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Celebrities / Re: Makeup Artist Transforms Her Client To Chika Ike by NiCurious: 4:33am On Dec 30, 2020
Now I want to know, what does Chika Ike herself look like, without her makeup? Hmmm....
Religion / Re: Nigerian Christians Pray For Joe Biden's Votes To Be Upturned (Video) by NiCurious: 6:26pm On Nov 20, 2020
Please don't classify these persons as Christians, they are not Christians and Trump is not a Christian either.

Trump is no Christian, doesn't even go to church.... He was asked his favourite Bible verse and he couldn't even mention one..... He spends his whole weekend golfing and you're calling him a Christian?

Joe Biden on the other hand is a practicing Catholic and he attends church regularly.

Most of you are just brainwashed supporters riding on disinformation being shared to you by painting Biden as a devil.... Same thing you people did to Hillary Clinton.

If I were in a church and the pastor tries this stunt, I'd get up and leave immediately.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Complains As Result Tilt Towards Biden's Favour by NiCurious: 9:00pm On Nov 04, 2020
I see much posts that the total number of votes in Michigan and Wisconsin exceeds the number of registered voters by hundreds of thousands. If this is true then it is fraud. Votes might be recounted or Trump will fight in court.
Education / Re: Why Do MOST Nigerian Parents Rush Their Kids Through School? by NiCurious: 4:11pm On Oct 28, 2020

Then tell companies not to advertise vacancies with age cap at 25 in a country plagued by endless strikes in her universities.
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Speaks On EndSARS Protests, Urges Youths To Stop The Protests by NiCurious: 5:26am On Oct 20, 2020
Dear Protesters,

Please note that any protest against the government will have to last for 30days/ 1 month for the united nations (UN) to intervene. That is why the government are trying to play smart. Please repost and forward it to everybody, if the UN should intervene then it's over for the government and the youths have won, please don't give up. A lot of Nigerians don't know about this law, so please spread the word. Let keep protesting.
*#endsars** *#endbadgovernment*

Fake info about UN. Please stop passing it.
But don't stop protesting!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Magawa Rat Awarded Gold Medal For 'Lifesaving Bravery' After Detecting Landmines by NiCurious: 4:23am On Sep 26, 2020
That's creative thinking, using the rat's skills to locate landmines safely. A big, human-created problem, being resolved by a rat.

Let the rat always feel that its humans appreciate it, lest it find a hand grenade, pull out the pin, and throw it.

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Health / Re: UNICEF: 57% Nigerian Children Don’t Have Birth Certificates by NiCurious: 4:46am On Sep 23, 2020
200 million people, yet not enough manpower. Hmm.

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Science/Technology / Re: Scientists Discover Impossible Planet, Having Possibility For Life by NiCurious: 1:52am On Sep 22, 2020
I don't understand these debates at all.

For those who believe in a Creator: are you not open to the idea that the Creator can create life on an infinite number of planets? It's entirely possible.

For those who don't believe in a Creator: what is wrong with people personifying creation if it helps them sleep at night? We have had many personifications, and Yahweh is neither the first, nor the last in the long line of deities.

The truth is not one of us knows, and in my opinion the Bible described things to an audience that doesn't have the same scientific understanding as we do now. From that perspective, God, through scientists, is reaching out and writing an upgraded Bible, but the religious currently living refuse to understand that...

That's an interesting way of putting it. I like what you said.
I fear that if God (if there is one) walked into a church/mosque etc. and started explaining what really happened, and how things really work, God would be kicked out of the church or mosque, for making assertions beyond what is written in the holy books. :/


Fashion / Re: 14-Year-Old Chinese Girl Spends £114k On Eye Operations To Look Like Human Doll by NiCurious: 5:30pm On Sep 18, 2020
Women getting plastic surgery try to look more "womanly" (at least in their minds).
A child getting plastic surgery is trying to look like a (toy) child.
What will happen to this child look, as her body grows? Maybe her mind will finally catch up with her age?

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Travel / Re: Water Tanker Crushes Tricycle, Kills One, Injures Others In Anambra (Graphic) by NiCurious: 4:15pm On Sep 15, 2020
What scrap metal yard did they take that tanker from?
Look at that smashed windshield caving in...I don't think that happened from colliding with the keke. Missing headlight. Bald tyres. Is that driver side door made of wood, with no glass in it? Rust and dents everywhere...if that is the outside, what is the engine like, and how has it been maintained? And what is the inside of the water tank like, and how pure is that water? I would not drink it.
Madness to take such a thing on the public road, yet it is seldom the driver who suffers.

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Religion / Re: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Reveals Rapture Date - 3, 6 Or 10 Years Time by NiCurious: 3:13am On Sep 15, 2020

Being in house arrest for so long killed him.

How long do you feel he might have lived, if not under house arrest?
Religion / Re: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Reveals Rapture Date - 3, 6 Or 10 Years Time by NiCurious: 2:56am On Sep 15, 2020
You guys are always quick to label things with derogatory terms without even doing any holistic research on whatever claims he put out there. Jesus said, "whoever eats of his flesh...", and the religious people around said he was crazy for saying such. Same way, Galileo was labeled an heretic by the Roman Catholics for postulating a theory that the Earth was not the center of the universe and that the Sun didn't revolve around the Earth. Galileo said it was the other way around and it was the earth moving around the Sun. They killed him for it. But what do you know, later turns out Galileo was right. Many other cases like that in human history. So why not conduct your research to disprove or verify his claims first? Where's your research? Where's your counter postulations? None! Only insults. Nawa oh

Galileo was not killed. He died at home, after nine years of house arrest.
Religion / Re: Do Dreams Really Matter? by NiCurious: 7:17pm On Sep 06, 2020
Hello Fam, good morning to you all.

I don't know if others experience this too or I'm alone on this one, most times when I sleep and dream, I wake in the morning without remembering the very important events or details of the dream.

But today, I had a dream where I was gathering snails and I woke up this morning remembering every detail of it plus feeling a little bit frightened and disturbed. I do not know what it means to be picking snails in the dream and why I woke up feeling disturbed hence the reason why I will like anyone with a proper interpretation of what it means to tell me because I think I need help here to decode this dream. (Mods to Fp please) thanks to everyone.

If I dream about picking snails, it will have a different meaning than if you dream about picking snails.
1. What does picking snails mean to you?
2. What were you feeling disturbed about?
Answer those two questions, and you will decode your dream.

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Culture / Re: How Real Are Things Like 'Odeshí', 'Juju', 'Otumorkpor' In Nigeria/Africa? by NiCurious: 4:02pm On Sep 06, 2020

I think you should go and read it. It's " burning of witches in Europe." It even happened in America too.

Yes, they were accused (name one criminal that is not accused before getting convicted), but there were true witches. And if you don't know, there are still modern witches even in Canada. But they claim to cause no harm.

I'm not going to debate this, so don't expect a reply again.

I am better read on the topic of European witchcraft than you seem to think I am, which is why I am contesting your point on the burning of "witches". No need to reply, but please do a little reading of your own. Start with learning about who Matthew Hopkins was, and what he did.
Culture / Re: How Real Are Things Like 'Odeshí', 'Juju', 'Otumorkpor' In Nigeria/Africa? by NiCurious: 3:58pm On Sep 06, 2020

Science has a methodology. Hypothesis, experiment, observation, result bla bla bla.

What is the methodology for alchemy, if not divination and spirituality?

The motives for alchemy may have been divination and spirituality. The methods were physical.
Culture / Re: How Real Are Things Like 'Odeshí', 'Juju', 'Otumorkpor' In Nigeria/Africa? by NiCurious: 5:47am On Sep 06, 2020

Alchemy is the ancient general name for estoricism, spiritology, hermeticism, black magic, divination, traditional medicine, astrology, numerology etc.

An alchemist also discovered alcohol.

So when the Chinese accidentally discovered how to make gunpowder and magnetic compass, both of which are scientifically explainable after the fact of discovery, you are saying that they were able to make that discovery through "black magic"? Their purposes for using these things may have been for what you call alchemy, but can you really say that use of the governing principles of gunpowder and compass is "black magic" ?

Imagine someone striking an iron on a flint to hear if it made a musical sound...then discovered that it made a spark instead...would you be comfortable using the same structure of argument, to say that music was the cause of fire?

As for alcohol...is it alchemists who have been making palm wine, all this time?

I like the direction you are taking your argument; I am pushing back so that you can make it stronger.
Culture / Re: How Real Are Things Like 'Odeshí', 'Juju', 'Otumorkpor' In Nigeria/Africa? by NiCurious: 4:11am On Sep 06, 2020
Gunpowder is not a product of science.

Gunpowder is a product of alchemy, the white man's version of black magic.

Compass, which you use for bearings and directions, is a product of dark magic and not science.

There are other inventions birthed by ancient practices before the organization of science

Therefore your claim that the whiteman conquered Africa with science is false because the whiteman invaded Africa with a much stronger juju.

Juju is the father of science.

It's best you explain what you mean by alchemy, that gunpowder and compasses are a product of it, as you claim.
Culture / Re: How Real Are Things Like 'Odeshí', 'Juju', 'Otumorkpor' In Nigeria/Africa? by NiCurious: 3:51am On Sep 06, 2020
Even in the dark arts you can’t match the white nan..words like witchcraft, occultism, shamanic, astral projections, divination, necromancy, voodoo, demonic invocation are all English words...they’ve been into this shyt way before your forefathers.

Unicorn, tooth fairy, Santa Claus...also in the English dictionary.
Culture / Re: How Real Are Things Like 'Odeshí', 'Juju', 'Otumorkpor' In Nigeria/Africa? by NiCurious: 3:38am On Sep 06, 2020

Why are the Catholic priests heavily involved in paedophilia?

When a catholic priest gets caught fucckin a little boy, why do the catholic church requests he gets transfered back to the Vatican, instead of being tried in the U.S?

Why are over 1million children missing in the US yearly?

Let's start from here....

I tire... kindly read check facts in context, before quoting. To make it easier for you, please read the provided link to the end . Thank you.

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Culture / Re: How Real Are Things Like 'Odeshí', 'Juju', 'Otumorkpor' In Nigeria/Africa? by NiCurious: 3:25am On Sep 06, 2020

What if the white came with their own juju, I mean you must have heard about the burning of witches in Europe.


What if your African brothers sold out like always? Nullifying the juju for money. I mean, if they could sell their brothers to slavery, what can't they do for financial returns?

I tire, o. That's "burning of accused witches". Tested with false instruments that would find the accused "guilty", same as you and I would be found "guilty". Please research the topic before referring to it. Fear-mongering and power-grabbing at the root of it all. Nothing new to see, there.

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Culture / Re: How Real Are Things Like 'Odeshí', 'Juju', 'Otumorkpor' In Nigeria/Africa? by NiCurious: 2:57am On Sep 06, 2020
It's Fake.
But it's real in the context that mind tricks are real.

Thank you for saying that.

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Culture / Re: How Real Are Things Like 'Odeshí', 'Juju', 'Otumorkpor' In Nigeria/Africa? by NiCurious: 2:56am On Sep 06, 2020

we can explain spiritual world if we completely understand natural/physical laws. what we can juju is just unexplained scientific discovery. in the future, we shall understand how juju works.

I believe we can already explain how juju works.

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Culture / Re: How Real Are Things Like 'Odeshí', 'Juju', 'Otumorkpor' In Nigeria/Africa? by NiCurious: 2:53am On Sep 06, 2020

Here many folks hide it. Over there, they are happy to be identified with Satan. For example, how many schools in Nigeria can dare teach witchcraft to their students and pupils? But in America some schools are openly teaching witchcraft and magic already.

Nigeria is learning work when it comes to demonic operations. Be it Americans, Europeans, Indians or even Chinese, Nigeria cannot match them in Satanic invocations and worship. grin grin

Churches are still very vibrant here only because the Gospel Light is still shining in this part of the world. Anyway we bless the LORD o! grin grin

Please tell me what witchcraft and magic are being taught abroad.

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Crime / Re: “Kill Me Rather Than Destroy My Cannabis Farm" - Suspect Tells NDLEA In Kogi by NiCurious: 1:46am On Sep 03, 2020
Weed is legal in many countries. I see a valuable export crop.
Romance / Re: Should I Help my Ex girlfriend family? by NiCurious: 5:13pm On Aug 29, 2020

Why is it difficult for girls to returnall the money their ex spent on them after breakup?

Back to op, the girl gave you money which you tagged "a bit huge" to support your business. You don't need anyone to tell you the right thing to do. Oga help her family. If i may ask, what has this your new girl friend contributed to your life that she will tell you not to help someone who contributed to your life?

Gbam. Telling him not to help those who helped him, she shows questionable character, lack of generosity, inability to "do unto others...". She could have remained silent or said "I'm not part of this, it's your decision to make". Instead it looks like she's dating his money and success.

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Religion / Re: Pastor Funke Adejumo: Full Time Housewife Is Full Time Suffering PLC Limited by NiCurious: 8:20pm On Aug 16, 2020

You again.

Is there anywhere in the Bible that says wives should not work?

Indeed, the opposite, as I believe you are suggesting. Proverbs 31. The good wife makes and sells her own products, buys property, gives to the poor. Sounds to me like she is not only very industrious, but makes and spends her own money.
Romance / Re: Update On My Wife & I by NiCurious: 6:57pm On Aug 16, 2020
Do you know to some extend she doesn't have respect for me? Sometimes I wonder who the man is between us? Yet I kept enduring & overlooking. I went to work & you sent me a text that you've left with our child. at least even if she wants to leave, if really she wants to settle she'll threaten me first that she will go if I don't talk to her but no she just took the decision alone.

Rtk5, I don't know what to say any more. I both feel your pain, and see your weaknesses. I am not inside your wife's head, she is not here asking advice, so I can only suggest what you can do to help yourself, whether you are with your wife, by yourself, or with someone else.

I feel you both don't have the skills for marriage. If you both want to stay married, then you both need to work on your communication skills, and also see whether you both respect each other. Maybe separation would be good for both of you to reflect on yourselves, basically hit the pause button on the marriage. If you are tired and want a divorce, that's an option too, but the communication problems will rise again as soon as you are with someone else.

It is worth noting that you don't seem able to speak the whole facts of your matter, on an anonymous forum, where you asked for advice. So the keys for you are to face your whole truth, and learn to speak it, first to yourself, and then to your wife, and see where it goes from there between the two of you.
Romance / Re: Update On My Wife & I by NiCurious: 6:17pm On Aug 16, 2020

remember bro, the wife did something WRONG that made the OP get upset with her... they obviously have some communication issues so he chose to give her the silent treatment, and as far as i know there is nothing wrong with it, as many family go through issues and deal with them the way they BOTH see fit. the main problem here is when she decided (on her own) to take their child and leave the FAMILY HOME, thus depriving this man of his family and child, while A) asking "him" to come/crawl beg her to have his family back (as if "he" threw them away) and/or B) involving extended family in these personal matters, as if it will solve anything.

now, with such negative mindset from his wife, what do you think will happen if he begs her to come back and then they have a future misunderstanding... OR BETTER YET, how does begging this woman (who took the decision to leave) solves any of the problems they currently have?!

Does he have to beg? How about "okay dear, I've cooled down, but we need to talk about how we deal with our issues".

Yes, they obviously have some communication issues, and they both need to work on them...however, only OP is asking for advice as far as I know, so he is being advised that the silent treatment is not the way to go about it. It's certainly the opposite of constructive communication. Staying silent until one finds words is one thing--silent treatment for a week, is something else! It's also pretty horrible for the kid to endure, speaking from experience.

OP works hard to downplay his own role in the trouble, the way a kid does, so we are not only getting a one-sided story, we are not getting the whole one-sided story. Who even knows what the wife did, that the OP became upset? Maybe the wife is foolish for leaving over small matters. But maybe the wife is foolish to keep coming back, over large matters. We just don't have the whole facts, to judge the whole picture.
Romance / Re: Update On My Wife & I by NiCurious: 5:32pm On Aug 16, 2020

you are losing the main focus here.... giving silent treatment to your partner (when you are upset) isnt the problem here, the fact that she left the family home with his kids IS the whole problem.

MrBrownJay1, I often agree with you, but in this case I do not. Not at this point, anyhow.
The OP's reported problem is indeed that his wife left the family home with the kid. But getting at the reason why she did that, how OP himself is contributing the problem, and learning how to do things differently in order to avoid having these problems again, is the useful place to focus. There is a lot that we are not being told, and which is certainly where the root of the problem lies.
Romance / Re: Should I Tell My Wife I Want A DNA Test? by NiCurious: 5:21pm On Aug 16, 2020
[quote author=chuddyforlife post=92876690][/quote]

Lamenting? I don't think so.

Indeed, lack of trust and failure to be trustworthy, do not make a happy home. But OP's household has been based on trust, and apparent worthiness of trust, for at least the last ten out of eleven years.

I did read where he feels less love for the eldest child. He says it's because he's not sure she's his. Will he suddenly start loving her again if he discovers she's his?

The conflict is taking place in the OP's mind, for now:
-whether his love for a child is conditional, and why he feels less love for her, if it turns out that she's his
-whether the last ten years of fidelity from his wife no longer count for him, even if the first year was doubtful
-whether the peace and happiness of his household around him is worth more, or less, to him than having only his blood children in it.

These are questions he needs to resolve before any DNA test, because if he acts with a mind unprepared for what the knowledge may bring, his whole family will be affected and himself with it, and there is no taking back his actions and going back to the way things were, if he doesn't like the result.

OP is indeed free to seek a DNA test. Knowledge is good. But he needs to prepare his mind, before he trades a smaller knot in his peace, for a larger one--the risk of losing all of what he values.

You are free to disagree with me. But the dilemma being discussed is not yours, but the OP's, and he has different priorities than you do.

A blessed Sunday to you too.
Romance / Re: Should I Tell My Wife I Want A DNA Test? by NiCurious: 2:47am On Aug 16, 2020
This is something I have been thinking about for some time now and I’m hoping I can get some mature advice here or have someone share their own experience.
I love my wife and I believe she loves me too but I really don’t want to go to bed every time with these doubts or wake up someday when I’m quite old to realize she really isn’t my child.

Appreciate matured advises please. Thanks

There are a brother and sister known to me, who grew up assuming they were the children of their mom and dad, both of whom are late. Of recent, the sister remembered an odd incident from her childhood, where a man who wasn't her dad, came to visit to "see his son". She put that memory in the back of her mind until now, when she mentioned it to her brother, and both got their DNA tested. They are half siblings by the same mother. Further findings revealed that their "dad" is father to neither. Half-forgotten memories surfaced, suggesting that that their dad was aware. But both parents took that information with them to the grave. It was modern technology, and the memories of a child more observant than adults accounted for, that brought the secret forth again. The brother and sister, who should be enjoying their grandchildren and their elder years, are now reevaluating their entire identity and assumptions of who they are. They don't know why their "father" had no kids of his own; perhaps he was impotent. But he raised them both as his own, while trying his best to keep the truth from them. Their family has said, no matter what the DNA says, they are still family the same as they always have been, and the new information doesn't change their social relationship.

What can we take away from this example? Children are smarter and more observant than we think. Familial bonds are strong. Resurfacing secrets bring confusion and pain. Knowledge can be hurtful. Some people would say, it would be better not to know. The brother and sister I mentioned, want the whole truth, and are doing everything they can to find it.

I chose the moniker NiCurious for a reason--I am curious and like to know the truth. But truth and knowledge come with responsibility and consequences. I realize that I haven't given you direct answers in this post, but you wanted to hear about experiences and outcomes, so here you go.
Romance / Re: Should I Tell My Wife I Want A DNA Test? by NiCurious: 2:22am On Aug 16, 2020
Dude, I am not playing victim, but it seems that you are. Reread the original post.

OP wishes to keep his family intact, and continue his good relationship with his wife. He likes his life the way it is, but he is curious to know about his daughter. He does not like that he is feeling doubt, and feeling less affection toward the girl. He is curious to know the truth, without potentially turning his world upside down, when he finds out.

OP is free to do a DNA test for knowledge sake, but he would be well advised to think ahead, what he will do with this knowledge, and how it will affect those around him, and himself. Supposing he discards the child as it seems you would do--whom does that benefit? Not the child who has done nothing. Not her siblings. Not his wife, who he feels has been faithful, all these long years. If you are the type who thinks of nothing but money, why would he throw away his investment so far, on someone so promising? He has been well pleased with this child, in her own right. If she is indeed another man's child, it is the other man's loss. Families do indeed raise children that aren't theirs. It's called adoption.

My advice is to the OP and his sensibilities, and not to you. If you don't want to raise a child that isn't yours, don't go raw when your girlfriend is still dating around. And if you do, please, when your pregnant girlfriend marries another man, fight tooth and nail for a DNA test to prove the child is yours, so you can raise it.


Stop this your arrant nonsensical words.....Your advising him to take care of a child that is not his
A child that is not his blood....maybe her wife played away match on his heard and gave birth to bastard....and you are hear playing the victim

Op.....see what you will do

Seen you say the girl is smart....call her attention Play with her....buy her guddies and make her the happiest woman on earth that day

Take her to the hospital....meet your doctor and tell her that you're going to check if she still a virgin or convince her that you want to check her medical status.....
And again give a serious warning with a red eyes not to let her mother know...anything that goes through

Am sure with this you will verifile what you're looking for

And thank me later

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