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Politics / Re: "It Is Unacceptable To Kill Terrorists" - FFK Reacts To Gen Buhari's Speech by SimDan95(m): 5:49pm On Feb 17, 2020
Once you sit down to consider the crime against humanity been carried out by those in today's administration, you'll glance into the face of truth that there's no hope in this forced contraption.

Political leaders no matter how sincere they seem to look have only one agenda “ the me, myself and i” syndrome. But those with double or more deadly agenda such as divide and rule, terrorism, nepotism, incompetence and tyranny are the real monsters who haunt the lives of the masses.

Corruption hasn't been eradicated in which we wail and fight the past administrations for this, but the current plagues of today is what we didn't see coming, we've never had it this worse.

But it doesn't cover the most painful part of stupidity and vile, gross, double standard foolishness coming from zombies, may they come to terms with their Waterloo when it hits them like a ten ton brick at lightning speed. And may they choke on their words of favoritism to a govt whose act has caused thousands of deaths over the years without reprive or amendments.

Celebrities / Re: No One Can Turn My Son Away From Me And I Will Fight - Churchill To Tonto Dikeh by SimDan95(m): 5:41pm On Feb 17, 2020
Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye Kisses His Wife, Folu (Throwback Photo) by SimDan95(m): 5:29pm On Feb 17, 2020
I tried by zooming on the pics increasing the brightness of my phone just to make out the outline of their lips, but guess what

Local man is disappointed by this pathetic joining of the mouth, is this what they call a kiss, damnit they need to take classes about kissing.

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Politics / Re: Bandits Kill 30, Burn Houses, Animals In Two Katsina Villages by SimDan95(m): 7:18pm On Feb 15, 2020
the truth is everyone is tired of complaining, of speaking up against this injustice and terrorism mostly because the people been spoken for are not even bothered nonetheless.

My heart's goes to the victims, but sincerely speaking I'm not gonna waste my precious breath condemning lifeless,nepotistic, and incompetent buhari. Even without saying a word his minions would swoop down like vultures on carcass to demonize me.

so with due respect and peace of mind, if the north can't stand up along with their huge masses to hold their leaders responsible, make them quake in fear I have no support to give them. Let them show they are fed up with the issue of insecurity then watch how others would support wholeheartedly. Cos I can't see how u can lift up a child if he won't budge.

If they can't speak and agitate for themselves, then let their ish stay with them and allow is a moment of peace,



Crime / Re: Uber Passenger Jumps Into Lagos Lagoon . by SimDan95(m): 7:16pm On Feb 15, 2020
Politics / Re: Ganduje Appoint Senior Special Adviser On Street Light iii by SimDan95(m): 7:13pm On Feb 15, 2020
To be brief and Frank this is the height of cluelessness, it makes me wonder why it can't be issued to the numerous commissioners gracing the state with their incompetence and laziness.

On the other hand it is a really wise decision and innovation to convert and corner more dollars which final testing place is white silky agbada's Pocket.

commissioner for streets lights, lol these guys won't stop amusing us.

Family / Re: I Suspect My Wife Is Setting Me Up With Her Friend by SimDan95(m): 3:17pm On Feb 14, 2020
It actually depends on your sexual evaluation, while whining or bitching about a situation that you can't solve why not salvage and change the said incidence to your own benefit.

The truth is, that friend is your wife's lover just as she loves you, it's her sexual orientation ingrined into her DNA that can't be changed the earlier you accept it the better. Many women out there are lesbian by heart but won't openly agree to to for fear of stigmatization.

Fvck the said friend again, and this time fvck her hard. Then confront your wife about it let her know you couldn't hold still any longer, either way she reacts it's a win win for you. But with due conviction I'm sure she'll be happy about it cos it's opened up an avenue for a thre£some which she has been craving for to relive her sexual fantasies.

And in the case whereby she acts irrational buckle up, her friend is there to fill her spot, like I said either way it a win win for you.

Take this dearest advice my brother, advice from a sexual therapist,. that's if u ain't a simp or weakling.



Politics / Re: Situation At Nnamdi Kanu's Family Compound Ahead Of Parents' Burial (Video) by SimDan95(m): 5:43pm On Feb 13, 2020
sad As a born again Christian who is meant to speak the truth at all times, i think the igbos need to align with other Nigerians and produce the next president. It seems feasible than this nonsense biafra that has wasted uncountable lives. How can any sane person demand for a country within a country? Things like this never happens in Muslim nations yet we Christians demonize their Islamic rulings. It's quite unfortunate that the other Christian communities in the country are not persuading the igbos to abandon biafra and believe in one Nigeria sad

will u shut it with ur despicable lies, Everytime u brand urself as a Christian yet you lie and display characteristics of the devil.

pls just shut it

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Car Talk / Re: Best Cars For Transportation Business In Nigeria by SimDan95(m): 5:38pm On Feb 13, 2020
9. Toyota Camry 1999 and Camry 2000 &2001: these cars are so good that we have given them nick names we call the Camry 1999 tiny-light, and the 2000-2001 models are called drop-light or pencil-light.
These Toyota brand fit perfectly for any model of transport business you wanna go into. They are very very good for bad roads. The engine and transmission systems of this model of Toyota car is very reliable and cheap to service and maintain, infact I'm yet to see any Toyota engine that can tolerate nonsense like these model. It's spare parts are cheap and readily available in any State in Nigeria
This cars can serve for taxi for both intra-city and inter-city.
Used Camry 1999-2001 is N400k-850k, tokunbor ones go for N1.3m to 1.6m.
It has a potential of fetching you minimum N80k pure profit per month after maintenance and feedings. If you have any of these asset in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Onitsha, Benin and their suburbans you should live a comfortable live, unless you are not a good thinker.

Guys the era we are living in Nigeria now is different from the ones we were living in the last two decades. Forgot white collar jobs where you are being paid peanut unless your vision and purpose in life is in that direction. Get your collar dirty guys, raise legitimate money for your business or for your vision. I have seen a danfo driver in Lagos, (this guy owns only 4 buses) living comfortable life, has good cars, build houses, sponsor immediate family members and extended family members in schools. Why are our youth returning to money rituals and yahoo-yahoo? Think very well, the solution is within you.

what do u think about Toyota muscle for Uber is it efficient?? and how much is the neat tokunbo.
Car Talk / Re: Best Cars For Transportation Business In Nigeria by SimDan95(m): 8:33am On Feb 13, 2020
If you're considering buying a car as young man who wants to also use his ride for side hustle, consider that Sienna 1998.

please enlighten me about best cars for uber, is corrolla better or Camry.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Kills Qasim al-Raymi, Al-qaeda's Leader In Yemen by SimDan95(m): 3:42pm On Feb 07, 2020
Do u know the traits if a good leader??
Persistence, hardwork, devotion and love for your country man. Donald J. Trump has excelled In all aforementioned qualities.

That's why the USA are viewed as world power they clamp down on terrorism and injustice, fighting it tooth and nail.

Now I know some of our head slamming brothers won't like these news like that terrorist called Blindersoff or whatever and his so called minions, but I'll still pass a word or two over to them.

The world is moving forward, so are her policies the earlier u accept that fact the better, patriotic citizens a d like minded fellows won't fold their hands while ur likes constitutes nuisance in the name of religion ( we all know the religion responsible for world's terrorism), and let me tell you sooner or later the stooge at aso rock will bow to these world powers and will be consumed by the beast it has reared.

While other terrorist come here to masturbate on this thread, have it at the back of your mind that the ambition of world jihad would crumble on all ur heads.


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Business / Re: Can 150k Start A Gas Refill Business? by SimDan95(m): 7:28am On Feb 06, 2020
I'm interested in this ad well, but mine is for a small gas plant.

Anyone knows how much and what it takes to start one? Please, help out.

I can actually help with the info call 08023679137
Foreign Affairs / Re: E. Jean Carroll Seeks Trump's DNA Over Rape Accusation by SimDan95(m): 8:18am On Jan 31, 2020
Sorry only saying we black we only value what can't have useless our own

I understand

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Foreign Affairs / Re: E. Jean Carroll Seeks Trump's DNA Over Rape Accusation by SimDan95(m): 8:00am On Jan 31, 2020
when it was pastor fatoyibo we all say na bad pastor

if na Buhari we go chop am before him defend him self

now na white man

and not ordinary white man Trump u they cry fowl

Don't generalize me and them, I ever tell you say fatoyinbo repe?

please don't generalize.

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Politics / Re: Senate Probes NNPC Over $396 Million Refineries’ Maintenance by SimDan95(m): 7:57am On Jan 31, 2020
stop crying and be a man... Mockery is a great resources... It motivates... If someone mocks you cos he got a Lexus.... Hustle harder and own a Porsche! If they mock you cos they got a good job... Hustle hard and buy the entire company, that way you are his boss!

Life can never be easy... We should try to make something out whatever that was thrown at us. If they throw cow shit at you... Use it as a manure to grow your crops... If they throw bricks at you, use em to build your castle.

We are Kings and queens... We all are! You just need to find your crown.

He has a point that you are overlooking, life can't be the same for everyone. Just because you had yours easy doesn't mean others had same, you won't understand if you haven't been in their shoes and maybe worse.

Most people lack basics of life to grow themselves, be it skill or education with no support and overbearing responsibilities no matter how much they try it won't yield results. It's like walking on sinking sand make one move and you are down by a feet.
Politics / Re: Senate Probes NNPC Over $396 Million Refineries’ Maintenance by SimDan95(m): 7:50am On Jan 31, 2020
Some of us didn't further our education after secondary school some of us further to university some of us got married yet some of us are not married. Some of us are still struggling with life, some of us are already settled �.
Some of us are still finding it difficult to eat two square meals in a day. Some of us have traveled abroad. Some of us went back to village, some of us have seen real hell and still facing hell and some of us the last time we sat in a classroom was the last day we wrote our secondary school exams, in Short life is not cool to everyone.�
The fact that u are settled and doing well doesn't mean others are in the same page with u when ever u call or run into ur old classmate, let the conversation be simple!! That we are still alive should be a thing to celebrate ✌.
Stop making ur friends feel less valued because u are married, Engaged or done with school.
Life is filled with ups and downs.
Life can turnaround�
Never forget that you once had a best family in the ojike memories secondary School ,and eziachi secondary School of secondary School, remember how we all used to be.. remember who used to help you out in exam Hall..
Remember that most of the exams we wrote back then was not just about your intellectual effort but the collective efforts of your fellow classmates.
Just remember how we used to fight for each other and even answered present for each other in our absence in class.
What about how we helped one another during the compound work days?
This is the time you have to pay and show your classmates some love now that you are in a better position.
You can stretch your hands and be a blessing to your fellow classmates instead of mocking them simply because you're in a better position than them..
Life is not predictable.
Be Nice and stay alert and firm..
ONE Love ��

Thank you so much, this piece touched me.

Travel / Re: Nigeria To Increase Visa Categories From 6 To 79 by SimDan95(m): 7:22am On Jan 31, 2020
The NIS is one of the most corrupt organization in this current government, yo issue passport nah wahala you must bribe your way through why not address the issue of corrupt officers first before making any initiative.

misplaced priority. the

It is alarming the way foreigners are now jostling to come over and invest in our darling nation, after loads and loads of companies closed ran out to our neighboring countries to reinvest in the 16 years of kidnapping, daily bombing and insane bribes!

Slow and steady we will get to a New and better Nigeria.

God bless Nigeria.
you don start this early morning again, when you go get sense.


Foreign Affairs / Re: E. Jean Carroll Seeks Trump's DNA Over Rape Accusation by SimDan95(m): 7:27pm On Jan 30, 2020
Let's get this straight, since 1990 till date she couldn't press charges even knowing he is a multi billionaire, but recently some unseen force has compelled her to sue him now he's a president.

Madam one question for you, are you related to busola dakolo. well I ain't surprised no be woman again they are well capable of giving the devil a run for his money when it comes to lies and manipulation.

You are now pressing for a DNA test, u could have brushed against his body, or come in bodily contact with him one way or another. Unless you can provide semen residue on that dress of yours that's identical to Trump's you are more or less a fvcking wh0re

I know say nah dis kine post dey sweet OP, anything to implicate Trump while you support Tyranny, nepotism and corruption your own government dish on a platter to you. Take a chill pill and lick your balls you're in a long ride to utter disappointment.

Some Women are just ..............................

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Religion / Re: Christians Sold American Church To Muslims, Rejected Club Owners' Offer by SimDan95(m): 1:27pm On Jan 26, 2020

Common question i asked you, you went to look for my threads, hahaha

I've read it since ur first comment on this thread nothing special about it though.
Religion / Re: Christians Sold American Church To Muslims, Rejected Club Owners' Offer by SimDan95(m): 1:21pm On Jan 26, 2020

How old are you boy. Tell me the truth

By ur previous topics u are barely 2 years older, the fact that i let you spill debased words at me while I refrain conforms with my ability to leash myself. You should be ashamed of yourself BOY!!!
Religion / Re: Christians Sold American Church To Muslims, Rejected Club Owners' Offer by SimDan95(m): 1:14pm On Jan 26, 2020

Mr man many people in Nigeria are dumb and sick. I mean, mentally sick
I have these people even in my family as a result of the environment and lack of enlightenment
I wouldn’t argue with you because your religion is a disaster already

If many people are sick I wonder where that places you?? u seem to me like someone in need of therapy and counselling. U equate a fanatic to a believer. If you were taking note of the basics from this our little banter you'll find out where I said I'm not that religious myself cos I find it hard to come to terms with some doctrines of today's Christianity but it doesn't make me blind to glaring fact.

And I achieved that by letting go of hate, anger at everyone and everything that has kicked me into the dust shoved the middle finger into my face. Believe me I've seen more agonizing part of life then u can comprehend but I still hold my shit. suck it up and do the same, life sucks deal with it


Religion / Re: Christians Sold American Church To Muslims, Rejected Club Owners' Offer by SimDan95(m): 1:00pm On Jan 26, 2020

You only think i am beating around the bush because you are far from comprehension. Even if i explain to you from now till tomorrow, you might still never understand. So what is the point?

That's ur point of view, how do u determine someone u haven't met before goes beyond comprehension? it shows what type of person you are proud, arrogant, and a sadist. Those traits are really disgusting to me, I detest seeing those who think themselves above others it's sickening.

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Religion / Re: Christians Sold American Church To Muslims, Rejected Club Owners' Offer by SimDan95(m): 12:47pm On Jan 26, 2020

From everything i read about your mentions. We are not even close to being mates intellectually. How many places have you been to this world?
You are not even exposed to begin with

Like I said ur ego is a big disaster, it creates a mental picture of what u are still in reality. I wonder how u will be able to maintain credible relationships with others.

Anyway you are right I haven't even have the opportunity to cross out own border, I lack solid education, I'm poor and I actually suck a lot in some ways. But I won't mask my innocence with an imaginary pride and arrogant facade, it makes me wise in immense ways at least it got u rambling and beating around the bush in utter confusion.

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Religion / Re: Christians Sold American Church To Muslims, Rejected Club Owners' Offer by SimDan95(m): 12:37pm On Jan 26, 2020

Look at the above ignorant mentions you made of me

I am just really angered that when someone is trying to explain something to you. Instead of reasoning and making research, you want me to tell you something that requires a broader look into. Something Wikipedia will assist you more on because it can easily link you to all the basis and foundation is what you want me to explain for you.

Do you think i read and make researches to stay in your level of intellectualism ?

Bro go through what you wrote earlier, u ended up explaining nothing, you claim to make research at the same while stroking ur ego. Don't think everyone u come across is a Stark illitrate or dumb regardless of educational background.

You might claim to be a geographer and whatever, bit that doesn't give u leverage intellectually in certain matters than others. Don't fly with the notion that others are beneath you while they contradict your point regardless of their being.

Not everyone is stupid bro tune ur ego down u might get burnt from the heat.

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Religion / Re: Christians Sold American Church To Muslims, Rejected Club Owners' Offer by SimDan95(m): 12:23pm On Jan 26, 2020

In your best and smartest sense of reasoning, you cannot understand common biology even if not in humans but animals and you want me to explain what to you ?

How dirty or stagnant water create Mosquitoes?
Don't make me explain more how dumb you are little man

You sound bitter, irrational,angry and deluded over a peaceful conversation, you could have simply buried your sentiments and reasoned mildly. No one is fighting with u here, take a chill pill life's not hard to the point of defaming someone you met on a faceless forum.

Ease ur mind bro, I'm just stating my point stop using insults as a defense mechanism if u can't counter me. Just chill and let it slide.

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Religion / Re: Christians Sold American Church To Muslims, Rejected Club Owners' Offer by SimDan95(m): 12:12pm On Jan 26, 2020

You are too dumb for me to explain to.
Do you get it ?

To be sincere I didn't expect a credible answer from you, and u just confirmed my theory. When you are out of words to use you turn a peaceful argument to a battle of incentive words, but guess what I won't be stupid to give u the pleasure of insulting you.

Anyway everyone has a right to what they believe, have a nice life.

PS: I'm not dumb I'm just smart enough to point out ur flaws. PEACE

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Religion / Re: Christians Sold American Church To Muslims, Rejected Club Owners' Offer by SimDan95(m): 12:05pm On Jan 26, 2020

. The way i have reached today was as a result of continous studies and findings that took over so many years.
Including making Travels, even down to the first places christianity started from.

Everything will only make sense in time if you give continuous study in a realistic form.

It's not just about Christianity, it's about the evidence of our background. The first form of life where did it come from?? how was the universe created?? ( and don't gimme the big bang theory cos it lacks water) where did all these energy come from?? neurons, protons right down to our complex DNA how do u explain the intelligence behind it??
Religion / Re: Christians Sold American Church To Muslims, Rejected Club Owners' Offer by SimDan95(m): 11:58am On Jan 26, 2020

Bro, i finally understand that, i can not convert anybody

That's because your belief are myopic in view and lacks water, don't just jump into conclusions you research from various sources.

Don't let sentiments cloud ur judgement everyone has had a reason to doubt God's existence but I couldn't bring myself to answer the rhetorics of life simplest questions which science can't seem to answer.

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Religion / Re: Christians Sold American Church To Muslims, Rejected Club Owners' Offer by SimDan95(m): 11:52am On Jan 26, 2020

Maybe what you need to go back to physics, biology and chemistry classes

Typical answer from someone without a conviction, u can't even backup your belief intellectually yet you share it to others. Tell me how do u seek to convert others or make them see light to ur shenanigans if u can't even defend ur doctrines.

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Religion / Re: Christians Sold American Church To Muslims, Rejected Club Owners' Offer by SimDan95(m): 11:34am On Jan 26, 2020

There is almost nothing beautiful about Religion. apart from the continuous deceptions, Prejudice, Illusions, chaos, undevelopement and foolishness it brings

Let me explain this way.

The reason you believe so much in God is because, by default, the mentality of humans has been altered to believe there a supernatural being up somewhere. (Including myself born into a Christian home till i found redemption)

If you choose to stop being the ignorant person, you would take your time (even if years) to understand the whole theory about life and how humans created God because they had no explanations or understanding how the world evolved.

As a Geographer and anthropologist, i will not waste my time on religious mentions because it’s almost impossible to explain to people who have had a wrong perception and believe for a donkey years

How then do u explain the concept of life, and how humans, animals and the universe came to be.

You'll probably say evolution, but even ur evolution theory fails to explain how the concept of the tiniest molecules came to be I've read a lotta books on these particular issue but there's no definite answer.

while I might not really be a religious person I believe in a supreme out there whose very hands formed this universe.


Politics / Re: Biafra War: People Were Treated In The Most Humane Way - Buhari Tells EU Commis by SimDan95(m): 6:13pm On Jan 24, 2020
Sometimes I'm really impressed by the alacrity of which this man lies, the devil himself will be pleased and giddy of such a devoted follower turned brother.

So in essence he's saying the millions killed and misplaced by soldiers were also humanly treated. My old grandma till today resides in osun just because she can't go back to her family that were displaced and killed, she even doubts if any of her brother or sisters survived it or got to be rescued.

Yet this imp is dismissing a glaring and most obvious fact with just the wave of his hands, no wonder history has been wiped from our educational syllabus cos a people without knowledge of their past are as good as blind.

I spit on the sensibility and ancestry of the people supporting these evil leaders, ur ancestors would shake their heads and cower in shame in your behalf.

Stinking words from a terrorist



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