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TV/Movies / Re: “black Panther” Rakes In Whopping $75.8 Million On Its Opening by SycophanticGoat: 5:53pm On Feb 19, 2018
Over hyped movie. Many people will be disappointed when they eventually get to watch it. A 6/10 at best

I'm pretty sure the movie will be 10 times better than the useless Batman vs Superman movie..


Politics / Re: Shehu Sani Reacts To Catholic Bishops Visit To Buhari by SycophanticGoat: 9:02am On Feb 10, 2018

You guys should stop this pig nonsense, it's stale. If not for restraints on the part of IPOB supporters, it doesn't take much to counter it with Oduaa Pigs Congress. Learn and change!

The goat you replied is actually a Hausa/Fulani Muslimu
Career / Re: 100 Excavators Worked Together To Dismantle A Bridge Overnight In China(Photos) by SycophanticGoat: 9:21pm On Feb 09, 2018
If you're searching for responsible governance and efficiency, look the way of Japan and China. They can literally build a whole city in one month to cater for a set of citizens who are in urgent need of mass accommodation. Is it not in Japan you will see a deep road pothole filled and "cemented" within 48 hours and an earthquake-damaged road repaired within 8 days ? Is it not in Japan you'll see the government sending a train to daily pick up a lone schoolchild who lives in a far-away village? And now China is dismantling a massive bridge overnight?
Here in Nigeria, they'll set up a technical committee to look into it for 6 months. Submit the report to a minister who in turn submits to the President. The president takes 3 months to study it. Thereafter, he says the cost will be included in the following year's budget. And so on and so forth. Two years running, they'll start telling us they are waiting for foreign investors to initiate concessionary agreements. grin

In the third year, they'll use it to campaign. Telling you that if you vote for them, they'll build the road/bridge..

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Politics / Re: APC Reconciliation: Tinubu In Dilemma Over Grouse With Saraki, Oyegun by SycophanticGoat: 9:17pm On Feb 09, 2018
His voters of 2015 are now his haters. Even a dog will defeat him in 2019.

A sex doll will defeat Buhari at the polls. A dead Yar'Afua is better than one million living Buhari.

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Politics / Re: 2019: Buhari Turns To Oyo In Move To Secure South-west Votes by SycophanticGoat: 6:05am On Feb 09, 2018
Buhari is orphaned politically and has come to end of the road ..Nobody is going to vote that failure except on tribal sentiments

You forgot pay pa post sycophants?

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Business / Re: Olu Okeowo's Home Raided By Customs Officers, Seized His Rolls Royce by SycophanticGoat: 4:14am On Feb 02, 2018
This Rolls Royce will end up with a crony of Buhari from the North if Okeowo does not do the needful. Customs will auction it to the usual suspects.

At only 800k, they will sell to one alhaji from Daura..

Anyways, wetin concern me?
Family / Re: Blindfolded Man Identifies His Wife Just By Touching Her Hands (video) by SycophanticGoat: 7:10am On Jan 31, 2018

-Why the Fuçk won't you fůcking know the hands that give you Handjòbs every fùckin night cheesy

You mean the furking hands that furking gives him furking handjóbs every furking night? cheesy
Romance / Re: Man Tries To Pacify His Unhappy Bride After Being Provoked At Their Wedding.PICS by SycophanticGoat: 6:23am On Jan 31, 2018

Someone like me, when I'm angry you know in a second. My face swells up like eba soaked in water. The only thing that cools my mind is when I'm being left alone and I will soon forget iT. But when I'm angry and you're trying to cheer me up especially when you are the reason for the anger, I get more Mad. angry

Working on that flaw though

Chai! If you marry my kind of person, you will get nothing less than months to cool off. Because me don't even like going close to angry people.. I usually give them 100ft gap. No time to begin dey depress myself unnecessarily.

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Fashion / Re: Chizoba Ejike Emerges Miss Intercontinental Africa (Photos) by SycophanticGoat: 5:46am On Jan 31, 2018
STORY. I am from the north and its quite unfortunate you only knew dummies while in school. Anyways, you can only know your kind. We don't have a thing against anyone who wants to open their bodies, that's their problem. what part of the north did you even school? we are talking beauty and you are calling Igbo girls, please we are not talking about the girls who prostitute more in Abuja or the tribe with the highest rate of female abortions, or even ladies who are built like men and even compete for body hair with men. when we get to that part, you can talk about Igbo girls.

So are we talking about girls who consume tramadol, codeine and benylin and various other hard drugs in large proportions to the point that the nation is now in short supply of it?

Is it the same set of Fulani women who their terrorist male counterparts chase and rape like chicken and hen in the bushes? I heard a lot about your people while schooling in the north and while at my relations clinic in Abuja, I just confirmed my suspicion with the manner some Fulani women who couldn't even afford tests of about 2k but had a child and was pregnant for another; yet she doesn't know the father of both babies (after excessive rape from multiple male terrorists herdsmen).

Or is it the Fulani girls who prostitute in small huts with nicap on their heads? Or the ones who birth their children and throw them into the streets to beg? Or the ones whom we tried to tutor for as much as we could but they still ended up failing woefully while other tribes grabbed our tutorials and passed in flying colors?

Face it, Fulani women cannot and will never come close to Igbo women in terms of academics. That's the differentiating factor as Igbo woman have been able to combine good looks with academic brilliance..

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Fashion / Re: Chizoba Ejike Emerges Miss Intercontinental Africa (Photos) by SycophanticGoat: 8:24pm On Jan 27, 2018
That the Northerners do not celebrate such idiocy doesn't mean they don't have beautiful girls. An average Fulani chic would beat this crayfish looking girl hands down

It's not just about having the looks. What can the average Fulani girl boast of in the area of academics? I schooled in the north and you barely see Fulani girls making 2.1, talk more first class. Even 2.2 na better struggle for them.

In Igbo land, there's combination of beauty and brains. That's why an average Igbo girl gives you a second class upper or even first class coupled with her good looks..



Romance / Re: 7 Reasons Why I'll Always Collect Money After Sex. by SycophanticGoat: 10:35am On Jan 27, 2018
Lol. Fool. You never get free sex because you're an unappealing disgusting bastard that suffers from the malady of grotesque ugliness. So no girl will desire you enough to have you pierce her hooha with your dirty instrument, without having you compensate her for the torture.

Over my dead body will I pay for sex. It's because your father was a sex-starved reptile that couldn't afford the love of desirable women that he settled for a subhuman that would end up giving birth to a baboon like you. He paid a drooling triton who foolishly took in his semen to manufacture a retård-----you're only following in his footsteps. That's what DNA can do.

I've got better things to do with my money. You can waste yours on prostitutes for all I care. Sex is what defines your existence so enjoy it while your meaningless life lasts, brainless bastard.

shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked

Which kind wickedness be this?? Choi!! shocked
Romance / Re: 7 Reasons Why I'll Always Collect Money After Sex. by SycophanticGoat: 10:29am On Jan 27, 2018
Fine, you no fine..

Height, you no get..

Shape, you no get..

Shame, you no get..

Sense, you still no get?? shocked

Something must be wrong with you and I think it's probably ancestral. As if no be your mates dey hustle with skills or doing paid jobs to take care of their needs as women while you prefer hoeing around. Your parents sure raised you "well"..
Science/Technology / Re: China: Birth Of The First Cloned Primates by SycophanticGoat: 10:05am On Jan 27, 2018
Old news of how many days now? If na Lil Kesh sneeze this morning now, the mod for don put am for FP even before the boy use hanky clean him nose.

grin cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy

Very true!!!

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Politics / Re: Coalition For Nigeria: Obasanjo Mobilizes 7 Governors, 20 Senators To Remove PMB by SycophanticGoat: 6:13pm On Jan 25, 2018

Buhari has achieved more in less than three years than what OBJ and GEJ achieved in more than 13 years.

PMB till 2023.

Yeah, he has surely achieved more bloodshed than OBJ and GEJ combined..
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Flaunts His N432 Million Wristwatch On Instagram (Photos) by SycophanticGoat: 8:11am On Jan 25, 2018
Iffa hear.... 1.2 gini? loI its called showbiz fellas... Don't fall for it. How much come be the house we him dey

The guy just rent watch for photoshoot.. The mumu OP was even saying Davido made half a million dollars so it now implies Wizkid must have made more.. Very skewed reasoning..

Fact is, if Davido made about $1million throughout last year, then definitely Wizkid would've made nothing more than $200,000. It's very obvious, with all he spent to feature big names and still not make it in the US. The guy had to run back to the usual pon pon beat Davido used in making multiple hit tracks..
Politics / Re: Senate Advocates Impeachment Of Non-Performing President And Governors by SycophanticGoat: 7:55am On Jan 25, 2018
And what will be the fate of a senator that commission electric pole? tongue

The law has made it possible for you to recall such a senator. So what's the fuss here?

Anyways, sai prophet Mohammadu Buhari (KNIFE)..

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Career / Re: Lady And Her Workers Made To Sleep Outside After Working For A Client. Photo by SycophanticGoat: 1:34pm On Jan 24, 2018
Foolishness is when a stranger can cook for your occasion but can't sleep in your useless boys quarter.

Too many animals live in this shithole country tho..


Politics / Re: Obasanjo's Letter is Justified, Buhari should not re-contest - Junaid Mohammed by SycophanticGoat: 10:05am On Jan 24, 2018
Sai Baba till 2023

Prophet Mohammadu Buhari ( SAW KNIFE) till 2323, insha OutshaAllah, Ameen. Mash CrushAllah Ameen..
Politics / Re: 2018 Budget: FG Votes N5.30bn For Grazing Reserve Development by SycophanticGoat: 10:03am On Jan 24, 2018
Akanbi olodo ide

The greatest politician of our time

Long live asiwaju

Prophet Mohammadu Buhari ( SAW KNIFE) until 2323, insha OutshaAllah, Ameen. Mash CrushAllah Ameen..

Thunder scatter Tinubu Outshalla Ameen.. cheesy grin
Devil baptise Akanbi Crushallah Ameen.. cheesy grin

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo's Letter To Buhari: Dele Momodu Has This To Say by SycophanticGoat: 10:01am On Jan 24, 2018

Buhari till 2023 jare!
No matter how a President performs, OBJ just don't want any President in Nigeria to enjoy two terms. He criticised Yaradua before he was late, he criticised Jonathan and now PMB. He just want to remain the longest serving Nigeria's President ever. Nothing more, nothing less.

Prophet Mohammadu Buhari ( SAW KNIFE) until 2223, insha OutshaAllah, Ameen. Mash CrushAllah Ameen..
Politics / Re: Sagay: Obasanjo’s Letter And Comments About Buhari Insulting, Inappropriate by SycophanticGoat: 9:59am On Jan 24, 2018

Did you even read the letter?

Obasanjo, very on point.

I am very disappointed with Prof Sagay, and I hate it when people mix up issues. What has Obasanjo's third term agenda got to do with his advice to Buhari not to re-contest? Of course OBJ is not a saint, and he has his bad sides, but this one he said is very on point!

Obasanjo was only being lenient with Baba, he should have advised him to resign!

LoL.. So you don't understand sarcasm?? LoL..
Politics / Re: Sagay: Obasanjo’s Letter And Comments About Buhari Insulting, Inappropriate by SycophanticGoat: 9:39am On Jan 24, 2018
I may not be happy with the performance of Mr president

But know one should deny him his fundamental rights of the right to contest or to be voted for

If you aren't scared of him why asking him not to contes

Prophet Mohammadu Buhari ( SAW KNIFE) until 2123, insha OutshaAllah, Ameen. Mash CrushAllah Ameen..
Sports / Re: Michael Emenalo Resigns As Chelsea's Technical Director After 10 Years by SycophanticGoat: 6:45pm On Nov 06, 2017
He's even Igbo shocked How did he manage to get such job when we have Yoruba legends like Mutiu Adepoju who is more famous than him? sad

A very senseless and animalistic comment. I'm sure IQ level won't best that of down syndrome patients.. cry
Crime / Re: Lady Trafficking 2 Teenagers To Abidjan For Prostitution Arrested (Photo) by SycophanticGoat: 3:37pm On Nov 06, 2017
All these developers sef, developing everything. Ogoja people, stay away from all these "hardworking" developers, a word is enough for the wise. Now, Martha Edea was developed, she wanted to develop these two to continue the development process grin grin grin

According to report, she was accommodated in Lagos and eventually accommodated those little girls. So you know who influenced her (accommodators).
Education / Re: Photo Of Auchi Poly Student At Graduation Party Shortly Before She Was Killed by SycophanticGoat: 8:08am On Nov 06, 2017
Are u ok? So attending a graduation party is now immoral huh? undecided

Are you minding that he-goat? He's probably a fraudster yet he's here castigating a girl with better moral standing than him. Useless hypocrites full this Nigeria sha! undecided


Business / Re: The Must Know Taxes For Doing Business In Nigeria by SycophanticGoat: 7:58am On Nov 06, 2017
OP, I thought income=profit and both equals to revenue - expenses..

By the way, which sensible fellow pays tax to a docile, directionless, tactless, visionless, wicked, heartless, bigoted, deceitful, incompetent, clueless, corrupt FG such as this one?


Politics / Re: Benue’s Anti-open Grazing Law: Miyetti Allah Wants FG, NASS To Intervene by SycophanticGoat: 6:10am On Nov 06, 2017
The next state that should enact and implement this law ASAP is Plateau State, they've suffered the most in the hands of the murderous herdsmen. I want to see how FG will react to this development, when the herdsmen went on rampage all over nothing was done up till now to stop them. Now people are taking their destinies in their hands, and some criminals are crying foul. With all the abundance of uncultivated lands in this country, herdsmen choose only to lead their herds into farms that people sweated to cultivate with their hard earned resources, time, energy and what have you. When the farmers try to stop them or send the cattle out of their farms the herdsmen butcher, massacre and wipe them out.

The truth still remain that if herdsmen will only feed their flocks on uncultivated lands alone, no farmer will ever mind them.
In fact no one should make available any land free for them to Ranch, if they desire any portion of land they should meet the owners of the land, negotiate and agree before it is sold to them for ranching. This is the only way they'll appreciate the land and take proper care of it to maximize its benefit.
Our mumu don do with killer herdsmen abeg, you will never hear Miyetti Allah make statements when herdsmen are on rampage butchering innocent people but you will hear their kakaki when people take measures to defend themselves.

Selling of land to them is more like inviting a plague permanently into your domain. Best bet is for lands to be put on lease with the lease renewed on yearly basis; so that if they misbehave, you'll have the right to send them parking.


Politics / Re: Benue’s Anti-open Grazing Law: Miyetti Allah Wants FG, NASS To Intervene by SycophanticGoat: 5:59am On Nov 06, 2017
One of the greatest Lecturers in Political science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka wrote and I quote..

"Nigeria is Not a Zoo but a Jungle"

He went on to clarify his point and he continues.

"In Zoo, the Zoo management knows that A Lion can not be Kept where A Goat is kept, because the lion will definitely devour the Goat, Nomata how Charitable the Lion tries to be"

In Jungle, Animals are allowed and given freedom to live wherever they deem fit. meanwhile, Survival of the Fittest, will become the Order of the day. The lion will then have the opportunity to devour his preys without any punishment.

Now, relate what he said to Nigeria and Fulanis herdsmen and tell me if Nigeria is not a Jungle

Same thing I keep telling people. Calling Nigeria a zoo is an insult to zoo owners and zoo keepers. This is because zoos are usually better organized than this shithole we call a country.

Nigeria is rather an evil forest where demons roam about looking for innocent blood to drink.


Romance / Re: Slay Queen Steals Facebook Lover's ATM Cards As He Goes To Smoke Weed (Video) by SycophanticGoat: 8:22pm On Nov 04, 2017

Yes that's me.. cheesy

Omo! I commot cap for your matter oh.. I been think say my moniker dey craze until I see your own.. �

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Romance / Re: Slay Queen Steals Facebook Lover's ATM Cards As He Goes To Smoke Weed (Video) by SycophanticGoat: 8:13pm On Nov 04, 2017
We the village people is saying that our hands are not in this girl or guy's problems because their names wasn't in our list in our last meeting so disregard any reports or persons accusing us of this act.

This could be their uncles but not us..

Signed __,
Secretary to the village people...

The person in that pic is you right? grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: "Fossil Fuels May Prevent Sexual Assault" - US Energy Minister by SycophanticGoat: 7:00am On Nov 03, 2017
The last presidential election made me lose respect for America

Really this the type of leaders they can get ?

No wonder they can't defeat Russia who spend $90bn on defence while they spend $700bn yearly

See who's talking! A person who's judiciously supporting a dead weight in Nigeria is criticizing US and her citizens.

Even though this man is very dull, I can guarantee you that Buhari and most of the useless, clueless, criminal cabinet members he wasted 6 months to assemble aren't better than the dull US man in anyway.

Remove the huge pile of dirt in your house before looking for a basket of dirt in your neighbor's house, oh yeh hypocrite!


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