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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Plans To Have A Separate Islamic Country, Lures Borno And Yobe by princessConfy(f): 6:34pm On May 10
hahaha! you shock?

E shock me oo

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Plans To Have A Separate Islamic Country, Lures Borno And Yobe by princessConfy(f): 3:30pm On May 10
Take Abia and Ebonyi join.

God forbid

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Fashion / Re: The Newest Trend Of Brides Rocking Trouser-like Outfits For Their Wedding by princessConfy(f): 3:40pm On May 01
I don't like it


Politics / Re: Wike On Insecurity: Governors Only Running To Abuja To Take Photos With Buhari by princessConfy(f): 3:15pm On Apr 28
Don't be a big hypocrite...

Wike might be a very tough and stubborn Politician who doesn't mind the consequences of his intending actions, but never you deny the fact that he has done pretty well in some areas in the state.

You're only condemning Wike because of your secret affiliation with the APC.

"Hopefully, you will learn to enjoy eggs without despising the chicken that laid it."

Wike is not working..... Rivers State needs employment, skill acquisition and security not flyover
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is It Good To Go Invite by princessConfy(f): 11:28am On Apr 28

All is network marketing, GNLD people.
Never forget your focus.
You applied for a specific job. They are talking up and down about ANOTHER THING.
It does not concern YOUR SPECIFIC JOB.
These guys are bastard criminals who got hold of your CV, phone number data from someone else that you applied to and
have now diverted you to on their lair where they can eat up you.
The Fucking bastard one I went to some years back, they couldn't answer my question, "HOW DID YOU GET MY PHONE NUMBER".
They put one idiot inside our midst as if he was a candidate.
After speaking English up and down, talking about London, and Networking, they said we should invest in their stuff.
It's that bastard idiot that was sitting among us that now stood up first to go and pay N10,000 investment.
They were clapping for him, that he has faith, that we should see good example like him and follow.
Na im, I just waka comot!

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is It Good To Go Invite by princessConfy(f): 11:12am On Apr 28
When you reach there they will give you a test to take, at first it will appear you are in for something serious. Then the events starts unfolding; They will tell you about how money will tear your pocket, that you will travel abroad with one member of your family, that they are sponsored by drug research institutions, NMA and WHO.

Thereafter, they will tell you guys (note that a lot of people have been sent same text) that you have to wait for their Boss who is has just landed from from Dubai or London just for the interview ( at this time your head will swell). Then boom, mostly a young slay queen arrives and they all bow and greet her "Boss", at this point you are wowed by the respect they accord her.

She comes in and tells every one to climb their chairs, certain slants are introduced like "i am alive- I am awake" the whole things starts looking like you went for exercise. Then she starts sending those that are not looking serious out of the hall (at this point you start praying not to be sent out), note that at this point, you have been hypnotised. Then she introduces that you need to buy licence while they will help you sell your products (sometimes they say it is health or food supplements, but that you wouldn't sell it yourself?) They promise to grow your account for you to actualize this dream.

The form for licence is sometimes #15,000 or more ( after deceiving you with the whole packaging you will even borrow to buy, some people stay there and do transfer). After you get the form you will start attending classes. It is in this process of attending several classes is when you will know that you were scammed.

That number (ID:CEO/TOK/2160) is the reference number of the person that sent you text, he be given a share when you buy the form.

At the end you will also start doing the same thing.

Exactly but the one I went for they asked us to write our matric number and name of the VC imagine matured men with potbelly that left school some 6-8yrs lol,
after that we should write 123 and ABCD.
then the boss lady came in, they asked us to stand,clap and hail her. Then started speaking as whites forming abroad base before you know it she changed ooo see pigin " una think say I be ajebor na real pako I be oo " meeen my eye shine I had to run before Dem use me do money
Politics / Re: Senators Jittery Over Fears Of Boko Haram Attack On Abuja by princessConfy(f): 9:59am On Apr 28
Una just dey start the jittery.

All the politicians involved in taking our darling nation 100 years backwards will never end well in life.
Along with all the people supporting those evil politicians, nothing good will ever come their way in life.
And it will end in sorrows and tears for everyone supporting evil, death and violence in this nation.
They will never and can neve escape it.

Children of perdition, can you now say Amen to this prayers, if you are not in support of all the deaths, violence and blood shed going on in this nation.
Or if you are not in support of the sponsors and orchestra of all these killings.

Bunch of hypocritical buffons.

leave IPOB and PDP focus on the main issue BOKO HARAM
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Quit Your Job Before Because You Were Fed Up? by princessConfy(f): 10:28pm On Apr 22
My dear is not easy oooo. I resigned from bank in 2019 due to the stress of waking up by 4am and also my boss was not helping matters. So sometimes i regret it and sometimes i don't have to move on

I cried for weeks on end but I can't go back there. God will surely bless me with a better one

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Romance / Re: The Most Romantic Set Of Niaja Guys Are Riverians by princessConfy(f): 2:31am On Apr 06

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Religion / Re: Apostle Chinyere Builds 18 Free Estates For The Poor In Rivers State (Photos) by princessConfy(f): 8:33am On Mar 22

What are the men of God in Abia doing?
playing ludo??

my dear as it stands now, if an Ikwerre man will rule Abia to make it better, I'll give my full support. Do if God will use Ministers from other tribes to help Abia who are they to say no

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Religion / Re: Apostle Chinyere Builds 18 Free Estates For The Poor In Rivers State (Photos) by princessConfy(f): 7:43pm On Mar 21

Not every ministry likes yo blow trumpet...
do you know how many students are on scholarship in Landmark and many other Universities worldwide under the sponsorship od Winners chapel.. Winners was one of the biggest donor during the Ikeja cantonment crisis do you know that.....
No be everybody dey blow trumpet.
We have families in Nigeria that UN write thank you letters to them for their humanitarian efforts but you have never heard their names....
You don't wanna know the roads that RCCG and Living Faith Church have constructed in Nigeria.... Both state and Fed roads ohhh.
Guy free that level.

wow that's awesome. pls tell them to do same @Abia state and God will richly bless them.
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Appointed Ambassador By Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (Pix) by princessConfy(f): 2:56pm On Feb 26
E shock me ooo

na Muslim dey appoint Christian ambassador
Politics / Re: Uche Maduagwu For Anambra Governor Poster (Photo) by princessConfy(f): 4:45pm On Feb 09

This guy has finally got the attention he has ever been craving for. He started attacking popular celebrities on inconsequential matters.

Every Nigerian will soon embrace this online declaration as homosexual. It is the fastest route to become an asylee in USA or Canada.

Exactly what he's looking for.
he's trying to provoke the authority but them no get his time
Romance / Re: There Is A Guy I Like In This Group, I Can't Keep It To Myself Anymore- Lady by princessConfy(f): 4:51am On Feb 09
The message is clear, green light ain't enough...go for your man

so who told the op that husband is scarce in a particular region and the women are in competition with one another

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Romance / Re: There Is A Guy I Like In This Group, I Can't Keep It To Myself Anymore- Lady by princessConfy(f): 4:15am On Feb 09
op/writer I hope all your sisters are married?? I try to imagine what you're trying to achieve with this message but all I can get hold of is you are a mischievous fellow. Do have a bad day
Sports / Re: Betting Is A Curse! Stop. by princessConfy(f): 7:51am On Jan 23
I bet with what I can afford to loose eg 100,200, 500 grin

not to insult you but I think that's what you can spare for now. I'm sure when you have bigger you'll see yourself betting much more than 100,200&500.

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Politics / Re: El - Rufai On Reno Omokri, GEJ, PDP And Nairaland by princessConfy(f): 9:32pm On Jan 21
Politics / Re: Ikpeazu To Commission Eziukwu Road, Milverton Avenue, Ojike Lane Aba by princessConfy(f): 1:48pm On Jan 21
This is a flash in the Pan after 5 years in power.
Its sad that this guy is showing a few road construction projects in Abia in 5 years despite receiving 13% derivation as an oil producing state while refusing to pay workers and pensioners several months salaries many of whom are dying of abject poverty as they can hardly feed and get Medicare.

Contrary to speculation here by Abia haters, he didn't get the majority of votes in Abia state in his second term, he won elections like his counterpart in bad governance Yahaya Bello through (Tata Tata ta).

Abia has been punished with bad leadership since 1999 Orji Uzor Kali, 2007 Theodore Orji and 2015 Okezie Ikpeazu and only God can deliver Abia.

so true, I weep for that state.
imagine how much drivers pay on the road and you will know that Abia state is cursed with terrible rulers.
Politics / Re: #EndSARS Activists: Government Yet To Unfreeze Our Bank Accounts Since Oct 2020 by princessConfy(f): 8:40pm On Jan 17

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Politics / Re: Finance Act: Disquiet As FG Targets ₦850 Billion From Dormant Accounts by princessConfy(f): 10:02am On Jan 17
Questions arising from this dormant account brouhaha.

Who is representing the interest of the investors whose dividends will be borrowed?
What are the terms and conditions of the borrowing and who negotiated them?
How will the borrower pay back principal and interest?

Remember that some may have dormant accounts resulting from being sent out for a period on official assignments or have travelled for studies, etc.
They return to the country to discover that their entire savings have been cleared via ‘FGN borrowing from dormant accounts.’
What will such persons do to continue their lives?

These are some of the questions we need answers to before this can move on.
We need all the transparency in this transactions.
This is the CHANGE we voted for, no more business as usual,
knowing that the evil and looting party would have just carry on through the backdoor stealing citizens money and looting it to their account without minding whose ox is gored.

On a lighter note,
$850 BILLION Naira wey some people no dey use again.... some for many many years?!
Money dey where e dey for dis country abeg!

I did not vote for this change. by the way throughout the 16yrs of PDP looting and misrule have they stolen directly from the citizens just as APC the loving and most transparent govt is doing
most times we should be truthful to ourselves. Nigeria belongs to all of us and we should strive to make it even more better than we met it. Buhari is failing woefully but people like you will cheer him on until we are all ruined.
Literature / Re: What We Entertained Ourselves With Before Cable TV by princessConfy(f): 8:50am On Jan 11

Damn...I used to look forward to the reading list ahead of each school year. I would finish all the literature books in the summer before 1st term resumption.

You're missing a couple of the top including 'Thr bottled Leopard', 'Thr trials of brother Jero', and 'Cry the beloved country'

Obviously all the chinua achebe and Cyprian ekwensi books as well.

can you send me the bottled leopard in PDF
Celebrities / Re: Nollywood Actor, Jim Lawson Maduike Is Dead. by princessConfy(f): 4:18pm On Jan 09
Family / Re: When Last Did You Say This To a family member by princessConfy(f): 2:07pm On Jan 08

Awwwww kiss kiss kiss
That is so beautiful of you beautiful Princess.
You are a good child/daughter.
Every parent love those words, tho some may find it strange, due to the fact that it is strange in our culture, but when they are alone, they will think it over again and shed some tears of joy for you appreciating all they have done for you.
God bless you real good.
Your children will make you happy too.
Happy New Year darling.

And one last thing.......Stay out of NL politics dearie. kiss kiss
E get why........

You're a sadist and also hypocrite.
Politics / Re: Trump: Nigerians Hail Goodluck Jonathan by princessConfy(f): 8:36am On Jan 08

Nothing to be added, nothing to be taken away.
You are so in our minds @MANNABBQGRILLS.

Good to know we still have reasonable and wise youth like you on this forum.
With youths like you, the future of our country is secured.

They are not enemies jor,
They are only your confused fans!
Water no get enemy..... no be so ?

Hehehehe grin cheesy wink
For more jokes : Text Orubebe to 419!

!! grin cheesy wink
We know wella Kesto.....

you'll always lack a GEJ style of leadership in your life. PMB style of leadership will forever be your portion. Amen
Business / Re: How Were You Able To Start & Grow Your Business To Profitability? by princessConfy(f): 12:54pm On Dec 22, 2020

If your question is an attempt to decide whether resigning would be good idea or bad one, forget it. My letter is ready.

Even if the business doesn't come out as expected, may God never make me see things that would make me go back to 8-5

Family / Re: When Last Did You Say This To a family member by princessConfy(f): 9:09pm On Dec 14, 2020
wat was her reply wen u told her
I love you too
Family / Re: When Last Did You Say This To a family member by princessConfy(f): 3:19pm On Dec 14, 2020
I told my mum 2 nights ago, it sounds kinda strange but I observed that I felt happier when she responded.

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Politics / Re: COVID-19: Sanwo-Olu Goes Into Self-Isolation As His Close Aide Tests Positive by princessConfy(f): 9:40pm On Dec 11, 2020
Dumbest governor in Nigeria, closely followed by Ogun state governor

if only my governor fit get half of his dumbness I'll declare free drinks this Christmas
Romance / Re: I Love Him So Much But I'm Afraid I've Lost Him. by princessConfy(f): 1:09pm On Dec 11, 2020

. No one else at the office had the skill set to handle the project like I could and there was a deadline.

I wanted to pass until I saw this, wait until you have an accident or lose your Mr Right, then you'll understand that NOBODY IS INDISPENSABLE.
You think they're calling you because you're the best or they love you Nooo

it's because you're always available to be used. people go for where there's gain.
Give your self brain before you cry had I known

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Business / Re: Midnight Fire Razes Seven Shops In Anambra (Photos) by princessConfy(f): 10:54pm On Dec 06, 2020
is this a future news this is just 10pm and we're reading news for midnight.
1.20am is early momo now
me I'm confused ooo
Politics / Re: APC: Goodluck Jonathan Is Working For Buhari by princessConfy(f): 9:48am On Nov 28, 2020

You are confused, sir
which government allowed buhari to work for them Think
TV/Movies / Re: Have You Ever Cried While Watching Films by princessConfy(f): 6:42am On Nov 24, 2020
Miracle in Cell No. 7 embarassed

If you watch that movie and you dont cry then you're a witch period!.

I wonder why I've not deleted that movie. I cried like a baby and anytime I watch it I'll still cry. so why am I keeping it? Hmmmm

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