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Health / Re: COVID-19: Should I Get Vaccinated? by mrmachine: 1:00pm On Sep 14
If there is a way you can escape the vaccine do but I would advise against taking it. If it's mandatory you can take it. This is not the mark of the beast. Jesus would come to take his own away first during the rapture before antichrist would come to enforce the 666 mark. The only problem with the vaccine is the long time effect. There are many scientific suggestions showing that the vaccine is harmful in the long term


[b]You really need to follow the End-time trend if not you will lose it here on earth and also in Eternity.
The reason why you are actually asking this question is because you are not close to God's word.
Neither updated with the book of revelation that talks about the mark of the beast.

That there will be no buying neither selling except the mark bearer, 666.
What is Job compared to your soul?
outside this, Are you not even aware that even Bill gate is trying to withdraw the Vaccines? knowing too well that is deadly?

Don't you read the news or follow up apart from your job?

Well, all I will tell you is, what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul...

May I just ask you this Question...

What if immediately you finish taking the Vaccines they lay you off? Yet the trauma lives with you forever...

Get it into your subconscious mind, that Job is someone else establishment, a day will come you will leave it or the job will leave you then the mark remains with you forever.[/b]

Family / Re: Advice Needed by mrmachine: 7:17pm On Sep 10
I need matured inputs please.

I am a married woman, with a child.

My Marriage has been really rocky. Quarrels every now and then.

What basically causes the problems is our differences, we just don’t understand each other, it wasn’t so visible during dating.

Although we did not date for long....but being married, it has been from one issue to the other, right from a week after our wedding.

I have always contemplated leaving, but I am yet to be fully independent.

Sometime this year, I found out he has been cheating (I was not surprised, but I was heart-broken) my discovery strengthened my resolve to leave the union.

In the process of nursing my heartbreak, I reconnected with an ex, we got talking and he helped my heal. I did not tell him what I was going through at the time...I was just enjoying the attention he was showing me.

I should state that I did not tell my husband about his cheating, I held all the emotions back, it was a very difficult period for me because I am usually the outspoken type.

My ex is not based in the country where me and my husband reside, we just communicate on phone, he says he misses me and would want us to meet when he is in town.

I should also state that my ex was married but divorced.

I would not deny my having feelings for my ex, and I also do not want to believe in a fairytale ending, I am just confused.
Romance / Re: A Case For Men Who Don’t Want To Date Single Mothers by mrmachine: 7:52am On Sep 10
Yet, if you tell both male and female to stop fornicating, they will come for you.

Many are having premarital sex and children are one of the consequences of premarital sex.

You people frown at people doing abortions but won't marry a single mum or won't abstain from sex.

If your partner gets pregnant for you, na una go first say make she abort am, yet, some of you won't marry a woman who has done abortion before.

Una no see say this premarital sex thing no worth am las las?


Women, from the response my comment is getting, it's safe to say you're on the receiving end.

These guys won't marry you with a child, they won't marry you if they know you've had an abortion or abortions, they won't marry you if post pills mess with your fertility.

Is it not best to close your legs till you get married?

The posts about dating or marrying single mothers should be a deterrent, cause them plenty for Romance section. They will quote Okafor's law for you as a reason to not marry a single mother.

Ladies, close leg o.

Best advice so far this morning
Romance / Re: I'm Madly In Love With A Married Woman! Pls Advise!! by mrmachine: 12:47pm On Aug 16
Such a lust, which you mistaken for love, Scripture warns that it is tantamount to putting fire under your bossom and not wanting to be burnt. Love does not covet another person's wife. Scripture frowns against it in the 10 Commandments and also in Proverbs. In fact, Proverbs affirm that "... whosoever touches another persons' wife shall not be innocent."
Kill such evil thoughts... It is faaaaar from love!
And change your topic to: "I'M MADLY IN LOVE WITH DEATH! " grin

Best answer, the Bible says you should flee youthful lust. Repent genuinely from sins, accept Christ and ask for his help. Also avoid any transaction with the said woman for now. It's well with you
Romance / Re: Help! I Don't Feel Sexually Attracted To My Fiancée by mrmachine: 4:25pm On Jul 24
Op sex before marriage is wrong nomatter what anybody think or say. Wrong is wrong and people being peer pressured to do it still doesn't make it right. Having agreed to her on the 'no sex' since 2019, that says you might be a Christian. Continue on that good path even with future relationships. You should also look in wards to find what may be the cause of this lack of feeling as it's definitely NOT caused by your abstinence. Maybe something about her physical appearance, scent, dressing etc might be irritating you unconsciously. Sexual attraction is very much needed in marriage.

Please respect her stand and don't coarse her into what she doesn't want to engage in due to her faith.

And then Op, this is 2021☺️ 3years since engagement, abeg do something. Una sopoz don study unasef finish and 2021 is about rounding up..�

You just spoke my mind. Please respect her belief but make sure there is genuine love between the two of you. You don't need to sin against God through fornications before you can know if the two of you are compatible. Make sure it's God leading you to marry her and not fleshly drive. If you feel there is no love again please don't go ahead, just release her but let it not be because she has not consented to fornicating with you


Family / Re: Tired Of My Marriage by mrmachine: 9:35pm On Jun 13
Sorry to hear this bro. They meant no harm, they are just poor. Believe me they are praying for you. Pray that God bless you more to be able to able be source of blessings to them and many more.

No need for a long story, I got married 2 yrs ago, during our friendship I mean courtship it was very sweet and lovely, we got married 2 yrs ago and I have 1 kid.

The problem I have is that, the girl's family come to greet almost every time and when they come they eat like elephant, anything eatable they eat it, they don't use eyes to see bread tea or butter in my room, they will finish it within a day, I will end up spending a lot during the time, when I noticed that it becomes offen i started telling my wife that I am broke, I don't have money. Although my wife is very nice she earns salary of 40k a month, and do funds and cook many times with her money.

Before now I was it okay, we are like a family, now i just realized that it is making me not think straight within a week oil and cooking things we bought will just finished the cartoon of indomitable that last the 2 of us before 1 month or month plus will just finish within 4 days of thier stay, some time 3 of her family will come once and another set will come again, my wife is the first daughter, the poor parents gave birth to 9 kids all in the name of looking for a boy, so she said although the 2 boys are number 7 and 9 position, her parents should be around man 60s and the woman 45yrs old. so now I am tired of the marriage, I don't know how to talk to my wife about it, that I don't like how thier family do come offend since we got married, my families has never come to sleep over in my place for a night talkless of spending holiday in my place my parents gave birth to only 3 of us 2 boys 1 girl.

Now i am just tired I can't be responsible for someone else burden why give birth to many kids and unable to train them, i plan to have only 2 or 3 kids only, and her family want to make me be like thier father sitting at home doing nothing depending on pension for survival, i have realized that I can't achieve what i should have achieved if i continue life this way.

Before our marriage, we agreed no family members is coming to stay with us, the issue now is they don't stay but come to eat and go, it's a big cheating to me I am tired for real, even if I say I don't have money and she use her own. The money should have be able to do other important thing . She spending is also affecting me a lot, we should have been able to buy land or car or live well, not feeding battalion. I am tired please I need advice on what to do.


Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by mrmachine: 7:54am On Jun 03
Hi people, please I am in need of neatly used pocket friendly 12v PSW inverter and 40A mppt charge controller, it's for a project. Please contact me if you have one that you have retired due to upgrade or whatever reasons, please contact me. Thanks
Religion / Re: Is It A Sin If A Christian Has A Tattoo On His/her Body? by mrmachine: 12:11pm On May 09
Point of correction, salvation is not permanent in a sense that it's there as long as Christian or believer continues following Christ and living holy life. If he decides to go back to his old ways, if he dies he would go to hell


If you had a tattoo before you became a believer, it won't be counted as sin once you become a believer. This is because your sins have been washed away by the Blood of Jesus. Once you get your perfect body on the day of resurrection, the tattoo you currently have won't be there anymore.

If the case is that you are a believer and you want to get a tattoo, it means you want to knowingly commit sin despite knowing God's commandment against such. If you go ahead to draw the tattoo on your body, God may punish you for it. But can that sin stop you from going to Heaven? No. Sin can't prevent you from making heaven if you believe that Jesus salvation is permanent and can't be lost. That doesn't mean you should abuse it, even though if you do you still won't lose heaven. For example, if you know your mother will always love you, should that make you want to always treat her like trash? If you know God will always love you, should that make you treat his commandments like trash?
Health / Re: I've Been Diagnosed With Stage 1 Colon Cancer by mrmachine: 2:07pm On Apr 25
For about 1-2 months, I've been experiencing rectal discharge (a lump above my anus which brings out bloody mucur), constant weakness and pain in my abdominal area. Initially, I thought it was a disease called Hemorrhoids, because the symptoms are exactly the same, and I never imagined this could happen to me. Two nights ago, my stool was filled with dark red blood; so I had to quickly inform my parents. They advised I go for a full scale test. To cut the story short, I've been diagnosed with stage 1 colon cancer. I really need your prayers.

So sorry to hear about it. Try Apollo Syrup and Nature's extract multiple stem cells. Add soursop plus prayers. You would come back to testify that the Lord is good. You can reach out to me for more
Health / Re: The Three Giant Scorpions I Killed After One Stung Me (Photos) by mrmachine: 2:14pm On Apr 24

Yes my brother!
But the pain isn't easy.
Still feeling it.

If it really stung you, you wouldn't have been well enough to begin posting. Those type do kill people
Education / Re: Mba Daniel, UNN Student Commits Suicide After His Phone Was Seized In Exam Hall by mrmachine: 9:15am On Mar 14
He got it very wrong

And went to hell
Politics / Re: Untold Story Of Nigeria-Niger Republic Rail Line by mrmachine: 8:04am On Feb 24
Dailytrust is owned by northerners so I don't expect that they won't support the wastage.

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Agriculture / Re: See The Green Snake I Killed In My Farm Today (Photos) by mrmachine: 5:50pm On Feb 18
It's rat snake I don't think it's poisonous


Religion / Re: Is My Problem Spiritual Or Medical? by mrmachine: 5:47pm On Feb 15
There could be underlying heart related issue like night palpitations. I will advise you go check your cholesterol and some other heart health check. Also if you have treated malaria recently with a quinine based antimalarial, it may also cause that. I am overruling the spiritual aspect though. Repent from your sins and be genuinely converted. 1 John 5:18 We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not. As you take the right step with God , he would keep you in Jesus name amen

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Politics / Re: Taiwo Adisa: There Are Plots To Cause Unrest In Oyo State Through Fake News by mrmachine: 9:55pm On Feb 07
Dailyytrust na pro north/Fulani. I don't usually believe them
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: You Cannot Threaten Or Arrest Me (Video) by mrmachine: 11:16pm On Jan 22

Whether Sunday likes it or not, the Fulanis are free to live anywhere they want. The same goes for an Igbo, Yoruba or any other tribe

You can't just wake up one morning and threaten a whole community.

If you feel aggrieved, join Nnamdi Kanu's WhatsApp group. But as long as Nigeria exists, anybody is free to live anywhere

You are correct but anybody that wants to live elsewhere must be known and not faceless, should buy property and not just enter someone's land and occupy
Religion / Re: Should A Born Again Christian Look Sexy in Public? by mrmachine: 10:16am On Jan 17
The question is what's the meaning of being sexy? Can we say being sensual, captivating, alluring, attractive for bedding? That's not the nature of Christ. That would not definitely glorify God either. When a woman wears something revealing especially those cloths that reveal the body contours, protrudes, that would only attract those men that at first sight would nurse the thought to sleep with them. 2 Thessalonians 1: 12. That the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, and ye in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Celebrities / Re: Kechi Okwuchi Shares Weight Loss Transformation And Reveals How She Achieved It by mrmachine: 3:28pm On Jan 15
I love her positive energy... Keep fighting queen

But be sincere , can you marry her?
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by mrmachine: 9:13pm On Dec 23, 2020

Guys here are asking for specifics to help you but you are more interested in getting a price quote.
With that mindset, an installer can rip you off or give a low quote with claims that he is giving you a 2kva system and then go ahead to install a system that will not last up to six months for you.

The details unicmarket and ojeysky went into may look unnecessary and difficult to understand but they are valuable info that will give you a standard system.

I advise that you take time to do some Google search to understand the basics of inverter setup so that you won't be at the mercy of installers (there are alot of half-baked installers out there). What is worth doing is worth doing well, even if it's on a small scale.

Thanks for your mature response bro.


Nairaland / General / Re: See The Pregnant Cobra My Brother Killed Near Their House, With It's Eggs Intact by mrmachine: 9:51pm On Dec 18, 2020

My thoughts too when I saw it. He claims it's a Cobra but what do you think it is?

This is a confirmed cobra. Not all of them are black
Politics / Re: FG Lists NIN Enrolment Centres Nationwide by mrmachine: 6:21am On Dec 17, 2020
I hope this is free

The federal government should better warn them make they no Dey collect 500 naira on top person head before registering
They are collecting N500 already in Benin
Pets / Re: The Snake I Killed In My Kitchen This Evening by mrmachine: 2:52pm On Dec 09, 2020
If not that it’s not that big,I could have roasted it ,smoked it and preserved it till Xmas eve ,it would have go down to my stomach smoothly with a bottle of Origin bitters

Why did you kill it? It's not poisonous now, it's just unfortunate that the snake likes human abodes too much
Religion / Re: Should I Be Worried About This Black Cat? by mrmachine: 12:56pm On Dec 06, 2020
Please there's this black cat that use to disturb, crying at the fence close to my window at night.

It stopped disturbing for some months, but is back now.

what should I do?

the cat is big fa.

if I go out to chase it, it will run away but later return

There may be more to it than it just crying. It may be a ploy in the coven to either monitor or slow your progress. I am talking from experience. Any time it cries, try and scare it away again. If it persists put an odor less poison in the fish. Whoever is it, since he or she in cat body more subject to nature - cat loves fish. Back it up with prayer too and also be closer to God
Politics / Re: Onuesoke Criticises FG Over Plan To Import Petroleum From Niger Republic by mrmachine: 6:39am On Nov 23, 2020
[quote author=JoeEeL post=96338006]Where I come from, this is what they term "Good morning in the evening". cheesy

Joel , you spoke my mind all

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Religion / Re: Which Pastor Inspires You? by mrmachine: 10:43am On Nov 15, 2020
Pastor WEAVER inspires me undecided

Ah you don old o. If you watched that film
Politics / Re: What Is The Meaning Of JAGABAN? by mrmachine: 9:28am On Nov 02, 2020
BORGU was never under oyo kingdom
Borgu used to. In fact, the Soun Ogbomoso came from Bariba, he was given land when he overcame a dissident that was disturbing Oyo mesi in those days.

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Crime / Re: Bashir Ahmad Speaks On US Army Rescue Operation In Nigeria by mrmachine: 3:36pm On Nov 01, 2020
Nigeriens will not curse their country because they are a country of almost homogeneous people.

Little or no ethnic tension.

A certain tribe of Niger doesn't think they own the country and are born to rule.

The president of Niger does not make lopsided appointments and stratify his country into 97% and 5%.

Until you make every Nigerian feel like a Nigerian, you fools will continue to have angry Nigerians curse and piss on this shithole.

This is the post of the week. It's not flesh and blood that spoke through you, indeed you have the wisdom of God
Religion / Re: As A Christian, How Do I Resist The Urge To Watch Porn? by mrmachine: 10:37am On Oct 25, 2020
Work in the spirit and you would not fulfill the lost of the flesh. Engage in spiritual things, avoid object of temptations. Avoid worldly musics that promotes vulgarities that appeal to sensual inclinations. And always pray with Jude 1:24 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy. Best of


Politics / Re: Senate Directs Investigation Into Excessive Bank Charges by mrmachine: 4:27pm On Oct 08, 2020
most especially GT and Access bank

GTB is still fair but Access bank is a roque.
Crime / Re: NSCDC Official Shoots DSS Operative Dead In Osun by mrmachine: 10:12am On Oct 05, 2020
Was a cordial shooting na

Friendly fire
Politics / Re: Buhari Congratulates Kaycee Madu On His Appointment As Minister In Canada by mrmachine: 3:45pm On Aug 27, 2020
So how did Tanko become CJN back home? This is a nation where merit counts a lot.So learn your lesson. Congrats man.

You said my mind. An Islamic sharia judge that studied shariah suddenly became CJN. I was so ashamed when during his appearance at the national assembly he was asked about how he would deal with cases with Technicalities bottlenecks and was blabbing.

I am sorry for Nigeria
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by mrmachine: 4:12pm On Jul 29, 2020
MBA forex is real, and so is Bluekey. Except that blue key gives you more. 40% ROI monthly.

They are usually real in the beginning but as soon as they get the amount they are after, then the more you see, the less you understand


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