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Travel / Re: Thinking Of Relocating Back To Nigeria From Canada by Reni1: 2:21pm On Apr 09, 2023

How did you arrive at that conclusion?

That’s very easy, you sure have something valuable to return to in Nigeria, hence the reason you are considering to go back home. For example, you sure hve a nice and comfortable place to live in when you return to Nigeria. Most people who have nothing in Nigeria will not consider returning even if they drop out of school and become illegal.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Didn't Stop Anyone From Visiting Train Accident Vitims - LASUTH by Reni1: 3:54pm On Mar 12, 2023
Dear Lagosians remember how APC Cabals humiliated 'Gov Ambode' and installed inexperience 'Sanwo-Olu'.

Let’s come out en masse on the 18TH of March to vote 'Gbadebo Rhodes'.
Eluu P(LP) from top to bottom ✅

I believe Ambode is in a blackmailed tight corner right now, that’s why he’s silent ever since they booted him out because he refused to do evil Cabals bidding... 😢
Say no to Godfatherism!!! ❌
Vote Labour Party ✅

I laugh in French especially at Say No to Godfatherism.

GRV’s godfather is Bode George supported by Senator Bucknor and the rest. GRV was meant to be PDP’s deputy Governor before Jandor reneged and chose Funke Akindele. Bode George and team adviser GRV to switch to LP and he even helped resolve the issues whrn another candidate claimed he was the rightful LP candidate.

I believe you are fighting a proxy war between Bode George and Bola Tinubu and you probabl do not know it. Bode George who was convicted of corruption in the court of law but was pardoned by a PDP president.

Politics is about alliances and godfathers and godmothers play a crucial role in building alliances

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Family / Re: My Girlfriend Wants To Travel Abroad Without Marrying Me by Reni1: 1:08pm On Feb 07, 2023
Myself and my girlfriend have been dating for almost three years that she sometimes stays in my house too. I have always had the intention of traveling abroad but i don't know how, so last year my girlfriend brought the idea of traveling and how she wants to try US study route and I encouraged her to do so. I also supported her so much with my money by helping her to pay her application fee and TOEFL exam.

While doing all these, we had a conversation and she told me that if she is able to get a fully funded offer that we will be going together and I will be going with her as dependent. Now my girlfriend has gotten admission but she is yet to apply for visa and she has changed plans. She does not want me to go with her rather she is advising that I should also use the study route ifi want to travel.

Note : we had the intentions of getting married but right now she doesn't want us to get marry.

Hmmn, I think she loves you and is giving you an opportunity to make an active decision in your future. I say this because when you migrate, you would be starting from ground zero except you guys are wealthy. In the process of growing from ground zero, the core of your relationship will most likely be challenged. Your perspective on life will change and you will have to deal with the situation as best as you can but remember, you are coming on dependent visa, you no get mouth because you are rely on her visa status.

Personally, When my partner and I were in Nigeria na she dey cook, I just dey lounge and that was my expectation but now na me dey enter kitchen cook myself and my
Perspective had to change to accept the fact that the most important thing is for food to enter my stomach not how it was made or who made it.

I’d say focus on your life as well, shelf the marriage plans and as she advised, try the student visa thing for yourself as well. One thing though, as a prospective Nigerian man in the diaspora, you can chance of meeting babes way pass your girl high and you may even get the option to choose which suits you better.

Life is to short for bula ba, focus of what makes u happy now and in the future.


Travel / Re: Trenches To Texas: A Story Of Courage And Perseverance Against Poverty by Reni1: 7:40pm On Feb 05, 2023

bros, nothing for me to bad belle.

I dey enjoy my own lane, I dey put in my own work. No time for bad belle. But e good make he no go influence other people wrongly.

Na reminder for am to watch out. Don't rejoice too early. He get plenty challenges ahead of am. Racial adjustment, habit adjustment, paper work adjustment, streets adjustments, etc no be play. Like joke like hoke, time go pass am. If he never establish, e go dey forced to tarnish Nigeria's image due to shame or whatever

I sha wish am the best in his new chapter.

Nice one, I feel you and you make sense. No worry him self go realize am like most of us way comot take realize am at some point. Na encouragement him need now.

Funny story, I enter gbege once for work when as I ask
My female colleague say she get belle ? The dey lunch and the girl talk say she dey vomit all morning. As per nollywood now, na pregnancy be that. She change am for me o no ne small matter. I no forgive am
Until a few months after when I realised why my question was meant to be a joke, to her it meant i was questioning her and how she uses her body which was not in my
Place. As simple as it looks, it took a while for my Mentality to change and I guess its what you are also pointing out.

You na correct guy, you put in work, enjoy yourself! Bless!


Travel / Re: Trenches To Texas: A Story Of Courage And Perseverance Against Poverty by Reni1: 5:52pm On Feb 05, 2023
Good for you.

I think say you been dun comot trenches, not knowing say you go trenches transfer. You just got to the USA in December 2022. E almost sound like trenches dun finish.

I don't know what type of job you dey do, but construction na from $12/hr to $100/hr depending on skill level, skill level takes years and dedication. There are many other skilled jobs that start low - due to living Bill's. If you no get correct job, you never comot trenches. Go and do energy jobs, or go join army if you dey below 42 years. Maybe you get capital before you come, I no know that part. Go and figure out a realistic career path or follow up on an existing career. The key is relax a little bit, but start shaping your future in earnest. You still need to get used to societal norms and basic requirements. Maybe you get accomodation with family, because if na paddy thing, that tolerance go expire sooner than later.

Nice story. I just think a new chapter of your life experience has started. Don't under estimate the new reality that you are about to face, or else, na drugs/streetz/ for19 ways; no be joke when you ride that Part. So be steady skulking up except say na social media you go do there, maybe that is a means to survive and plan for a possible better future. I haven't read everything yet, so far, it's a nice read. Not war stories or pity me issue. But I think it is you are about to climb another mountain. Don't be distracted if with a plan, and try to stay healthy.

Brosss, na bad belle be this now. Yes, one starts from ground Zero when they migrate to the US but with the right information one will rise over time. He sure is out of the trenches and will do fine if he moves with the right people and right information.

You are right about the army, but he cannot join until he has a greencard and that fast tracks him to citizenship.

Me, I feel say 247Hustler, use us do therapy session but no pay us for listening to his gist, way him express himself and release all the pains he had endures over the years.
Regardless, 247Hustler is out of the trenches and he has changed the trajectory of his life. I go advise make you follow the guy and check him out in 5 years time.

Baba,247 Hustler, I am guessing you are on F1, you get the hustle and I trust say you no go dull yourself. Work dey infact i saw a Night Shift foodpicker job for $24/hr im Dallas Texas area yesterday meaning when other dey sleep you fit dey cash out. Na to find who go borrow you dia paper, get a moderate paying job. In the US, once you have a good source of income, no body cares where you come from.

Also I guess say you young, when you are falling in love, try fall in love with the blue passport so your permanent residency go sure or run the paper as soon as possible.

As for F1 to H1B, i know say of you dey study Science Tech Engineering or Maths hope dey incomparison to others

In fact this is what i tell my cousin in Nigeria to do but the guy is waiting for someone to bless him with N20M so he can leave Nigeria even though his monthly salary is N60,000 per momth

Regardless, congrats on your journey in a new phase. I dont know you but I am proud of you. You will be fine in about 3-5 years, just trust the process.

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Family / Re: A Friend in Naija Just Lost Her US Based Husband Just 7 Months After Wedding by Reni1: 9:32pm On Jan 26, 2023
She should submit her application for US Permanent Residency as quickly as possible if he was a US citizen

Hello House,

Please, I need advise on how to console and encourage a friend of mine here in naija that heard the news of the death of her newly wedded husband who returned to the US after the wedding ceremony.

The husband lived in the US for so many years, he had a good woman/wife with two children. I don’t know if they were legally married or he settled with the lady and had kids with her for papers during his early years in the US.

Now, after years of being divorced or separated from the lady, I think a calabar US based woman according to him, he then met my friend at an occasion while he came to naija. He pick interest in her and proposed marriage, after like one or two years of communication over the phone. They got wedded seven months ago, and he flew back to the states. Communication continued via phone, until there was a break in communication, my friend here in naija tried to reach him but to no avail, until she called one of his US friend who went and confirmed that her husband was about entering his car packed on a hilly road, he forgot the handbrake wasn’t activated, and the car rolled with him to a tree…he had some fractures and rushed to the hospital. At a point, he was recuperating, although couldn’t speak to my friend on phone.Due to his extreme condition, I think the first wife came but shut every communication. So literally my friend was left in the dark until she heard that he had passed away.

His burial will be in the states, and his family here told my friend that they will come for discussion after the burial, probably for his properties which was gotten in both his name and wife’s name(my friend). Before his demise, he had told her how terrible most of his clans are, and how she should try to avoid them and keep things secret from them

How do I encourage her at this time and also the impending battle with her late husband’s family

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TV/Movies / Re: Reviews And Ratings: Shanty Town (Series) On Netflix by Reni1: 3:11pm On Jan 21, 2023
Bretheren, Nollywood has started their 2023 on Netflix with a bang.

No, I am not exaggerating. If you haven't seen this movie wake up and go and watch it, you're not bigger than peer pressure. If for nothing else, watch it for Chidi Mokeme, let him show you that class is permanent. Who God has endowed with a gift, never loses it.

Without further ado, let's get into the thick of things with this much anticipated (on my end) 6-episode series, Shanty Town

Title : Shanty Town

Producer: Chinenye Chichi Nworah

Writer(s): Xavier Ighorodje, Donald Tombia, ShirleyAnn Ede, Ayomikun Paseda
Director: Dimeji Ajibola

Cast: Ini Edo, Chidi Mokeme, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Nancy Isime, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Zubby Michael, Peter Okoye, Shaffy Bello, Shola Sobowale, Ali Nuhu, Mercy Eke.


An undercover detective on a revenge mission, infiltrates a crime ring, and uncovers damning information on their activities and associates.


Yes, I know the plot is a bit thin and straight to the point, but that's basically the premise of the story. Now, let's get into it.

As earlier stated, Shanty Town is a crime drama, think of something along the lines of KOB, and you basically have it.

To be honest, I don't know where to start with the review of this movie, because everything was damn near perfect, but let me begin with the writing. I'm very particular with writing, because I find a lot of Nigerian productions have some underwhelming writing behind them, but the writers of this story did a GREAT job. There were quotable quotes, relatable lines, witty words, and perhaps my best part- a healthy exploration of Nigerian indigenous languages; there was Yoruba, Igbo and Ibibio, aside the usual pidgin. Na the Ibibio sweet me pass. It was so well written, there were no plotholes, nothing to make you go, "Na for Naija this one dey happen?", the suspense was suspensing, the drama dramad. Every event was interwoven to bring us to the climax and what a climax it was. It has been a long time since I watched something from Nollywood that didn't make me pause and scrounge my face a bit at how unrealistic it was for the setting (okay, I take this back because of The Wait). The writers crossed their T's and dotted their I's, but the dialogue, particularly for the character of Scar, was my favourite part of this series.

This leads me to my next favourite part- the acting. To be honest, I have this theory that where there is a Star cast, one of two things could happen; the performances will either be really good, or really bad. No in-between. So, when I saw the cast for Shanty Town, I was hopeful it would fall under the former. Thankfully, it did. Everybody brought their A-Game, so, I'll just be mentioning a few performances that made this series worth the watch. Perhaps my biggest concern was Mercy Eke, but she blew me away with her performance in the first 2 episodes. I didn't know she had it in her to be so good. You'd never believe this is her first proper movie. I hope she gets more roles in the industry. Nse and Ini Edo were their usual brilliant selves, and then when they were speaking Ibibio to each other, E sweet me die. The seamless movement through languages was a joy to watch. Shaffy Bello had what some would call a minor role in the movie, but her delivery in the scene she was introduced pleasantly surprised me. I knew she had it in her, but I was no less giddy with excitement at how well she delivered her character. RMD, always the epitome of charisma and carriage, killed his role as DaCosta Fernandez. The inspiration for the character, and to some extent, Scar, was a little too on the nose. At this point, the owner of Lagos should start collecting money from these movie makers for the inspiration. Nancy Isime also pulled off a stellar performance, I'm beginning to enjoy her in crime dramas, from Blood Sisters to this Shanty Town, she's always so good at them. PS, THAT scene was a body double, not Nancy. If you haven't watched it, when you get to THAT scene, you'll know. The body of the double was bodying grin.

Now, I have to take a special paragraph for this man, because walahi, na him get this Series. CHIDI MOKEME IS AN ACTOR!!!!! As in, HE DEY ACT. God will bless whoever cast him in the role of Scar and God bless Chidi for doing that role justice. My multi-lingual king reminded us of why he's called a veteran. If you no feel that performance, check yourself. I love a good villain, give me a villain I can root for, a villain I want to succeed, and Scar was that villain. Kudos to the writers once again, for writing a character that was so exciting to watch, but even more kudos to Chidi Mokeme for bringing their vision to life. Delivery is such an important part of production, it can either make or break a movie, and Chidi delivered Scar in ways I haven't seen a villain delivered since Shola in KOB. MC Oluomo would be proud, every agbero in Lagos would be proud. I don't want to downplay what the new generation Nollywood actors have achieved, but Chidi is their daddy. I could only think of 3 others that could give us a performance so good, and I doubt any of them would have chewed Yoruba and Igbo like Chidi did. I hope this performance does not go unrewarded. It was an award-winning performance, and I really hope he makes it to a second season.

Now, on to other things. Like, the action sequences. There were guns, fist fights, bloody murders and a yellow and black bus that was dispensable. The action scenes were well executed, I loved that they blew shit up, and had a bus in an accident. The goriness associated with hacking a person was well done. There was some NECESSARY nudity (because I know some of you will start asking "was it necessary?" Yes! Yes, it was), some of you don't realise that certain scenes can exist for viewers to learn more of a character. Trigger warning, there's also rape, so, if that's too heavy for you, be mindful. Overall, the action scenes were all well produced.

I liked the Setting. The series is set in Lagos, so, we see the ghetto side of things, as well as the more posh areas. Nothing is extravagant per say though, but every setting was put to good use.

With the music, I must commend the 2-for-1 deal some filmmakers are able to secure by casting a musician and then just using their music as part of the soundtrack. It's a good way to bypass intellectual property rights issues, and the producers applied this by using music from Peter Okoye (P-Square), who was already a cast member.

Technically speaking, the cinematography was great, the editing was good, and the sound was thankfully, good as well. At least I did not have my remote on hand to turn the volume up or down depending on the scene. The costumes were good, I liked that Nse's character had a steady choice of Ankara outfits, showcasing some Nigerian fits. I also liked Shaffy's fits. Whoever was in charge of Special Effects was equally brilliant, the body parts were very believable

The series explores themes of human trafficking, corruption, organised crime, there's a hint of spirituality etc.

As for criticisms, whole the fighting scenes were god, certain parts of it were subpar to be honest. It could have been better. Another teeny tiny one, at the early scenes where the wig of one of the characters partially slipped off, so, we could see her cornrows underneath. It's an insignificant gaffe, but a gaffe nonetheless.

Overall, this series was a work of brilliance. A well-thought out piece and I'm hopeful Season 2 will be in the works. Please please please, watch it if you haven't. And if you have, what are your thoughts on it?

Rating: 9/10

I actually align with you review. What was missing for me was that the movie was great until the detectives found their way into it. I feel the two detectives struggled to body their characters. At some point I felt they were overacting and it was not making sense.

Regardless, the movie was great and yes I loved every scene Scar featured
Career / Re: Switching From Chemistry To Chemical Engineering by Reni1: 1:26pm On Dec 17, 2022
Good evening guys. I'm sorry for the long story. But it's serious Please
Please I need ur opinions on this issue bothering me. I am a Industrial chemistry graduate. I graduated last year and just completed my NYSC. I want to go for postgraduate studies but I am having difficulties in making a decision on what to do.

Someone advised me to switch to Chemical engineering, (this will require a 1 year postgraduate diploma course) though I wouldn't mind if there's a guarantee I stand a very good chance in the labour market after the PGD and MSC. On the other hand, 2 bros in my area I respect so much discouraged me about switching. Both of them were of the opinion that it would rather keep me confused instead of helping me. That recruiters will consider a candidate with B.Eng Chemical engineering without a masters over me, while chemistry field will consider a chemistry msc holder over me also.
Bottom line, it's almost a waste of time especially here in Nigeria that I should just do msc in industrial chemistry.

I'm still young though. I Will be 22 on 27th of this month.

First, I admire your courage to explore your alternatives at an early stage of your career, and it's okay to make mistakes now and learn from them.

My advice will be to relocate to the US and pursue the direction you want, Masters or PhD either in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. I would not advise you to invest an extra year in converting your degree to Chemical Engineering in Nigeria. The benefit of pursuing Chemistry in the US is that you have access to more funding when compared to chemical engineering because fewer people do Chemistry in comparison Chem Eng.

The key thing is to secure a source of income after graduation, while you will have work authorization to work for 30 months after graduation, I am not sure if Chemistry has more opportunities in comparison to Chemical Engineering. However, you can recraft your resume to fit whatever role is available, eg recraft your resume to fit an IT Job.
Business / Re: "I Am Where I Am Today Because Of Luck" Tony Elumelu Writes On His Success by Reni1: 4:14am On Nov 29, 2022
Oga Tony, there is nothing called luck, thank God for his grace
Dey deceive yourself, you way get grace , how much she put for your bank account? I think the point he is passing across is that there is an element of chance or luck which is critical in his story.

For example, most of us did not get the opportunity to start a bank in our 30s like Aig of Access or Tayo of GTb or Tony of Standard bank . Or apply for an OML like Mike Adenuga in his 30s. They were lucky to be ypung and close to their prime when Nigeria was evolving and making signifixant changes. Of course there were people who were more hardworking but their businesses failed while some were doing bare minimum and they succeeded.

The man say he get luck leave am you you get grace go collect your own too
Politics / Re: Osun PDP Suspends Political Activities Over Death Of Davido's Son by Reni1: 1:02pm On Nov 01, 2022
IFEANYI ADELEKE jnr. Isn't dead but sleeping.

I believe there's something strange about this, I have the mandate to pray for his revival back to life, whoever has an info on how to reach the Adeleke's should contact me ASAP!
Saro, Anikulapo 1!
Politics / Re: Osun PDP Suspends Political Activities Over Death Of Davido's Son by Reni1: 12:59pm On Nov 01, 2022

You're right but when their children die, no political party will suspend their activities.. that's the difference.
. what is the value of the suspension of party activity in comparison to the life lost ? This is about life and death and ‘ have money o’ may not be the right form of encouragement. I mean why u know say ‘Have money make your pikin come kpeme o’


Politics / Re: MC Oluomo's Men Sing His Praises At Unveiling Of New Uniform by Reni1: 1:26pm On Sep 02, 2022
Lo and behold!!
All I see
Are all Agberos!
Agberos are humans just like you, Alakowe, and they have every right as a nigerian as well

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Religion / Re: Do You Fake Being A Christian As An Atheist In Nigeria? by Reni1: 2:22am On Aug 15, 2022
Is it wise to play along with been a Christian as an Atheist? I am finding it difficult to fake, it seems like a major blow to myself to lie to myself.

Do you mean agnostic, a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God ?

If yes, I think it depends on the society. For example, if one lives in a society that ties financial independence to religion, then Yes, most of us will act like christians. However, If one ia financially independent and is in a society that separates religion from the basic way of life, then No. once one get financial independence, one most likely will begin to make decisions that suit them and not the spciety
Politics / Re: PDP Crisis Gets Deeper As Sanwo-Olu, APC Governors Storm Rivers To Woo Wike by Reni1: 10:36pm On Jul 08, 2022
I sight Fayose my man. Wike is trying to build his own cap thing too with the “NEW” inscription.

Jagaban got that infinity logo, Wike bringing the “NEW” to the picture.

Someone can educate us on the meaning of that NEW on Wike cap these days.
Nyeson Ezenwo Wike, Wicked Wike

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Politics / Re: Tonto Dikeh's Political Interview: I Have Never Failed In Leadership (Video) by Reni1: 11:53am On Jun 27, 2022
Says a lady who failed severally in relationships undecided
This perspective is so wrong. Failure in personal relationship should not translate to how one will perform at a job. We all go to some form of office a d deal with at least someone we don't like. However, we do not maintain a personal relationship with that person.
My point, we should use soneones personal relationship, divorce, breakfast whatever, to deyermine their professional outcome.

Do I think she stands a chance, No she doesn't, however, she has shown some courage to contest even though she knows she might not win and there may be alot of backlash considering she is from the entertainment industry.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Invested N1.96 Billion And The Value Now Is N2.24 Billion (picture) by Reni1: 2:03pm On Jun 22, 2022
Did the read the article where the author claimed that had PO not claimed his invested in USD there will be no need to convert? PO claimed that investment is worth $100M which was false as at it peak would have worth $67M.
Peter Obi Invested N1.96 billion and the value now is N2.24 billion (Picture)

Response to “Peter Obi's $12.24 m Investment In Breweries Now Worth $5.38 m

I read through the article titled “Peter Obi's $12.24m Investment In Breweries Now Worth $5.38m” and I saw a desperate attempt to find something negative on Peter Obi’s past. The writer obviously did not think through the implication of his deceptive title. Because there is no tangible thing to use again Peter, he had to exploit the outcome of fiscal policy and economic failure of Buhari’s administration to craft a title that the BMC crew will feast on. Obviously the BMC crew do not have the mind of their own and cannot think for themselves. Otherwise they would have understood the implication of the intellectual yahoo-yahoo displayed by the author of that article.

To put the record straight, N1.96 billion was invested and N2.24B (CBN) or (N3.28B) black market is the value today. There was no loss whichever way you want to look at it. it is disingenuous to report the values in dollars while you talk about Tinubu’s forced investment in Naira. ( https://technext.ng/2022/06/02/did-bola-tinubu-bring-econet-nigeria-2001/)
In fact, you have to praise Peter for investing a company that did not go bankrupt under Buhari’s administration.

Dangote, the richest man in Africa had a net worth of $7bn as at April, 2016 as against $25bn he was worth in 2014. (https://nairametrics.com/2020/04/16/aliko-dangote-and-his-slide-from-25-billion-to-7-billion/). That was an $18bn or 72% loss incurred under Buhari’s body language induced recession. Tinubu told us he single-handedly made Buhari Nigeria’s president. Even now, with Federal governments push such as selective opening of the land bother to allow him export his products, Dangote is yet recover. His current Net is still $14.2 billion.

Going by Dangote’s experience, we now know that the company lost at least 72% of its equity value. Because we do not know the profit made as at 2014, we shall work with the investment capital which was $12.24 million. Assuming there was no growth, losing 72% means $8.81 million was lost. So as at April, 2016, the value of the investment was $3.43 million. This company has without any government’s incentive grown the $3.43 million by $1.95 million to get $5.38 million. That is 36% growth in 6 years under Buhari’s hash economy. That tells you that Peter is an investor and wealth creator.

The writer of the article actually shot Buhari and Tinubu(Buhari’s Godfather) on the back because he just highlighted the damage Buhari has done to our economy.

Politics / Re: CJN Muhammad Replies Supreme Court Justices’ Protest Letter by Reni1: 2:24pm On Jun 21, 2022
This analysis suggests you may not have a good understanding of how global economics works. Irrespective of who is in Government, yesterday's price cannot be today's price, and that in itself is called inflation. Economies with a Free market without any cushion from the government have seen a significant increase in the cost of goods and services. For example, the price for a liter of fuel increased from ~50 cents per liter to ~$2/liter in the US in the past 8 years, while in Nigeria, it reduced from ~50 cents per liter (N95/liter at an exchange rate of ~N200/$1) to ~30 cents per liter (N165/liter at an exchange rate of ~N610/$1).

I understand that things are now more expensive and we all are feeling that pain, however, tieing such failure directly to a Government, whether APC, PDP, CICP-Chop-I-ChopParty, PPP- PadiPadiParty, is quite misleading and based more on sentiments.

There must be Problems in the system because this is the same Chief Justice of Nigeria that Buhari imposed on the Court...

Anything Buhari puts his filthy hands withers and dies... Buhari is failure and Chaos Personified

Poor Welfare... Lack of review of their Salaries and Allowances for 14 years....

And you expect this people not to collect Bribes ?

While we have those in the Executive and Legislative arms of government living large..

The Failures and Misrule of this Useless APC Government has spilled over to the Sacred Chambers of our Judiciary...

Nigerians must ensure that this wicked party called APC is voted out of Office in 2023..

APC must Fall.... APC must Fail .... APC must Scatter
Crime / Re: Man Caught Defrauding His Elderly Helper/host In USA 6 Months After Relocating by Reni1: 2:17pm On Jun 16, 2022
I will report him and make sure he is deported ..
I know the live anything for God to judge.
If he get another chance he will kill his helper straight away..

Lol, its hrs to report this crime without implicating himself. The host committed a crime by giving his identity information to his guest. Basically, that is aid and abetting an illegal
Immigrant to live and work in the US using a false identity
Politics / Re: How Peter Obi Can Win The Presidential Election; My Memo To His Social Media Sup by Reni1: 12:10am On Jun 13, 2022
Nice..but the number 2 is not compulsory, we must not join the party to deliver OBI. Have you heard of independent candidate? A candidate can be neutral without any party or party members and still win an election, talk more of Obi that is in a party. All we need is to be OBIdient.

Na so una no wan hear word. I mean world over, the young people distance ourselves from Government. However, we fail to realize that its critical to being able to make the desired change. Infact, the reason BAT and AA will win is because they understand the need to be in a party with a structure required win elections and take over instruments of Government.

Nelson Mandela was just a lawyer, who attended local ANC meetings and eventually got an opportunity to speak. The rest they say is history.

The advise is quite critical , if you want change start from the local level, join the political party. Listen to the debates and effect change at a local level.
Science/Technology / Re: Asteroid Twice World's Tallest Building Will Pass Through Earth On Friday (Pics) by Reni1: 12:07am On May 24, 2022
All over the world, Events that will cripple the Earth after the Rapture of the saints are "testing the mic" right now.

Anymoment from now, Jesus Christ is coming for His church!
What follows is a time of unprecedented cataclysmic events.

Now is the time to settle your relationship with JESUS Christ , to avoid that touch the Heart..
If you’re not ready, today is the day to get ready.

Bros, Wel done o.

Abeg I say make I ask, executing this script now dey tire you. I mean, its ok that we all have been programmed, coached, trained to see life from this lens, but, The almight gave us our brain to think for a reason.

I come in peace!


Events / Re: Why I Won't Attend My Cousin Brother's Wedding Ceremony Today by Reni1: 1:00am On May 22, 2022
The wedding is holding today and have made up my mind not to attend because the dude invited me through WhatsApp. It annoys me how children of this days has no regards or character for their elders. they are changing everything all in the name modernization.

How can someone, I know the exact date he was born be inviting me through WhatsApp, no respect at all, sending the scanned card copy there.. what happened to the hardware copy he printed? I had to tell him, he laughed it off saying bros nor vex the 500 copies he printed was not enough to share self. I didn't want to press the issue farther my mind is already made up.
He won't see me there today.

When I did mine, I knew how far distance I trekked to invite his elder brothers face to face, bought several drinks.

I just hope he invited his in-laws through WhatsApp too

I think this is a superiority complex, a cousin to innferior complex, at play.

The reality is that our society has changed significantly and you may be stuck
In the past alone. For example, in the early 2000s, it will take forever for a 2MB file to download so it made sense to print and distribute physically, but in our time, 20MB file can be downloaded under 10 mins.

They most important piece is the information and not how its delivered especially if you love your brother. You holding this position is similiar to the one we had in boarding house where we say our Juniors must be bullied because we were bullied. Because you auffer no mean say your brother must suffer.

On a final note, if you go o, if you no go o, the wedding will take place and their live will not come to an end and you may miss an opportunity to share a moment or an experience woth you family.


Romance / Re: How Do I Save My Friend From The Claws Of A Manipulative Woman? by Reni1: 3:59pm On May 21, 2022
It's not in my nature to bother about people's relationships but this is happening to someone that's like a brother to me. He has been dating a girl for a year now and it's obvious this girl doesn't love him but he won't just give up. He keeps throwing money at her in a bid to win her love.

Things got messier when this girl met a particular guy some months back... This guy happens to live in the compound of my club mate so I know him well. The girl has begged my guy to free her that she's in love with someone else but this guy no gree instead he's planning to attack the innocent guy.

He confided in me that the girl has not let him touch her since she met this other guy, that's over five months now. I once overhead the guy boasting to his friends that he's a redpiller because someone else is taking care of his girlfriend while he does the knacking free of charge. He's even flexing everything that my guy buys for the girl.
All pleas to my guy to free this girl has fallen on deaf ears.

My club mate told me that the girl has been with the guy for over one month now, my guy comes to town once a week to see the girl, gets her stuffs and this girl will just go back to the other boy that is even jobless.

My guy is finer and far richer than this new guy, he's planning to start a business for this girl and I've been trying to change his mind to no avail. It's no longer normal, I would've said he's charmed but the girl has begged him to free her but he refused. The guy is even the one flexing the sample of the products he sent her. Everything she has done to drive him has failed so she just relaxed and enjoying the money.

This simping is on another level, it hurts me to see my guy in this kinda situation. I've gotten him picture proofs that the girl is cheating but he won't change his mind. The girl even admitted that she's been having sex with the guy buy he's claiming its a lie and the girl is trying to drive away.

Is there anything I can do to help him abeg.

I think you should let your friend be, and figure it out himself. There is a saying, Your morning is when you wake up. Until its his morning, i doubt he will get you point.

Also, its possible your friend is yet to discover himself. I mean understand his worth and disconnect it from what others think about him. Personally, I was surprised at the class of babes I got when I moved from Nigeria. Sometime I go reason say, shey na this Ojuelegba boy this fine ajebutter dey trip for. I feel in my case , moving out of my environment changed my mentality a lil bit and I saw that i had options. Husband Material 1 million yards, lol

So guy, let your friend be, give him enough information to make his decision. In addition, when things go bad and he comes to you, try not to become a wizard tellimg him shebi i tell you.

Ire o!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Bulgaria To Replace Russian Gas Supply With Cheaper US LNG by Reni1: 7:32pm On May 14, 2022
Okay okay igbofam! I have never bothered to comment on your many posts about Russia/ Ukraine/ US.

Wait, you’re a Nigerian like me yeah? What’s our gain if these nations kill themselves? But check out the image below and see why this new agreement may be a pipe dream. If it goes through, Bulgarians will bear the brunt of expensive logistics.

Lol, I do not think there is a plan to build a pipeline but to liquify the gas, load it up on a ship and transport it to the destination. Ofcourse the buyer will bear the cost of shipping, in this case bulgaria.

The article suggests buying LNG from US is cheaper when compared to Russia, however, we do not know if this cost includes cost of transportation by sea.

Or will the US subsidize gas for them
Politics / Re: Cost Of Nomination Form For Primaries: Texas In USA Vs Nigeria by Reni1: 5:05pm On Apr 22, 2022
Below is the list of what most states in USA charge for a candidate that wants to partake in primaries.

Governor: $5,000.
U.S. Senate: $5,000.
U.S. House: $2,500.
State Senate: $1,000.
State House: $500.
Judicial offices: $500.
Countywide elected offices: $100.
County Commission or Constable: $25.

Let's compare one state in USA and a country called Nigeria.

GDP of Texas 2021: 2.0 Trillion dollars
Budget of Texas 2021: 261.5 billion dollars.
Presidential aspirants in Texas pay a $5,000 filing fee.

GDP of Nigeria 2021: 446.9 billion dollars
Budget of Nigeria 2021: 23.3 billion US dollars (13.6 trillion naira)
APC presidential form: 170,940 US dollars (100 million naira)

Compare that to a poor country called Nigeria. APC decided to set the price of governorship at $85,470 (50 million naira). That is 16 times more than what is paid in USA. While that of president set at 170,940 US dollars (100 million naira) is 34 times more than what is paid in USA.

Until INEC sets a REASONABLE limit on how much political parties can charge, this ridiculous trend will continue.

Are our destinies tied to APC and PDP?
Many are complaining that these top two parties are disenfranchising young candidates with their prices. We have more younger people than old people. If only many Nigerians think like me, APC and PDP would have been abandoned for a long time. But most of the electorates love 'abusive relationship'.

If in other countries, a young person can win an election with a unpopular party, why can't it happen in Nigeria?

This will be a balanced unbiased piece if you include the price for the top three or five parties in Nigeria.

Yes I agree with you, a new party needs to be born by the younger generation
Phones / Re: Equiano: Google’s Second Subsea Cable In Africa Arrives In Lagos (Pictures) by Reni1: 3:18am On Apr 22, 2022

Immortalize and honor a slave? WTH is wrong with you? The cable is for your second enslavement. They are just letting you know ahead of time.

Well, You and I are already enslaved as we are using the internet to communicate from different parts of the world. Lets all merry in our enslavement by the internet
Phones / Re: Equiano: Google’s Second Subsea Cable In Africa Arrives In Lagos (Pictures) by Reni1: 6:31pm On Apr 21, 2022
Equiano, the name of the slave boy during the trans Atlantic slave trade? What is wrong with google? What kind of demeaning name is that? And Africans are celebrating? African men, Tuehhh? See as the white man dey take una play Kalo kalo. No wonder they are flogging you guys with horse whip at their border. Wish I had a horse whip to flog you guys too. Lolz.

Na wa o, Is it possible that the name was given to immortalize and honor this slave? Considering naming this technology, which will make a significant impact in the lives of the people, as demeaning may be stretching the race card too far beyond reason. For example, my direct ancestors were not slaves but there is nothing significant tied to their names asides from memories, and when we start having children, our children may not even know that they existed at some point.

I think the name given to the fiber was on a positive note and look forward to how lives in that area will change. For example, a new settlement can be setup close to this Data Center and people get to work remotely from that location. Imagine earning dollars and enjoying City life in the remote part of lagos.

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Career / Re: How My Upholsterer Lost 15 Million Naira Contract Because Of Attitude by Reni1: 2:27pm On Apr 05, 2022
Attitude they say is everything. Once you don't have it, forget it.

So I moved to this new apartment last year and the whole place was messed up 100% by the former occupant. So i called in my guy who is specialized in cabinets and other furniture works. He revamped the whole flat and my landlord was dazed.
So while he was working, on that same first day, my landlord connected him up with one of his friends. Mind you, he lives abroad and he only comes around spend few weeks and go back.

After few weeks he called him up that he has a job for him at ibadan to setup a flat, they guy said he doesnt travel to work elsewhere. I did not hear about this until 2 days ago.

So on friday, we bought two dogs in the house and my landlord needed a cage for the dogs so he asked to to sort it out. As usual i called him up, though i did not tell him the nature of the job cos one of the job was sensitive. So when he arrived, I told him we needed a cage for the dogs.
This guy just arranged cage as if a bingo dog want to live there. My landlord came out and saw the job but he complained that he needed something lovely for the dogs.
The guy replied that he doesnt even make cages for dogs and that if it wasnt for me that called him, he wont do such work. Temper flared and my landlord told him to leave.

During the time he was making the cage, My landlord was on a call cos he works for the state government. He just secured the furniture contract of 30 rooms in a guest house in the government house. It was around 15M +. He was hoping to give this my guy. Only for him to mess things up.
He showed me the call logs and i was speechless.
I havent told him cos we have not seen since then. This is a guy who has just a bike and a small shop. Someone that is still hussling saying he cant do this or that.

I learnt from his mistakes. If you know you have a profession, dont think their is a level at which you cant work anymore. Just because they give you repaid 2020 benz and above doesnt mean you should ignore someone that brings a 2004 model. Its your work, at least you will be paid.

I share a different opinion on this issue. I wonder what was of a higher priority, a job well done or someone who worships the landlord for giving him an opportunity ? Why does his attitude matter when his work speaks for itself ? I think a job well done is more important and if possible the landlord should focus on the job that and not the feeling to be exalted by the artisan. iWe often use these attitude as an excuse when we do not get the expected feeling of being worshipped by those who seem to be earning lower than us. I agree, the guy could have communicated better that he does not travel outside lagos for reason best known to him but that is his right. An artisan says he does not invest time in building a cage we say no he must do it. Common guys, if we want to be worshipped lets look for professional worshippers, if we want to get things done, lets look for those who can do the job.

Personally, I had a similar experience where I introduced my friends in the US to a great graphics guy in Nigeria. My friends expected the graphics guy to worship them because they earn in USD and feel they can talk to the graphics guy anyhow. Ofcourse, the graphica guy could have behaved like a mugu to get the job, but he is good at his work such that i paid 4 times what he had asked because I valued what he was doing. My friends expected me to call him to order but I chose not to hecause they did not value his skillset and the ones with the attitude problem.
OP, you and you Landlord should chekc it well, do you really calue this guys work but need the extra feeling of being worhsipped for connecting him to an opportunity ?

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by Reni1: 6:52pm On Mar 20, 2022
Please the WhatsApp link is saying page not found, I have also copied the link to search but same. I need help please.
Do you mind sharing the link you are trying to access? To get the full link, click quote as though you want to reply to the link, and you will see the full link in the quote. Copy the link and the quote and you should access the group.

I attached a screenshot to this reply

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by Reni1: 7:47am On Mar 20, 2022
I don’t think @Pepes is an agent peddling interview dates upandan. He only notified the platform upon discovering that interview dates for IW were available.
Then you need to confirm if your mother in law qualified for Dropbox/IW which was what @Pepes announced…

Dampops, thanks for replying to my request. She does not qualify for an Interview Waiver as her visa expires in 2018. Thus, we need to be physically present for the interview.

Its seems I have to keep refreshing this page to see when Pepes updates it to book an interview. Do you know if this is the only forum where such updates are posted ?
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by Reni1: 3:11am On Mar 20, 2022
Dates opened o 18th 21st and 24th March oya o
Oga Pepes the defender, Abeg, I need your help with these dates. How you fit help me. Make I yarn you the matter finish, I need the date make my mother-in-law come help us do Omugwo. My wife just born pikin for here, and we no too get money for a live-in nanny way go cost ~$2,000 p.month. If we fit see date make she go interview e go help us no be small. Biko!

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Career / Re: Man With Two Degrees And Phd Now Working As Labourer At Dangote Refinery by Reni1: 4:55pm On Feb 05, 2022
I think our society needs to begin to see Education as investment and divorce the idea of entitlement when one has a degree. Yes, i agree in developed countries he may not be working as a labourer but that because there is a demand fir his skillset. I graduates with a masters degree in Petroleum Engineering in the US but ended us as a dish washer. To integrate into the corporate career world , i had to pick a skill in demand and dropped my dream of being a petroleum engineer.
Education is an investment and like all investments, it may turn out to either a loss or gain. This is capitalism
Celebrities / Re: African Doll Impregnated By Sammie Okposo Says: 'I Will Keep The Baby' by Reni1: 2:48pm On Jan 25, 2022

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