 32 despite societal pressure to get married much earlier.
God forbid.. Marry when I no get money?
Not me.

I needed to achieve some form of financial security. I saw myself as unqualified for marriage as long as I couldn't survive on my own financially.

My husband met me living in my own apartment and riding my own car.
I have 2 sons and 1 daughter including a set of twins.
I am 35 now and am done with child bearing.
My husband can have more outside, if he so desires. I am not bothered. Men will always be men.
What I am concerned about right now is MAKING MORE MONEY and raising my kids.
I will NEVER allow a man in the name of husband to frustrate me.
The day he kicks me out, I will live in the house I built and my life will continue beautifully.
No time.

Ps: I don't pray for bad but I plan for the worst. With the way Nigerian men are in marriage, anything is possible. The most loving husband can turn to a terrible monster tomorrow.

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