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Politics / Re: Things Buhari Must Do In 7days To Remain Relevant . by Barywhyte(m): 1:19pm On May 05
He will need the support of the western power to do this especially in the area of weapon purchases. But forget about this Buhari. The man doesn't exist.
Properties / Re: Behind the scenes in the building industry (collection of funny site stories) by Barywhyte(m): 12:02pm On Apr 17
Just about starting my own 4 bedroom duplex somewhere in Sagamu, Ogun State.

This thread is an eye opener. I don't even know how to go about it. Because now this means you must be ready to supervise this yourself, along with trusted engineer with building experience to provide some guide.
Politics / Re: Obaseki: "FG Printed 60 Billion Naira For States To Share" by Barywhyte(m): 10:39pm On Apr 10
"I don't care" President Buhari has finally brought Nigeria down on her knees. The selfish and irresponsible governors of South west and south east who could have stood up for restructuring of Nigeria only think about second time and how to get to senate after second time. The country is finished, completely destroyed by politicians in just 22 years of democracy.


Properties / Re: Oke Aro Ogun State Project - A 4 Bedroom Duplex With Saloon by Barywhyte(m): 9:54am On Apr 05

Good evening sir.
Thank you for reaching out.
Am in Lagos. That's where I base

Cool. I'm in Lagos and we can arrange meeting in weeks.

One last question: Does the figure you quoted in the previous page only for workmanship fees? Or is it everything from workmanship to materials purchase?
Properties / Re: Oke Aro Ogun State Project - A 4 Bedroom Duplex With Saloon by Barywhyte(m): 10:45am On Apr 04
Good morning...

Where are you based bro? I'm in Lagos but I have a plot in ogun state and wants to have 5 bed flats and additional 2 bed flats infront.

Are u anywhere in SW?
Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 10:08am On Mar 02
Go back and read exactly what I wrote. Because you are in a hurry to defend him, you are not seeing that I am a different poster. Besides, I am she and not him. I post based on my observation.

Apologies. My post is for the guy

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Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 4:28pm On Mar 01

What you explained right now, is part of prophetic experience. Being a Prophet is even a big burden and that's why those who assume the position without being called directly by God into the office, will be greatly tortured by the forces of darkness. For each office, has its grace and divine protection.

My passion is for everyone to hear from God and that is all. Then those who can admonish others as Prophets, can do so. This is how it is suppose to be from the early Church...

God bless you.

It is.

Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 4:01pm On Mar 01
Is good you are beginning to point people to Christ.
Do well to start preaching balance scripture that is void of fear.

Hey bro. I read your previous message about @TheNoble007 pointing people to himself or something. I have not seen any of his messages pointing people to put their focus on him or something else other than Christ. He has consistently told people to seek God daily and be alive in spirit to God (in other words, crucify your flesh to the cross). I found your message very confusing (intentionally confusion), a very big instrument that still works today in the hands of Satan. God is not an author of confusion.


Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 3:47pm On Mar 01

If God gives a timeframe, it will happen as such if and only if the prophet is very sensitive to the spirit. Prophetic maturity is required in this case.

If I didn't receive any timing, I leave it that way. If I receive a timing, it is usually accurate. But it is sometimes good for a genuine prophet to give a prophetic message just like that without the timing.. It takes lot of spiritual sensitivity to pick the timeframe. Sometimes, the timing can come in form of a burden or repetitive revelations or visions. Then a prophet can know it is very close. It takes prophetic maturity and growth to know this.

For example some years back, God told me of a student riot that will happen in a particular University in Nigeria, and a break or closure will be enacted in the University. In the Spirit, I picked the NUMBER 3 as the duration. I wasn't sure if it was 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months or even 3 years. Since I didn't pick the timing accurately, I gave the prophecy without mentioning how long the school closure will last after the riot.

This prophecy was fulfilled the next year and the riot occurred as prophesied and guess what? The number 3 showed up. The school was closed for 3 months.

I am explaining this to you vividly because you are interested in the prophetic and wish to have prophetic experience.

Lastly I am referring to one HEROD. There maybe herods, but there is only but one HEROD. I will stop here as I don't intend to give further clue.

Stay blessed.

Actually, I am not interested in being a prophet or giving out prophesies. I love hearing about them and their interpretations. I also believe that as God gather his seeds across the globe for rapture, the correct interpretation of the infallible word of God (many of which are prophesies that organized religious bodies of the world do not understand) will be key to recognizing the key signs of His return AT THAT HOUR. To be honest bro, my desire is to be talking to God everyday of my remaining life and to see him tell me what I must or what I shouldn't do. I just want to see him beyond answering my material prayer requests.

Bless you bro


Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 6:33pm On Feb 23

I suppose you have read the previous prophecies. You will find answers there.

Today, I just stumbled to an old recorded prophetic meeting I had at an NCCF fellowship as a corp member years back.

In the meeting, by the Spirit, I shared a prophecy that there will be a Spiritual earthquake that will shake Nigeria to it's roots. And out of the commotion will spring forth a new Nigeria. I even realised that the rising of youths like the End SARS protest was even mentioned there.

I haven't written about a new Nigeria until now. I also said this in that meeting - HEROD will die.

Who is HEROD?

Kindly answer that question for yourself... I will stop here.


Someone else on nairaland in one of the threads mentioned a prophesy he received about New Nigeria emerging from rubbles and crisis that will claim lots of lives. I think the most difficult part of prophesy is placing a specific timeline on it fulfilment. It makes the Prophet looks like a liar when things doesn't happen within the metioned timeframe. Still it doesn't make the prophesy a lie.

I think there are so many "HERODS" in this country.

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Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 11:54am On Feb 22

Fought with God, ke? cheesy Who dares! The angels of the Living God, led by Michael, fought and threw the demons out. The battle is summarised in that name, Michael: WHO IS LIKE GOD.

Sorry, bro. I don't mean to discredit your submission. Just that the part on 'fought with God' got me.

Forgive my choice of words. A rebellious against God is more like fighting him. It doesn't mean that God himself will pick up swords to fight those angels. I hope you get that.

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Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 6:32pm On Feb 21

Pls l am a sister o, and bless you too.
We have similar experience, but l am yet to converse with God, he speaks to me through ME, if you understand what l mean. It's always one sided. If l want to sing, the holy spirit takes over and l end up singing worship songs l have never heard before, and when l pray, same thing happens, l am like a vessel being used, because l end up not praying according to what l want but according to the spirit. Initially, l used to be stubborn but now, l allow it to flow and more experiences/gift. God speaks to me through my own mouth, l can't reply back cos l am speaking under his influence. The first time it happened, l freaked out, cut out immediately and got Soo scared thinking l was possessed. l reached out to a brother who advised that l ask God to introduce himself before speaking and l should record the messages and songs. I did and when next it happened, he indeed introduced himself and said a lot of things to me, he asked me to stop complaining and start believing in him. He keeps emphasizing on faith, in fact all the messages are scriptural, focusing on me seeking him first. Since then till now, it's still the same, each with it's own message and experience, yet l don't even pray up to an hour, which still bothers me though.
The enemy knows what these prayer sections cause for him, that is why they try to bring in a lot of things to distract me from having the zeal to pray, sometimes l am overwhelmed by sleep or lack of strength to pray. Sometimes, it's marital issue just to get me off the radar and pry on my lukewarmness. What keeps me going is having the conciousness of God everyday. A day doesn't pass without having God in mind, telling him how useless l am without him, that if he leaves me, that l will die. I use those words every day.
However, on my own part, l still desire a two person communication with God, where we both get to discuss. I still acknowledge the way he speaks to me, because it gives me this joy that supercedes all human understanding, knowing that l have a father who cares a lot for me.

Thank to you to @Barywhyte and @TheNoble007, l finally get to see someone with same experience, don't worry, we will get there by his grace.


Blessings my sister!

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Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 5:12pm On Feb 21
@Barywhyte. Great testimony.. I am very glad that you have this hunger in you. Keep on seeking the Lord. Continue to ask Him to speak to you. He will... In fact apart from you having prophetic dreams, you can be in your sitting room physically, and the Lord Jesus will just walk into your room to have a personal conversation with you... This is very possible.. Remember the bible says- ask and it shall be given.

By God's grace, the prophetic mantle upon my life is very strong.. By His mercy and grace, my eyes are opened- My spiritual eyes. Yet, God is still training me for the last day task that is to come. My assignment and ministry is yet to begin.I have been in the prophetic, and prophesying for over a decade, but was surprised when the Lord Jesus came to me on February last year and told me that I am beginning to walk towards my calling.. He didn't say walking in my calling. Rather He said walking towards. There is much mystery in following this awesome God. Much mystery will be revealed to us if we wear the garment of humility at all times.

Yet there is no greater joy like sparking a hunger in people. There is no greater joy than seeing people desire the supernatural. If I walk in the supernatural so shall you and others who desire. If we desire to be as close to God than Paul was or Enoch we can, because God has saved the best wine for the last.

Stay blessed.


Many thanks for this my brother. God bless you sir.

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Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 3:27pm On Feb 21

This has always been my own thoughts since my walk in Christ. Right from when l was a kid, I was so conscious of committing sin, each time l sin as a child, l cried and wailed as if my physical dad will beat me up for committing a sin. I grew up with it and the fact that l longed to have an intimate relationship with God, influenced my life as a Christian while growing up, when l started getting deep into God, it came with lots of heavenly experiences and gifts that l got with ease. It was as if God was waiting for me to get serious. l can't pray without the holy spirit taking over the prayers, after the prayers l will not continue because l have nothing else to say. I have never been attacked physically but each time l dream, l see myself rebuking evil, counselling people, preaching to people, infact l always act like a courageous solider in my dreams, l keep confronting and reclaiming back things that were taken from me in dreams without a hitch. But the funny thing is that l am physically opposite of what l am in the spirit. I don't pray for hours or engage in long warfare but when l pray, the spirit takes over and when l dream, l do exploits.
I am not a saint but l strive to live to God's expectations every single day, naturally l can't survive outside of God, l don't know how it feels to. I am still growing and need guidance just as many of us here, so l still stand to be corrected.
This your write ups has given me a tip up, because l thought l was fooling myself and l needed to engage in warfares to be able to be called a true Christian. What l have learnt so far is that God's call is individual and righteousness/holiness should be our weapon against principalities and powers.

God bless you my brother! I think we have similar childhood experience. In those days, when I was very much younger, I was always afraid of throwing away christian tracks people give me. I wouldn't read and yet I wouldn't want to throw them away for the fear that this is God's word. So I keep tracks and carry them from year to year without reading! I was and I am still conscious of committing sins even though I remain a sinner.

Honestly I wish I am at your level spiritually as I seek to hear and see God Speak to me Himself. I desire this earnestly but I think something is missing in me that is preventing that. One strength I have which I believe come from God is that: You can't deceive with spiritual things. I am confident of Christ that I know even though I haven't heard him speak to me before (not any that I can remember) but he has answered my prayers multiple times. Anytime I cry to him about my situations, he answer me speedily (I mean without delay) but again, as far as I know, I haven't heard him speak to me physically ( I really desire this).

When I was working as a teacher about 4 years ago, I got tired of the job. I was having issues with the school owner and at the same time getting tired of teaching job that paid me only 40k a month. I started praying and crying to God almost daily. I wanted to work in IT but I didn't have any cooperate experience at that time. Within 2 months, I got an invite for an interview from one of the forgotten jobs that I applied for in Lagos. The interview was done over Skype on Monday of new week and by Friday, the offer letter came and the salary was about 50k more that what I originally but in the application letter! And almost 4 times my 40k teaching salary. I said YES God listened to my prayers and made transition from teaching Physics and Mathematics into Software development much easier for me.

Two years after working in this company, I got tired of their politics and I started praying again. In that two years, I had forgotten about God completely and even stopped going to church. I started applying and praying. Shortly after, I got an offer that doubled my current salary. I resigned and moved to Huawei. Three months into the project (a Globalcomm project being handle by Huawei), coronavirus pandemic started. In March 2020, Huawei allowed their workers to work from home and by the end of April, Huawei terminated the project due to rift with Globalcomm. Many people on that project were affected in the middle of pandemic. I went back on my knee to God praying for miracle. Two months later in July, I got an offer from a bank with a salary that is 130k more than what Huawei was paying me.

I have narrated these because I know that God listens and answers my prayers but I want more. I no longer care about jobs, money or any of these material things. If God can give these things to sinners, how much more his own children and those who love him! I want to hear God speak to me. I want to see him physically. I desire to sit or stand in front of him and have conversation like father and son. This is what I am now praying for. I am kind of jealous (positively though smiley) of your spiritual experience. When we all die, we will see that nothing really matters except how far we are able to come with God during our earthly living.

God bless you brother!

I have learnt a lot from this thread. God bless you OP TheNoble007 and everyone who has written something and those who still write.


Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 2:52pm On Feb 20

If you are born again and a true child of GOD and there is legal ground in that lineage na wahala be that.

If he does not scatter the legal ground the devil would mess him up.

I wouldn't say more than that...

You know why any deliverance minister wants to start deliverance with the help of the holy spirit begin with breaking soul ties, legal ground among others.

Was the person not born again. Spirituality is a mystery. Knowing JESUS give you access and authority but if you dont operate strategically with the help of the holy spirit the devil would mess one up.

I don comot... let the senior elders contribute.

Oga noble007 we celebrate you sir

I agree.
My point is that Christians must be on the same page with Jesus that will help them fight these battles. Remember what these demons fear and tremble for is Christ in US for we cannot do anything by ourselves.
So I don't really see any reason for argument here. Its just like what Jesus say in Matt 6:33 But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

I know what it means to be Spiritually oppressed or to be under family or ancestral curses. Things that our forefathers have done and are now being enforced by demons across generations even upon innocent people. But first thing first: Seek to please and live for Christ daily. Seek to hear or even see him daily. Then all those legal grounds they hold onto to punish us can be broken in a single night of intense prayers. I am not going to spend my times thinking about demons or spiritual battles (This is another spiritual deception by Satan). Instead, I will rather watch and be careful that I am in the right path with my Lord, because again, the rest is a piece of cake. This is my focus. I want to hear God speak to me. I want to See him speak to me about my life and things I must do in my short life. This is my race.

Demons already know their fate. Their fate has been sealed by God, remember that.


Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 1:02pm On Feb 20
thenoble007 school of thought maintains that a life of daily devotion, righteousness, purity and continuous strife to please and daily seek God and grow in him should be a priority for a christian. Welfare prayers and demonic activities shouldn't replace the first. It should come second. For me, this is true. Why should I daily worry about demons when my father has all of them in his perms?

Others are saying that salvations, daily devotion, being born again isn't enough. They say that christians must fight these principalities in serious welfare prayers. This is also true. I believe 100%.

Then why this argument?

This is my thought: If you are going to engage in welfare prayers with these evil spirits, make sure you are in tune with theNoble007 school of thought, because the only thing they respect and run away from is the BLOOD of jesus from the mouth of a true child of God.

So I think there is no argument here. The only thing I see here is the order of priority. Our attention should be to please and live daily to God in Spirit. Welfare prayers then become easy.

These demons are indeed very wicked and they don't sleep or rest. Their daily job is humans and they do this job with unimaginable amount of hatred. Remember, they fought with God and his loyal angels and they were defeated and hauled down to earth. They are now being used to test humans and those that fail will also end up like them. No one get into eternity with God without passing through these tests. Even all the angels were tested before the loyal ones entered into eternity with God.


Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 7:52pm On Jan 31

Please kindly don't reply the fellow anymore. If I be a prophet of God he should be bold to quote me and ask me the date of his burial....

Man, you always say that you are not accountable to any man as far as your prophesies are concerned, which is true. Please ignore this fellow and instead pray for him to God to deliver him from the shakle of fellow men.

Yes Elijah punished recalcitrant children of the Serpent when they provoked him. Elisha commanded Bear to consume children who played with anointing of God Almighty. Even Jesus placed severe curses on the pharisees for their ways of life. As it was in those days, so it is today. Prophets of God can kill Yes they can, if they are threatened or provoked beyond measure. But God can also use this to test their patience. And satan can also use it against them.

Kindly ignore him. TB Joshua is not of the son of God. He's not man of God. I know this many many years ago.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Joe Biden Selects Transgender Woman As Assistant Health Secretary. by Barywhyte(m): 8:39am On Jan 20

but if they offer you US Visa to work in the transgender's office, will you refuse?

You better stop chasing visa but instead focus on things that make u useful to yourself and your family.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Joe Biden Selects Transgender Woman As Assistant Health Secretary. by Barywhyte(m): 1:09am On Jan 20
Time for judgement.

This man will further lead US into spiritual perdition.
Religion / Re: Heaven Is Ashamed Of Christians Who Wear COVID-19 Facemask - Pastor (Video) by Barywhyte(m): 5:13pm On Jan 11
Government should arrest this irresponsible man (he is not a man of God) and prosecute and jail him.

What? Playing God
Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 8:08pm On Jan 08

Its Francis. Just know if you care to.
Even Catholic prophecies (St Malachy 1139AD) know he is the last pope. Instead of hoping he is laying the groundwork for the next pope, his age should help know how imminent God's Kingdom is. So there you are, expecting a genius to unite the world religions when demons (and incarnates) can do the job efficiently and effectively.
Besides, it seems you confuse the false prophet with the antichrist... no, they are not one and the same. One is the religious head while the other is political head but both are incarnates so cannot repent nor be admitted into His Kingdom and have no choice but to work in tandem and fulfil prophecies.

Don't be too quick to put finality on biblical prophesy. How sure are you that's it's Francis. Apostles of the early church also got it wrong about Christ return as they believed that his return was imminent during their days. It's been close to 2000 years now after their demise. The Prophet to this last age, Rev. Braham also predicted coming of Christ to happen before end of 70s. We are humans and greatly limited with our 24hours per day calendar. The elected seeds of God will continue to watch and hear from God with regards to timing and fulfilment of God words, for he will not keep them in darkness especially with regards to mysterious biblical events that has been kept secret for generations.

That's what I will tell you. Lastly be more constructive in your reply and not being rude.
Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 8:28pm On Jan 07

The false prophet of Rev 13 is obvious already... but the scary fact is that he is already 83 years old hinting the time is dangerously close. His outrageous speeches (nothing like hell, Jesus turned to devil for us, a personal relationship with Jesus apart from catholic is dangerous and harmful, John Paul was a saint I am the devil), behaviour (worshipping the moon God Allah at Istanbul, reciting Islamic prayers at the Vatican, pro abortion and also homosexualism, participating in the exultet subtly exalting Lucifer and referring to him as Christ's father) and desperation to unite the world and its religions give him away readily.
The Antichrist and his personal details are still blurry for now but will be exposed soon by God's grace.

If you are referring to the current one, does he fill the profile a genius that will bring the entire world into one accord, convince Israel to sign a part and receive the blessings of the humane race to lead them? He's already 84 (1936).

I think he's preparing ground for the next Pope.
Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 6:17pm On Jan 07

The man of sin has began his work already.. I saw him in the spirit. He hasn't revealed himself yet because he is still uniting nations together little by little. One of his strong weapon of Unity is the game of football.. The anti Christ who is a demon incarnate born as a mere man, is the god of soccer. Pundits mention god of soccer without them knowing. That's why soccer is the only game to have what is called god and has a temple in Brazil and other parts of the world.

It is the game of soccer that unites whites and black, friends and foes... That's why it is a strong advocate against racism. Not that it cares, but it is a part of the unification.. When the world finally unites via policies, government, then the man behind this brain work will reveal himself.

I have said enough.


The time is short for humanity.

We know by scripture that he's the Pope of that day. Catholic Church.

Only the true elected seeds of Christ will keep watch.

Oh God have mercy on my soul. Night is here.
Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 5:01pm On Jan 07

My main purpose of sharing prophecies is to create a hunger in people to seek God for themselves and also let people know that God is real. Let the Atheists know and repent as well. Sadly there are many false prophets today than the true prophets of God.

I know what I see, and critics should ask themselves why the person behind this moniker chose to be faceless and not respond to emails?

The Almighty God does not play dice. He only can give revelations to His prophets that can stand the test of time... Even for generations...


I agree
Today he speaks to his children alone in revelation as he gather them together before the arrival of man of sin.

God have mercy on my soul!

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Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by Barywhyte(m): 3:22pm On Jan 07
Your prophesy that Trump won't win the election has been effectively fulfilled.

I think Americans will regret it. The country seems to be under judgement.

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Politics / Re: 2021: "Work Hard And Chop Hard"- Dino Mocks Lazy Nigerians by Barywhyte(m): 9:25am On Jan 03
This guy still carry this attitude enter new year.

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Family / Re: A Child Survives An Accident After A Car Climbed His Head. (video) by Barywhyte(m): 1:55pm On Nov 28, 2020

Can u explain that scientifically?

He can't. He has watched it many times but couldn't find any scientific explanation. That's the reason he turned it to "destiny" and "it's not his time" whatever that mean.


Technology Market / Re: Help: I Bought A New Freezer And I'm Not Sure It's Working Quite Good. by Barywhyte(m): 9:48am On Nov 17, 2020
I was about buying 3 thermocool freezers today when I remembered our chats. I just paid for one 319L thermocool (225k but got 10% Black Friday discount) and got two Nexus freezers 320L for 155k each. I have not carried them though but I'll surely update on the performances especially if someone reminds me by quoting me.

Good luck bro

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Technology Market / Re: Help: I Bought A New Freezer And I'm Not Sure It's Working Quite Good. by Barywhyte(m): 1:28pm On Nov 15, 2020
Thanks bro. I'll just buy Nexus tomorrow

Yes I strongly advise that you stay away from haier thermocool. Even after their engineers took away the deep freezer and repairing it, the situation of the freezer only got worse. I regret buying their products. They have destroyed my business and wasted my money.
Technology Market / Re: Help: I Bought A New Freezer And I'm Not Sure It's Working Quite Good. by Barywhyte(m): 8:10pm On Nov 09, 2020
Please how is it with your freezer? I plan to buy 2 tomorrow and someone is advising I go for Nexus that Thermocool is wash now

Maybe it is. I haven't enjoyed it since. They came to carry it somedays ago. Either they fix it or replace it with a new one. I'm expecting their message or new device this week.

I will advise you try another product.
Crime / Re: Heartbreaking Video Of Sars Inmates In Anambra Singing For Divine Intervention by Barywhyte(m): 8:49am On Oct 18, 2020


Attached is a video of inmates from one of the sars holding cells in Anambra state. You will shed tears if you truly understand the meaning of the song which they sang in Igbo.

Most of the inmates are innocent youths like you and I, and majority of them has either been killed or rendered hopeless by men that are employed to uphold law and order.

Oh my God!

Let's get this video to twitter people.
Technology Market / Re: Help: I Bought A New Freezer And I'm Not Sure It's Working Quite Good. by Barywhyte(m): 3:30pm On Oct 17, 2020
Thank you, later got an haier thermoccol for 103, 000. Its been working just fine

This is the exact brand of Haier Thermocool I bought on 24th of Last month for N106,000 at their warehouse at Illupeju in Lagos. Honestly I regrets buying this product. I started using it after 24hours to allow the gas to settle. On 12th of this month (less than 3 weeks), it suddenly started defrosting. By the third day, everything has turned to water and it never froze or even cool since then till now. I called their service agent. Promised to send engineers in 48 hours but they refused to show up to day.

I am planning of returning it on Monday, next week and get my money back. N106,000 no be beans

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