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Foreign Affairs / Re: Crowds Attend Navalny Funeral As Kremlin Warns Against Protests (Photos) by REALretep(m): 2:24pm On Mar 02

It was a vote man. Everyone voted. A few decided they want to exist as their own nations ...and majority decided to stay. Till today all are very close. For instance man, Russian launches all their space shuttles including the ones that takes American scientist to the ISS in Kazakhstan...till date
By your bolded statement above, you have thus invalidated your earlier statement that "Every part of Russia wants to keep being Russia because they love the leadership"
Foreign Affairs / Re: Crowds Attend Navalny Funeral As Kremlin Warns Against Protests (Photos) by REALretep(m): 12:00pm On Mar 02
Do you know the funniest thing about this pictures? I am living in Russia and I am looking at this news as if it happened in a different foreign country far away. As in, Russia is very big and unique. My city is about 7- 9 hours from Moscow based on your type of plane.
Most flight would make a stop in Krasnoyarsk or Irkutsk before going to my city increasing travel time to like 13 hours.
In comparison, direct from Nigeria to Moscow before Ukraine war was about 6 to 8 hours!
But every part of Russia is developed. This is where UK and europe. should learn. You colonized a lot of countries and milked them dry...but Russia has a lot of federations in it and the government equally developed every part. Every part of Russia wants to keep being Russia because they love the leadership but how many African countries want to keep being a part of their colonial empire? It says a lot.
I am not a 'pro Putin' I really see myself as a neutral person in world politics but to be really honest, If a country in Africa was colonized by Russia, that country would be competing with Europe and china in terms of development today. Look at all the breakaway countries from former USSR which one of them is poor and suffering? Russia was not milking those people, Russia was developing it.
Judging by the very few people that live in my city 350k you would think this place would be a village but no! Pretoria and Johannesburg combined cannot be compare with Yakutsk even though this is the coldest city in the world.
To crown it all, Russians love black people. You can even see it in President Putin's policies. Unfortunately we were colonized by Europeans that actually hate black people. One fool from Belgium was even cutting arms of thousands of people in Congo! Chai...Africa has really suffered in the hands of these European supremacists.
One of my female friends in the city often send me pictures of half cast kids asking me what I think our baby would look like...I keep avoiding that question.
We walk on the street at night as if it's afternoon
No gun violence.
People kiss and hug and display affection publicly without being mocked
Everywhere is peaceful
No one avoids you in the bus because of your colour.
If people look at you too much just know they are fascinated and want to talk. A simple Привет! And you will see them smiling and asking you questions.
Honestly...Russia is the country Africa should have befriended a long time ago.
If the bolded above is true as you put it, then USSR would not have broken down and former colonies won't be desiring to join NATO

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Food / Re: Help! Is It Possible To Save My Egusi Soup? by REALretep(m): 12:40am On Mar 01

Thanks for your reply. I'll try the onion with palm oil trick.
charcoal is actually your best option. Works like magic. I've used it several times.
Thank me later
Politics / Re: Tinubu Approves Implementation Of Orosanye Report At FEC Today by REALretep(m): 7:08pm On Feb 26
E choke
Massive sacking of federal workers

Unemployment levels go increase
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 115 Abokis In Enugu And Collects N110m, $8368 by REALretep(m): 7:03am On Feb 23
Tinubu leaving substance and chasing shadows 🤦
Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S. Retaliatory Airstrikes Kill 20 Iran-backed Militants In Syria (photos). by REALretep(m): 4:00pm On Feb 06

That's a very big blow from big brother!!

We are expecting the Iran-backed militia to send intercontinental ballistic missiles to US.

Let the game begin..
Politics / Re: Supreme Court Judgement On Kanu Not Unanimous- IPOB, Lawyer Yet To Get CTC by REALretep(m): 10:46am On Jan 19
What 😳
Politics / Re: Tinubu Restores Funding For 13 Health Regulators by REALretep(m): 6:11pm On Jan 18
One-Chance Government
Politics / Re: Ibadan Explosion: CAC Documents Of The Mining Firm Carry Foreign Names - Makinde by REALretep(m): 6:07pm On Jan 18

Typical of Nigerian government officials... always pushing the blame back to the people.
He's blaming the neighborhood association. Just imagine...
Politics / Re: Kano: Supreme Court Affirms Gov Kabir Yusuf (NNPP), dismisses APC's suit by REALretep(m): 2:39pm On Jan 12
It's settlement, very obvious.

We live in a crazy country.
Does the judge imply that anybody can produce a ballot paper and vote lawfully in any election?
Politics / Re: Kano: Supreme Court Affirms Gov Kabir Yusuf (NNPP), dismisses APC's suit by REALretep(m): 2:07pm On Jan 12

“What is the effect of a ballot paper not having the marks by the Electoral commission?”

“A ballot paper that does not bear INEC mark is not invalid by all purposes.

Inasmuch as I don't like APC, these words by the learned judge shaa get k-leg

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Travel / Re: Alaska Aircraft Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Window Blows Out Mid-air by REALretep(m): 9:55am On Jan 06
Thank God no life was lost

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Politics / Re: Emefiele Operated 593 Illegal US, UK, China Accounts – CBN Investigator by REALretep(m): 12:57pm On Dec 22, 2023
It takes a thief to catch a thief las las
Emefiele alone didn't chop all these money... that's why I know this case will only end with media trial because big heads will roll if Emefiele is allowed to open his mouth
Romance / Re: Fans Shocked At Seyi Vibe's Mystery Lover by REALretep(m): 1:24pm On Dec 21, 2023
Shaa let breakfast not be served grin
Family / Re: How Do We Avoid Future Chaos In The Family by REALretep(m): 12:51pm On Dec 17, 2023
They can settle it without selling the house. Selling a house in the village is a no no for me.
Moreover house doesn't have much selling value in the village.

Your Dad should invite the kinsmen to settle the matter and draw a line
This advice above is very similar to mine.
Your dad could call a village meeting comprising his siblings, other selected kinsmen and other influential village people to make it clear to all and sundry that the land and property are privately owned by him and not otherwise.
Selling the land and property should be a last resort though
Politics / Re: Linda Somiari Stewart: Rivers Lawmaker Makes U-Turn, Returns To PDP by REALretep(m): 3:48pm On Dec 13, 2023
Power Tussle
Fubara get mind oo to demolish the state house of assembly complex 🤦‍♀️
Foreign Affairs / Re: Burkina Faso, Mali And Niger Look To Form A Confederation by REALretep(m): 8:17am On Dec 04, 2023
I hope something great comes out of this alliance.
Family / Re: How Do I Handle This ? by REALretep(m): 8:02pm On Nov 25, 2023
Good day beautiful people,
I am in a bit of a fix and need advice on how best to confront this situation .

There is this mama put restaurant besides my house in lagos but separated by a fence.
However the said restaurant is built attached to the fence in the next compound and that makes it awfully close to my windows and they cook with firewood not even charcoal but all manner of firewood.

The owner of the mama-put a yoruba woman ( very hard working ) starts cooking by 6 a.m up till 11 p.m with smokes going up and into the windows of my bedroom ( upstairs) and other rooms in my house making my room very stuffy and causing me to keep shutting all my windows .

Personally I can't stand any form of smoke be it cigarettes or smokes from burning stuffs

With the high cost of fuel I can't keep running Gen to keep my rooms ventilated and power supply is poor in my area .

I have thought of approaching her concerning this matter but from my observation the woman is very harsh n raze and I fear she might not reason with me .

I understand it's her means of livelihood but I am suffering cus of it and all my cloths in my wardrobes are all smelling smoke ... My room has smoke smell as a result of this , it only reduces if I keep my windows shut for weeks .
I hate problems and I avoid conflicts in every way ... But I have been suffering this for long now

Is there any authority I can report to ?

Or is there a better way to make her understand my plight and switch to cooking with gas without appearing like her enemy of progress ?

Please your advice is needed thanks
From your writeup, you seem like a calm person who doesn't want trouble and does everything to avoid trouble.
In that case, I'll advise you reach out to your landlord to complain about this or you seek out relatively calm people like you that are closely associated with the woman and complain about this to them
Health / Re: Resident Doctors Issue 14-day Ultimatum To Enugu Govt To Employ More Doctors by REALretep(m): 8:20pm On Nov 19, 2023

We all know the next usual line of action of government... get an industrial court injunction
Politics / Re: EFCC Releases Seven NAF Personnel Linked With Internet Fraud by REALretep(m): 5:01am On Nov 18, 2023
But nawa for EFCC oo
Why dem go hold suspect from Monday to Friday without charging them to court

If not for this brazen action by the military, those guys for sleep for cell throughout the weekend

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Politics / Re: OIC Selects Nigeria As Special Delegate To Halt Gaza Conflict by REALretep(m): 7:03pm On Nov 16, 2023

Why didn't GEJ and OBJ delist Nigeria from the organisation when they were in Power? or are they Muslims too?Delist from OIC Nigeria as a President and kiss your political Career goodbye.
Nigeria's membership of OIC during GEJ and OBJ tenures were as good as dead. It was Buhari that resurrected it.
No non-muslim President can recognize OIC during his tenure. That's the truth
Politics / Re: OIC Selects Nigeria As Special Delegate To Halt Gaza Conflict by REALretep(m): 11:00pm On Nov 15, 2023
All that is needed is one Christian or non-muslim president to delist Nigeria from that organisation.
Nigeria is a secular and multi-religious country. Enlisting Nigeria into the OIC is the dumbest thing done by our past leaders.
It can't stand the test of time


Politics / Re: Ribadu To Labour: Please Call Off The Strike, We've Arrested Ajaero's Attackers by REALretep(m): 11:28am On Nov 15, 2023
No evidence
Audio arrest
Politics / Re: Alleged Flouting Of Court Order: We Are Copying The FG - TUC President, Osifo by REALretep(m): 9:03am On Nov 15, 2023
Men with balls


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Politics / Re: ASUU, COEASU, others mandate Members to comply wiith Strike Action by REALretep(m): 8:28am On Nov 14, 2023
I no know why this thing just de sweet me.

No body has monopoly of disobedience to court orders. Labour has learnt from the government grin

God help us. E don red for the masses wey go suffer am. Na grass de suffer when two elephants fight
Car Talk / Re: Nigerians Don't Know How To Use Headlights. by REALretep(m): 7:50pm On Nov 12, 2023
Greetings everyone, I've been driving for over a year now and I've noticed we don't know how to use headlights in this country even my friend that visited from the US complained same thing.
I don't know if it's selfishness or what but how will someone be on very high beam even when opposite an incoming vehicle, I almost entered a ditch because an SUV beamed on my small Corolla to the point I couldn't even see properly, are there rules set for all these in this country?
God's willing if I don't leave this country within the next 2 years I'm getting a bigger vehicle and I will purposely install massive led lights I will be counter beaming people till they notice their mistake.
If our roads weren't so bad, I don't think many drivers will be driving with full beam.
When I started driving on the highway, I used to be cautious not to drive using full beam until the day I entered a pot hole that punctured my tire which I would have seen if I was on full beam.
Since that day, unless I'm driving on a very familiar road at night, I use full beam

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Business / Re: CBN May Not Clear FOREX Backlog — Report by REALretep(m): 8:27am On Nov 12, 2023
All this useless government does is lie and many fools who live in constant penury will keep supporting them. Is it madness or just lack of shame?
My brother
It's saddening
I guess it's until the Zimbabwean debacle happens that we'll start telling ourselves the truth

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Politics / Re: Investors Funds Won’t Be Trapped - Tinubu Promises by REALretep(m): 8:03am On Nov 12, 2023

Tinubu premised his assurances on reforms by his administration, particularly the discontinuance of petrol subsidy and the unification of the exchange rate.

Balablu thinks Saudis are fools and won't do due diligence before investing in Nigeria. Just see the clear lies Balablu is lying here. Which petrol subsidy was discontinued? Which exchange rate was unified? Has all the foreign exchange backlogs been cleared?


“The Minister of Commerce and I will be visiting Nigeria either before the end of this year or very early next year with a very large delegation of Saudi CEOs from all key sectors.

This is how you know people who are ready for business. Tinubu went to Saudi Arabia with governors, ministers and other political appointees. And maybe a handful of the government-backed business monopolies like Dangote.
How can the economy recover when you ignore hundreds of other credible businesses when travelling overseas for business engagements.

Just look at what the Saudi guy said... he'll be coming with a very large delegation of Saudi CEOs from all key sectors
Many CEOs from Saudi Arabia were even there at the summit.
It's clearly one-sided. Tinubu, just like Buhari, is clearly portraying Nigeria as a consuming nation.

We're just joking in this country. The government is not harnessing the full potentials we have in this country.

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Business / Re: Nigeria Is World’s Best Kept Secret In Terms Of Investments, Returns – Dangote by REALretep(m): 9:59pm On Nov 11, 2023

At the Investor Roundtable, dozens of Chief Executive Officers from several Saudi conglomerates specializing in construction, finance, new and traditional energy, healthcare, agriculture, electric power, mining, aviation, telecommunications, creative arts, and hospitality were present and made their exploratory pitches to President Tinubu on areas of tangible collaboration.

The Nigerian government delegation comprised of the Executive Governors of Bauchi, Niger and Katsina States; Minister of Finance & Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Mr. Wale Edun; Minister of Budget & Economic Planning, Sen. Abubakar Bagudu; Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment, Dr. Doris Uzoka-Anite; Minister of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani; Minister of Agriculture, Sen. Abubakar Kyari; Minister of Humanitarian Affairs & Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Betta Edu; and Minister of State for Petroleum Resources (Oil), Sen. Heineken Lokpobiri.
Just imagine this
Our politicians and leaders have made Nigeria a consuming nation.
How many of our CEOs of big and promising companies in this country did Tinubu invite to accompany him to Saudi Arabia? Only Dangote?

Tinubu went to the business summit with politicians while Saudi came to the summit with CEOs

Politics / Re: Governor Uzodinma Apologizes Over NLC President Attack by REALretep(m): 9:36am On Nov 10, 2023
Mr Supreme court governor or cant remember what most Nigerians do call you grin grin grin, your citizens are protesting simply because they are requesting for what lawfully belongs to them, this event happened last week but you waited a day to your rerun election to apologize. This act shows lack of commitment to your office as the 1st citizen of imo state.

Let the imo state citizens decide if they still want you or not.

If you can show lack of commitment by governing imo state from Abuja according to some online report during his 1st tenure, what will happen if he will be reelected?

Lets vote wisely

Obviously you are not resident in Nigeria
If you did you would have known that votes of the electorates don't count

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Politics / Re: Etekemba Umoren Waves APC Broom, Chants Party Slogan At Political Rally (2018 by REALretep(m): 8:58pm On Nov 06, 2023


Five years later, President Bola Tinubu defiled the constitution to appoint him a Resident Electoral Commissioner of the electoral commission, INEC.

Where are you
Politics / Re: Kaduna, Dangote, BUA Refineries May Source Crude Oil From Abroad by REALretep(m): 6:40am On Nov 06, 2023

Flash news, It's better for them already. My guy let us hustle. Hmmm no be by cursing your elders and you have forgotten that those God has blessed, no man can curse.
Bro...evil is evil... whether committed by elders or not. Nobody is above being cursed especially if the person is guilty of evil.
That it is better for them now does not mean it will be better for them tomorrow. Money doesn't necessarily translate to "living the good life".
And don't also forget that God can withdraw his blessings from a man if he misuses the blessing.

God looks at the heart. One's deep intentions are God's focus.
If Tinubu's intentions are evil and the intentions of our other present and former leaders in this country are evil, then let the curses become manifest

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