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Crime / Re: Children Rescued From Ondo Church Refuse To Follow Parents Home by Monaco2(m): 7:26am On Jul 05
The major problem of the world today is religion.....

Car Talk / Re: Car Fan Comes On Randomly by Monaco2(m): 6:26am On May 06
I didn't bother fixing again as it didn't in any way affect the car,but you can try what sultan suggested above.

Hello good morning, are you still using the car, is it still behaving same way because mine just started and my electrician told me it’s common with Highlander venza and sienna that carries venza engine.... it doesn’t affect my battery in any way but I just want to kno if you got it fixed
Politics / Re: Delta State And Its Home-Grown Billionaires by Monaco2(m): 9:17pm On May 01
What?? African Timber and Plywood closed down? That's a big shame on the part of the government. That company used to be not just the biggest company in Delta state,but one of the biggest Nigerian companies in the 80's. Remins me of how the Edo state government allowed NIFOR(Nigerian institute for oil plam research) to close down. That was another big business in the then Bendel state. Those companies would have become multinationals today if they had handled them well. As at that time,they were already big businesses in Nigeria as a whole. A.T & P was huge then. Do you have any info on what Delta Pack and Life flour mills are now? Are they still operating? What of Eternit and ABB? Still in business or also folded up?

Firstly sir, chief humphrey idisi died in 2009 at the age of 64, he was definitely the one you knew back then n he was the founder n owner of lone star, that aside.... life flour mill is still functioning, delta park no Dey.... eternit don fold up dem don even buy the land sef, late chief oghene owns the land and his children sold it to two people according to the gist goin around town... they said ijele n that guy wey Linda ikeji born for na their two nai Dey drag d land now as na their two nai dem sell am give
Politics / Re: Alh Tanko Yakassai Visits Asiwaju Bola Tinubu In Abuja (Photos) by Monaco2(m): 10:10am On Mar 26
Tinubu has no opponent in this race.

Naso dem talk about dr maduka of anambra
Career / Re: Wife's Phone Searched & All Contacts Deleted By Her Boss, Can I Sue Or Not? by Monaco2(m): 5:34pm On Mar 06
Good morning Nairaland

I'm going to be as explicit as possible and I need professional legal counsel/inputs to the issue stated below. (Pardon all blunders biko)

My wife recently got fed up with her place of work and decided to tender her resignation letter. She happens to be in the teaching profession and we all know what goes on in the private teaching schools (Most anyways).

On Friday the 4th of March which was supposed to be her final day at the school, the school's HM instructed her phone to put her phone on her desk (HM's) on the pretense that it was an open day and didn't want her distracted. She did exactly that and the day went just fine, after which, she dropped all the school's materials/properties with her and left.
On getting home, she went through her phone and discovered that her WhatsApp messages and conversations had been deleted, text messages deleted, all her contacts deleted, and all chats on her phone read. As if that wasn't enough, a few of her contacts called her to tell her they received messages from the school asking what her relationship was with them? Imagine!!!

Moreover, I think it is also good I state the fact that she and the HM haven't been best of friends due to an event that happened sometimes back between both parties. But for her to pick up her phone and go through it, and not just that, but also deleting her chats and wiping off contacts, deleting photos that has to do with the school, that's to the extreme haba!!!

Is there any legal ground to pursue this case or is it me just being emotional hurt that my wife's privacy has been trampled upon and I need to act. What should be my next point of action?


The phone no get password?!?
Family / Re: Help! Am Having Erection For My Cousin Sis. How Do I Tell Her To Dress Decently by Monaco2(m): 8:41pm On Feb 19
Op, what you're going through is normal. The response you're experiencing is completely biological in nature, remember, you have not met her before. She, being your cousin's sister, does not in any way, stop from being a woman she is. The problem here is that, there is no conditioning between you two that establish the fact that you guys are sisters, as such, there is a clear prediction that if you have opportunity, you will make love to her.
Based on the above submission, I will suggest you help her find a place to stay. Even if she changes the way she dresses from now on, it will not still change anything, because you have been conditioned already. Until you will not rest. So, to be on the safe side, find a place for her as quickly as possible.
This does not require discipline, it require removing or staying away from the source of the stimulus. If you keep staying, you will do it one day.

This is one of the best response I’ve read on this issue, people up there are just being hypocrites
Family / Re: Please Advice! I’m Having Multiple Issues With My Marriage by Monaco2(m): 1:00pm On Feb 08
Good day nairalanders. My first time post in 5yrs.

Will try to summarize the issues and seek sincere advise please.

I’ve been married before but got divorced within a year due to genotype issues(it’s a long story). So I remarried 2yrs after and with a child now, and that’s where my issues started from.

I know I have some bad sides too which I’m trying to change, which is flirting with single ladies, and this has caused multiple fight with my wife.

Whenever we have this fights, not physical, just verbal, but in her anger she breaks virtually anything around, cups, laptop, speakers etc. she can be madly angry. I’ve warned, petted her severally to desist from this act especially infront of our kid...but she won’t. It’s getting worse by the day. Now she reports me with blackmail to her parents and friends making me feel I’m the worst husband in the universe, calling me unprintable names. Calling me weak cos I don’t beat.

Now the advice I seek, we are planning to relocate as a family abroad this year, but I’m really scared. I can actually go alone, but would prefer we all go together since I have the means. But I’m scared if I won’t regret my actions to take her along with this her character. What if I get jailed or lose custody of our child abroad, because she’s a master in blackmail. She can turn simple issue overboard.

Sorry for the long epistle. Just had to pour out my mind. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

Thank you

U will definitely regret taking her with u because u can’t stop flirting n the truth is yankee no b naija.... she will have more advantages over you there n u can even loose ur house n properties to her over there. Be warned
Celebrities / Re: Simi Celebrates Adekunle Gold On His 35th Birthday by Monaco2(m): 9:09am On Jan 29
In 2015 adekunle gold was 35 as he was born in 1980, 7 yrs later her is still 35 born in 1987 grin
Career / Re: Beautiful Female Engineer Turned Painter by Monaco2(m): 3:48pm On Jan 11
They say there is dignity in labour.

This beautiful lady by name Precious, an Agricultural and Bioenvironmental Engineer decided to drop the ego and pride to take brushes to do wonders.

She has all the beauty to move into prostitution or other societal ills, but she rather, made-up her mind to delve into this world/job dominated by men. A big Kudos to her.

Is she on Instagram or fecebook, I’ll appreciate it if you can help me with her handle of Facebook name
Car Talk / Re: My Ex-girl Is Disturbing Me.. What Should I Do by Monaco2(m): 8:57pm On Nov 25, 2021
Early this year, my babe broke up with me. According to her, she told me there is a man who is asking her hand for marriage and her parent has already giving her the go ahead to marry d man..

She told me the man is rich and promise to buy her car, bla-bka-bla so I told her there is no problem, she can go ahead since am not ready yet after all am just a shoe-maker still waiting for my NYSC...

Bt of lately like last two weeks this babe started disturbing me that we should come and she is sorry... Well I don't know how she get to know that my mum lent me 600k to start up, of wish am doing well now by his "Grace" and at the same time serving my country presently...

So according to her, she say the man just only wanted to sleep with her and because she refuse and told the man to wait till after their wedding the man broke up with her...as it stands now I don't really know what to do...

I hope say u no believe her story o, except she is a virgin.....if she is not then you should know dat the said man used false marriage promises to sleep with her till he was satisfied n discard her like an unwanted clock.....be wise


Foreign Affairs / Re: World’s Oldest Ever Person’ Francisca Susano Dies At 124years ( Pics) by Monaco2(m): 8:55pm On Nov 24, 2021
By February, we will bury someone that died at d age of 127 in my family.. These people are wrong by saying she was d oldest person.

True but the thing here is that d recording body goes with fact, they will give the world record to the person Wu has a birth certificate that was issued the year the person was born, they don’t use affidavit and u kno dat here in Africa our grand parents no get birth certificate not to talk of great grand parents

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Family / Re: Her Parents Sponsored Our Wedding, Should I Be Worried. by Monaco2(m): 7:35pm On Nov 14, 2021

Honestly speaking am really worried, have dated my fiance for sometime now. So we finally decided to tie the knot.
She suggested we do it this year November and I concurred, so we've been saving towards it ever since.

Last 2 months I made my intentions known to her family, that I will like to marry their daughter. Due to the conversations I had With her parents, I told them I wanted it small.. because am not financialy buoyant.

But To my surprise, her dad said I shouldn't worry about it, they are going to support me ( which is most likely Normal)

(They gave me traditional rite's, which I sorted out by myself)

With the traditional right drawing close, last month I learnt from my fiancee..her parents are planning to buy 2 cow for the traditional and white wedding. (I was surprised)

The following week, the hall she choosed for the reception of the white wedding, has already been paid for by her dad which was about 500k excluding the decorations which they also took care of ( even though I opted we could have done the reception in the church)

But my fiancee told me her dad is inviting alot of well-wishers home and abroad to come celebrate with us.both his fellow staffs and all.

* I bought 2 bag of rice and groundnut oils

* We paid for the cakes

* We paid for drinks

* We sorted things out (invitation cards, pre shoot photos)

But was surprised 2 days to the traditional marriage, more expensive drinks were rolling in.

On the d day of the white wedding, I realised, they cooked more than 8 bags of rice ( coconut, jollof, banga and fried) meats were surplused.
Alot of people came from her family's, while my own families were just there.. they did get the message.

Someone even said it to my mom face. THAT THIS GIRL PAPA TRY O.

please, I don't want to sound like am a bad person or I don't know good.
Offcus I appreciate her parents efforts, but am just a little bit worried.

As a man, won't this come to haunt me in the future?

U wey in-law support u no go happy, when I marry in-law no support me o, na dem even add more expenses to be paid by me... just thank ur God say u get better in-law
Properties / Re: Nifemi, PA To Owner Of Collapsed Ikoyi Building Found Dead, Osibona Trapped by Monaco2(m): 8:13pm On Nov 02, 2021

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Celebrities / Re: When Did Sexual Content Start In Kids Cartoons? - Williams Uchemba Asks by Monaco2(m): 10:04am On Oct 13, 2021
Guess you neva watch family guy.

Even American dad

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Romance / Re: Uber And Bolt Drivers Are Harassing My Girlfriend by Monaco2(m): 12:26am On Oct 09, 2021
That's how the average Nigerian male reasons and nobody can deny that.

It’s really sad

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Romance / Re: Uber And Bolt Drivers Are Harassing My Girlfriend by Monaco2(m): 8:07pm On Oct 08, 2021
I honestly no understand how those guys wey first comment Dey think o, she told him she is in a relationship n yet he find her come house, if that’s not a pervert move I don’t understand wat is....... this is probably how stalking starts, b4 u kno he might harm her..... y on earth should d driver go to her house unannounced...... wat nonsense
So because he never marry her he shouldn’t protect her against perverts n stalkers disguised as Uber drivers?!? U guys need ur brain examined, I’m not sure u lots a matured

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Politics / Re: Rochas Okorocha Celebrates His 59th Birthday Today by Monaco2(m): 9:57am On Sep 22, 2021
Happy birthday bro, one statue loading for your birthday
Foreign used Fujitsu AH40/G
4GB Ram
320GB hard drive
DVD rom
Original charger
58k only

Where are u based?!?
Science/Technology / Re: Kenya: EIGHT Lions Tackle Buffalo In Savage Attack (Pictures) by Monaco2(m): 5:55pm On Sep 04, 2021
This is the killer blow.
The Lion went for the jugular.

That lion won’t last long, d bull sef use horn wound am, na e last meal e chop so

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Celebrities / Re: Angela Nwosu Receives A SUV From Her Husband, Austin Nnaemeka After Delivery by Monaco2(m): 5:17am On Jul 22, 2021
Nice it’s a 14 million naira Changan cs85 d man try

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Family / Re: Man Walks In On His Wife Feeding Her Lover In Their Home (Photo) by Monaco2(m): 5:14pm On Jul 16, 2021
Sierra Leone cheesy grin their own pidgin Dey funny


Career / Re: "Earning N50M Annually In Nigeria But Considered Poor In Developed Countries" by Monaco2(m): 10:15am On Jul 13, 2021
Let’s start with what the value
of $1000 is in the United
States. Is $1K valuable or
valueless in the US?

Do you know that in the US, some
average people’s monthly rent is
over $1000? We haven’t included
taxes and other monthly fees. Now
in Nigeria, apart from few places in
Lagos and Abuja, I don’t think there is a place in Nigeria where
monthly rent is above $100 for a
bedroom apartment. So you see,
with 50M naira annual income,
you’re a million in Nigeria, but a
poor or rather, an average man in the US, UK, and Canada.

Earns 50M Naira Annually In
Nigeria Is Considered Poor In UK,
US & Canada? Let’s hear from you.

That's an argument between me and my tight paddy!!!

Drop your comment below.

How are you considered poor in USA when that money in dollars is over 120000, there are people in America that don’t receive that much in a year and they are not considered poor... 50 million is big home and abroad

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Celebrities / Re: Kodak Black Throws $100K Into The Ocean; Flushes Money Down The Toilet by Monaco2(m): 8:42pm On Jul 01, 2021
Na Wetin d juju tell am to do
Events / Re: Has Anyone Here Hired Wedding Guests In Nigeria? by Monaco2(m): 9:24pm On Jun 23, 2021
Is it possible to hire guests for a wedding in Nigeria? I’m just curious. So please don’t attack me.
I have always dreamed of having a wedding that I would be proud of. AKA posh wedding. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of friends or know many big people and the few people I even know at all are not really posh looking (this is not an insult); what I mean is, you know, these broke guys kind of friends that you have to pay their transport back when they even manage to visit you.

So I have this question: is it possible to hire posh grooms men and a couple of posh guests (including white men and women and money sprayers to act as friends) to pose at a wedding in Nigeria?
I have read it is possible in the USA or other countries. Has anyone come across this in Nigeria?

Kevin hart wedding ringer
Sports / Re: Coca-Cola Loses $4 Billion As Ronaldo Removes Soft Drink To Endorse Water by Monaco2(m): 9:07am On Jun 16, 2021
I really don't know how to process this information. He removed a drink from the table and chose another and automatically $4bn was wiped off the company value and even prompted the to issue a statement about the gesture.

How can an individual hold so much influence over the choice of consumers like this.

If I hit him with a deal, he will be hawking the drink on the express. That's if am the CEO of coca-cola.

There can only be one GOAT and he's a tall guy

Argue with yourself and your family plus village people

That is star power for you, Kendall Jenner did the same thing to Snapchat in 2018 all she asked was ‘so does anyone else not open Snapchat’ n Dey lose over a billion dollars

Politics / Re: Lagos Residents Boo Usman Alkali Baba, Police Inspector General During Visit by Monaco2(m): 6:00pm On Jun 09, 2021
Wait o, na IGP pass abi na buhari?!? With all those motorcades
Celebrities / Re: E-money Acquires 2021 Rolls-royce Cullinan Black Badge by Monaco2(m): 7:49am On Jun 05, 2021
Dat ride na 135 million e no reach 200 million una too Dey lie

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Politics / Re: Emefiele: Nigeria To Save $3 Billion From Petroleum Imports Annually by Monaco2(m): 7:38am On Jun 05, 2021
Make all of una getat las las d money go land for one account for Switzerland


Health / Re: What Is The Most Embarrassing Moment You Had With A Nurse/Doctor? by Monaco2(m): 12:37pm On Mar 31, 2021

I work in the health sector.
For those procedures that are not common the ogas will even order you to come and observe cos that might be the only chance you have to do practical learning.
That they were laughing might be a reaction to your own actions.

I understand dat only happens in teaching hospitals n not in private hospitals... I was told if I had insisted on them to leave they would have left


Health / Re: What Is The Most Embarrassing Moment You Had With A Nurse/Doctor? by Monaco2(m): 12:16pm On Mar 31, 2021

They came to look so they will learn.
Not that they haven't seen enough odenjinji

Bro u were not deh o, had it been I was sound I for no gree o, they were just smiling n laughing sheepishly
Health / Re: What Is The Most Embarrassing Moment You Had With A Nurse/Doctor? by Monaco2(m): 10:08am On Mar 31, 2021
Years back I was admitted for typhoid n malaria, I was seriously ill, got to a point I could not eat or drink water, weneva I managed to eat I throw up immediately, I realize that I was having constipation n for days i couldn’t shit embarassed, so the matron came n told me she was goin to insert a drug up my anus to soften my stool, d moment d nurses heard that Dey wanted to naked d young guy wey drive suv come u need to c d way my “private” ward was filled with small small nurses chai, my sis dat was at the reception was like where una Dey run go, una never c Wu naked b4?!? embarassed shame wan kill me but wat to do.... I gats bend yanch for dem to c sickness na bad thing bob

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Politics / Re: Garba Shehu: Buhari Is Internet Savvy, He Can Work From Anywhere by Monaco2(m): 5:24am On Mar 31, 2021
Lol internet wat?!? grin
Celebrities / Re: Lifestyle Audit Law: Yemi Alade Reacts by Monaco2(m): 11:55am On Mar 23, 2021
She is very correct

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