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Politics / Re: APGA Suspends Newly-elected Anambra Speaker, Two Others by Amalision: 6:16pm On Nov 16, 2018
When Winning is my right , 100% Grantee , call or whatsApp to confirm

God punish your generation upon generations for this cheap.What joy do u derived in deceiving people.Bastard IDIOT FOOL
Politics / Re: Bianca Ojukwu’s Senatorial Ambition Tears APGA Apart by Amalision: 8:55pm On Jul 25, 2018
Ojukwu son lost to Chris Emeka of PDP in 2015 House of Rep Election for Nnewi South/north/Ekwusigo federal constituency. Bianca winning the senatorial district will be not be an easy task. APGA taking her as flag bearer will pave way for Andy Uba to retain the sit or a strong person from PDP


Education / Re: Ekiti University Lecturers Suspend 3-month Old Strike by Amalision: 12:57pm On Mar 16, 2018
You are a pure scam. God punish your father there. Don't bring this scam to this forum. Idiot
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson: I Will Still Celebrate 10 Years With My Sexy Odi by Amalision: 8:53am On Jan 11, 2018
wots u guys take in this matter how can u wish someone divorce please mercy ride on God has done it he alone wil give you nd your man the wisdom to continue in love and understanding.RIDE ON
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Opportunities At Stanel Group: Awka, Jos & Suleja- PICTURES by Amalision: 11:41am On Jan 06, 2018
not just that stanel group is nonsense ,over use is an understatment.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Opportunities At Stanel Group: Awka, Jos & Suleja- PICTURES by Amalision: 12:37am On Jan 06, 2018
selfish company that cannot even be honest to their workers and allow their workers to sleep outside in cool(this is a very recent development). claim they are paying SSCE holders 20,000 but in real sense u will paid 18,000. Owing their workers as if they will not become great tomorrow. They will over use u and want to pay u peanuts.

Nonsense advert. it is only people that don't know u that will apply.


Romance / Re: I Don’t Love Her by Amalision: 2:03am On Dec 28, 2017
I am currently in same situation you are now. Due to family issues and background we can't marry. but I told her clearly that we can't marry, that if she sees someone ready for marriage that she should go. as at now we are still in relationship and happy. so let her know, don't let her have an idea that is because of her background. Factor in reasons to incorporate that due to your responsibility in the family that u will not marry in time even though u have work upon graduating from the university.
Romance / Re: She Broke My Heart Then But Now I Have Her Progress At My Reach by Amalision: 1:09pm On Nov 16, 2017
@OP, did she blackmailed or she just deliberately left you for a guy she considered rich? If she deliberately left u without any element of blackmail, then don't block her since it was her performance that earned her shortlistment in your brother firm. Furthermore, it is not your own firm. Rather, help get d job. U may wish to let her know dat nobody knows tomorrow as she is working in a firm own by a family she once abandoned. it is not easy to be good but do her good. Afterall, before she left u, u must have pound her pushy times without number, LOL
Career / Re: Can I Make A Living Out Of Data Analysis by Amalision: 11:57am On Aug 19, 2017
[Why not, I have been into it since when I was in my final year, now still in after graduating, I'm grounded in SPSS and Eviews combined with Thesis writing for MSC, MSC, PHD. I also write journals for publication and paper for presentation. I love doing research...I need someone to partner with to expand d biz. My area of concentration is Management science and Education and some part of Social science...... Emeritus Research Institute....08100241231

what is your location. I am good in research and grounded in the use of SPSS, Eviews, Gretl etc. for data analysis on PhD dissertation. I have scholarly articles available in google scholar.
Education / Re: Parents Queue To Attend Graduation In Babcock University (Photos) by Amalision: 8:44am On Jun 05, 2017
Instead of paying 5million as school fee and other fees, I will send my child to study abroad
Politics / Re: Soldiers Hold Usman Durkwa To Ransom, Threaten To Kill Him by Amalision: 12:51pm On May 09, 2017
The police knows the tactical terrain of the military. The presence of a rocket propeller within the vicinity is enough to tell u that military men are around. Probably, checking around to observe some protocol rather than automatically removing the blockade would have not resulted to this incident.

The police man that went to remove the brocade is very lucky that the military did not open fire on him. After all Bokoharam can even disguise in such a manner to carry out an attack. In a state with insurgency as Borno,security personnel should learn to observe protocol.
Education / Re: Nigerian Universities With The Highest Number Of Professors - NUC by Amalision: 8:12pm On Apr 13, 2017
@OP The list is completely fake. Telling me that Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) has no professor is a confirm lie. There is Professor Mike Anyawaokoro in the department of Banking and Finance.

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Family / Re: I Love My Girlfriend But My Family Don't Want Us To Marry. by Amalision: 1:07am On Mar 25, 2017
This is my simple advice. since u claimed to love the lady, kindly on compassionate ground settle with your parent, convince them to see reasons with u and hoping they diligently oblige your request.

Most parent especially in the eastern part of the country may go to any extent to make sure u don't marry lady, particularly if she has had a child for another man. Where u insist and marry such a lady, some parent may use any slightest opportunity to terminate the lady's life or even go diabolical. They having the notion that the lady want to reap where she didn't so or the lady trying to brainwash a guy they fought hard to raise up as man.

plead with your parent if u more dan 70% sure she will never change from good to worst. Best of luck in your meeting with your parent
Education / Re: Maduike Ezeibe Discovers Cure For HIV/AIDS (Michael Okpara University Professor) by Amalision: 9:05am On Feb 03, 2017
many researchers in Nigeria have claimed to have develop cure for HIV/AIDS ranging from the Makurdi, Benue state legally issue that was later concluded in the supreme Court to this present prof. of Umudike university. why has NAFDAC validated their claims and make the so called cure for HIV/AIDS accessible to Nigerians
Education / Re: DSS Beats Unity School Teachers In Calabar by Amalision: 8:57am On Feb 03, 2017
This people that feel that can molest other physically, it is spiritual punishment that will be good for them. if you punish me unnaturally, I will report u to any shrine in Naija and u will suffer the punishment spiritually which will reciprocate physically. Bleep DSS and anybody who wanna support then
Education / Re: Is Becoming A Phd Holder Possible In Your 20s by Amalision: 7:41pm On Dec 10, 2016
ones level of thinking, understanding coupled with other things are entirely different if he/she has a PhD compared to Bsc n Msc. Take it or leave it
Education / Re: Is Becoming A Phd Holder Possible In Your 20s by Amalision: 8:42am On Dec 10, 2016
it is very very possible. I am 28 years and I am currently doing my PhD here in Nigeria (roughly 1 year now). I will be done three years from now. Based on current NUC guideline u can start your dissertation/research right from the time u started. by the time u are done with course work and seminar, u will immediately present your PhD dissertation/research as applicable to your department. My course work is just 3 course(though I will present one seminar each acceptable for publication in a journal to lecturers in charge of the courses) plus one seminar which will be presented to department n faculty. if ASUU does not go on strike, tell me how am I not going to finish in a maximum of 5 years at worst?


Computers / Re: What's The Effect Of Plugging Laptops For A Long Time? by Amalision: 4:39pm On Oct 13, 2016
from my experience plucking the laptop in the light even million years will not do anything to the battery. Any body telling me that trash is a serial lier. if it would have caused death of battery life then the manufacturer would have told u to unplug once it is full just as it is obtainable in then Nokia phone with the inscription "battery full, unplug to save energy " since three years now my laptop use to be on light for an average of 15 hours per day and nothing has happened to the battery

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Is Going On With The Federal Government NPOWER Programme? by Amalision: 9:59am On Jul 08, 2016
That N-Power programme is the highest deception I have ever seen in my life. once you are successful and your finger print taking coupled with personal details and others, you can't never get any Federal government job again in this APC government. if u happened to get a FG job the IPPIS of the federal ministry of finance will detect that u have been already employed by the FG
Crime / Re: AbiaPoly Student Stabs Landlord To Death For Interrupting Him During Sex by Amalision: 8:19pm On Jul 07, 2016
stupid landlord with stupid rule. is the Abel staying in the room free of charge? Intruding into people privacy in the name of enforcement of stupid policy
Politics / Re: Have You Received Your National Identity Card? by Amalision: 6:14pm On Jul 04, 2016
I registered in 2012 and received an sms in march 2016 that it is ready for collection. However, I am yet to collect due to change of location
Career / Re: Accounting, Economics, Bus Adm. Which Is More Relevant In Contemporary Nigeria? by Amalision: 7:37am On May 23, 2016
Economics of course....... An economics can rise to the post of manager in the banking sector while accountants stop at cashier...

Economics is very more lucrative

The current governor of the central bank Mr Godwin Emeifele was the Group managing director of zenith bank before. he just had Bsc and Msc from banking and finance from UNN.
Politics / Re: Each Time I Travel On Benin-ore Express Road, I Can't But Say God Bless GEJ by Amalision: 6:08pm On Feb 27, 2016
The VP saying that late Yar dua/ Jonathan did not build any road is the biggest lie ever. The road from Abakiliki in Ebonyi state to Mbok junction in Ogoja, Cross River State was awarded by Yar dua and completed by Jonathan. Those who ply that road in as student of Federal Science College, Ogoja, Cross River State between 2002 to 2005 can tell more about the devastating nature of the road where u will be socked in dust then but if ply it now u will wonder why the VP as pastor for that matter will be just lying to just to discredit previous government.

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Business / Re: Ecobank Wants Court To Declare Oba Otudeko Bankrupt Over Indebtedness by Amalision: 7:29pm On Dec 08, 2015
dude, there's no much than what you're seeing there. Businessmen are smart arsses. this is it: if u have a land, go for a loan...they will only collect the originals of your papers. the fact it, the land itself is not that okay..u have been looking for buyers for yrs just to sell off. collect the loan and dnt bother to pay back...they will keep the land even if they go to international Court....the land which is the collateral is their payment.

now, back to bankruptcy:

when citi bank declared to go bankrupt, all the shareholders and the customers will get nothing. the lawyer who declared them gets a percentage of the cash and the business closes down.

the truth is: they have weighed the option, and paying back the loan or continuing to be in business will not even make them break even...but declaring them bankruptcy will allow the bank take control of the premises (not cash because they said they have none), but the shareholders will not be able to use anymore since the declaration makes them immune to this.

think abt this: u buy a car and insured it...after maturity, arrange for a nice clean theft and make it disappear. You will definitely get a clean new one from the insurance company for sure.

it's called illegal but that how the rich ones make more money.

*I really dnt have the nerve to practice this and I don't advice people to*

thank u

I need a lecture notes on this topic. Your response will be appreciated. regards

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Business / Re: Ecobank Wants Court To Declare Oba Otudeko Bankrupt Over Indebtedness by Amalision: 7:22pm On Dec 08, 2015

please can u give more practical details about using shares as collateral. What are the implications to the customer and the bank. I need a lecture on this issue. Your kind response will be appreciated.
Nairaland / General / Should Interest And Penalty Charges Be Running On A Debt Recovery Account by Amalision: 9:44am On Dec 02, 2015
Good day Nairaland
There is an issue I need clarification mostly from bankers (especially those in Loan/debt recovery unit/department. A close neighbourhood borrowed 650,000 from First bank in ‎2006 as an overdraft via his current account and used one of his savings account in the same bank with a sum of 500,000 as collateral.

Due to issues and hardship beyond his control he was unable to service the overdraft according to terms and conditions stated. As a result, the bank thereafter in 2007, to avoid further accumulation of interest and penalty charges realised the 500,000 in saving account. Following this action of the bank audit, the outstanding balance on the current account became 173,061.20 in August, 2007. However, my neighbour applied for waiver and related issues but never received any response from the bank. Consequently, the outstanding balance of 173,061.20 plus interest and penalty charges kept accumulating.

The bank official then came back to him in December, 2011 and told him that the outstanding balance has accumulated to 323,974.40 at 26/July/2011. However, the bank headquarters has made 100% for the outstanding balance of 323,974.40 in compliance with the CBN prudential guideline in effect from July, 2010. Furthermore, that interest n penalty charges has been stopped and my neighbour should pay the 323.974.40.

My neighbour agreed to be paying between 10,000 to 20,000 every month. The bank official now gave him a separate account number and the titled was "DEBT/LOAN RECOVERY ". According to them the account is an internal account within d bank for recovery of debt. Furthermore, that a recovery account has been created by d bank to reflect any payment made by him. My neighbour made a total payment of 100,000 into the account in the year 2012. This amount has been confirmed by the bank manager in 2013.

Yesterday being 1st December 2015 he went to d bank to inquire about the outstanding balance to pay up. The new bank business manager told him that he is now owing 640,049.12. That interest n penalties are still accumulating on a recovery account created on his debt that has been classified as a loss facility. My neighbour became amazed and called the former manager (though retired). The former manager told him interest n penalty is not running on a recovery account created on his debt.

My question now is:
Can interest and penalties be running on a debt recovery account other than the account with which the overdraft was gotten?
What is a debt recovery account and how does it function that it is only available n viewable only by d bank official and not be given to d customer associated with it?

The debt recovery account is a different account from which the overdraft was gotten. Attached here with is the bank statements of the account the overdraft was gotten printed from the bank on 29th october,2012.

Some bankers around have not been to provide answers rather they refer me to bankers in loan/debt recovery unit/department

Your sincerely, unalloyed and undiluted advise will be vehemently appreciated.

Family / Re: My Husband Has Idolised Me And Now I'm Fed Up. Need Help by Amalision: 3:10pm On Nov 26, 2015
@ ENSTACK I have read your original post and your response to OPTIMUSPRIME and AMINA508, I succinctly conclude that your are very ungrateful, senseless, selfish and wicked to your husband. The reasons u deduced are insignificant, fraudulent and insincere from the perspective of a person who have a pure heart.

You claimed to have had a relationship in the past. In humble opinion u are an educated illiterate in matters of relationship and related issues. Have u forgotten so quickly that true love knows no wrong neither does it has boundary.

Your husband loves u completely, wholehearted, undiluted and unalloyed and as such, u should equally reciprocate this deepest and kind gesture of his. If you try even up to 40% to reciprocate his love, all this issues u see as problems to u will be a thing of the past. Even JAZEBEL and the DEVIL himself in the Holy Bible will never think of divorce as u have contemplated.

A word is enough for the wise.
my best regards


Career / Re: Urgent!!! Please which of the Federal Government Jobs Should I Take? by Amalision: 5:04pm On Sep 04, 2015
Since u said its non academic job i strogly suggest u remain with federal ministry of work then get promoted to GL10 next year. I believe strongly that if u play your card very well via knowing&getting other educational qualification&professional qualification e.g. COREN membership or others that directly relate to your department,u can be the director in that ministry one day. compare it to starting again from GL09 in the university. if it was a lecturing job i would recomend u quit your current job if only u have a masters degre with a GP of 4.0 which will take u to Ph.D assuming all d university in Nigeria complied with the current NUC guidelines. In d absence of these criteria please remain with federal ministry of work and work for career progression. May our good GOD guide your thought as u take a decision that will benefit u in the long run
Politics / Re: Buhari Warns Airport Officials Against Stopping Ex-ministers From Travelling by Amalision: 9:45pm On May 30, 2015
With this coming from Buhari, he has my supports and may Allah give him the wisdom to lead this great nation.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria Civil Defence Corps, Immigration, SSS 2012/2013 by Amalision: 10:46pm On Jul 25, 2014
I quite agree with lawal4green that promotion and replacement are two different words. In 2012 INEC did promotional exam for its staff. Before the result was out, INEC was accepting application nationwide and even conducted exam before d oral interview for its staff was done. Successful people where giving appointment letter sometimes in November/december 2012. The following year around may 2013 replacement was done visa viz: those who have connection with house of rep members, senators, etc. Even as at April/May 2014 some few replacement was done in INEC
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria Civil Defence Corps, Immigration, SSS 2012/2013 by Amalision: 10:34pm On Jul 25, 2014
@ Iydayam
U are absolutely correct. When u less pension, tax n some contribution like dat(assuming he/she is a member of INEC staff cooperative society) it will go down to 70k per month. INEC does not pay that much.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: SSS Cadet Course 28 2014 Recruitment!!! by Amalision: 5:29pm On Jul 15, 2014
Hi house
Does anybody have an idea of Anambra state SSS is still accepting application?
Feedback will be highly appreciated

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