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Autos / Re: 1962 Ferrari Abandoned For 40Years Sold For ₦55M In The U.k.(Pics) by WisdomHunter(m): 10:19pm On Jul 14
Texas metal pple oya ooo!

Or overhauling
Romance / Re: The Rise Of Teenage Single Mother In My Area Is Alarming by WisdomHunter(m): 6:48pm On Apr 22
Omo this one no be joke again ee no funny at all ,you see girls of 15 to 17 already having nine month on them or birthed already. I rarely pass on street without seeing young girl with protruding stomach or with their child and the guy responsible for this is one street tout or igbo smoker .
Sometimes if me know Dem girls I go just laugh them or smile , sometimes eee dey shock me I gats look the girl a second time

I'm thinking that this your area might probably be Asaba, Abraka or Worri cool just thinking ooo
Education / Re: Why Parents Should Stop Enrolling Their Child To School Too Early. by WisdomHunter(m): 4:50pm On Apr 02
I agree.

I think those early formative years of kids should be spent under their parents who will be best to instill some life values in them.

I was shocked when i saw this Swiss woman that married to Anambra man that answers nwanyị ọcha on social media, she posted her son's first day in school and the boy was like 4-5yrs old I think last year or thereabout.

She explained that its a traditional or law in Switzerland to home train a child until they're up to 5yrs before they can put into a school

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Politics / Re: APC Supporter Dies During Convention by WisdomHunter(m): 7:52pm On Mar 26
Red glag
Travel / Re: Plane Carrying 133 Crashes In China, Casualties Unknown by WisdomHunter(m): 10:07am On Mar 21
I really hate flying and still scared of it till date.
Always uneasy in those things till I disembark.
RIP to the lives lost.

Something must kill a man
Romance / Re: How God Saved Us From A Dangerous Snake In The Midnight by WisdomHunter(m): 9:00pm On Mar 06
See me laughing like a mad man here and people around staring at me angry grin grin grin grin
Family / Re: What Is The Food You Can Eat Everyday And Never Get Tired of? by WisdomHunter(m): 12:03am On Mar 02
Ọkpa Nsukka
Business / Re: Help Me!! My Money Is Missing. by WisdomHunter(m): 7:30am On Jan 20
Since you have the transaction receipt from the pos contact the bank asap. You can call, email or enter the bank. Which ever way you want.

Some people can't read maka chi shocked
Romance / Re: Terrible Moment An Indonesian Aircraft Almost Crashed(video) by WisdomHunter(m): 3:38pm On Jan 11
Here is a terrible moment an Indonesian aircraft almost crashed at the runway!


This is Game Stimulator nah

How some are this dumb is very annoying
Romance / Re: How I Ruined My First Date With My Crush Without Knowing by WisdomHunter(m): 12:35am On Jan 11

I went out on a date with my crush. After the date I arrived home feeling good. My big bro (cousin) who l was staying with at that time saw my happy face when I got home. I was very young, inexperienced and naive at that time.

He asked me how the date went. I said, "It was very fantastic, we gisted and laughed alot; it was very fun."
My cousin said, "Wow! That's good...but I wanna ask you one question."

He asked me a very weird question.

He said, "Throughout your date with her today, did you pissed her off or upset her in anyway?"

I said, "Big bro, I don't understand your question... I told you my date with my crush went great and you're asking me if I got her upset.... of course, I did not upset her."

Then he asked another weird question.

He said, " if you did not upset her, then how did you know the date really went great?"

"Now I'm confuse. Is it not when she happy and not upset that I know the date went great... she's my crush, why would I try to upset her."

My big bro said, "you can only truly know a person when they are angry or experiencing tension."

His last statement make some sense though, but I wasn't still cool with the part were he said I should pissed her off her so I can truly know her.
That one sound very silly to me.

Then he said, "I can predict how you and your crush will end up."

"Please tell me," I said.

He said , "She's going to break your heart"

I laughed his statement off.

Few days later, I asked my crush to be my girlfriend, she said, "let's just be friends....you are really nice guy to me."

After intensed persuasion and "pleading' for days, she later agreed to be my girlfriend. But our relationship didn't last long. 2 weeks after we started dating, she was back to her ex.
I felt really bad. She broke my heart. My big bro prediction came to pass.

Ok, this incidence happened years ago.

Years later, I have gotten more experienced and wiser.

Last 2 month, I was at a mall. I saw a lady and guy taking pictures together. From their demeanor, I could tell they were not really couples or anything of such. When the guy got distracted attending to something else, I quickly initiated conversation with the young lady, few seconds later the guy came back and met me talking to the lady.

He was a cool guy: he didn't try interfere in our conversation. He just hanged around and eavedropped on what we were saying.

My conversation with the lady was sailing smoothly. Even the guy had no problem with me being there. Few minutes later I asked the lady a question that instantly caused havoc and turbulence to our smooth sailing conversation.

I said, "so how old are you?"

The lady was taking shocked by my question. She was a little bit upset. The guy rolled his eyes and looked at me like I had 3 nose. He was also shocked by my question. There was a sudden earthquake. There was panic everywhere. The world was in chaos.

What's going on?

Rumor has it that one random dude at the mall just asked a lady an abominable question.

(Ok enough of the exaggeration, let's get serious)

The lady could not even open her mouth. She was still dumbfounde and yet to recover from the abominable question I just asked her. She stood there looking at me in horror like a damsel in distress that need a white knight in shining armor to come her recuse
So the guy quickly came to her rescue, playing the role of captain America. He thundered at me, "Don't you know it's wrong to ask a lady of her age?"

I was like, "Well, allow the lady to speak for herself."

The lady eventually opened her mouth. She said, "Yes, why would you even ask me of my age when we are just meeting for the first time?"

I said, "I asked about your age because I wanted to be sure that you're not below 18 years."

She said, "And what if I'm below 18 years?"

I said, "If you are below 18 years, I will discontinue my conversation with you because I only roll with girls who are 18 years and above....I don't do under age."

Then she told me her age. She is above 18 years.

Despite the whole turbulence that played out, my conversation with the lady later went great. We are very close now. This was what my big bro was talking about that time, but I misunderstood him back then.

On the phone, I told my big sis the whole turbulence that happened between I and the lady. My sis also told me that she heard that it's wrong to ask a Man how much he earns monthly on the first date.

"Please who made the rule that it's wrong for a man to ask a lady of her age or it's wrong for a lady to ask a man how much he earns monthly?"

I threw the above question on Facebook book and whatsApp to get people opinion about it. Surprisingly, I got lots of replies.

70% of people agreed that on the first date it's wrong for a man to ask a lady of her age or it's wrong for a lady to ask a man how much he earns monthly.

While 30% said that there's nothing wrong with that, and that it's left to the other person to decide if they want to answer the question. These 30% seemed smarter to me.

And it's no coincident that only 30% of people are really happy with their love lifes.

I tried to engaged the 70% of people to find out why they think it is wrong. I got responses like,

"it's disrespectful."

"It getting into someone's privacy"

"It is bla bla bla"

After analyzing most of their responses, I discovered something familiar: Most of us are simply scared of upsetting the other person, that's why we are scared of asking them those kind of questions. This still goes back to what my big bro was talking about back in the days.

When a guy tells a lady that he wants to get to know her or a lady say she wants to take her time to get know a guy before allowing anything happen, what do they really mean?

If a guy toast a lady, then he should be ready for any question the girl throws at him. And if a guy woo a lady, he should be bold enough to ask her any questions he wants.

Here's why-->.

First for all, here's the fact; You can't truly get know a person if you scared of upsetting them. This because you won't be real with them and you won't ask questions that are important to you.

Many ladies and gentlemen think that having a fun, lighthearted and entertaining conversation means you're getting to know the other person.

No, you're not.

This is why on first date, when a guy and a lady is talking...if they are laughing and chatting light-heartedly, then they aren't really getting to know each other.

But if the guy and the lady are talking in a low tone, quietly, closely, deeply and looking into each eyes, then they are the ones who are actually getting to know each other.

Some of us thinks it takes weeks, months or years to get to know person. But that is not true. In few hours you can truly get to know a person, if you can bodly ask them real, raw and honest questions, and see how they respond to it. These are the questions that will stir their emotions and force them to open up. These are the questions that would create strong connection between you and the other person.

Going on a date is kind of similar to going for a Job interview. At the job interview, the employer ask the right questions that are important to the progress of the organization. This is because they want to get the best candidate that would bring greater value.

They don't select the candidates who they love most, they select the candidate that answers their questions correctly.

If you are a man/woman looking for a long-term partner, it's not about who you love most, it's not about who you're more attracted to; it's about who bring less pain and add more happiness to your life.

Sometimes, the partners that will add more happiness to your life are the ones that you're not really attracted to; these are one's that don't really insight butterfly in your stomach when you see them, but they are the ones who will bring more happiness to your life in the long run.

I hope this was helpful.

Stay blessed.

This happened to me few days ago

There is this girl I met on social media after much calls and video calls we planned on seeing this festival period when i traveled to my state that's where she lives, so the day for the meeting she came my house voluntarily. Offered her drink we sat in the parlor, we talked, laughed for long time and seeing how comfortable she was plus our conversation is being boring because we're equally repeating ourselves. I wanted to go down to the business of knowing her and same time she was complaining of feeling dizzy, I suggested it's better we move to bed room she flared up shocked shocked

You know nija girls na going into a bed room for them you are looking for sex, but my intentions was right and I felt that as the way our conversation was going even before we met that she has gotten to know the kind of person i am and I also see her as a matured girl, I can't try that nah on a first date cheesy

So like u said OP I just wanted to have a heart to heart talk with her in more quiet place and that kind of talk, i prefer laying down on the bed with her or being in one cool and quiet place like in a bar sipping drink, where I can look into her eyes and ask her some questions that I wanted to know before I can let her know my intentions about her, relationship is stressful this days I don't want to be going in and out wasting time with wrong girls again.

So I tried to explain everything to her that she should not get me wrong that just needed us to talk am important issues that why I wanted us to the bedroom, she said OK but by then I no de feel myself again so I didn't bother her again we just dismiss for that day I also lost interest in her maybe because of that incident.


Romance / Re: Ladies And Their Parasitic Attitude by WisdomHunter(m): 8:43pm On Dec 22, 2021

Family / Re: My Wife Behaviour Towards My Family Members/Siblings Is Driving Me Crazy by WisdomHunter(m): 6:57pm On Dec 19, 2021
Please do not mind my english consider any error as typo but I honestly needed a sincere advice.

My marriage will be 8 years by September 2022. The journey of marriage has not been rosy and sometime I feel I made a very huge mistake by marrying my wife. I met her in April that year, we date for 6 months and we finally got married Sept same year. Prior before we got married I took her to meet with my siblings since my both parents were late specially our 2nd daughter who her husband sponsored my secondary education. She was cool with my family and never raised any concern during this period of courtship.

Suddenly a night of our wedding everything changed. That same woman that took care of my family as hers turned into directly opposite of who she used to be. To cut the story short, she started dispising my family and the thought of their sight irritates her.

She started by complaining about my sister's son living with me before we got married, her mum and other of my siblings to the point that anytime my eldest sister visited she will leave my house with tears.

My wife also ensure she send all my siblings and relations away from me and my house no go area for them. But what confuses me was that she doesn't behave in a similar manner whenever her own siblings or her mum visits our home. Her behaviour towards my family has destroyed the joy we once had as siblings. The marriage has produced 3 kids of which my last child is less than a month old. Anytime she put to bed her mother has always been the one coming for OMUGOO. None of my siblings can come to my house because of her attitude towards them.

I can't tolerate it further am dying silently as am typing this msg her mum, her immediate junior Sister are in my house and every where is very peaceful. If they were my mum or sibling my house would have been burning by now.

I made conscious effort to kill and ignore this feeling but anytime I see her mum and sister. I feel very depressed in my own house. There are other ill behaviour she have which I can tolerate but seeing myself separated from my siblings because of my wife is my greatest Marital night mare.

I am sincerely fade up with her but my kids are my greatest weakness. The thought of leaving my house and go far away from her or rather travel abroad and leave there permanently has recently overcrowded my mind. But I can't stop thinking about my kids, their future and what they will turn into if she is to raise them alone.

Don't forget I have provided her with everything needed to be comfortable in marriage, house, cars, business etc mostly importanly I am not cheating on her, I don't smoke, I don't keep late night and I don't have friends because she has sent everybody close to me away from my life.

I need a mature advice and no insult please.

I am emotionally trumatised and feel so depressed.

If am your shoe I will plan on relocating to a foreign country away with my kids and make her own to be fake, to be denied access the day to travel

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Romance / Re: Please Help Me Judge, Is My Fiancee A Wife Material Or Not . by WisdomHunter(m): 12:01pm On Dec 14, 2021
I'm a young hard work guy who's planning to settle down someday. I have a girlfriend whom I have gone to see her family with my own family , as in , we have done our introduction , what was remaining was for us to fix a date for our wedding . But this girl started showing some nasty attitude . There was a day she came to spend weekend with me and I gave her some money to buy some food stuffs to cook, that day i received the greatest shocke of my life , my fiancee warmed me never to send her message like that again that she is not my slave. As if that was not enough. Another day she came to spend some days with me but when she got to my house I was not at home that day. She went to the bathroom to get some shower but unfortunately the there was no water running in the bathroom because we didn't had light for 2days so we couldn't pump water . Normally when there's no water like that we usually fetch from the next compound . Though I live in a room and parlour self contain with water running in my kitchen and bathroom . To cut the long story short, my fiancee refused to fetch water for herself to take her shower . She had to call me on phone to come home and fetch water for her to take her shower. When I eventually got home at late hour , I took the bucket went to fetch water for her to bath just for peace to rain . I later asked her why she had to call me to come and fetch water for her to bath knowing fully well that I was not around . She said in her house , she does not fetch water that her dad usually call Aboki's and buy water from them . She told me that she can't leave a suffering life of having to fetch water , she can never do it.
Please nairalander is this a good sign or bad sign to watch out for .

If this your story is true, I am canceling that marriage immediately. That girl should go bad to her parents for home training because is obvious her parents fail to train her

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Crime / Re: Kidnappers’ Den Discovered Behind A Police Checkpoint Along Auchi-Abuja Highway by WisdomHunter(m): 1:39pm On Dec 05, 2021
Just clearly say police kidnapping den discovered
Romance / Re: Sad! How it ended..... by WisdomHunter(m): 10:12am On Dec 01, 2021
Respect and finding peace around him is the only thing you can boast of cool cool cool
Politics / Re: Kenechukwu Okeke Killed By His Tenant In Anambra - Wife by WisdomHunter(m): 9:27pm On Nov 25, 2021
Now e go know say people they suffer from buhari wey e de support
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh's Reply To A Man Who Admired Her Beauty (Photo) by WisdomHunter(m): 12:50am On Nov 14, 2021
Tonto Dike's toto don suffer. Imagine different types of dicks hammering her from all corners. I think it's time I go and collect my own share of the cookie. I must sign the attendance register

The only different between her and your girlfriend is that her pussy got hammered by notable big boys with that has some money unlike your girl who's pussy dem weed smoker and motor park tout Don scatter
Religion / Re: Christ Embassy In Edo Built A Police Station (Pictures by WisdomHunter(m): 8:56pm On Nov 11, 2021
Nigeria standard though
Romance / Re: Does She Even Love Me? by WisdomHunter(m): 6:46pm On Nov 03, 2021
We have done everything lovers will do while we are in service, she is what l want in woman, she told me about her last relationship with a guy that ended badly, claim she has forgotten about him, it took months before l was able to have a penetrative sex with her, and since then our sex life has been great, but most of time l have this deep intuition that this girl does not love me, l feel she is just holding onto to me because she is no longer with her main guy and l feel she will leave if the guy shows interest again, honestly she have not shown signs regarding to the assumption l made but this feeling that she dont love me is something that is very deep in my heart,,, A friend advice me that a woman does not have sex with a person she dont have feelings for unless on commercial purpose that for allowing me to have sex with her means she loves me, but l am really confused ,,,pls is this just my insecurities or l should follow my guts, l am new to this relationship things.

That your friend is such a dumb ass, many women are confused in a relationship that they don't know what they want and can have sex without attaching anything to it.

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Romance / Re: This Is Why I See White Wedding As A Waste Of Time And Money In Africa. by WisdomHunter(m): 8:03pm On Oct 28, 2021
I have said this many years ago

White wedding is an European culture, their tradition wedding

But because they brought this Christianity that we carry for head that is putting many confusion in our society and attached their tradition marriage to it, it automatically becomes our a must do.
Romance / Re: Would You Accept Walk Dates? by WisdomHunter(m): 7:10pm On Oct 28, 2021
For someone like me i find it extremely nice to take that long walk.

lota things we could talk bout!

werin dey eatery/bar wey person never chow before?

lets take that walk from there ama know if you the boring type or nat

Let's do this
Romance / Re: Would You Accept Walk Dates? by WisdomHunter(m): 7:07pm On Oct 28, 2021
My favorite but Nigeria girls are something else

Always seeing date as hunger alleviation

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Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels Celebrates Her 21st Birthday With Beautiful Photos (Video) by WisdomHunter(m): 6:55pm On Oct 10, 2021
See watin one ancestor de chop shocked shocked shocked

This life self

Money cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Crime / Re: U.K. Police Officer Arrested Lady, Raped Her, Burnt & Dumped Her Body In Pond by WisdomHunter(m): 7:58am On Oct 01, 2021
Footage taken from a passing dashcam shows the 33-year-old stood on a pavement on Poynders Road in Clapham as Couzens, who was wearing handcuffs on his police belt, speaks to her.

The twisted Met Protection Officer can be seen producing his warrant card as he claimed Miss Everard had breached Covid restrictions.


How white police got footage from passing vehicles cameras to get information is still a mystery to me
Romance / Re: My Married Ex Pestering Me For Sex by WisdomHunter(m): 12:59pm On Sep 19, 2021
God angry angry angry please save us from karishika

It's quite obvious that she was into ashawo in Libya and some one that started such life at early stage can never change, run for your life bro

I pity her poor husband embarassed embarassed embarassed
Health / Re: My Experience After Drinking 2 Glass Of Water Every Morning.. by WisdomHunter(m): 7:22pm On Sep 13, 2021
It is the normal thing to do. I've been doing it for over 10 years and my health has improved in ways I can't explain here, I learnt it from my dad, I then made a research on it . In some countries they refer to it as water drinking ritual. What you have to do is drink immediately you wake up, try as much as you can to wee wee when you are bathing. Don't ever stop it if you don't have any health issues it's affecting.

Urinate while taking bath? angry

Please am curious about this because I have practiced early morning water drinking for more than 10yrs like you too but this urinate while bathing I never heard such, although i urinate while bathing if I feel the urge.

Please can you tell me the benefits
Health / Re: My Experience After Drinking 2 Glass Of Water Every Morning.. by WisdomHunter(m): 7:07pm On Sep 13, 2021
It's normal.
My own problem is that if I try this before eating breakfast, my stomach will ache so bad it'll spoil my morning.

It's normal from the start
Continue until it balances with your body system
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Flies 19 Nuke Bombers and Fighter Jets Into Taiwan Air Space (Pix) by WisdomHunter(m): 7:41pm On Sep 06, 2021
A lots wicked people in this world, upon all this richies and good economy that China is swimming in they can't let that tiny country Taiwan to b embarassed embarassed embarassed this is wickedness and if China is not careful this is going to put them in real bad shape and setback.

Ọnwụ n'egbu nwa nkịta adịghị na e buru ụzọ kpọchie ya nki

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Romance / Re: Ladies/girls, Can You Do This For A Guy? by WisdomHunter(m): 1:21pm On Sep 06, 2021
If a man expects me to take his word as a prove of love then he must be ready to take mine too as a prove of love..

Me?... Send my nude to a Nigerian man or any man at all gan... God forbid

Na your type de send for urgent 2k sef cool shocked
Romance / Re: How To Know If A Lady Had Slept With Multiple Men by WisdomHunter(m): 6:58am On Sep 01, 2021

If you’re not finding virgins amidst slay queens, then you’ll surely find a virgin..

Your best bet is if you have any sister or kid sister, tell her you’re in need of a virgin. A woman can help you get a virgin girl fastly than a man can..

Bro forget this one, women that don't tell their self truth
Romance / Re: Men What Turns You Off The Most In A Lady by WisdomHunter(m): 7:22pm On Aug 31, 2021
Hairy armpit shocked cool cool

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Travel / Re: Reno Omokri: 7 Countries Nigerians Can Vacation Without Visas by WisdomHunter(m): 6:29pm On Aug 13, 2021
Why did he have to put Rihanna's country after Barbados.

Funny enough, a lotta people actually think Rihanna is American.

Barbados is north America so she is


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