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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by ceaser: 10:48am On Jun 20
Hello @Ceaser. I want to order a battery pack from the Jos guy whose number you dropped some pages back.

Can I trust him to deliver?

It's being over 5 months since í communicated with him last since I don't need battery in recent times. But all along he has been a reliable guy with good guarantee on the product. I think he offers one year full warranty. He has replaced a pack for me before without extra cost. The terminals were damaged during transport and he instructed I return it and he sent a replacement even before the one I sent back got to him.

You can trust him. My fear is if he will have stocks cos he usually sells out quickly. So you may have to quickly get in touch with him and in case he gives a date he will likely have cells, then you will need to do the follow up.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by ceaser: 10:16am On Jun 20

AliExpress, I think a little above 5k.


I integrated Google Assistant, and it works quite well even with voice command.
Also, you can set your desired kind of weather or temperature automation. It will Geo-locate the address of device and use available weather forecast to switch ON/OFF, depending on how you want it.

I have all these features thru the smart life app too. The prolem is that it doesn't seem to have a "battery voltage level status" in the option menu.

Also I don't k know if there is any device in the purview of the tuya or sonoff that act as a sensor for battery voltage and can be integrated with the smart switches thru the app the way you will do with "smart temperature or humidity meters" that integrates with switches controlling HVAC on the app.


I still have a few left for sale at 6.5k each and can flash tasmota for you if you want.

Can the devices also work with the smart life app? When tasmota is flashed, does it get rid of its ability to use "tuya, sonoff app, smart life app and other apps like that?

I may need some from you once I'm able to get my bearings with this lack of inverter.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by ceaser: 10:00am On Jun 20
Kindly keep us posted, this is looking interesting

The idea is to use "battery protection meters" (It is a sacrosanct part of my set ups). The meters have adjustable voltage levels depending on the desired DoD voltage of the battery.

There are DC powered and AC powered wireless switches that use keyfobs as remote switches. The keyfobs are to be integrated with the meters so that instead of you yourself clicking on the keyfob to turn off each individual switch, the battery protection meter does it at your preset voltage level.

With this you can have a number of wireless keyfobs and the respective switches to control different appliances to turn off at the desired battery voltage.

The keyfobs have a range of about 300 meters to 500 meters. So you should be able to control as many appliances in the house within reasonable distance from the inverter/battery.

I think I should keep the juicy part till when I'm assembling it. I will definitely have questions and a few directions to ask from here by then.

By the way, I am still waiting for who will help with a 24v PSW inverter for about two weeks. It doesn't have to be something big, as the refridgerating devices to be powered are all inverter devices. Not even up to 600 watts total.

If it's also for sale for a little token, I won't mind. I just need to lay may hands on something before monday.

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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by ceaser: 7:13am On Jun 20
This first device (picture attached), is very fantastic and gets the basic job done, however, it has a limitation which is quite worrisome. When you program it to power on at a certain time and you leave home, weather can suddenly become cloudy or even rain for hours and your batteries will be depleted seriously (which you may not want) because of unavailability of sunlight.
This made me to think of a better alternative that gives one more control, preferably can be done remotely anywhere (I'm a fan of home automation). After an extensive search, I came across the second device (picture attached). This device gives my kind of desired control, all you need do is to sync it with a dedicated home router. It's called SMART PLUG and works with other home automation apps such as Alexa and Google Assistant. This is more preferable, you can get everything done on your phone, it has a programmable timer also, instant ON/OFF anywhere you are in the world. Someone may find this useful.

I have both currently deployed for use. They have their limitations.

The timer

With use over time has revealed that the internal clock algorithm lacks daylight savings. So at the end of about six months of continuous use, the time may have lagged behind or moved ahead by as much as 20 minutes. This will affect your on-off timing. So you will have to set the correct time again. You can set as much as 10 on-off cycles per day, I think.

It has no wireless or remote monitoring capability so you will have to be there if you need to be on site to turn it off manually.

It comes standard as 16 amps.

The advantage is for those that do not have wireless router system in their homes or for those with very unstable network like I experienced early this year.

The smart plug

Setting it up is easy

This has the advantage of remote (anywhere on the globe) as long as it is connected to a WiFi router. It uses simple apps that are fortunately usually compatible across platforms. "Smart home, Tuya etc are a few of the android/apple compatible apps that it works with. I went with neither of the two, so my choice was" smart life" app. I subsequently integrated the "smart life" app with "smart things" - proprietary samsung smart app - on my mobile phone so that I can control things via Bixby, just like you would with Alexa, Google etc. You can also do local (WiFi direct) connection between it and your phone without a router, but you will be limited to just a few meters (around 300 meters) apart.

With the smart plug, you can also set as many on-off cycles as you want all on your phone while connected to the device. Device comes mostly in 10 amps and 15amps support. I aimed to get the type that will also give you real time power consumption of the plugged in gadget on your phone but unfortunately got sent the one without that capability. So you might wanna look out to be sure.

Yes it has integration with the weather app on your phone (this will require you to turn on location in your mobile phone - something I'm aversed to). With the weather, you can program it to turn off when the sun won't be high. I don't see this capability as fool proof because solar charging could be faster even in cooler weather than in very hot/sunny weather.

Another challenge I experienced is the signal downtimes when our networks bring their wàhálà and you need to turn it off remotely as an emergency, then you rill be stuck, helpless.

You also can't use the SoC of your battery to control the switch status.

Having tried the two, I am planning to DIY something that will be able to use SoC as well as wireless and remote capability. Nothing close to Tasmota but one that will need no servers (local or cloud) whatsoever and the wireless communications will be only between the battery SoC and the switching device. I am gathering the components presently. The smart plug and timer can as well be connected as a secondary in-between plug and play if their services will be required.
Politics / Re: El-Rufai: My Successor Will Demolish More Houses Than Me by ceaser: 12:23am On Jun 20
An evil imp, you are.
Politics / Re: Kebbi Kidnap: Use Your Powers Against Bandits – Fayemi Tells Hunters, Vigilante by ceaser: 12:04am On Jun 20
Which kain powers is he talking about?
The fulanis caught with AK47 at shasha Market Ado Ekiti in his home state, what did he do about them? The police came and whisked them away along with the evidences and Ekiti people can not tell what ended the case till today. This was about a week ago reportedly.

Another set were reported to have been caught in the heart of town with AK47 hidden in their okadas and this made the other okada riders to become so infuriated that their names are about to be dragged in the mud. They decided to deal with the culprits but again the police came in and took 'em away. This was about 2 days ago as I heard.

The difference between him and Fayose is that while the former gives tacit approval to Fulanis coming in and grazing openly in the state, the latter openly condemns and followed up with action his ban on open grazing in his state. When he was governor, Fayose was the first nationwide to use the state House of assembly to promulgate law against grazing, something that many governors are now keying into.

He even openly encouraged the indigenes to arrest any catteld grazing openly and consider such cattle "summarily executed for stomach infrastructure". During his time, he does not interfere when citizens decide to deal with erring Fulanis including those that attacked people on their farm as and in their homes.

But now that Fayemi has taken over, his greed for what he has been promised but that he will never attain has interfered with his thought process to make concrete decisions.


Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by ceaser: 12:01am On Jun 20

I'd love to help.
Sadly I have a 12v PSW, 1,000va 'Souer brand" cry

Okay. Thanks.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by ceaser: 6:27pm On Jun 19
This is an SOS.

Few hours ago, 24v 2000 Watts PSW turned off having been running hot because the fan apparel tly stopped working.

I immediately turned it on again successfully but then touched the case to note that is was hot. So I turned it off again and tended to the fan with a new spare.

Ever since, I've tried to turn it back on very very unsuccessfully. So I guess it's crapped out on me.

Getting another one is the alternative, but I will need a stop gap for the two weeks shipping to have another one arrive.

Please I beg I beg, is there anyone here with a spare 24v PSW that I can use for just two weeks till the new arrival? cheesy
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by ceaser: 6:22pm On Jun 19
1050va 12v Microtek inverter is available, #55,000. Call/WhatsApp us on 08168986461
Crime / Re: Rail Track Vandalism: Police Arrest Syndicate In Benue by ceaser: 8:03am On Jun 17
Last week it was Google play store. Now it's Instagram.

E be like say dem go soon delete this guy comot from the land of the living.

Crime / Re: Pastor Enoch Accused Of Killing His Wife For Ritual In Akwa Ibom (Photos) by ceaser: 2:23am On Jun 17
IGBERE TV gathered he was arrested through intensive investigation by the youths community led by Comr Effiong Johnson OYC President.

This is one of the reasons Community policing is a reasonable addition.
Romance / Re: Ugandan Married Woman Gets Stuck To Her Lover During Sex (Pictures) by ceaser: 1:25am On Jun 17
you are wrong

Na magun, believe it or not ,,

No be only captivus na buharitivus grin

Currently Nigeria under this government don dey the situation of "Nigeria Buharitivus"

But I think guys should plan on cashing out on this penis captivus juju in Nigeria. Many Nigerian politicians s£xual fantasy is married women. So if any man seems to be unfortunate enough to have a wayward wife that rolls with a politician, he should just place this one on her. The politician gets stuck and he has to be called to seperate 'em. But before he does that, he should make the politician send millions of naira to his account right there on the spot or write a cheque that he will cash before coming back home to separate them. After separating the cheating duo, he should also legally separate from the cheating wife while he continues to enjoy his new found wealth.

Meanwhile he should also make a video of the whole scenario including the transaction to serve as evidence in case the politician, as typical Nigerian politicians are, will try to play dirty or even threaten the life of the spouse, now former husband.

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Politics / Re: Chris Ngige: Buhari Is Afraid Of Breaching The Constitution by ceaser: 7:18am On Jun 15
Is it the same Buhari or another Buhari from Jupiter?
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Vow To Take 10 Fulani Lives For Every Life Killed In Delta by ceaser: 6:34am On Jun 15

A typical Yoruba man Don talk, if you unite with them, when it's time to act, they will sabotage the whole thing and hand you over to the fulani people.
Na who no know Yoruba man. Oga go an Sidan. We never forget what happened to the Aburi Accord

Some of you guys always falsely accuse the south west. That is why the strangers like the Fulanis find it easy to infiltrate the ranks with false usernames on forums like Nairaland and Facebook and start masquerading as Igbos and Yorùbás to post dissenting views one against the other. Even Nnamdi Kanu that was used to doing so realised his mistakes and has re-aligned with South west towards forging a formidable southern unity to wade off Fulani hegemony.

But in case you still doubt the fallacy in your submission above; and this is also to the rest of you who relish accusing wronglh because it satisfies your delusion and explains away your failure, how did Fajuyi die?

Let me help you in case you're too lazy to find out. He died trying to protect an Igbo man Aguiyi Ironsi from being killed by the northern soldiers and therefore sacrificed himself to prevent a deep seated feud from developing between the Yorùbás and Igbos.

The feud that someone gave his life to prevent is what you insensitive and young lots are trying to strongly held onto.
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Vow To Take 10 Fulani Lives For Every Life Killed In Delta by ceaser: 3:51am On Jun 15
I think they should carry out their threats. Let's see how Fulanis will be able to navigate the creeks in retaliation.
Politics / Re: Seyi Makinde: APC Is Not A Party Anyone Should Be Interested In Joining by ceaser: 8:03pm On Jun 13
I think I'll concur.
Nairaland / General / Re: Python That Swallowed A Cow Killed In Delta State (Pictures) by ceaser: 7:42pm On Jun 13
Why won't it be caught? It should have been just in metting out justice by swallowing the Fulani herdsmen follow. Then it would have gone undetected.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Zambia President Edgar Lungu Collapses After 'sudden Dizziness' by ceaser: 7:28pm On Jun 13
Buhari. This is a president of a country collapsing. Your mates o. So what are you still waiting for?
Politics / Re: Army, Gunmen Clash In Abia Communities by ceaser: 1:09pm On Jun 13
6 dead soldiers to 1 dead ungun men known kẹ̀?!

Is this not looking like if there is an outbreak of conflict between the Eastern forces and the UARian forces, odds will be in favour of the Eastern forces?

Except maybe if the UARian forces decide to call for air support as back up, something which the Eastern forces don't yet have but an acquisition of such in the nearest future which can't be ruled out.
Politics / Re: Buhari: We Must Address Prolonged And Recurrent Strikes In Universities by ceaser: 12:52pm On Jun 13
This dude can decide to ban university join.

He has penchant for making very wrong and overreacting decisions.

He will be like "as I banned tuwita twitter and ban bpm vpn, I want to also ban lecturers and ban university join."
Politics / Re: NAF Airstrikes Kill Scores Of Bandits In Niger, Wedding Party Hit by ceaser: 11:50am On Jun 13
We love to hear news such as this. Good news of the military dealing with bad people and enemies of the country, not citizens and patriots.

But they can do Nigerians a little bit of favour. Because majority of Nigerians unlike a handful of zombies here on nairaland no longer see the government as honest, they need more than just letters in print.

Pictures of these defeats will do justice to your audience. You know they say that a picture contains a thousand words. And if the pictures are gory to be put for the general audience, then a short video clip taken from inside the spacecraft showing the area map, area coordinates, the targeting and the eventual bombardment will suffice. That will not show gory pictures but pass across ample evidence that you are saying the truth.
Religion / Re: Frequency Of Sex In A Christian Marriage. by ceaser: 10:23am On Jun 13
You see, Christ said something about how many times your neighbour can trespass against you before you stop forgiving him. He said one should aim at 70 times 7 times DAILY before you can say, hey dude, I can't stand your sh1t anymore so that's it.

But the question is how convenient is it for your neighbour to piss you off 70 times 7 times daily? That is a hard number to achieve in pissing someone off daily, even if that joker got no other jobs but to piss people off. So literarily, it means "as many times as possible".

The scriptures is silent on the number of times sex should be between married couples. But it does harmer on something in Genesis 1:28 that "we should be fruitful and multiply" and in Genesis 8:17 which while both encouraging sexual relations, does not still specify "how many" children (fruits) which will translate to how many times you do it, assuming that every s£x leads to conception.

But does that mean that you can bear thousands of children? Definitely no. You can't have more than a conservative number of 2 children in three years. But does than also mean that you should now have s3x two times triennially? This is also negative.

More explanations therefore come in the new testament.

1 Corinthians 7:2-7

With emphasis on verse 5, there it encourages couples not to deny themselves their own body for it belongs to each other like the church belongs to christ. It further stated the only time that s3x may not come up is such a time agreed by both parties not to engage in s3xual relations, times such as praying or "fasting" (emphasis mine) after which the routine s3xual romp is expected to resume in earnest.

So if you ask me how many times married Christian couples can have s3x, I'd say 70 times 7 times annually. That to me means as many times as possible. But can any couple possibly go that many times in a year? The answer lies in your heart.

Okay but it shouldn't be out of control, mostly men don't seek their wife consent . it's not fight , though as married people the body is one but then consent matters . You can't be forcing a sheep to eat grass when it doesn't need it that's why most Nigeria will tell you there's nothing like rape in marriage. It's not about frequency but consents.

What if I tell you that low libido isn't the proclivity of the women, but also of men. There are wives who have high sex drive that they couldn't get enough at home such that some may decide to get the groove from outside. So I don't think it's only a "man" thing. And "males getting raped by females" also do occur.

The important thing is not to deny yourselves when needed. There should be a meeting point for the sake of your companionship and the marriage you both adore. Sex undoubtedly engenders deeper intimacy between couples aside from the fact that it leads to the release of love hormones and "feel good" hormones into the bloodstream (dopamine, prolactin, endorphins etc) . Aim to be very close to your spouse. Aim to satisfy yourselves.


Celebrities / Re: Toyin Lawani And Segun Wealth Traditional Wedding (Video, Photos) by ceaser: 10:06am On Jun 13
She spoilt it with the tattoo.

But wait, the groom too is on dreadlocks. So I'll say like attracts like, therefore it's cancelled out.

I hope if he isn't in the entertainment industry, he'll be able to handle his spouses entertainment acting roles when on set sha cos that is almost always what leads to separation in drama artists' marriages.

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Religion / Re: Should A Believer Join A Protest Against The Government? by ceaser: 9:53am On Jun 13
Yes he can. And yes he should.

And you should be sure that your protest is justifiably against a ruthless and inhumane government. Your protest must be sincerely channelled to liberation and not to sabotage of an apparently sincere government. As the scriptures put it that you should not join the multitude to do evil, it will not be right to join the multitude to sabotage a good government.

And as the scriptures already made us to understand that when the just rules, the people rejoice, there is nothing wrong if you agitate to bring to an end the reign of a wicked and unjust ruler.

When we talk of warfare in christendom, the spiritual dictates but not totally independent of the physical.

This implies that while you fight in the spiritual, if you have the enablememt you should also fight in the physical the physical component of the battle.

Except maybe a Jehovah witness whose tenets forbid that he engages in anything that has to do with the state. National anthem, national pledge, enrolling in the military and maybe protest are all forbidden to be engaged in by them.


Religion / Re: Dele Momodu Visits Evelyn, TB Joshua’s Wife (Photo) by ceaser: 9:33am On Jun 13
Omo TB joshua is just one of a kind, look how simple and basic there sitting room is even with all that money... Rest in the bosom of the lord, your legacies and philanthropy will never be forgotten

With the little scene captured by that picture, one can easily conclude that this house has little or no embellishments to reflect the amount of money that revolves around the owner. Look at the type of paint used on those wall, it's a type that is not in vogue amongst the rich and influential in the society. Even I have more expensive paint job than this on my walls.

This man displayed some degree of humility in not being avaricious, I must admit. I have my doubts about the spiritual legitimacy of his miracles, something which I don't even like to argue with his proponents, but his disinclination to avarice, his adherence to simplicity and simple lifestyle and his display of charity are laudable and enviable.


Politics / Re: Teachers, Pupils Run As Fulani Herdsmen Invade School In Isuikwuato Abia (Video) by ceaser: 9:24am On Jun 13
You must be from the North trying to create division in the south, the Fulani are attacking the East but your brain has been programmed to blamed the South West

And it's a little disappointing that he had 44 pathetic likes to that uninspiring and lacklustre statement.

About ten NL accounts upon investigation show the same IP address as his. If he has at least 10 multiple accounts to give himself likes, I wonder the remaining 34 easily deluded users that gave him likes.

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Celebrities / Re: Adetutu OJ Rants About Her Daughter's Religious Assignments (Pix) by ceaser: 9:19am On Jun 13
Nice. Carved a niche and brand for herself

Tribal Mark TM® Model
Politics / Re: Insurgency: Thousands Of Soldiers Maimed, Incapacitated – Army by ceaser: 5:21am On Jun 13
See what the current government has made of the NA.

They encourage terrorism in all manners and send ill-equipped soldiers to go and face the insurgents.

They engage in acts that spark off calls for secession and yet dispatch the already stretched out military personnels to quel such uprising.

They oppress the populace which in turn stage Protests. Yet they dispatch the military to such areas when the police will ordinarily suffice.

They are driven by nepotism when making key military positions. As a result they jump several senior and well trained offices to select their own further down the level of qualifications. The skipped officers will have to be retired leading to massive losses of manpower.

Monies that are budgeted for defence are shared by the politicians and the senior military officers. This leads to dearth of arms and ammunition that would have been used to fight off terrorism.

Due to this, the government is no longer the protecter of lives and properties.

And buhari had all these notable achievements within six years, just six years of being given the mantle of leadership.

Yet he takes pride in fighting a group of people (by dispatching the same overstretched military) that has decided by themselves to secure their own lives and properties from marauding herdsmen.


Politics / Re: Violence At APC Mega Rally In Kano by ceaser: 4:20am On Jun 13
Good. Let there continue to be infighting amongst them.

APC = Wickedness
Aboki = Violence

APC + Aboki = ??

Chaos. Simple.
Politics / Re: June 12: Mr Macaroni Joins Protesters In Lagos (Photo) by ceaser: 4:38pm On Jun 12

Hahaha...It just means Twitter is not as popular in the US as you think .
USA with a mostly literate population of about half a billion people is now dominated by tweets coming from a country with active users of around less than 400K active users cheesy
No wonder Twitter is a loss making company

How convenient. But it's understandable that you being fulani, you will love to create a delusional world for yourself.

So pray tell, if most Americans are illiterate (you're just ridiculous), how and on which platform did Black Lives Matter following the murder of the African American trend?

Wait, before you go on. The Protests that followed it, where and how did it trend?

Another one, why did Donald Trump tweet constantly and why is he called the tweeting president if most Americans are illiterates that don't use twitter?

So can you now see how ridiculous your opinion sounded.


Business / Re: Lagos Cab Drivers Set To Ditch Uber, Bolt For Indigenous App Companies by ceaser: 6:44am On Jun 10
Nice initiative but so long as it's in Nigeria where dream killer politicians prowl, expect terrible challenges. Take that "gokada" for instance. An overnight policy change by Lagos state government destroyed the outfit in less than two years after its take-off.

Besides and on a lighter note, if it doesn't fall into Buhari's agenda of Fulanization, open grazing or of keeping the rest of Nigeria underdeveloped like his katsina naturalizer home and Niger Republic real home country, there will be problem sooner or later. Remember that it was Buhari that cancelled the Lagos subway train plan of the governor Jakande era.

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