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Foreign Affairs / Re: The Lies Of America: Why Zelenskyy Rejected Peace by 8BitGee(m): 8:25pm On Jul 17, 2023
Disinformation troll. How much are you paid to spread these lies? The war will surely end the day Ruzzia leaves Ukrainian territory. This is 2023, not 1923.
Romance / Re: People Mostly Talk Bad About Their Ex, But Tell Us One Good Thing About Your Ex? by 8BitGee(m): 3:24pm On Jan 22, 2023
She was clean, dressed mostly modestly while being stylish and a great cook. But damn I dodged that bullet and got killed by another undecided grin
Travel / Re: Why Are Salaries In Europe So Low? by 8BitGee(m): 5:24am On Dec 05, 2022
An engineer working 80 hours a week for a multinational company makes about 2500€ net a month

80 hours a week shocked and this "Engineer" works for a "multinational company" you say? grin

€2.5k net is loads for someone just starting life or in a low-skilled job. That is over €35k per year. Is N1.8m per month after tax chicken change for a mere developer in Naija now?

Frankly, a lot of people in the UK and other good parts of Western Europe don't come here to talk about wages and wealth because it's against social etiquette.

I don't know anyone in tech working 80 hours, it is 40 hours and the freshest developer I know earns €30k per year in a small company. FYI, this is just below the limit for visa sponsorship here. Anyone you know who's on a sponsored visa is not earning less than €32k as per the visa requirement. The minimum a senior developer earns is €60k.

Here, bus drivers earn about €38k.

On balance, Europe is not America, you earn more salary in America, however, you also don't have the kind of perks and social security people in Europe have. If you prefer the American system better, move there so.


Politics / Re: Seun Osewa To Spend More Time On Nairaland As Obi's Supporters Take Over Twitter by 8BitGee(m): 2:23pm On Sep 21, 2022
I stopped following Seun on Twitter. He is someone I admired from/for Nairaland but I realised he gets some kicks from winding people up and pretending as if he's innocent.

I am a Yoruba like you and your behaviour on Twitter is abhorrent, Seun.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Whats That One Thing(s) You Wish You Knew Earlier. by 8BitGee(m): 5:28pm On Sep 20, 2022
That women are not meant to be trusted. That they are just object of fun and not to be taken serious.

This is a terrible way to say the right thing.


Family / Re: You’ve Infected Me With Gonorrhea — Nigerian Man Confronts Wife In US (Video) by 8BitGee(m): 12:36pm On Sep 17, 2022
People who rile against going back to Nigeria don't know that the women here too are crazy. For example, individualism is deeply ingrained in people here.


Travel / Re: Irish Join Family Visa Enquiries Part 0 by 8BitGee(m): 8:25am On Sep 08, 2022
Jfv are processed in Abuja and not Dublin office. I have an Indian that joined his spouse in a month this year. What about that? Don't use the list from Dublin office to judge.

You're correct. There's incontrovertible evidence that it is processed in Abuja.

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Travel / Re: 2 Air France Pilots Suspended After Fighting In Cockpit by 8BitGee(m): 11:50am On Aug 29, 2022
Things like this are taken seriously in aviation. Those lads will probably never enter a cockpit again.

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Food / Re: Fried Rice: My Favourite Food by 8BitGee(m): 12:34pm On Aug 27, 2022
Fried rice and Terkey is the way to my heart too cheesy

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Travel / Re: Irish Join Family Visa Enquiries Part 0 by 8BitGee(m): 9:45pm On Aug 22, 2022
Pls share timeline, how long for decision to be made, critical or general skills permit. Pls, very important. Thanks

Critical skills permit holder. Applied in September, 2021. Submitted copious IMs, call logs, photos, holiday hotel bookings, flight tickets, proof of accommodation and the usual things. Heard back today.


Travel / Re: Irish Join Family Visa Enquiries Part 0 by 8BitGee(m): 8:37pm On Aug 22, 2022
Oh, I understand.

Yes sir

Travel / Re: Irish Join Family Visa Enquiries Part 0 by 8BitGee(m): 8:06pm On Aug 22, 2022
Congratulations! Check Qatar.

Whattttt, the layovers are longggg. Total time is like 34 hours. I couldn't do that to my wife let alone my 3 month old shocked

I got KLM so cry
Travel / Re: Irish Join Family Visa Enquiries Part 0 by 8BitGee(m): 7:33pm On Aug 22, 2022
Congratulations!!! Yes you will be able to hold your son. I can imagine your joy.

On flights, i think Turkish air is still the cheapest….. flights have been reduced to Nigeria, and those still flying there have jerked up prices x3… because of fuel. I even found out one of the airline have to refuel from Ghana….its that bad.

Thank you.

What's worse is that I had to ring KLM to ask them that I wanted to pay in Naira via transfer because they won't let you pay in Naira with your Naira card. Naira is not on the list of currencies.

Got KLM at ~$2800 for an adult and infant shocked

Turkish is even more expensive.

Travel / Re: Irish Join Family Visa Enquiries Part 0 by 8BitGee(m): 10:03am On Aug 22, 2022
I'm grateful to God for my family will finally be with me - I will finally be able to hold my son. It's like a burden was lifted off my shoulders. I am saying a prayer for everyone still expecting a response, may it be positive.

In related news, ticket prices are outrageous just now shocked


Travel / Re: So I Am Living As An Illegal Immigrant In Nigeria. My Visa Has Expired by 8BitGee(m): 1:16pm On Aug 21, 2022

Copyrighted too!

Nairaland has changed to "For Dumbos".

cheesy Sadly, Seun is mostly on twitter now asking rhetoric questions.

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Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Vs Usyk 2; "Rage on the Red Sea" Today By 10:30pm (Live Updates) by 8BitGee(m): 12:00am On Aug 21, 2022
Joshua is a huge disappointment. Why does he let Usyk tie him up every time he has an advantage?
No follow up, nothing. He's smiling undecided

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Travel / Re: IATA Reacts To Emirates Suspension Of Flights From Nigeria by 8BitGee(m): 9:26am On Aug 19, 2022
It's shameful.


Phones / Re: What I Think About Fast Charging by 8BitGee(m): 12:09pm On Aug 18, 2022
Battery charging must typically exceed 10 watts in wattage in order to be termed fast.

For modern devices, fast charging won't harm your smartphone much unless there are technical problems with either the phone's battery or the charging cable or adapter. The problem for batteries really is the heat generated whether with fast chargers or normal chargers.

Importantly, your phone is not charging at full capacity all the time, even when you're using a fast charger as the charging process is divided into two:

1. Rapid charge: When the battery is still at a lesser capacity, the first phase is meant to top it off quickly.

2. Slow charge: The second stage slows down the charging process to reduce heat, which lessens the strain on the smartphone's battery life.

See the charge rate chart below. Notice how it flat-lines at the top.

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Travel / Re: Emirates Suspends All Flights From Nigeria From September 1 by 8BitGee(m): 8:53am On Aug 18, 2022
What Buhari and APC cannot destroy has not been made. It is innocent Nigerians suffering the consequences of their incompetence. Although the flight time and layover is considerably longer, a lot of Nigerians fly Emirates because it's cheaper than most European carriers.

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Business / Re: Onitcha Business School: The Story Of Olusegun Sogbesan by 8BitGee(m): 5:56am On Aug 18, 2022
Even business skills they have, the Yorubas are behind it

Imagine reading this man's bio and not learning any lessons. You have basically made this thread to attack Igbos in order to score cheap points. Unlike yourself, the man is a detribalised person, a true Nigerian, hence, it's disgraceful that you're trying to use his story in this way.

Oju timi fun eyin eyan Tinubu yi o. Alainironu lo poju ninu yin. Atenuje lo de ma pa yin. Tueh kelebe si ori e!


Phones / Re: Android 13 Out For Google Pixel Users by 8BitGee(m): 11:17pm On Aug 15, 2022
what is google pixel users? i have google account nd i download apps from play store, hw can i download d android 13 from play store pls

You don't download an OS from the play store, they're usually gotten through OTAs from your phone manufacturer.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Brentford Vs Manchester United (4 - 0) On 13th August 2022 by 8BitGee(m): 6:30pm On Aug 13, 2022
Manure is a finished club grin

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Politics / Re: Bishop Kukah: Tinubu-Shettima Ticket Is Unacceptable, We Are Waiting by 8BitGee(m): 7:03pm On Aug 12, 2022

many igbo boys speak and write Yoruba fluently. forget that thing we know, if you are yoruba you criticise Tinubu without saying it nobody will questions you. so Igbo boy I got you on this

Lobatan, oro e ti wa toju sumi. Olohun a ma so e jare grin it's a faceless forum so you're free to believe what you want.

I needed to say it to expose the farce you guys are cooking. I won't support Tinubu because he's Yoruba and Muslim like me even after knowing very well his antecedents. I asked you, where's Tinubu's father's house in Lagos? Who is his father? Nibo ni agbo Ile won?

Yours sincerely,

Chukwuemeka Obidient tonguegrin
Politics / Re: Bishop Kukah: Tinubu-Shettima Ticket Is Unacceptable, We Are Waiting by 8BitGee(m): 10:13am On Aug 12, 2022

well done Igbo boy

Hahaha, as I said, bigotry. Anybody that speaks against Tinubu is Igbo boy. I'm an Ijebu man o. Emi Omo alare. A ki n fi owo osi juwe Ile Baba wa. Nibo ni Ile Baba Tinubu l'Eko? Shey Tinubu mo Baba e? grin Nibo ni agbo Ile won?
Politics / Re: Bishop Kukah: Tinubu-Shettima Ticket Is Unacceptable, We Are Waiting by 8BitGee(m): 7:56am On Aug 12, 2022
Tinubu is a very insensitive and extremely Machiavellian person. This is evident in his dealings with political friends and opponents. Some end up mysteriously assassinated, others are openly threatened with same, cue lagoon comment by Akiolu and the attacks on Igbo dominated areas during the last elections.

I'm a Yoruba and a Muslim, only fools will fall for their lies about competence. You don't speak of competence when offering admissions to schools and for civil service appointments, but now you can? Are there no competent Christians in the North? It is plain bigotry. They will burn the country down if there was ever a Christian only ticket. In fact, the North will rather vote for a cow than vote a Christian.

Surely, Nigeria deserves better than to have this kind of a person and an admitted drug lord who forfeited assets to the US Federal Government as her President.

Only an enemy of Nigeria will vote for Tinubu. He is bad news to Nigeria. Nonetheless, his supporters have a right to do so. This is what democracy is all about.


Travel / Re: So I Am Living As An Illegal Immigrant In Nigeria. My Visa Has Expired by 8BitGee(m): 3:02pm On Aug 10, 2022

Shymexx is a disrespectful, cretinous person. He is the polar opposite of sukkot

Lmao, that was Sagamite's go to insult. Cretinous fvctard grin

Where is Musiwa? Nairaland has changed!

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Travel / Re: So I Am Living As An Illegal Immigrant In Nigeria. My Visa Has Expired by 8BitGee(m): 8:25am On Aug 10, 2022
lol ok so I am not Shymexx but I am very familiar with Shymexx. Me and him used to go back and forth a few years ago. And no I do not spew conspiracy theories lol and I fall into the later category of being born English meaning born in England. Good to see you again bro wink

Surely, you know you're different bro wink I have read one too many threads confirming that you are

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Travel / Re: So I Am Living As An Illegal Immigrant In Nigeria. My Visa Has Expired by 8BitGee(m): 8:19am On Aug 10, 2022

The UK or Britain is what is regarded as a country internationally and that is what is written on their passport and not England. Nothing like English passport, is either British or UK passport.

Only Scottish or Wales see themselves as Scottish or welsh and that is the passport they carry but English people are refer to as either British citizens or UK citizens, in any form you complete you never see England as an option for nationality

I would have sworn you lived in England.

Any, these things are often the subject of great confusion - nationality, race and ethnicity.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - countries making up the UK.

Great Britain - an island covering the countries of England, Scotland and Wales.

UK (formally known as "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland", also loosely called Britain) - a country including the devolved countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. That is, Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

British - Demonym of the people with British citizenship, that is, White-British, Black-British, etc. It is also the ethnicity (race) of the native people of the UK. English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh are other ethnic nationalities.

Devolution - The transfer of some powers and the delegation of some functions from a central government to local government. So, yes, you have a British passport as a British citizen from the country of Scotland. There's nothing like a Scottish or Welsh passport. As a result of devolution, these countries competes in sporting competitions as themselves. There's no UK national team.

According to a BBC survey: "... Its findings suggest 80% of the residents of England identify strongly as English. But it also finds a similar proportion, 82%, strongly identify as British..."


The LSE: https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/2019/02/14/is-it-the-english-question-or-the-british-question-the-three-strands-of-britishness/

I have also attached the 2021 census form.

Travel / Re: So I Am Living As An Illegal Immigrant In Nigeria. My Visa Has Expired by 8BitGee(m): 6:06am On Aug 10, 2022
Sukkot is either Nigeria born and left to England or English born of Nigerian ancestry. He is a recent old timer known for various conspiracy theories. I suspect he is also Shymexx.

He is right about the England, Britain, UK classification. It is not uncommon for a lot of people from England to say that they're 'English' or are 'British' especially outside of the UK.
The national identity question was #14 on the last census.

Nationality: British/(English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish).

British are citizens of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Note however that NI is not in Great Britain.

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Education / Re: Meet Oluwafunmibi Babalola, UI Hyperpolyglot Student Who Speaks 24 Languages by 8BitGee(m): 8:34pm On Aug 07, 2022
Her Twitter handle is @Prosperlingua ..

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